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House approves pre-hospital emergency medical care system

The House of Representatives has approved on third and final reading a measure institutionalizing the pre-
hospital emergency medical care system in the country.
House Bill 4577, hich su!stituted House Bills 4"# and $4%& authored !y Reps 'usan (ap )#
Tarlac+ and ,ani -ercado-Revilla )#
*istrict, .avite+, respectively, see/s to create a responsive and organized
pre-hospital and emergency care system to address emergency cases !rought !y natural and man-made calamities.
Rep. 0ufranio 0riguel )#
*istrict, ,a 1nion+, .hairman of the House .ommittee on Health, sponsored
and defended the measure at the plenary hall.
2The policy of the 'tate is to protect and promote the right to health of the people and shall endeavor to
cultivate and maintain an environment conducive to the practice of pre-hospital emergency care, ma3imizing the
capa!ility and potential of 0mergency -edical Technicians )0-Ts+ and other pre-hospital care professionals in the
country, and institute a standard system of pre-hospital emergency medical services in the country,4 0riguel said.
5side from the development and institutionalization of a pre-hospital emergency medical service system at
the national and local levels, the measure creates a 6ational 7re-hospital .are .ouncil )67..+ under the
*epartment of Health )*8H+.
The measure mandates the 67.. to develop internationally accepted standards for the practice of pre-
hospital care professions.
7re-Hospital 0mergency .are is an independent delivery of pre-hospital emergency medical services !y
appropriately trained and certified 0-Ts, usually in a mo!ile or community setting, in full accordance ith the
6ational 7re-hospital 0mergency -edical Treatment 7rotocols esta!lished !y the .ouncil.
The 67.. is mandated to supervise, control and regulate the practice of pre-hospital care professionals.
9n coordination ith Technical 0ducation and '/ills *evelopment 5uthority )T0'*5+, .ommission on
Higher 0ducation ).H0*+, 7rofessional Regulation .ommission )7R.+ and accredited professional organizations,
the 67.. is tas/ed to prepare, update and maintain a roster of certified 0-Ts.
The measure provides training programs, courses, and continuing education for 0mergency -edical
Technicians )0-Ts+ and ould !e conducted only !y the institutions recognized !y the T0'*5, the Higher
0ducation 9nstitutions )H09+ and the .H0*.
The measure also mandates the 6ational Telecommunications .ouncil )6T.+ to develop a program for the
adoption of a 6ational 0mergency Telephone 6um!er.
The illegal use of the 1niversal 0mergency Telephone 6um!er and the unlaful practice of pre-hospital
emergency medical service shall !e penalized.
The .ouncil, in coordination ith the 6T., the T0'*5, the .H0*, the 7R. and the *8H, shall issue and
promulgate the rules and regulations to implement the provisions of the 5ct.
.o-authors of the measure are 5:8 Bicol 7arty ,ist Reps. .hristopher .o and Rodel Batoca!e. );"+ jc
NR # 3499
JUNE 16, 2014