Monthly Achievement Report: Under 18s program a huge success



!uly 2013
Þhang nga Pub

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Cur parLlclpanLs palnLed Lhe lndoor gymnaslum aL Lhe koh kho kao School

ln !uly, Cvl Þhang nga was Lhrllled Lo recelve lLs flrsL group of under 18 volunLeers. 1hese
deLermlned young helpers came from boLh Lhe uS and Lhe uk Lo work wlLh Lhe Cvl Leam Lo develop
crlLlcal educaLlonal lnfrasLrucLure ln Lhe Þhang nga reglon. AfLer only Lwo weeks, Lhey successfully
refurblshed a prlmary school gymnaslum on koh kho kao lsland, maklng a lasLlng dlfference Lo Lhe
llves of a small lsland communlLy.

Cvl Þhang nga operaLes from Lhe small communlLy of 8aan nam khem. 1hls area was one of Lhe
worsL hlL by Lhe 2004 1sunaml. As a resulL, mosL of Lhe crlLlcal lnfrasLrucLure ln Lhe area was
desLroyed. A loL of reconsLrucLlon has Laken place slnce Lhen wlLh Lhe supporL of ald agencles and
nCC's. Powever, Lhere ls always more work Lo be done. SlLuaLed [usL across Lhe channel from 8aan
nam khem, kho koh kao ls home Lo one small Þrlmary School LhaL was ln need of lmproved crlLlcal
educaLlonal lnfrasLrucLure. kho koh kao ls a very small lsland locaLed 130km norLh of ÞhukeL ln Lhe
Þhang nga Þrovlnce. PlsLorlcally, Lhe lsland was used as a landlng spoL for anclenL seLLlers as well as
a popular sLopplng polnL for Lraders when Lln mlnlng was a key lndusLry ln Lhe area.

1he under 18's pro[ecL presenLed Lhe perfecL opporLunlLy for volunLeers Lo asslsL Lhe school Lo
develop lL's crlLlcal educaLlonal lnfrasLrucLure. 1he alm of Lhe under 18s program ln Þhang nga ls Lo
glve younger volunLeers Lhe chance Lo make a meanlngful dlfference by lmprovlng educaLlonal
sLandards and faclllLles wlLhln our local communlLles. SLudles have shown Lhere ls a sLrong llnk
beLween physlcal acLlvlLy and lncreased lnLellecLual performance. Pavlng adequaLe faclllLles Lo
accommodaLe Lhls ls Lherefore essenLlal. 1he group goL Lo Lake long Lall boaLs ouL Lo Lhe lsland each
day Lo work on Lhe pro[ecL. 1he refurblshmenL was a huge success and Lhe gym sparkled wlLh Lhe
addlLlon of new doors, a fresh coaL of palnL and a brand new mural deslgned by Lhe Cvl Leam. 8y
renovaLlng Lhe gymnaslum aL kho koh kao School, Lhe under 18's Leam were able Lo successfully
conLrlbuLe Lo our long Lerm ob[ecLlves.


"#$%&'()*+, - ).$% &%.//'0 &%.//' /*1%2 34 5.&6 37*/%' /48./30 39*77*+, *+ ()% 3%.0 ()% .7.:*+, 54420
%.(*+, *+3%8(3 .( ()% 7.&1%(0 ()% )43(%/ *+ ;)<1%(0 7%%(*+, %$%&'=42'>
?@- A).*/.+2 B+2%& CD E.&(*8*E.+(
Cvl conLlnues Lo work Lowards lLs long-Lerm goals Lo lmprove crlLlcal lnfrasLrucLure ln Lhe Þhang nga
area ln llne wlLh Lhe un Mlllenlum uevelopmenL Coals. lf you would llke Lo read more abouL Lhls
pro[ecL and slgn up Lo volunLeer, please vlslL our webslLe, llke our facebook page and follow us on
LwlLLer for Lhe laLesL up Lo daLe lnformaLlon dlrecL from Lhe fleld.

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