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Describe Canadas role in international affairs from 1945 to 2000

Canada, an independent country located in the North America,

contributes a lot in the international affairs not only politically, but also
socially and economically !or e"ample, ta#e part in the Allies in $orld $ar
%&o by the reason of common&ealth relationship &ith 'ritain( pro)ide
aids include food supports to some de)elopin* countries to impro)e
peoples li)in* standard and paly a role of peace#eepin*( pro)ide
international trade &ith many countries around the &orld As a result,
Canada plays an important role around the &orld in international affairs
'y the time of the $orld $ar %&o, &hen 'ritain and !rance declared &ar
on +ermany, Canada ener*etically declared &ar on the ne"t day, as a
friend and common&ealth country, to help 'ritain After&ards, Canadians
soldiers participated a lot on attac#in* and bondin* such as in the battle of
Atlantic and the D,Day( they use their cle)er minds and bra)e actions
played and important role and leads to lots of )ictories -oreo)er, &ith the
help of Canadians air force and na)y, the &ar &as ma#in* pro*ress
efficiently $ithout Canadas support in the &ar, it &ill be more difficult to
fi*ht a*ainst enemy As a result, Canada played a si*nificant role around
the &orld
!urthermore, %he role that Canada created for itself &as that of mediator
and peacema#er from 1945 to 2000 Canada became reco*ni.ed for its
efforts to use /uiet diplomacy to resol)e international disputes 0)en more
si*nificantly, these efforts to bro#er peace a*reements &ere accompanied
by a &illin*ness to participate in 1N peace#eepin* missions &ith military
force %his peace#eepin* role &as useful, responsible, and relati)ely
ine"pensi)e 2t became a pillar of Canadian forei*n policy in the post,&ar
period And it depended, fundamentally, on the s#ills, dedication, and
stren*th of the Canadian military %ill no&, Canada has participated in
almost 40 1N peace#eepin* missions -ore than 100,000 Canadian
soldiers ha)e ser)ed as peace#eepers
Canada is one of the se)en ma3or &estern industriali.ed countries
-anufacturin* and hi*h,tech industry is relati)ely de)eloped, the
resources industry, the primary manufacturin* and a*riculture is also the
main pillar of the national economy Canada is built to an international
tradin* country and a lar*e amount of countries around the &orld are
dependent to Canada As a result, Canada become a si*nificant part
around the &orld not only in industries but also in finance and economics
All in all Canada has participated a lot in the international affairs politically,
socially and economically, and it is Canada &ho came for help in the &ar,
donate aids to de)elopin* countries and trade &ith international nations
%hus, Canada has played a role of helper, peace#eeper and international
trader around the &orld