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The Human “Question”
Began on February 20, 2013 – Completed on July 26, 2013
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The human “question”, for those focused on spiritual evolution,
concerns the viability of humans on Earth as a vehicle
for the evolution of spiritual beings.

This is a companion essay to “Queen of the Machine” as there is the direct
influence by the forces underlying “biology” upon spiritual consciousness. There
are more details that I simply cannot go into and thus this essay is set up as a
collection of related notes with section separators. It is one of four companion
essays that were to be included with the end of the A-List Updates. The series
was originally summarized in the January-March 2013 Update.
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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Four concluding essays to the “A-Li st”, by Alex Kochkin
with editorial and critical assistance from Tish Van Camp:

The “Human Questi on” came about from a decades-long ongoing
examination and re-examination of the potential and appropriateness of extant
humans as a vehicle for spiritual intelligences to learn and evolve through. This
process required examining how things were in the next levels up from human,
which in turn required examining more of the state of the souls and higher level
beings that were hooked into the human level of awareness. Link:

“Queen of the Machi ne” essay came about from explorations of the energetic
spaces underlying 3d and from assessing the state of the “correction energies”.
The implications of the situation with levels below 3d density have yet to be
explored enough. Perhaps it will be answered post-“corrections” by those who
have learned the most from this demented realm of existence quaintly referred
to as “3d”. My preliminary observations are that there is evidence of a primary
or primal root template that has been suppressed and distorted from the
inception of all that which the Dark manifested or came to dominate. When the
dark side machinery is removed through the larger transformation process that
is underway, then what remains?

“Death and Tr ansfi gur ati on” emerged from over a year of contemplating
the state of the ascension process and of those at their human levels who had an
affinity for this. Background to this probably spans most of my human lifetime
here and my knowledge that true life exists without any need for a conflicting
duality and the illusion of “death”.

“Pr oblems of Di ssi pati on” developed through the consideration of the larger
questions of the relationship between higher self/higher level beings and human
self and the seeming inability to meaningful influence changes at the human
level. This touches upon what I have come to regard as an additional flaw in the
greater creation process. Link:

Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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Summary Introduction

“Modern humans” began as tribal-social animals with a capacity for
selfcenteredness. Social programming has shifted humans more toward
selfcentered, social-tribal animals, with only the rarest of exceptions. These are
the most concise descriptors I can offer.

Without the presence or involvement of a “spiritual intelligence”, the human
vessel would simply be a self-aware animal with idiosyncratic tendencies and
variations in physical appearance –not unlike other more complex life forms on
Earth today.

Overall, the bio-physical state of humans mirrors a fallen realm in that it is
governed by spiritually deranged impulses and operates both as omni-predator
and omni-parasite with regard to one another as well as the entirety of the
planetary environment.

The very nature of the human body, its maintenance requirements, and its base
impulses are inherently limiting to spiritual intelligences.

Driven by the necessity for physical food, water, air, the human body takes in
myriad substances and organisms, all of which require “energy” to process.
While there are finer or subtle energies involved in maintaining the cellular
templates, the “mind of the cells” has been habituated to grosser forms of energy
derived from the chemical breakdown of gross plant and animal materials into
myriad specific substances more suitable for the assimilation by body cells.

Amongst this intake of material substances are parasitic and predatory macro
and microorganisms that require additional energy expenditures to counteract.
Like any animal, gross matter is converted into varied forms of raw materials and
energy for the body. Gross material waste by-products are excreted mainly
through the digestive tract, skin, and lungs. Like most animals, there is also the
programmed impulse to reproduce or replicate more of itself or face genetic
extinction. This is reinforced upon the human self through various social memes.

As an animal organism, the human form is subject to various influences from a
corrupted operating environment (“nature”). This is itself a “spiritual problem” in
so far as it is based upon and perpetuates, consumption, parasitism, predation,
and decay.

We might do well to bear in mind that “human” of 3d Earth is merely one
paradigm of density-creation for spiritual beings to study and learn through.

All of this becomes a major spiritual problem when essentially naïve spiritual
beings go beyond limited “visiting” to learn, and eventually arrive en masse,
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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enthralled by and addicted to an infinite range of sensory and emotive stimuli
that an environment such as this produces. When we factor in the effects from
Dark anti-creational forces, a gravely serious spiritual problem arises.

- /-

Stories of “fallen angels”, aliens, etc. who engineered human genetics, etc. are
barely the whole picture. These stories, to the extent that they have a basis in fact,
are merely descriptive versions that are a byproduct of limited human awareness,
one rooted in a distorted reality at that.

The main story is that of spiritual intelligences entering into human form, to
experience being “play actors” in the very material setting of Earth. This had its
own influence upon what was done with human genetics. Over thousands of
years, the separation grew between the projected aspect of a higher level being
and its human level. This growing separation is as much the result of the dark
force interferences as it is the erosion or dissipation of the spiritual intelligence of
the greater level/soul being.

After a while, it became nearly impossible to hold onto much of any spiritual
memory upon entry in human 3d form. Like a type of rapidly growing dementia.
Now this is being reversed. Those who have been associated with the true Light
are coming to know this, those who have been associated with the Dark are
coming to know this as well. The truth for most is overwhelming, frightening
even at times.

- /-

There has been to this day, a relationship between higher level beings and the
formation of a human self –one that has generally not been healthy or productive
for any of the levels involved. This is now changing due to the influence of the
“correction energies” and pressure at the level of spiritualized human selfs.

One of the underlying reasons for this ongoing problem can be found in the
creation process that gave rise to individuated soul and other higher level beings.

In the fallen realms of conflictual duality this has been a very serious problem as
higher level beings sought to explore and individuate into lower levels of density.
Part of the problem has to do with there not having been adequate strengthening
of the higher oneness connection as the denser levels were plumbed. By way of
simplistic analogy, the farther down one descends a rope or bungee, the stronger
it must be to bring you back up.

Why have so many higher levels beings remained stuck in the human earth
reincarnational cycles, projecting parts of themselves, like players addicted to a
virtual reality game whose rules are rigged against them? Why have so much of
their former human selfs been allowed to drift like ghosts in an astral region
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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populated by dark forces and others of like kind? And how is it that their human
presences for the most part seem to have no conscious connection to their higher
levels? Why have the soul and higher level beings not been more involved in
correcting an obviously corrupt and false reality?

One reason for this is, that in becoming entangled with the fallen realms, there
was an unforeseen problem of the retrieval of portions or aspects of themselves.
“As above”, many soul beings and other larger beings lost connection with their
true origins –and this carried over to a type of carelessness or lassitude with their
explorations of 3d density. The 3d levels became too much a place of stimulus
and excitement from thrills and fears and all the rest that goes on down here. As
far as human selfs are concerned, the main problem was a lack of understanding
on the part of their higher levels as to the dangers of entering here without a
sufficient “recall to home” system.

Over time there has been an accumulation of human-level beliefs projected
upwards –beliefs that were for the most part based on the falsehoods of a corrupt
earthly reality. Since one of the attractors for higher level beings was to learn and
to have full “3d experiences”, what was learned became more like a human “junk
food” diet of distorted notions and beliefs. These became the basis for exploration
of 3d again and again, accumulating more distortions from the fallen realm. Like
the human level “social inertial ballast” we discovered from our social science
research, the higher level beings became ballasted with much of the detritus from
a degenerate existence. As always, there were and are exceptions.

This “insufficiency” to recall aspects of themselves is also related to a tendency
toward a dissipation of spiritual energies, especially as they came into contact
with the dark realms. And of course it is closely connected to the problem of a
lack of understanding in the higher realms of the particulars of and seriousness of
the situation of spiritual beings caught up in the dark creation matrix.

To transcend the ballast effects of human bodily and social existence upon the
spiritual true Self, it is essential to know the difference between one’s host vehicle
and its unique Earthly context –and one’s true nature as a spiritual being that has
temporarily lost clear and direct communication with its true home origins.

- /-

Physical Body, Subtle Bodies, Light Body, and Beyond
(Begun February 2013 – Completed July 2013)

I wish to make a distinction between three generalized states in the context of the
larger transformation and ascension process.

The physical body has various interdependent systems with interdependent high
level regulators or processing centers. The endocrine system and central nervous
system would be good examples of this. Those who trace the electro-spiritual
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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currents are aware of the coincidence between physical structures and grosser
energetic structures. Acupuncture is a well-known example.

The subtle bodies are essential to the function of the physical levels and have a
higher vibrational correspondence to the physical systems. Part of the basic
protection systems for most 3d biological organisms is to sense possible dangers
and avoid physical risks.

This became part of the “armature” of the emotional body that has been used to
elevate and enhance sensory inputs to the spiritual intelligences that form an
embodied personal self. This has also been one of the addictive “hooks” that has
contributed heavily to spiritual beings seeking endless stimulation through
human and other embodied states. Some may develop long-term agendas or
“shopping lists” for when they are embodied. Some have them forced upon them
through the Dark side manipulations of “karma”.

The lightbody is a higher level energetic vehicle that can take any configuration,
not just humanoid and can occupy an enormous “space” and span many
vibrational levels of existence. Unlike the lower level subtle bodies, it has no need
for structures that correspond to human functions. Beyond the lightbody, is the
originating matrix of the individual soul or higher being, its first differentiation
from Creator of All.

In some cases there is a separation underway in which much of the personal
memory and spiritual consciousness of what has been focused through our
human vehicles will be flowing into a new vehicle, a lightbody. This “upshifting”
is something we have discussed over the years.

Spiritual Psychology

In previous material, I have offered a simplified schema to the functional
structures of human consciousness. To recapitulate, there is the middle self –the
personality self “you” –a higher human self that is like a compact reference
edition that derives from your greater being –and a lower self which has the
closest relationship to your physicality. Underlying these are the inconscient
levels whose basement would be the corrupted machinery of physicality.

“Spiritual psychology has its origins with the need of various esoteric schools to
help students and initiates understand the various levels of their inner personal
being. In general its purpose was to help bring about the control or mastery by
the higher mind (or by dark forces) over physical and emotional and egoic
impulses of the human individual.”
- from October 2010 A-List Update, Part-2:

The introductory pages referred to on page 11 of the October 14th Update concern
the book, “Living Within” a compilation by A. S. Dalal from the work of
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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Global Awakening Press   E-mail:
Aurobindo and Mirra. It is an excellent little primer on the internal workings of
the various levels of “mind” that spiritual aspirants have to deal with.

It is unfortunate that little or nothing is discussed in terms of the interferences
and influences of dark forces upon ones state of consciousness. And it fails to
address the deeper problems of the inconscient “machinery” and its resistance to
spiritual change. Thus it reflects on certain weaknesses in Auribindo and Mirra’s
work. As always, my referral is not an endorsement of any specific practices
suggested in the book.

- / -

Summary of A Little History

Humans’ most recent legacy encompasses more than 12,000 years of obligatory
hard work to grow grains, legumes, and other seeds and fruits, raise animals for
their milk, hair, skins, and to eat their flesh. During much of this period groups of
humans were at violent war with on another with short interludes of relative
peace. Even in the early days thousand of years ago, there is recorded over the
European continent remnants of centuries of continuous inter-tribal-social
warfare. Accumulation of primitive surplus was used not for creative expression,
but to make stockpiles of crude armaments.

In some ways the simpler hunter-gathers were at least not enslaved to “working
the land” nor governed by hierarchical social control political systems that
“civilizations” were given to. Of course, their physical existence was barely an
upgrade over that of the animals they hunted.

The basic requirement of consuming food required humans to become organized
predators and parasites upon other living creatures –the plants and animals as
well as one another. Ironically, the process of metabolizing these gross
substances also made them subject to macro and micro-scaled pathogenic
parasites which could destroy the host creature if left unchecked.

Without higher level spiritual intelligence to guide them, humans tend to default
to a state not unlike ant colonies. Ants will propagate parasitic insects to convert
plant or other materials into substances that the ants can readily assimilate. This
of course usually results in the death of the host plant/environment. And so the
ants move on and adapt this mode wherever advantageous. When ant colonies
reach certain capacities, new colonies or subsidiary colonies are formed and the
process burgeons. Some ant colonies thrive upon wars of conquest upon one

Early human colonies engaged in much the same behavior as they arrogantly
introduced various systems to convert materials in their immediate planetary
environment into substances they could more readily assimilate. Herd and farm
animals, earthworms, invasive plants, dangerous pathogens, etc.
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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To support the process of large-scale social system dynamics, humans were
programmed with social control memes. These included organized religion to
help rationalize their modes of existence and thus labeled anything and
everything as “sacred” that might be convenient to their tribal-social survival
interests. The notion of human superiority over all life would be another
example, one that mimicked in the 3d “as below”, the arrogant insanity of Dark
force entities that believed themselves the epitome of creation gods. Conversely
there are humans today who virtually “worship” anything that appears to
originate in “nature” as if it were something “holy”. (A topic that is touched on in
the essay “Queen of the Machine”.)

As below, so above –a grotesque process was replicated and adapted from the
higher levels of the deranged spiritual beings all the way into the lower levels of
3d density, and lower even. At various vibrational states, the Earth itself is
riddled with interdimensional parasitic entities, some of which mimic parasites
that infest biology.

In addition to direct parasitism in the range of 4d astral, 3d, and lower levels,
there have been ways that the dark attacked or fed off of the light of creator-
ensouled beings at their higher levels, at times precipitating the damage or
removal of entire aspects. This could also extend into their lower energy
structures in the 4d astral, 3d material planes, and levels below that. Ways to
facilitate this parasitic pattern were “naturally” imbedded in the creation of
“modern” humans on earth by fallen beings –not unlike “back doors” in
computer software to allow surreptitious access.

In addition, a propensity for war and conflict was imbedded by ET/alien “gods”
into “their” human “flocks”. Humans were genetically engineered and selectively
bred to favor parasitic and predatory behavior. Social engineering over many
thousands of years was used to reinforce this and to train humans to maintain
their own imprisonment. This imprisonment was also a trap for spiritual beings
that became caught up in the cycles of human existence.

And thus it is no surprise that humans have been at war with one another for
many thousands of years. There were periods of war lasting for centuries with
only brief interludes. Today, much of the human world is in a state of “permanent
war” with itself and with a planetary environment that cannot support the extant
human population. This is due to much more than the machinations of an insane
human power elite or the influences of higher dimensional Dark forces.

Those who understand enough of this can better appreciate and assess its
implications for human and higher level existence. In looking at the sweep of the
situation on Earth involving humans, there are those of the higher realms
consciousness that have unequivocally vowed this situation is “never again” to
occur. And at levels that resonate to the Divine templates for “life”, there is a
corresponding consciousness that precedes the “machine mind programming”
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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and that also vows “never again”. This is something one could call “revolt of the
cells” and the “revolt of matter”

Some of the foregoing is also discussed in essay “Queen of the Machine”.

- / -

For supplemental background, please see the Appendix: “A Little More History”.

- / -

The Spiritual Problem

The primary interest of the higher realms in the human situation is in its
potential for rapid and comprehensive spiritual evolutionary growth that can
emerge from the spiritual insanity of the human-Earth level of existence. The
changes here are also an important development in the dissolution of Dark
forces, “correction” of the fallen realms, and the return of the Light.

This is something that I have discussed many times as high level “correction
energies” to support the “prime directives” of separating the Dark from the true
Light and for maximizing the opportunities for all concerned to learn and evolve
as spiritual beings from all that has transpired in the fallen realms. Toward these
ends, “correction energies” have been reaching into the levels of density at the
level of human matter and below –and simultaneously working to help greater
level beings to learn and reconstitute themselves. This process includes what I
have been referring to as the “press pot” filtering, one from below moving
upward, and one from above moving downward. This is rapidly separating that
which is of the true Light from that of the Dark and its influences. More refined
versions of this are already underway in the next levels up.

Extricating or ascending the spiritual essence of humans has proven difficult
given the reluctance and outright refusal to change and evolve by human selfs
who have no clue as to their true nature or origins. This has its correspondence at
higher levels which presents as a type of “clueless reluctance” by those greater
beings entranced and addicted to the “human game”. At the human levels of
consciousness, when presented with devastating catastrophe and suffering, the
human self has preferred to remain, run, or hide among what is most familiar,
just like so many other types of animals.

At different times over many thousands of years, various teachers have attempted
to introduce new ways of living and being to people, but no matter what the mode
of society or economy of living, the same problems have been there: parasitic
consumption and the drive to survive as individuals and tribes, no matter the
eventual cost.

Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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Many times it has also been tried to descend the Divine supramental conscious
ness from the higher realms to facilitate the transformation of humans and Earth.
Each time it has failed for various reasons.

Up to the present time, “modern civilization” has given rise to countless millions
of humans who have no idea how to live except to buy toxic artificial foods and
consume them in toxic living and working environments and who spend most of
their lives trying to maintain an existence in a caged environment, subordinate to
others who may have some measure of material privileges over them, and on it
goes in a hierarchical structure that is under the control of a web of higher level
parasites, some of which are not even human. This process is self-replicating as
the growing numbers of humans breed more of themselves and project variations
of the social control matrix upon their offspring.

- / -

Overall, the innate nature and condition of extant humans and their physical
vessels is best left to the merciful discretion of those forces which are charged by
the Divine with the “cleaning, clearing, and correction” from the Dark force
influences upon the entire Earthly environment, including that of the Earth Itself.

The Divine template that was used by the Dark in the making of humans on Earth
can be brought forth in a higher vibrational world, a new Earth and worked with
by those higher level beings/soul beings that have learned how to conduct
themselves and who maintain a connection of higher Oneness.

It is possible at some point in the “future” that the Divine template can be
brought forth through those rare humans who possess the adequate spiritual and
humanly functional capacities and who are also connected with the higher realms
and Oneness.

The Earth as a creational garden can also be resurrected from the Divine
templates. Present day 3d Earth is not the time or place for this, however.

- / -

A Grand Unification

The following section was posted recently at the NES forum:,958.msg6057.html#msg6057

This concerns a process of voluntary/conscious unification of consciousness that
functions in parallel or in-line with the unification of one’s main energy centers
and one’s subtle and light bodies of one’s entire spiritual being.

Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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Our remarks are mainly addressed to those who are focused on a conscious and
continuous “ascension”. This is my focus now, as there is nothing of any greater

- / -

A few years ago we published various articles in “Global Awakening News”
concerning the ascension and transformation process and additional material in
the succeeding A-List “Updates”. There is now a substantial body of teaching
material that has been presented as freely and directly as possible.

While it is important for our own greater understanding and spiritual
development as spiritual beings, it serves no good purpose to dwell on the actual
or perceived inadequacies of the greater level/soul beings which have a human
presence, nor does it serve any good purpose to blame Prime Creator for a
“defective product”.

Many higher level beings have become excessively dissipated or fragmented.
Some may find this too terrible to be aware of, but it is far better to be aware of
these problems and perhaps even play some role in helping to correct them even
while you are still embodied in human 3d.

So many greater level beings/soul beings are learning that they must “clean up”
after themselves, “pull all of themselves together” or to consciously dissolve or
reabsorb damaged or lost fragments or aspects themselves. Some suffered
damage due to attacks by the Dark, including so many that have had a human
presence here on Earth.

This dynamic of “pulling yourself together” would be an “as below” version for
greater beings/souls beings and corresponds to Creator of All calling in all of

The same process applies for one’s human self in the conscious ascension process
of a spiritualized human self. What micro-fragments of yourself will you hold on
to (or will have a hold on you) and thus interfere with your own conscious
ascension process? This would be the “as below” version corresponding to a
similar process that your soul being/greater level being undergoes.

I have explained most of this previously and in earlier writings. To dwell on this
further now only causes unnecessary distress and unfounded “shame” or “blame”
issues for partially awakened humans who are not ready to understand this.

One of the concluding essays, “Problems of Dissipation” discusses this in a larger

The “unification” process may be occurring for more and more of those human
level selfs who are most prepared. It has an energetic correspondence with
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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merging or over-lapping of the main energy centers that make up each of the
main aspects of your greater level being as well. (See articles on the “Crystal
Body” exercises for examples.) Some may merge these centers, some energy
centers may remain differentiated. It really is unique to each.

With these energetic changes, there is less emphasis on “form” (humanoid or
other) and more emphasis on energy flow and direction with a strong integrity to
one’s dynamic structures –all of which are needed to support a more evolved and
unified field of consciousness and of being.

- / -

In previous essays I have discussed the importance of a “high attractor”, as well
as attending to one’s “completions” and detaching of one’s human level from this
realm, etc. This leads to a greater energetic capacity between your middle self and
lower self (that which has been closest to the base human level). The result can be
like two traveling companions that have more capacity together than they do as
two separate entities. This dynamic also applies to the human self in its
remerging into its own higher level of being or vice versa. Eventually it becomes a
mutual process.

This is the main point of understanding enough of spiritual psychology, not
endlessly processing ones memories and psychological dysfunction from
childhood, memories of social injustice, etc. These serve no useful spiritual
purpose and it is best to simply let go of “personal baggage”.

To do this requires the human “self” to know that is not human, and know it is a
spiritual being. (Of course, Peirre Teilhard de Chardin is famously quoted on this
–but that was only a fragment of the whole.)

Are you human …or are you a spiritual being who has been having human

This no mere koan, it represents a very important step, one that I have addressed
before. It bears directly upon the most important of beliefs held at your human
level –beliefs that influence your ascension and re-integration with your own
greater level being. This is one of the considerations behind the extensive
stratifications that have been developed for the ongoing ascension process at the
“next levels up”. Those who are still focused upon mundane human concerns –
personal or collective –will find that that is what remains for them in their
ascension process from 3d into higher levels. Those who are still “fighting the
good fight” need to know that “the war is over”. Period. Let it go. And at whatever
level you may be so engaged.

As long as you are a human-identified human there will be a tendency to think or
act passively, waiting for help to arrive, demanding an end to that which is un-
right, waiting to see how things go, “hoping” for this or that, wondering what side
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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is the “right one” to “support”, etc. Please stop.

Once your human self surrenders itself up to its higher level of being, there comes
a final stage of detaching from ones physical moorings.

Concerns and fears dissolve away at that point and one’s thoughts are effused
with a mutual love and affection between ones greater being and that aspect that
has been human “you” in this lifetime.

There is no “how to” step-by-step manual for this. For each it is unique. However,
over the years, we have provided much by way of background and guidance as
well as explanations of the working principles which are most in common with
the whole process.

As your process progresses, ones thinks less and less as a human from a human
point of view about human concerns –and more and more as a spiritual being
that identifies with the Higher Oneness and their Divine origins. For a while this
can be a continuous waking/sleeping meditation/contemplation. Whatever ones
higher attractor might be from a spiritualized human level point-of-view,
expansion into your Divine nature as a spiritual being becomes the high attractor
and the high attractor becomes you.

As always, focused intent is essential.


- / -
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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Supplementary to “The Human Question”
Binary or Quantum? Dual Mind as an
July 29, 2013,1431.msg6079.html#msg6079

Note: The original posting: “The Human Question” can be found at:,1428.msg6075.html#msg6075

- / -

Once again I find relevant analogy from the realm of human computer technology
to serve the point of spiritual learning.

Is the human Self -- “you” -- operating as a binary processor or a “quantum”
processor? Is this some new koan to contemplate? If it is, is it “quantum/unity”
mind or “binary dualistic mind” doing the contemplation?

Or are these also false dichotomies that are simultaneously true?

And is this yet another koan to drive “dual mind” crazy?

If so, which version of “mind” is doing the contemplating?

How well can you appreciate the “humor” in all this?

Is human reality of “3d” an illusion, a projection of something “Other”? And
could this be yet another false dichotomy that is part of a sophisticated matrix
control meme?

You see, in simply “thinking” about these things, there are many potentially
“exhausting” mental loops.

The “dual mind” tends to be compartmentalized into “black and white” and as it
with most, they can only consider, process, and grasp (“grok”) one state or
condition or another other, but rarely both together. Most can only consider one
or two related or divergent concepts at the same time, rarely more than that.

The prevalence of all those little view screens on all those electronic gadgets
literally and figuratively constricts and narrows ones field of view and erodes
human capacity to discern and reflect upon complexities using language. Rare
few are still able to think or communicate – transmitting or receiving – with any
depth or clarity.

Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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And so, the title of this piece may cause some frustrations for those who are
habituated to thinking via one condition or another, presuming them to be
separate or opposed, or one to be somehow “better” than the other, etc. And
again, the “dual mind” sets to work trying to apply its inherently constrained
cognitive consciousness to grasp something that can only be comfortably lived in
from an expanded multi-dimensional or multi-vibrational state of consciousness.

If “dual mind” “problems” weren’t enough to deal with, there are also those direct
internal processes related to spiritual ascension that involve bringing something
of your lower self “onboard” and “online” as well as that of your higher self of
your higher being.

Somewhere, sandwiched in between, is the human personal self which has its
own version of a higher level of awareness that is an interface to one’s highest Self
of your own greater being –as well as an interface to the lower self and the
body/cellular consciousness.

How many have made attending to connecting their lower, middle and higher
levels their priority?

Are you a human reaching for a spiritual “enlightenment”, a spiritual being
imprisoned in an insane reality, or a spiritual being that resides in a human host
of 3d density?

Once you have made the shift to “spiritual being”, then you can have a human
experience with discernment, freely choosing what to retain, what to discard, etc.
You become your own higher self. It becomes you. Until then, there is too much
confusion of illusion and delusion. There is no more “dual mind”. There is only
That Which Is Having the Experience and That Which Knows.

While there may be some question at times of dark entities manipulating ones
thoughts, this is mostly a distraction of human mind with the real culprit found
in one’s internal human dynamics that have been innocently neglected for most
of lifetime of human.

The main source of “split/dual mind” is found in the workings of the lower self
that is mostly neglected or deliberately distorted through perversity of

Left on its own, the lower self tends to have an affinity for the “machine code” of
the bodily vessel. Over time the lower self can develop some self-awareness, often
trying to mimic the personality self, not unlike the way children will mimic adult
language patterns and mannerisms. (If you pay close attention to children doing
this, they are actually doing quite a fair job of mirroring the social programming
and ridiculous dull wittedness of adults they are exposed to.)

Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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Global Awakening Press   E-mail:
So it is that the lower self can pick up all sorts of stuff from a confused and
internally conflicted personal self and can react to these thoughts and impulses in
its own way. It is quite capable of presenting its questions and challenges and
insights to the human personal self. But, like with the simple innocence of a
child’s innate communications, the human personal self usually ignores or
pushes this away. In the instance of a debilitated personality (middle) self, it can
be more readily influenced by the lower self or from dark side external influences.

One day when the personal self faces some major life change or change in
consciousness, there is this “other” facet of “self” that may seem to be
unsupportive and or in opposition. To the extent there is any internal dialogue,
this can develop into an antagonistic stalemate if the human personal self fails to
pay attention –or in rare cases the lower self, in concert, with the higher level of a
being imposes a new situation upon the personal or ego self.

These dynamics are usually mistaken and distorted beyond all recognition by
psychologists and spiritual teachers alike. And thus, more error is generated and
Truth seems ever elusive and the human self seems pushed farther into a hole.

Like completely clearing off a cluttered desk top and only placing upon it what is
essential, and nothing more –a “clean mind space” is essential, only attending to
that which is truly most important.

As to the matter of what is real or not, well there is the “bus rule”. A non-physical
being is joined in a human host. The human host however is not fully aware of
this, but somehow gets the notion that it is “all an illusion”. To test this
hypothesis the human host is positioned in front of a moving bus. Splat. The
spiritual dimension of the human’s consciousness is ejected and returns “home”.
A “mental” note is made to remember this “next time” that the operating rules in
3d density are different from those at much higher levels. Next time around, the
being encounters a train, and splat! Nothing learned from previous bus
encounter. This begins to approximate a popular definition of insanity as the
repetition of the same thing, always hoping for a different outcome which never
comes. (This is addressed a more seriously in the forthcoming final essay,
“Problems of Dissipation”. )

Thus two very different operating paradigms are both true. If you are not
operating in 3d density, then it may be of interest, but it has no first effect upon a
higher level observer.

This last remark closely relates to the problem of “dissipation” that we have
recently been discussing. (See companion essay on “Problems of Dissipation”
which will published soon.)

Now then, are you a spiritual being, first and foremost and always?

Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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Postscript 1:

A book was published in 1976 with the amazing title of “The Origin of
Consciousness in the Break Down of the Bicameral Mind”, written by the
psychologist-philosopher Julian Jaynes. His book represents a massive thought
exercise on the part of a human dualistic “binary” mind trying to analyze a
problem that cannot be resolved within the frame of reference of ordinary
human-centric thought. Nevertheless, Jaynes did manage to “push the envelope”
and presented that a self-centered, self-reflecting, future-projecting,
consciousness developed in humans around four thousand years ago. He also
made the distinction between “consciousness” and mere mental activity related to
ones bio-physical state. With very little background, he also made a point the
earlier humans who were organized into complex social hierarchy were being
influenced or otherwise manipulated telepathically by entities unknown. A
pioneering work, to be sure, he did not have the benefit of spiritual oversight,
only a “voice in the head” that helped guide his process. For all the weaknesses in
his book, he nevertheless has picked up on important clues that from a spritiual
informed point of view makes for some interesting reading.

- / -

Postscript 2:
I am reminded of the story with many variations about a “devoutly spiritual”
person who was forced to the roof of their house to escape a flood. They so
believed in their social programming that “god” would “reward” their “devotion”
and miraculously “rescue” them from the roof. Believing this, they turned down
one form of assistance after another until the flood swept them away. Arriving in
“heaven” they asked why “god” did not “save” them. The reply they received
immediately asked what their “problem”, given that they were sent help in
numerous forms and each time they had rejected the help, preferring instead a

- / -
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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of Related Essays

Ant Colonies
July 2013

Original Sin?
June 2013

A Little Personal Retrospection
Begun January 2013 – edited July 2013

Reflections from Social Science Research
Written late 2012 – edited July 2013

A Little More History…
Begun 2012, completed July 2013

From “Baraka” and “Dead Can Dance” …
The Human Condition
(short YouTube clip)
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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Ant Colonies
July 2013

Humans and ants have more in common than most realize. Both live their lives
ruled by the influence of the “queen of the machine”. Some ants are mostly
predatory. Other are more “agriculturally” oriented. Ant “agriculture” is not much
different than human agriculture. Both will persist in their activities until the
environment is no longer capable of sustaining their activities and they will move
on to new territory or alternate resources to exploit in their pursuit of the power
of multiplication.

One example for those who are non-gardeners are those ants that will “cultivate”
(farm) certain types of insects on host plants in order to extract the nutrients that
the ants require. They will do this until the host dies and can no longer support
their parasitic “lifestyle”.

This no different than humans who do the same on a larger geographical scale
with animals such as cows or sheep, etc. Both are examples of the use of a type of
an intermediate “bio-technology” top convert raw materials (insects or forage)
into various foods for the “colonizers”.

- / -

Original Sin?
June 2013

H.R. Giger created visual representations of the monsters from his nightmares
and gained global attention through the movie series “Alien”. It is my sense that
he had developed an ongoing relationship with the consciousness of the “queen of
the machine” and it was from that that he produced the hideous images that his
“art” and the movies are noted for.

However, there is no particular form of appearance for this entity.

Religions such as Catholicism, have promoted variations of “original sin”. There
is a grain of truth to this, of course. But the “sin” is not the fault of human selfs or
humans per se, as these demented belief systems would have everyone believe.
Responsibility lies with the demented and self-deluding dark side creator “gods”
that came to believe they were the pinnacle of creation. Overall they could never
acknowledge that perhaps they themselves were somehow “defective”.

The bulk of the psychological realm drove all this deeper and further distorted
human level consciousness even more human beyond the scope of the religious
control systems to reach those reach

- / -
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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A Little Personal Retrospection
Begun January 2013 – edited July 2013

Recently I was reviewing notes and elements from Fund for Global Awakening
the IOOW-2000 social science research, and other projects. What first stood out
to me was remembering the extraordinary lack of interest shown by so many who
otherwise would have found this work of great value to their own work. Already
at the year 2000, various “leading” personages were incredibly self-absorbed into
their own “deep ruts” that they could not looking beyond their own limitations.

Rare few could even believe that was someone who genuinely sought to broaden
and expand the possibilities to stimulate spiritual awakening. Most projected
upon us their own twisted agendas and therefore presumed that we too had some
ulterior motives. Some who had started their own body of work were in fear of
the implications of our work on their own self-centeredness, afraid they would no
longer be the center of attention and petty power if they were to be part of
something more. Others feared that their work would be “diminished” by our
work and the quality of its presentation. Given that our work was far more
encompassing and deeper and broader in scope than anything they were familiar
with or encountered, jealousy and fear prevented them from participating. Even
when it was explained to them, these others “leaders” could not acknowledge that
we really had been paying attention to their needs and professed higher goals and
thus were offering something that would elevate everyone.

New-agers were already plugged into various cult/guru relationships and if we
did not present ourselves as some dramatically exciting new channeled source or
as a guru with a weird name, then our message was not even considered. Those
with money to give away and who were dilettantes at “social altruism” were
mostly interested in feeling good about spreading their charitable money around
so thinly that would be assured that nothing would develop of any importance
and durability. (A bit like spreading out tons of seed, watering it a little, and then
moving on. The seed sprouts and dies in the field of course.)

We found a remarkable disability in so many to follow a complex discussion or
train of thought. Nearly everyone hid behind the stupid notion that we had to
provide things in “bite sized” pieces so people would hear something of our
message and maybe take a moment or two more to take in another “sound bite”.

Those advocating this were nearly always apologetic, as if they were themselves
capable of deep though and consideration of complex matters. Of course they
were not and while they could not admit it, they too were already attuned and
addicted to instant emotional and mental impressions. A 60-second
informational message on television was already considered excessively long.
The standard was 15 seconds in which to “make the pitch”.
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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Global Awakening Press   E-mail:
The introduction of the latest in Internet and mobile technology only made it
possible for these people dig ever deeply into such ruts and to quickly trim what
little remained of human mental faculties for critical thinking. Fifty years ago, it
was possible to have long discussions with a limited number of friends and
colleagues, sometimes extending over days or years as a complex discourse could
take place. But even then most were going for the “fast and easy”. The money,
the prestige, etc. Even “simple” and traditionally slower paced occupations like
agriculture were like this, fast and easy. More high-tech machinery, chemicals,
processing, the whole thing. Everything regulated like a manufacturing assembly

In reviewing old files and audio-visual materials, I recalled how our body of work
was not only aimed at encouraging the bridging of social control memes, it was
also to try to steer some energy away from polarity conflict and even reach some
people who otherwise were driven by petty greed in business and politics.

There was at the time the need to explore the possibilities for a genuine
grassroots “movement” toward enlightened cooperative community. Towards this
end we applied both the research and the social movement and media campaign
called “Decade of the Heart”. People were very willing to take the money we had
available as salaries or consulting fees and seemingly had no problem with
providing nothing of any value to the work in exchange. Yet they “objected” when
we found cause to terminate their services.

We held many meetings with individuals of substantial material resources who
professed to be “spiritually inclined” and who professed agreement to our
visionary goals, including that of promoting “global awakening”. In nearly all
cases, petty self centeredness dominated, and without exception, high profile
individuals who wore a public veneer of “altruism” and “spiritual
highmindedness”and “positive future” ideals were found to be terrified at the
prospect of sharing anything in a genuinely cooperative manner.

They were overall shocked that there could be any organization whose founders
(that would be us) had no narrow agenda and were working toward a cooperative
platform to advance such truly high goals. In other words, they felt that to be
“seen” with us on a common platform would diminish them in the view of others,
thus they preferred to be the dominant fish in their own little ponds. This
problem went far beyond the narrow mindedness of the “not invented here
syndrome”. We even tried offering the possibility of matching funding to help
start the new cooperative work.

Our last effort was to appeal to the mixed or conflicted interests of “altruistic”
capital, knowing there were many individuals who had substantial personal or
corporate/philanthropic financial wealth who could support the emergence of
something akin to Google/Yahoo, etc. that was aligned with the Light and not the
Dark. Even with very large financial incentives, this (the Global Interchange)
could not proceed.
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
Page 22 of 31
Global Awakening Press   E-mail:

Our encounters with various “leading personages” and “social luminaries” also
provided the basis for our future assessment as to non-viability of a global
spiritual awakening among humans and that today, those who actually make the
effort for a conscious ascension process would be less than three percent, and
more likely less than one percent –no matter what facilitation or supportive
stimuli were provided. Through our work on behalf of “global awakening” we also
discovered deeper details of the extent of influence the Dark forces.

Since 1994, we were one of only a few on planet Earth who promoted the term
“global (spiritual) awakening” and actually worked toward this.

Eventually we closed down all this work permanently.

The “ruts” of narrow mindedness were already too deep and there were only
those rare few who had no material resources and only their own limited
capacities who expressed enthusiasm for such things.

We had to give it a try, but it was all “too little and too late” and by 2005 it was
obvious there was not even any point in trying to promote the book, the research,
or a social grassroots campaign.

We found this to be a similar pattern when trying to facilitate some form of
landbased conscious and cooperative community.

From 2006 until present, I set about making public what I truly found and what I
truly knew was Real, what was not real, and why.

It is now time to bring all of this work to a close.

- / -

For those coming in late, these Updates and the original Global Awakening News
have been a mixture of on-the-spot reportage with insights and commentary from
the inception levels for the larger transformational process. These have been
shared in near real time and in retrospection upon earthly and cosmic events and
processes that have brought us to this point in time.

The main purpose has been to assist those who choose for themselves to take the
next steps in spiritual evolution. Toward this end we have provided the necessary
background to understand the nature of this reality and the greater realities and
the necessary background to understand the fundamental falsehood of the
human social-earthly reality and the problems at the higher levels of being.

We explained the nature of the Dark or fallen reality that is governed by
conflictual duality and disclosed the existence and principles of the non-fallen
creation and higher Oneness. Along the way we have provided a few practices
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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Global Awakening Press   E-mail:
and processes to assist in extricating ones human level consciousness from this

The “correction energies” remain one of the most significant aids to rejoin the
greater Oneness and be extricated from a vibrational state that has no viability.
This well applies to human and to levels beyond.

If you have not identified a high attractor, try developing a “high affection” for the
“correction energies” –they are after all a high attractor whose origins are with
true Creator.

To those who still can only regard reality from a human 3d perspective one might
want prefer to call all this a “lament for humanity”. When one regards this from a
higher level perspective, one could characterize this as the start of something new
and wonderful and that there is nothing to lament as a terrible and horrendous
situation is brought to its end,

The Dark control system is like a tar pit that will engulf everything that is unable
to move beyond its reach.

You cannot have it both ways –being successful and “thriving” in the matrix
control system –and your spiritual evolution as a spiritual being.

You choose. You can.

…But there is no going back to what you imagine once was.


- / -

Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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Reflections from Social Science Research
Written late 2012 – edited July 2013

The present state of human 3d level consciousness is not something to misplace
one’s hopes in. There are no solutions possible to the “problems” of the 3d earthly
human experience from the human level of consciousness, nor from within
human society. This has been tested and re-tested over prolonged periods of time
spanning thousands of years. Furthermore, there is a fundamental problem with
the human biological state as a vehicle for higher consciousness. I initially
explained part of this problem from an extra-creational point of view in the essay
“Making Things, Ways of New Creation...” -- .

The other part of this problem has to do with the initial “corruption” of the
human vehicle in which processes of the human body provided a material basis
for a degenerating spiral of consumption and entropic decay coupled to an
inconscient survival impulse. This became a no-win situation for the descension
of higher consciousness, as it became a trap in which the Dark entwined the true
Light in a seemingly endless cycle of parasitism and decay, at times aided by the
naïveté of the higher level/soul beings. This was also discussed in the A-List
Update beginning on p.18

There are those human selves who are mostly identified with the “matrix world”
and their limited human existence has barely any connection to their own human
level “higher mind” and practically no connection to any of the higher levels of

In many respects, one can see how this is a world of the “walking dead” –and it
does not require risking oneself to visit to a “big-box” retail store to be aware of
this. Furthermore, as more human selfs literally vacate 3d fro 4d, for a time,
many will have left functioning human vessels, many of which become host to
whatever is ready to move in.

In the large-scale social science study conducted at the turn of the millennium
(see end notes), we found that 21.5% of the USA population functioned as “social
inertial ballast” that serves to pull all those around them down to the dense
ignorance and stupidity of the “walking dead”. Also, approximately 30% of the
USA professed opposition to the death penalty and nearly 60% professed support
for it.

Subjectively, one might add to this group those who are “overly endowed” with
another type of stupidity that masquerades as “intellectual learning” and who
could not see the signs or the proverbial writing on the wall even if they walked
right into the wall. Then there are the “survivalists” who will stubbornly try to
persist because “that is what they do”. And there are the die-hard supporters of
the status quo who still believe in the national voting system, the extant political
parties, and “working the system” to vote for whatever promises to minutely
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
Page 25 of 31
Global Awakening Press   E-mail:
elevate their social status. Some are pro-war, some are anti-war, but they all
revolve around war. Looking at the larger mix of population, a majority of adults
in the USA support the wars, the death penalty, the use of torture, etc.
When you also factor in the misguided and myopic new age, all-is-happy-
goldenage crowd, there is very little left of the population.

In varying fractions, these attitudes are common throughout the world.
When you apply a final filter for those who truly are of spiritual orientation and
who might believe they are more than “self-centered human social-tribal
animals”, we find it to be roughly 10% of the population, up to 15%.
When you take into account additional filters as to how much those in this latter
category are still firmly attached to the control matrix reality, the percentage
drops to the 1% to 3% range.

There is some possibility that the “correction process” will upgrade the
consciousness of some portion of the 10% to 15% while freeing them from the
death-grip of the dark energies. How long this process may take is not known
until it has run its course. Most of this will occur in what we would call a 4d
vibrational level that closely resembles a familiar human-earth environment but
is more malleable to focused thought.

Unless you know with absolute certainty that you have some “new mission”
relative to the processes underway, it is suggested to attend to ones own gentle
yet thorough completions process for all the reasons given in previous essays.

- / -

Now we have the problem of underdeveloped and extremely impaired thought
processes of humans. While it is innate to the human vehicle, it has been taken to
new extremes under the deleterious influences of toxic chemicals and
electromagnetic radiations, unhealthy foods, and accelerated by all manner of
Internet and telecommunications technologies. These technologies
fundamentally and primarily serve to weigh everyone down globally, not just in
those obvious pockets of “socially-reinforced stupidity”. The carefully cultivated
“social inertial ballast” and dulling effects of “higher education” exert their
deadening effects globally, and in nearly real-time.

Fear mongering, disinformation, misdirection, and a full range of doublethink
now dominates the thought processes of those who would believe themselves to
be “waking up” to social reality. The linguistic values of “awakening” have been
subverted and perverted to cross-couple ignorance and falsehood with spiritual
awakening. Someone says “lightbody” and “fifth dimension” and the new agers
perk up and nod their heads and say “oh yes” –just like the religiously
programmed will when certain imbedded programming is repeated, like “second
coming” –and everyone’s heads nod as they say, “oh yes”. Someone says the
“powers that be” are ET/alien bad guys and therefore everything else they say
must be true. Or that ET/aliens will “rescue” humans. And all those programmed
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
Page 26 of 31
Global Awakening Press   E-mail:
“to believe” will nod their heads saying “oh yes” and look to the skies for rescue.

Few will think about who or what the various “alien agendas” might be. Fewer
still can make the connection with the religious programming of a “second
coming” or whatever savior it is these doctrines promote.

Just because someone had something like an NDE and connected with “the light”
and “lightbeings” does not mean they know which is up and down upon their
return and just because they experienced contact with a “lightbeing” does not
mean that they met a being of higher consciousness of the higher light. In some
cases it has been just the opposite.

Someone else says they are against “the war” and that magnetizes everyone who
imagines they must agree and say “oh yes”. Some like to promote “free will” to
choose or that “you create your own reality” and those in that queue will nod and
say “oh yes”.

True freewill does not exist in the human realm, and it is one of the cornerstones
for blaming humans for all the ills of their existence, and blaming humans for the
existence of the dark. And on it goes. (There are those rare exceptions who have
truly found access to their spiritual true self and thus have achieved something of
true freewill.)

With the Internet, there is an endless parade of deceivers and psychological-ops
to test and measure various themes and to track the longevity and extent of the
spread of the latest fear mongering or titillating rubbish. Witness the growing
numbers who are so foolishly gullible that they spread this nonsense around
using web posts and email and “social networking” accounts.

The human level of knowing, learning, discerning, etc. has contributed to a
wellspring of deceptions that has in turn affected and infected higher level beings
which had projected something of themselves into this realm expecting to learn
something while having a human experience. Yes, there have been some with a
higher spiritual mission of course. In the human realm there is an expression
“garbage in, garbage out” and this has been one of the influences upon higher
levels. Another major corrupting influence at the higher levels has been various
agencies of the Dark. So many larger beings with a human presence here are
naïve and mostly helpless to effect any change at the human3d level.

Of course if you want to manifest fame, wealth, or power, that is relatively easy to
do, but sooner or later those human and non-human agencies of the dark will
come to “collect their due” from you.

Those who are immune to the allures of a social and material reality based upon
falsehood –and who can function with sufficient detachment –are best able to
develop the capacity to Know –from their higher level of being, their supramental
consciousness, their higher self, etc. And those who possess an adequate measure
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
Page 27 of 31
Global Awakening Press   E-mail:
of genuine learning from their human level experiences and who “know the
score” are best able to develop the discernment necessary to steer a clear course.


End notes:

Re: IOOW-2000 (In Our Own Words 2000 social science research):
While not presented explicitly, the typologies and statistically projected core
belief systems are a “gentle” exposition of primary control memes used to
reinforce the illusions and delusions of human social existence. In addition to
discovering these typologies, we presented ways they could be readily bridged by
individuals who had already moved slightly beyond the main social

While there are variations in emphasis relative to various geographic regions
nationally and globally, the pervasiveness of the social control memes is
insinuated into the vast majority of humans today. In 2000, the USA presented a
unique situation given the large portion of first and second generation
households not born in the USA.
For anyone not familiar with this groundbreaking research and its public
presentation, the following print-publication formatted PDF files can be

Executive Summary

A New America, An Awakened Future … table of contents

Overview of the main typologies discovered

Explanation of “social inertial ballast” from the research:

- / -

Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
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A Little More History…
Begun 2012, completed July 2013

One of the largest “human problems” is the seemingly inherent lack of capacity
to think, to reason, to evolve through cognitive processes. Indeed throughout
acknowledged human history from the recent ancient period to present day, there
have always been those extraordinary, rare few individuals who explore, develop,
and share new discoveries. But overall, the vast majority of humans were always
at a low level of social and spiritual awareness. This problem existed before
fluoridation and toxic foods, before electronic gadgets plugged into people’s
heads, and before the proliferation of EM radiation pollution.

As far as “innovation”, what is accepted and takes hold are those of the mundane
and profane which benefit and reinforce the experience of material density in the
context of a conflict-duality paradigm and aggrandizement of the human ego-
personality self. These do not lead to spiritual advancement.

Indeed, there are those rare situations of sharing what has been seen and
appreciated of sublime beauty, but this is not part of the human collective shared
experience, rather something only for those operating in a rarified space that
appreciate such expressions when they encounter it.

The human shared experience has been long dominated by and mired in duality
conflict and the exigency of physical survival of the individual and social-tribe
and the species’ genes. To understand how this came to be requires reviewing the
origins of the dark, the fall of spiritual consciousness in the dark realm, the
origins of the present day human species, and the history of the populating of this
planet with 3d density bodies.

The 20th century was dominated by war and economic crisis. The interludes
between major wars and crises were periods of building capacity for even greater
scale of warfare for global control and small scale military actions. The entire
period leading up to the 20th century was dominated by war, military economy,
and military technology. Following WW2, there was the Korean War (which
officially never ended) and then the Vietnam war, a innumerable worldwide
“secret wars” to control the fate of nations. During the most recent three decades,
a state of permanent war has been the “new normal”, and with it the deployment
of the prerequisites for a globalized “police state” along with massive military
buildups, –and a high-tech social control systems that go far beyond anything
developed in the 20th century.

As with most wars, humans continue to willingly join to fight whatever the enemy
is that is presented to them by those who were responsible for engineering and
managing the wars.
Global Awakening News – “The Human Question” – July 2013
Page 29 of 31
Global Awakening Press   E-mail:
Even before there was a human power elite with common bloodlines under a
common set of dark overlords, human were involved in extensive warfare
spanning centuries even in Neolithic times. Of course the pace of such warfare
was slower than the speed of a nuclear missile or directed energy weapons, but
the basic dynamic is much the same. So now let us set this early heritage aside
and look at recent centuries.

The USA was envisioned by Dark forces and their human agents to be an
earthbased “death star” –a term borrowed from the “Star Wars” movies. It would
become the preferred “base of operations” from which to prosecute the final
stages of their global economic and political control over the entire planet and its
populations. Once sufficient global domination was secure, the planet would in
turn become a base camp from which to project this dark power to other planets
and to the stars beyond. (Presently we are in a period of the catastrophic end of
civilization, including catastrophic social and planetary destruction originating
with humans and “space energies”.

During the early period of colonizing and extinguishing the indigenous
population, the European-colonial process of extending a global network of
power was well underway. This would eventually rival the empire of Rome and
ancient Atlantis. Everywhere they went they conquered through deception,
stealth, local corruption, and military power.

Once colonial power colonizes and loots the material wealth and labor of those
unable to defend themselves, another colonial power takes the loot and wealth of
the previous power, in an inexorable process of consolidating and centralizing
power amongst a relatively small group of elite who share only what is needed to
buy the loyalty of many layers of minions.

Eventually the corruption of nearly all humans is complete with several billion
humans believing similar things to be “normal”: exploitation of others to
accumulate wealth, consumerism, prestige, nationalism, and of course accepting
the unconscious impulse to survive and perpetuate all of this through biological

At a collective level there has long been the notion of the supremacy of humans,
per se, over all that comprises “Earthly creation”. This dark control meme has
been reinforced by religions as well as the non-religious who promote the dark
paradigm, at times openly represented as that of “Lucifer” and which today is
loosely configured under the rubric of “human sovereignty”.

The present generation of adults arises mostly from the post-WW2 “baby-boom
generation” and the older members of “generation-X”. The “baby-boomers”
included a small but significant fractional component that opposed all wars,
rejected the values and beliefs of a decrepit parental generation and rejected the
authority of the State.
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There were many variations and bifurcations of these groups, but there was no
significant portion of any fraction that found a path to true knowing in the
spiritual sense.

Attempts to introduce various “soft” corrections through new social or political or
spiritual models failed to take hold. Today, humanity is on sliding rapidly to the
very edge of an abyss from which there is no possibility of return or “recovery”.
The small fraction of humans who are only now in the process of awakening to
the possibilities of a spiritual existence find themselves seemingly trapped in the
“morass of the masses”.

With narrowness of mind, inculcated over countless generations and false ideals
implanted to provide some ongoing impetus for human society everywhere, it is
no wonder that it has not been possible to introduce anything that is outside the
realm of duality and conflict. Those who might have been “leading lights” were
either taken out directly by the dark and/or became so wrapped up in their own
self-importance that they were unable to embrace anything outside of their own
little self-created “box”.

The “correction energies” represent one of the solutions to dissolving the tar-pit
like bonds that keeps the true light trapped in a human matrix. Each self that is
awakening to their true nature must also strive to develop and maintain the
highest vibratory state possible and not let themselves be held back by the default
tendencies of humans who lack the capacity for detachment, discernment, and
spiritual aspiration.

It is this separating out of the true light from a heavily compromised reality
matrix that is of greatest concern. What is to be done with the “matrix” and its
denizens is nothing to concern yourself with, it is out of your hands.
Now you need all your energy and attention to focus on your own process.
All the learning from this realm is important to the further development of your
greater being and this creation. Once the lessons are understood, the details of
“human history” are unimportant and will mostly fade from all memory into the
most obscure of all “cosmic archives”.


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From “Baraka” and “Dead Can Dance” …
The Human Condition

“Host of the Seraphim” from “Baraka” and Dead Can Dance/Lisa Gerrard or

It is a curiously significant titling of this piece, as it carries much ambiguity with
the term “host” and evoking something of higher beings.

I show these images and include a link to the music since it evokes accurate
images of the human condition. Some will see this and think how terrible the
conditions are in the world for those relegated to such an existence. But I cannot
see it this way. First of all, some of the most impoverished and abused humans
can learn and retain the capacity for qualities of loving care and a modicum of
spiritual consciousness.

I see little difference between these images and those who may believe they are
materially well off, with a car, a solid roof over their head, a paying job, etc. –they
too are foraging every day through the increasing detritus and decrepitude of a
disintegrating civilization, perhaps packaged in a corporate conglomerates “big
box store”.

The control systems “matrix programming” paints a veil over nearly everyone’s
awareness and dulls their minds so they imagine they are doing “okay” and that
there is a future for themselves in this life –or perhaps one for their children –if

The human condition has not fundamentally changed much over millennia.