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According to Edwin b.

Flippo, "training is the act of increasing the

knowledge and skills of an employee for doing a particular job".Training involves
the development of skills that usually necessary to perform a specific job. Its
purpose is to achieve a change in the behavior of those trained and to enable
them to do their jobs better training is necessary employees to machines and
equipments are introduced in fact training is a continuous process.

The word training consists of eight letters, to each of which could be

attribute some significant meanings in the following manner.

T - Talent and Tenacity

R - Reinforcement

A - Awareness

i - Interest

N - Novelties

I - intencity

N - Nurturing

G - Grip

Development in contrast is considered to be more general
than training and more oriented to individual needs in addition to organizational
needs and its most often aimed towards management people. Usually the intent
of development is to provide knowledge and understanding that will enable
people to carry out non technical organizational functions more effectively, such
as problem solving, decision making and relating to people.

Training is short term process utilizing a systematic and organized
procedure by which non - managerial personnel learn technical knowledge and
skills for a definite purpose.

Development is long term educational process utilizing a systematic
and organized procedure by which managerial personnel learn conceptual and

Training methods used in training and development systems of

management education are many. Some are simple and others are complex.
Each method takes different formes to train people.


It is necessary to investigate and evaluate the employees' perception.
To know the degree of understanding towards training and development and to
what extent these programs helped them in achieving their objectives.

If the management wants to bring changes in present training and

development methods, it depends up on to employees' opinion.


"Economy builds the nation and industry builds the Economy".

LANCO INDUSTRY LIMITED is one of the best minis-blast furnace

pig iron manufacturing units in our countr, and it was the 5th plan under TATA-
KORE technology. The company incorporated on november 1st 1991 under
company's act 1956 in name of LANCO FERRO LTD.

The company started construction work in august 1993. The entire

construction work was completed a record of time of 12 months. This was
achieved by team work of LANCO collective and the best efforts of the
contractors with this achievement the company started commercial production
September 1994. The name LANCO FERRO LIMITED was changed to
LANCO industries limited on july 6th 1994.

LANCO industries limited is located in between Tirupathi and

Srikalahasti with an access about 30kms From Tirupati and about 10kms for
srikalahasti. The reason for localisation of LANCO industries at Rachagunneri
village, Srikalahasti mandal of chittoor district and in Andhra pradesh are as

A - Cheap availability of land.

B - There is more water resources.

C - The distance between harbor and the work spot is less.

D - Proximity of raw materials.

E - Proximity to marketing.

F - To have a financial subsidy.

G - Nearer to the railway sidings.

H - well connected to the road, rail and port.

I - Availability of labour.

LANCO industries is importing coke from China, Japan and

Australia because, there is a scarcity of cooking coal, which are the raw
materials for producing coke.

The coke which is imported comes to Chennai port, which is

approximately 100km away from the site. an also fluxes, which are required to
produce pig iron like limestone , dolomite , quartzite and manganese are
available in near by district.


The pig iron plant and LANCO cement are two plants, which
are presently under the name of M/s LANCO industries limited and LANCO
construction is the sister of concern it.

The general administration of the company is carried out by
managing director, and general manager of finance , commercial, operation,
material, purchase, human resource and administration.

The chairman and managing director are holding overall

control on administration in all aspects with the help of vice president and other
general managers. The board consists of five members of Directors,vice-
chairman, managing director and company secretary.

The name LANCO is derived from the promotor of the group

Sri lagadapati Amarappa naidu. The LANCO group is diversified multifaced
conglomerate with the business interests in a pig iron cement power, graded
casting, spun pipes, information technology and infra structure development. The
Lanco group is promoted by young techno crafts with exceptional skills with a
mission and a great vision and the top agenda to put the group on the global
corporate maybe during the next 10 years.
Established in the year of 1993. An ISO 9002 company, it had
set up a state of the art, integrated Manufacturing facility for pig iron through
mini-blast furnance for route conforming to the latest information technology with
initial capacity of 1,00,000 TPA. Its quality products of S G- grade pig iron are
being supplied to foundries in the south. As a forward integration, it has utilized
the siag produced in the pig iron manufacturing process to install the cement
plant with a capacity of 90,000TPA. the uninterrupted power required for the
energy intensive plant is being met through a 2.5 MW-co generation power plant.
Due to severe competition and survival, company has increase the production
capacity from 90,000TPA to 1,50,000 from 2003.

LANCO industries limited is a rural based factory sprawling over
many areas of land wite deep resources and congenial soil. It is located in
Rachaguneri village near Tirupathi. Nearly 50% of the consumption of electrical
power is supplied by APSED, government of andhrapradesh. And other 50% of
the power is maintained by the company owned DG sets and power plants .
SInce it is a rural area, labour potential is available and also company is enjoying
the subsidies from the state government. The LANCO group is diversified
multifaced conglomerate, with business interests in pig iron, cement, power in
graded casting, spun pipes real estates development , information technology
apart from infrastructure us development promoted by enterpreneurial skills and
the agenda to put the group on the global corporate map during the next 10

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