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“Notes at the End”

Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

“Notes at the End”

This a compilation of notes and discussions over the most recent months. Some of the
content is new, some revisits previous material in new ways. Recent material takes the
larger situation a bit farther than I have taken it previously in writing. Short of audio
commentaries (which may or may not happen) are possible if I find there is something
of substance to add.

Some which were posted a few months ago, such the comments on the Near Death
Experience, etc. have been edited and the original posts updated as well.

Most of the new material that I have been discussing privately is simply “not
operationalizable” at the human level. There is only the focusing on one’s true home and
true nature and this usually means withdrawing from everything that is increasingly
irrelevant of the human world, especially when you know you are going home. This
often leads to multi-“red pill” states of consciousness.

Our work is done, the project assignments and ad hoc extensions to the work sufficiently
complete. So it is time to begin “folding up shop”, “cleaning out the drawers”, “cleaning
off the desk”, finishing up last minutes notes, instructions perhaps for those who may
find some value in these to their own process, etc.

As it is with most long-term “consulting assignments”, there often a period when the
project work is complete and delivered that one may stick around a while longer to make
sure everything is as you expected or planned and to be available for last minute follow-
up. During these periods, one can take a little free time to see the scenery, visit someone
or someplace, hangout with dolphins, visit the desert, or whatever that may please one
when on “free time”.


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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Status of NES Forums and the PFCN Main Site
April 15, 2014,1439.msg6365.html#msg6365

Dear readers,

For one last time, I have renewed the NES domain name and its website hosting through
June 2015 and the PFCN website hosting through the March of 2016.

Please make the most of this time with regard to your own True Self as well as this
forum and the PFCN archive of all published material.

Also, a table of contents for A-List compilations at the “Articles and Bulletins” section is
now available at the and will eventually be copied over to the “NES” “mirror”
of the PFCN site.

All published materials are to be uploaded to the site as an additional,
publicly available resource.



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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014


“Notes at the End” – Preface
May 2014 …p 1

Status of NES Forums and the PFCN Main Site
April 15, 2014 …p 2,1439.msg6365.html#msg6365

This is repeated here since it bears repeating…
What is Real :: Truth, Beauty, Love
August 14, 2013 …p 7,1161.msg6095.html#msg6095

A Short Update
May 1, 2014 …p 8,1489.msg6382.html#msg6382

In the End…
May 1, 2014 …p 12,1489.msg6383.html#msg6383

“In the End” …further thoughts on “ascension”
May 13, 2014 …p 13,1489.msg6397.html#msg6397

Question: Origins of the Wave of Light?
May 5, 2014 …p 15,1489.msg6388/topicseen.html#msg6388

Time, Ascension of the Light, and the Co-created Maintenance of a Reality
of Error (with end notes section)
April 26, 2014 …p17,1489.msg6385.html#msg6385

Postscript Re: Fields of Time and Light, etc.
May 10, 2014 …p 29,1489.msg6392.html#msg6392

Brief Q&A: Time, Light, and Error, etc.
May 9, 2014 …p 30,1489.msg6391.html#msg6391
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Twice Born, Thrice Born
April 20, 2014 …p 34,1436.msg6371.html#msg6371

Follow-up to the essay “The Human Question”
A Spiritualized Human?
May 12, 2014 …p 35,1428.msg6398.html#msg6398

“Glorification of God” and Departing from “False Reality”
April 19-20, 2014 …p 36,1488.0.html
(based upon comments made during late March of 2014)

“Conversations at the End”
April 19-20, 2014 …p 40,1489.0.html

“Conversations at the End” ...continued
April 20, 2014 …p 41,1489.msg6370.html#msg6370

Inquiry into the “Self”, the Problem of Spiritual Nihilism, and the Cosmic
Scheme of Things
April 20, 2014 …p 43,1416.msg6372.html#msg6372

Ascension and Getting Help from "The One"
April 20, 2014 …p 49,1488.msg6373.html#msg6373

Participation or Withdrawal? A “Trick Question” for Some
April 20, 2014 …p 51,1489.msg6374.html#msg6374

Collapse of the Earthly Existence
April 20, 2014 …p 53,1161.msg6375.html#msg6375

Love, Caring, and Creation
April 20, 2014 …p 54,1489.msg6376.html#msg6376

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Eight Worlds? –from the New Year’s Contemplations
…“all has been found lacki ng” and i s to be remade…
April 20, 2014 …p 56,1489.msg6377.html#msg6377

Devastation of the Astral
April 20, 2014 …p 58,1489.msg6378.html#msg6378

Preferring Suffering: True Freedom, Like Existential Truth, Can Be Too
April 20, 2014 …p 60,1489.msg6379.html#msg6379

Perhaps there is Nothing to “Heal” –and the All Consuming “Consumption”
(originally prepared December 11, 2013 and edited April 2014) …p 61,1489.msg6381.html#msg6381

“Uni verse i s a Hologram”?
May, 2104 … p 63,1162.msg6384.html#msg6384

This "Universe" is Not the Same as The All or Creation
January 31, 2014 with slight edits on May 5, 2014) …p 66,1490.0.html

Near Death Experience (NDE) “Returnees” and the Ascension-
Transformation Process
Dec 21, 2013 – edited slightly for clarity – May 10, 2014 …p 67,1492.0.html

Follow-up to Additional NDE Questions
December 28, 2013 – updating edits May 10, 2014 …p 70,1492.msg6395.html#msg6395

Notes on Ascension:
The “Red Pill” Reloaded
December 21, 2013 …p 74,1470.msg6268.html#msg6268

Notes on Ascension:
Confirmatory Signs
December 9, 2013 …p 75,1470.msg6273.html#msg6273
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Notes on ascension:
Confirmatory Signs, Red Pill, etc.
December 22, 2013 – slight edits May 12, 2014 …p 77,1470.msg6274.html#msg6274

Notes on ascension:
“An Excess of Joy” - Part 1
from January 19,

2014 – slight edits May 12, 2014 …p 78,1470.msg6380.html#msg6380

A Vastness Beyond Vastness
December 23, 2013 – slight edits May 12, 2104 …p 80,1470.msg6276.html#msg6276

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

This is repeated here since it bears repeating…
What is Real :: Truth, Beauty, Love
August 14, 2013,1161.msg6095.html#msg6095

There is a quality of what has been called LOVE …of creation, of creating, of
experiencing, of learning, of seeing the amazing diversity of Creator-Consciousness
expressed in myriad ways and across myriad vibrational states. Even more, there is
the “loving” astonishment and “mutual loving regard” of that shining awareness which
becomes expressed in amazingly surprising and diverse ways within the Vastness of
The All.

It is That which responds in the mutual embrace of Higher Oneness and it is this
which Creator of All “Loves” and “Cares” so very much about.

This is the high regard in which Creator –and its creations in “mutual reciprocity” –
holds Itself and Its creations. It is the dynamics of this impulse that allows what is to
continue to be –and which lends a coherency and relative stability to that which is
manifest and evolving.

It is an impersonal love that has no comparability at the human level and can be
withdrawn if necessary. In order for 3d matter to continue spinning through space,
this powerful yet subtle bonding force serves as a type of “strange attractor”, one that
can elicit a reciprocal response from even that which may appear to not be “conscious”
of its own Self.


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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

A Short Update
May 1, 2014,1489.msg6382.html#msg6382

Forward note:

This is a companion essay to Time, Ascension, Error, etc., one approach describing how
it is that "no one is going anywhere" with regard to an "evolutionary" path that is based
upon or that coheres to this fallen realm.

This world and the fallen realm are contained within multiple levels of fields of "time"
and of "light".

There are however, exit apertures/portals, and there is help for those stuck in human 3d
and who are fully ready to return to their true Home.

There will continue to be those who are operating at 3d level who will keep an eye on the
details of the ground process and to help hold the space for a larger scale collection of
personal eschatons –a “collective” NDE which is not so much a shared consciousness
but is more collection of escalating personal catastrophic crises. (When the spiritual
individuations and fragments are reconnected again, there will then be a new basis for
some range of higher level shared experience based upon "vibrational intentions" and
energetic capacity.)


Earthly 3d is moribund, an increasingly dead and dying world –relative to the physical
planetary environment as well as the human social-tribal environment. It is now more a
domain of the “walking dead”, those possessed by the Dark, various visiting “aliens”,
and those rare ones who have the “clearance” and “portfolio” as “ground forces” for the

As long as there are those of the Light who "remain stuck" for whatever the causative
factors, there will be the higher level directive to re-collect them and integrate their
spiritual learning. This includes those who slavishly worship “nature”” and “mother
Earth hopaholics” as well as any fragmented being that unequivocally chooses the
higher Light.

Here there remains a large mass (albeit a tiny fraction of the total) of human level
spiritual fragments that are stuck in the “tar pits” of earthly 3d and their own “process”,
unable to move out of it without assistance, often involving “extreme measures”. For
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

some this will take the form of a NDE-like (near death experience) events during sleep
or waking states in which fully they "walk out" leaving their human bio-robot shell
behind. For others, it will be through whatever the circumstances of a physical
shutdown of their human “biovehicle”. Some unusual situations may allow for an
“approved walk-in” descent as the resident aspect “walks-out”.

One can turn this description around and consider it from a slightly different
perspective: That this underscore the importance for those human fragments of spiritual
Light to focus exclusively on their own process of “ascension” or their return “home”. As
more complete themselves at this level of existence, the greater the capacity at both
lower and upper levels to help many more.

I have discussed this before, usually in the context of exposing such falsehoods as one
must always be in “service to others”, and that attending to the higher process of their
own selfs is somehow “wrong” or “selfish”. To the contrary, such foolish dichotomies
only lead to everyone drowning together in the same “tar pit”. Not much of a source of
comfort, I would say. (But then some imagine they prefer the “comraderie” of drowning
together, a bit like the Klingons in the “Star Trek” series.)


For those rare and highly evolved ones “on the ground” (in the 3d vibratory state), there
is the work of helping those who are closest to their completions process and who need
help with their next step in reconnecting with “Home”. And there is the ongoing detailed
work of altering energetic structures that are closely related to the function and flow of
“3d” vibratory state and the larger “corrections process” aimed reconnecting all that is in
coherence with Creator of All.

In the next levels up, the work is to increase the capacity of “portals” and to orchestrate
what is needed to facilitate the retrieval and reconnection of those fragments of spiritual
intelligence residing in a human host. Both are needed. The upper levels tend to be more
a broad sword approach with specific focus on specific individuation in the lower levels
as may be required.

At the moment, attending to ones exit or reconnection portals and passages requires a
clear and steady focus. When that focus lapses due to distractions, attachments, and “ad
hoc agendas” there is often additional “catch-up” work needed to “get back on track”.


For nearly 20 years we were casting wide and large nets, then finer and finer ones, until
there are only those who are sufficiently ready to take their next steps. It has always
been anticipated that those who who have learned something proper about this fallen
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

realm, will be better able to help guide the next stages with clear direction when they
depart these shores.

Over the years we have done what we can to leave visible signposts and clear messages
for those who are serious about spiritual evolution and the nature of existence. One of
these is the PFCN website at “articles and bulletins”, the other the NES forum site that
will remain public through 2015.


As I have suggested in previous essays and the companion essay to this, unless you are
one of those who has a specific mandate to continue the work from the ground level of
human 3d, there is the omnipresent existential question, “why are you here”? This is
part of your daily internal dialogue, your daily internal “self-diagnostics”.

Various energetic “temporal” containment fields are in place around and within the
fallen sector as a whole. Now there remain some period of human “calendar clock time”
in which to deploy a detailed rescue mission "on the ground" –like searching those who
are still “viable” before some “big event” that sets up a mass-scale triage situation.

Humans have had hints of this in popular stories like the Robin Williams movie in
which he goes searching the "underworlds" for his wife, or the movie Inception where a
similar theme is enacted as the underlying sub-plot to the entire set of complex plots.


Sooner than later, "time is up" –and those who did not get "lit up" or “rescued” will be
“sorted out” post-human vehicle.

As to humans –this version of “human” –it is the “end of the line” as a vehicle for
"spiritual intelligences" to use in the lower dimensions.

These days, there are many various non-human “alien” races that found ways to send
something of themselves outward through creation. Some are primarily observers,
others are more “involved” either on the side of the Dark forces, and there are those
working to promote their own self-interests. It is worth noting that for these “aliens”,
their own process is fraught with most of the same essential problems that we have
described relative to that of humans on Earth and spiritual beings that became
“accustomed” to having “human experiences”.


Overall, “the finality” process takes “time” to unfold enough to become visible enough
for those who are still unaware (or in denial). We have two human-realm temporal
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

marker periods: 2017-2019 and 2035-2036 for this process to fully complete with regard
to the 3d physicality.

As I have suggested over the recent years, it is possible that this 3d earthly planetary
vehicle will be wiped clean, leaving the planetary body to start anew with a clean
sanitized slate, including the purging of the upper and lower vibrational states adjacent
to 3d.

It is also possible it will be returned to a plasma state and omit another round of 3d
terrarium like bio-creating. This (to my knowing) has not been decided because there is
simply no need to decide this now.

These are not mutually exclusive actions.


Meanwhile the fields of light and “time” maintain containment. Looping and looping
like multiple merry go rounds and hamster wheels for those trapped here. Yet, all one
needs to do is to decide get off the merry-go-round and leave the “park”.

Meanwhile, earthly human conflicts and endless crises are contained within the larger


There has been far too much invested in the delusions and illusions of the human state
of being. Humans have the expression: “throwing good money after bad” (substitute the
concept of “spiritual energy” in place of “money).

What remains is to complete as much as possible of the rescue of the Light prior to the
finality of terminal collapse.



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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

In the End…
May 1, 2014,1489.msg6383.html#msg6383

…there may well be a "flash of light" brighter than any humanly-released energies. It will
wash through this realm in successive waves of intensity. Unlike human 3d situations,
this movement is forever permanent and cannot be reversed once it is underway. Many
spiritual fragments will be annihilated by it, many will take to it most ecstatically.

An extended moment of "final choosing" if you will.

Not unlike what de Chardin anticipated as he contemplated the "future of man" in the
early 20th century –around the same time that JW Dunne was contemplating “time” –
and around the same time that Aurobindo was developing new insights into reality and
its potential transformation.

I think that is all I can say on this for now.


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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

“In the End” …further thoughts on “ascension”
May 13, 2014,1489.msg6397.html#msg6397

Years ago, before the start of “Global Awakening News”, when we first began describing
the Higher Oneness, non-duality, Creator of All, The All, a New Creation, and the
Vastness –a common reaction among many was a strong resistance to this, even for
those who intellectually “agreed”.

In later years, probing further into the higher levels up, this was found to be a pervasive

Why might this be? Because, at whatever level of “selfhood” –the falsehood of the
“sanctity” of the individuated being became cross-linked and entangled due to the
distortions of a Fallen creation. This applied to lower level self-centered human animal
as well as the “self-centeredness” spiritual beings.

The pattern can be understood simply as part of the consequences of various flaws and
errors of Creator and its Creation process. But to the individuations and fragments of
spiritual consciousness “stuck” in lower density –or stuck in falsehoods of a fallen
portion of creation, it became an endless “saga of errors” and a source of understandable

(Here again, I wish to clarify the use of the term “self-centeredness” here. It is a
suitable descriptor here, not a pejorative or derogatory term. Even vast-scale creation
level beings have something of a sense of “self”, a locus of Intelligence, a central plexus
of their own evolution of initial consciousness, etc.)

In the levels “as above”, this problem has been (and continues to be) a point of
resistance on the part of many –too many –soul beings and other higher level beings –
and includes more than those with have human presences, I would add.

In the “as below” level of “3d”, this problem has been (and continues to be) a point of
resistance by too many fragmented spiritual beings who persist in identifying
themselves as “humans”. This also stimulates variations on the theme of “human
sovereignty” which is an “as below” human level counterpart to the essence of the Dark
Error Itself.


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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

“Ascension” is really about the “call home” by Creator of All that desires and intends to
integrate all that has been learned and experienced into its Vastness.

At the level of higher beings with human presences, the counterpart to Creator’s “call
home” would be the desire of some to reintegrate their fragmented aspects (such as the
human self) into their own higher level of being (or their “localized source” matrix). This
impulse may originate from their human level that is suffocating in its human existence.

And this too is resisted by too many “higher level” beings as it effectively cuts them off
from the endless stimuli they derive from the human level of density. The “habituation”
to this has effectively limited their range of learning and exploration and thus interferes
with the original impulse that led to their creation to go forth and explore and to learn.

And even at their fragmented human level, there is the falsehood of “death” and a
socially-reinforced desire to “keep on keeping on”, replicating endless variations of a
failed existence. At a collective level, there is an intense socially reinforced “fear”
surrounding leaving the physical human host body.


None of the foregoing is about the complete annihilation of the myriad individuations of
Creator of All. That is something that is part of an “internal” discussion within the
matrix of each being, between their higher and lower levels, all the way to the levels of
creator beings. Some levels or aspects may choose to re-merge into their greater unity,
just as larger creator beings may re-merge into Creator of All.

And yes, some human levels may decide to re-merge and to shed their identity as a self.
The reasons are unique to each. This is something we have discussed in the context of
the ascension process over the years.

In the end, each will get to choose –each human level of spiritual fragmentation, each
soul being, each creation-being. Creator of All must also choose in its own way, as to
how it proceeds with its own version of a re-integration and “corrections” of The All of
Itself into its own “locus of consciousness”.



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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Question: Origins of the Wave of Light?
May 5, 2014,1489.msg6388/topicseen.html#msg6388

“I do wish to clarify the origins of this possible very bright flash of light …”
“Would this be a flash of light originating from Creator of All?”

Yes, and it seems to have “taken time" given its power and vastness. Its emanation
actually began the instant Creator of All realized what had occurred and sought to
unwind it. This is something we have discussed in various essays on the error and flaws
of creation. But then it also seems like it is all "now". Very odd to put words to it. The
main reason for this seeming temporal displacement is that to "see it" more clearly
requires some “vibrational proximity” to creator-levels where intention and formative
preparations are easily confounded with the manifestation. Since at that level, it is
appears almost as if it has happened when you compare what you are "seeing" with your
own lower density level of consciousness that is closer to human 3d. Does this make

In looking far ahead, the only times I can be almost/maybe “certain”, is if I see
something in 3d manifestation plus a human calendar indicator. For example huge 3-
inch headlines reading "WAR!" on an etheric newspaper I "saw" lacked a definite
date. However "2035/2036" was given a date and background. It was an unmistakable
image of a common print calendar and my "tour guide" pointing to it for me to see and
take note of! But there is very little to compare to. Only a handful of prophetic dreams or
visions were recorded that included both 3d detail and dates –or at least some
unequivocal “temporal markers” as precursors. Otherwise, it is all "out there"
somewhere in the larger field of potentials and now even those are all just
cycling/circulating within the larger containment field.”

As I mentioned in recent essay on Time and the larger changes, future viewing of the
human 3d level is generally limited to roughly 3-days to 3 months out and is also
dependent on the overall energetic magnitude or impact at the human level. This latter
point is very difficult to analyze since there are high-impact events that are highly
localized and there are high impact that are very global. Like looking out over the ocean
without distance reference: it is difficult to tell whether you are looking at a medium size
boat in close proximity or a very large boat farther away. Not until you approach the
object –or the object approaches you. Likewise if you at looking at water level, a three
foot wave can look as imposing as a very large wave can look when you higher up on
shore looking. As with all this work, ones must be very clear of one’s point of view. Is it
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

from the human 3d or nearby 4d level looking “outward” or “up” –or is it a very high
level view looking down? It is all a matter of perspective.

To return to the main question, a few I know of have viewed this “happening”, a few
others who would be "modern contemporaries" (in terms of recent several years) as well
a century or more earlier. But what we have written of concerning this “god energy”
from some years ago, was only a hint and we encountered the early “precursor” waves,
mostly gentle, and most subtle and sublime. What comes next literally has earthshaking
properties. First a little, the more, etc. And it does "look" like a wave clear or
transparent at first, then like a transparent-white plasma fire, "hotter" than any sun,
then it is as if a tsunami that breaks up the last of 3d itself. As to this last movement, I
cannot say when it is to occur as it exists outside of any human calendar time.



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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Time, Ascension of the Light, and the Co-created
Maintenance of a Reality of Error
April 26, 2014,1489.msg6385.html#msg6385

Within a limited human frame of reference, centuries and millennia ago there was some
latitude with regard to the “flow of events” and experiences and the shifts in human level
of spiritual consciousness looking “back or forward” as it perceived a sequence of events.

Now this limited latitude is nearly gone. What remains is more contained looping of the
“same old same old” with small variations. In some ways this can be regarded as the
manifestation of a period of “stasis” for humanity while all the final sorting out occurs
by the “corrections energies”. The degree or extent of “novelty” within even the limited
constraints of human existence and human level of consciousness is less and less. This is
something that was illustrated by the original “time wave zero” work.

Prophecy and future remote viewing can only describe the dissolution of this world as a
ground for spiritual consciousness at the human level. Each telling of these future
projections varies, but the result is generally the same.


One of a number of books I kept from my library for perusal during these times is JW
Dunne’s “An Experiment with Time”. Writing during the early portion of the 20

century, Dunne makes a case for the actuality of precognition. As is usually the case, he
is limited by the state of his spiritual consciousness and generally reflects the state of
human intellectual capacity. Nevertheless, he paid close attention to his own dream
experiences and went to considerable lengths to examine various forms of precognition.
Near the end of his book, he writes that humans can never move beyond their limited
state of awareness if they spend “nineteen hours out of twenty four” fixated upon and
reinforcing a state of limited awareness (self-imprisonment, I would call it)!

Even more remarkable is that through his own “paying attention” and “self-referencing”
analytical approach, Dunne inferred the existence of a “soul” or consciousness that is
connected to, yet independent of, the human bio-vehicle and its limited awareness and
mental processes. And he inferred the existence of a unifying field of consciousness –
local and non-local, and puts forth the concept of unifying field of existence that
encompasses what I would call the “3d matter state”. He also made the observations that
it is necessary to die in order to move beyond the limitations of ordinary human “life”
and to “advance to a broader understanding”. And even more so, he recognized there
was a dominant tendency toward differentiation (or as I would say, individuation and
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

dissipation). And also with regard to “time”, Dunne showed that he understood how it is
that individual humans and groups of humans can experience “loops in time” or “deja
vu”. We also introduced some of Charles Muses’ perspectives on the spiritual cosmology
of “Time” in the June 2008 issue in Global Awakening News.

As I read through Dunne’s descriptions of time and space and human awareness, I
began to reflect on the situation experienced by those remaining fragments of the true
Light who remain seemingly (to their point of view) trapped in a reality of falsehoods.


Now that I am again at the ocean, I have that closer connection to the planetary body as
I move through the water. The nearly microscopic creatures that make coral and the
algae are to the planetary body what bacteria, cilia, and nerve cells to human organs. As
one moves down through the layers of ocean water here, what is in the surface layer,
mostly influenced by air and water tension, recedes from one’s awareness, to be
replaced by awareness of an upper layer that ranges from several inches to a few feet in
depth in which there is the greatest influence of sunlight, atmospheric gases, and
temperature. This layer tends to be hazy and obscures some of the lower reef life and
bottom. To experience greater visibility underwater, one has to penetrate this upper
layer that is loaded with particles and tiny marine life. As one moves beyond this layer of
haze, the bottom becomes noticeably clearer and one can see much farther vertically and

Kayakers and surface swimmers are limited in what they can see beneath them and
must contend with waves and wind. Below the surface, one is scarcely aware of these
perturbations, while a broader and deeper experience of the ocean becomes available. In
these altered states of awareness, minutes can seem like hours.

One often sees dispersed colonies of various creatures in the water column, especially
those made up of small, yet discernible individual entities. These colonies tend to move
together. From their point of view, they might believe that they are moving through
space (the water) and if they embraced the concept, moving through time as well (they
grow, die, become food for something else, etc.). Some of these tiny creatures do move
through the water under their own power, as well as carried by the dynamics of the
water. Dolphins may seem to be “free” to move great distances, but they too are limited
in their range by available food and water conditions.

Of course this is analogous with the larger situation of earthly existence and spiritual


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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

To an observer outside these localized systems, it could seem that there is no significant
difference between these two examples. In both examples, movement is limited by the
water and is relative to capacities for self-powered mobility, and in each example,
movement is limited to within the parameters of their colonies.

Likewise, the human brain is made of biological cells that communicate with each other,
the rest of the body, and receive sensory inputs through various electro-chemical-
photonic signals. It is only bio-matter, nothing more. The human animal’s built-in
firmware is not the same as the genuine (spiritual) consciousness that takes residency.

Bio-matter cannot escape that which it is made up of (3d matter) and resides mainly in a
state of “now-ness”. It is the personality self that is developed as an extension of the
spiritual self that relies on memory to reference its present existence from a “past” –a
past composed mostly of false or implanted memories. Often the human level projects
itself into the future relative to short or long term aspirations, usually an extended state
of delusion based upon illusions and a false existence.

It is all about “point of view” and capacity for expanded awareness that defines “reality”
relative to one’s environment. Speed and distance of movement is not an indication of a
more evolved consciousness, only in an increased capacity for movement within a
certain vibrational state.


“Time” is a topic in this essay and here I would again suggest that there really is no such
thing as “time”, not in any human sense of it.

There is a high level Divine Consciousness that could be called “Time” and there are
“time lords” that are the “operational aspects” to this Consciousness. None of this is
really relevant to what humans refer to as “time” as they struggle with perplexing
dynamics of something that does not exist and which can never be understood from the
human point-of-view.

The cosmic entity of “Time”, serves the purpose of regulating the flow of manifest
creation relative to whatever its context –be it of vast or of minutely small scale. At the
higher levels of creation, “Time” as a Divine Entity was positioned to prevent the full
infestation of The All by those of the Fallen Realm.

Is “time” the serial flow of events moving through or around the observers? Do the
observers move through “time” as they experience choices and bifurcations? Both are
somewhat true but both are mostly wrong. Mostly wrong, since that which is of the 3d
materium, innately lacks the capacity to “move through time” –just as ocean-born
creatures lack the capacity to move beyond the physical niches of the oceanic
environment they are born to.
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Likewise, we are in a pocket of “3d space” which moves in a greater “fluid medium” that
in turn is limited to its physical niche in a larger medium. It is this medium which is now
being pressed in upon from all “directions” by the “corrections energies”.

Yes, it is possible to zip along very very fast and show that “tick tock time” has slowed or
sped up, depending on the direction of travel. Yes it is possible to bend or alter local
time fields by applying certain directed energies or through psychokinetic or various
directed energies in a laboratory. But these are generally very limited to localized fields
within the existential niche of those attempting such experiments and will not provide
access to the “space-time” of the greater creational matrix outside our localized bubble.


While it is possible to perceive future events that are of great impact, the question
quickly becomes whether the event is of very short term immediate impact and relative
only to the awareness of those who are most affected, or is it a global or even larger scale
event that is “distant” in terms of its being experienced –such as a supernovae that
effectively delete life on earth or that obliterate galaxies.

Near-term events of high impact tend to be noticed more readily. Unless they are
identified as in the vibrational space preliminary to 3d manifestation, these “events”
remain in the general field of potentialities.

In the higher creational spaces, collective groups tend to form their own malleable flow
of thought and action. In effect they also control “time” as far as humans would regard


The points of view of the human 3d level of consciousness are of no influence in these
greater contexts since the 3d level of existence is trapped in a fluid layer of a larger
subset of existence –a fallen realm as we have come to refer to it. A layer of existence
that is increasingly being squeezed by the cosmic corrections process into a state of non-
existence while what remains of the Divine Light is separated out from that which is not.

Likewise, it matters not whether this galaxy or solar system is moving along a certain
spatial trajectory or not. *** This is all part of a region of existence that emerged from a
set of flaws and errors in the higher creational process.

From the vast perspectives of those immense creational beings that have encapsulated
the fallen realm, “no one is going anywhere” –even if they are moving as fast as they can
within their own localized niche.

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014


This is more a reflection on the deeper illusory delusions that keep the bulk of those
beings of the original Light mutually entrained and trapped –who otherwise would be
free of the pathological hold their human level of existence has on them.

The problems of excessive dissipation and individuation extend from the higher levels of
creation also influence the lowest levels of spiritual intelligence. The disconnection that
occurred also resulted in too many beings with a habituation for human life acquiring a
wide range of distorted and internally incompatible learning from their lower levels.
And yes, human level belief systems play a role in this problem as they are part of what
is “acquired” through the sojourns of these beings at their human level aspects.

The solution will come of course, and it is something that the majority of “spiritual
beings” who have human presences continue to avoid facing.


The problems of the distortion of spiritual freewill, and the ongoing “puzzlement” by
incoming higher level beings, charged with facilitating completing the “corrections
energies”, continue to cause delays to this process. Sooner than later, Creator will simply
step in with very little, if any advance notice, deal with the situation. Those who need
help in adjusting to such extreme changes will get what assistance is possible after the
fact, as it would be with a “good parent”.

As the greater level beings/soul beings continue with their own habituation and
infatuation with the human level, and continue their avoidance behaviors, this in turn
continues to give the human level of these spiritual beings further subtle support as to
why they do not need to withdraw from own addictive behaviors of human earthly
realm. Ultimately this means that the human level returns to their true nature and
“home” as a spiritual being.

Meanwhile, dark forces spread like rampant cancer within the 3d level of existence and
through what remains of those vibrational layers most closely connected with 3d
physicality. The “walking dead” of humans can offer no resistance to these invasive

As long as so many “spiritual beings” continue to run their human levels, the resolution
of the overall situation will rely upon the annihilation of the material state that they
depend upon for maintaining what has increasingly become their own version of “the

This applies to all those in error (of the Light and of the Dark) that persist in
maintaining this mode of existence in a fallen realm.
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Indeed, too many soul beings/light beings have compounded the original flaws and
errors by continuing to “invest” themselves and their energy in a reality that was made
wrong, including its resident human population. In effect “falling” into a “fallen state”
themselves –although this was not what most intended, not at first.

Eventually much of the vibrational states that the fallen realm is built upon and the fluid
“spatial” medium that supports it will be removed and the problem will become “un-
made”, along with all that adheres or coheres to it.

As it is with most any individual human self that is facing its ultimate existential crisis,
at the last possible moment, vast numbers will “change their tune” and in the instant of
facing the oblivion of non-existence, decide to take the only “ride” available.


What we see occurring is a broad bifurcation between those beings that choose Creator
of All and those who choose the fallen realms. A sub-bifurcation also exists between
those beings who deliberately and consciously choose Creator of All and those that
choose out of self-centeredness who, in effect, “panic” in the face of annihilation and
thus default to whatever represents their own continuity without regard to any other
higher attractor.

This process applies to the lowest levels of spiritual individuation (human or
comparable) as well to their greater level of being as an individuation of individuations
of Creator.

Germane to this, there remain those of the Dark Forces that continue to offer up a false
existence to those haplessly inured to a fallen state of existence. This is so “naturally”
welcomed by the vast majority who prefer to limp along in denial and who are pre-
disposed toward any excuse to maintain a false existence. For some it is the
“hopeaholism” of “social do-goodism”, for others it is another chance at the “brass ring”
of their “merry-go-round”. These are sides of the same coin that are too readily
embraced by those living in a state of spiritual “deathness”.

And so it is that countless human level entities hang on to a false reality as if that is all
they can relate to. And for the most part, it is all they can relate to, since access to the
higher levels is effectively blocked for them. This is like a “Catch-22” situation in which
they seek escape from their imprisonment while continuing to go through whatever
motions which maintain their imprisonment, and in so doing forget to be conscious of
why they continue to go through these motions. (Another “Catch-22” –how can you be
conscious if you have forgotten to be conscious, etc.)

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Eventually the pressure from the “press pot” effect of the cosmic corrections energies
will force a final choice that determines the trajectory for each being.

For some, in a flash, they will find themselves on a light-speed “train” to their True
Home of their own higher levels of being.


Those who have persevered at building this connection over the years, tenuous as it may
have seemed at times, will have an easier time with all this as they already know the
difference and have effectively made their choices.

Those who have not, and who are hooked into the false reality, preclude themselves
from considering and connecting to their true origins and they offer ready access to dark
forces which draw upon their dwindling energy. Yes, I am referring both to the greater
beings with human presences as well as their human aspects.

The same thing can be seen in the “as below” of human society. Where there is incessant
programming to “give in to the matrix order”, “be a good servant”, with the promise of
tangible rewards in proportion to the subtle energy and monetary energy one can garner
(steal) on behalf of those whom you allow to run you. At the simplest human level, there
are criminals who attack others to steal a few valuables and or the socially “legitimized”
variations such as “multi-level marketing”.

At whatever the scale, the result is the walking dead. Some become social criminals.
Some just bleed their energy away. And there are those who maintain a new age or
religious veneer as if everything was fine. And there are those who are fueled by an
accumulation of accumulated financial wealth.


Time is up.

This is not an attempt at humor or clever turn of phrase.

Is it tomorrow? Next year? “When you know the candle flame is fire, the meal is
already cooked…” –likewise, when you know that linear time is an implanted construct,
reinforced by the distortions of astrology and “bad” astronomy, then you are free.

No matter, the “problem” solves itself when the final moment comes.


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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

For those still wondering about transcending the temporal-spatial niche of human
existence, it is possible and well proven, that one can leave this realm and transcend any
and all humanly-imposed notions of “time”. As soon as one’s locus of consciousness
returns to 3d, it again is “under the influence” and has only damaged “memories” to
refer to.

If one’s locus of consciousness only moves to the outlying vibrational regions of the
temporal-spatial niches of human existence or the fallen creation, then there are only
the endless “variations on a theme” that can be observed. These are often assigned some
degree of likelihood to manifest.


Those self-appointed “ascended masters” represent one of those categories of half-
ascension in which the being is no longer tethered to a human body, but they are still at
the behest of the dark forces and the greater error.

For those who have suffered through too many channeled readings by “ascended”
whatever entity, have any of them disclosed the true nature of creational realities? Have
any explained the problem of the creational errors? Yet they are quick with platitudes
from variations of “all is love and light”, “don’t worry be happy”, to blaming humans for
creating the evil or the Dark to begin with –or alternately claiming that Prime Creator
did all this for the express purpose of… (fill in the blank) whatever.


In conclusion now and once again, I would like to emphasize that waves of this energy
washing over you will feel as a most sublime energy of the higher Oneness. These waves
will build and build, like a series of tsunami. It is like a final washing away of the bonds
that hold so many spiritual entities to a most terrible state of being. At first it will be
mostly in the range of consciousness, then it will be the body of 3d matter itself.

The result –for some –will be that of the collective “near death” experience that we have
referred to –unfolding over “time” as the wave is experienced by each and increasing as
each learns to swim or fly with these waves. For some it will be devastating to their
ongoing deluded state and they will not be able to cope.

Along with this will be the final bifurcation –also an unfolding over “time” as the wave is
experienced by each.

Each chooses. Ultimately there is the final choosing, the ultimate self-selection.

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Some continue along a path in which they experience the ultimate destruction of what
has been so familiar. This applies to those who may detest all that they see as wrong, as
well as those who do not and who live off the energy of conflict and fear.

Ultimately the bifurcation of realities will be complete. One path is coherent with the
Creator of All and the cosmic corrections. The other is a path to non-existence.

All will feel the adumbrations of this. Each will respond uniquely to this growing energy
wave. For some it will be nearly instant, for others it will be a prolonged experience. The
more readily baggage and attachments can be let go of, the easier


Future date prophecies, predictions, remote viewing, etc. only working for a short term
“looking forward: --usually three days to three weeks, perhaps three months –but only
very broadly farther out.

The 2017-2019 "dates" along with 2035-2036 are like "full stop" markers that continue
to stand out due to their extreme nature of the information and the "fact" that there
continue to be human calendar periods associated with these. The highly mutable
"2012" served as a sign post that the “terminal period” is upon all and that "time" as a
flow of event-novelty (such as suggested by the Time Wave Zero work) become more
and more suspended into a "still-point of finality" for this level of spiritual
consciousness trapped in a limited vibrational state of existence. (It matters not whether
“2012” was a temporal marker from the “past”, an artifice of the present, or a signpost
from the “future” into the present. It is only what “2012” this signifies in the present that
really matters.)

Presently, the human level of existence is now in a type of "stasis", but not as some
might have imagined or predicted it. Humans are living essentially the same existence,
with small variations, over and over and over again until the end of it all. There will be
escalations of wars, new wars, de-escalations, earthquakes, volcanoes, extreme
economic anxieties etc. pretty much everything that was trapped in the human bubble
that is enclosed in a larger bubble that is enclosed in a vaster bubble at the level of those
immense creation beings. As the separation of the true Light form the embrace of the
Dark nears completion, the structures of reality will be collapsed. Initially it will be
human civilization and the planetary environment that collapses, then more outlying or
distant structures, until the fallen creation is no more.

Increasingly, humans will notice time anomalies, gaps in the flow of events (“ordinary
time”), repeating loops, déjà vu, and faulty memory. Given the ease with which
misleading disinformation is created and propagated these days, this can be understood
as an element to “end times insanity”.

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

“The end” for each varies by their spiritual consciousness capacity and intention. For
most it will be until their bio-vehicle "stops running" due to whatever causative event/s.


Finally, I wish to emphasize that the higher levels are too often stymied by the
recalcitrant attitude of the lower levels. Eventually there will be a total override of
anything expressed from the lower levels –by lower levels I am referring to the
vibrational range (or spiritual-environment niches that most soul beings reside in,
including their own lower range of expression through humans).



To those who have not understood the foregoing will continue to wonder if they have
until 2017 or 2019 or to 2035-2036 before getting “rescued” or whatever. And thus the
spiritual realms remain abstract and effectively untouchable to the human level. Quite
the quandary for most. (There are only a handful of individuals –that I am aware of –
who know about 2017/2019 and 2035/2036. Only a handful. Interesting, that. These
are terminal points in the human range of awareness.)

I say again that there is no real “time” in the human sense. Some who have known this
have tried to explain it, only to be dismissed as mentally aberrant. In these recent years,
there is only a residual of “time” in any human sense. Everything is in now in a endlessly
looping set of patterns with slight variations on the all the old themes.

However, there does remain the power of your spiritual freewill and high intent –and
some assistance from your greater self.

But this is process is instantly undermined or sidelined by excessive anger and upset at
the overwhelming external circumstances –perpetuated more so, by the endless buying
in to an existence, a “way of life” that is actually a waking, walking state of “death”. It is
this latter state that is the “death by a thousand defaults”. One must continually
struggle to ask themselves why they are doing whatever they are doing. And be very
clear about one’s internal responses so as not to delude oneself.


In our IOOW-2000 social science research on the state of social-spiritual consciousness,
we emphasized the vital importance and seriousness of accessing a higher level of
“choice” and the power of higher intention.

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

In the Global Awakening News series, we cautioned and urged to simply “stop!”. To
cease the endlessly distracting machinations of one’s human social intercourse to tune
in to the “signal” of Creator of All –the call home. This was largely ignored or and of
those who did hear it, it was a filtered and scrambled signal at best. Some went so far as
to transmit a terribly distorted variation –often charging a fee for the “privilege”.

Around mid-2008, we discussed the imminent and unavoidable bifurcation in human
and cosmic levels “realities”. In later 2009 we discussed how the “hand of creator” was
taking charge and overriding whatever choices were being made by spiritual beings and
that for a short while, those spiritual beings with human presences asked for and were
were given a period in which to prove up that they had some measure of coherency
amongst them. At the end of the allotted period, they had nothing to show.

In the early 2000 period we tried to explain the difference between human level of
limited choice and that of true spiritual free will.

In 2007, we emphasized the immanent (and imminent) “final choosing” –leading to a
complete bifurcation for those spiritual beings that identify themselves with their
human host vehicles. This reflects and is resonance with the emergence of a new
creation matrix (“Baby”) that moved out and away from this creation. This “event” also
stimulated more rapid changes in this Creation and “The All”.

At the end of 2009 we wrote of demarcations in human social reality and the higher
cosmic reality that was in accord with the remaking of this creation and the “unwinding”
of a reality based upon error and falsehood.

During that period, a global “survey” was taken of spiritual consciousness that is closely
linked to human existence and most of the greater beings preferred to remain firmly
attached and inured to their human side existences, no matter what, no matter how
great a scenario of suffering was presented to them.

This has totally bewildered departments and legions of higher level of beings who have
come to help with the larger transformational process and cosmic corrections.

Some insight to the problem is offered in the series of “concluding essays” at

Over the recent years we have provided a version of why it is that this reality is wrong
and how that came to be, including the fundamental wrongness of the human vehicle for
spiritual intelligences, given its state of limited development.

We are now at the final months and years and most prefer to wait for the end to their
human existence. Only a rarified fraction have been actively engaged in their
completions process and exit portals.
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Meanwhile the vast majority of the colonies of humans throughout the the planet “keep
on keeping on”, no matter what, like a collective “Stockholm Syndrome” in which they
will fight to maintain their imprisonment and identify with their captivity.

At some point the spiritual beings most involved in perpetuating this reality will be
called upon to account for this behavior. This is their “judgment day” –like getting up in
front of one’s class to give a report of one’s work. All will receive whatever corrections
and high absolution however it may be appropriate. As I wrote in the April 20
in “Eight
Worlds”, all have been “found lacking” by Creator.

Some will “get the picture” and will evolve quickly, some will be returned to a more
primordial state of differentiation from Creator, and others will be absorbed into
Creator and will be no more. Those beings that cohere or adhere to the path of the Dark
Error will simply cease along with that which they most identify with.

And to touch on one of the themes in the title:

One of the new age popular catch phrases of the recent decades has been “co-creation”, a
notion promoted heavily by a few notable "teachers" who were in actuality promoting
sophisticated forms of continual re-immersion into a fallen reality under the façade of
“transformation” and a heavily distorted version of Aurobindo and Mirra’s “integral
yoga” of the supramental.

Those promoting this themselves “fell” deeply into various Dark side schemes and traps,
even to the point of promoting some of the worst of the evil of the Dark residing among
humans. Yet, few of their followers ever noticed that the “emperor had no clothes” and
worse yet, that they carried the cancerous disease of the Dark.

Many took to this, partly because they desired to identify themselves with “creator
consciousness” and partly because they desired to access some hidden powers to do
“good” in the world or for their own personal transformation. Thus so much of the
“righteous” energy of those of the Light was channeled into the Dark side and was lost or

Even the spiritual concept of “oneness” has become a Dark side “franchise” trap, run by
the Dark side in the human realm. This is one reason I took to using the term “Higher
Oneness” and associating it with the Creator of All as much as words may allow. Caveat


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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Postscript Re: Fields of Time and Light, etc.
May 10, 2014,1489.msg6392.html#msg6392

Up until the most recent period, Dark forces have generally been in a dominant position
with regard to creating the foundational structures, operating rules, and maintaining
their type of “one way fence” to trap those of the higher Light in their webs. This has
applied to the Earthly realm as well as to greater scales of “universes” that comprise the
“fallen” creation.

This has applied at most of the vibrational levels within a broadly generalized envelope
from 7-d to below.

Hitherto, the correction energies and related control structures, including “Time” have
maintained some barrier to minimize further expansion of the Dark forces’ fallen sector.

The “fields of time and light” referred to in the main essay above are relatively new

Time, Ascension of the Light, and the Co-created Maintenance of a Reality of Error,1489.msg6385.html#msg6385

These are integral to whatever “end game” will play out at various scales from matter, to
Earth, other infected worlds, etc., extending to the entirety of the fallen zone and the

So now the main feature of the fallen creation is not the grip of the Dark forces, but
rather the self-acquired and self-imposed limitations by excessive attachments to
various qualities and features of this existence.

This applies to the human 3d level of existence and spiritual consciousness –as well as
to higher level of one’s own greater being, “ascended” levels within the fallen zone, and
of course sub-structures below 3d.

In short, there is greater freedom now to return to the Light, to return “home” than ever


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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Some brief Q&A on “Time”, Error, etc.
May 9, 2014 – edited May 14, 2014,1489.msg6391.html#msg6391


Under the title; "Time, Ascension of the Light, and the Co-created
Maintenance of a Reality of Error"
You say; "Time as a Divine Entity was positioned to prevent the
full infestation of the All by those of the Fallen realm."

Who determined this potential breach of dire consequences?
The All itself? Some of it's creator beings?
And how soon was this noticed and acted upon?


The first and primary error –the one that gave rise to a deranged lesser creator god and
a “fallen” anti-creation zone –was recognized nearly immediately by Creator of All and
other high Creator beings, but as I have mentioned in various essays on this, the speed
of the replication process was swift, “blink of an eye type of stuff” –and extremely

(I do not know if it was one of the “first born” new creator beings or Creator itself that
first realized what had happened.)

So even though the error was recognized at the highest creation levels, it was too late to
stop as it had begun to spread and manifest into lower and lower density. Such is the
“power” of high creation beings’ intent and will.

It was necessary to slow its movement outward and downward as well as necessary to
place barriers against its error contaminating Source Itself. It may have been an
incomplete and distorted Dark Creation Force, but as a nascent creator, it had the innate
capacity to replicate, to make manifest, to expand, etc. derived initially from the Original
Impulse of Creator and subsequently modified to suit the various impulses of the Dark
side Error Itself.

To my knowing, the highest level of “Time” was like a one-way cosmic flow valve,
something that was shaped and focused by Creator of All but was based upon
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

“something” derived from “outside” of the body/consciousness of Creator and The All –
“Something” which is “outside” the Void which Creator and The All is suspended in.)

As a “flow controller” Time was charged with various responsibilities to facilitate the
“flow” of the creation and learning processes of The All -- as well as to be a barrier to the
Dark error. In more recent cosmic events “Time” has been involved with those
enormous creation beings to encapsulate and limit and eventually delete the Dark, the
fallen realms, and all that which coheres and adheres to it.

Charles Muses intuited this from his own research into ancient spiritual records and his
own higher knowing. Others have arrived at a similar nexus of analysis from their own
mixture of external research and inner knowing at the higher levels.

We touched on this in the “guest article” by John Crane on “Time”, the Error, and
Charles Muses, etc. as well in context of various other essays.


And what has also been done, to your knowledge, besides the invention of time, and the
Correction Energies?


That is already quite a lot! But there was the process of the “uploading” of the deeper
learning acquired from within the fallen zone, learning about many more facets of
duality, etc. that is part of Creator of All’s own “self correction” and evolutionary
process. This allowed for the preparation of new “teams” of higher level beings to
approach this sector to be of assistance as well as to observe from various vibrational or
dimensional levels of awareness and being.

The human level of awareness covers a cosmic nano-second, but to the human level, it is
“lifetime”. Thus the review of human history and recent events seems like a never
ending “bad dream”. Which it is of course. But those trapped in the “dream”, it is every
bit “as if real” and thus is attributed by each participant to have “as if real”
consequences. It is only when one steps of all that, that it is seen for what it is. And thus
a deeper understanding and “high compassion” for those seem to be trapped.

Consider, the title of a short essay from 2013, “caught but really free”…
Page 31 of 82
“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014


It sounds as if many of the "higher ups" became disassociated with their "offspring",
and perhaps mesmerized by the 3D dramas almost addicted, as many are addicted to
their electronic gadgets today. Practically immune from the awareness of the real
suffering occurring here.


Partly the case of course. But this is not the case for most. The main problem rests in
the dissipative processes of individuation, the focus of one of my “four concluding
essays’. An unforeseen consequence of the attraction toward expansion and lower
densities, uncompensated by a corresponding increase of the originating higher unity
fields. This developed potentially devastating, catastrophic consequences when this
tendency was carried by those of the true Light into the fallen sectors and out of the zone
of higher unity. The new creational processes in this Creation and the New Creation are
learning to maintain a functional and spiritually healthy dynamic balance, thanks
largely to the learning that was acquired through experiences of the “Error of the Dark”.


You also mention that the human level of existence is now in a type of stasis, with
repeating time loops.

This reminds me of the extensive explanation regarding the Mayan calendar
and the large sections of history, basically repeating (of course, with different
characters, countries, and events) the same scenarios over and over again
and yet with ever shortening time frames.

And finally, you mention that "Only a rarified fraction have been actively engaged
in their completions process and exit portals."

I realize the process is different and unique for each person, nevertheless, I
welcome more examples and discussion on both the concept of "completions"
as well as "exit portals".


A great deal has been written over the recent years, on the completions process and
spiritual psychology. There is really nothing more to add on this.

As to the matter of portals, up through late last year more specific clues/hints have been
available and written about, usually given in context. It is very important that one must
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

be 100% committed to their return “home”. When and if possible, yes more will be
shared on these exit modes.

Thank you.



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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Twice Born, Thrice Born
April 20, 2014,1436.msg6371.html#msg6371

(Note: This clarifies and supersedes remarks on this topic from a few years ago.)

These are archaic terms that cross various religious and non-religious frames of
reference. Twice born generally has come to mean a person who is “reborn” into higher
spiritual realization through some epiphany or “peak experience”.

Those who have had profound near-death-experiences would be an adjunct to this

(There is also a false version pertaining to those who intellectually claim a
“spiritualized” consciousness.)

And then there is “thrice born”. The first birth of course is into 3d, the second is the
spiritual rebirth and true Realization. The third is the transformation (or transfer) of
the consciousness of the human self to a higher order of being –in other words,
“ascension”. This may be to a “light body” that resembles the humanoid template –or to
more fluid and amorphous patterns of consciousness (light).

The transformation of the physical biological body into a “light” body is NOT the sine
qua non of ascension. Technically speaking even the earthly 3d materium is a form of
“light” –albeit one that is excessively condensed and malformed.

This is not only unnecessary, but also a “quixotic” illusion (and delusion) that only
serves to hold spiritual aspirants tightly in the grasp of the 3d false reality.


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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Follow-up to the essay “The Human Question”
A Spiritualized Human?
May 12, 2014,1428.msg6398.html#msg6398

Beyond the problems discussed of soul beings/higher level beings that have been
habituated to maintaining a human presence, one factor in the delays in effecting the
changes “top down” by the higher levels of spiritual Intelligences is that there has been
the desire to take the “human experiment” as far as possible within the context of the
larger cosmic (and localized) processes of the “corrections energies”.

I have written on this before, concerning the potential for some fraction (no matter how
small) of the human level of personal self to achieve spiritual sentiency through its
exposure to higher level spiritual consciousness, particularly that of its resident spiritual
aspect. This could be one in a million or one in a billion, gross numbers are not what is
important here. The potential for this has been largely unexpected and the outcome will
not be known, probably not until well after human Earthly civilization is gone.

One outcome could be the emergence of a new type of spiritual being from the realm of
matter. The supra-conscious human self would be capable of interacting with others of
its kind as well as higher levels of spiritual life. This is the most likely path toward the
transformation of the human body from its present damaged and malformed state to an
intermediate state that could lead to a new type of light body being from the “marriage
of spirit and matter” –or more accurately, from the descent of the higher planes into
density to create a bridge to the supramental that connects on earth.

This also has implications with regard to the limitations of the “time” available to
accomplish this. It would be spiritually irresponsible, as we have written previously, for
the higher levels to leave the human Earthly existence to continue on a path of decay
and collapse. The risk of course is that spiritually-aware human selfs could also give rise
to a new anti-Creation Dark force. I would add that this new intermediate human is
incompatible with extant humanity and vice versa.

It is most likely that the work of developing this intermediate being from the “ground of
matter” upward, as an intermediate human vehicle from extant biology and spiritually
evolved human consciousness, with the assistance of higher levels of being would take
place “off world” from this Earth. Especially, given the urgency to cleanse Earth Itself
and its terrestrial, oceanic, and atmospheric environments.

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

“Glorification of God” and Departing from “False
April 19-20, 2014 – edited May 13, 2014,1488.0.html
(based upon comments made during late March of 2014)

…Our true Selfs constitute the living body of Creator of All, the vast uniqueness – the
infinite diversity – with a vast interconnecting Oneness. This is the true higher “body”
and “mind” and is related to early notions of an impersonal, “Christed Consciousness”
of High Compassion.

Ultimately, ascension and transformation is really very simple.

You leave your human form and return to your higher level of being. What happens at
that point is a matter between that aspect of your True Self that was associated with a
human form and its personality self.

While embodied as human, one’s human-level beliefs are important influencers to one’s
transition from the merry-go-round theatre of “false reality” to the relative freedom of
your own higher order of being. For some this may refer to religious notions of “heaven
and hell”, for others it may pertain to their beliefs about what constitutes “false reality”.

It is this latter perspective that is of primary concern to us. Some adopt a haughty
attitude of “whatever…” and “I can handle it” toughness as they fall into yet another
state of delusion. Some may prefer some version of denying their own existence as a
Spiritual Self, an individuation of Prime Creator. And some may fall into other traps of
arrogance and self-blame by believing they (or collectively “humans”) really do “create
their own reality”.

And it is this latter notion that actually has a small kernel of truth buried amidst
falsehoods and distortions that are part of the maintenance of a state of self-

In short, you contribute in an incremental way to maintaining the overall reality.

Yet you do not have the power to create your own reality, as is taught by so many
purveyors of “new age” beliefs and other psycho-spiritual falsehoods.

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

The more those of the Light “complete” their process and choose to “opt out” of a fallen
reality, the less genuine energy there is to maintain the multi-faceted “theatre of
falsehoods”. As this occurs, the overall reality collapses a bit more, until a cascade
implosion contributes to its annihilation.


While the overall root pattern of "return to Home" "return to Light", etc. tends toward a
greater commonality, ultimately it is always unique to each individuation of creation-
being. Each has their own way of processing this at each of their various levels of being.

It is only in the processes of the human level personality self that one gets stuck in
unnecessarily complicated psychologies.

Over the years I have discussed various perspectives on the necessities and principles
involved in decoupling from the 3d false existence –decoupling from from one’s own
deluded state of unconsciously contributing towards maintenance of one’s own
imprisonment in falsehoods –and decoupling from habituated attachments to a reality
that is fundamentally a projection maintained by those trapped within it.


As we each depart these shores, we will be removing our own and other energies that
help keep the system running. I have mentioned before that some will leave this zone of
creation entirely, some will remain at higher levels to be of assistance. For some, both
will be occur. Some beings with human presences (I did not say humans) have the
spiritual capacity to be here and elsewhere simultaneously and can even have
perspectives “outside” of The All and Prime Creator of the All. Indeed.

So it is best never to presume anything about any of this unless one Knows. One can
suspect and test various “as if’s” etc. and this is a good thing as it is natural part of one’s
evolution and capacity building –auto-didactic, self-referencing, self-correcting, etc.

As it is per the original impulse of Creator of All, so it is with all individuations of the
Divine. This is not to be confused with humanoid animals with a mixed-up notions of
self-awareness. Many other animal on this planet possess self-awareness as an “I” that
is distinct from family/herd/etc.

Once again, I would remind that it all begins with a high and pure intent, attending to
ones’ internal and external completion process, and identifying with one’s own high
attractor. For some, it will be as simple as rejoining one’s higher beingness and
requesting assistance of one’s lower and higher being.

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Sooner or later it becomes unique to your own process and there is nothing to compare
to, nothing to refer to that seems “external” to one’s expanding state of awareness.

This also has the effect of expanding or enhancing one’s entire state of being. What one
has learned, what one’s greater knowing evolves to, etc. all play a role in the
evolutionary growth of your own greater being and contributes directly to the
evolutionary state of The All and Creator of All.

This could be regarded as the the True “Glorification of God” as you consciously fulfill
Your Own True Purpose.

In most cases, this requires dissolving or releasing all ties that bind, all attachments, etc.

Easier said than done, under human earthly circumstances. Thus it becomes essential to
continuously review everything in one’s human life for ongoing relevancy to ones’
highest intentions as a being of the true Light. From this state of awareness, one can
make many choices, like deciding what is most essential, what is of essence, as one
prepares to move to a new location and embark on a new life.


At this point this moment in earthly time, while there no “100% guarantee” that each
will succeed in the manner they might desire or imagine from their human level of
expectations –all will “make it”.

Some will suddenly “wake up” and all will be revealed and they will Know they are Free.

Some do not need to address all their attachments, only the major ones and, as they “lift
off” (lift out) of 3d, the remaining attachments will simply fall away, like fragile threads.

And yet, for others these seemingly fragile threads can be like the toughest of carbon

This is “no fault” system, no blame, no shame, etc. as I have explained before.

The membrane/barriers are thin and in many cases highly permeable.

There are no techniques to master. It is more a matter of letting go in total of all that one
is done with. The good, the bad, the ugly, whatever.

There is often nothing to “heal”, only that which one chooses or allows oneself to default
to. More often, all this new and psychological obsession with “healing” is just another
way of tying ones true self-consciousness up in a false reality. Think on this.
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Most of this can and is addressed and removed once one passes out of 3d human

And there are those for whom this resolution has already occurred while embodied (see,1470.0.html ). In some ways this
can be as hard to bear as it is for those with powerful longing to be “out of here” yet
seemingly still “here”.

Again, I would say that all have their “train tickets” in their pockets, even if they do not
know it, or are unaware they even have “pockets”.

Even the walking dead and those of the dark side have their “tickets”, even if they may
lead to the oblivion of non-existence.

We are at the Eschaton, the final major bifurcation in the remaking of The All and Prime
Creator Itself.

That which has coherence with the higher Oneness will be, that which does not, will

It is not visions, not phenomena, not the manifestation/exhibition of spiritual powers,
not even “religious stigmata”, healing the sick, etc. For some, these can be detrimental
distractions. Spiritual-energetic phenomena signifies very little while on 3d earth –it is
really all about Knowing.

For those who still find they have no humanly conscious connection to all this, some
have saved the most exalted experiences for themselves for the end. In that moment, All
is revealed and will become a part of the vast learning repertoire of your real self, of a
being born of the Divine.

I can only say at that moment, you will know and you will know that you know.

In a flash it will all be made clear and one is free of their apparent 3-d “bondage”.



By saying "all will make it" I do not mean 100% of the earthly human-social-tribal-
animal population, rather I am referring only to those aspects and fragments of spiritual
consciousness that choose Prime Creator and the Higher Oneness from which they are
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

“Conversations at the End”
April 19-20, 2014 - edited May 14, 2014,1489.0.html

Our concluding essays ( ) took roughly a full
year from their beginning to publishing them and they address most of the FINAL
questions. They are not for casual reading, nor are they for those who prefer “feel good”

What remains to be said is at a level that has NO bearing on the human level –save one
important consideration for those who aspire to the highest levels of their greater being:

To wit, I am referring to that which puts the entirety of the alterations to The All and
Creator of All into a vast perspective of a unified field beyond unified fields and provides
the "highest" discussable point of view that makes the human level of being look like
pixels on a virtual reality computer game -- which is fairly close to what this level really
is after all when one looks at from a sufficiently comprehensive point of view. (This
might be comparable to a 9th "Red Pill", the 10
one being "That-Which-is-Beyond-
Prime Creator-and-the-Vastness" that “Creator of All” is suspended in.)

That said, please give deeper contemplation to that which is the human personal “you”
is the result of aspects of your higher (true) Beingness combining Itself with built-in
“firmware” of various forms of manifestation. The “firmware” I refer to here is the
capacity for self-awareness “I-ness” (not the same as “Is-ness”). But in the Fallen Sector
these projections entered into a complex set of unknowns that were in Error to begin
with. (Additional errors and flaws in the early creation process have been discussed in
the group of concluding essays and previous ones over the years.)

Remember, higher You was only carrying out one of the prime directives of Creator of
All –to go forth in every possible way to explore and learn and “report back” on All That
Is. A mineral, a flower, a sun, a human, a planet, etc. – all are VEHICLES for
individuations or collective individuations of the Divine.

Be gentle on yourself, for the most part you had no idea. Now you do. Few beings have
ever had access to this level of Divine completion that carries over to their soul or other
higher level being that is an individuation of the Divine Itself.



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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

“Conversations at the End” ...continued
April 20, 2014 – edited May 14, 2014
(Based upon something written in early March of 2014.),1489.msg6370.html#msg6370

I will be posting a few short essays here. Some will be "densely condensed". Some may
seem a bit “enigmatic”. Partly these will add to what has already been published, partly
it will be an attempt to take things as far as human language may permit.

Many “spiritual aspirants” are keen on “confirmatory signs, both external and internal

Some are fixatedly attached to “prophecies” and “end dates” so they can decide when to
stop running on their “human treadmill” and finally get serious about what they have
always known to be of utmost importance.

In earlier comments I have suggested the state of an "excess of joy" with which comes a
Realization that there is no ascension to work toward or to complete because you are
there and you are it! It is then that you find a launching point into the unlimited.

It is a higher level counterpart to what I have called your own “becoming” in which
human level “you” and your identity as your own “greater Self” are nearly
indistinguishable at times.

In some cases there are experiences of “ascension” while in others, there is an awareness
of a partial descension of one’s higher levels.

There is no more “seeking”.

The connection is there and as your various levels of being reconnect, the process
expands dramatically, limited only by your own capacities. What you choose to do with
this interim state is up to the “expanded” “you”. Actually, it is more a process of
unification and integration. Expansion, integration, etc. are all the same, differing only
from the vibrational level of the point of view that is regarding them.

Eventually (sooner than later) you Know that you are That Which You Seek and that you
have your own “bungee cord”, (your “train ticket”) ready to re-merge into your own
Page 41 of 82
“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

greater being that may eventually, re-merge with its originating point of differentiation
or individuation with Creator.

I have made reference previously to the “red pill” approach
(,1470.0.html). Of course there is
no material “pill” to take, it is just a metaphor that borrows on some well-known
popular fiction.

The first “pill” is only a virtual taste of possibilities. Its effects wear off but certain
impressions and memories and information are retained. You then have an increase in
genuine free will to choose.

How do you use it? To continue on a path of spiritual Truth, or to become upset, angry,
distracted by all that is around you of the human-earthly realm? One more circuit on
the “merry-go-round” of falsehoods. You can really choose at this point.

If it is for the High Truth, then you take a second “red pill”. This provides enough
support to proceed on, and in so doing, you then take the third, etc. Each successive
stage it becomes harder and harder to engage on familiar terms in any way, shape, or
manner with your former existence as a self-oriented, social-tribal animal. Each time
you are tempted to consider that delusionary illusions as “real”, the fall backwards is
swift and just painful enough to make the point. You pull more of yourself together and
get up and begin the movement again. You get another “red pill” in this process.

You know there is no turning back and eventually there is the “excess of joy” that is your
true being. This “joy” is not the same as the addictive “bliss” that so many meditators
seek or that is taught by various spiritual schools to keep one passively attached to the
prison-state of a false reality.

There is no “death” to your existence, there is only your true life as an aspect of the
Divine. When you are done and complete as an aspect of that aspect of the Divine, you
know it and you are already free.

To be continued…



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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Inquiry into the “Self”, the Problem of Spiritual
Nihilism, and the Cosmic Scheme of Things
April 20, 2014 – re-edited May 14, 2014,1416.msg6372.html#msg6372

(Based upon material from March 6, 2014, New Mexico)

It is a very odd thing –an aberration of the mind –that humans would be promoting
discussing their own non-existence and even more so that it is of benefit to their having
more “successful” human lives.

Spiritual nihilism in any form is a very tricky thing. Spiritually dangerous ground, I
would say.

Modern variants of “spiritual nihilism” I have already discussed in various writings,
some of which are deliberate fabrications by practicing luciferians. Earlier versions have
Asian origins which eventually led to their European variations through the recent
centuries. Most ultimately lead to the rejection of the Higher Oneness of the Divine
Light of Creator and Creation. Some ironically place the human self as the central pivot
of existence.

Most of those who become ensnared in the labyrinths of their human minds wind up
misapplying spiritual teaching methods only to re-anchor the human level of the
spiritual “Self” into the matrix control world. Or alternately help create empty vessels for
dark side possession.

To apply their own teachings, one may ask how it is that self-identified “enlightened”
individuals consume so much energy talking about how their human life (their “I” self)
has materially benefitted. It is more than a little ironic that here are these individual
human personalities talking about how there is no “self”. And then saying that their “no-
self” process has made it easier for themselves to be cogs in the human false reality. Why
is this? Do they not see their own immediate “self-contradiction”? (Pun intended.)

This is one clue to a fundamental flaw and internal inconsistency to such teachings.

Those who are relatively awakened spiritually know this is not what spiritual Realization
is about, rather the contrary.

From my various perspectives, it comes across as a type of psycho-spiritual pathology
that only supports the dark side “matrix world order”.

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

One of the problems with all the “death to the ego”, or “illusion of self” talk is that it
undermines true spiritual learning and with it, spiritual evolutionary growth at all levels.
Not just at the levels intersecting the 3d human realms, but in the “as above” as well.
These distorted teachings deny the problems of cosmic creational errors and flaws and
only lead more deeply to a false spiritual “realization”.


Now then, I will say that a path of inquiry about the “self” can facilitate or catalyze some
useful spiritual dissociation that can lead to extraordinary expansion and evolutionary
growth –or it can lead to spiritual annihilation. So it is crucial to pay close attention to
how such a process is directed or steered.

I have written previously on spiritual psychology and the “ascension” process and the
lower self. (See …

The “self-identity” of the human personality “self” –the ego “I” –is mainly based upon
an accumulation of false memories. This is true of the vast majority of all human
individuals over the sweep of thousands of years of collective human societies. This is
the deeper significance underlying the concept of “living in the past” which characterizes
most humans.

The exception to this are those who know they are spiritual beings hosted by a human
bio-vehicle and those who suspect they are but are not yet 100% certain of this.


In the context of the awakening and ascension process, what “goes away” are the
delusionary illusions of a personal “I” that had erroneously presumed its existence and
identity as a self-centered human social-tribal animal subject to a false (“made wrong”)
reality, populated by interlinked “inmates” focused on maintaining their own
imprisonment, while imagining themselves to be “free”.

This is a major factor to the spiritual insanity of humans, especially in these times.

The human level self can be considered analogous to a synthetic construct of a central
processor (the spiritual higher self and its higher self) that is crudely carrying out a set
of high level instructions that mimic or replicate the original Impulse of Creator to
explore, learn, create, and ultimately to Know Itself and “That Which Lies Beyond”.


A very rare number of beings using their human stations, penetrated the dense and
mostly non-responsive 3d materium of animate and inanimate matter. Through their
Page 44 of 82
“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

conscious descent, they found the “spaces between the atoms” where Original Intent
could be reconnected. It was a terrible descent into and beyond the hell realms. This
work, once pioneered, provided new pathways for the Divine Corrections process and its
active agents to reconnect the Higher Oneness.

Thus the fallen realms began to be worked at from deeply below and from above, a dual
press-pot effect that is now focused at the 3d-4d levels.


The process we are now experiencing is the final stages of a complicated cosmic process
that has been fraught with endless difficulties in order to reach these deeper levels.

All that resonates with the re-making of creation and Creator respond to the calling
forth of all that originates with Creator. That which does not, will cease.

As my friend and colleague John C. said in a recent discussion, it is as if there is a huge
“in-breath of God” that is imminent.


To recapitulate some of the operating principles at work, I will digress briefly:

The aspects of higher spiritual beings, projected into earthly 3d, became overly self-
identified with their human level “encounter suits” which they needed to probe
lower levels of existence. This included a “habituation” to the endless stimuli of the
3d sensoria and human emotions. This began to infect and influence the beings that
that had been repeatedly projecting something of themselves into human 3d.

As their process and movement unfolded into deeper levels of vibrational density,
the Original Impulse became more and more distorted from excessive expansion,
excessive individuation, and excessive dissipation. (See concluding essay, “Problems
of Dissipation” - .)

This nearly negated connection to the higher levels of Oneness that those
individuations of Creator (soul beings, and other higher level beings) had been
accustomed to. Thus self-centered individuations became dominant and a
conflictual-duality paradigm became accepted as a “new normal”.

This only made it easier for those beings who had declared a separate domain of
creation apart from and in conflict with Prime Creator and Creation, to take
numerous opportunities for their own ends, and manipulated and corrupted what
was originally supposed to be a “garden” where potential creator beings could learn
what they needed in order to evolve and contribute to The All.
Page 45 of 82
“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

As I have explained in other essays, this problem is not unique to the human-Earth
realm and is derived from the replication of various original flaws or errors in the
creation process initiated by Creator of All.

A cosmic “corrections process” has been underway for a very long time and can be
regarded as an attempt at “self-correction” by Creator of All.

Those residing in earthly temporal space at the 3d level are now experiencing the
farthest, deepest reach of this vast and all-encompassing “correction” to the initial
“learning experience curve” of Creator.


Why seek to deny or annihilate “self” (which is ultimately an individuation of a level of
Divine Intelligence)? How are such teachings about human “self” consistent with the
existence of uniqueness of individuations at larger cosmic levels? Soul beings? Nascent
creator beings? And what of the collective “uniquenesses” (“self-awareness) of collective
bodies of individuations that appear as stars, nebulae, universes, etc.?

Ultimately, what of the “self-awareness” (identity) of Creator of All? To pursue the
logical course of these so-called “spiritual teachings” to the level of Creator of All would
require the self-annihilation of Creator of All.

And this the logical extension of nearly all these teachings and the general perspective of
those who follow those paths.

In my view, this is “abysmally dismal” and only serves to perpetuate a fallen realm.


What was initially rooted in the early primitive requirements for a spiritual psychology
that could bridge the enormous gulf between the animal-level human self and the
spiritual self, became vehicles to further trap and enslave true spiritual beings and their

The background to such teachings essentially denies the significance of individuations of
Creator and individuations of the myriad individuations thereof which form the lower
level of human “self”. And it is no surprise that nearly all these teaching centers, sects,
personality cults, and their spin-offs continue to be rife with sexual and financial and
energetic abuse of their students.


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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014


I will add here that this is the “other side of the coin” to those variations of “we are all
one” teachings that are fundamentally flawed and false.

We are not “all one”. You are not me, I am not you, etc. –not at any level of spiritual


We (our spiritual true Selfs) are nearing an end-point of extensions of a vast process of
self-inquiry by Creator of All. Differentiations of Itself – Individuations of Itself. (Yes,
here is that word, “self”, applied at a higher level.)

Even for those instances of emanations from the same high level being, there is a
uniqueness of each, enhanced by individuation’s unique set of experiences from
whatever vibrational levels they were derived.

This is an important element of the Impulse from Creator that gave rise to myriad
individuations and expressions of Itself.

Over the years, throughout the body of work we began, there is no denial of the human
“self” –nor the denial or annihilation of any level of the true “Self”.

Yes, there are those aspects which to do re-merge into their greater being and
deliberately let go of lose all energetic or consciousness identity as a “self”. But this is
not the same as trying to deny one’s existence as a fragment of the Divine.

From a Spiritual point of view, “self” is a human language construct used to represent a
level of individuation from ones higher level of being, or its emanation from a yet higher
level of individuation from Creator. (I tend to capitalize “Self” to represent the higher
level matrix of being, the higher self, or its higher levels of being.)

Spiritual Realization frees one from suffering as a human-identified-human and frees
one from subjugation to the tyranny of the falsehoods of a fallen realm of illusion and
the byproducts of its deluded consciousness.


As one version of a famous “koan” reads, “what is your true nature before you were
born” (into human form)?


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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

The processes of this extraordinary evolutionary journey which spans the entirety of The
All –and which includes Creator Itself –is a most unique and intimate one between that
spiritual aspect of “you” residing at a 3d level and all the rest of greater You. All human
externalization, social and otherwise, becomes irrelevant to a dramatic,
transformational process –your own Eschaton.

One’s choices become clear and can be made with absolute discernment. Even those
choices that may at times engage with other human-level selfs. You develop the power
of true free will, true choosing.

This also means not choosing!

Within the human “merry-go-round”, there is always the promise of that “brass ring” or
a new horse to ride. Some decide not to choose anymore and perhaps just do the ride a
bit longer. Others have learned all that is worth learning to their spiritual essence and
know this to be the case. They get off the merry-go-round, some leave the “theme park”
theatre altogether.


Our true Selfs constitute the living body of Creator of All, the vast uniqueness – the
infinite diversity – with a vast interconnecting Oneness. This is the true higher “body”
and “mind” and is related to early notions of an impersonal, “Christed Consciousness” of
High Compassion.


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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Ascension and Getting Help from "The One"
April 20, 2014 - (Based upon discussions from early February 2014),1488.msg6373.html#msg6373

There comes a moment in the Realization process in which there is no "ascension" when
“you are it” and “you are there”.

All that remains is for you to "pull yourself up", for which you find you already have the
capacity through your greater being.


To the human level point of view, this would seem like ascension, a rising of vibratory
state and consciousness. Well, it is, and yet it is not. It depends on the vibrational state
of the point of view. When regarded from a more encompassing or far out point of view,
there is no distinction.

Overall, one could characterize this as an extension of the process of lower you
becoming your higher self and your higher self becoming you.

A most "becoming" situation!

There one finds “The One” and it is all there, increasingly expanding as ones capacity
grows. A most elegant and sublime dynamic.

The part that drives so many of us “nuts” at our human level looking around and about,
and inwardly within, is that the human-point of view has a strong tendency to be
excessively attached and self-identified with the environment one’s human level may be
attached to or immersed in.

To the human level it can seem to be a one of those "Catch-22" situations. But it is not
when seen from a more elevated point-of-view.

As to “receiving help” from The One/Creator of All, etc. we need to bear in mind that
Creator is also in need of help. It is not omniscient and omnipotent in the ways that
humans like to imagine. Each being at all levels that carries the Divine Spark has access
to Creator of All –and as such can be of direct aid to Creator as well as to their own state
of being.

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

And yet from Its Center, Creator is emanating stronger and stronger pulses of
energy/light as part of the corrections process (self-correction to the point of view of
Creator) –and the waves of “call home” and “corrections” energies.

Sooner or later (sooner I would like to say) these impulses fundamentally alter the terms
for the ground of existence and applies to human, planetary, creator beings, etc. Nothing
is untouched. That which coheres will be, that which does not, will cease.

Likewise… just as we can help pull the plug on the false reality of the multiplex “movie
theatre”, Creator of All also requires help from its constituent individuations to make
their contributions wherever and however possible.

As always, make sure of your own “oxygen mask”. Pull yourself together.

Raise yourself up.

Consolidate your higher learning at your higher levels of being.

Only as a higher level spiritual being of evolving and growing capacities, can you be of
greater assistance in the remaking of Creation and Creator.

So there you have it.

A condensed short version.


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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Participation or Withdrawal?
A “Trick Question” for Some
April 20, 2014,1489.msg6374.html#msg6374

(based upon comments from February 2014)

As readers know, I have never subscribed to the “you make your own reality” –as
presented by 99.9% of so-called “spiritual teachers”.

However, in the context of the big question to our human level individuation of a higher
level of spiritual being (that is also an individuation of something even greater) …there
is the question of “what one has learned here” (spiritually speaking).

And there is the matter of participating in this reality without benefit of sufficient higher
level spiritual consciousness connected and “online”. It is in this regard that there has
been both the witting and the unwitting participation by spiritual beings in a mode of
existence that became addictive and spiritually degenerating.

Objectively speaking, as long as one is relatively unawake, one is helping to maintain a
reality of falsehoods and worse. But if one is unaware of what one is doing, then any
sense of “accountability” is necessarily limited.

This problem especially applies to those higher level/soul beings with human presences.

(Just because the human level may regard them as “higher” doesn’t mean they “know”
very much.)

While I have discussed this in depth in the concluding essays, I bring it up here because
it relates to the actual process of spiritual beings maintaining a reality of falsehoods in
which aspects of themselves become trapped. Some of these “aspects” are spiritually-
aware human selfs –and some of those human level selfs are none too pleased by the
overall situation.

As before, this is not a matter of blaming the human levels for all that is not right in the
cosmos (or on Earth). It is not a matter of blame or shame or retribution or measuring

It is all part of a compounding set of errors and flaws in the creation process which can
only be understood as a massive “learning experience” for Creator.

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

As I have said before, those who consciously “depart these shores” for their respective
“home ports” or interim “transition states”, will automatically remove Light energy –and
thus will contribute to the “pulling the plug” or “pulling the rug out from under” from a
reality that should never have been.

Some will play a more conscious and stronger role in this dynamic of “pulling the plug”
once they are no longer embodied through human form. Some will depart and not have
much more to do with this corner of creation space. It is really quite unique to each.

For some, there may not be much spiritual value to their own development or that of the
larger process by “hanging in here” until 2017 or later, etc. For others, there may well be
some value to their own development as well as to the larger process.

This is why I urge each one to be very clear with themselves as to why they are here.

So, what are you doing here? Why?

This is a process of self-referencing, auto-didactic learning.

Continually digging like this, one can arrive at one’s own supreme Truth.

Some have been digging down deeply into the underlayment of matter, the lower
densities and dimensions. Some of scaled the heights, making pathways for others. Both
approaches have contributed to the “closing of the loop” of the more detailed and
specific “cosmic corrections process” that is bringing all that is resonance with the
Divine to a new state of spiritual being –all relative to each and all interconnected in
ways that have not been before.



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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Collapse of the Earthly Existence
April 20, 2014 – edited May 12, 2014,1161.msg6375.html#msg6375

Hawaii: Immediately after the full moon of April 15/16 the coral polyps in our main bay
made clouds of little ones that is part of the process of maintaining or expanding ocean
reefs. These tiny, nearly invisible creatures in their collective colonies, are not just part
of a coastal ecosystem, etc. they are the closest thing to an immediate sensory apparatus
and vital organ of the Planetary Body Itself and Its Prime Consciousness. Thus it is of
special significance that all over the planet the reefs are dying while a few pockets here
and there continue to "hold on" –such as where we are presently. The coral reefs
ecosystems are the basis for a more complex web of biology and for the oceanic body

The reefs are dying, the oceans are dying, and the entire 3d reality is collapsing –
ecosystems as well as human civilization. More so, the very underpinnings of manifest
3d in this fallen zone are in a process of dramatic alteration. Eventually this will extend
to "all that is" of the 3d vibrational state and all that is interdependent upon it for
material existence.

Increasingly those who identify solely with the higher Light will find their human
existence increasingly tenuous, increasingly difficult to cope with, and at some point
inimical to their own being at this level.

Even where there are little “protected bubbles” from which to maintain some base of
activity and 3d existence, situations will arise that will make those too difficult to
maintain at an acceptable "comfort level" –to humans or to coral colonies.

For some it will be physical body issues, external community issues, or problems of the
physical environment. It is in this context that all the major crises of the human mode of
existing can be understood for what they are. There is nothing to “fix” at the human or
earthly level of existence, nor is there any reason to.

Sooner or later, those remaining attachments to that which is of human familiarity
become too great a strain to maintain.

As all this occurs, there will also be the “excess of joy” that supports one’s own process of
rising beyond this.

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Love, Caring, and Creation
April 20, 2014 – edited slightly May 12, 2014,1489.msg6376.html#msg6376

(based upon comments from January 2014)

Humanly contrived terms of "love" are distant derivatives of a higher order state which
emanates from Creator. At the human level, these are diminished and distorted by the
inherent nature of the human level of existence.

Previously I have described something of the qualities of the "higher Love" that
emanates from Creator of All and which is shared among those consciousnesses that
vibrate in a coherent state with this. (And it is an allied concept to the impersonal,
"consciousness without an object".)

However, there is no human expression that can ever serve to describe this.

At best it has been experienced deeply through every light particle at all levels of their
being by those who have experienced those exalted states which connect purely to the
sublime and ecstatic states where this is most available. And it is carried as a distant
memory by those who have some connection to their own originating higher order of
being from which they emanate.

Some years ago, the term "unconditional love" was widely promoted, but its meaning or
transmission depended highly on who was using it and how it was being used.
Eventually the expression became corrupted by new age-psychology and co-opted into
the panoply of ways to keep the human level of spiritual consciousness in a low state –
and collectively, in a state separation from higher levels of spiritual consciousness.

Regardless of the shortcomings in the lower levels, there is that quality of "caring" that I
have tried to convey –especially in the context of pattern of "trust, caring and service
within a larger unifying higher context". This was originally derived from the new
creation (“Baby”) as a parting “gift” to those in this creation who had some contact with

It is this higher order of “caring”, in its highest context, which seems to come closest to
the “higher Love” which true Creator beings have for themselves and their work and
thus permeates their creational domains and which is shared between them and the
highest levels of Creator. And it is very closely linked with the “personal” ascension
process as well since it stimulates “spiritual free will” and spiritually conscious choice.

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

This higher order of Divine “love” or “caring” is fundamental to the separating out that
which vibrates with the Higher Oneness from that which does not.

There that which coheres (forming coherence) with the Higher Oneness, and that which
does not.

In this regard, and in response to the “call home” signal of Creator of All, that the
enormity of “uniquenesses” (individuations) which are so connected will be part of a
remade creation –and that which does not, will cease.


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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Eight Worlds? –New Year’s Contemplations
April 20, 2014 – edited May 12, 2014collapse,1489.msg6377.html#msg6377

(originally from correspondence early January of 2014)

“…all has been found lacki ng…”
“…and i s to be remade…”

It seems as though there remain eight (?) worlds like the Earth system where creator
god/s worked to experiment with their creation processes, etc.

As creator they did not/could not descend into the lower densities and thus relied lower
levels of individuations of themselves.

Over time, and due to the deleterious effects of the problems of dissipation and
individuation, they could be regarded –from a lower level point of view –to have become
“cruel” in the sense that they had lost connection with so much of themselves and their
creational efforts that they had no sense of suffering, etc. at whatever levels of (spiritual)
consciousness – or even at lower levels of intelligence (never mind spiritual
consciousness). At the human level, there is the distant echoes of this, evident in many
human psychopathologies.

At a cosmic level this must stop (and will).

This is also related to the larger assessment from “on high” that “all has been found
lacking” and is to be remade, etc.

Ascension for those within the realms of these worlds (eight?) have the following
options: 1. ascend/return to their appropriate pre-existing “home” levels in the “as
above”; 2. ascend in the sense of evolutionary growth to new levels of being and spiritual
growth; 3. remaining in their respective matrices until “last call” and then…?

Then there was a close-in view of this world – it looked as if it had been bound or
cemented to at least one other of these worlds and that the binding/cementing had been
reinforced somehow, like 3d+4d. Not sure of the details of this last bit with the
cementing, etc. In light of the late December contemplations, this makes the most sense
to me as it is the astral realms where the Dark Forces have made their last stand.

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

In closing, it was again impressed upon me that what resonates and vibrates with the
higher Oneness will naturally cohere and contribute to a new coherent whole of The All.
That which does not, will cease to be. No exceptions.

As above, so below.

There is nothing in the human realm of 3d to attach to. To do so can be risky.



I would add that this is an indication of the process of Creational correction process,
separating the mayonnaise, resulting in less and less of the fallen realm remaining.

Some or all of these eight worlds may be variations of this human-Earth environment in
which we find ourselves here and now. The variations may be perceived or imagined as
alternate timelines, parallel realities, or whatever one prefers. It matters not.

Some or all of these worlds are where variations to important choice points and
bifurcations are worked out –as if real –for they are “real” to those entities participating
within them. This earth-human environment is somewhat “more real” in that it is like a
central plexus of 3d density. This is a contributing factor in why it has taken so long to
effect certain high level changes here by the higher levels.

In these times, there may be some “bleed through” between these slightly different
states –similarities between our version of the Earthly events and variations to them.

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Devastation of the Astral
April 20, 2014 – slight edits May 12, 2014,1489.msg6378.html#msg6378

(from late December 2013 and mid-January 2014)

The astral realm has served many purposes, most of which has been to keep the human
level of self trapped and provide one of many backdoor access by various dark side
entities to manipulate and experiment with human selfs.

It also served as a “virtual reality” where nearly anything is possible and there are few
rules, thus “anything goes”.

For a short while, a zone of the astral was “cleaned up” and made into a pristine space
where those who were ready to meet up, compare notes, and learn to exercise their
expansion “muscles” in preparation for a bigger leap or climb to higher planes of
existence. This was eventually closed down and I wrote a short essay “Get out of the 4-d
Astral, Now!” to alert those concerned about these changes and caution them about
going there as it was generally not a safe place to be with the increase in dark entities.
(See initial post on this:,1220.msg6128.html#msg6128

The astral is the closest next level up zone to the 3d level and it is closely linked to 3d. As
it is now time for the major changes to move ahead at a greater pace, it is in the astral
where we notice that the “theatre” is being taken down, dissolved, etc. in preparation to
ending the delusionary illusions of 3d.

It is in the astral that intimations of events to come are often perceived. These may be
contradictory, confused, and sometimes seemingly consistent. And sometimes they are
a deliberate deception.

For some years, it seemed like precognition of imminent events, yet those major social
and earth change events would not seem to manifest in ordinary consensus 3d
physicality. Nevertheless, these were playing out in various ways. At times it was like a
virtual test, run by the human level selfs who were involved. Other times it was a virtual
test, run by higher levels of existence to evaluate the best approaches before they were
implemented irrevocably in 3d density.

What is noticed in the astral now seems to me to be a precursor to similar events in 3d –
the tearing down of the theatre and ending its endlessly looping movies

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

However they play out in 3d density, the prime directive is still involved: to bring forth
as much of the particles/beings of the true light and all those that will resonate/vibrate
coherently with it. Those which do not, will cease to be sooner or later. This is part of the
remaking of this creation.

It is in the astral that there is the greatest concentration of “acting out” and
derangement of mind due to “end times madness”. Soon this will be seen and
experienced more and more in the 3d level as well.

It is my impression as I make these updates in April is that upon reflection and
hindsight, this is indeed the case.


“Imagine an audience in a theater. They have been taking part in a virtual reality
movie and they no longer remember that they are so involved in a nearly endless
loop, set up with variations on the same themes, over and over and over. They are
watching the action as well as participating in it. Newcomers may show up over
time and they become mesmerized and drawn in to this as well.

Some may be deluding themselves into staying in the virtual reality by imagining
they are “creating” or that they are “creators” --some may be immersed in suffering
and torment while others are immersed in some “new age”. However, those who are
looking from outside the theatre see the situation otherwise for what it is. We are at
a point where the theatre needs to be torn down to end the movie and to let the
higher Light in and to let the trapped Light out to reconnect with its true origins.”

-from Concluding Essays 4 of 4 - “Tearing Down the Theater” p34-35 of end notes:


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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Preferring Suffering: True Freedom, Like
Existential Truth, Can Be Too Disturbing
April 20, 2014 - edited May 12, 2014,1489.msg6379.html#msg6379

(from comments January of 2014)

…As one becomes aware of whatever remaining illusions or attachments there may be,
“unfinished business”, etc. I would suggest to ask whether there is really anything to
heal, anything to act upon, anything to correct.

In most instances one will be surprised that there is not.

This is not due to some innate “perfection” and thus no need to learn anything. That is
part of the “new age” falsehoods that everything is fine, etc.

Rather, it is more a matter of becoming aware of these subtle “ties that bind” and letting
go of them. As one’s consciousness reconnects with one’s true nature as a spiritual
being and the vastness of Creator and what may lie beyond, this letting go, or deleting or
dissolving and “connecting ballast” becomes easier and easier. As one’s capacity to
spiritually Know and spiritually expand, the connection to one’s true nature and higher
being becomes more and more seamless. You are it and it is you.

There is no longer a meaningful important distinction between “higher self” or “lower

Finding oneself in a state of relative freedom, is one of the most disturbing things for the
human self that is accustomed to endless obligations and responsibilities over nearly the
entirety of physical functioning of one’s biological vehicle. Collectively this is infinitely
reinforced in subtle and overt ways.

And so it is no wonder that so many prefer an existence of suffering over true freedom,
or to make “healing” their “issues” and whatever else a “career project”, providing yet
more illusions and distractions from ever reaching a state of enlightened completion
and effecting ascension to their rightful and true Home.



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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Perhaps there is Nothing to “Heal” –and the All
Consuming “Consumption”
(originally prepared December 11, 2013 and edited April 2014),1489.msg6381.html#msg6381

Many, many –far too many –“spiritual light workers” have been chained to notions of
“healing”. Overall, it is another form of bondage into this realm.

What is the point to "healing" if very little or nothing is learned? (And I am not
referring to the category of physical accidents and ailments.

Healing the planet, healing the humans, healing whatever is more often a variant of
“fixing” something that perhaps cannot be fixed –given the state of development of the
spiritual beings that have human bodies to walk about with. And most usually is more
about adapting or conforming to the falsehoods of a fallen reality.

As it is with the entirety of the planetary environment and human civilization entirely, it
was “made wrong” and damaged further and cannot be “fixed”. And so much that is of
human origin was also “made wrong” in its own way and not something to even consider
“fixing”. Rather it is something to learn from.

These words have applicability at all levels of being.

Of course in the case of physical deficits, some can be “fixed” or improved upon – but as
always, the question is why? One must be spiritually conscious of such things.

One may choose to maintain a healthy physical body for the purpose of maintaining a
clear mind to support the process of being spiritually conscious. If it is to repair the body
just to maintain an existence with those who are already the “walking dead”, then
perhaps some deeper examination is in order –if that is still possible.

The same goes for psychological “healing”.

True “healing” occurs upon reconnection with the Oneness of one’s own higher being
and the Higher Oneness. Yes, at the human level of Self, certain Realizations can lead to
a greater “correction” which one can equate to “healing”.

Without being specifically invited, it does no good to be imposing ones notions upon
others’ process –spiritual or physical.

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

In the middle ages there was a highly fatal “disease” termed “consumption”. This
covered a wide range of diseases including tuberculosis, pneumonias, various types of
cancers, “wasting diseases”, etc.

The fallen realm is based upon parasitism and predation as the dark forces prefer
consuming that of the true Light to the false light of their own design.

And is it not curious that human civilization is based upon “consumption” and that the
human animal body requires endless “consumption”, and that “consumption” was
considered fatal?

Think on that.



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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

“Universe is a Hologram”?
May, 2104,1162.msg6384.html#msg6384


The following is an interesting summary from human sciences and mathematics.

I have often commented that human sciences will notice unusual events, energy
patterns, anomalous dynamics in “space”, etc. that will closely correspond with what
we are aware from spiritual planes of awareness. This is merely the latest of several
published observations which caught my attention over the recent decade.

Others would include the contradictory information over whether “universe” is
expanding or contracting, and the ongoing inability for human science to determine
an underlying unified field for what humans imagine to be “universe” –a very wrong
substitute for the greater creation.

Consider the “popular usage” of notions such as “the universe provides” – either as an
expression of “faith” in something (a fallen creation) that one should not invest
themselves in …or as a reflection of “good fortune” –usually in the context of a gain in
material or personal stature within the human sphere that tangibly demonstrates how well
one is in synchrony with a fallen existence. (!)

If anyone wonders what might be “wrong” about this latter point of “good
fortune” then they have not understood anything we have written over the years.


End notes:

Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram
A ten-dimensional theory of gravity makes the same predictions as standard quantum
physics in fewer dimensions.
By Ron Cowen

A team of physicists has provided some of the clearest evidence yet that our Universe
could be just one big projection.
Page 63 of 82
“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

In 1997, theoretical physicist Juan Maldacena proposed
that an audacious model of the
Universe in which gravity arises from infinitesimally thin, vibrating strings could be
reinterpreted in terms of well-established physics. The mathematically intricate world of
strings, which exist in nine dimensions of space plus one of time, would be merely a
hologram: the real action would play out in a simpler, flatter cosmos where there is no

Maldacena's idea thrilled physicists because it offered a way to put the popular but still
unproven theory of strings on solid footing — and because it solved apparent
inconsistencies between quantum physics and Einstein's theory of gravity. It provided
physicists with a mathematical Rosetta stone, a 'duality', that allowed them to translate
back and forth between the two languages, and solve problems in one model that
seemed intractable in the other and vice versa. But although the validity of Maldacena's
ideas has pretty much been taken for granted ever since, a rigorous proof has been

In two papers posted on the arXiv repository, Yoshifumi Hyakutake of Ibaraki
University in Japan and his colleagues now provide, if not an actual proof, at least
compelling evidence that Maldacena’s conjecture is true.
In one paper
, Hyakutake computes the internal energy of a black hole, the position of
its event horizon (the boundary between the black hole and the rest of the Universe), its
entropy and other properties based on the predictions of string theory as well as the
effects of so-called virtual particles that continuously pop into and out of existence. In
the other
, he and his collaborators calculate the internal energy of the corresponding
lower-dimensional cosmos with no gravity. The two computer calculations match.

“It seems to be a correct computation,” says Maldacena, who is now at the Institute for
Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey and who did not contribute to the team's

Regime change

The findings “are an interesting way to test many ideas in quantum gravity and string
theory”, Maldacena adds. The two papers, he notes, are the culmination of a series of
articles contributed by the Japanese team over the past few years. “The whole sequence
of papers is very nice because it tests the dual [nature of the universes] in regimes where
there are no analytic tests.”

“They have numerically confirmed, perhaps for the first time, something we were fairly
sure had to be true, but was still a conjecture — namely that the thermodynamics of
certain black holes can be reproduced from a lower-dimensional universe,” says
Leonard Susskind, a theoretical physicist at Stanford University in California who was
among the first theoreticians to explore the idea of holographic universes.
Page 64 of 82
“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Neither of the model universes explored by the Japanese team resembles our own,
Maldacena notes. The cosmos with a black hole has ten dimensions, with eight of them
forming an eight-dimensional sphere. The lower-dimensional, gravity-free one has but a
single dimension, and its menagerie of quantum particles resembles a group of idealized
springs, or harmonic oscillators, attached to one another.

Nevertheless, says Maldacena, the numerical proof that these two seemingly disparate
worlds are actually identical gives hope that the gravitational properties of our Universe
can one day be explained by a simpler cosmos purely in terms of quantum theory.

Journal name: Nature
DOI: doi:10.1038/nature.2013.14328

Maldacena, J. M. Adv. Theor. Math. Phys. 2, 231–252 (1998).
Hyakutake, Y. Preprint available at (2013).
Hanada, M., Hyakutake, Y., Ishiki, G. & Nishimura, J. Preprint available at (2013).

At a black hole, Albert Einstein's theory of
gravity apparently clashes with quantum
physics, but that conflict could be solved if
the Universe were a holographic

Artist's impression by Markus


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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

This "Universe" is Not the Same as The All or
January 31, 2014 with slight edits on May 5, 2014),1490.0.html

Note: This was originally shared with the offline discussion group.

This "Universe" is only one of many and these are contained by larger creation
structures, etc. The term, "universe", has been the biggest "spatial" concept of humans.
"Galaxy" seemed pretty big, until humans discovered there seems to be many them "out

As is often the case, here we see another example of how human language limits the
conceptual process.

This solar system is in a galaxy that is within a universe that is one of many that were
contained in a larger structure. These larger structures have all been part of the larger
"The All".

Everything "That Is" –is not fully in coherent resonance. Some parts are in
contradiction, in error, and in outright conflict. The Dark or Fallen sector is in
fundamental with the rest of creation as well as within or amongst itself.

This little planet in this little solar system in this galaxy in this universe has been very
much a part of the Fallen Sector.

Even the "physics" of this realm are at odds with itself. There is no 100% unifying field
principle that can be found, no matter hard the human science heads try. This zone is in
conflict with itself as well as with the primary creation. No one can determine whether
this zone of creation or universe is expanding or contracting.

The Cosmic Corrections Energies and the processes of the entity referred to as “Time”
have been underway a very long time to facilitate a remaking of Creation and Creator in
ways that Corrects the Errors and Flaws in the initial processes that gave rise to the
Dark and the corollary flaws and errors of unbalanced Dissipation and Individuation.



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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Near Death Experience (NDE) “Returnees” and
the Ascension-Transformation Process
Dec 21, 2013 – edited slightly for clarity – May 10, 2014,1492.0.html

In various essays over the years I have made reference to the significance to the larger
ascension and transformational process of the personal NDE – and I have referred to
the possibility of a collective-scale NDE event or series of events. Today, we are closer
to this possibility than ever before. It is not at all likely there will be much of an
advance warning. It will just happen, probably in successive waves.

These short essays are based on correspondence and NES forum posts and somewhat
updated in these final edits.



I understand the importance of making it very clear to, first, ourselves, and then to our
higher Self, the fact that we are fully finished here (and only if we indeed are.).

I also understand that the merest hesitation on our part may immediately halt the
process, say, if we still have sentimental attachments, or a feeling that we still need to
fulfill something here.

What I don't understand is...while reading a plethora of near death books (many from
the 80's/90's) while not all accounts are accurate, one of the most common features
among them, is the emphatic declaration by the new arrival to the spirit realm, of NOT
going back. Absolutely not! Regardless of their careers, their hobbies, their children,

It seems to me if there were ever a time when a being is most certain, and without
hesitation, it appears to be then.

Why then in all of these cases, is the person suddenly whisked back into their body?

Page 67 of 82
“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014


This is more complicated than I can detail here at this time. So here are my “short notes”
on this.

The contrast between the realms of higher light and the human social-tribal animal
existence is such that very few want to return to their damaged bodies.

But there is something special about the returnees. They have been changed. Those who
integrate these experiences often become teachers in some capacity.

So many reasons, each unique to each. Some were not “sufficiently complete” in their
process relative to being an aspect of a larger being (unfair sounding to the human
aspect as that may be). Their larger being may not be done with their human realm
probe or “aspect”.

Some may simply not be ready to pass certain higher vibrational filters. The greater level
being can be just as confused and misinformed as its human level “emissary”.

And it is useful to bear in mind that one “raison d'être” for the human level aspect is to
serve as an interactive “learning probe” for its originating higher being.

In most cases there are generalized filters that require the human level of being to be as
“relatively complete” in their human-earth trip as possible for many reasons. Some
reasons were a by-product of Dark side deceptions, some were a by-product of the
original impulse to enter into the human level of being –for whatever real or imagined

In some cases there was some consideration that the “NDE-returnee” could be of value
as a humanly-embodied teacher at the 3d human as well as to higher levels.

But “back then”, there were still many possibilities, many avenues considered for the
larger transformation and reclaiming of Earth –and of the fallen sector perhaps as well.

So partly by “mis-adventure” and partly to be “doing the good work”, many agreed
(reluctantly at times) to “return” and work their way back into the human sphere of
*existence as 3d-level agencies for the higher Light.

Today the situation has changed for the most part.

On the one hand there is huge portion of those human level aspects and their higher
levels of being that are still quite addicted or inured to the whole self-centered
individuation “trip” that they will attempt to persist in maintaining the human
existence, even when faced with various levels of global catastrophe.
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

On the other hand, there are a significant minority of human level aspects of spiritual
beings that want “out” –and “now!” –and they are not interested in hanging around to
develop their spiritual learning as spiritual beings. They simply have had enough of the
human-earthside trip –and the never-ending problems and conflicts among a fallen
state of being in a fallen realm. This is much more than the mere banality of human
personal and global affairs, as it includes the higher level/soul beings as well. This is
something we have written about over the years.

Generally speaking, there are those human levels of these beings who have at least come
to a larger understanding and unless they have a specific and well-defined purpose to
being in the human earth plane, understand there is nothing further to be gained by
maintaining a human presence under these conditions.

And there is a rarified fraction who have derived deeper spiritual learning from their
human level experiences and carry this Knowing through their higher levels as well.

To be continued…



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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Follow-up to Additional NDE Questions
December 28, 2013 – updating edits May 10,2014,1492.msg6395.html#msg6395

Note: this is a continuation of the previous posting
(,1492.0.html )

More About the Body

Very few “NDE’rs” are aware of the state of their damaged physical body. In most cases
the NDE includes a complete out-of-body (OBE) state with no connection to the
physical. Some do view their bodies, some do not.

In short, it is one of the ways that the consciousness” that is that real “you” is truly
independent from the body self –and in deep or prolonger enough episodes, most of the
ego-personality psychological traits mostly vanish. In contrast, the OBE state that does
not involve damage or trauma to the physical vehicle allows for a body connection –
usually a warning that the true spiritual being needs to return to re-animate its body

In deeper and prolonged OBE states, the body can generate pain signals warning the
“traveler” to return enough of its energy and attention to attend to maintaining and
reanimating its body. IN extreme cases this can take a few to several days to recover
normal physical function.


The body connection is often observed clairvoyantly as an etheric silvery-gold energy
thread of very fine proportion.

And yes, it is possible to consciously sever this thread when one is sufficiently complete
with their human-side journey and fully conscious of all this during their process.


New Choices Presented

Most NDE’ers are focused primarily on their higher plane experience. Some may require
focus on “corrections” or energetic “upgrades”, some may receive “downloads” of
spiritual information, etc. It is only upon the “whispers of a choice” –or of a higher
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

directive to return, or lower impulse of “unfinished business” (attachments) –will they
then take note of the body condition they are to return to. Some are forewarned that it
will be difficult but worth it eventually, etc. Some return to their bodies and recover
remarkably fast and at times cleared of their medical pathology due to the direct
influence of the higher energies upon their physical vehicle and upon their primary
energy fields. (Physical and energetic upgrades.)

But usually the higher level of one’s true Self do not properly comprehend the
discomfitures and worse even, of being “stuck” in a body, dealing with a damaged body,
etc. Thus too often there is the “advice” to go back and finish whatever it is to finish.
This is really not necessary, but most aspects of the higher being lack sufficient spiritual
development to clearly tell one’s higher order of being simply “No!” and to explain why.
This, the lower level aspect “caves in” to the “guiding word” of the higher level of being
that generally regards its lower level aspect as an interactive “learning probe”.

As to not wanting to return to damaged bodies, more and more will decidedly not want
to return to a “damaged” body, to a hazardous planetary environment, overrun by a
damaged and demented human species.


The NDE/crossing-over “scene” is different now.

It is the “end times”, there are no more “missions”, (not unless one is 100% certain and
clear on some new “assignment”). There is no overriding “karmic” “law” (there never
really was). The downward dragging effect of the human realm exerts less and less of
“attractive pull” –unless the human level has a relative excess of attachments to the
human realm.


Germane to an understanding of the significance of the NDE, here is a short
recapitulation of some spiritual “history”:

There were those who, a few thousand years ago, understood the primary error/flaw,
etc. and knew of the Dark forces and the demented creator god/s. However, for the most
part, they did not understand the range and extent of creational flaws and errors that in
many ways were concomitant with the Error of the Dark: To wit, dissipation, excessive
and expansive individuations, and their derivatives such as excessive self-centeredness,

When these flaws or errors of creation intersected with the Dark side and its fallen
sector, there was enough compatibility to make it relatively easy for the dominant Dark
forces to take advantage of this “situational opportunity”. This “compatibility” is based
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

largely on certain commonalities with the original impulse by Creator of All to send
parts of itself forth to explore and to learn and to grow and evolve.

From ancient times to present, “emissaries” from the highest creation realms
understood the basic problem, and sought to implant seeds of the higher Oneness
Creator in the sphere of human consciousness, etc. These can be considered part of the
rapidly evolving process of the “corrections energies” of Creator of All. Those who more
recently arrived, understood enough of the overall situation to more precisely focus on
reclaiming that of the Divine from the muck and mire of the entwining of the Dark with
the Light. As part of this “corrections process”, some attempted to descend something of
the supramental or the Divine for a more comprehensive approach. This for the most
was not possible due to inimical nature of this reality and its incompatibility with the
higher light. It was determined that the human level itself was completely hostile as
well. (This further relates to our comments in these “Notes at the End” concerning the
emergence of a genuinely spiritualized human self that does not require an aspect of a
soul or higher being to reside with the host human vehicle. – see “A Spiritualized
Human?” near the end of this compilation.)

It was not until the more recent human earth period, that additional flaws in the
Creation process became understood and “uploaded” to the highest levels and
promulgated at many levels. This included an understanding of how it is that this
creation, human-earth, etc. was “made wrong” and even “made worse”.

The implications of these Realizations are still rippling and percolating through The All.

“Information” on the Creation processes, and more was also “downloaded” (descended)
into the energy bodies of some. Often this involved something of a NDE situation as it
was necessary to essentially take the body and the spiritual entity “offline” to effect such
enormous upgrades and “refittings”. Of those who received these “upgrades”, the
question remained how they would function in the human realm. Thus a process of
adjustment and integration was required and would then need to be “field tested” –
usually taking the form of various teaching or energy transmissions to humans. Most
suffered various forms of physical or energetic failures, but some “proved up” and
persevered in the higher work.

So indeed, it took a prolonged and detailed focus upon Earthly 3d (and the vibrational
planes most closely closely associated with it) to arrive at the needed understandings
and assessments on behalf of Creator and the larger corrections process. In human earth
time, this was a matter of only one decade or two.


We are now in the period of “no-judgment” (in marked contrast to the distorted
thinking of those mired in the dark side of consciousness of polarity and conflictual-
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

duality, etc. who believe in the “angry god”, “karma”, retribution, and all the rest of the
falsehoods of a reality and existence “made wrong”.

Hence all that vibrates to the higher state and the higher Oneness, whatever the extent
of individuation, will cohere (as in re-forming a coherent wholeness) and that which
does not –will cease to be. There is no conflict, no “war”, etc. The only “judgment” is that
of Consciousness “reporting” to Itself of all that it has learned.

So there is no “judgment day”, as human perversity imagines, rather it is a vast sharing
of seemingly infinite “uniquenesses” within a greater Unity.

Like a gardener deciding that the earthworms cause more harm than good, and that
poison ivy no longer serves a useful purpose beyond its fall colors and thus deletes the
replication programming, which in turn facilitates cessation of further manifestations.

This principle also applies to planets, galaxies, and universes, etc. –and to The All.

On Earth, presently vast amounts of ocean life are being “deleted”, as are many
terrestrial species. Terrestrial and atmospheric dynamics are all changing at an
increasing rate of change. Human interferences, pollution, etc., only contributes to the
process at times, but usually is not the root “causation”.

In human-earthly terms, this cannot be translated as a “timeline” since its effects are
already underway and are being felt –but the process may take many human earth years
to complete. No one can say. The process has its own multiple levels of monitoring and
feedback controls and is “adjusted” in near real time.

Or the Earth will be brought into the sun –or removed from this solar system –or so it
will seem from the 3d point-of-view.



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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Notes on Ascension:
The “Red Pill” Reloaded
December 21, 2013,1470.msg6268.html#msg6268

You take the first one and it is a preview or “virtual tour” that wears off over time,
leaving one with important questions and important choices to consider as one goes
about their human existence.

You take the second one as you reach your threshold of spiritualization and it begins to
dawn on you that you are a spiritual being and not a human being.

You take the third red pill and you become aware that you and most everyone else has
been caught up in a seemingly never-ending movie with endless variations.
You may first try to change the movie or leave the “theatre” in the larger “theme park”.
Perhaps you get off the merry-go-round, see your acquaintances still going round and
round and they in turn may wonder why you seem to be whizzing by them (as you are
now standing on different ground than they are). You wave and begin looking for a way
out of the “theme park”.

When you take the fourth pill you know that the theme park is not real, that
consciousness of human existence is not real and that the entire Matrix is not real. It is
only a collective projection of error and confusion on a massive scale.

After the fifth pill you have many spiritual choices available and perhaps various
requests. At this point you may be developing a supramental body or moving toward
becoming a more unified light being. By the sixth or seventh you are so far “on your
way” that you begin to wonder why you still have a human presence on Earth.

…to be continued



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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Notes on Ascension:
Confirmatory Signs
December 9, 2013,1470.msg6273.html#msg6273

In response to questions and letters…

One that comes to mind this evening is that there comes a time when it becomes more
and more difficult to maintain the pretense of "acting" as if human, you discover that
you are pretending you are doing or “enjoying” human things, or going through similar
motions. It may feel more like a type of knowing that you do not belong here, not

This knowing comes from your higher level of being, your true Self. It may be descended
into your human field of awareness more frequently or steadily. Or it may be that your
human level of higher knowing is more connected to that of your true Self. Or both may
be the case, of course.

Whatever it may be for any individual will vary. This is not at all the same as being in a
psychologically dysfunctional state of depression or discouragement or general disgust.
Negative feelings such as these are perfectly natural of course, but they cannot ever be
the primary or dominant quality that motivates or influences. Thus it is very important
to have a good clear inner dialogue and self-diagnostic system. Otherwise it can become
another form of delusion about illusions and falsehoods.


For some the converse may be true. In other words one knows from their true knowing
(not human self-delusion) why they are here now, what the spiritual purpose is to this
now, regardless of the duration of this new period of residing in the human level.


Energetic effects such as some that have been summarized in this new private forum
section are one example.

Feeling very much “done with it all” in the “positive” sense of a completeness and

Seeing “portals” would be a big confirmatory sign.

Page 75 of 82
“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Very higher level knowing that flows nearly automatically as you need to know.

Supranormal abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc. may emerge as
may be appropriate to help you into your next stage of existence. (However, those who
pursue these abilities or “powers” expecting that is a valid path to higher level
transfiguration will “fall” in ways they might not care to imagine.)

To be continued.



Confirmatory signs, etc…
Dec 22, 2013

You have a general “upliftment” of energy, mental, emotional, and etc. Happier. You
are complete.

And so you are free …free to choose what it is that you are to be, to be about, what you
are, etc.

What do you do with this heightened energy? What do you do with this new level of
spiritual freewill that is now more connected to higher Oneness?

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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Notes on ascension:
Confirmatory Signs, Red Pill, etc.
December 22, 2013 – slight edits May 12, 2014,1470.msg6274.html#msg6274

You may find your awareness literally outside of the bubble of this fallen reality. It is as
if you are far out in the cosmos looking at this irregular “bubble” of which you know,
without any doubt and in extreme detail, the extent of the collective spiritual insanity
that maintains it in a fallen realm.

And yet you also have retained some fragment of "presence" within that realm to
provide the needed perspective and detailed reference.

And you know that you may be able to perform a type of "self-rescue" by pulling that
portion of yourself out of the fallen existence as it is no longer connected to it, there only
as a neutral observer. Nothing more.

You know that this is so and you know that the human level is into a type of collective
insanity that is running self-perpetuating loops as it is, apart from the “malefic”
influences of various levels of Dark forces that exist both at and far beyond human 3d

You know that you are not of it and that you are free of it.

You are beyond the merry-go-rounds and the "theme parks" and the "movie theatres" of



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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Notes on ascension:
“An Excess of Joy” - Part 1
from January 19,

2014 – slight edits May 12, 2014,1470.msg6380.html#msg6380

As it is with many who arrive at a state of completion, there is often a certain lack of
energy for “carrying on” in the earth plane. This is nothing to do with the banality of
“psychological depression”, but rather one of total completeness and knowing this with
regard to oneself as well as the larger situation of Earth --and throughout The All of

So for me each day, swimming the ocean or simply being quiet at home, there is the
question continually: “what am I still doing here”? The answer of course is well known
to me, but it is became an ever more refined knowing –not just as it applies to me and
my greater being, but with regard to The All Itself and everything this encompasses.

There is no reason, no compulsion, no mission, etc. We are complete and very satisfied
over the work done here in this realm. Totally. There is no concern over my own
“ascension” as this is already exists, something that became ever more plain each day,
even while slogging through the absurdities of the human protocols for getting rid of
excess material baggage. Of course what remain at the end, as it is with the larger
spiritual process, will simply cease to be. In the mundane world, this means someone
comes to pick it all up and do whatever it is they will do with “stuff”.

At the higher levels, the process is one of Grace.

That which does not cohere through a higher Oneness, ceases to be.

There is no fear or worry of “dark forces” or whatever, even though they still make their
presence known through their interferences. And certainly no need for concern over
whatever it is that humans do with one another over the remaining period for human
existence on this planet. Just pay attention and stay away from oncoming buses and

At a certain stage of consciousness and knowing, there is not the possibility of judging
good or bad, right or wrong with regard to the human level. It is what it is and humans
cannot really help themselves. This is something of the “high compassion” in operation.

The main concerns are much greater and are the focus of the Four Concluding Essays
and Epilogue material. And there is something more that can be inferred and derived
from that material and it concerns alterations to The All of Creation and Creator of All.
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

Nothing is exempt from the totality of the “corrections energies”, only that its actions
and interactions vary according to each situation, regardless of scale or scope.

Human events, human history, the endless stories and doings. None of this matters.
What your personal self may believe to have defined your various human existences,
including this human life –memories in other words –are not what defines what is Real
and what is True. And these memories certainly do not define you or what you are. They
never have.

What matters most is what has been learned through all this by your true nature as a
spiritual being. And to free those spiritual beings who have become mired or trapped in
the “theatre”, addicted to the endless variations of endless movies from the main
projection booth and their own projections of falsehoods and illusions. Of course there
will be some memories retained of this world, but these memories are not the false ones
that the deluded human self is tricked into believing defines their “beingness” and


Now comes the “excess of joy” which is truly beyond mere words. There is a spiritually
ecstatic quality to it that you find grows and is limited only by your capacity to take to it,
to take it in, to become it, and expand into to its infiniteness. Here you find the true
“love” of Creator. Of your own true Self. And more.

The joy becomes you and you become it. As you near your embarkation from this realm
of existence, this joy lifts you, supports you and your capacity for this grows as you touch
in with it and as it becomes you.

Without this, I do not think it possible to be here writing this at this time – or to engage
in a short period of an intense and thorough “clean up” process preparatory to what lies
immediately ahead. And it is that which further amplifies this into an “excess of joy”.

This “excess” is nothing pejorative as human distortions would make it out to be, rather
it is that of spiritual abundance of the Highest.


“Excess of joy is harder to bear than any amount of sorrow.” -Honore de Balzac 1841

Rapt in contemplation, he stood for some time motionless, scarcely trusting his own
senses, through an excess of joy." - by Jeremiah Horrocks, 1639, from his account of
William Crabtree gratified beholding the pleasing spectacle of Venus upon the Sun's
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

A Vastness Beyond Vastness
December 23, 2013 – slight edits May 12, 2104,1470.msg6276.html#msg6276

Let us consider that true “healing” is about spiritually Knowing and discerning Truth
from Falsehood, Error from Beauty, etc. “Healing”, in most human contexts, is too often
about “restoring” or “fixing” or “compensating” for physical-mental-emotional deficits.
Perhaps there is nothing of this level of being that genuinely can be fixed –and perhaps
even should not be fixed unless a high level of spiritual consciousness is aware and
deliberate in its “actions”. (Of course there is always the occasional physical accident
that requires a bit more than home-remedying.) Too often the very process of “healing”
for the human level of awareness becomes an endless trap of attachment to “healing”
that can “consume” decades of one’s life with very little learning of any Real spiritual
value occurring.

The human intellect, the human mental self, has a similar problem with human-level
thoughts until there is a realization that there is no problem or dilemma to “resolve”.

Consider that it is all about the higher learning through creation. At that level there is
no deception, only the full knowledge of full learning. This is the case throughout higher
“levels” of consciousness that are differentiated from the unified field of “creation

Creator is calling upon All of Itself. Some parts may “come home” (into the unified field)
while others “dial in” from their seemingly “remote” home ports.

Sooner than later, that which coheres with the higher Oneness is part of a “re-made” or
reconstituted Creation and “re-born” Creator. That which does not, ceases to be.

There is no “judgment”, no human notion of fair or unfair.

The human aspect can play a conscious role by developing its capacity. If one cannot
develop the capacity (and discernment), then one is “along for the ride” until the “ride”
is over, however it plays out.

As suggested in the short comments above in “Red Pill Reloaded” and in other more
detailed essays, one of the confirmatory signs –of the reconnection, the expansion, etc.,
and other “ascension preliminaries” –is that one ceases to react or to even concern
oneself with the human level collective or personal “dramas”. As one becomes their
higher self and their higher self becomes them, this can extend beyond the overall
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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014

human-earth situation –and even beyond the relationship between one’s higher level of
being and this fallen realm.

(Of course, one still may need to look both ways before crossing a busy street, or to not
lean too far over the edge of a cliff.)

Stepping outside of the human point of view, etc. is of course a challenge when one still
has a human embodiment and “thinks” from a human level of awareness. (This may
seem to be a “Catch-22” situation, but it really is not.)

Stepping outside of the entirety of the fallen creation is also a confirmatory sign relative
to the higher Oneness –as one then gains a new perspective on both the larger situation
of Creation and Creator as well as the situation of the fallen realms. And in this, even the
human “problems” can be seen, “in a New Light”.

One eventually may reach a point of equanimity with having some portion of their
consciousness perceiving through the human level –and simultaneously at these vastly
expanded levels. And this can be known and experienced to some extent at the human
level aspect without risk of “psychotic” imbalance to the self.

And it is in such contexts that we can develop new types of “conversations” between our
various levels of Self. This can be a valuable element to one’s conscious ascension

And so it is, as one steps outside of the “flaws and errors” of Creation and Creator, that
one can better appreciate and comprehend how these occurred and they will be

And then to consider the possibility that Creator of All is aware that it is suspended in an
even greater seeming Void of indescribable Vastness, like a cosmic amniotic fluid
beyond words to describe.

There It finds an intimation of “That which preceded Itself”.


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“Notes at the End”
Compendium from December 2013 through May 2014


“At the center of the most secret of all secrets is that you are
not a human being, you are a spiritual being that has the use
of an Earthly host body. What you do with this Knowing is up
to you.”


…Our true Selfs constitute the living body of Creator of All, the
vast uniqueness – the infinite diversity – with a vast
interconnecting Oneness. This is the true higher “body” and
“mind” and is related to early notions of an impersonal,
“Christed Consciousness” of High Compassion.


All that which resonates and coheres with the higher oneness,
Creator of All, and the remaking of creation, etc. will be part of
a coherent whole. That which does not, will cease. This applies
at all levels of The All.


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