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Solons seek inquiry into PNP centralized gun licensing process

& Werfast courier service deal
Lawmakers are seeking an inquiry into the centralized gun licensing process of the
Philippine National Police (PNP) and the true status of the PNP courier service deal with
Werfast Documentary gency if it has really !een terminated" to ensure that the provisions
of the #omprehensive $irearms and mmunition %egulation ct are properly complied
with and that the PNP does not go !eyond what the law allows&
%eps& %ufus %odriguez ('econd District" #agayan de (ro #ity) and his younger
!rother )a*imo %odriguez (Party+list" !ante )indanao)" through ,ouse %esolution
--./" called on the ,ouse committee on pu!lic order and safety chaired !y %ep& 0effrey
$errer (1
District" Negros (ccidental) to conduct the inquiry in aid of legislation&
ccording to the solons" there is a need to further study the concept of the PNP2s
centralized gun licensing !ecause this is making things hard and is an additional e*pense
for the legitimate gun owners especially those in the 3isayas and )indanao&
4he elder %odriguez said from his district alone" he has received numerous
complaints from legitimate private firearms holders on the PNP centralized gun licensing
54hese legitimate private firearms holders complained that the centralized gun
licensing is more e*pensive and tedious !ut gave no additional security value for !oth the
government and gun owners"6 said %odriguez&
4he lawmaker said the 'upreme #ourt has already issued a temporary restraining
order (4%()" stopping all centralized gun regulatory processes" including requirements"
testing and licensing in #amp #rame" 7uezon #ity& 4he 4%( all covers outsourcing of
firearms license delivery !y courier and warrantless searches of homes in the guise of
firearms inspections according to %odriguez&
5Despite this 4%(" there is a need to look into this issue to ensure that the
provisions of the #omprehensive $irearms and mmunition %egulation ct are properly
complied with and that the PNP does not go !eyond what the law allows& 4he
implementation of the law should !e done in a legal way without shortcuts and should !e
fair to everyone involved"6 he said&
$urthermore" %odriguez said there are also reports the PNP apparently circumvented
the 4%( !ecause in the case of the issuance of the licenses and permits" the PNP $irearms
and 8*plosive (ffice ($8() re+opened its regional offices !ut all approvals would still
NR # 3497
JUNE 14, 2014
have to !e done in #amp #rame" which means the PNP will still avail of the private
courier service&
54here is need to clarify the status of Werfast" if the contract it entered into with the
PNP is a!ove !oard and if the contract is really terminated already& s a result of the
contract with Werfast" criminal complaints were filed in the (m!udsman alleging the
contract the PNP entered with Werfast for the delivery of licenses to gun owners is highly
anomalous !ecause it did not go through a pu!lic !idding"6 said %odriguez&
4here are also allegations that fees of Werfast are e*or!itant as compared to other
local couriers !ecause it charges at least P-.. more and that only Werfast can deliver the
licenses according to %odriguez&
Last pril" 9lenn 9erard %icafranca of Legazpi #ity filed !efore the (m!udsman a
plunder complaint against PNP Director+9eneral lan Purisima for entering into an
allegedly anomalous contract with Werfast three years ago& %icafranca said it is clear that
Werfast 5was getting undue favors from the PNP under the leadership of Dir& 9en&
Purisima without regard for the e*penses and inconvenience it will cause to every citizen
who lawfully owns or will own firearms&6 (:.) mrs