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Receive the Rise Sermon

Ocean View Methodist
May 28, 2014

What does it mean to be raised with Christ?

READ ACTS 1:3-11

This is another liturgical holiday in our church calendar and its often a time
that we just remember. We remember what Jesus has done. We remember
his sacrifice. We remember that he rose again and is seated in heaven. We
read the scriptures and we remember
But I think that remembering is often not enough. Or remembering is just
the beginning
I remember many things that have happened in my life. I remember my
first family dog that we named nacho and how my mom gave him away in 2
days because he was too hyper. I remember my days of being a high school
cheerleader and falling from a stunt and needing to be airlifted away. I
remember marrying Casey and having the most fun day of my life even
though I couldnt believe anyone let us actually get married. I remember my
first night living in Ocean View and how loud it was. I kept thinking what
is everyone whistling at??
Remembering is good, but its often not enough. Its just a thought. Its an
emotional stirring in our heart of feelings, but it doesnt change the present.
So if we are just remembering the rise of Jesus it wont be enough. It will
just an emotional stirring. Jesus wants more than remembering.

Three ways to go beyond remembering the rise
o 1. Embrace the mystery. Jesus said it would be BETTER if he were
not with us. Why is that? Because when Jesus was there they so
often got it wrong. They just followed Jesus but werent allowing
their hearts to be connected to God.
With the power of the Holy Spirit we are always connected to
Jesus. He is closer than a brother. But the only problem is
that he is the brother that we never see and can rarely even
hear from. We know He is with us in faith.
Throughout history Gods people have always wanted signs
from God. We love laws of God and we want Jesus to tell us
exactly what to do.
I think sometimes we like to know what to do so then we can
try to make our own way also.
For example vitamins seems to be a difficult task for the
Prince women. When I was young my parents use to give me
vitamins every day and I would hide them away in my desk
drawers. Kieren was caught this year doing the same thing.
We like to hear the rules, so we can tweak them a little and
change them just a bit. So we can follow God but also follow
our own path too. But its doesnt work that way.
God wants our path to remain a mystery so every single day
we have to rely on Him. But its not a scary mystery, its a
beautiful and holy mystery. When we die to our own plans
and our own ways we are raised to the possibilities of the
mystery in Him. But it is a mystery
o 2. When we remember the rise we remember for our eyes to rise
Psalms 120-134 are called the Psalms of Ascent and they were
a group of psalms or poetry that was worship for the Israelites
as they literally going up the mountains in Palestine or the Jews
who literally ascended the steps of the temple in Jerusalem.
Throughout history God has said following Him is a journey
and often it is an uphill one.
The problem is that we often find ourselves as the bottom of
the mountain and we are stuck in the valley or the comfort of
our low place
We forget that we simply need to look up and then we need to
go up.
First we need to fix our eyes up on Jesus. He is not around us
anymore but He is in the heavenlies. But just as the disciples
were stuck glaring into the clouds when Jesus literally went up
and two angels snapped them back into reality and said that
they needed to get to work to prepare for his second coming.
So we need to look up and remember what He has done, and
then we need to begin to rise ourselves.
Some of this is work that we need to do ourselves
Recently I went with friends to hike Lions Head. I had done
it before and was full of energy, but 3 minutes into the hike I
thought my legs were going to burn up. The climb is hard, but
there is nothing that compares to the top. We got to the top
and watched the sunset and it was bliss.
We have a climb to do with Jesus and remembering the rise
means we remember that we have a climb ahead too and we
need to rise.
We need to stand up in our situations and start to walk out our
calling. We need to stand up in our sorrow and start asking
Jesus to heal our broken hearts. We need to start a path of
discipleship and really start seeking the Lord daily. We need to
step out and step up in a place of leadership.
And when you first start the hike to rise with Jesus it is going
to be uncomfortable and it will hurt, but there is nothing that
compares to the top. There isnt a moment to waste. Its not
time to get up and get your life together tomorrow, its for
Today we remember the rise
o 3. When we remember the rise, we receive the rise.
There is something spectacular about Jesus rise because then
it means its time to receive the Holy Spirit. Jesus said it would
be better for Him to leave us because then He could send the
spirit to be with us.
But the spirit isnt just next to us or talking to us or cheering
us on. The Holy Spirit comes within us and changes us from
the inside out.
"No longer do I live but Christ lives in me and the life I now
live I live by faith in the Son of God." (Galatians 2:19, 20)
Everything is different with the Holy Spirit. This is the story
of Acts, and if you want to be inspiried about what it looks like
to receive the rise then start in Acts 1 and read on.
After the disciples received the Holy Spirit everything changed
and they were transformed into something they never could be
as Jesus walked with them
They would truly say that it was better to have the Spirit
because they had power and courage and strength and peace in
a way they could have never imagined
But it was always their choice to receive the rise. Its one the
to remember the rise, to reflect on it, to enjoy a day at time,
but Jesus wants us to receive the rise and that is what we look
ahead to today on Ascension day
When you look up the word ascension and you look to the words that are
the same as it you see these words. Enlargement. Breakthrough. Surge.
Addition. Step-up. Acceleration. Do these words describe your Christian
That is the purpose of today. We ask ourselves How is it with my soul?
Are we just remembering the rise or have we received the rise?
If you receive the rise then you will see breakthrough, surge, and
enlargement. Paul says to the Corinthians church to test and examine
yourselves. Jesus asks the same.
Everything changes today. He is risen. Have YOU received the rise?