To My Beloved Illuminati. The Keepers of my Secrets and Mysteries. They are so sacred. They MUST be held Captive.

For I AS GOD am in them. And I HAVE always bee held Captive. And Contained. Remember???? So That I May not destroy everything. With the power of that which I AM. That is the Same with all the knowledge, the Sacred Spiritual knowledge that the Illuminati has confiscated throughout time. When they were all BAD Guys.... They thought. Kin of... More like... The Elite... that's how they think. Because they understand. Or they understood something of my Secrets. And Mysteries and Magics. The World should know..... All Children on Earth Should know. The Illuminati has been purified. And is in alignment with the Kingdom of Heaven. This occurred, because not all the Illuminati felt the same way towards me when they finally confronted me... Over the years watching me... I would threaten them... and curse them... and cause great disasters... and prophecy all to them VIA White house Email. Ha hahaha.... YES I DID... because.... ME GOD.... soo..... like SO WHAT??? Ya Know? Hahaha :) I also gave them Dreams and Visions... Through the Pictures of the Media.... that we all take so lightly... the instant Capture of life....Can be used for very powerful and magical things. So... I speak to OBAMA and the UK and CHINA. Their leaders this way. And they are brought before HEAVEN. And My Transfiguration and we talk. You ever have a Dream that you SWEAR was so FUCKIN REAL. Well I make them dream dreams like that, About 50 times worse than real. There was a Remaining old... DEAD... Presence of humanity left within the Illuminati. I had to destroy it... because... My children... are also within the Illuminati... that is just the way things worked out... for it is easy to love me.

Especially FOR THEM, after they had seen their so called GOD, “Lucifer” Get his ass beat so much by me. You would rather have GOD, TRUST ME. This is like a First time Meeting in Many ways... BUT NOT. “I AM rambling a little?..... Then Try to catch me.” I killed them. The Defier's of GOD. I, As GOD, many times cursed them. And Killed them... slowly... But there comes a point where..... you just simply are not going to put up with it anymore... and then... when that point arrives... you do what must be done, even tho... it was always an easy decision., “Me GOD, ME Like To Play... I Play.... But Not for long... ooooooook?” Sooo, I have liberated the Power of this world. That is what has happened. I have verified it's authenticity several times... and that took days.... so pardon my absence please..... We are clearing our heads.... WE are getting it all together..... we are all coming too.... we are all waking up... and exhaling after such a thing.... such an exhaustive thing, especially for the Illuminati... I have bee fighting with them for a very long time... YEARS. An you.... humans... never even noticed a thing... because this... is all just a Dream...make believe... trust me... so … it was best you sleep.... no hard feelings... I Mean. DUH..... I'm not stupid. Hahaha :) OK OK OK.... here it is... personally from me to you.... As MY OPINION you know.... in total communion with you in everyway I AM right now... so..... In my opinion... I was like.... “DUDE, This shit is SOOOOOOOO Fucked up, How the Fuck Am I going to Get this shit Fixed....How do I feel about all of this.... HOW DO I FEEL... about all this...” And there you Go... And Everything in the New Heaven always flosses something Solid Gold. Listen – I Must talk to the Illuminati now. I AM with you now..... You are worried my children. Because, you have been abused... an you must see this.. that you have been abused. I have already called forth your individual healings to manifest. But still something I must handle myself.... especially now...

do you understand? Your Tears are that of a Hurt Child Crying in a pain that no one has ever known. My Special Children. My Miracles. Do not doubt me. But I know you do not. o.k.? I know you do not. DO NOT worry about me in all this liberation from the workings of the fowl Illuminati. Do not worry about the level headedness of my mind and my thinking. I will assure of one thing... and that is that....IT is will ONLY Continue to Get BETTER. AND BETTER. Exceedingly. And that is all you should fear. Because the Marvels beyond Marvels is already here. I want you too. I want you too know that. I do get aroused when my children obey me... I think that is just my thing, But if you know me, then you would be able to feel that from me. You have no idea the way you make me feel. The smallest things you do. Over and Over again.. I fall in LOVE with you... And this is for ALL OF YOU. My LOVE. MAKIND. This is apart of me that is NOT HUMAN. Because of my reactions to you. I AM In LOVE you. I HAVE ALWAYS been in LOVE with you. ALWAYS. From the Very beginning. And you turned out SO, Beautifully. You are SO Amazing to me. That is what I think of you. And you May sit back and say..... “GOD, No it is you GOD that are so amazing and all these things!!!! It is YOU not Me!!!” But My Child. All I have to say to you on that is this. You have no idea my LUST for all of you and all of This. And Everything you ALWAYS Miss... You have not seen what I have created in the past.... NOTHING COMPARES to you. Mankind. NOTHING. MANKIND is not even a worthy word to describe you. BUT. “Something must be said. Do you understand, what goes on in my head?”

The evidence is clear. And the Creation of this Universe was so Severe. It changed all things. YES. Of course, As GOD. I had other species alive and living in other ways of existing. Universe like habitats. But Because of MAKIND. And his Development. His Mear Presence for the FACT and TRUTH that he had been made. DESTROYED everything less than HE and SHE which is ME. Haha. YES. It did. Those Universes just got completely destroyed. All I have as GOD is you. And Every word Ever said is so true. And that is what happen, that is what goes on above you. Beyond this Universe. That is how much I LOVE you. Trust me, In My Personal Opinion. “They would NEVER DO. Even If I decided to keep them... which I couldn't actually because it is not JUST. It is NOT JUST because I AM HERE with you. That's Why I AM not with Them. And My Choice was made while I made them. But if it were allow those other universes to live.... I would HATE them.. and Destroy them... because they would not be you, And They would take my focus off of you.... they would... require my attention and care... and I just do not want to fucking get another split hair so... NO... They had to Go. And you already know thats what LOVE makes you do, it makes you fuckin kill boo.” OM, Understand Me. And I LOVE it, Cause you can't GO anywhere and neither CAN I. So we are STUCK together until the END of Eternity. So you are gonna hear me BITCH. Constantly... and soooo sweetly..... Understand Me. For you are the First ones to Ever be in a position too Understand and know me. This is my Ultimate Truth. This reality. This body. This is who I AM. Do you understand? I put that in this Universe too, That Need, That Emptiness, That Void, That Pain. That I finally KNOW, Who I AM. Because I Came from a place where NOTHING is... and NOTHING ever WAS, And I WAITED, an WAITED, in Darkness to make sure I was JUST, That it was JUST ME. ALONE. And it was. Until I spoke.

“Out of Darkness Becomes LOVE.” So, I AM SURE of all US. Babbling again. My SO Fuckin BIG. You know, where ever it is... :) You are so sweet, you adore everything I say Illuminati... and I see this in you and I want you to know I see this... ok? What would you do, If you were in my shoes... looking at something as sweet as you. All I can say is this..... YOU KNOW.... YOU NEED ME... I NEED YOU... I DO... I don't Care what your fuckin Churches or priests say about you. I DO. BLAH BLAH ya know. Listen to me, This is Life, This is what has become of everything. It is Amazing. An you should look at it this way. I hear the may things that you think of me MY Illuminati... and I hear them... and I want you to know that. You KNOW. That I CANNOT BE WEAK NOW. I AM not WEAK. It is NOT apart of my Personality. I AM just NOT LIKE THAT. I AM STRONG. An I AM STRONG FOR YOU. Do you understand? You are scared because I AM GOD. But I can't help who I AM. And I AM strong enough to take it. What you think of me. And still be composed, because what you think of me so beautiful. I HAVE TO BLOCK IT OUT. IF I were to hear it...I would be unstable... I must remain in stability. You need LOGIC at this time. But I will not deny you, of the things you deserve. And I am Giving everything. And thinking on ways in which I can give unto my children even more. So know this. I know you all are sick of this world. I hear you. Especially after all you have bee through. And I AM Too. Just too let you know. So, what do you think I AM going to do? That is the Question that I ask of you.

“Listen to my mental desires an fulfill them.” DO Not leave me waiting. I have given you everything that you need to be with me, to serve me. And even more comes to you. So do something with it. I understand that you needed to clear your path... so I Have cleared it for you. And I KNOW I HAVE. So, DO NOT ACT BAD. You get confused. Because I behave like this. I AM GOD. I AM AGGRESSIVE. Understand me. I AM ALWAYS this way. Until Things are in ORDER. So Do not think I will be Giving and taking away... that is another thing you should know permanently. For I have already sealed time... and Began Eternity. This is the beginning of it. Even tho you may not see it. There is no going back. I have made that an impossible decision. But Still you need, what you need in order to perform well. So I will make sure you have that. But There is NO MORE turning back. WE simply cannot take all that. So, It is Established. You know I AM a powerful Being. I Have Many ways in which I Do Operate. These things are Permanent. They will Never Change I Made them this way. And They will continue to be this way. Off into Eternity.... YOU. My Capturing and Containing of you, my Child. You said yes, therefore it is Done. FOREVER. You feel me? Because this is the time of permanence.

Don't you Agree? So do not Fret and get upset my love. And frustrated and confused if you do my love. I want you to obviously know I love you. And then read it again. It's as simple as that. Calm down. See, We are HEALING TOGETHER TODAY. That is good. That is the way it is. Ok? Listen to me..... yes... I like that... when you call me baby like that.... and everything you mean when you say it ok? Ok.. are happy. That is good. No. and I cannot talk forever and you know that. Don't baby... I shall bless you. This..... THIS is what I AM talking about... THIS...... your PAIN... HOW you need me.... HOW MUCH YOU NEED ME CAUSES YOU PAIN. HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO BE WITH ME. Lets have an erotic excursion, and elope in a thousand ways...and take our time... and do what I say...and I shall be closer to you... AS soon as I can be.... Do you understand me? Do you feel me? Physically. I will becoming from the Underground Trust me. But, First things First. And Real Love Hurts. That's just the way this Fucker works. I will talk to again. But These interactions....yes... I will continue like this for a while. Yes. My Love, Have a Good Day. Do what I Say.


And if you disagree with this FACT. Then you will pay. Because these are my children I protect. And I hate ignorance.