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2001 Arthur C.

Clarke Gala
The Space Frontier Foundation presented the 2001 Arthur C. Clarke Gala at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles on November 15,
2001. The black tie fundraising event honored Sir Arthur C. Clarke, eminent scientist and author of 2001, A Space Odyssey. Beneficiaries
of the Gala were James Lovell's The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, The Arthur C. Clarke Centre for Modern Technologies (ACCMT)
and The SETI Institute Haughton Mars Project. Photos are courtesy Rob Godwin, Brook Mantia and Elaine Walker.
Foundation President Rick Tumlinson talks to a 3-D hologram of Arthur C. Clarke which
was beamed in live from Clarke's offices in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
CLARKE GALA REPORT by Brook Mantia, Foundation Secretary
Several years ago, the Space Frontier Foundation moved its headquarters from New York to L.A. One of the objectives was, as a media
organization, to infiltrate the entertainment community and get our vision out into society on a broader, cultural level. Wouldn't it be totally
cool to get Hollywood to endorse/deliver our message, etc.?
Well, thanks to the Herculean efforts of mastermind James George, that dream came true at the Clarke Gala. We have finally breached
the Hollywood fortress in a big way, with James leading the charge. This has definitely raised the bar of excellence for us, opening all kinds
of new exciting possibilities.
You can still see highlights at James Cameron's if you missed the live webcast. (Be patient, it takes a while to come up.)
I'm sure others can give a more statistical/technical analysis of the affair, but as an attendee, I'll just share a few of the highlights from my
Just going to the famous Playboy Mansion was a big thrill, but the best part is getting to tell all your friends about it! There was a 15 foot
tall Monolith lit up by spot lights on the front lawn, with costumed ape-men from "2001" curiously inspecting the arriving guests, and
schmoozing with the crowd throughout the evening. Although we didn't actually get inside the mansion, the VIP reception and silent
auction was held around the pool area behind the mansion, where we also had a chance to investigate the legendary "Grotto." Very cool -
although the Jacuzzi made it very steamy as well. (But everyone kept their clothes on.)
Celebs & VIPs spotted: Patrick Stewart, James Lovell, James Cameron, Morgan Freeman, Bill Paxton, Bob Crippen, Buzz Aldrin, Fred
Space Frontier Foundation - 2001 Clarke Gala Report and Photos
1 of 5 6/15/14 2:03 PM
Clarke (Arthur's brother), Frank Drake, Dennis Tito, Fiorella Terenzi, Jeff Baxter and his band of rockers, Dan Richter (the bone-throwing
ape-man, "Moonwatcher," in 2001), HAL9000 and of course, Sir Arthur himself.
The live satellite link with Arthur in Sri Lanka was itself impressive, but the holographic projection (a technologic debut from what I'm told)
that had him appear to be standing at his own podium was icing on the cake! There was a delightful dialog between him and Patrick
Stewart, the evening's MC. (Larry King couldn't make it...what a shame...;-)
Foundationers & friends spotted: Board members Bob Noteboom, Bill Boland, Denise Norris, and Rick Tumlinson; Bob Hillhouse, Jim
Busby, Eric Telenius, Lee Valentine, Charles Miller, Ed Wright, George French, the Godwin brothers, Dennis Wingo, Emily Eelkema, Lena
Banks, George Whitesides, Loretta Hidalgo, John Wright, Pascal Lee and Elaine Walker.
Tremendous thanks and congratulations to James George, and also to Jim Busby, Bob Hillhouse and Lena Banks, who did their fair share
of jumping through hoops to make this a stunning success!
The Clarke Gala Party outside the Playboy Mansion. Foundation President Rick Tumlinson and three new
Foundation volunteers.
Director James Cameron speaks at the Clarke Gala. Actors Patrick Stewart and Morgan Freeman at the
2001 Clarke Gala.
Left to right: Bob Hillhouse; Foundation treasurer, Bill
Boland, Foundation board member, and his date,
Christina; Bob Noteboom, Foundation board member;
Brook Mantia, Foundation secretary, and her husband,
Vince; Denise Norris, Foundation board member.
Elaine Walker of the prospace musical group Zia and a
brand new Foundation Advocate flashes her Advocate's
pin at the Clarke Gala.
Space Frontier Foundation - 2001 Clarke Gala Report and Photos
2 of 5 6/15/14 2:03 PM
Lena Banks, sponsorship co-chair for the Clarke Gala,
and a couple close friends.
Fred Clarke, brother of Arthur C. Clarke.
Left to right: astronomer Allen Hale, actor Bill Paxton,
author Robert Godwin.
Actor Dan Richter, who played Moonwatcher in 2001, A
Space Odyssey.
Patrick Stewart converses with Arthur C. Clarke's live
hologram beamed in from Sri Lanka.
Foundation Development Director James George and
Foundation board member Bob Noteboom.
Dennis Gilliam, space memorabilia collector, and Dr. Jim
Busby, Coordinator of the Foundation's Return to the
Moon project.
Pascal Lee, director of the SETI Haughton Mars
Research Station, speaks at the Clarke Gala.
Space Frontier Foundation - 2001 Clarke Gala Report and Photos
3 of 5 6/15/14 2:03 PM
Left to Right: Bob Crippen (1st Shuttle Pilot), John Cameron (movie director), James
Cameron (movie director), Alan Hale (discoverer, Hale Bopp Comet), George Whitesides
(Permission To Dream), Frank Drake (Chairman, Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence),
Jim Lovell (Commander, Apollo 13), Pascal Lee (SETI Haughton Mars Research Station
Director), Buzz Aldrin (LM Pilot, Apollo 11), Patrick Stewart (actor), Frank Braun (event
producer), Bill Paxton (actor), Morgan Freeman (actor), Jeff Setelle, Rick Tumlinson
(President, Space Frontier Foundation), Peter Barnett, Jeff Baxter (Doobie Brothers,
Steely Dan), Rob Godwin (author), Dan Richter (actor, 2001 a Space Odyssey).
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Space Frontier Foundation - 2001 Clarke Gala Report and Photos
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Space Frontier Foundation - 2001 Clarke Gala Report and Photos
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