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Foundation's third annual
Lunar Development
Conference was held in Las
Vegas July 19 - 21, 2001.
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The Third Annual Lunar Development Conference
Return to the Moon III, Lunar Settlement: The Planning Begins
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada July 19 - 21, 2001
Conference Co-Chairs: Wendell Mendell and Mike Duke, noted Lunar Scientists
Featured Speakers: John Young, Gemini 3 and 10, Apollo 10 and 16, STS 1 and 9; Ben Bova, Author
Conference Report
by James M. Busby, Coordinator, Lunar Development Projects
"Return to the Moon III," held July 19th - 21st 2001, was an International
success, and included participation by key representatives of ESA, NASDA
and NASA. One hundred of the world's elite Lunar scientists, engineers, and
explorers gathered in Las Vegas to explore the ways and means to return
humanity to the Moon...this time to stay!
Attendees included world-renowned experts Wendell Mendell of NASA
Johnson Space Center, Mike Duke of the Colorado School of Mines, Pete
Rustan and Alan Binder, the directors of the Clementine and Prospector
Missions, David Gump, President of LunaCorp, Jeremiah Salvatore, Chief
Technologist for Lockheed Martin Company, Astronaut John Young and
Renowned Author and Futurist Ben Bova. RTM III's greatest results came
from directed discussion and efforts by the participants forming working
groups, covering the topics of habitation, transportation, policy, science and
enterprise. Their summary findings will be used to direct policy and research
throughout the year.
Astronaut and explorer John Young spoke from personal experience in his
keynote address. He shares our belief that our destiny is to inhabit the Moon
and to utilize asteroids on our way to Mars and Beyond.
Noted science-fiction author and futurist Dr. Ben Bova's banquet speech
reiterated our theme that humanity needs to Return to the Moon, joking that
staying inside a hotel in the desert for this event was great training for living
on a lunar colony!
Both Young and Bova remarked they were proud that the Foundation has
taken a leadership position on returning to the Moon and are enthusiastic about attending Space Frontier
Conference X, October 18th - 21st 2001, in Los Angeles, CA.
Leonard David of wrote a very nice article about the Return to the Moon III Conference. Here's
the link:
The Lunar Development Conference is an annual forum for the exchange of information about the
technologies and social and economic factors that will allow humankind to return to the Moon and establish a
permanent presence. The Third Annual Lunar Development Conference, Return to the Moon III, Lunar
Settlement: The Planning Begins was underwritten by FINDS, and co-sponsored by Space Frontier
Foundation, The National Space Society, Space Studies Institute, International Space University, LunaCorp,
Forever Bound, LLC, Bechtel, Bigelow Aerospace, American Astronautical Society, The American Society of
Civil Engineers, U.S. Space Camp, Celestis, SkyCorp, John Hanks Communications and Lunar Enterprise
Click here to read Foundation president Rick Tumlinson's welcome speech to the 2000 Lunar Development
Conference, Return to the Moon II.
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