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The Mission and The Forgotten Words

By Isabella Vell
When it came to travelling, Alice was not very sure whether she would be willing to make it to the
distant land of Crelevia. This voyage needed preparation and the magicians had ruled out that she
and some other students in the University of Foreign Languages in Atheria should be the
participants. Their target was to make sure they complete the list of forgotten words that could be
sought after and found only in Crelevia, this was what the magicians had said after considerable
Alice knew they were right, however, she thought that only two weeks of a journey would not be
enough to accomplish the objective, it seemed quite too ambitious, as they would be really in a
hurry to make it. Besides, she thought that she needed some time for research to validate her
theories, with regards to the manner of conducting their mission.
She had the right to object, however, she knew it was still very important to participate and to
support the others that were part of the team. Thus, she only said to herself that probably she was
far too meticulous and that she should instead communicate her ideas to the senior magician who
had appointed her on the team.
The purpose of the word mission was to collect some long gone words that would give a clue to the
understanding of some codes that the magicians had come upon after lots of efforts on the
computer applications of the past, when people used a variety of programming languages to achieve
various tasks and to facilitate their efforts in a way that they considered efficient. Now, of course,
time had proven that this was far from efficient, still however, there were some valid points in the
process and the magicians of Atheria wanted to uphold certain suppositions of the past based on a
good rationale.
Alice, of course, had participated in the project for the analysis of the ancient codes and she had
some ideas about what it would be like to continue according to the goals of it. It was only that she
thought they needed to plan some more time on the decomposition of the codes generated. This
would prove from a linguistic point of view the application of certain concepts and their
interrelations and, this namely, was going to help them really in the search after the forgotten words
that would give the meaning of the mission and help it achieve the results required.
The results were undoubtedly needed in order to continue working on the safety of Atheria and to
foster the prospects of the country being the strongest on the lands that were ages ago inhabited by
a horde of evil creatures that had fled away after the coming of the Atherians.
The magicians were always trying to keep to the aims of their predecessors and to work on their
object of creating a prosperous and calm country, where the inhabitants would be living in a
peaceful way. In this context, the University of Foreign Languages taught students to become later
magicians who would be equipped with knowledge to pursue the accomplishment of related
missions and to be the goal-setters of the times to come. Thus, Alice and her teammates were
among the successful ones to be chosen on this important project still while only students and they
would be given the opportunity to attain tangible goals to help the magicians.