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Recipe Contest!

Soak up the end of summer

Tessa Davis 307-267-0444
#8882 Bacon Wrapped Beef Sirloin Fillets
on page 6. These fillets are marinated in a
blend of spices & herbs with a hint of garlic &
onion, then wrapped in a slice of meaty
bacon. These steaks are served at some of the
best known chains. 20/5 oz. fillets/6.25 lb.
case Intro sale $67.99 Just $3.40 per steak!

NEW! This month starts our recipe contest!
Entries can be a family recipe, a recipe from a
cookbook (please tell us your source), newly made up recipes, etc. but cannot
already appear on the main Alisons Pantry website. All entries must include
at least one ingredient that appears in catalog #8. Next to each ingredient
that appears in catalog #8, please include the page number and item number.
One recipe will be chosen to be in next months newsletter, and the person
who submitted the recipe will receive all the ingredients that are in catalog
#8 for FREE! Entries that are not chosen may be submitted again next month
as long as at least one ingredient appears in catalog #9.
C A T A L O G # 8 , A U G U S T 2 0 1 4
Early Bird Drawing!
Order by Saturday, July 5
to be entered
into this months Early Bird Drawing and
you could win 2 lbs of Black Angus Beef
Patties! Your choice of regular, cheddar
& bacon stuffed, or Vidalia onion stuffed!
Congratulations to Joyce Bryan, Julys
Early Bird Drawing winner! Joyce will
receive 5 lbs of Pork Rib-lets with her
July order! Thank you to everyone who
participated by ordering early!
Find My Car
NEW! Heres how it works: I have just
purchased car magnets that say Alisons
Pantry of Casper, WY. If you spot one of
my vehicles with the magnets on, write
down the date, time, and location of my
car or truck. Each sighting that you tell
me about before July 12
gets you one
entry into the drawing. Limit 1 entry per
day and sightings at my house do not
count. The winner of this drawing will
get a package of 4/6oz USDA Choice
Sirloin Steaks!
Last month for canning
supplies this year!
Find Jam in a Jiffy on
page 21 and our full
selection of canning
tools and spices on pages
36 & 37.
We are excited to welcome
back Trident Salmon Burgers
(#2808) & Ultimate Fish Sticks
(#2809) page 5. These have
not been available for a while.

No more need
for take-out!
Were making it easy to round out
Asian meals with our new Birds
Eye Stir Fry Blends. Find these great
options on page 15 to pair with our
Minh Egg Rolls and Fried Rice:

#8889 Thai Blend Stir Fry Vegetables & Sauce
#8890 Teriyaki Stir Fry Noodles, Vegetables &
Sauce #8888 Oriental Stir Fry Vegetables & Sauce
Each introductory priced at just $7.99 per 56 oz. bag!

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Seafood fans are going to fall in love with our newest King & Prince
product! Our Shrimp Scampi (#8880 pg. 5) makes a restaurant
quality meal in minutes. Boil a pot of fettuccine while you heat as
many shrimp as you need. Each shrimp is flash frozen individually
with a coating of flavorful butter, so you can make a serving for 4 or
just 1. As they heat (on the stovetop or in the oven), the coating
melts off of the shrimp into a rich, garlic- buttery sauce. Add 2 Tbsp.
of water while cooking, if desired, to increase the sauce. Once the
shrimp are heated through, gently stir them into the drained pasta
with the sauce.
Item # Food Items Qty Price

Item # Non-Food Items Qty Price

Food Subtotal:

Non-food Subtotal:

Sales Tax on Non-food Items: 5%

Shipping & Handling: 10%

Total Amount Due:

Chef Shamy Butters Back!
Weve had several requests to bring back our delicious Chef
Shamy flavored butters, so were happy to welcome these
products back in Catalog #8 along with new Saute Butters.
Chef Shamy products are natural, and made with real butter
and herbs. Find these sweet and savory items on the following
#8879 Lemon Dill Saute Butter
(pg. 4) excellent on seafood
and vegetables.
#8883 Garlic Herb Saute Butter
(pg. 6) perfect for sauting any
meat, or melting over vegetables.
#8124 Garlic Butter with
Parmesan and Basil (pg. 27)
savory butter for garlic bread,
heavenly grilled cheese
sandwiches, meats and vegetables.

#8897 French Onion with Asiago Cheese Butter (pg. 27)
Great onion flavor with a dash of real chives and finely grated
Asiago cheese.
#8129 Cinnamon Brown Sugar Honey Butter (pg. 31)
decadent on hot scones; the perfect topper for pancakes, toast,
yams, or cooked carrots.
#8896 Vanilla Bean Honey Butter (pg. 31)rich, sweet
butter for toast, pancakes, and other breads.

Victorian Inn Cappuccinos Back! Page 38

#1326 French Vanilla
#1330 English Toffee
#1328 Mocha
#1329 White Chocolate Caramel
#2152 Almond Amaretto
#1327 Irish Creme
#2151 Hazelnut
2 lb bag @ $6.99