Non Germane Objector


* Ralph C. Dills Act, Chapter 10.3 - 3515.7 & 3515.8
(State Employer-Employee Relations) is the Law:

“A public employee who opts out of union membership is still covered by the collective
bargaining agreements negotiated between the employer and the union. Thus, a public
employee still earns the benefits of the collective bargaining agreement (e.g., wages,
vacations, pensions, health insurance) despite not joining the union. A public employee
who is not a member of the union may not, however, be able to participate in union
elections, meetings, votes, or other union activities”. (ACLU)

SEIU Participants have the right to object to their portion of dues that are being spent in
anything that is not related to collective bargaining. You have the right and option to
pay only this adjusted portion of fees, which is approximately 66% of the current
amount you are paying and still have Fair Representation by your Union. is comprised of ALL SEIU Participants: Members & Non Members.
We are seeking to support and encourage accountability & transparency within our
Union. Our mission is to educate & inform all participants represented by SEIU of their
right/option to ONLY pay the dues amount required to cover the cost of Collective

The NGO (Non Germane Objector) information is mailed by SEIU Local 1000 to Non-
Members once a year. Non Germane Objector Information can easily be verified by
SEIU Local 1000. Phone Number: (866) 471-7348.

Due to the high volume of inquiries we have received we are unable to respond to each
person individually. We will create a Q&A page @ to address all
your questions, concerns, and inquiries. (Please allow 24-72 hrs.).

In SOLIDARITY will bring back our Union to serve ALL its Participants equally.

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