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1 Pearson Education
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> Grammar and vocabulary
SIMPLE PRESENT. Write the complete
sentences and the time.
1 13.30 The Fosters (have) _____________
lunch at _____________.
2 05.20 (do) _____________ you
_____________ your homework at
3 08.00 Rogelio (get up) _____________ at
4 07.45 Megan (not/have) _____________ a
shower at _____________.
5 14.15 We (get) _____________ to school at
Look at the chart and write 5 sentences in
the affirmative () and 5 in the negative ().
Use the Present simple.
Julia Julias parents
Have a shower at

Eat chocolate cakes

Visit friends in the

Work at a bookshop

Go to bed after 11 pm

CAPITAL LETTERS. Write capital letters

where necessary.
hi! my name is fabiola. im from salta. im in
year 1 at gemes school. my favourite school
day is wednesday because we have music
lessons. we sing our favourite songs.
Complete with before / after.
1 I visit friends _____ I come from school.
2 At Christmas, we have dinner _____ we
open the presents.
3 I get up _____ I wake up.
4 I do my homework _____ I go to bed.
5 I have breakfast _____ I get up.
> Reading
True or False?
1 Chu-Suk is a Japanese celebration.
2 People celebrate with their families.
3 Baji-jegori means skirt.
4 Adults talk about their everyday lives
and work.
5 They do the Je-Sa on the last day.
Correct the following information.
1 People celebrate Chu-Suk in December.
2 They give thanks for food.
3 Han-Bok means new clothes.
4 On the first day, they eat a lot of food.
5 On the third day, everybody cooks
traditional food.
Hi friends!
Im Jun Liu and I live in Korea. My favourite
celebration is Chu-Suk. It is a very important
holiday in Korea. It is in August. People go to their
hometowns and the whole family gives thanks to
our ancestors for the harvest.
People celebrate for 3 days. On the first day, we
prepare a lot of food. Mum and my aunts cook
rice, soup, fish, meat and lots of vegetables. We wear
Han-Bok (traditional clothes). Men wear Baji-jegori
(pants) and Jegori (jacket) and women wear Chima-
jegori (skirt) and Jegori. These clothes have got a lot of
colours: red, green, yellow, white, etc.
On the second day, we do Je-Sa, which is a rite to give
thanks to our ancestors. We eat the food we prepare
the first day. This is my favourite part of the celebration!
Adults usually talk about their lives and work.
On the third day, everybody goes back home. We are
happy because we see our families.
The only problem is traffic jams, because there are
too many cars on the roads.
Jun Liu
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