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INDICASAT – AIP Edificio 219,Ciudad del Saber

Apartado 0843-01103
Panamá, República de Panamá
Teléfono: 507-517-0700
Fax: 507-517-0701

Postdoctoral positions in INDICASAT AIP

The Institute for Scientific Research and Technology Services (INDICASAT AIP), an
autonomous Institute of Excellency in Biomedical and Biodiversity Research in the
Republic of Panama (;, is seeking
qualified postdoctoral researchers in molecular neurobiology and cognitive science,
pharmacology, nutritional science, natural product and synthetic chemistry, genomics
(microbial and human), biodiversity, bioengineering, cell and molecular biology of
infectious diseases, bioinformatics (mathematics and computational science), biophysics
and other frontier areas. The priority areas are decided on a yearly basis depending on the
needs of the Institute. These positions are open to qualified Panamanians and interested
candidates should contact the chairman of the committee one year before completing Ph.D.
for institutional planning. Other nationalities will be considered depending on expertise.

The candidates should have a Ph.D. degree with a minimum of two publications as first
author in order to qualify for a junior postdoctoral position. The candidates with
postdoctoral experience and more than five publications will be considered for a senior
postdoctoral position.

The postdoctoral position will consist of a two-to-three year contract position. During this
time, candidates must demonstrate independent thinking and planning, fluency in English,
the ability to collaborate and work in groups effectively, active participation in Ph.D.
student coursework in English, productivity and independence in scientific publication (not
carried over from Ph.D. period of research), the ability to publish one review or research
paper every year as corresponding author, and the capacity to develop a new line of
research relevant to the priorities of Panama. The candidates should actively pursue funding
opportunities such as SENACYT reinsertion grants and other international grants.

Postdoctoral researchers will be evaluated every 3 months. Those who score a grade of “A”
at the end of postdoctoral period will be considered for a position as Scientist.
Selection and evaluation committee:
Dr. Gabrielle B. Britton - Chairman of postdoctoral selection committee
Dr. K.S. Jagannatha Rao, Dr. Marcelino Gutierrez, Dr. Catherina Caballero-George
Dr. Ricardo Lleonart, Dr. Carmenza Spadafora, Dr. Omar Lopez

Interested candidates should send curriculum vitae and three references to:
Gabrielle B. Britton, Ph.D.
Chairman of postdoctoral selection committee
Centro de Neurociencias y Unidad de Investigación Clínica
Tel: +507 5170735 | Tel: +507 5170708, Email: