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Module 1:

Assessing Entrepreneurial
Skills & Product and
Business Ideas


Learning Unit
Module 1, Assessing Entrepreneurial Skills & Product and Business Ideas consists o !
learning units, i"e" as ollo#s$

%ode &itle 'eek Pages
LU 1"1 'hat is an entrepreneur( 1 ) ! 1 ) *+, 1*, ) 1+-
LU 1". Personal Entrepreneurial %haracteristics , ) / *! ) !*
LU 1"* 0o# to i1pro2e 13 PE%s( 4 ) 11 !+ ) /.
LU 1"+ 5enerating product & 6usiness ideas 1. ) 1! /* ) 111
LU 1"! %hoosing 13 product7s8 and 6usiness idea7s8 1, ) 1/ 11. ) 1*!

&eaching Schedule
&hese teaching 1aterials are designed to teach + hours 9 ,- 1inutes per #eek and 1/ #eeks
per se1ester e:cluding 1id;se1ester and inal se1ester tests" &he 1id;se1ester test is
esti1ated ater 'eek 4 6ut 6eore 'eek 1-, and inal;se1ester test #ill 6e ater 'eek 1/"
E2er3 #eek, the teaching #ill 6e gi2en in <=E our hour session, not in se2eral da3s"

&eaching Method
Basicall3, teaching is done in interacti2el3, not one;#a3 lecturing" In ter1 o ti1e allocation, onl3
a s1all portion o the teaching is done through con2entional lecture" &he 6igger portion is done
through 6rainstor1ing, open discussion, group #ork or group e:ercise, role pla3 76usiness
ga1e8 and case studies 7including guest speakers and ield assign1ent8" &eaching acti2ities
#ill 6e done in;class and out;class" &he out;class acti2ities can also 6e done in the classroo1
6ut #ithout direct super2ision ro1 the teacher" %lass e>uip1ents used consist o 6oard,
lipchart, 1etaplan cards, o2erhead pro?ector, inocus, ga1e package, etc"

&eaching 1aterials
&eaching 1aterials include lesson plan 7code LP8, teacher training note 7kode &=8, transparent
7code &@8, handout 7code 0<8, indi2idual assign1ent 7code AI8 and group assign1ent 7code
A58" &he irst t#o teaching 1aterials, LP and &=, are e:clusi2el3 or the teacher and =<& to 6e
gi2en to the students" In this 1odule, in each learning unit the irst 1aterial is the lesson plan
7LP8, ollo#ed 63 one or se2eral teacher training notes 7&=8 and others according to the
se>uence o teaching acti2ities"

Student Assess1ent
Entrepreneurship is a co1petenc3 consisting o three co1ponents, i"e" kno#ledge, skills and
personal traits" Student assess1ent or the kno#ledge co1ponent can 6e done through #ritten
or oral test, the skill co1ponent through e:ercises and assign1ents, and assess1ent or the
personal traits can 6e done through o6ser2ation on attitude, ti1e discipline 7attendance8, class
participation, etc" &he 6iggest #eight is assigned or the skill co1ponent" Aor 6oth 1id;
se1ester and inal se1ester assess1ents, the total #eight or skill and personal traits is not
lesst than B-C, so the #eight or the kno#ledge co1ponent is not 1ore than *-C"

Learning unit
LU 1"1

'hat is an entrepreneur(

List o teaching 1aterials

E=;1"1;LP Lesson plan pages ., *
E=;1"1;&=1 &eacher training note 1D+ pages +, !, ,, B
E=;1"1;&@1 &ransparent 1DB page /
E=;1"1;&@. &ransparent .DB page 4
E=;1"1;&=. &eacher training note .D+ page 1-
E=;1"1;&@* &ransparent *DB page 11
E=;1"1;&@+ &ransparent +DB page 1.
E=;1"1;0<1 0andout 1D+ page 1*
E=;1"1;0<. 0andout .D+ page 1+
E=;1"1;0<* 0andout *D+ pages 1!, 1,, 1B
E=;1"1;A51 5roup assign1ent 1D. pages 1/, 14
E=;1"1;&=* &eacher training note *D+ page .-
E=;1"1;&@! &ransparent !DB page .1
E=;1"1;&@, &ransparent ,DB page ..
E=;1"1;0<+ 0andout +D+ pages .*, .+
E=;1"1;A5. 5roup assign1ent .D. pages .!, .,
E=;1"1;&@B &ransparent BDB page .B
E=;1"1;&=+ &eacher training note +D+ pages ./, .4, *-, *1, *.,
**, *+
; Po#er point prsentation or E=;1"1;&@. pages 1*B, 1*/, 1*4, 1+-


Teacher Lesson Plan
Learning Unit
Code Duration
EN-1.1-LP What is an entrereneur!
.- hours1
Key Understanding of what is an enterprise and what is an entrepreneur or an
competencies intrapreneur.
At the end o the Learning Unit, students #ill ha2e 6een introduced to$ 7i8
#hat entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are, 7ii8 the 6usiness en2iron1ents 7iii8
entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial en2iron1ent
&1"1"1" 5eneral introduction to entrepreneurship 7presentation o statistics and
studies in the ield o sel; e1plo31ent8
&1"1"." 'hat is an entreprise and #hat are the dierent t3pes o entreprise(
&1"1"*" 'hat is the 6usiness en2iron1ent 7 incl" structures and trends in the
Indonesia econo13 and in the pro2incesDregions 8 ( ) Including guest speaker &opics
7EntrepreneurDSME o#ner8
&1"1"+" 'hat is an enterpreneur and #hat is an intrapreneur(
&1"1"!" 'h3 is entrepreneurship a good choice o career( 7ad2antages and
Activity Description of Activities in
Sequence Method Material Duration
Wee" 1 IC
'elco1e and general
introduction o the progra11e
E:ercise D
a1"1"1" Indi2idual introduction o the
<pen Eiscussion
E=;1"1;&@1 1.-F
Le2elling o e:pectations
Lecture D <pen
a1"1"." Presentation o EFship course *-F
and statistics discussion
a1"1"*" Eeinition o an entrepreneur E:ercise D <pen ,-F
a1"1"+" Preparation o ield 2isit <pen discussion E=;1"1;A51 *-F

1 'eek 1 ) 'eek ! 9 + hours"


Wee" # $C
5roup 1 7hal o the class8
a1"1"!" &he Business 5a1e @ole pla3 E=;1"1;&=*
&he 5a1e
5roup . 7other hal o the class8
a1"1"," Aield 2isit$ identiication o
enterprises" %ase studies E=;1"1;A51 .+-F
Wee" % $C
5roup 1
a1"1"B" Aield 2isit$ identiication o
enterprises" %ase studies E=;1"1;A51 .+-F
5roup .
a1"1"/" &he Business 5a1e @ole pla3 E=;1"1;&=*
&he 5a1e .+-F
Wee" & IC
Presentations D
a1"1"4" 5roup presentations $ results
ro1 the ield 2isit
open discussions Alipchart 1.-F
E:ercises $ %lassiication o
E:ercise D
a1"1"1-" the enterprises according to
<pen discussion
E=;1"1;&@, *-F
&@! and &@,
a1"1"11" Entrepreneur D intrapreneur <pen discussion E=;1"1;0<+ +!F
Preparation o entrepreneursF
Brainstor1ing D
a1"1"1." inter2ie# 7guest speaker or
<pen discussion E=;1"1;A5. +!F
ield 2isit8
Wee" ' IC or $C
a1"1"1*" 5uest speaker or 2isit <pen discussion E=;1"1;A5.
E=;1"1;&@B 1/-F
a1"1"1+" Su11arise LU1 Brainstor1ing D
Lecturing ,-F
Total time !" hours
#pecific $otes%