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National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI

Laughter is America's most important

Written by :Maria-Alina Olteanu
Grade: 12
School: National College a!ile Alec!andri
"eacher: #u$inita Stoian
May 2%1&
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
Content! (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((()((2
Childhood (((((((((((((((((((((())(((((((((&
Ne- hori/on!:"he e$ergence o0 the Walt 1i!ney Studio((((((())2
"he $o3e to 0eature!:Sno- White and "he Se3en 1-ar0!(((((((4
Ne- !ucce!! and greater a$bition!(((((((((((((((((()))4
"he late 5+%! to $id 5&%!(((((((((((((((((((((((((6
7o!t -ar rebuilding:$id 5&%! to the early 5.%!(((((((((((((8
Walt and the Natural World(((((((((((((((((((((())8
"he 5.%! and 52%!:"he big !creen and beyond(((((((()(((()1%
9e$e$bering Walt 1i!ney(((((((((((((((((((((())1%
Walt 1i!ney:! 0ull length ani$ated 3ideo!(((((((((((((())))11
"he ani$ation ;roce!!((((((((((()((((((((((((())1+
4 thing! you didn:t <no- about the $an = the $agic(((((((())1.
A !hort hi!tory od 1i!neyland(((((((((((((((((((((14
Me$orable >uote! o0 Walt 1i!ney(((((((((((((((((((2%
,onor! to Walt 1i!ney(((((((((((((((((((((((((22
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
"ry to i$agine a -orld -ithout WA#" 1*SN'@ ) A
-orld -ithout hi! $agicA -hi$!yA and o;ti$i!$) Walt
1i!ney tran!0or$ed the entertain$ent indu!tryA into
-hat -e <no- today) ,e ;ioneered the 0ield! o0
ani$ationA and 0ound ne- -ay! to teachA and educate)
WaltB! o;ti$i!$ ca$e 0ro$ hi! uni>ue ability to !ee
the entire ;icture)
,i! 3ie-! and 3i!ion!A ca$e 0ro$ the 0ond $e$ory o0
ye!teryearA and ;er!i!tence 0or the 0uture) Walt lo3ed
hi!tory) A! a re!ult o0 thi!A he didnBt gi3e technology to
u! ;iece by ;ieceA he connected it to hi! ongoing
$i!!ion o0 $a<ing li0e $ore enCoyableA and 0un)
Walt -a! our bridge 0ro$ the ;a!t to the 0uture)
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
WA#" 1*SN'@ -a! born in ChicagoA on 1ece$ber .A 18%1)
*n 18%2A hi! 0a$ily $o3ed to a Mi!!ouri 0ar$A -here he had
an idyllic early childhood and 0ir!t learned to dra-) "he 0ar$
0ailedA and in 1811 hi! 0a$ily $o3ed to Fan!a! CityA -here he
ro!e at +:+% a)$) to deli3er ne-!;a;er! on hi! 0ather:! ;a;er
route and 0ell in lo3e -ith 3aude3ille and $o3ie!) *n 1814A the
0a$ily $o3ed to ChicagoA -here Walt created cartoon! 0or
hi! high !chool yearboo<A too< cla!!e! at the Art *n!titute o0
ChicagoA and tried to enli!t in the ?)S) Ar$y) 9eCected 0or
being underageA he Coined the A$erican A$bulance Cor;!
and arri3ed in France a! World War * ended) When Walt
returned to the ?nited State!A he !ettled in Fan!a! City and
got a Cob at a co$$ercial art !tudio) *n 182%A -hile -or<ing
at an ad co$;anyA Walt di!co3ered the 0anta!tical -orld o0
ani$ation and i$$er!ed hi$!el0 in the young $ediu$)
While <ee;ing hi! day CobA he began $a<ing #augh-O-gra$
ad reel! and ani$ation !hort! -ith arti!t ?b *-er<!) #augh-
O-gra$! Fil$! !oon -ent ban<ru;tA and WaltA at age 21
$o3ed to Cali0ornia -ith G&% in hi! ;oc<et)
WaltB! early dra-ing! and $e$entoe! 0ro$ hi! childhoodA a!
-ell a! ca$era! !i$ilar to tho!e he u!ed in Fan!a! CityA are
highlighted in the Mu!eu$B! 0ir!t gallery)
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
WA#" 1*SN'@ arri3ed in Cali0ornia in 182+ ho;ing to 0ind
-or< a! a director) Hut -hen he recei3ed a contract 0or hi!
o-n -or<A he launched 1i!ney Hro!) Studio -ith hi! brother
9oy) Hy the end o0 182&A Walt -a! 0ocu!ing on !tory
de3elo;$ent and directing and -a! no longer -or<ing a! an
ani$ator) A0ter !e3eral bu!ine!! !etbac<!A Walt 1i!ney
created Mic<ey Mou!eA -hich e!tabli!hed 1i!ney Hro!)
Studio a! the leading ani$ation !tudio in the country) With
the third Mic<ey Mou!e 0il$A Stea$boat WillieA Walt Coined
the 3anguard o0 the tal<ing-;icture re3olution by creating an
ani$ated 0il$ -ith !ynchroni/ed !ound) Hoth Walt and 9oy
1i!ney $arried during thi! ;eriodA Walt to #illian Hound!A a
!tudio in<er)
Original art-or<A including the earlie!t <no-n dra-ing! o0
Mic<ey Mou!eA illu!trate 1i!ney:! !en!ational !ucce!! -ith
hi! character) Other eIhibit highlight! include bu!ine!!
corre!;ondence bet-een Walt and 9oyA the $o3e to the ne-
,y;erion Studio!A -here 1i!ney created 0our o0 it! great
ani$ation 0eature!A and Walt:! $eeting -ith and $arriage to
#illian Hound!)
N'W ,O9*JONS:",' 'M'9G'NC' OF ",'
WA#" 1*SN'@ S"?1*O
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
"he !ucce!! o0 Mic<ey Mou!e let WA#" 1*SN'@ eI;and the
ne-ly rena$ed Walt 1i!ney Studio! and i$;ro3e the >uality
o0 Studio ani$ation) ,e then e$bar<ed on a !erie! o0
a$bitiou! ;roCect!A including the KSilly Sy$;honie!AK one-
reel !hort! that let hi$ eI;eri$ent -ith i$age!A $u!icA and
!tory line!) *n the 0ollo-ing year!A the Studio created the 0ir!t
three-!tri; "echnicolor cartoon!A introduced a $ulti;lane
ca$era to create the illu!ion o0 de;th in ani$ated 0il$!A and
de3elo;ed di!tincti3e !tyle! o0 $o3e$ent and ;er!onality in
it! character!) Al!o in thi! ;eriodA Walt and #illian:! 0a$ily
gre- to include daughter! 1iane and Sharon)
"he continuing !ucce!! o0 WaltB! cartoon! led to a re3olution
in the art and technology o0 ani$ation) intage
arti0act!A ani$ation artA character $erchandi!eA and 0a$ily
;hoto! chronicle the creati3e eI;lo!ion o0 the 18+%!A WaltB!
!udden -orld 0a$eA and 1iane and Sharon)
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
",' MO' "O F'A"?9'S:SNOW W,*"'
AN1 ",' S''N 1WA9FS
,a3ing rede0ined the art o0 ani$ationA WA#" dared to
;roduce a 0eature-length 0il$A Sno- White and the Se3en
1-ar0!) 1uring the 0our year! that it -a! in de3elo;$entA
1i!ney and hi! brother 9oy !ecured !iI-0igure loan! L each
loan enough to 0inance an entire $o3ie M ti$e a0ter ti$eA
and !<e;tic! called the 0il$ K1i!neyB! Folly)K 1i!ney brought
in an art in!tructor to -or< -ith hi! tea$ and in!i!ted that
the ani$ator! !tudy li3e $odel! and ani$al!) "he !tudio
created a Character Model 1e;art$entA -hich
con!tructed !$all !cul;ture! o0 character! -hich let
ani$ator! !tudy character! in the round) Sno- White
;re$iered on 1ece$ber 21A 18+4A and 1i!ney -on a uni>ue
Acade$y A-ard 0or the inno3ati3e $o3ie: a !tandard-!i/ed
O!car! and !e3en $iniature ca!ting!)
Original art 0ro$ Sno- WhiteA three-di$en!ional $odel
0igure!A $aga/ine! o0 the ;eriodA audio cli;!A and a -ide
array o0 related 18+%! $erchandi!e hel; recreate the !tory o0
1i!neyB! ;ioneering e00ort to ;roduce Sno- White and the
Se3en 1-ar0!)
Follo-ing the -orld-ide !ucce!! o0 Sno- WhiteA 1*SN'@
Studio! built a ne- ho$e in Hurban< and ;roduced e3en
$ore a$bitiou! 0eature!A !uch a! Ha$biA 7inocchio and
Fanta!ia) "he la!t 0il$ 0eatured cla!!ical $u!ic and an
orche!tra conducted by #eo;old Sto<o-!<i) Although -ell
regarded by critic!A none o0 the 0il$! -a! i$$ediately
0inancially !ucce!!0ulA in ;art becau!e o3er!ea! re3enue!
-ere a00ected by World War **)
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
",' #A"' 5+%! "O M*1 5&%!
"hi! di00icult ;eriod in WaltB! li0e included the death! o0 hi!
;arent!A a !tudio !tri<e that threatened the co$;anyB!
3iabilityA and a ;eriod -hen the ?)S) $ilitary u!ed ;art o0 the
!tudio a! a ba!e) "he co$;any relea!ed 1u$bo and
;roduced training 0il$! 0or the $ilitaryA ;ublic !er3ice
!hort!A and $orale-boo!ting 0il$!A and Walt e$bar<ed on a
good-ill tour o0 South A$erica to !trengthen tie! bet-een
the ?)S) and #atin A$erican countrie!) ,e later ;roduced
t-o #atin A$erican-the$ed ani$ated $o3ie! ba!ed on the
7hoto! and union 0lyer! 0ro$ the 18&1 1i!ney ani$ator!B
!tri<e a! -ell a! !a$;le! o0 1i!ney 0il$! in !u;;ort o0 the
-ar e00ort are a$ong the gallery highlight!) Al!o on 3ie-
i! original art 0ro$ 1u$bo and in!ignia! that the Studio!
created 0or nu$erou! regi$ent! and !>uadron!)

National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI

7OS" WA9 9'H?*#1*NG: M*1 5&%! "O ",'
'A9#@ 5.%!
With the end o0 the -arA Walt and 9oy 0ound in3enti3e ne-
outlet! 0or ani$ation and 3entured into li3e-action
;roduction) "hey de3elo;ed ne- ;ac<aged 0il$! 0or theater!
that co$bined !hort! and 0eature-length ani$ated 0il$!A a!
-ell a! $o3ie! that co$bined li3e action and ani$ation) *n
additionA the Studio ;roduced the enor$ou!ly !ucce!!0ul
CinderellaA Alice in WonderlandA 7eter 7anA and #ady and
the "ra$;A the !tudioB! 0ir!t -ide-!creen ani$ated 0eature)
Walt 1i!ney al!o ;roduced hi! 0ir!t li3e-action 0eature!A
including "rea!ure *!land and 2%A%%% #eague! under the
Conce;t and ani$ation art 0ro$ 1i!neyB! 0il$! o0 the ;eriod
are ;ro$inently 0eatured in thi! galleryA a! -ell a! arti0act!
0ro$ li3e-action $o3ie!A including an under-ater ca$era
u!ed in the 0il$ing o0 2%A%%% #eague! ?nder the SeaA and
eIa$;le! o0 Walt:! eIten!i3e ;er!onal collection o0
WA#" AN1 ",' NA"?9A# WO9#1
WaltA-ho had a lo3e o0 nature !ince hi! youth in MarcelineL
al!o 3entured into li3e-action docu$entarie! during the 5&%!
and early 5.%!) "he 0ir!t o0 the!e -a! a nature docu$entaryA
Seal *!landA a 24-$inute account o0 the !ea!onal habit! o0
!eal! that -on the 18&8 Acade$y A-ard 0or be!t t-o-reel
docu$entary) #ater docu$entarie! in the !erie! "rue-#i0e
Ad3enture! continued to 0ocu! on natureA -hile 7eo;le and
7lace! highlighted ;eo;le! and de!tination! around the
-orld)'Ihibit! in the gallery include !o$e o0 the !;eciali/ed
e>ui;$ent u!ed in the ;roduction o0 the "rue-#i0e
Ad3enture! !erie!)
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
",' 5.%! AN1 52%!- ",' H*G SC9''N =
"he ;roli0ic ;eriod o0 WaltB! li0e !tarted -ith the in!tallation
o0 a !cale $odel railroad on the ground! o0 hi! ne- ho$eA an
e3ent that !;urred hi$ to de3elo; 1i!neyland)
Walt al!o created ;ioneering -ee<ly tele3i!ion !ho-!A and
the !tudio continued creating both ani$ated and li3e-action
0il$!A including the Acade$y A-ard--inning Mary 7o;;in!)
Walt -a! al!o in3ol3ed in de3elo;ing ne- technologie! 0or
in!tallation! 0or the 182&-182. WorldB! Fair) *n the 182%! he
announced hi! idea! 0or '7CO"A the 'I;eri$ental 7rototy;e
Co$$unity o0 "o$orro-) *n a 1.-year ;eriodA Walt created
the te$;late! 0or 0a$ily tele3i!ion entertain$ent and
outdoor 0a$ily recreation -hile al!o in0u!ing the ;ro$i!e o0
!;ace eI;loration and urban ;lanning -ith a !en!e o0
-onder and a-e)
Fro$ the #illy HelleA the !cale-$odel loco$oti3e that Walt
hel;ed build and in!tall on a hal0-$ile trac< around hi!
ho$eA to a 12-0oot $odel o0 the 1i!neyland o0 WaltB!
i$aginationA the eIhibit! in thi! gallery ;re!ent a 3i3id loo<
at the land!ca;e o0 WaltB! 3i!ion and achie3e$ent! during
the la!t 1. year! o0 hi! li0e
9'M'MH'9*NG WA#" 1*SN'@
1*SN'@ died on 1ece$ber 1.A 1822) 9eaction! 0ro$ around
the -orldA in ne-!;a;er article!A editorial co$$entA and
letter! and telegra$! ;re!ent an a;;reciation o0 the CoyA
ho;eA and in!;iration Walt ;ro3ided to $illion! o0 ;eo;le
around the -orld)
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
WA#" 1*SN'@:S F?## #'NG", AN*MA"'1
1# $no% &'ite and t'e $e(en )%ar*s, 1!37#
2# +inocc'io, 1!4"#
3# ,antasia, 1!4"#
4# )-./o, 1!41#
5# 0a./i, 1!42#
6# $al-dos A.igos, 1!43#
7# T'e T'ree Ca/alleros, 1!45#
# 1a2e 1ine 1-sic, 1!46#
!# ,-n and ,anc3 ,ree, 1!47#
1"# 1elod3 Ti.e, 1!4#
11# T'e Ad(ent-res o* Ica/od and 1r# Toad, 1!4!#
12# Cinderella, 1!5"#
13# Alice In &onderland, 1!51
#14# +eter +an, 1!53#
15# Lad3 And T'e Tra.4, 1!55#
16# $lee4ing 0ea-t3, 1!5!#
17# 1"1 )al.ations, 1!61#
1# T'e $%ord And T'e $tone, 1!63#
1!# T'e 5-ngle 0oo2, 1!67#
2"# T'e Aristocats, 1!7"#
21# 6o/in 7ood, 1!73, 1!5#
26# T'e Great 1o-se )etecti(e, 1!6#
27# 8li(er 9 Co.4an3, 1!#
2# T'e Little 1er.aid, 1!!#2!# T'e 6esc-ers )o%n :nder,
3"# 0ea-t3 And T'e 0east, 1!!1#
31# Aladdin, 1!!2#
32# T'e Lion ;ing, 1!!4#
33# +oca'ontas, 1!!5#
34# T'e 7-nc'/ac2 8* Notre )a.e, 1!!6#
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
35# 7erc-les, 1!!7#
36# 1-lan, 1!!#
37# Tar<an, 1!!!# =6eleased 5-ne 1t', 1!!!>
",' AN*MA"*ON 79OC'SS
1) A !toryboard i! $adeA all the ani$ator! and director! co$e together to
di!cu!! the entire 0il$)
2) "he !toryboard! are ;re!ented a! the !tory)
+) Once the !tory i! laid outA the dialogue i! recorded) "hi! i! done be0ore
ani$ationA !o the ani$ator! <no- -hat the character! -ill !ay)
&) A0ter the dialogue i! recordedA the ani$ator! can $a<e rough !<etche!
o0 Cu!t the character!) ?!ually the!e dra-ing! are >uite $e!!yA there i!
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
!till no colorA or bac<ground) So$e ani$ated 0il$! ha3e u!ed o3er
.%A%%% indi3idual dra-ing!)At $o!t ani$ation !tudio!A the be!t
ani$ator! only !<etched a 0e- ani$ation dra-ing!A lea3ing ga;! in
bet-een) #ater onA a ;er!on called an Kinbet-eenerK -ould 0ini!h the
!cene!A by dra-ing in bet-een the area! that the ani$ator had le0t)
.) Once the entire 0il$ ha! been dra-n on ;a;erA the ani$ation dra-ing!
go to the in<ing de;art$ent) "hereA the in<er! co;y the ani$ation
dra-ing! on to a clear celluloid acetateA !o$eti$e! called a Cel)
2) A0ter the outline o0 the character! ha! been $adeA the un0ini!hed CelB!
go to the 7ainting 1e;art$ent) "he ;ainter! 0li; the Cel o3erA and ;aint
the color! on the bac<) "hey ;aint on the bac< !o the character! a;;ear
cri!;A and ha3e an outline)
4) He0ore the Ani$ation Cel! get ;hotogra;hed a bac<ground $u!t be
added) Hecau!e a Cel i! clearA and it only ha! the ;ainted character on itA
i0 a bac<ground i! $adeA it -ill !ho- through) ?!ually bac<ground! are
;ainted -ith "e$;era or Water Color ;aint) AlthoughA in !o$e 1i!ney
;roduction!A the bac<ground -a! ;ainted on gla!!A and co$bined -ith
other gla!! ;ainted bac<ground! to create the illu!ion o0 eItre$e
$o3e$ent) D"hi! techni>ue i! u!ed in Sno- White and the Se3en
6) No- all the co$bined ele$ent! Dthe Cel and the bac<groundE can be
;hotogra;hed) AlthoughA the 0inal ;roduct i! not 0il$ed -ith a nor$al
;roCectorA or ca$era) A !;ecial de3iceA -ith a len! $ounted 0acing do-n
on to a table to; ca;ture! each 0ra$e o0 the ani$ated 0eature) ?!uallyA
the bac<ground i! ;laced into a !;ecial $ountA then co3ered -ith the
CelA then co3ered -ith a large ;iece o0 gla!!A then ;hotogra;hed)
8) A0ter all the dra-ing! ha3e been 0il$edA the dialogue i! added)
So$eti$e! the 0il$ i! edited at thi! !te;)
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
1%) "he ani$ated 0il$ i! relea!edA and the general ;ublic $ay 3ie-
4 ",*NGS @O? 1*1N:" FNOW AHO?" ",'
MAN = ",' MAG*C
1) Mickey was almost Mortimer. On a train ride 0ollo-ing a le!!
than 0ruit0ul bu!ine!! $eeting in 1826A Walt 1i!neyA then only 24
year! oldA !<etched a $ou!e) "hi! $ou!e -ould e3entually beco$e
the o00icial $a!cot o0 a $ultinational cor;oration -orth ten! o0
billion! o0 dollar!A but WaltA o0 cour!eA didn:t <no- thi! at the ti$e)
,e called the !<etch Morti$er Mou!e and !ho-ed it to hi! -i0eA
#ily) A0ter dee$ing the na$e Morti$er $uch too ;o$;ou!A #ily
!ugge!ted gi3ing the $ou!e a cuter na$eA !uch a! Mic<ey) "han<0ullyA
Walt agreed -ith herA and a !tar -a! born)
2. Walt was anti facial hairwith one exception. *t too<
al$o!t 2% year!A butA a! o0 thi! yearA e$;loyee! at Walt 1i!ney:! t-o
?)S) the$e ;ar<! can 0inally !ho- u; at -or< -ith a !tyli!h beard or
goatee Dbut only i0 they are neatA ;oli!hedA and ;ro0e!!ionalA
according to the o00icial $e$oE) ,o-e3erA at 1i!neyland in the .%!
and 2%!A e3en gue!t! -ith 0acial hairA not to $ention longhaired
hi;;ie!A -ere turned a-ayA a! they -ere told they un0ortunately 0ailed
to $eet the !tandard! o0 1i!neyland:! dre!! code) '3en Ni$ McGuinnA
the 0uture 0ront$an o0 "he Hyrd!A -a! once denied ad$ittance 0or
!;orting a ;ro3ocati3e Heatle cut) "he co$;any e3entually relented
on thi! ;olicyA thoughA and allo-ed all hir!ute ;atron! to enCoy "he
,a;;ie!t 7lace on 'arth) No-A the ;eculiar double !tandard: "hin<
o0 any ;icture o0 Walt 1i!ney that you ha3e e3er !een) What eIi!t! in
al$o!t all o0 the$O A $u!tache)
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
3. The final words ever written by Walt Disney were !rt
"!ssell.# *n 1822A a! 1i!ney -a! !u00ering 0ro$ lung cancer and
nearing the end o0 hi! li0eA he !cra-led the na$e Furt 9u!!ell on a
;iece o0 ;a;er and died !oon a0ter) At the ti$eA Furt 9u!!ell -a! a
child actor 0or the !tudio and had Cu!t !igned a lengthy contract) "o
thi! dayA no one <no-! -hat 1i!ney $eant or intendedA including
9u!!ell hi$!el0)
$. Walt still has a home at Disneyland. 1uring the con!truction
o0 1i!neyland in the 18.%!A Walt $o3ed into a one-bedroo$
a;art$ent abo3e the the$e ;ar<:! Fire Station on Main Street in
order to -or< and -atch hi! drea$ co$e to li0e) "he a;art$ent !till
eIi!t! and ha! been le0t largely untouched) 1uring hi! !tay thereA Walt
lit a la$; in the -indo- to alert the !ta00 o0 hi! ;re!ence) "hi! la$; i!
no- ;er$anently abla/e in hi! honor)
%. Don&t be s!rprised if yo! experience Disney d'() v!. When
you 0ir!t -atched 1i!ney:! Robin HoodA did you -onder i0 you had
!een it all be0oreO *0 !oA there:! no need to -orry) *n 181.A an
ani$ation techni>ue called roto!co;ing -a! in3ented) "hi! techni>ue
in3ol3e! dra-ing o3er 0il$ 0ootage o0 li3e actor!A -hich allo-!
ani$ator! to ca;ture reali!tic hu$an $o3e$ent) *t al!o let!
ani$ator! recycle ani$ated $o3e$ent! 0or u!e on character! in
di00erent 0il$!) SoA the neIt ti$e you -atch 1i!ney:! Robin HoodA Cu!t
re$e$ber that large ;art! o0 it -ereA than<! to the !tudio:! u!e o0
roto!co;ingA gathered 0ro$ Snow White and the Seven DwarfsA The
Jungle BookA and The Aristocats)
*. Mickey and Minnie Mo!se act!ally +ot married. Wayne
All-ine and 9u!!i "aylor are not -ell-<no-n na$e!A e3en a$ong
1i!ney a0icionado!A but their ani$ated ;er!ona! are !eared into $o!t
;eo;le:! $ind!) *n 1881A All-ineA -ho -a! the 3oice o0 Mic<ey Mou!e
0or +2 year!A $arried "aylorA the 3oice o0 Minnie Mou!eA and the
cou;le re$ained ha;;ily $arried until All-ine:! death in 2%%8)
,. -obody. incl!din+ Walt Disney. is perfect. While Walt
1i!ney -a! an inno3ati3e and !ucce!!0ul $anA he -a! al!o the !ubCect
o0 $any contro3er!ie!A $o!t o0 -hich in3ol3ed ru$or! that he -a!
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
anti-Se$itic and raci!t) "he!e ru$or! -ereA and !till areA hard to
di!;el) *n the 18+%!A 1i!ney attended $eeting! o0 a ;ro-Na/i
organi/ationA the Ger$an A$erican Hund) ,e al!o ho!ted a <no-n
Na/i ;ro;agandi!t and 0il$$a<erA #eni 9ie0en!tahlA and ga3e her a
tour o0 1i!ney Studio!) "o $a<e $atter! -or!eA 1i!ney -a! al!o
accu!ed o0 ;er;etuating blac< !tereoty;e! in hi! 0il$!) HutA 0or all o0
hi! critic!A 1i!ney al!o had !core! o0 !u;;orter! -ho clai$ed he -a!
0ar 0ro$ being either anti-Se$itic or raci!t) "he debate on 1i!ney:!
alleged di!cri$ination and raci!$ continue! to thi! day)
A S,O9" ,*S"O9@ OF 1*SN'@#AN1
1i!neyland o;ened on Nuly 14A 18..
-ith a 8%-$inute li3e broadca!ton
the AHC tele3i!ion net-or<) Future
?)S) ;re!ident 9onald 9eagan -a!
one o0 the three ho!t! 0or the
broadca!tA -hich introduced A$erica
to -hat -ould beco$e it! $o!t
;o;ular and in0luential the$e ;ar<)
Hut the !tory o0 1i!neyland begin!
be0ore Nuly 18..) "-o year! earlierA
in Nuly 18.+A Walt 1i!ney a!<ed
,arri!on KHu//K 7rice to calculate
the o;ti$al location 0or a ne- ty;e o0
the$e ;ar<A one -ith a !ingle
entranceA hidden 0ro$ nearby
!treet!A -ith cu!to$ ride! that ;ut
!torytelling ahead o0 thrill!) 7rice
analy/ed &% year! o0 ;o;ulation data
to deter$ine that the be!t a3ailable
12%-acre !ite in the #o! Angele!
$etro areaA -ith *nter!tate high-ay
acce!!A -ould be in Anahei$) Ha!ed
in ;art on hi! !ucce!! in !iting
1i!neylandA 1i!ney later hired 7rice
to deter$ine the location o0 Walt
1i!ney WorldA -hich 7rice !ited
!outh-e!t o0 OrlandoA Florida) 7riceA
-ho ;a!!ed a-ay in 2%1%A -ent on to
do 0ea!ibility !tudie! that led to
the$e ;ar<! and ne- de3elo;$ent!
0or ?ni3er!alA SiI Flag!A Hu!ch
Garden! and SeaWorld)
WaltB! brother and bu!ine!! ;artnerA
9oy 1i!neyA hired C)) WoodA 7riceB!
bo!!A to build the ;ar<) An o0ten o00-
color !ho-$an -ho could !ell a
!;on!or!hi; to $o!t anyoneA Wood
brought 1i!neyland in on ti$e and
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
on it! G16 $illion budgetA but Walt
0ired hi$ i$$ediately a0ter the ;ar<
o;ened) K"here -a! roo$ 0or only
one !ho-$anAK 7rice -rote in hi!
$e$oir Walt's Revolution! B the
!u"bers) K"heir cla!h o0 ego!
-a! oil and -ater and Walt -a! the
bo!!)K Wood -ent on to build SiI
Flag! O3er "eIa!A hel;ing to launch a
boo$ o0 the$e ;ar< con!truction
acro!! the country in the year!
0ollo-ing 1i!neylandB! o;ening
1i!neyB! deci!ion to build hi! ;ar<
around cu!to$ ride! led to the
de3elo;$ent o0 a $a!!i3e ne-
indu!try in the$ed attraction
de3elo;$ent) Arro- 1yna$ic! got
it! big brea< building $any o0 the
original ride! in the ;ar<B!
Fanta!ylandA and in 18.8A Arro-
built the Matterhorn Hob!led!A the
-orldB! 0ir!t tubular-trac<ed !teel
roller coa!terA the inno3ation that
!;ar<ed $odern roller coa!ter
de3elo;$ent around the -orld)
*n 182+A Walt 1i!ney un3eiled "he
'nchanted "i<i 9oo$A the 0ir!t u!e o0
Audio Ani$atronic! in a the$e ;ar<
attraction) An eIten!ion o0 ani$ation
in 0il$A ani$ated $echanical
character! beca$e a !ta;le in
1i!neyland and other the$e ;ar<!A
-ith 1i!ney introducing the 0ir!t
ani$ated hu$an character in KGreat
Mo$ent! -ith Mr) #incolnK at the
182& Ne- @or< Fair) D"he attraction
later $o3ed to 1i!neylandA -here a
!ucce!!or ;lay! to thi! day)E Al!o at
the Ne- @or< FairA 1i!ney
introduced *tB! a S$all WorldA -hich
al!o $o3ed to 1i!neyland a0ter the
0airA -here it !tand! todayA ha3ing
in!;ired additional 3er!ion! at e3ery
other 1i!ney the$e ;ar< re!ort
around the -orld)
Walt 1i!ney died in 1ece$ber 1822A
be0ore the co$;letion o0 7irate! o0
the CaribbeanA in 1824A and
the ,aunted Man!ionA in 1828 -- t-o
ani$atronic-dri3en attraction! that
-ould beco$e icon! 0or the Walt
1i!ney the$e ;ar<!A -ith 7irate!
later in!;iring a $ulti-billion-dollar
$otion ;icture 0ranchi!e) "he
!ucce!! o0 tho!e attraction! hel;ed
en!ure the continued ;o;ularity o0
1i!neyland e3en a0ter WaltB! death)
A! 1i!ney eI;anded -ith ne- the$e
;ar<! on the ea!t coa!tA at the Walt
1i!ney World 9e!ortA and
internationallyA -ith "o<yo
1i!neylandA 1i!neyland continued to
add ne- attraction! in the 184%! and
6%!) 1i!ney added t-o ne- roller
coa!ter! during thi! ti$e: S;ace
Mountain in 1844 and Hig "hunder
Mountain 9ailroad in 1848) *n 1864A
1i!neyland launched an
indu!try trend in de3elo;ing $otion-
ba!e !i$ulator attraction! -ith the
introduction o0 the original Star
"our! ride)
"he early 188%! brought $ore
;o;ular eI;an!ion!A including the
-ildly ;o;ular nightti$e
!ho- Fanta!$icP in 1882A and a ne-
landA Mic<eyB! "oonto-nA in 188+A
in!;ired by the 1866 "ouch!tone
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
D1i!neyEQA$blin $o3ie KWho
Fra$ed 9oger 9abbitOK 1i!ney then
brought $otion-ba!e technology to
traditional Kdar< ride!K -ith
the *ndiana None! Ad3enture in
While that technology hel;ed in!;ire
!i$ilar big-budget attraction! at
other 1i!ney Da! -ell a! ?ni3er!al
and Hu!ch Garden!E the$e ;ar<!A
*ndiana None!B debut in 188. $ar<ed
the high ;oint 0or 1i!neyland be0ore
a ;eriod o0 decline in the late 188%!)
"he ;ar<B! re;lace$ent 0or the -ildly
!ucce!!0ul Main Street 'lectrical
7aradeA #ight MagicA ;layed to
ho!tile re3ie-! in 1884) "he death o0
a 1i!neyland 3i!itor on the Sailing
Shi; Colu$bia doc< the neIt yearA
later 0aulted to a 1i!neyland
$anagerB! errorA led to change! in
the$e ;ar< !a0ety regulation! in the
!tate o0 Cali0ornia) "he center;iece o0
the 1886 "o$$oro-land u;dateA
9oc<et 9od!A 0ailed 0re>uently be0ore
clo!ing 0or good in 2%%%)
1i!neylandB! !i!ter ;ar<A Cali0ornia
Ad3entureA debuted to ;oor re3ie-!
and lac<lu!ter attendance in 2%%1)
And 1i!neyland !u00ered 0i3e year! o0
attendance decline!A !tarting in 1882)
Hut 1i!neyland reco3ered in the
early 2%%%!A in antici;ation o0 the
;ar<B! .%th anni3er!ary in 2%%.)
1i!ney in3e!ted in ride
re0urbi!h$ent! throughout the ;ar<A
re;lacing the 0ailed 9oc<et 9od! ride
-ith Hu// #ightyear A!tro
Hla!ter! and co$;letely rebuilding
S;ace MountainB! trac< and interior)
*n 2%11A 1i!ney re3a$;ed Star "our!
-ith a ne- 3er!ionA Star "our!: "he
Ad3enture! ContinueA that include!
.. di00erent narrati3e co$bination!)
7ar< attendance Dand ;rice!E !urged
in the late 2%%%! and early 2%1%!A
-ith attendance 0inally beginning to
di; in 2%12A a! a $ulti-
billion dollar re0urbi!h$ent and
eI;an!ion o0 Cali0ornia Ad3enture
began to dra- 3i!itor! to
1i!neylandB! !i!ter ;ar< in record
nu$ber! 0or the 0ir!t ti$e) O0 cour!eA
$any o0 tho!e Cali0ornia Ad3enture
3i!itor! al!o 0ind their -ay o3er to
1i!neylandA -here the ;ar< re$ain!
;o;ular - and cro-ded - throughout
the year)
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
M'MO9AH#' R?O"'S OF WA#" 1*SN'@
?&e are not tr3ing to entertain t'e critics# I@ll ta2e .3 c'ances %it'
t'e 4-/lic#?
?Bo- can design and create, and /-ild t'e .ost %onder*-l 4lace in
t'e %orld# 0-t it ta2es 4eo4le to .a2e t'e drea. a realit3#?
?All cartoon c'aracters and *a/les .-st /e eCaggeration,
caricat-res# It is t'e (er3 nat-re o* *antas3 and *a/le#?
?&'en 3o-@re c-rio-s, 3o- *ind lots o* interesting t'ings to do#
And one t'ing it ta2es to acco.4lis''ing is co-rage#?
?I don@t li2e * gardens# I li2e %ild nat-re# It@s D-st t'e
%ilderness instinct in .e, I g-ess#?
?&e allo% no geni-ses aro-nd o-r $t-dio#?
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
?1o(ies can and do 'a(e tre.endo-s in*l-ence in s'a4ing 3o-ng
li(es in t'e real. o* entertain.ent to%ards t'e ideals and
o/Decti(es o* ad-lt'ood#?
?I ne(er called .3 %or2 an @art@ It@s 4art o* s'o% /-siness, t'e
/-siness o* /-ilding entertain.ent#?
?I a. not in*l-enced /3 t'e tec'niE-es or *as'ions o* an3 ot'er
.otion 4ict-re co.4an3#?
?&'ene(er I go on a ride, I@. al%a3s t'in2ing o* %'at@s %rong
%it' t'e t'ing and 'o% it can /e i.4ro(ed#?
?T'e %a3 to get started is to E-it tal2ing and /egin doing#?
?La-g'ter is A.erica@s .ost i.4ortant eC4ort#?
?+eo4le still t'in2 o* .e as a cartoonist, /-t t'e onl3 t'ing I li*t a
4en or 4encil *or t'ese da3s is to sign a contract, a c'ec2, or an
?&'3 do %e 'a(e to gro% -4F I 2no% .ore ad-lts %'o 'a(e t'e
c'ildren@s a44roac' to li*e# T'e3@re 4eo4le %'o don@t gi(e a 'ang
%'at t'e 5oneses do# Bo- see t'e. at )isne3land e(er3 ti.e 3o-
go t'ere# T'e3 are not a*raid to /e delig'ted %it' si.4le 4leas-res,
and t'e3 'a(e a degree o* content.ent %it' %'at li*e 'as /ro-g't A it isn@t .-c', eit'er#?
?T'e era %e are li(ing in toda3 is a drea. o* tr-e#?
?Bo-Gre dead i* 3o- ai. onl3 *or 2ids# Ad-lts are onl3 2ids gro%n
-4, an3%a3#?
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
?8r 'eritage and ideals, o-r code and standards A t'e t'ings %e li(e
/3 and teac' o-r c'ildren A are 4reser(ed or di.inis'ed /3 'o%
*reel3 %e eCc'ange ideas and *eelings#?
,ONO9S "O WA#" 1*SN'@
1) Walt 1i!ney -a! the inaugural reci;ient o0 a !tar on
the Anahei$ -al< o0 !tar! a-arded in recognition o0 hi!
!igni0icant contribution to the city o0 Anahei$ and
!;eci0ically 1i!neylandA -hich i! no- the 1i!neyland
9e!ort) "he !tar i! located at the ;ede!trian entrance to
the 1i!neyland 9e!ort on ,arbor Houle3ard) 1i!ney ha!
t-o !tar! on the,olly-ood Wal< o0 Fa$eA one 0or
$otion ;icture! and the other 0or hi! tele3i!ion -or<)
1i!ney -a! ;o!thu$ou!ly inducted into the "ele3i!ion
,all o0 Fa$e in 1862)
2) Walt 1i!ney recei3ed the Congre!!ional Gold Medal on
May 2&A 1826 D7)#) 8%-+12A 62 Stat) 1+%M1+1E and
the #Sgion dB,onneur a-arded by France in 18+.)
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
18+.A Walt recei3ed a !;ecial $edal 0ro$ the #eague o0
Nation! 0or creation o0 Mic<ey Mou!eA held to be
Mic<ey Mou!e a-ard)
,e al!o recei3ed
the 7re!idential Medal o0 Freedo$ on Se;te$ber 1&A
On 1ece$ber 2A 2%%2A Cali0ornia
Go3ernor Arnold Sch-ar/enegger and Fir!t #ady Maria
Shri3er inducted Walt 1i!ney into the Cali0ornia ,all o0
Fa$elocated at "he Cali0ornia Mu!eu$ 0or ,i!toryA
Wo$enA and the Art!)
+) "he National Audubon Society a-arded 1i!ney it!
highe!t honorA the Audubon MedalA in 18.. 0or
;ro$oting the Ka;;reciation and under!tanding o0
natureK through hi! True#$ife Adventures nature 0il$!)
&) A $inor ;lanetA &%14 1i!neyaA di!co3ered in 186%
by So3iet a!trono$er #yud$ila Farach<inaA i! na$ed
a0ter hi$)
.) "he Walt 1i!ney Concert ,all in #o! Angele!A
Cali0orniaA o;ened in 2%%+A -a! na$ed in hi! honor)
2) Waltogra;hA a 0ree-are ty;e0aceA i! ba!ed on the Walt
1i!ney Co$;anyB! ty;ogra;hy)
4) *n 188+A ,HO began de3elo;$ent o0 a Walt 1i!ney
biogra;hical 0il$A directed by Fran< 7ier!on and
;roduced by #a-rence "ur$anA but the ;roCect ne3er
$ateriali/ed and -a! !oon abandoned)
,o-e3erA Walt # The %an Behind the %thA a
biogra;hical docu$entary about 1i!neyA -a! later
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
6) Actor "o$ ,an<! ;layed Walt in the 0il$ Saving %r&
Banks D2%1+E) *t -a! the 0ir!t in!tance o0 an actor
;ortraying Walt 1i!ney in 0il$)
1) 'tt4HII%%%#D-stdisne3#co.I%altJdisne3I/iogra4'3IlongJ/io#
2) 'tt4HII%%%#%altdisne3#orgI/eginningsA%altAdisne3
+) 'tt4HII%%%#/iogra4'3#co.Ine%sI%altAdisne3A/iogra4'3A
&) htt;:QQ---)the$e;ar<in!ider)co$Q0lu$eQ2%1+%2Q+.+
.) htt;:QQ---)in0o;lea!e)co$Q!;otQdi!neychar!1)ht$l
2) htt;:QQthe-altdi!neyco$;any)co$Qabout-di!ney
National College Vasile Alecsandri,GALATI
4) Barrier, Michael (2008). The Animated Man: A Life of
Walt Disney, University of California Press.
6) Thomas, Bob (11). Disney's Art of Animation: From
Mickey Mouse to Beauty and the Beast. !e" #or$%

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