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6/15/2014 Silicon Valley Space Enterprise Symposium - Preliminary Agenda 1/2
Preliminary Agenda and Confirmed Speakers
Saturday June 10, 2000
7:30 am Registration & Continental Breakfast
8:30 am Welcome
Rick N. Tumlinson, President, Space Frontier Foundation
Keynote Address
Richard K. Citron, Esq., President, Citron & Deutsch
9:00 am Finance & Policy Issues
Moderator, Rick Citron, Esq.
Janice Dunn, Federal & State Policy Liaison, CSTA
Remigius Shatas, Partner, RNR Ventures, LLC
Helena Hardman, Chief Financial Officer, Rotary Rocket Company
- "One Small Step"
9:50 am Break
10:00 am Innovations in Space Transportation
Moderator: Dr. William Gaubatz, Ph.D., President, SpaceClipper International
High Altitude Research Corporation (HARC), Greg Allison, President
- "Stepping Stones to Space"
Interorbital Systems, Randa Milliron, Co-Founder, VP & Chief Information Officer
- "Low-Tech, Low-Cost Space Transportation Systems"
JP Aerospace, John M. Powell, Founder & President
- "Launching from the Edge"
Kelly Space & Technology, Inc., Robert M. Davis, Jr., Chief Executive Officer
- "Revolutionizing Global Travel"
Pioneer Rockets, Mitchell Burnside Clapp, Founder, CEO & Executive VP
- "Reusable Launch Vehicles: The Off-the-Shelf Approach"
TGV Rockets, Inc., Dr. Earl Renaud, Chief Operating Officer
- "Walk Before You Run, the Suborbital Path to Orbit"
11:30 am Luncheon
Speaker: Jeffrey Manber, President, MirCorp
6/15/2014 Silicon Valley Space Enterprise Symposium - Preliminary Agenda 2/2
1:30 pm Orbital Commerce
Moderator: Bob Werb, Partner, Orbital Properties
Constellation Services International, Inc., Charles E. Miller, President & CEO
- "Markets and Economics of Satellite Servicing"
SkyCorp, Inc., Dennis Ray Wingo, President
Tether Applications, Inc., Joseph A. Carroll, Founder & President
- "Commercial Opportunities for Space Tethers"
2:30 pm Break
2:45 pm Space Tourism
Moderator: John S. Spencer, Founder and President, Space Tourism Society
Universal Space Lines, Inc., Dr. William Gaubatz, Ph.D.
LunaCorp, David P. Gump, President
Space Adventures, Eric C. Anderson, Vice President and General Manager
XCOR Aerospace, Inc., Jeff Greason, President
- "XCOR Aerospace - The Mammals Start Small"
Bristol Spaceplanes, Ltd., Tony Materna, U.S. Agent
Space Renaissance Corporation, John S. Spencer, Director
4:15 pm Break
4:30 pm Commercial Space Exploration Ventures
Moderator: Robert M. Hillhouse, Program Chair
TransOrbital, Greg Nemitz, Chief Financial Officer
- "2001 Trailblazer: A Lunar Video Orbiter"
Applied Space Resources, Denise Norris, Chief Executive Officer & President
Transplanetary Corporation, John C. McKnight, President & Chief Executive Officer
SpaceDev, Inc., Charles Lloyd, Chief Financial Officer
- "New Ideas For Space"
5:30 pm FINDS Champagne Reception
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