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Course: Communication and Adoption

Lesson 2
Title: communication
Importance of communication
Role of communication in etension
Need for communication
The world of modern day is often called the "Age of Communication and
information." The importance of communication has been greatly emphasized by
all management experts. just like birth, death, growth and decay communication
is an part of indiidual life. !an is the only animal who can express and has the
power to express in words i.e., both by word of mouth or in written form.
"n these days, communication is business# and weather it is managers,
subordinates, salesmen, technicians, foremen, lawyers, auditors, consultants,
teachers, doctors, or anyone else who, they are all concerned with the problem of
As you hae already learnt in your preious class communication is the
process of understanding people and one can oerlook its importance. The main
cause of misunderstanding between people is lack of effectie communication.
This happens in our day to day routine life or at work. The importance of
communication has been widely recognized in recent years.
And the need for effectie communication becomes clear when you go
through the following statements
$uman existence is impossible without communication.
Communication is part and parcel of social s!stem"
"nformation is eery indiiduals need. T#rou$# communication
information need is satisfied"
"ndiiduals make decisions eery minute. Communication #elps in
decision ma%in$"
%hether family or any other institution for that matter, cannot function
without communication. Communication #elps to ac#ie&e
coordination and cooperation"
&ducation aims at behaioral change. Intended 'e#a&ioral c#an$e
can 'e ac#ie&ed onl! t#rou$# communication"
'isputes and conflicts are settled through negotiations. Communication
#elps in esta'lis#ment peace and #armon!
"ndiiduals ary in their capacities and efficiencies. Communication
demonstrates indi&idual(s efficiencies"
Also indiiduals ary in their performances. Communication
effecti&el! e&aluates indi&idual(s performance"
&ery second many changes occur in the world" Communication %eep
people informed"
" (eadership action is impossible without communication between the
leader and his followers. Communication is 'asic for leaders#ip
%hether teacher or student, lawyer or client, marketer or consumer,
farmer or extensionist, job satisfaction is essential. Communication
pro&ides satisfaction"
)ro*in$ importance of communication in or$ani+ations:
1. Co-ordination: The modern complex organizations are large in size haing a
large number of people working in the organization to achiee common goals.
The organizational structure shows many leels of organization hierarchy. This
leads to the problem of coordination.i.e understanding and synchronizing the
actiities of arious groups in the organizations. An effectie system of
communication promotes better coordination. Coordination is necessary
between groups# eery member in the organization should knowing his own as
well as the others role and co)ordination is about understanding how each ones
role will affects that of the other and channels are essential for the efficient
functioning of the entire organization. "t is the communication which promotes
better coordination.
2. Smooth Working: *mooth and uninterrupted working of an enterprise is to
a great extent dependent on good communication network. Correctie decision)
making and efficiency of the organization is based on information supply. "f the
messages are not flowing freely across the organization, smooth functioning and
unrestricted working of the organization are not possible.
3. Effective Decision-Making: +acts and figures of past and present are to be
proided for ,uick and effectie decision)making. An effectie communication
network which supplies information helps in arriing at ,uick decisions.
-roblem)defining, alternatie courses of action selecting the best course of action
are all possible only with necessary information supplied to the decision)maker.
4. Managerial Efficienc: !anagement is an art of getting things done
through other people# it is communication that educates people working in the
organization about the goals, policies and targets by issuing orders and
instructions orally as well as in written form. Therefore managerial efficiency lies
in the way the manager communicates with the indiidual or group in an
!. Co-o"eration: Co)operation among worker, are possible only with the
exchange of information between indiiduals and groups and between the
management and the employee.s co)operation promotes industrial peace and
maximum production. There can be no mutual understanding and co)operation
without communication. +aith and confidence would be promoted when there is
a smooth flow of communication. "n short, communication promotes co)
operation and understanding among employees.
#. Effective $eadershi": A leader leads his followers through a continuous
process of communication. Communication is the basis for directing, and
motiating the follower and the followers in turn follow him by coneying ideas,
opinions, feelings, and facts. Thus, transmission and reception ensure a two)way
traffic, of communication. A manager with good communication can become a
successful leader.
%. &o' Satisfaction: %hen the flow of communication is smooth the
employees understand what is re,uired by the management. This in turns helps
employees to do their jobs well. Two)way among communication between
management and workers creates confidence which leads to job satisfaction
among employees. /penness and frank expression of opinions from both sides
lead to job satisfaction.
(. )ncreases *rod+ctivit: "t is through communication that the workers can
be well informed about the process of production, new methods of production
and the actiities of the workers in a similar organization. Thus, a good system of
communication helps the management to achiee maximum productiity with
minimum cost, and by elimination of waste.
,. Morale -+ilding: when clear instructions are gien to the employees it is
easy to achiee the goals of the organization. "n turn the management needs to
appreciate the work of the employees. An effectie system of communication
builds good morale and improes human relations. -articipatory communication
is the best techni,ue of morale building and motiation.
1.. /chieving Managerial 0oles1 A manager normally performs three roles.
i.e. inter)personal roles, informational roles and decisional role. Communication
plays a ital role in these three types of roles. "n the case of inter)personal role a
manager has to interact with the subordinates. "n the information role, a
manager has to collect information from arious people and supply it to others
both inside and outside the organization. A !anager in a decisional role takes
important and decisions based on the interpersonal and informational
Role of communication in etension:
Communication is basic for the transfer of new information and ideas that
hae been deeloped by the scientist. Communication has therefore attained
great importance in the community deelopment and &xtension programmes. "t
is through this process that the aims and objecties of the programme are to be
widely disemminated to the people and useful information to sole their
problems is to be passed onto them. This necessitates that the extension workers
should hae a through understanding of the communication process
I" ,ill in t#e 'lan%s:
0. The present age is known as the age of 1111111111111111 and
1111111111111111 2Communication, information3.
4. !ain reason for misunderstandings between people is ineffectie
1111111111 2Communication3.