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- Seismic is defined as "Uniform Load

- Set "Uniform Load" as "G =
Gravitational Factor"
- Use check box at
"Environtment\Special Execution
Parameter" for setting Uniform Load as
"G" = Gravitational Factor.
Folder "Example HE & Tower Complete Spring Hanger"
1. Folder "Example All in One Analysis API 610 Pump End-Top"
2. Folder "Modelling Pump Nozzle.
Folder "Model Caesar "Example HE & Tower Complete
Spring Hanger"
1. Folder "Example Compressor API 617 All in One Analysis"
1. Folder "Load Case Import 2 Pump"
2. Folder "Load Case Import 3 Pump"
3. Folder "Load Case Import 4 Pump"
To minimize error writing for load case, please make "Load Case
Import" from the above folders.
1.You must check that your unit MKSM is already the same with
unit of the job file you import from.
2. Load case, wind and wave data will be imported from the job
file reference.