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1. Differentiate jet propulsion and rocket propulsion.

2. What is thrust?
3. Define Effective speed ratio.
4. Define Specific thrust?
5. What is Thrust Specific uel !onsu"ption?
#. Define propulsive efficienc$.
%. What is scra" jet?
&. What is ra" effect?
'. What is thrust au("entation?
The dia"eter of the propeller of an aircraft is 2.5". )t flies at a speed of 5**+"ph at an altitude of
&***". or a fli(ht to jet speed ratio of *.%5 deter"ine ,a- the flo. rate of air throu(h the propeller/
,0- thrust produced ,c- specific thrust/ ,d- specific i"pulse and ,e- the thrust
1n aircraft flies at '#*+"ph. 2ne of its tur0ojet en(ines takes in 4* k(3s of air and e4pands the
(ases to the a"0ient pressure .The air 5fuel ratio is 5* and the calorific value of the fuel is 43
673+( .or "a4i"u" thrust deter"ine ,a-jet velocit$ ,0- thrust ,c- specific thrust ,d- thrust ,e- propulsive/ ther"al and overall efficiencies and ,f- TS!.
1 tur0o jet en(ine propels an aircraft at a 6ach nu"0er of *.& in level fli(ht at an altitude of 1* k".
The data for the en(ine is (iven 0elo.8 Sta(nation te"perature at the tur0ine inlet 9 12**+/
Sta(nation te"perature rise throu(h the co"pressor 9 1%5 +/ !alorific value of the fuel 9 43
673+(/ !o"pressor efficienc$ 9 *.%5/ !o"0ustion cha"0er efficienc$ 9 *.'%5/ Tur0ine efficienc$
9 *.&1/ 6echanical efficienc$ of the trans"ission 0et.een tur0ine and co"pressor 9 *.'&/
E4haust no::le efficienc$ 9 *.'%/ Specific i"pulse 9 25 seconds. 1ssu"in( the sa"e properties for
air and co"0ustion (ases calculate uel 5air ratio/ !o"pressor pressure ratio/ Tur0ine pressure ratio/
E4haust no::les pressure ratio/ and 6ach nu"0er of e4haust jet.
1 ra"jet en(ine operates at 6 9 1.5 at an altitude of #5**".The dia"eter of the inlet diffuser at
entr$ is 5*c" and the sta(nation te"perature at the no::le entr$ is 1#**+.The calorific value of the
fuel used is 4*673+( .The properties of the co"0ustion (ases are sa"e as those of air ,; 9 1.4/ < 9
2&%73+( + -. The velocit$ of air at the diffuser e4it is ne(li(i0le. !alculate ,a- the efficienc$ of the
ideal c$cle/ ,0- fli(ht speed ,c- air flo. rate ,d- diffuser pressure ratio ,e- fuel 5ratio ,f- no::le
pressure ratio ,(- no::le jet 6ach nu"0er ,h- propulsive efficienc$ ,i- and thrust. 1ssu"e the values8 ɳ
9 *.'*/ ɳ
9 *.'&/ ɳ
9 *.'#. Sta(nation pressure loss in the co"0ustion cha"0er
9 *.**2>o