Is Modern Wheat Making You Fat and Sick?!atsick/
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-ur hunter gatherer ancestors collected all they could !rom the ground !or !ood including
insects& $erries& nuts& etc. In their gathering& they !ound that the animals were eating
grass& and they $ecame curious. +hey $roke it down and somehow incorporated wild
wheat into their diet. +his grass was called .inkorn and had only )% chromosomes.
"lants can mate with each other and com$ine chromosomes. ,t some point in time& the
wild grass .inkorn mated with another type o! wild grass and the o!!spring .mmer ended
up with '/ chromosomes 0 this is the wheat that is mentioned in the 1i$le. 2owever& this
is not the wheat o! today& that is !or sure.
In the Middle ,ges $read was a staple and very common !ood. .mmer mated with
another grass which contri$uted more chromosomes to result in Spelt& +riticum landraces
with %' chromosomes.
In )34(& when the threat o! world population e5plosion was imminent& there was an
investment made in agricultural research where lots o! money and time were devoted to
new ways to increase wheat yield. ,t this time& di!!erent strains o! wheat were crossed
over and over again to select certain characteristics and to introduce uni6ue genes.
+he resulting wheat yielded up to )( times more per acre. When this wheat was
introduced to many third world countries& !amine was greatly reduced within one year.
#r. 7orman 1orlaug received the 7o$el "eace pri8e !or his work creating this high yield
strain o! wheat.
1ecause this wheat is so proli!ic& it has taken over almost all o! the world9s wheat supply.
+here are also a$out a million acres o! what is known as :lear!ield Wheat $eing grown in
the "aci!ic 7orthwest. It is a semi dwar! strain o! wheat that has had its seed and em$ryos
e5posed to a chemical& sodium a8ide& which is an industrial to5in.
In !act& in the !ew cases o! human ingestion& the "oison :ontrol :enter has warned
people not to o!!er :"; $ecause the person o!!ering the :"; may also ingest the
chemical and die. In addition& i! the victim vomits& people are told not to put the vomit in
the sink $ecause it might e5plode. +his is how dangerous this chemical really is.
+he makers o! :lear!ield wheat claim that their wheat is a result o! <enhanced& traditional
plant $reeding techni6ues&= making a distinction $etween genetically modi!ied wheat.
However, although no gene splicing techniques were used, many other methods
were, such as the purposeful induction of mutations using chemicals, high dose x-ray
and radiation techniques to induce mutations coupled with cross breeding. These
methods are far worse than genetic modification, according to Dr. William Davis,
author of the boo Wheat !elly.
+he government says eat more wheat 0 what is up with that?
+he government tells us that we need to eat more grain& meaning more wheat. -ver 3(>
o! all grain consumed is wheat. In the !ood pyramid& we are advised to eat 4(> o!
calories !rom wheat. +he new !ood plate design also tells us to get at least )/% o! our
calories !rom wheat. 2ere is why we need to stop listening to what our government is
telling us a$out the !ood pyramid:
"odern Wheat is an #ppetite $timulant
It is estimated that up to )(> o! the population has a sensitivity to the protein in wheat
known as gluten ?some estimate it may $e higher& closer to *(>@. 2owever& the other
3(> o! people who consume wheat really should not $e eating it either. 2ere are a !ew
reasons why:
Aluten is a two part protein that is comprised o! gliadin plus glutenin. Alutenin has a
uni6ue elasticity that gives us the a$ility to stretch our pi88a or $read dough or even spin
it over our heads& i! we are inclined to do so. %liadin, the other part of the gluten
protein, was heavily studied in the &'()*s by psychiatrists who found that if they
too all of the wheat out of the diet of their patients with schi+ophrenia, they
improved maredly.
When they put the wheat $ack& they !ound that the condition worsened. So the 6uestion
asked was what was in bread that led schi+ophrenics to hallucinate, It was traced
$ack to the gliadin protein which, when ingested, enters the brain and binds to
opiate receptors where it stimulates appetite.
In addition& gliadin, acting lie an opiate in the brain& has other disastrous
e!!ects. For e5ample& people with ,#2# $ecome hypersensitive and have $ehavioral
out$ursts& people with schi8ophrenia have maBor hallucinations& people who are $ipolar
$ecome increasingly manic and those with eating disorders& such as $inge eating& will
develop !ood o$sessions.
!y &'-., everything at the supermaret with wheat in it came from the prolific
semi-dwarf strain or a spinoff. Interestingly enough& i! you compare what happened to
,merica9s weight prior to and a!ter )3/C it is evident that there was an o$esity e5plosion
that is still happening today shortly a!ter the <new= wheat was introduced.
, huge increase in the num$er o! dia$etics also !ollowed. ,lthough cause and e!!ect
cannot $e proven scienti!ically 0 it seems evident that we have all been fed an
appetite stimulant.
Modern Wheat ;aises 1lood Sugar
Two slices of whole wheat bread raise blood sugar higher than /
teaspoons of table sugar. 2ow does this happen when whole wheat is considered a
comple5 car$ohydrate that we are encouraged to eat more o!? +he comple5 car$ohydrate
o! wheat is called ,mylopectin ,& which is highly sensitive to amylase& which we have in
our stomach and mouth. +his makes it very easy to digest and raises $lood sugar rapidly.
Wheat for breafast, wheat for lunch and wheat for snacs results in visceral fat
that encircles the intestines, heart, liver and idneys. 0epetitive high blood sugar
results in what Dr. Davis calls a 1wheat belly.2
Modern Wheat :auses In!lammation
When $acteria or a virus enters the $ody our immune system responds in many ways.
3lants do not have the same type of immune system, but they have lectins which are
proteins that are toxic to mold, fungi and insects. $ome lectins are benign to humans
lie the lectin found in spinach while some are very toxic. The lectin in wheat
4Wheat %erm #gglutinin5 is a four part complex molecule.
When this lectin is isolated and given to rats in very small amounts, it destroys the
small intestine. #verage #mericans consume about &)-6) mg of the wheat lectin in a
day, that7s enough to do significant damage.
When we consume wheat the gliadin protein unlocs the normal intestinal barrier
and allows foreign substances entry into the bloodstream 8 substances such as wheat
lectin. This is why people who eat wheat have autoimmune and inflammatory
distress such as 9oint inflammation, bowel inflammation, acid reflux, inflammation
of the brain, inflammation of the airways etc. :n fact, there is not one system that
escapes the inflammatory assault of wheat.
What Happens When We 0emove Wheat ;rom <ur
First o! all& taking wheat out o! the diet is not as easy as might think 0 it is in a lot o!
!oods 0 even ones we would not associate with having wheat. For e5ample& wheat is in
+wi88lers& :amp$ells +omato Soup& taco seasoning& !ro8en dinners& cereals& salad
dressings& granola $ars and a lot more. Why is there wheat in so many products,
:n &'/), we could find wheat only in things where we would expect to find wheat 8
breads, pastas, pancae mix, etc. Today is an entirely different story 8 wheat is in all
inds of foods where we would not expect to find it.
Is it possi$le that !ood manu!acturers know a little something a$out wheat as an appetite
stimulant ?on top o! the !act that is it heavily su$sidi8ed $y our government and
there!ore artificially inexpensive@?
Impact o! a WheatFree #iet
#r. #avis tells us that taking wheat out o! the diet will result in the !ollowing:
Dramatic weight loss
0educed appetite
Dowered $lood sugar
0educed 9oint pain
0educed inflammation
Improvement in cognitive !unction
0educed anxiety
0educed food obsessions
;educed $lood pressure
;educed triglycerides
:ncreased energy
:mproved sleep
What #bout %luten-;ree,
,lthough going gluten !ree is a good thing $ecause you avoid pro$lems with gluten and
gliadin& wheat germ agglutinin and amylopectin ,& gluten-free foods contain other
things, mainly potato starch, rice starch, tapioca starch and corn starch.
These are the only foods that raise blood sugar higher than the amylopectin # found
in wheat.
Warning: I! you choose to $e gluten !ree& avoid the commercial gluten !ree products& at
least until you educate yoursel! on the di!!erences $etween the various gluten !ree
products on the market.
What :an I .at?
.at real& single ingredient !oods as much as possi$le. You can eat nuts& healthy !at&
organic !ruits/vegeta$les& grass!ed $ee!& organic chicken and turkey& wild caught salmon&
cheese& organic eggs& coconuts& avocados& !la5seeds& olive and hemp oils as well as a
variety o! other !oods that are in their natural state. +he more re!ined a !ood is& the more
likely it contains wheat and other $yproducts o! the re!inement process that are Bust too
dangerous to your health.

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