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Respondents Percentage
Male 4736 85.6%
Female 750 13.5%
Decline 50 0.9%
Years of Service
Respondents Percentage
0 -2 years 464 8.5%
3 - 5 years 988 17.8%
6 - 10 years 1477 26.7%
11 - 15 years 1201 21.7%
16 - 20 years 836 15.1%
21 - 25 years 384 6.9%
26 - 30 years 149 2.8%
Over 31 years 27 0.5%
Officer and Enlisted Participation
Respondents Percentage
Officer 3127 56.5%
Enlisted 2409 43.5%
Enlisted Participation Breakout
Respondents Percentage
E1 - E3: Junior Enlisted 250 10.4%
E4 - E6: Petty Officers 1685 69.9%
E7 - E9: Chief Petty Officers 474 19.7%
This is a preliminary ‘quick look’ at respondent demographics and significant responses from an unofficial survey conducted during
the period between May 1st - May 31st, 2014. The purpose of the 2014 Navy Retention Study, which includes this survey, is to
assess the perspective of active duty U.S. Navy sailors regarding their time in service and their decision making when deciding
whether to remain in uniform or seek opportunities outside of uniformed service. It also seeks to better understand the three core
areas underpinning a sailor’s perception of quality of service, namely quality of work, quality of life, and quality of leadership.
During this one-month open period 6,141 responses were received, 5,536 of which were considered viable for further consideration
after stripping out partial or incomplete responses. The information below is intended to provide senior decision makers, the fleet, and
the public an idea of who participated in the survey, along with responses to a few selected questions from the survey. Responses
marked “decline to answer” or “no opinion” were not included for brevity and percentages below reflect the adjusted sample size.
A full report will be published in early fall which will provide an in-depth look at survey background, methodology, and analysis.
Officer Participation Breakout
Respondents Percentage
Chief Warrant Officers 50 1.6%
O1 - O3: Junior Officers 1699 54.3%
O4 - O5: Mid-Grade Officers 1260 40.3%
O6 - O9: Senior Officers 118 3.8%
Relationship Status
Respondents Percentage
Single 1276 24.2%
Long-Term Relationship 480 9.1%
Married to Civilian Spouse 3031 57.5%
Married to Military Spouse 483 9.2%
The following graphs correspond to questions posed across the entire spectrum of respondents. The full report will take a closer look
at breakouts based on rank, time in service, and other common differentiators, as well as responses to community specific questions.
Early analysis indicates that a majority of respondents intend to remain for a 20-year career — suggesting that many of the sailors
taking the survey can be considered long-term stakeholders in the organization. Early analysis also indicates sailors are concerned
with the current and near-term state of the U.S. Navy. Their responses and comments are intended to provide senior leaders with the
timely and relevant information needed to facilitate thoughtful discussions and deliberate action.
A complete release of raw data — stripped of personal information — will be made available in the fall at
* A sailor’s minimum service requirement (MSR) is
their first opportunity to leave active duty service
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