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Western Family Water Bottle
Moms ages 23-40
According to the Broulims website, Broulim's has developed a reputation for
combining world-class service with the very best products, stores and quality. Over the
past90 years or so, when Broulims first opened business in Rigby, Idaho, the store has
continued to grow and has met the expectation that so many people desire.
One of the most beneficial products that Broulims has within its store is the
Western Family products-which run at a lower price, but still provide the quality the
consumers need. This is a great way to ensure customer loyalty because they have a
cheaper, but great product to start off buying, and once more income begins to flow
within the family, so too will Broulis grow as they begin purchasing those name brand
The Big Idea for this product is Easy Water. As of right now the water bottle
which Western Family uses is a very generic water bottle with a difficult cap to open
and no shape to allow the comfortable fit within someones hand. People want water
that is fashionable looking, but also a water bottle that makes drinking the water within
it easy and quickly. The water bottles industries have gone extremely visual with their
products. It ranges from the design thats printed upon their wrapper, to the design and
shape of the actual bottle and the cap. Broulims needs to jump on board with this if it is
to increase the Western Family water bottles sales.
Moms want a product that they can give to their child that will be easy to access.
If we provide a sports cap for the childrens benefit, the mothers will buy it because it is
a product that runs at a lower price and gives not only them, but their children the
experience everyone should deserve while using a water bottle.
This will be a successful rebranding of Western Familys water bottle sales.
Through our Big Idea Easy Water we will redesign the look and feel of the water bottle
so it is more appealing to those mothers and to others out there.

Arial Narrow should be used as the body
copy at 10-12pt font. When creating
emphasis, use Arial Narrow Bold (Arial
Narrow). Headings should be capitalized
to follow to theme of the Western Family
logo and should be a size of 14 pt font.
Logos and taglines on packing should
use American Typewriter Bold with font
size of 36 (heading) and 24 (taglines).
Logos and taglines should also be
capitalized to follow the theme of the
Western Family logo.
Arial Narrow Bold
Arial Narrow Regular
American Typewriter Bold
Ketchup Red
CMYK: 0 100 85 0
RGB: 242 19 50
Pantone: 032 C
Hex: f21332
Purple Sunset
CMYK: 33 62 0 0
RGB: 175 117 188
Pantone: 2573 C
Hex: AF75BC
Blue Hour
CMYK: 86 73 0 0
RGB: 0 55 255
Pantone: 072 C
Hex: 0037FF
Rainy Season Green
CMYK: 84 13 100 2
RGB: 14 155 30
Pantone: 361 C
Hex: 0E9B1E
Changing the logo would defeat the purpose of allowing customers to know that this is a
Western Family product. Therefore, we will keep the original Western Family logo and simply
change the overall design of the label. The red, black, and white logo will be used on primary
packaging and most advertisements. The single colored logo is for black and white will be
used on black and white advertisements. Keeping the color scheme will keep the customers
aware of the product and make it more recognizable which is why the color logo will be used
more often than the black and white logo.