PIC number 940529849

Full legal name (National Language) Jedinstvena organizacija mladih
Full legal name (Latin characters)
Acronym JOM
National ID (if applicable)
Department (if applicable)
Address Street Maršala Tita
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Region Zenica-doboj Canton
P.O. Box
Post Code 74264
City Jelah
Website https://www.facebook.com/Jedinstvena.organizacija.mladih
Email jom_jelah@hotmail.com
Telephone 1 +38762804739 (mob)
Telephone 2 +38732664114 (office)
Fax +38732664114
Type of Organisation NGO
Is the partner organisation a public
Is the partner organisation a non-
Has the organisation received any
type of accreditation before
submitting this application?
Accreditation Type Accreditation
Background and Experience
Please briefly present the partner
Organization of socially responsible young people, who works on
organizing educational, cultural, information and sports contents, and
in cooperation and partnership with all sectors of society builds its own
capacity, strengthens the local and wider community. Established in
2002 and since then realized more than 25 different projects with the
aim of improving the quality of life and the development of more
urban way of thinking among young people and the rest of the
What are the activities and
experience of the organisation in the
areas relevant for this application?
Since 2003, our organization is organizing an music and arts fesival
called „Rastok Fest” with a goal of promoting young bands and artists
from different ethnic groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina and region of
Balkans, through public affirmation, assembling and linking, learning
new values, principles, and values of life and coexistence in this region
of Balkan as well as the uniqueness and dedication of young people in
creating a better and harmonious way of living. Promotion of inter-
ethnic cooperation, understanding and tolerance through education
and youth organization of cultural events in local communities.
Festival usually lasts for few days with activities like street art,
exhibitions, workshops (in and outdoor), camps, poetry evenings,
music nights and more with kids and youth from Balkan countries.
What are the skills and expertise of
key staff/persons involved in this
Since 2003, our festival is realized by group of people experianced in
integrated planning and management of festival activities through
developed complementary knowledge and skills. They are committed
to a common goal and the implementation of set tasks on the basis of
collective responsibility and mutual support.
Legal Representative
Title Mr
Gender Male
First Name Armin
Family Name Maglić
Position Executive Director
Email armin.maglic@hotmail.com
Telephone 1 +38762804739 (mob)
If the address is different from the
one of the organisation, please tick
this box

Address Street Mustafe Ćemana
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Region Zenica-doboj Canton
P.O. Box
Post Code 74264
City Jelah
Telephone 2
Please describe the background and
needs of the participants from your
NGO involved and how these
participants have been or will be
The participants are kids and young people interested in moving
around and discovering different realities. Showing their interest
in taking part in the exchange and in future works.
Does your project involve
participants facing situations that
make their participation in the
activities more difficult?
Please describe the background and
needs of the participants involved
and how these participants have
been or will be selected.

Through a public call.
Which kind of preparation will you
offered to participants (e.g. task-
related, intercultural, linguistic, risk-
prevention etc.)?
Give some examples.
Participants will have task related and intercultural activities.
With the aim of planning future partnerships with other
Which activities will you carry out in
your organization in order to share
the results of the?
Give some examples.
The training will be spread on the web, on the website and on
facebook, also will be used as base to start new activities with
art and free creativity.

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