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#: Free *ecret o& the +ay: Inside secrets on how to grow
taller while you are sleeping)
,: Featured Article: -ou should .T ta/e arti&icial growth
0: A'out .ur 1rogram: 2imi and MFIII will .T cause you any
side e&&ects)
Free *ecret o& the +ay: Inside secrets on how to grow
taller while you are sleeping)
It is during deep sleep that your 'ones grow longer and
thic/er under the stimulation o& IGF!# 4growth hormone%s 'y!
product5( so appropriate sleeping time 4not the longer( the
'etter5 and correct sleeping posture are all "ery important
&or your 'ody to grow)
*leep is de&ined as a natural periodic state o& rest &or the
mind and 'ody( in which the eyes usually close and
consciousness is completely or partially lost( so that there
is a decrease in 'odily mo"ement and responsi"eness to
e6ternal stimuli) IGF!# can only wor/ e&&ecti"ely to
stimulate your 'ones% growth when you &all into a long and
deep sleep) *hort or shallow sleep could interrupt IGF!#%s
wor/ and thus stunt growth) There&ore( you should achie"e
7deep le"el7 sleep on a daily 'asis in order to coordinate
your e&&orts o& e6ercises 4with 2imi5 and proper nutritional
4with MFIII5) The &ollowing are some help&ul tips on how to
easily achie"e deep le"el sleep)
8 *leep in a room that is dar/( 9uiet( and &resh smelling)
+o not e6pose yoursel& to 'right light while you are
sleeping) :ight will ma/e your 'rain stay awa/e)
8 It is important to sleep in a well "entilated room) +on%t
'e a&raid to open a window( e"en in winter) It is 'etter to
put on an e6tra woolen 'lan/et than to 'reathe in stale air)
The amount o& clean o6ygen!rich air that you 'reath has an
e&&ect on your growth) 1oor air can cause 'reathing de&ects
and can pre"ent you &rom growing during sleep)
8 *leep with clean( so&t( and com&orta'le clothes) Rough
clothing can 'loc/ the 'lood circulation and ma/e you shi&t
and turn many times during the night( thus pre"enting you
&rom deep sleep) Remem'er your growth hormone can only
wor/ well when you &all into deep sleep)
8 2eep your hands and &eet warm) *cienti&ic studies ha"e
shown that warm hands and &eet will help induce REM 4rapid
eye mo"ement5 deep sleep) ;old hands and &eet will /eep you
&rom deep sleep)
8 +rin/ a 'ig glass o& water 'e&ore going to 'ed and when
you wa/e up< this will help clean out your system) Mil/ can
also help you sleep) It contains an amino acid called
tryptophan( which produces the e&&ect o& a sedati"e) +o not
consume any &oods or drin/ that contain ca&&eine( nicotine(
or alcohol at least = to > hours 'e&ore going to 'ed)
;a&&eine and nicotine are stimulants that will /eep you &rom
sleeping) Also( re&rain &rom a large meal at least 0 hours
'e&ore 'ed time)
8 +oing e6ercises during the day can help you sleep 'etter
at night) I& you use 2imi at least =$ minutes a day as
instructed( it will increase your 'lood circulation and
9uic/en your meta'olism &or a whole day( so you should
per&orm enough e6ercise to ensure a good night%s sleep)
This is just one o& the many 'ene&its 2imi 'rings to you)
8 Ta/ing a hot 'ath 'e&ore going to 'ed helps induce deep
sleep 'ecause it cleans your 'ody and rela6es tense muscles)
8 1ractice total rela6ation and deep 'reathing &or a &ew
minutes 'e&ore you go to 'ed) Rela6 &rom head to toe) ;lose
your eyes and rela6 e"ery part o& your 'ody) +o complete
'reathing e6ercises 'y &ollowing the three phases: 4#5
Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose &or 0 to > seconds
ma/ing sure that your stomach as well as your chest e6pand)
4,5 Hold your 'reath &or another 0 to > seconds< tighten
your stomach muscles lightly) 405 E6hale slowly and &ully
through the mouth and nose) This 'reathing e6ercise will
help 'alance your 'lood circulation and get your 'ody ready
to rest)
8 Maintain a ha'it o& sleeping at the same time e"eryday(
including wee/ends) This will help you de"elop a regular
rhythm &or sleep) -our 'rain will send you a 7sleep signals7
at a'out the same time e"ery day( which can help you &all
into deep sleep easier and &aster)
Each person has his? her own speci&ic daily sleep
re9uirement) It is not true that the more you sleep( the
'etter it is &or your growth) Too much sleep will cause your
'ody to de"elop la@iness and slow down your meta'olism( thus
increasing the danger to gain weight) .n a"erage( a young
adult who is growing needs at least A hours o& sleep e"ery
day) Teens need B hours or more) Howe"er( this is just an
a"erage and may not apply to you precisely) The 'est way
to &igure out the e6act amount o& sleeping time you need is
not to calculate it at all) Cust sleep early e"ery night(
without using an alarm cloc/( and let yoursel& wa/e up
naturally) -our 'ody has its own 'iological cloc/ which
can determine the e6act amount o& sleep it needs) As long as
you ha"e a good sleeping ha'it and do not 'rea/ it 4'y &orcing
yoursel& to stay up too late or get up too early5( your 'ody
will ta/e good care o& itsel&) Also( it is easy &or you to
detect i& you get enough sleep each day) I& you are
energetic and do not &eel sleepy or "ery tired the whole
day( then you had enough sleep the pre"ious night) .therwise(
you should readjust your schedule and try to sleep longer)
*leeping with an appropriate posture is also "ery important
&or your growth during sleep) *leeping with a correct
posture can help you lengthen your spine and increase your
height< sleep with an incorrect posture can put strains on
your nec/( shoulders( and 'ac/( and stunt growth during
sleeping) -ou can get more help&ul tips and secrets on how
to sleep with appropriate postures in our &ree 'onus D00:
;ontact us &or a &ree consultation i& you ha"e any 9uestions
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Featured Article: -ou should .T ta/e arti&icial growth
Arti&icial growth hormone is a synthetic drug that is made
in some la's and thought to 'e a'le to replace your natural
growth hormone) -ou should not ta/e arti&icial growth
hormone due to the &ollowing reasons)
#) Arti&icial growth hormone is "ery e6pensi"e) Arti&icial
growth hormone costs HA$ ! H#$$ per injection? inta/e( and
you need to ta/e the drug EIER-+A- &or at least one -EAR
to see results) That is a total cost o& H,$($$$ ! H0E(>$$
just to gi"e it a try !! compare this with the modest .E!
TIME cost o& 2imi? MFIIIJ
,) Arti&icial growth hormone can cause you many side
e&&ects) Ky now you should understand that the secretion o&
growth hormone is mainly controlled 'y the egati"e Feed'ac/
;ircuit( and the only e&&ecti"e way to increase the
secretion o& growth hormone is to minimi@e the e&&ect o& the
egati"e Feed'ac/ ;ircuit 'y creating a natural 1ositi"e
Feed'ac/ ;ircuit) Ta/ing any &orm o& arti&icial growth
hormone can only ma/e the egati"e Feed'ac/ ;ircuit in your
'ody much worse) The presence o& arti&icial growth hormone
in your 'lood will immediately trigger the egati"e Feed'ac/
;ircuit to terminate your natural secretion o& growth
hormone) .n the other hand( the meta'olism o& your related
glands( organs( and tissues is .T increased and can .T
catch up with the 9uic/ 'uild!up o& arti&icial growth
hormone( so your 'ody can .T transport or utili@e this
7outside7 growth hormone e&&ecti"ely) It may 9uic/ly end up
with large amounts o& arti&icial growth hormone accumulating
at the inappropriate parts o& your 'ody and cause all /inds
o& serious side e&&ects such as acromegaly( negati"e
meta'olic e&&ects( hip disease( pancreatitis( and e"en
leu/emia 4a disease in which the 'ody produces too many
white 'lood cells( causing wea/ness and sometimes leading
to cancer and death5) E"en worse( i& you ta/e arti&icial
growth hormone &or a prolonged period( your hypothalamus
will 'ecome insensiti"e to 'lood concentrations and wea/en
or e"en lose the a'ility o& stimulating the pituitary gland
to secrete natural growth hormone e"en a&ter you stop
ta/ing arti&icial growth hormone) *o ta/ing arti&icial
growth hormone is not only &utile( 'ut also dangerous)
0) The /ey &or growing taller is to reacti"ate your own
natural growth process( 'ut .T to put e6tra chemicals into
your 'ody to drug yoursel&) Arti&icial growth hormone may
help you grow more muscles( 'ut it can not help you grow
much taller 'ecause arti&icial growth hormone alone can not
reacti"ate your natural growth process !! your meta'olism
and all the related glands( organs( and tissues ha"e to 'e
reacti"ated and do their jo's as well) That is why the only
solution is to stimulate your own pituitary gland and
trigger all the other related 'ody parts into action( which
is e6actly what 2imi can do &or you) As e6plained in our
pre"ious newsletters( the application o& 2imi creates a
positi"e &eed'ac/ circuit to minimi@e the e&&ect o& negati"e
&eed'ac/ and increase the production o& your ATGRA: growth
hormone) *o although 2imi is much cheaper than arti&icial
growth hormone( it is much more e&&ecti"e in helping you
grow taller naturally)
;ontact us &or a &ree consultation i& you ha"e any 9uestions
a'out the content in this &eatured article:
.neRom Group( Inc)
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A'out .ur 1rogram: 2imi and MFIII will .T 'ring you any
side e&&ects)
2imi will only strengthen your spinal cord and the 'ones in
your legs) Those side e&&ects you may ha"e heard 4including
acromegaly5 are caused 'y ta/ing arti&icial growth hormone)
2imi will only increase your growth hormone le"el ATGRA::-
and there is a &undamental di&&erence 'etween the
application o& 2imi and ta/ing all other &orms o& arti&icial
growth hormone or pills) As we e6plained in today%s Featured
Article( ta/ing any &orm o& arti&icial growth hormone
directly can only ma/e the egati"e Feed'ac/ ;ircuit in your
'ody much worse and also cause many side e&&ects) In
contrast( the application o& 2imi is "ery e&&ecti"e in
creating a 1ositi"e Feed'ac/ ;ircuit which minimi@es the
e&&ect o& the egati"e Feed'ac/ ;ircuit and increases the
secretion o& your natural growth hormone) The application o&
2imi also signi&icantly increases your meta'olism rate so
the e6tra amount o& growth hormone and its 'yproduct IGF!#
are immediately transported to their targeted cells and used
in stimulating your muscle and 'one growth) A&ter you stop
using 2imi( the 1ositi"e Feed'ac/ ;ircuit is interrupted and
your 'ody%s egati"e Feed'ac/ ;ircuit will soon stop the
e6tra secretion o& growth hormone so there will EIER 'e any
e6tra growth hormone &lowing around in the wrong parts o&
your 'ody) *uch e&&ecti"eness and sa&ety measures ma/es the
application o& 2imi totally di&&erent &rom ta/ing any &orm
o& arti&icial growth hormone directly) There&ore( a'solutely
. side e&&ects are caused 'y using 2imi) In the past two
and a hal& years we ha"e sold tens o& thousands o& the 2imi
product and we ne"er recei"ed any report a'out side e&&ects)
MFIII is a #$$L 'iological treatment with no drugs o& any
/ind) It is a sa&e and natural therapy) *heep proteins are
particularly compati'le with the human 'ody and trigger no
immune reactions) A'solutely . side e&&ects will occur &or
short or long term usage o& MFIII since the 'iomolecules are
meta'oli@ed( degenerated and e6creted "ia the same pathways
as endogenous products) *ince its in"ention in #BA$( MFIII
has 'een documented in more than 0$ medical journals
worldwide as completely 'ene&icial and e&&ecti"e( yet .T
e"en one single case o& side e&&ects has e"er 'een reported)
In comparison with other nutritional products( MFIII is
hormone &ree and will not supply arti&icial hormones to
your 'ody) This ma/es MFIII one o& the "ery &ew nutritional
supplements that will not a&&ect the result o& 2imi) As
e6plained 'e&ore( any &orm o& arti&icial growth hormone is
disrupti"e to the application o& 2imi and can 'e dangerous
as it a&&ects the natural 'alance o& the endocrine system)
MFIII is originally manu&actured and pac/ed in *wit@erland
with &ull con&ormity to G)*) F+A and international stringent
standards o& GM1 4Good Manu&acturing 1ractice5( I*. B$$#(
I*. #=$$#( European Eurocerta certi&ications( G:1 4Good
:a'oratory 1ractise5( TMM 4Total Muality Management5( *.1
4*tandard .perating 1rocedures5 and *wiss ;erti&ication *;E*
$$, $,0( MFIII is accompanied with independent *wiss
la'oratories% reports and analyses 4please "isit
to see these certi&icates5) There&ore( MFIII has 'een tested
'y many international health sa&ety authori@ations as an
a'solutely sa&e and "ery e&&ecti"e growth acti"ating
;ontact us &or a &ree consultation i& you ha"e any 9uestions
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What 1eople *ay A'out .ur 1roducts
+ate: Tuesday( Culy $,( ,$$, B:0> 1M
*u'ject: Than/s 2imiJ
Than/ you /imi &or helping me grow taller) i ha"e only used
/imi &or # month and ha"e grown an ama@ingly 0cm) ot only
has it helped in my height de"elopment( it has &ul&illed all
the 'ene&its it promised) i used to ha"e 'reathing
di&&iculty 4asthma5( 'ut the condition has impro"ed
tremendously a&ter i used /imi) ow i no longer &eel
'reathless easily) All than/s to /imiJ And i%"e chosen /imi
'ecause it is the only all natural method to grow taller
without any harm&ul e&&ects 4consuming pills( operation(
etc)5) And most importantly( it is so ;.IEIET 'ecause it
can 'e used A- time without any di&&icult e6ercisesJ i
'elie"e i will continue to grow much taller with /imi in due
time) Than/s &or your helpJ
!! Germaine Tan *ue!ann &rom *ingapore
+ate: Thursday( March ,N( ,$$, B:>0 1M
*u'ject: My success with MFIII
+ear .neRom ? 2IMI(
I%m e6cited to share my results with MFIII) I am a 0A years
old woman who was >%= 'e&ore I started using 2imi) I used
2imi &or , months and grew a'out $)> inch 'e&ore my growth
came to a halt( most li/ely due to my old age) I was a
little disappointed 'ecause I really wanted to grow more)
Fortunately you guys told me a'out MFIII and I decided to
gi"e it a chance) A&ter just ta/ing , 'o6es o& MFIII( I
really started growing againJ The last time I measured
mysel& I was >%E) *o 'y using MFIII together with 2imi( I
ha"e grown another #)> inches in just = months( which is
incredi'le &or a 0A years old womanJ I want to grow another
couple o& inches and thin/ that is totally possi'le 'y
continuing to com'ine 2IMI with MFIII( proper diet( e6ercise
and positi"e thin/ing) I li/e the MFIII so much that I
ordered another E months supply so I will not run out o& it)
As side 'ene&its o& ta/ing MFIII( my s/in loo/s much younger
and I &eel more healthy and energetic) As side e&&ects(
there are none)
Than/ you so much &or telling me a'out MFIIIJ
Mary &rom *outh *an Francisco
!! Mary .li"elli &rom ;ali&ornia( G*A
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