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Arlyne Heilbron Ortiz.

Arlyne Heilbron Ortiz ,
PHONE NUMBER: (506): 88966654
Arlyne´s Heilbron ´s principal caractheristics where divided by stages: at the actual
moment she ´s studying her Masters and Degree at The National University of Costa
Rica where she´s looking foward for the completion pf the Teaching Didactic Art Visual
and Comunicatiuon .
She has her Interior Design Degree completed and improving with Computer Art
design and Ambientalist Design. Diseño del Espacio Interno y Lanscaping Design .

First Stage: drawings
Second Stage:
Third Stage: Pastels
Fourth Stage: Acrylics
Fifth Stage: Oil Canvas
Sixth Stage: MIX Media
Seventh Stage: Diversity
Eight Stage: actual work
with all Techniques
including Ceramics

and Exhibitions
” What inspires me to become an artist?:”
It's the ability to express my emotions and to convey different messages. I get the
inspiration from the environment- organic shapes as the microorganisms, animals or
human beings, the towns, the cities, as you can see in my current exhibition ( ROOTS) .
In one of my paintings (San Jose and little towns) I got the inspiration from
Costa Rica Map. Colors transmit an emotion and communicate about the weather and the
people in each region of my country: they go from warm colors( burgundy, sienna's,
carmines and ocres) to cold colors( green, blue and violets) and move us from left to right
in a circle.
Our towns or cities are placed on top of human bodies representing our ROOTS
culture, tradition and family". I also get inspiration from Poverty ,hope and freedom as
you can appreciate in all the paintings, Curator MS Diana Russo express" " Some people
are poor in material wealth, but never poor in spirit, the people I have met when I went to
Costa Rica were so happy to work and enjoy life... The people in Costa Rica are so proud
of their Country and it's natural resources, particularly the beautiful national parks,
rainforest and animals. Costa Rica should be recommended by the world for preserving
them for the enjoyment of the people" Arlyne Heilbron‘ s work could be available with
appointment , you could also look into Costa Rican Art Direct III book for more
information or on her Web Pages through Internet.

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My Favorite Artists
German Expressionism: Heckel 1905, he painted
landscapes took from reality but represented in
his personal way by using his imagination and his
personal vision about the use of colors and
shapes . Subjective interpretation.
Post-Impressionism: Van Gogh: media, colors,
personal way to paint with lots of painting
Abstract Expressionism: Jackson Pollock: his
personal style: "dripping"; : paint went directly on
the canvas., in an spontaneous way.
Symbolism: Paul Gauguin: represented
landscapes of his imagination: color -symbolism:
red-dog color symbolized: men-sexuality and
white-dress symbolized virginity.
My Art Tips:
Mix medias: I love to get involved with my art-
creations, so I like to paint as Jackson Pollock
did : directly from the paint-tube dripping on
the canvas but also by using my fingers, hands
and other personal tools .

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!"#!I 2012: Artistic Blog innovation with art messages and topics about energy from a new world.
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2u12: Exhibit at 0NA CIBEA pavillion of Aits: uioupal exhibit : Biawings , Ceiamic anu Sculptuie 2u11
2uu9- 2u1u. Paiticipation on a Collective . 0NA CIBEA 0niveisity of heieuia S} Costa Rica 2u1u
2u1u . Novembei . Ceitamen IBELA. Ceitamen "0n munuo sin fionteias: la miiaua joven ante la migiacion"
at the 0NA CIBEA Ait ualleiy
2uu7. vAL0ARTE Paiticipation in 2uu7, National ualleiy of Costa Rica, 2 Pieces showeu anu solu: one in Black Ink anu
2uu6 : uioupal exhibit: Chiluien Nuseum , National ualleiy of Costa Rica: vAL0ARTE. : "Espeianza en Silencio."
2uuS=2uu4 . Exhibit 0SA, Piinceton New }eisey: " Routes" AT CBAPIN ualleiy , 12 Pieces big foimat wheie exhibiteu anu
solu 8u% of them. 2 Foimat Sizes: 6 pieces of 6S" x S8" ¡ 6 on meuium Foimat: S8" x 19": Technique: Aciilics, 0ils
anu Nix meuias.

2uu4= Book Publication of Ailyne´s Biogiaphy anu one painting ¡ " 0BISEA" in " C0STA RICA ART BIRECT0 T0N0 III"
Publisheu ieciently by KANBINSKY uALLERY , San Peuio ,San }osé Costa Rica, 2uuS.

2uu2 ="BINu0 BEL ARTE" at the Costa Rica Countiy Club, in behave of The Eluei Patiiaica Sheltei Bomes, San }osé, Costa
Rica with the painting:: "Espeianza Sepia" , NIX meuia .
2uu2. uioupal exhibit: " 2uu2 Piouuction at the CIBE ART School " , Ait anu visual Comunication " , 0NA, Beieuia Costa
2uu2. National galleiy of Costa Rica; Chiluien Nuseum: "Ceitamen ue pintuia" , New values in Costa Rica", fiom five awaius
she obtaineu the Sth national awaiu with hei piece : " Pobieza y Espeianza 1", Nix Neuia. Laige Foimat: SS" x 28"
2uu1. She Piesenteu a Biogiaphy Confeience by Invitation : " topic: Two Ait Styles of hei uiiect iefeient on hei ait woik.
The Post-Impiesionim Ait anu The Expiesionism Ait . 0ffeieu at " Nauiice Bawk School ", New Yéisey, EE00 ".
- Inuiviuual Exhibit : at Nauiice Bawk School :. "Pigmentos ue la Natuialeza"
2uu1. 0ctobei Seminai : vALANTI uALLERY anu The National ualleiy of San }osé Costa Rica, " The S uieat Ait Bistoiy
Nomments" by Bi.. Bélgica Rouiiguez.
2uuu- Seminai: , vALANTI uALLERY ANB BANK BAC 0F SAN }0SE , " 0na Niiaua uel siglo XX como ievolucion infinita" by
Dr. Bélgica Rodríguez.
! 2000- Auction: Lions Club of New Jersey USA : “ White Horses”, Mix medias Thecnique..
! 2000- Groupal exhibit: :Nacional University of costa Rica: UNA, CIDEA, Heredia, costa Rica
! 2000- Groupal exhibit: APRONEP: HEREDIA, COSTARICA
! 1999- Groupal Exhibit:" El Artista a través de los Objetos” “ The artist Throught the Objects” .
! 1998-1999 Individual exhibit: "Figuras Contemporáneas", Costa Rica Country Club
! 1998- Individual Exhibit: "Desnudos",” Nudes” San José Costa Rica
! 1997- Individua Exhibit: ” Retrospectiva:1983-1985, Watercolor Private Collections , Costa Rica
Country Club, San José Costa Rica.
! Gallery
“Esperanza en Silencio” National
Museum, Children Museum, Museo del
Niño 2006” , “Hope in Silence”, 2006.
COSTA RICA: Washington DC y New York: to accomplish " Master Level of Intensive
Completion” at ELS Lenguage Centers.. ”
! 1984-1988- Art and Interior Design . ESEMPI,Costa Rica.
! 1985-1999 . Particular lessons: Watercolor , acrylics, Oil and Other techniques in charged
by .LIC Álvaro Hernández. (UCR)
! 1984-86 Drawings. Dibujo al Natural. In charged by national costarrican artist Marianella
Salgado. ESEMPI, San José Costa Rica.
! 1976-1980. Drawing Lessons at the :"La casa del Artista” by Olga Spinash.
! 1972-1980-. Art School lessons by National Artist :.Licda Cristina Fournier, Liceo Franco

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At The University of Heredia: UNA , Cidea
we are working progress on new
techniques , incorporating “ friendly”
materials according to the conservancy
of the ambiance and trying to Mix
Techniques with Ceramics, oils, and
some natural acrylics….