I have used and practiced Usui Reiki since 2004 and I am a qualified and certified practitioner. I perform Reiki treatments in South of Rome, in a quiet and cosy environment, Tuscolana/Togliatti area, close to Subaugusta Underground Station. What is Reiki (a brief overview) Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word representing universal life energy, the energy which is all around us. It is derived from rei, meaning "free passage" or "transcendental spirit" and ki, meaning "vital life force energy" or " universal life energy". Reiki is a Japanese form of healing that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Reiki involves the transfer of energy from practitioner to patient to enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself through the balancing of energy. Reiki utilises specific techniques for restoring and balancing the natural life force energy within the body. It is a holistic, natural, hands-on energy healing system that touches on all levels: body, mind, and spirit. Reiki is spiritual in nature. Reiki is not magic, is not a scientific discovery, is not a religion, it is not a philosophical or a political ideology and most of all, it is not a substitute for official medical advice or treatment. It has no dogma, and there is nothing you must believe in order to get a Reiki treatment. In fact, Reiki is not dependent on belief at all and will work whether you believe in it or not. The Reiki practitioner channels energy in a particular pattern to heal and harmonise. Unlike other healing therapies based on the premise of a human energy field, Reiki seeks to restore order to the body whose vital energy has become unbalanced. The laying of hands is used in Reiki therapy also as in spiritual healing. There is a difference though. In spiritual healing, a person with a strong energy field places his or her hands above a particular part of the recipient's body in order to release energy into it. So, here the healer is the one who is sending out the energy. In Reiki, however, the healer places the hands above the recipient; however, it is the recipient that draws the energy as needed. Thus, in this case, the individual being healed takes an active part in the healing process as opposed to having a passive part in spiritual healing. The individual takes responsibility 1

for his or her healing. The recipient identifies the needs and cater to them by drawing energy as needed. The treatment In a typical whole-body Reiki treatment, the practitioner asks the recipient to lie down, usually on a massage bed, and relax. Loose, comfortable clothing is usually worn during the treatment. The practitioner might take a few moments to enter a calm or meditative state of mind and mentally prepare for the treatment that is usually carried out without any unnecessary talking. The treatment proceeds with the practitioner placing his/her hands on the recipient in various positions. However, practitioners may use a non-touching technique, where the hands are held a few centimetres away from the recipient's body, for some or all of the positions. The hands are usually kept still for 3 to 6 minutes before moving to the next position. Overall, the hand positions usually give a general coverage of the head, the front and back of the torso, the knees and feet. Between 12 and 20 positions are used, with the whole treatment lasting 60 to 90 minutes. Reiki distance healing treatment and/ or at your home Available on request. The benefits of the treatment For many people a treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around the body. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Reiki energy has several basic effects: it brings about deep relaxation, balance, heals energy blockages, detoxifies the system, provides new vitality in the form of healing universal life energy, and increases the vibrational frequency of the body. On the physical level, Reiki can bring relaxation to stressed muscles, decrease pain, accelerate the healing time of bones and wounds, diminish the tissue involvement of burns and bruises, and much more. On a mental and emotional level, anxiety is reduced, a sense of well-being is increased and another level of relaxation can be felt. At this degree of deep relaxation, a rebalancing of energies can occur and the natural healing ability of the body is enhanced.


On a spiritual level, people have stated they feel revitalised and newly awakened after a full-body session. A Reiki healing treatment is perfectly safe and can be used with traditional medical treatment. Reiki can never do harm as the recipient draws the energy through the practitioner taking only what is required. The Reiki practitioner acts only as a channel for the energy which will go where it is needed. The Reiki treatment will be unique for each person, most leave feeling relaxed. A treatment works on all levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual – therefore is complete. If it is used as a complement to any medical treatment in the presence of any psychological or physical ailment it may be appropriate to apply multiple treatments – minimum 4 (four) in a row – to bring the system back into balance. A Reiki treatment programme must be followed to be truly effective, just as prescribed medication is only effective if taken as directed by a qualified doctor. Ethical Code I am a professional practitioner. The personal details of my clients are kept strictly confidential according to the Italian Legislation on the Privacy Code which is part of the Italian Constitution (laws 15 and 21), of the Penal Code (Part III – Section IV) and - in part – in the Law Decree dated 30th June 2003, n. 196 and following changes, called Code of Protection of Personal Details. I do not get involved in any illegal or immoral activity with my clients. During the treatments I am very professional, I do not ask clients to take off their clothes, I do not make inappropriate comments or implications of sexual nature. I do not diagnose conditions, nor I prescribe substances or perform medical treatment, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. I recommend that the clients see a licensed physician, or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment they may have therefore I do not take responsibility for their actions as the Reiki treatments do not have side effects nor contraindications. Fee A treatment lasts 60/90 minutes and costs 30 Euros Bookings Please call 346 3598027, from Monday to Friday, from 10.00 to 12.30 or from 15.00 to 20.00. English spoken.


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