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The Effect of Flood in Jakarta Considering Social-Economic Aspect

by ihsan Feb, 28

Flood in Jakarta is an event that is familiar to Indonesian society that has many effect. As we know that
every years, Jakarta is a city that is regularly hit by floods. Not only this year but also previous years, the
flood in Jakarta becomes a big problem, but it can’t be solved well so far. These problem have an impact
on the lives of the community, government, and corporate. The impact of this problem is in terms of
social and economic aspect.
In social aspect, the flood can change citizen’s lives instantly. What does change? The changes are live
patterns and mentality changes. Live patterns as we know that if we get the incidence or disaster, of
course we can help one another. In the first, may be if we don’t get the disaster or the problem we will
not care one another, but if we get the same problem or disaster we will work together and help one
another because we have a same mission to be protected. That is a good new that we get if we are in
the big problem. But in the other side, we get the drop mentality. For the Jakarta society, this flood is a
common problem, they don’t get drop mentality or condition than make them slumped. They can
prepare the disaster that they will get well. But, for the new comer, they will get a big problem and drop
mentality. The new comer don’t know what will they do if they get the disaster like flood. They will
panic, frustrated, and they need some motivates to make them move on. And now, what doesn’t
change? That is a bad citizen habituations. The bad habituations are littering everywhere, build the
some building in side of the river, and they still don’t care about their environment.
In economic aspect, the flood can make the economic condition down, unstable or imbalance. Not only
the people who suffered losses, the recent floods seems the government in this case get a loss too.
Annual disaster losses contained in a number of regions in Indonesia was estimated at a trillions, and
this make impact in the other aspect. Unstable economic becomes the other big problem we get beside
the flood. It makes the income of the corporate or company in Jakarta decrease, and this condition will
impact the government income, finally the effect will impact the society economic income. Imbalance
economic condition as bad as the unstable economic. Jakarta as capital city of Indonesia has primary
role in economic in this country. If Jakarta get the bad condition, so the other city get the impact of that
condition, especially in economic aspect. That makes the economic condition imbalance.
There are a variety of negative effects of flooding on human settlements and economic activities.
However, floods (in particular floods routine / minor) can also bring many benefits, such as replenishing
ground water, fertilize and provide nutrients to the soil. Water floods provide sufficient water in the arid
and semi-arid erratic rainfall throughout the year. Fresh flood water plays an important role in balancing
ecosystems in river corridors and are a major factor in balancing the diversity of living things in the flood
plain. Flooding adds a lot of nutrients to lakes and rivers are increasingly promoting the fishing industry
in the years to come, but it is also because of the suitability of floodplains for breeding fish (little
predation and a lot of nutrients). Fish like the weather fish to swim utilizing flood search for new
habitats. In addition, the birds also benefit from food production exploded after the flood receded.
So, don’t let the flood break anything, keep save the environment, and think twice if we will do
anything. We have a brain, and I think we know what will we do to the better live in the future especially
for our next generation.
You still have many mistakes in basic grammar, such as adding “s/es” for plural noun or “s/es” in
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