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Planning and navigation

2012 Edition
Product overview
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Simplify passage planning using Admiraltys
highly respected, specialist routeing
products. Our innovative mariners
routeing guides include key features of
the worlds most demanding shipping
areas. Use routeing charts for details of
wind, current and weather patterns and
Admiralty Planning Charts a series of
small scale charts covering signifcant
ports that are ideal for passage planning.
Admiralty tidal publications are a world-
leading reference providing accurate, safe
and intuitive prediction of tidal height and
tide stream activity at over 7,000 ports
around the world. Our digital TotalTide
product gives you an even greater degree
of confdence. It brings global tidal tables
and stream data conveniently together,
complete with instant calculation.
Supplement the information on your
Admiralty charts with our portfolio of
Sailing Directions authored and edited
by mariners, for mariners. This 74-volume
worldwide series includes proven guidance
for port entry and coastal navigation
simply choose the volumes you need.
Comprehensive, up-to-date fog signal
and light information. Admiraltys List
of Lights details over 70,000 individual
structures worldwide. The digital edition,
which contains exactly the same trusted
information as the paper volumes, offers
electronic updating within moments.
Get fast access to a complete guide of
essential, worldwide maritime
communications information. Updated
weekly, Radio Signals are split into six
volumes for easy reference with Volume 6
Pilot Services, Vessel Traffc Services and
Port Operations also now available in
convenient digital format.
Admiralty publications help you to plan
your voyage down to the very last detail
from our unique Mariners Handbook
and product updating guide, to our
proven Ocean Passages for the World and
Distance Tables.
Planning and thematic charts Tidal publications Sailing Directions List of Lights Radio Signals
Other publications
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3,300+ charts mean Admiralty offers the
worlds leading global paper chart service.
But its not just coverage that sets us apart.
We support safety through comprehensive
weekly updates and the commitment
of more than 1,000 full-time people
including cartographers, compilers and
other specialists dedicated to quality and
Our ECDIS service allows you to combine
the Admiralty Raster Chart Service with
offcial ENCs in one easy-to-use package
at a fxed annual price. Simple to manage
and maintain, it helps make digital
navigation straightforward and hassle-free.
Need advice?
For more information and advice on how
to buy Admiralty products and services,
contact our global network of distributors.
Or call our in-house customer service
team were here to help, 24/7.
Contact Admiralty
Tel: +44 (0)1823 723366 (UK)
Tel: +65 6832 5102 (Singapore)
Choose the Admiralty Vector Chart
Service and you choose peace of mind.
Its the worlds leading source of unifed
ENC information, and holds over 11,000
ENCs. Admiralty Vector Chart Service
offers berth-to-berth coverage of most
of the worlds busiest shipping routes and
is the preferred choice for the majority of
international commercial ships
navigating digitally.
This service offers over 3,000 exact digital
copies of the world-leading Admiralty
paper charts. Instantly recognisable,
theyre the ideal frst step to adopting
electronic navigation. And because theyre
licensed chart-by-chart, you only pay for
what you need.
Standard Nautical Charts
Admiralty ECDIS Service Admiralty Vector Chart Service Admiralty Raster Chart Service
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Try out Admiralty
with a no obligation trial
You may qualify for a three month trial
at no charge. Get in touch with your
Admiralty distributor to fnd out more.
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Because youre
dedicated to your
efciency, so are we.
Admiralty e-Navigator our
easy-to-use PC application
e-Navigator simplifes the way you
manage charts and other information
across digital and paper and is
supplied at no charge. This powerful
program supports passage planning
too, with additional functionality
coming on stream in the near future.
Additional information to
support compliance
e-Navigator is also the easiest way
to view Admiralty Information
Overlay, the only service to include
comprehensive Temporary and
Preliminary Notices to Mariners
supporting your ships to sail
compliantly with ECDIS and ENCs.
Save time and money
e-Navigator works out the most
cost-effective combination of
products for you to navigate from
port to port.
Up-to-date, offcial
information onboard or ashore
Choose from the whole Admiralty
range and order the latest digital
and paper charts and publications.
Identify the navigational information
and updates you need to stay
compliant. Plus, download new
electronic chart permits and updates
as you need them from any
connected location, worldwide.
UKHO Geographic Information System Team
and thematic
Unlock the worlds
most challenging
shipping areas
Plan your passage
Admiralty charts,
Navigate with greater
Routeing guides
Admiraltys innovative routeing guides are the
frst of their kind, and are a powerful aid to
planning. They cover key features and traffc
separation in the worlds busiest and most
complex shipping areas.
Expert guidance from the leaders in
navigational information
Expanding range already covers the
Malacca Strait, Gulf of Suez, Baltic Sea
and Dover Strait
Admiralty Sailing Directions complement
our charts with additional information and
The series is written and regularly revised by
master mariners to include the most
up-to-date conditions, helping fellow
mariners make the best decisions possible.
Trusted worldwide for over 100 years
Offers mariners a clearer picture through
comprehensive coverage of cautions,
landmarks, hazards, buoyage, climate and
national shipping regulations
Routeing charts
Routeing charts are essential for effective
passage planning detailing expected
weather and ocean conditions for each
month of the year.
Five-chart series covers North Atlantic,
South Atlantic, North Pacifc, South Pacifc
and Indian Ocean
Includes major port to port routes and
distances, ocean currents, ice limits, load
lines and wind roses
Using Admiralty Sailing Directions is easy
thanks to their clear presentation style,
colour photography and views.
Locate the information you want quickly in
any volume standardised layouts across
the series ensure fast, effortless referencing
Know youre using the latest information
Sailing Directions are subject to
weekly updates via Notices to Mariners
(Section IV)
Admiralty means: Admiralty means: Admiralty goes further: Admiralty is:
A powerful aid to planning Dependable detail for
key routes
First choice for mariners
Use just the coverage you need
from the 74-volume series
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Planning Planning
Worldwide information
at your fngertips
Calculate safe
clearance worldwide
Easy access content in
six-volume series
Worlds leading tidal
prediction application
The Radio Signals series is essential for the
navigation and operations of the ship split
across six convenient volumes to make it
easier to access the information you need.
It provides all the information necessary for
managing communications throughout a
berth-to-berth voyage and also helps the
mariner to comply with reporting regulations
around the world.
Volume 6 is also now available in digital
format enabling geo-spatial searching plus
fast updating by CD, web and email.
Admiralty tidal publications support informed
decision making with worldwide height,
timing and tidal stream information.
Tide Tables
Planning departure and arrival times is
made easy using Tide Tables featuring
comprehensive worldwide tidal height and
time information. Revised annually for
greater accuracy.
Tidal stream atlases
Admiralty tidal stream atlases ensure youre
fully informed of your options for routeing
and manoeuvre including detailed tidal
stream direction and strength information for
all key North West Europe locations.
TotalTide for intelligent decision support
Admiraltys PC-based tidal prediction program
helps you take full advantage of favourable
tides. It supports the mariner to make more
informed, timely decisions on commercial and
safety issues it also gives greater confdence
and helps minimise human error.
TotalTide is designed to meet all SOLAS
carriage requirements for height, time and
tidal streams worldwide.
Instantly calculates tidal predictions for
future and past dates
Provides accurate predictions for tidal
heights and streams within seconds
Displays results in easy to use graphical
The Admiralty List of Radio Signals
provides accessible information in the
following six volumes:
1. Maritime Radio Stations (Parts 1 & 2)
2. Radio Aids to Navigation, Satellite
Navigation Systems, Differential GPS
(DGPS) Legal Time, Radio Time Signals and
Electronic Position Fixing Systems
3. Maritime Safety Information Services
(Parts 1 & 2)
4. Meteorological Observation Stations
5. Global Maritime Distress and Safety
System (GMDSS)
6. Pilot Services, Vessel Traffc Services
and Port Operations (Parts 1-7)
Admiralty means: Admiralty supports: Admiralty helps you: Admiralty offers:
Compliance with worldwide
reporting regulations
Your total reference for maritime
radio communications
Take advantage of the tide Accurate, detailed tidal
information: paper and digital
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Planning Planning
List of
Worldwide, constantly updated reference
Paper edition
A valuable component of passage planning,
the Admiralty List of Lights offers a constantly
updated reference to light and fog signal
information for over 70,000 unique light
structures worldwide.
The de-facto standard for light information,
the List of Lights paper edition comes in
11 volumes and fully meets SOLAS standards.
Includes extensive detail on all lighthouses,
lightships, lit foating marks, fog signals and
other lights of navigational signifcance
Important light changes included in weekly
Notices to Mariners
Frequently revised via an ongoing
programme that often runs ahead of chart
update cycle
Admiralty ensures: Admiralty provides:
Fast updates on a rolling
Details of over 70,000 light
structures worldwide
Digital edition
The Admiralty digital List of Lights offers all
the detail thats made the paper original so
respected plus the added convenience of
fast, automatic updating.
Important light changes instantly updated
via weekly Notices to Mariners
Widely accepted as meeting SOLAS
carriage compliance
Frequent revisions often ahead of the chart
update cycle
Additional resources to answer your questions
Admiralty publications extend beyond our
well-known charts to include unique
additional resources.
Weve designed the portfolio to supplement
our core passage planning range, providing the
mariner with detailed advice on navigation, as
well as a comprehensive Mariners Handbook
and the Admiralty Guide to Updating.
Streamline your passage planning process
Admiralty Distance Tables
Global coverage of the shortest navigable
distances between key positions.
Ocean Passages for the World
Single volume guide to worldwide oceanic
voyage planning including details of weather,
currents and ice hazards.
Find detailed information on almost any
navigation subject and keep up to speed
with latest updating procedures:
Mariners Handbook
A comprehensive guide to seamanship and
key aspects of navigation edited by the
same expert team responsible for Admiralty
Sailing Directions.
Admiralty Guide to Updating
A step-by-step guide to all updating
procedures for our paper and digital ranges.
Admiralty offers: Admiralty means:
A step-by-step guide to all
Admiralty updating procedures
Additional resources that add
value to our core navigation range
Planning Planning
Global coverage Frequent updates Committed to quality
New port developments, changing trading
patterns and routes mean were constantly
reviewing our chart coverage. We achieve
this through detailed analysis of the global
environment by our own staff, as well as
through close cooperation with international
hydrographic offces.
More than 3,300 charts cover key areas
and routes
Constant monitoring of port
developments and new requirements
Our updates ensure that mariners are
informed of all the latest chart changes,
as soon as possible.
Notices to Mariners published weekly
on our website and available as a paper
Special focus on buoys, shipwrecks,
traffc separation and other safety-related
Were constantly receiving, assessing and
processing new information to update
our charts
Originating in 1795, Admiralty has been
helping protect mariners lives for over
200 years and is a world-leader in
hydrography and navigation. Thats why
were the name to rely on.
1,000+ full-time people, that include
cartographers, compilers, surveyors and
other specialists totally committed to
quality and accuracy
200,000+ pieces of new information
verifed each year tripled-checked before
Our paper charts are instantly recognised,
the world over
Unique Admiralty paper thats famed for its
durability and long life
Admiralty offers: Admiralty prioritises: Admiralty has:
The de-facto chart portfolio Safety frst at all times People committed to quality
and accuracy
Nautical Charts
From the worlds leading paper chart provider
Covering open ocean and coastal passages, as well as port
approaches and harbour berthing, 3,300-plus offcial Admiralty
charts offer mariners safe worldwide navigation at large, medium
and small scale.
You can place your trust in Admiralty charts that have been
delivering quality and integrity ever since we published the frst
one over 200 years ago. Today our cartographers continue to set
the global standard.
Admiralty offers the widest offcial coverage
of many of the worlds busiest shipping
routes including waters of the Philippines,
Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia
and, signifcantly, the Malacca Strait.
Whats more, our Admiralty Vector Chart
Service includes 2,950 of the top ports
worldwide, of which we offer unique
coverage for over 250. This means that with
Admiralty you can sail on ECDIS for the
entirety of most major routes. Examples
include Singapore to Felixstowe via Suez,
Rotterdam to Hong Kong via Cape of Good
Hope, Ras Tanura to Rotterdam via Suez,
Hong Kong to Long Beach via Yokohama, and
Hamburg to New York.
Admiralty Vector Chart Service customers
also beneft from the free Admiralty
Information Overlay. This is the only service
to include the worldwide Temporary and
Preliminary Notices to Mariners to support
your ships sailing compliantly with ECDIS and
ENCs. The Overlay is also the only service
to include the results of the comprehensive
reviews of the worlds ENCs undertaken
by UKHO in order to identify and resolve
navigationally signifcant differences with
existing paper charts.
The Information Overlay can be accessed
using Admiralty e-Navigator, our chart viewer
and navigation information management and
ordering software, as well as via a growing
number of ECDIS systems.
Exceptional quality and
unrivalled coverage
Unique Admiralty
Information Overlay
Admiralty provides:
Offcial coverage of most of the
worlds busiest ports and routes
Admiralty provides:
The most comprehensive and
up-to-date information
Admiralty Vector
Chart Service
The worlds leading ENC service for mariners
With Admiralty Vector Chart Service you can sail on ECDIS for
the entirety of most major routes. It holds over 11,000 ENCs
and includes coverage of most of the worlds biggest and
busiest ports thats 2,950 of them, of which we offer unique
coverage for over 250. Whats more, its compatible with all
type-approved ECDIS.
Admiralty Vector Chart Service is the frst choice for the
majority of international commercial ships currently
navigating digitally.
Admiralty Vector Chart Service is compatible
with all type-approved makes of Electronic
Chart Display and Information Systems
(ECDIS). So whichever system you choose,
you can be confdent it can handle the
worlds leading ENC service.
All ENCs in our Admiralty Vector Chart
Service have been put through a robust
validation process to ensure they load and
display correctly on ECDIS equipment.
Compatible with every
make of ECDIS
Admiralty means:
Confdence in your ENC service
The familiarity of paper
plus fast digital access
Admiraltys Raster Chart Service displays
our catalogue of more than 3,000 paper
charts instantly on screen each available
individually for maximum fexibility.
Such smart simplicity makes it the ideal
introduction to electronic navigation.
Easy to use retaining Admiraltys
internationally recognised paper chart
imagery and symbols
Extensive digital coverage of international
commercial shipping routes, main ports
and harbours in a range of scales
Flexible, chart by chart licensing structure
Admiralty means:
An ideal introduction to digital
Admiralty Raster
Chart Service
ECDIS Service
The best of both worlds
Take full advantage of both offcial ENCs
and Admiralty Raster Chart Service with
Admiraltys convenient, fxed-price ECDIS
Our ENC and Admiralty Raster Chart Service
packages are available for easy installation
in 36 regional folios and at three coverage
Transit for safe transit including key ports
of refuge and bunkerage ports
Standard for operational use including all
key ports and approach charts
Full the complete ENC/Admiralty Raster
Chart Service chart set
Admiralty offers:
The most comprehensive raster
and vector data package available
18 19
Navigation Navigation
Because youre on
watch 24/7, so are we.
Because youre on
watch 24/7, so are we.
Thats how many individual pieces of new
information Admiralty checks rigorously every
Quality assurance thats second to none
Know that youre using the very best level of
navigation information thanks to our world-
leading expertise, meticulous processes and
global reach.
The worlds largest distributor network
Access Admiralty charts and publications quickly
and easily from your chosen distributor in either
paper or digital formats.
Serving you worldwide, round the clock
Access support and advice from our 30-strong,
in-house customer service team. Round the clock
shifts answer worldwide queries 24/7.
Admiralty Customer Services
20 21
UKHO is continuing its high-level investment with
several initiatives improving information management
and production systems and processes. This ensures
that Admiralty services and products continue to meet
mariners specic needs, 24/7.
Richard Brooks
Chief Operating Offcer
UKHO Data Assessment, Regional Team 2
Always moving forward
We are a driving force in the international hydrographic
community actively working with international
colleagues to develop new technical standards in
hydrography and marine navigation.
We can claim many industry frsts we pioneered
the development of digital raster charts that met IHO
standards and were the frst to provide a unifed, global
ENC service.
We were the frst to market digital publications that
satisfed SOLAS carriage requirements.
We are the only hydrographic offce to offer a worldwide
range of SOLAS-compliant, weekly updatable digital
products and services.
We are the only hydrographic offce in the world
accredited by the IHO to offer marine cartography
training to other hydrographic offces.
With a heritage stretching back to
1795, Admiralty has helped protect
countless mariners lives. We have
a long history of innovation and
today were proud to be at the
forefront of digital navigation.
For more information and advice, contact Admiraltys global network of distributors.
Or call our in-house customer service team, 24/7.
Admiralty United Kingdom
The United Kingdom Hydrographic Offce
Admiralty Way, Taunton
Somerset TA1 2DN
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1823 723366 (24 hour)
Fax: +44 (0)1823 330561
Admiralty Singapore
Admiralty Hydrographic Asia Pacifc PTE Ltd
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#02-01 One Fullerton
Singapore 049213
Tel: +65 6832 5102 (offce hours)
Fax: +65 6408 3801
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