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#$%&'() *+$,# *+'-(

,.'/ $01 2'/ 30-/(
(+''# &/ ,.$#' #.-1'
(.') 4/$, (.') #.-00
/'5'+ #&(6

--Creek roverb
Ldwards Llm", klng SL
norLhampLon, 1730-1913
resenLauon by
Lllly Lombard, 2014
norLhampLon 1ree Commluee-
pasL chalrs, arborlsL, members

uS loresL Servlce, Mollle lrelllcher
AmhersL uW ulrecLor, Cullford
AmhersL 1ree Warden, Alan Snow
AmhersL ubllc Shade 1ree Commluee
Chalr, Pope Crollus
norLhampLon lanner, Wayne lelden
ClLy Councll, Mayor narkewlcz

lorbes Llbrarlan, uylan Caney
ClLy of 1oronLo, urban loresLer, krlsL[an

8esearch 8esources
Champlon pln oak, Columbus Ave, norLhampLon
norLhampLon needs a
comprehenslve Lree program
8rldge SL (8L 9) norLhampLon
laLe 19
cenLury and Loday
1he beneLs of shade Lrees are many.
Maln SL. norLhampLon,
early 20
cenLury and Loday
1ramc calmlng
Lconomlc vlLallLy
Crlme reducuon
lmproved menLal

Alr & waLer quallLy
lncrease properLy value
Wlnd & nolse buerlng.

.and wlLh cllmaLe change,
Lhe beneLs are far more compelllng.

reducuon, carbon
uefense agalnsL local eecLs
of global warmlng (heaL,
oodlng, soll eroslon,
properLy damage)

PosplLal Plll
maLure oaks,
nauonal CllmaLe AssesmenL, 2014
Severe sLorms are
on Lhe rlse-Lrees
help us weaLher.
Czone formauon ls dependenL on heaL, and wlll worsen
wlLh global warmlng. Large shade Lrees reduce local
LemperaLure and remove Lhe mosL polluuon.
1rees are long-Lerm, !""#$%&!'() lnfrasLrucLure.
arsons Llm 1ree, Cld SouLh SL, early 20

cenLury and Loday
WhaL does an lnLelllgenL and comprehenslve
munlclpal Lree program look llke?
ClLy of 1oronLo, 2014-Successlon planung of urban Lrees
1. lnsLalls a professlonal 1ree

2. erforms basellne Lree

3. uevelops an urban foresLry

4. Leverages resources
3. ls supporLed by a healLhy

2003 ordlnance esLabllshed Lhe
norLhampLon 1ree Commluee

lmproved zonlng requlremenLs
re. Lrees
no Lree lnvenLory

no Lree managemenL plan

lrusLraLed publlc and
dlsenchanLed commluee
uecllnlng Lree canopy
8eacuve model of planungs,
care & monlLorlng
CurrenLly defuncL commluee
norLhampLon's Lree program over pasL 10 years

Land use Coal:

78&/&2&9' (.' 0$## $:
(+'' %-/$3)
(.+$;*.$;( (.' <&()
-/1 &/%+'-#' (+''
%-/$3) &/ ;+=-/&9'1
-+'-# ($ 2-&/(-&/ -
.&*.'+ >;-0&()
'/5&+$/2'/( &/ -00
-+'-#6 7


7!11 #(-/1-+1# &/
<&()?# #(+''( (+'' -/1
$3'/ #3-%' 3+$*+-2#
($ .'03 +'1;%' :$##&0
:;'0 ;#'6@

SusLalnable norLhampLon lan references Lo Lrees
oorly slLed redbud Lree along Munroe SL, norLhampLon
1own of AmhersL:
A model Lo emulaLe
uecades of Lree
neglecL and canopy
2007: CrassrooLs
educauon, lobbylng of
publlc omclals, publlc
volunLeer 1ree
Warden lnsLalled-
lnvenLory begun
8uy-ln from 1own
Manager and uW
2011: CreaLed full ume
posluon ulrecLor of
1rees & Crounds"

Pow dld AmhersL geL Lhere?
2011: 1ree lnvenLory compleLed
2012: 8onded $612,000 Lo planL 2000 Lrees
over Lhree years
norLhampLon cluzen Lree advocaLes undergolng
l1ree Lralnlng, Aprll 2014
1rees are Lhe only publlc lnfrasLrucLure LhaL
appreclaLes ln value over ume, and LhaL value wlll be
uuerly evldenL ln 20 years wlLh rlslng LemperaLures
and LempesLs. WlLh LhaL fuLure ln mlnd, Lhe Chlnese
proverb has never been Lruer:

7A.' ='#( B2' ($ 30-/( -
(+'' ,-# CD )'-+# -*$6
A.' #'%$/1 ='#( B2' &#

SmlLh College, Aprll 2014
norLhampLon-3-S1A8 SusLalnable CommunlLy--
would be wlse Lo lnvesL ln a comprehenslve Lree
program. Pelp us geL Lhere!
8rldge SL,
LaLe 19


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