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!une 2013
Þhang nga Pub

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ueveloplng parLnershlps wlLh key organlsaLlons ln Lhe Þhang nga Þrovlnce ls essenLlal for
Lhe Cvl Þhang nga Pub Lo work Lowards achlevlng lLs long Lerm ob[ecLlves, Lo supporL
conservaLlon efforLs and work Lowards ensurlng envlronmenLal susLalnablllLy ln Lhe area.
1hls monLh progress was made Lowards achlevlng Lhls alm, wlLh Lhe formaLlon of a new
parLnershlp beLween Cvl and Lhe ueparLmenL of Marlne and CoasLal 8esources (uMC8).

1he uMC8 ls responslble for Lhe proLecLlon and managemenL of coral ecosysLems
LhroughouL 1halland, lncludlng sea grass beds, coral reefs and mangrove foresLs. 1hey also
run several communlLy based conservaLlon lnlLlaLlves ln Lhe Þhang nga area, lncludlng
surveylng and monlLorlng Lhe use of mangroves.

1hls monLh, AsslsLanL ulrecLor of Þrograms, !lll Walker and Þro[ecL Manager Laura Mulvey
were able Lo vlslL several uMC8 offlces ln Lhe Þhang nga area, all of Lhem focuslng on
dlfferenL conservaLlon lnlLlaLlves. 1he alm was Lo ldenLlfy poLenLlal areas of work LhaL Cvl
could offer guldance, supporL and resources Lowards. 1hls was achleved Lhrough Lhe help of
Mr Alr who showed Cvl personnel around several pro[ecL slLes. 1he uMC8 are currenLly
looklng Lo develop mangrove surveys Lo monlLor Lhe healLh and prevalence of mangroves
along Lhe CoasLal reglon. 1here are also plans Lo lnlLlaLe mangrove planLlng and resLoraLlon
pro[ecLs. lurLher work aL one of Lhe uMC8 research cenLres ls Lo complle a daLabase of
LradlLlonal uses of mangrove planLs, whlch lncludes everyLhlng from candy and Leas made
from mangrove leaves, cloLh dyes made from mangrove seeds and even a LradlLlonal head
llce shampoo!

Cvl Þhang nga ls exclLed abouL developlng Lhls new parLnershlp wlLh Lhe uMC8 furLher ln
Lhe comlng monLhs. We have esLabllshed our area of focus wlll be on supporLlng mangrove

>5)<2, ? @'<2' 9<.-,AB C52 82/7 69;: '(+ D5.. E'.F,2


healLh and resLoraLlon efforLs Lhrough worklng ln mangrove nurserles and asslsLlng wlLh
replanLlng efforLs.

Cvl conLlnues Lo work Lowards lLs long-Lerm ob[ecLlves Lo supporL marlne coasLal
conservaLlon efforLs ln Lhe Þhang nga area, ln llne wlLh Lhe un Mlllennlum uevelopmenL
Coal Lo ensure envlronmenLal susLalnablllLy. lf you would llke Lo read more abouL Lhls
pro[ecL and slgn up Lo volunLeer, please vlslL our webslLe, llke our facebook page and follow
us on LwlLLer for Lhe laLesL up Lo daLe lnformaLlon sLralghL from Lhe fleld.