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Ths book s dcdcatcd to thc mcmory o|
Erch !antsch
Aharon Katcha|sky
Pcrrc Rcsbos
Lcon Roscntc|d
L.c C LCcNc
tL. Sc|cncc and Chanc by A|v|n Tomcr x|
1t^L. Man`s Ncw D|a|o0c w|th Nat0rc xxv||
P1LLL1P. Thc Cha||cnc to Sc|cncc
LDDK \|O' 10O .OlB|D0 D| 0O O0|vO|S0|
LM& . Thc Tr|umph ot Rcason 1
. Thc Ncw Moscs 1
. A Dch0man|zcd World J
J. Thc Ncwton|an Synthcs|s J1
1. Thc Expcr|mcnta| D|a|o0c 1
3. Thc Myth at thc Or||n ot Sc|cncc 11
0. Thc l|m|ts ot CIass|caI Sc|cncc 3
LM^11 . Thc dcnt|hcat|on ot thc RcaI 31
. Ncwton`s laws 31
. Mot|on and Chanc bZ
J. Tbc Lan0ac ot Dynam|cs 0
1. lap|acc`s Dcmon 75
LM1 M. Thc To Cu|t0rcs 1V
. D|dcrot and thc D|sco0rsc ot thc l|v|n 1V
Z. Kant`s Cr|t|caI Rat|cat|on 0
J. A Ph||osophy ot Naturc? HccI and crson V
1. Poccss and Rca||ty: Wh|tchcad VJ
3. "noramus, lnoram|b0s:
Thc Pos|t|v|st`s Stra|n V0
0. A Ncw Start V
LM^11 N. Encry and thc nd0str|a| Ac J
1. Hcat, thc RvaI 0 Gravtaton OJ
. Thc Prncp|c ot thc Conscrvaton ot Encry 07
J. Hcat Enncs and thc Arrow ot Tmc
1. lrom Tcchno|oy to Cosmo|oy 5
5. Thc Brth ot Entropy 7
5. Bo|tzmann`s Ordcr Prncp|c 22
7. Carnot and Darwn 27
LMPVLH N+ Thc Thrcc 5tacs ot Thcrmodynamcs 31
. l|ux and lorcc J
. lncar Thcrmodynamcs J7
J. lar tmm Equ|brum 10
1. Bcyond thc Thrcsho|d ot ChcmcaI lnstab|ty 15
5. Thc Encountcr wth Mo|ccu|ar Bo|oy 5J
5. Bturcatons and Symmctry-Brcakn 6
7. Cascadn Bturcatons and
thc Transtons to Chaos 57
. lrom Euc|d to Arstot|c 7
LMPVLH N. Ordcr Throuh l|uctuatons 77
. l|uctuatons and Chcmstry 77
2. l|uctuatons and Corrc|atons 79
J. Thc Amp|caton ot l|uctuatons 8
+. Structura| Stab|ty 89
5. lostc Evo|uton 92
5. Evo|utonary lccdback 95
7. Modc|zatons ot Comp|cxty 20J
. An Opcn Wor|d 207
3JJ- 1ss. J 3sg |J 3sJg
LMPVLH N. Rcdscovcrn Tmc 2J
1. A Chanc ot Emphass 2J
. Thc End ot Unvcrsa|ty 27
J. Thc Rsc ot Quantum Mcchancs 28

1. Hcscnbcr`s Unccrtanty Rc|aton 222

. h2 2mQOta VOUOD Ol @UaDUm by8m8 226
5. A Noncqu|ibrum Unvcrsc 229
LM^11 N. Thc C|ash ot Doctrncs 2JJ
. ProbabiIity and lrrcvcrsibiIity 2JJ
2. BoItzmann`s Brcakthro0h 210
J. Q0cstionin BoItzmann`s lntcrprctation 21J
1. Dynamics and Thcrmodynamics: To Scparatc
WorIds 217
5. BoItzmann and thc Arrow ot Timc 25J
LMP11 A. lrrcvcrsibiIity-thc Entropy Barricr 257
. Entmpy and thc Arrow ot Timc 257
2. lrrcvcrsibiIity as a Symmctry-Brcakin Proccss 26J
J. Thc Limits ot CIassica| Conccpts 26
1. Thc RcncwaI ot Dynamics 261
5. lrom Randomncss to lrrcvcrsibiIity 272
b. Thc Entmpy Barricr 2Z7
1. Thc Dynamics ot CorrcIations 280
. Entmpy as a ScIcction PrincipIc 285
V. Activc Mattcr 286
LLP\LbLPb. lrom Earth to Hcavcn-
thc Rccnchantmcnt ot Nat0rc 29
An Opcn Scicncc 29
2. Timc and Times 293
J. Thc Entropy Barricr 295
1. Thc EvoI0tionary Pradim 297
5. Actors and Spcctators 298
6. A WhirIwind in a T0rb0Icnt Nat0rc J0
Z. Bcyond Ta0toIoy J05
8. Thc Crcativc Co0rsc ot Timc J07
V. Thc H0man Condition J
0. Thc RcncwaI ot Nat0rc 32
P1b J5
5|L!L 1
/v'| J|
Onc ot thc most h|gh|y dcvc|opcd sk|||s |n contcmporary Wcst-
crn c|v|||zat|on |s d|sscct|on. thc sp||t-up ot prob|cms |nto thc|r
sma||cst poss|bIc componcnts. Wc arc good at |t. So good, wc
ottcn torgct to p0t thc p|cccs back togcthcr aga|n.
Th|s sk||| |s pcrhaps most nc|y honcd |n sc|cncc. Thcrc wc
not on|y ro0t|ncly brcak prob|cms down |nto b|tc-s|zcd chunks
and m|n|-chunks, wc thcn vcry

ttcn |so|atc cach onc trom |ts

cnv|ronmcnt by mcans ot a 0sctu| tr|ck. Wc say cctcris pur-
ibux~a|| othcr th|ngs bc|ng cq0a|. ln th|s way wc can |gnorc
thc comp|cx | ntcract|ons bctwccn our prob|cm and thc rcst ot
thc 0n|vcrsc.
l|ya Pr|gog|nc, who won thc Nobc| Pr|zc |n VJJ tor h| s
work on thc thcrmodynam|cs ot noncq0|||br|0m systcms, | s
not sat|scd, howcvcr, w|th mcrc|y tak|ng th|ngs apart. Hc has
spcnt thc bcttcr part ot a ||tct|mc try|ng to "p0t thc p|cccs
back togcthcr aga|n"~thc p|cccs |n th|s casc bc|ng b|o|ogy
and phys|cs, ncccss|ty and chancc, sc|cncc and human|ty.
Born |n R0ss|a |n 1V1 and ra|scd |n Bc|g|0m s|ncc thc agc
ot tcn, Pr|gog|nc |s a compact man w|th gray ha|r, c|can|y ch|s-
cIcd tcaturcs, and a |ascr||kc |ntcns|ty. Dccp|y |ntcrcstcd | n
archaco|ogy, art, and h|story, hc br|ngs to sc|cncc a rcmark-
ab|c po|ymath|c m|nd. Hc ||vcs w|th h|s cng|nccr-w|tc, Ma-
r| na, and h| s son, Pasca| , | n Br0ssc| s, whcrc a cross-
d|sc|p||nary tcam | s b0sy cxp|or|ng t hc | mp||cat|ons ot h|s
|dcas |n c|ds as d|sparatc as thc soc|a| bchav|or ot ant co|o-
n|cs, d|0s|on rcact|ons |n chcm|ca| systcms and d|ss|pat|vc
proccsscs |n g0ant0m cld thcory.
Hc spcnds part ot cach ycar at thc l|ya Pr|gog|nc Ccntcr tor
buBlCu NCCDuuCS and Thcrmodynamcs oI thc Un|vcrs|ty
ot Tcxas |n A0st|n. To h|s cv|dcnt dc|ght and s0rprsc, hc was
awardcd thc Nobc| Prizc tor his work on "dissipativc str0c-
t0rcs" ari sin o0t ot non|incar proccsscs in noncg0iIibri0m
systcms. Thc coa0thor ot this vo|0mc, lsabc||c Stcncrs, is a
phi|osophcr, chcmist, and historian ot scicncc who scrvcd tor
a timc as part ot Prionc `s Br0ssc|s tcam. Shc now |ivcs in
Paris and is associatcd with thc M0scc dc |a ViIIcttc.
ln UrJcr Uut o/ Chuoa thcy havc ivcn 0s a Iandmark-a
work that is contcntio0s and mind-cncrizin, a book ||cd
with ashin insihts that s0bvcrt many ot o0r most basic as-
s0mptions and s0cst trcsh ways to think abo0t thcm.
Undcr thc tit|c Lu nouvc//c ul/iunce, its appcarancc i n
lrancc i n !979 tricrcd a marvc|o0s scicntitic trcc-tor-a|l
amon prcstiio0s intc||cct0a|s in c|ds as divcrsc as cntomo|-
oy and |itcrary criticism.
lt is a mcas0rc ot Amcrica`s ins0|arity and c0|t0raI ar-
roancc that this book, which is cithcr p0b|ishcd or abo0t to
bc p0bIishcd in twc|vc |an0acs, has takcn so |on to cross
thc At|antic. Thc dc|ay carrics with it a si|vcr |inin, howcvcr,
in that this cdition inc|0dcs Prioinc `s ncwcst ndins, par-
tic0|ar|y with rcspcct to thc Sccond Law ot thcrmodynamics,
which hc scts into a trcsh pcrspcctivc.
lor a|| thcsc rcasons, UrJcr Uut o/Chuoa is morc than ]0st
anothcr book: lt is a |cvcr tor chanin scicncc itsc|t, tor com-
pc||in 0s to rccxaminc its oa|s, its mcthods, its cpistcmoI-
oy~its wor|d vicw. lndccd, this book can scrvc as a symbol
ot today`s hstoric transtormation in scicncc-onc that no in-
tormcd pcrson can attord to inorc.
Somc scho|ars pict0rc scicncc as drivcn by its own intcrnal
|oic, dcvc|opin accordin to its own |aws in sp|cndid iso|a-
tion rom thc wor|d aro0nd it. Yct many scicntic hypothcscs ,
thcorics, mctaphors, and modc|s (not t o mcntion thc choiccs
madc by scicntists cithcr to st0dy or to inorc vario0s prob-
|cms) arc shapcd by cconomic, c0|t0ra|, and po|iticaI torccs
opcratin o0tsidc thc |aboratory.
l do not mcan to s0cst to ncat a pam||cI bcIwccn thc nat0m
O soicty and thc rcinin scicntic worId vicw or "padig."
Sti|| |css wo0|d l rc|catc scicncc to somc "s0pcrstr0ct0rc
mo0ntcd atop a sociocconomic "basc," as Marxists U wont to
do. Uut aoOnoO a not un "ndOpOndOnt vurublO.'' !t 8 un opOn
systcm cmbcddcd in soicty and |inkcd to it by vcry dcnsc tccd-
back |oops. lt is powcn0I|y im0cnccd by its ctcmm cnvimn-
mcnt, and, n a cncraI way, its dcvc|opmcnt is shapcd by c0|t0m
nccptivity to |ts dominant |dcas.
Takc that body ot |dcas that camc tocthcr |n thc scvcn-
tccnth and cihtccnth ccntur|cs undcr thc hcadin ot "c|ass|-
ca| sc|cncc or "Ncwtonianism. Thcy picturcd a wor|d in
which cvcry cvcnt was dctcrmincd by initia| conditions that
wcrc, at |cast |n pr|ncip|c, dccrminab|c with prccision. lt was
a wor|d |n which chancc p|aycd no part, |n which a|| thc picccs
camc tocthcr |ikc cos in a cosmic machinc.
Thc acccptancc ot this mcchanistic vicw coincidcd w|th thc
risc ot a tactory civ||ization. And divinc d|cc-shootin sccms
hard|y cno0h to account tor thc tact that thc Ac ot thc Ma-
chinc cnthusiastica|| y cmbraccd scicntit|c thcorics that pic-
tund thc cntirc 0nivcrsc as a machinc.
This vicw ot thc wor|d |cd Lap|acc to his tamo0s c|aim that,
|vcn cnouh tacts, wc cou|d not mcrc|y prcd|ct thc t0turc b0t
rctrodict thc past. And this |mac ot a simp|c, 0nitorm, mc-
chan|ca| 0nivcrsc not on|y shapcd thc dcvc|opmcnt ot sc|cncc,
it a|so sp|||cd ovcr into many othcr c|ds. lt |nucnccd thc
tramcrs ot thc Amcrican Constitution to crcatc a machinc tor
ovcrni n, |ts chccks and ba|anccs c|ickin |ikc parts ot d
c|ock. Mcttcrn|ch, whcn hc rodc torth to crcatc h|s ba|ancc ot
powcr |n E0ropc, carr|cd a copy ot Lap|acc`s wr|t|ns |n h|s
baac. And thc dramatic sprcad ot tactory c|vhzat|on, w|th
i ts vast c| ank|n machincs, its hcroic cninccrin brcak-
thro0hs, thc r|sc ot thc rai|road, and ncw |nd0strics s0ch as
stcc| , tcxt||c, and auto, sccmcd mcrc|y to conrm thc imac ot
thc 0nivcrsc as an cninccr`s Tinkcrtoy.
Today, howcvcr, thc Ac ot thc Machinc is scrccch|n to a
ha|t, it acs can scrccchand o0rs ccrta|n|y sccms to. And
thc dcc||nc ot thc |ndustria| ac torccs 0s to contront thc pain-
tu| ||m|tat|ons ot thc machinc modc| ot rca|ity.
Ot coursc, most ot thcsc | im|tat|ons arc not trcsh| y dis-
covcrcd. Thc notion that thc wor|d |s a c|ockwork, thc p|ancts
timc|css|y orbit|n, a|| systcms opcratin dctcrministica||y |n
cq0i|ibrium, a|| s0b|cct to 0n|vcrsa| |aws that an o0tsidc ob-
scrvcr co0|d d|scovcrth|s modc| has comc 0ndcr withcrn
rc cvcr s|ncc |t rst arosc.
ln thc car|y ninctccnth ccnt0ry, thcrmodynami cs cha| -
Icncd thc timc|cssncss |mp|icd | n thc mcchanistic imac ot
thc uni vcrsc. lt thc wor|d was a b machi nc, thc thcr-
modynamicists dcc|arcd, it was runnin down, its usctu| cn-
cry |cak|n o0t. lt co0|d not o on torcvcr, and t|mc,
thcrctorc, took on a ncw mcan|n. Darw|n's to||owcrs soon
|ntrod0ccd a contrad|ctory tho0ht. Thc wor|d-mach|nc m|ht
bc r0nn|n down, |os|n cncry and oran|zat|on, b0t b|o|o-
|ca| systcms, at |cast, wcrc r0nn|n up, bccom|n morc, not
|css, oran|zcd.
By thc car|y twcnt|cth ccnt0ry, E|nstc|n had comc a|on to
p0t thc obscrvcr back |nto thc systcm. Thc mach|nc |ookcd
d|ttcrcnt-|ndccd, tor a|| pract|ca| p0rposcs |t wua d|hcrcnt-
dcpcnd|n 0pon whcrc yo0 stood w|th|n |t. B0t |t was st||| a
dctcrm|n|st|c mach|nc, and God d|d not throw d|cc. Ncxt, thc
g0ant0m pcop|c and thc 0nccrta|nty to|ks attackcd thc modc|
w|th p|ckaxcs, s|cdchammcrs, and st|cks ot dynam|tc.
Ncvcrthc|css, dcsp|tc a|| thc |ts, ands, and b0ts, |t rcma|ns
ta|r to say, as Pr|o|nc and Stcncrs do, that thc mach|nc par-
ad|m |s st|II thc "rctcrcncc po|nt" tor phys|cs and thc corc
modc| ot sc|cncc |n cncra|. lndccd, so powcrt0| |s |ts con-
t|n0|n |n0cncc that m0ch ot soc|a| sc|cncc, and cspcc|a||y
cconom|cs, rcma|ns 0ndcr |ts spc||.
Thc |mportancc ot th|s book |s not s|mp|y that |t 0scs or|-
na| ar0mcnts to cha||cnc thc Ncwton|an modc|, b0t a|so
that |t shows how thc st||| va||d, thouh m0ch ||m|tcd, c|a|ms
ot Ncwton|an|sm m|ht t compat|b|y |nto a |arcr sc|cnt|c
|mac ot rca||ty. lt ar0cs that thc o|d "0n|vcrsa| |aws arc not
0n|vcrsa| at a||, b0t app|y onIy to |oca| rc|ons ot rca||ty. And
thcsc happcn to bc thc rc|ons to wh|ch sc|cncc has dcvotcd
thc most cttort.
Th0s, |n broad-strokc tcrms, Pr|o|nc and Stcncrs ar0c
that trad|t|ona| sc|cncc |n thc Ac ot thc Mach|nc tcndcd to
cmphas|zc stab|||ty, ordcr, 0n|torm|ty, and cq0|||br|0m. lt con-
ccrncd |tscIt most|y w|th c|oscd systcms and ||ncar rcIat|on-
sh|ps |n wh|ch sma|| |np0ts 0n|torm|y y|cId sma|| rcs0|ts.
W|th thc trans|t|on trom an |nd0str|a| soc|cty bascd on
hcavy |np0ts ot cncry, cap|ta|, and |abor to a h|h-tcchno|oy
soc|cty |n wh|ch |ntormat|on and |nnovat|on arc thc cr|t|ca|
rcso0rccs, |t |s not s0rpr|s|n that ncw sc|cnt|c worId modc|s
sho0|d appcar.
What makcs thc Pr|o|n|an parad|m cspcc|aI|y |ntcrcst|n
|s that |t sh|s attcnt|on to thosc aspccts ot rca||ty that charac-
l2 OUuy5 uCC\lucU 5OCu CDuD@1 U:5OlUCt, D5uD:!:,
d|vcrs|ty, d|scq0|||br|0m, non||ncar rc|at|onsh|ps (|n wh|ch
sma|| np0ts can trcr massvc conscqucnccs), and tcm-
pora|ty-a hchtcncd scnstivity to thc Rows ot Imc.
Thc work ot l|ya Pronc and hs co| | caucs n Ihc so-
ca||cd "Br0ssc| s schoo| may wcI| rcprcscnt thc ncxt rcvo|0-
ton n sccncc as t cntcrs nto a ncw da|ouc noI mcrc| y wth
naturc, but wth soccty tsc|t.
Thc dcas ot thc Br0ssc|s schoo| , bascd hcav|y on Pr|-
onc`s work, add 0p to a novcI, comprchcnsvc thcory ot
Summcd 0p and smp|cd, thcy ho|d that wh|c somc parts D
thc 0nvcrsc may opcratc |kc machincs, thcsc an c|oscd systcms,
and cIoscd systcms, at bcst, torm on|y a sma|| part D Ihc physcaI
0n|vcrsc. Most phcnomcna D |ntcrcst to 0s arc, n tact, oea
systcms, cxchann cncry or mattcr (and, onc mht add, ntor-
mat|on) wIh thcir cnvronmcnt. Sun|y bo|oca| and soca| sys-
tcms arc opcn, whch mcans that thc attcmpI to 0ndcrstand thcm
|n mcchan|stc tcrms s domcd to ta|0n.
Ths s0csts, morcovcr, that most ot rca| ty, |nstcad ot
bcn ordcr| y, stab| c, and cqu|bra!, s sccthn and bubb|n
wIh chanc, dsordcr, and proccss.
ln Pronan tcr ms, a|| systcms contan s0bsystcms,
whch arc contn0a|| y "uct0atn. At tmcs, dsn|c uctua-
ton or a combnaton ot thcm may bccomc so powcrt0| , as a
rcsu|t ot posi tvc tccdback, Ihat t shattcrs thc prccxstn or-
anzaton. At ths rcvo| utionary momcntIhc authors ca|| |t
d "snu|ar momcnt or a "biturcaton pontit s inhcrcnt|y
|mpossb|c to dctcrmnc |n advancc which drccton chanc
w| | takc. whcthcr thc sysIcm wI| dsntcratc nto "chaos or
Icap to a ncw, morc dttcrcnIiatcd, hhcr |cvc| ot "ordcr or
oranzaton, whch thcy ca|| a "dsspatvc str0ct0rc. (S0ch
physcaI or chcm|caI str0cI0rcs arc tcrmcd dssipatvc bc-
ca0sc, comparcd with thc simp|cr str0cturcs thcy rcp|acc, thcy
rcquirc morc cncry to susIan Ihcm.)
Onc ot thc kcy controvcrscs surroundn this conccpt has
to do wth Prioinc`s insisIcncc that ordcr and oranzaton
can actua| | y arsc "spontancous| y out ot dsordcr and chaos
throuh a proccss ot "sc|t-oranzaton.
To rasp ths cxtrcmc|y powcrtu| dca. wc Hrs! nccd fo mako
a d|stincton bctwccn systcms Ihat arc n "cqui|brum, sys-
0R0ER OT 0F CHA05 v|
tcms that arc "ncar cqui|ibrium, and systcms that arc "tar
trom cqui|ibrium.
lmainc a primitivc tribc. lt its birthratc and dcath ratc arc
cqua|, thc sizc ot thc popu|ation rcmains stab|c. Assumin ad-
cquatc tood and othcr rcsourccs, thc tribc torms part ot a |oca|
systcm in cco|oica| cqui|ibrium.
Now incrcasc thc birthratc. A tcw additiona| births (witho0t
an cquiva|cnt numbcr ot dcaths) miht havc |itt|c cttcct. Thc
systcm may movc to a ncar-cqui|ibria! statc. Nothin much
happcns. lt takcs a bi jo|t to producc bi conscqucnccs in
systcms that arc in cqui|ibriaI or ncar-cq0i| ibriaI statcs.
But i t thc birthratc shou|d suddcn|y soar, thc systcm is
pushcd into a tar-trom-cqui|ibrium condition, and hcrc non-
Iincar rc|ationships prcvai| . ln this statc, systcms do stranc
thins. Thcy bccomc inordinatc|y scnsitivc to cxtcrna| in0-
cnccs. Sma|| inputs yic|d huc, start|in cttccts. Thc cntirc
systcm may rcoranizc itsc|t in ways that strikc 0s as bizarrc.
Examp|cs ot such sc|t-rcoranization abound in UrJcr Uut
o/Chuos. Hcat movin cvcn|y throuh a |iquid suddcn|y, at a
ccrtain thrcsho|d, convcrts into a convcction currcnt that radi-
ca| |y rcoranizcs thc |iquid, and mi||ions ot mo|ccu|cs, as it on
c0c, suddcn|y torm thcmsc|vcs into hcxaona| cc||s.
Evcn morc spcctacu|ar arc thc "chcmica| c|ocks dcscribcd
by Prioinc and Stcncrs. lmainc a mi||ion whitc pin-pon
ba||s mxcd at random wth a mi||on b|ack oncs, bouncn
around chaotica||y in a tank with a |ass window in it. Most ot
thc timc, thc mass sccn throuh thc window wou|d appcar to
bc ray, but now and thcn, at irrcu|ar momcnts, thc samp|c
sccn throuh thc |ass miht sccm b|ack or whitc, dcpcndin
on thc distribution ot thc ba||s at that momcnt in thc vicinity ot
thc window.
Now imainc that suddcn|y thc window ocs a|| whitc, thcn
a|l b|ack, thcn a|| whitc aain, and on and on, chanin its
co|or comp|ctc|y at xcd intcrva|s|ikc a c|ock tickin.
Why do a|| thc whitc ba||s and a|| thc b|ack oncs suddcn|y
oranizc thcmsc|vcs to chanc co|or in timc with onc anothcr?
By a|| thc traditiona| ru|cs, this shou|d not happcn at aII. Yct,
wc |cavc pin-pn bchind and |o0k at mo|cc0|cs in ccrtain chcm|-
ca nactions, wc nd that prccisc|y such a sc|t-oranization or
orderng can and dos ocur-espte what cIasscaI physcs and
thc pmbabi|ity thcorics D Bo|tzmann tc|| us.
ln tar-trom-cqui|i brium situations othcr sccmin|y spon-
tanco0s, ocn dramat|c rcoran|zat|ons ot mattcr w|th|n t|mc
and spacc a|so takc p|acc. And |t wc bc|n thnk|n |n tcrms ot
two or thrcc d|mcns|ons, thc n0mbcr and var|cty ot s0ch pos-
s|b|c str0ct0rcs bccomc vcry rcat.
Now add to th|s an add|t|ona| d|scovcry. lma|nc a s|t0aton
|n wh|ch a chcm|ca| or othcr rcact|on produccs an cnzymc
whosc prcscncc thcn cnco0racs t0rthcr product|on ot thc
samc cnzymc. Ths |s an cxamp|c ot what computcr sc|cnt|sts
wou|d ca|| a pos|t|vc-tccdback |oop. ln chcm|stry |t |s ca||cd
"auto-cata|yss. Such s|tuat|ons arc rarc |n |noran|c chcm|s-
try. B0t |n rcccnt dccadcs thc mo|ccu|ar b|o|o| sts havc tound
that s0ch |oops (a|on w|th |nhb|tory or "ncat|vc tccdback
and morc comp||catcd "cross-cata|yt|c` proccsscs) arc thc
vcry st0h ot ||tc |tsc|t. Such proccsscs hc|p cxp|an how wc o
trom |tt|c |0mps ot DNA to comp|cx |v|n oransms.
Morc cncra|| y, thcrctorc, |n tar-trom-cqu||brum cond|-
t|ons wc nd that vcry sma|l pcrt0rbat|ons or uctuat|ons can
bccomc amp||t|cd nto antc, structurc-brcak|n wavcs.
And th|s shcds ||ht on a|| sorts ot "qua||tatvc or "rcvo|0-
t|onary chanc proccsscs. Whcn onc comb|ncs thc ncw |n-
s|hts a|ncd trom study|n tar-trom-cqu|||br|um statcs and
non|ncar proccsscs, a|on w|th thcsc comp|catcd tccdback
systcms, a who|c ncw approach |s opcncd that makcs |t poss|-
b|c to rc|atc thc so-ca||cd hard sc|cnccs to thc socr sc|cnccs
ot |tc~and pcrhaps cvcn to soca| proccsscs as wc||.
(Such nd|ns havc at |cast ana|o|ca| sn|cancc tor so-
c|a| , cconomc or po||t|ca| rca||t|cs. Words ||kc "rcvo|ut|on,
"cconomc crash, "tcchno|oca| uphcava| , and "parad|gm
sh| a|| takc on ncw shadcs ot mcann whcn wc bcn thnk-
|n ot thcm |n tcrms ot uctuat|ons, tccdback amp||cat|on,
d|sspat|vc struct0rcs, b|turcatons, and thc rcst ot thc Pr|o|-
n|an conccptua| vocabu|ary.) lt |s thcsc panoram|c v|stas that
arc opcncd to us by UrJcr Uut o' Chos.
Bcyond th| s, thcrc |s thc cvcn morc p0zz||n, pcrvas|vc |s-
s0c ot t|mc.
Prt ot today`s vast rcvo|ut|on |n both sc|cncc and cu|turc |s
a rccons|dcraton ot t|mc, and t s |mportant cnouh to mcrt a
brct d|rcss|on hcrc bctorc rcturn|n to Pro|nc`s m|c |n |t.
Takc h|story, tor cxamp|c. Onc ot thc rcat contrbutons to
hstororaphy has bccn Braudc|`s d|v|son ot t|mc |nto thrcc
sca|cs~" coraph|ca| tmc, |n wh|ch cvcnts occ0r ovcr thc
coursc ot acons , thc much shortcr "socia| timc sca|c by
which cconomics, statcs, and civi|izations arc mcasurcd, and
thc cvcn shortcr sca|c ot "individua| timc-thc history ot
human cvcnts.
ln socia| scicncc, timc rcmains a |arc|y unmappcd tcrrain.
Anthropo|oy has tauht us that cu|turcs dittcr sharp|y i n thc
way thcy conccivc ot timc. lor somc, timc is cyc|ica|-history
cnd|css|y rccurrcnt. lor othcr cu|turcs, our own inc|udcd,
timc is a hihway strctchcd bctwccn past and tut0rc, and pco-
p|c or who|c socictics march a|on it. ln sti|| othcr cu|turcs,
human |ivcs arc sccn as st
tionary in timc, thc tuturc advanccs
toward us, instcad ot 0s toward it.
Each socicty, as l` vc writtcn c|scwhcrc, bctrays its own
charactcristic "timc biasthc dcrcc to which it p|accs cm-
phasis on past, prcscnt, or tuturc. Onc |ivcs in thc past. An-
othcr may bc obscsscd with thc tuturc.
Morcovcr, cach cu|turc and cach pcrson tcnds to think in
tcrms ot "timc horizons. Somc ot us think on|y ot thc immc-
diatc-thc now. Po|iticians, tor cxamp| c, arc ocn criticizcd
tor scckin on|y immcd| atc, short-tcrm rcs0|ts. Thcir timc
horizon is said to bc inucnccd by thc datc ot thc ncxt c|cc-
tion. Othcrs amon us p|an tor thc |on tcrm. Thcsc dihcrin
timc horizons arc an ovcr|ookcd sourcc ot socia| and po|itica|
trictionpcrhaps amon thc most important.
But dcspitc thc rowi n rcconition that cu| tura| con-
ccptions ot timc dhcr, thc socia| scicnccs havc dcvc|opcd |itt|c
in thc way ot a cohcrcnt thcory ot timc. Such a thcory miht
rcach across many discip|incs, trom po|itics to roup dynam-
ics and intcrpcrsona| psycho|oy. lt m|ght, tor cxamp|c, takc
account ot what, in Ia|are 5hock, l ca||cd "durationa| cxpcc-
tancics-our cu|tura||y induccd assumptions about how |on
ccrtain proccsscs arc supposcd to takc.
Wc |carn vcry car|y, tor cxamp|c, that brushin onc`s tccth
shou|d |ast on|y a tcw minutcs, not an cntirc mornin, or that
whcn Daddy |cavcs tor work, hc is |ikc|y to bc onc approx-
imatc|y ciht hours, or that a "mca|timc may |ast a tcw min-
utcs or hours, but ncvcr a ycar. (Tc|cvision, with its division ot
thc day into tixcd thirty- or sixty-minutc intcrva| s, subt|y
shapcs our notions ot duration. Thus wc norma||y cxpcct thc
DCtO D u FC!OUtuFu lO gCl lDC gt! O DU lDC DODCy O1 WH
thc war in thc |ast vc minutcs. ln thc Unitcd Statcs wc cxpcct
commcrcia|s to brcak in at ccrtain intcrva|s.) Our minds am
IIcd with such durationa| assumptions. Thosc ot chi|drcn arc
much dittcrcnt trom thosc ot tu||y socia|izcd adu|ts, and hcrc
aain thc dittcrcnccs arc a sourcc ot conict.
Morcovcr, chi | drcn i n an i ndustria| socicty arc "ti mc
traincd-thcy |carn to rcad thc c|ock, and thcy |carn to dis-
tinuish cvcn quitc sma|| s|iccs ot timc, as whcn thcir parcnts
tc|| thcm, "You`vc on|y ot thrcc morc minutcs ti|| bcdtimc!
Thcsc sharp| y honcd tcmpora| ski | | s arc ottcn abscnt in
s|owcr-movin ararian socictics that rcquirc |css prccisiDn in
da|y schcduIin than our timc-obscsscd socicty.
Such conccpts, which t within thc socia| and individuaI
Iimc sca|cs ot BraudcI, havc ncvcr bccn systcmatica||y dc-
vcIopcd in thc socia| scicnccs. Nor havc thcy, in any sini-
cant way, bccn articuIatcd with our scicntic thcorics ot timc,
cvcn thouh thcy arc ncccssari|y conncctcd with our assump-
tions about physica| rca|ity. And this brins us back to Pri-
onc, who has bccn tascinatcd by thc conccpt ot timc sincc
boyhood. Hc oncc said to mc that, as a youn studcnt, hc was
str0ck by a rand contradiction i n thc way scicncc vicwcd
timc, and this contradiction has bccn thc sourcc ot his |itc's
work cvcr sincc.
ln thc wor|d modc| constructcd by Ncwton and his toI-
|owcrs, timc was an acrthouht. A momcnt, whcthcr in thc
prcscnt, past, or tuturc, was assumcd to bc cxact|y |ikc any
othcr momcnt. Thc cnd|css cyc|in ot thc pIancts-indccd,
thc opcrations ot a cIock or a simp|c machinc-can, in princi-
p|c, o cithcr backward or torward in timc without a|tcrin thc
basics ot thc systcm. lor this rcason, scicntists rctcr to timc i n
Ncwtonian systcms as "rcvcrsib|c.
ln thc ninctccnth ccntury, howcvcr, as thc main tocus ot
physics shittcd trom dynamics to thcrmodynamics and thc
Sccond Law ot thcrmodynamics was proc|aimcd, timc sud-
dcn|y bccamc a ccntra| conccrn. lor, accordin to thc Sccond
Law, thcrc is an incscapab|c |oss ot cncry in thc univcrsc.
And, it thc wor|d machinc is rcaI| y runni n down and ap-
proaching thc hcat dcath, thcn it to|Iows that onc momcnt is no
|oncr cxact|y |ikc thc |ast. You cannot run thc univcrsc back-
ward to makc up tor cntropy. Evcnts ovcr !hc |on tcrm cannot
rcp|ay thcmsc| vcs. And thi s mcans !hB! !hCtC 9 W UtC-
tonality or, as Eddington |atcr callcd it, an "arrow i n timc.
Thc whoIc 0n|vcrsc | s, |n tact, a|n. And, |n t0rn, |t th|s s
tr0c, t|mc |s a onc-way strcct. lt |s no |oncr rcvcrs|bIc, b0t
ln short, w|th thc r|sc ot thcrmodynam|cs, sc|cncc sp||t
down thc m|dd|c w|th rcspcct to t|mc. Worsc yct, cvcn thosc
who saw t|mc as |rrcvcrs|b|c soon a|so sp||t |nto two camps.
Ahcr a|I , as cncry |cakcd o0t ot thc systcm, |ts ab|||ty to
s0sta|n oran|zcd str0ct0rcs wcakcncd, and thcsc, |n t0rn,
brokc down |nto |css oran|zcd, hcncc morc random cIc-
mcnts. B0t |t |s prcc|scIy oran|zat|on that |vcs any systcm
|ntcrna| d|vcrs|ty. Hcncc, as cntropy dra|ncd thc systcm ot cn-
cry, |t aIso rcd0ccd thc d|ttcrcnccs |n |t. Th0s thc Sccond
Law po|ntcd toward an |ncrcas|n|y homocnco0s-and, trom
thc h0man po|nt ot v|cw, pcss|m|st|c-t0t0rc.
lma|nc thc probIcms |ntrod0ccd by Darw|n and h|s toI-
Iowcrs! lor cvoI0t|on, tar trom po|nt|n toward rcd0ccd oran-
|zat| on and d|vcrs| ty, po| nts | n thc oppos| tc d| rcct| on.
Evo|0t|on procccds trom s|mpIc to comp|cx, trom "|owcr to
"h|hcr torms ot I|tc, trom 0nd|ttcrcnt|atcd to d|ttcrcnt|atcd
str0ct0rcs. And, trom a h0man po|nt ot v|cw, a|| th|s |s q0|tc
opt|m|st|c. Thc 0n|vcrsc cts "bcttcr oran|zcd as |t acs,
cont|n0a|Iy advanc|n to a h|hcr IcvcI as t|mc swccps by.
ln th|s scnsc, sc|cnt|c v|cws ot t|mc may bc s0mmcd 0p as
a contrad|ct|on w|th|n a contrad|ct|on.
lt |s thcsc paradoxcs that Pr|o|nc and Stcncrs sct o0t to
iII0m|natc, ask|n, "What |s thc spcc|c str0ct0rc ot dynam|c
systcms wh|ch pcrm|ts thcm to 'd|st|n0|sh` bctwccn past and
t0t0rc? What |s thc m|n|m0m comp|cx|ty |nvo|vcd?
Thc answcr, tor thcm, is that timc makcs its appcarancc
w|th randomncss. "On|y whcn a systcm bchavcs |n a s0m-
c|cnt|y random way may thc d|ttcrcncc bctwccn past and t0-
t0rc, and thcrctorc |rrcvcrs|b|||ty, cntcr |ts dcscr|pt|on.
l n c|assicaI or mcchan|st|c sc|cncc, cvcnts bc|n w|th "ini-
t|aI cond|t|ons, and thc|r atoms or part|cIcs to|Iow "wor|d
I|ncs or tra|cctor|cs. Thcsc can bc traccd c|thcr backward
into thc past or torward |nto thc t0t0rc. Th|s is |0st thc op-
pos|tc ot ccrta|n chcm|caI rcact|ons, tor cxamp|c, |n wh|ch two
I|q0|ds po0rcd |nto thc samc pot d|tt0sc 0nt|| thc m|xt0rc is
0n|torm or homocnco0s. Thcsc I|q0|ds do not dc-d|tt0sc
thc cnt|rc proccss |s "t|mc-or|cntcd.
lor cIass|caI sc|cncc, at |cast | n |ts car|y stacs, s0ch pro-
ccsscs wcrc rcardcd as anoma||cs, pcc0| |ar|t|cs that arosc
trom h|h|y 0n||kc|y |n|t|a| cond|t|ons.
lt |s Pr|o|nc and Stcncrs` thcs|s that s0ch t|mc-dcpcn-
dcnt, onc-way proccsscs arc not mcrc|y abcrrat|ons or dcv|a-
t|ons trom a wor|d |n wh|ch t|mc |s |rrcvcrsb|c. lt anyth|n,
thc oppos|tc m|ht bc tr0c, and |t |s rcvcrs|b|c t|mc, assoc|atcd
w|th "c|oscd systcms (|t s0ch, |ndccd, cx|st in rca||ty), that
may wc|| bc thc rarc or abcrrant phcnomcnon.
What |s morc, |rrcvcrs|b| c proccsscs arc thc so0rcc ot
ordcr~hcncc thc t|t|c OrJcr Oa| o' Chos. lt |s thc proccsscs
assoc|atcd w|th randomncss, opcnncss, that |cad to hhcr |cv-
cIs o| oran|zaton, s0ch as d|ss|pat|vc str0ct0rcs.
lndccd, onc ot thc kcy thcmcs ot ths book |s |ts str|k|n
rc|ntcrprctat|on ot thc Sccond Law ot thcrmodynam|cs. lor
accord|n to thc a0thors, cntropy |s not mcrc|y a downward
s||dc toward d|soran|zat|on. Undcr ccrta|n cond| t|ons, cn-
tropy |tsc|t bccomcs thc procn|tor ot ordcr.
What thc a0thors arc propos|n, thcrctorc, |s a vast syn-
thcs|s that cmbraccs both rcvcrs|b|c und |rrcvcrs|b|c t|mc, and
shows how thcy rc|atc to onc anothcr, not mcrc|y at thc |cvc| ot
macroscop|c phcnomcna, b0t at thc most m|n0tc |cvc| as wc|I.
lt |s a brcathtak|n attcmpt at "p0tt|n thc p|cccs back to-
cthcr aa|n. Thc ar0mcnt |s comp|cx, and at t|mcs bcyond
casy rcach of thc lay rcadcr. B0t t ashcs w|th trcsh |ns|ht
and s0csts a cohcrcnt way to rc|atc sccm| n| y 0ncon-
ncctcd~cvcn contrad|ctory-ph||osoph|ca| conccpts.
Hcrc wc bc|n to ||mpsc, |n t0 r|chncss, thc mon0mcnta|
synthcs|s proposcd |n thcsc pacs. By |nsst|n that |rrcvcrs-
|b|c t|mc |s not a mcrc abcrrat|on, b0t a charactcr|st|c ot much
ot thc 0n|vcrsc, thcy s0bvcrt c|ass|ca| dynam|cs. lor Pr|-
o|nc and Stcncrs, |t |s not a casc ot c|thcr/or. Ot co0rsc,
rcvcrs|b|||ty st||| app||cs (at |cast tor s0mc|cnt|y |on t|mcs)-
b0t |n c|oscd systcms on|y. lrrcvcrs|b|||ty app||cs to thc rcst ot
thc 0n|vcrsc.
P|o|nc and Stcncrs a|so 0ndcrm|nc convcnt|ona| v|cws
ot thcrmodynam|cs by show|n that, 0ndcr noncq0|||br|0m
cond|t|ons, at |cast , cntropy may prod0cc, rathcr than dc-
radc, ordcr, oran|zat|on-and thcrctorc ||tc.
l t th|s | s so, thcn cntropy, too, |oscs |ts c!HC1/OI CHu1uCCt.
Wh | c ccrta| n systcms r0n down, othcr systcms s| m0| -
tanco0s|y cvo|vc and row morc cohcrcnt. Th|s m0t0a||st|c,
noncxcI0sivc vicw makcs it possib|c tor bioIoy and physics to
cocxist rathcr than mcrc|y contradict onc anothcr.
lina|Iy, yct anothcr proto0nd synthcsis is impIicd-a ncw
rcIationship bctwccn chancc and ncccssity.
Thc ro|c ot happcnstancc in thc attairs ot thc 0nivcrsc has
bccn dcbatcd, no doubt, sincc thc rst Pa| co|ithic warrior ac-
cidcnt|y trippcd ovcr a rock. ln thc O|d Tcstamcnt, God`s wiII
|s sovcrcin, and Hc not on|y contro|s thc orbitin p|ancts but
manip0|atcs thc wi| | ot cach and cvcry individua| as Hc sccs
t. As Primc Movcr, a| | ca0sa|ity t|ows trom Him, and aIl
cvcnts in thc univcrsc arc torcordaincd. Sanuinary conicts
racd ovcr thc prccisc mcanin ot prcdcstination or trcc wi|I,
trom Ihc timc ot Auustinc throuh thc Caro|inian quarrcIs.
Wyc| ittc, H0ss, LuIhcr, Ca|vina|| contributcd to thc dcbatc.
No cnd ot intcrprcIcrs aIIcmptcd to rcconci|c dcIcrminism
wiIh trccdom ot wil | . Onc incnious vicw hc|d that God did
indccd dctcrminc thc attairs ot thc univcrsc, buI that with rc-
spcct to thc trcc wi| I ot thc individuaI, Hc ncvcr dcmandcd a
spccic action. Hc mcrc|y prcsct thc ranc ot options avaiI-
abIc to thc human dccision-makcr. lrcc wi|I downstairs opcr-
atcd only within thc Iimits ot a mcn0 dctcrmincd 0pstairs.
ln thc scc0|ar cu|turc ot Ihc Machinc Ac, hard-|inc dctcr-
minism has morc or |css hc|d sway cvcn atIcr thc cha||cngcs ot
Hciscnbcr and thc "unccrtainIists. ` Evcn today, thinkcrs
s0ch as Rcnc Thom rcjcct thc idca ot chancc as i|| usory and
inhcrcnt|y 0nscicntic.
laccd with s0ch phi|osophica| stoncwa||in, somc dctcndcrs
ot trcc wi|I, sponIanciIy, and u|IimaIc unccrIainIy, cspccia||y
thc cxistcntia|ists, havc takcn cqua||y uncompromisin stands.
(lor Sartrc, thc human bcin was "comp| cIc| y and a| ways
trcc, ` tho0h cvcn Sartrc, in ccrIain wriIins, rccognizcd
practica| |imitaIions on this trccdom. )
Two thins sccm to bc happcnin to conIcmporary conccpts
ot chancc and dcIcrminism. To bcin wiIh, Ihcy arc bccomin
morc comp|cx. As Edar Morin, a |cadin Frcnch socio|oist-
t0rncd-cpistcmo|oist, has writIcn:
"lct 0s not torct thaI thc prob|cm ot dcIcrminism has
chancd ovcr thc coursc ot a ccntury . . . . ln p|acc ot thc idca
O 3OVCtC:gD uDODjFOU C1FoDCDl !oW UI1CC\ID_ o!! \DID_5
in naturc Ihcrc has bccn subsIiIuIcd Ihc idca ot |aws ot inIcrac-
tion . . . . Thcrc is morc: Ihc prob|cm 0 dcIcrminism has bc-
comc that ot thc ordcr ot thc univcrsc. Ordcr mcans that thcrc
arc othcr thins bcsidcs 'laws' . that thcrc arc constraints, |n-
varianccs, constancics, rcu|aritics in our univcrsc . . . . ln
p|acc ot thc homocnizin and anonymous vicw ot thc o|d dc-
tcrminism, thcrc has bccn substitutcd a divcrsityin and cvo-
Iutivc vicw ot Jc|crm|a||oas."
And as thc conccpt ot dctcrminism has rown richcr, ncw
chorts havc bccn madc to rcconizc thc co-prcscncc ot both
chancc and ncccssity, not with onc subordinatc to thc othcr,
but as tu| I partncrs i n a uni vcrsc that is simu|tancousI y
oranizin and dc-oranizn itscIt.
lt is hcrc that Prioinc and Stcncrs cntcr thc anna. lor thcy
havc takcn thc arumcnt a stcp tarthcr Thcy not on|y dcmonstratc
(pcrsuasivc|y to mc, thouh not to crtics |ikc thc mathcmatician,
Rcnc Thom) that both dctcrminism and chancc opcratc, thcy a|so
attcmpt to show how thc two t tocthcr
Thus, accordin to thc thcory ot chanc imp|icd in thc idca
ot dissipativc structurcs, whcn 0uctuations torcc an cxistin
systcm into a tar-trom-cqui|ibrium condition and thrcatcn its
structurc, it approachcs a critica| momcnt or biturcation point.
At this point, accordin to thc authors, it is inhcrcnt|y impos-
sib|c to dctcrminc in advancc thc ncxt statc ot thc systcm.
Chancc nudcs what rcmains ot thc systcm down a ncw path
ot dcvc|opmcnt. And oncc that path is choscn (trom amon
many), dctcrminism takcs ovcr aain unti| thc ncxt biturcation
point is rcachcd.
Hcm, in short, wc scc chancc and ncccssity not as irrcconciI-
ab|c oppositcs, but cach p|ayin its m|c as a partncr in dcstiny.
Yct anothcr synthcsis is achicvcd.
Whcn wc brin rcvcrsib|c timc and irrcvcrsibIc timc, disor-
dcr and ordcr, physics and bioIoy, chancc and ncccssity aII
into thc samc novc| tramc, and stipuIatc thcir intcrrc|ation-
ships, wc havc madc a rand statcmcnt~aruab|c, no doubt,
but in this casc both powcrtu| and ma|cstic.
Yct ths accounts on|y in part tor thc cxcitcmcnt occasioncd
by OrJer Oa| o' Chos. For this swccpin synthcsis, as havc
sucstcd, has stron socia| and cvcn po|itica| ovcrtoncs. 10st
as thc Ncwtonian modc| avc risc to anaIoics in po|itics, di-
pIomacy, and othcr sphcrcs sccmingIy |OmOtO l|Om sc|cncc,
so, too, docs thc Prioinian modc| |cnd itsc|t to ana|oica|
By ohcrin riorous ways ot modc|in qua|itativc chanc,
tor cxamp| c, thcy shcd |iht on thc conccpt ot rcvo|ution. By
cxp|ainin how succcssivc instabi|itics ivc risc to transtorma-
tory chanc, thcy i||uminatc oranization thcory. Thcy throw a
trcsh |iht, as wc| | , on ccrtain psycho|oica| proccsscs~inno-
vation, tor cxamp| c, which thc authors scc as associatcd with
"nonavcrac bchavior ot thc kind that ariscs undcr noncqui-
|ibrium conditions.
Evcn morc sinicant, pcrhaps, arc thc imp| ications tor thc
study ot co||cctivc bchavior. Prioinc and Stcncrs caution
aainst |capin to cnctic or sociobio|oica| cxp|anations tor
puzz|in socia| bchavior. Many thins that arc attributcd to
bio|oica| prc-wirin arc not produccd by sc|sh, dctcrminist
cncs, but rathcr by socia| intcractions undcr noncqui|ibrium
(ln onc rcccnt study, tor instancc, ants wcrc dividcd into
two catcorics. Onc consistcd D hard workcrs, thc othcr ot
inactivc or "|azy ants. Onc miht ovcrhasti|y tracc such
traits to cnctic prcdisposition. Yct thc study tound that it thc
systcm wcrc shattcrcd by scparatin thc two roups trom onc
auothcr, cach in turn dcvc|opcd its own subroups ot hard
workcrs and id|crs. A sinicant pcrccntac ot thc "|azy ants
suddcn|y turncd into hardworkin Stakhanovitcs. )
Not surprisin|y, thcrctorc, thc idcas bchind this rcmarkab|c
book arc bcinnin to bc rcscarchcd in cconomics, urban
studics, human coraphy, cco|oy, and many othcr disci-
No onc~not cvcn its authors~can apprcciatc thc tu| | im-
p|ications ot a work as crowdcd with idcas as UrJcr Uut o|
Chuos. Each rcadcr wi|| no doubt comc away puzz|cd by somc
passacs (a tcw arc simp|y too tcchnica| tor thc rcadcr without
scicntic trainin), start|cd or stimu|atcd by othcrs (as thcir
imp|ications strikc homc) , occasiona||y skcptica| , yct intc||cc-
tua||y cnrichcd by thc who|c. And it onc mcasurc ot a book is
thc dcrcc to which it cncratcs ood qucstions, this onc is
surc|y succcsstu| .
Hcrc arc |ust a coup|c that havc hauntcd mc.
How, outsidc a |aboratory, miht onc dctinc a '' uctua-
lOH' Dd, H gOgHSH cms, docs onc mcan by `CdU5C
or "cttcct? And whcn thc authors spcak ot mo|ccu|cs com-
municatin with onc anothcr to achicvc cohcrcnt, synchro-
nzcd chanc, onc may ass0mc thcy arc not anthropomorphz-
n. B0t thcy rasc tor mc a host ot |ntr|0|n |ss0cs abo0t
whcthcr a|| parts ot thc cnv|ronmcnt arc s|na||n a|| thc t|mc,
or on|y ntcrm|ttcnt|y, abo0t thc |nd|rcct, sccond, and nth
ordcr comm0n|cat|on that takcs p|acc, pcrm|tt|n a mo|cc0|c
or an oran|sm to rcspond to s|na|s wh|ch |t cannot scnsc tor
|ack ot thc ncccssary rcccptors. (A s|na| scnt by thc cnv|ron-
mcnt that |s 0ndctcctab|c by A may bc rccc|vcd by B and con-
vcrtcd nto a d|ttcrcnt k|nd ot s|na| that A ia propcr| y
cq0|ppcd to rcccvc-so that B scrvcs as a rc|ay/convcrtcr,
and A rcsponds to an cnv|roumcnta| chanc that has bccn s-
na|cd to |t v|a sccond-ordcr commun|cat|on.)
ln conncct|on w|th t|mc, what do thc authors makc ot thc
dca p0t torward by Harvard astronomcr Dav|d layzcr, that
wc m|ht conccvc ot thrcc d|st|nct "arrows ot t|mc-onc
bascd on thc contn0cd cxpanson ot thc 0n|vcrsc s|ncc thc B|
Ban, onc bascd on cntropy, and onc bascd on b|o|o|ca| and
h|stor|ca| cvo|0t|on?
Anothcr q0cst|on. How rcvo|0t|onary was thc Ncwton|an
rcvo|0t|on? Tak|n |ss0c w|th somc h|stor|ans, Pr|o|nc and
5tcncrs po|nt o0t thc cont|n0|ty ot Ncwton's |dcas w|th a|-
chcmy and rc|||o0s not|ons ot cvcn car||cr v|ntac . Somc
rcadcrs m|ht conc|0dc trom th|s that thc r|sc ot Ncwton-
an|sm was nc|thcr abr0pt nor rcvo|ut|onary. Yct, to my m|nd,
thc Ncwton|an brcakthrouh shou|d not bc sccn as a ||ncar
o0trowth ot thcsc car||cr |dcas. lndccd, |t sccms to mc that
thc thcory ot chanc dcvc|opcd |n UrJcr Uut o/ Chuos ar0cs
aanst |0st s0ch a "cont|n0|st v|cw.
Evcn |t Ncwton|an|sm was dcr|vat|vc, th|s docsn' t mcan
that thc |ntcrna| str0ct0rc ot thc Ncwton|an wor|d-modc| was
act0a||y thc samc or that |t stood |n thc samc rc|at|onsh|p to |ts
cxtcrna| cnv|ronmcnt.
Thc Ncwton|an systcm arosc at a t|mc whcn tc0da||sm n
Wcstcm E0ropc was cr0mb||n-whcn thc soc|a| systcm was,
so to spcak, tar trom cq0|||br|0m. Thc modc| ot thc 0n|vcrsc
proposcd by thc c|ass|ca| sc|cnt|sts (cvcn |t part|a||y dcr|va-
t|vc) was app|cd ana|oo0s|y to ncw c|ds and d|sscm|natcd
s0cccsst0||y, not yst bcca0sc ot |ts sc|cnt|c powcr or "r|ht-
ncss, b0t a|so bcca0sc an cmcrcnt |nd0str|a| soc|cty bascd
on rcvo|0t|onary pr|nc|p|cs prov|dcd a part|cu|ar|y rcccpt|vc
cnv|ronmcnt tor |t.
As s0cstcd car||cr, mach|nc c|v|||zat|on, |n scarch|n tor
an cxp|anation ot itsc|t in thc cosmic ordcr ot thins, scizcd
0pon thc Ncwtonian modc| and rcwardcd thosc who turthcr
dcvc|opcd it. lt is not on|y in chcmica| bcakcrs that wc nd
a0to-cata|ysis, as thc a0thors wo0|d bc thc rst to contcnd.
lor thcsc rcasons, it sti|| makcs scnsc to mc to rcard thc
Ncwtonian know|cdc systcm as, itsc|t, a "c0|t0ra| dissipativc
str0ct0rc born ot socia| 0ct0ation.
lronica||y, as l' vc said, l bc|icvc thcir own idcas arc ccntra|
to thc |atcst rcvo|0tion in scicncc, and l cannot hc|p b0t scc
thcsc idcas in rc|atonshp to thc dcmsc ot thc Machinc Ac
and thc risc ot what l havc ca||cd a "Thrd Wavc civi|zaton.
App|yin thcir own tcrmino|oy, wc miht charactcrizc to-
day`s brcakdown ot ind0stria| or "Sccond Wavc socicty as a
civi|zationa| "bit0rcaton, and thc risc ot a morc dttcrcnti-
atcd, "Third Wavc socicty as a |cap to a ncw "dssipativc
str0ct0rc on a wor|d sca|c. And it wc acccpt this ana|oy,
miht wc not |ook 0pon thc |cap trom Ncwtonanism to Pri-
onansm in thc samc way? Mcrc ana|oy, no do0bt. B0t
i||0minatin, ncvcrthc|css.
lna||y, wc comc oncc morc to thc cvcr-cha||cnin iss0c ot
chancc and ncccssity. lor t Prioinc and Stcncrs arc riht
and chancc p|ays its ro|c at or ncar thc pont ot bt0rcation,
acr whch dctcrmnstic proccsscs takc ovcr oncc morc 0nti|
thc ncxt bit0rcation, arc thcy not cmbcddin chancc, itsc|t,
within a dctcrmnstic tramcwork? By assnn a partic0|ar
ro|c to chancc, don`t thcy dc-chancc it?
Ths q0cstion, howcvcr, l had thc p|cas0rc ot disc0ssin
wth Proi nc, who smi|cd ovcr dinncr and rcp|cd, "Ycs.
That wo0|d bc tr0c. B0t, ot co0rsc, wc can ncvcr dctcrmnc
whcn thc ncxt bt0rcaton w|| arisc. Chancc riscs phocnix-
|kc oncc morc.
UrJcr out o| Chuos is a br||ant, dcmandn, dazz|in book-
cha||cnn tor a|| and rch|y rcwardn tor thc attcntivc nadcr. lt
is a book to st0dy, to savor, to rcrcad-nd to q0cston yct aain. lt
p|accs scicncc and h0manity back n a wor|d in which cctcris
purihus is a myth~a wor|d in whch othcr thns arc sc|dom hc|d
stcady, cq0a|, or 0nchann. ln short, it pro|ccts scicncc into
tOay`s rcvo|0tionary wor|d O instab|ty, dscq0|bri0m, and t0r-
DulCDCC. D 5O UODg l 5CtVC5 lDC DgDC5l CtCulVC uDClOnl
hc|ps us crcatc trcsh ordcr.
M!'5 !L |1UL
Our vision ot naturc is undcroin a radica| chanc toward thc
mu|tip|c, thc tcmpora| , and thc comp|cx. lor a |on timc d
mcchanistic wor|d vicw dominatcd Wcstcrn scicncc. ln this
vicw thc wor|d appcarcd as a vast automaton. Wc now undcr-
stand that wc |ivc in a p|ura|istic wor|d. lt is truc that thcrc arc
phcnomcna that appcar to us as dctcrministic and rcvcrsib|c,
such as thc motion ot a triction|css pcndu|um or thc motion ot
thc carth around thc sun. Rcvcrsib|c proccsscs do not know
any privi|ccd dircction ot timc. But thcrc arc a|so irrcvcrsib|c
proccsscs that invo|vc an arrow ot timc. lt you brin tocthcr
two |iquids such as watcr and a|coho|, thcy tcnd to mix in thc
torward dircction ot timc as wc cxpcricncc it. Wc ncvcr ob-
scrvc thc rcvcrsc proccss, thc spontancous scparation ot thc
mixt0rc into purc watcr and purc a|coho|. This is thcrctorc an
irrcvcrsib|c proccss. A|| ot chcmistry invo|vcs such irrcvcrs-
ib|c proccsscs.
Obvious|y, in addition to dctcrministic proccsscs, thcrc
must bc an c|cmcnt ot probabi|ity invo|vcd in somc basic pro-
ccsscs, such as, tor cxamp|c, bio|oica| cvo|ution or thc cvo|0-
tion ot h0man c0|turcs. Evcn thc scicntist who is convinccd ot
thc va|idity ot dctcrministic dcscriptions wo0|d probab|y hcsi-
tatc to imp|y that at thc vcry momcnt ot thc Bi Ban, thc
momcnt ot thc crcation ot thc univcrsc as wc know it, thc datc
ot thc pub|ication ot this book was a|rcady inscribcd in thc
|aws ot nat0rc. ln thc c|assica| vicw thc basic proccsscs ot
naturc wcrc considcrcd to bc dctcrministic and rcvcrsib|c.
Poccsscs invo|vin randomncss or irrcvcrsibi|ity wcrc consid-
crcd on|y cxccptions. Today wc scc cvcrywhcrc thc ro|c ot
irrcvcrsib|c IOCc55c5, O DClDulOnS.
A|thouh Wcstcrn scicncc has stimu|atcd an cxtrcmc|y truit-
DR0R DUT DP CHAD5 xxv|||
t0| d|a|ouc bctwccn man and nat0rc, somc ot |ts c0|t0ra| con-
scq0cnccs havc bccn d|sastro0s. Thc d|chotomy bctwccn thc
"two c0|t0rcs |s to a |arc cxtcnt d0c to thc con|ct bctwccn
thc atcmpora| v|cw ot c|ass|ca| sc|cncc and thc t|mc-or|cntcd
v|cw that prcva|| s |n a |arc part ot thc soc|a| sc|cnccs and
h0man|t|cs. But |n thc past tcw dccadcs, somcth|n vcry dra-
mat|c has bccn happcn|n | n sc|cncc, somcth|n as 0ncx-
pcctcd as thc b|rth ot comctry or thc rand v|s|on ot thc
cosmos as cxprcsscd |n Ncwton`s work. Wc arc bccom|n
morc and morc consc|ous ot thc tact that on a|| |cvc|s, trom
c|cmcntary part|c|cs to cosmo|oy, randomncss and |rrcvcrs-
|b|||ty p|ay an cvcr-|ncrcas|n ro| c. 5cience is reJiscovering
time. lt |s th|s conccpt0a| rcvo|ut|on that th|s book scts o0t to
Th|s rcvo|0t|on |s procccd|n on a|| |cvc|s, on thc |cvc| ot
c|cmcntary part|c|cs, | n cosmo|oy, and on thc |cvc| ot so-
ca||cd macroscop|c phys|cs, wh|ch compr|scs thc phys|cs and
chcm|stry ot atoms and mo|cc0|cs c|thcr takcn |nd|v|d0a||y or
cons|dcrcd |oba||y as, tor cxamp|c, |n thc study ot ||q0|ds or
ascs. lt |s pcrhaps part|c0|ar|y on th|s macroscop|c |cvc| that
thc rcconccpt0a||zat|on ot sc|cncc |s most casy to to| |ow. C|as-
s|ca| dynam|cs and modcrn chcm|stry arc o|n thro0h a pc-
r|od ot drast|c chanc. lt onc askcd a phys|c|st a tcw ycars ao
what phys|cs pcrm|ts 0s to cxp|a|u and wh|ch prob|cms rc-
ma|n opcn, hc wou|d havc answcrcd that wc obv|o0s|y do not
havc an adcq0atc 0ndcrstand|n ot c|cmcntary part|c|cs or ot
cosmo|o|ca| cvo|0t|on but that o0r know|cdc ot th|ns |n bc-
twccn was prctty sat|stactory. Today a row|n m|nor|ty, to
wh|ch wc bc|on, wou|d not sharc th|s opt|m|sm. wc havc on|y
bc0n to 0ndcrstand thc |cvc| ot nat0rc on wh|ch wc ||vc, and
th|s |s thc |cvc| on wh|ch wc havc conccntratcd |n th|s book.
To apprcc|atc thc rcconccpt0a||zat|on ot phys|cs tak|n
p|acc today, wc m0st p0t |t |n propcr h|stor|ca| pcrspcct|vc.
Thc h|story ot sc|cncc |s tar trom bc|n a | |ncar 0nto|d|n that
corrcsponds to a scr|cs o s0cccss|vc approx|mat|ons toward
somc |ntr|ns|c tr0th. lt |s t0| | ot contrad|ct|ons, ot 0ncxpcctcd
t0rn|n po|nts. Wc havc dcvotcd a |arc port|on ot th|s book to
thc h|stor|ca| pattcrn to| | owcd by Wcstcrn sc|cncc, start|n
w|th Ncwton thrcc ccntur|cs ao. Wc havc tr|cd to pIacc thc
B5OIj O 5CCHCC H DC ISHC O thc history of idcas to intc-
ratc |t |n thc cvo|0t|on ot Wcstcrn c0|t0rc d0r|n thc past
thrcc ccnturics. On|y in this way can wc apprcciatc thc uniquc
momcnt in which wc arc prcscnt|y |ivin.
Our scicntitic hcritac inc|udcs two basic qucstions to
which ti|| now no answcr was providcd. Onc is thc rc|ation
bctwccn disordcr and ordcr. Thc tamous |aw o incrcasc ot
cntropy dcscribcs thc wor|d as cvo|vin trom ordcr to disor-
dcr , sti||, bio|oica| or socia| cvo|uIion shows us thc comp|cx
cmcrin trom thc simp|c. How is ths possib|c? How can
structurc arisc trom disordcr? Grcat progrcss has bccn rca|-
izcd in this qucstion. Wc know now that noncqui|ibrium, thc
ow ot mattcr and cncry, may bc a sourcc ot ordcr.
But thcrc is thc sccond qucstion, cvcn morc basic. c|assicaI
or quantum physics dcscribcs thc wor|d as rcvcrsib|c, as
static. ln this dcscription thcrc is no cvo|ution, ncithcr to
ordcr nor to disordcr , thc "intormation, as may bc dcncd
trom dynamics, rcmains constant in timc. Thcrctorc thcrc i s
an obvious contradiction bctwccn thc static vicw ot dynamics
and thc cvo|utionary paradim ot thcrmodynamics. What is
irrcvcrsibi|ity? What is cntropy? lcw qucstions havc bccn dis-
cusscd morc ocn in thc coursc ot thc history ot scicncc. Wc
bcin to bc ab|c to ivc somc answcrs. Ordcr and disordcr arc
comp|icatcd notions. thc units invo|vcd in thc static dcscrip-
tion ot dynamics arc not thc samc as thosc that havc to bc
introduccd to achicvc thc cvo|utionary paradim as cxprcsscd
by thc rowth ot cntropy. This transition |cads to a ncw con-
ccpt ot mattcr, mattcr that is "activc, as mattcr |cads to irrc-
vcrsib|c proccsscs and as irrcvcrsib|c proccsscs oranizc
Thc cvo|utionar j880gm, HCu0Hg lh COHCjl of cn-
tropy, has cxcrtcd a considcrab|c tascination that gocs tar
bcyond scicncc propcr. Wc hopc that our unication ot dynam-
ics and thcrmodynamics wi|| brin out c|car|y thc radica| nov-
c|ty ot thc cntropy conccpt i n rcspcct to thc mcchanistic wor|d
vicw. Timc and rca|ity arc c|osc|y rc|atcd. lor humans, rca|ity
is cmbcddcd in thc ow ot timc. As wc sha|| scc, thc irrcvcrs-
ibi|ity ot timc is itsc|t c|osc|y conncctcd to cntropy. To makc
timc ow backward wc wou|d havc to ovcrcomc an innitc
cntropy barricr.
Traditiona||y scicncc has dca|t with univcrsa| s, humanitics
Wlh j8IlCu8I5. h COHVIgHC of SCHC and hum8Hl5
was cmphasizcd in thc lrcnch tit|c o our book, Lu Aove0e
Amuncc, pub|ishcd by Ga||imard, Pris, in VJV. Howcvcr, wc
havc not succccdcd in ndin a propcr En|ish cquiva|cnt N
this tit|c. Hrthcrmorc, thc tcxt wc prcscnt hcrc dicrs trom
thc lrcnch cdition, cspccia||y in Chaptcrs Vll throuh lX. AI-
thouh thc oriin ot structurcs as thc rcsu|t ot noncqui|ibrium
proccsscs was a|rcady adcquatc|y trcatcd in thc lrcnch cdi-
tion (as wc|I as in thc trans|ations that to||owcd), wc had to
cntirc|y rcwritc thc third part, which dca|s with our ncw rc-
su|ts conccrnin thc roots ot timc as wc|| as with thc tormu|a-
tion ot thc cvo|utionary paradim in thc tramc N thc physical
This is a|| quitc rcccnt. Thc rcconccptua|ization o physics
is tar trom bcin achicvcd. Wc havc dccidcd, howcvcr, to prc-
scnt thc situation as it sccms to 0s today. Wc havc a tcc|in N
rcat intc||cctua| cxcitcmcnt: wc bcin to havc a |impsc o thc
road that |cads trom bcin to bccomin. As onc o us has dc-
votcd most ot his scicntic |itc to this prob|cm, hc may pcr-
haps bc cxcuscd tor cxprcssin his tcc|in ot satistaction, N
acsthctic achicvcmcnt, which hc hopcs thc rcadcr wi|I sharc.
lor too |on thcrc appcarcd a conct bctwccn what sccmcd
to bc ctcrna|, to bc out ot timc, and what was in timc. Wc scc
now that thcrc is a morc subt|c torm ot rca|ity invo|vin bth
timc and ctcrnity.
This book is thc outcomc ot a co||cctivc cttort in which
many co||caucs and tricnds havc bccn invo|vcd. Wc cannot
thank thcm a|| individua||y. Wc wou|d |ikc, howcvcr, to sin|c
out what wc owc to Erich !antsch, Aharon Katcha|sky, Picrrc
Rcsiboi s , and Lcon Roscntc|d, who untortunatc|y arc no
|ongcr with us. Wc havc choscn to dcdicatc this book to thcir
Wc want a|so to acknow|cdc thc continuous support wc
havc rcccivcd trom thc lnstituts lntcrnationaux dc Physiquc ct
dc Chimic, toundcd by E. 5o|vay, and trom thc Robcrt A.
Wc|ch loundation.
Thc human racc is in a pcriod ot transition. Scicncc is |ikc|y
to p|ay an important ro|c at this momcnt ot dcmoraphic cx-
p|osion. lt is thcrctorc morc important than cvcr to kccp opcn
thc channc|s ot communication bctwccn scicncc and s0icty.
Thc prcscnt dcvc|opmcnt ot Wcstcrn scicncc has takcn it out-
S1UC lDC Cullu1 CuV11OuDCul O lDc 5cVculcculD CcUlu1, u
which it was born. Wc bc|icvc that scicncc today carrics a uni-
vcrsaI mcssac that |s morc acccptabIc to d|crcnt cuItural
Dur|n thc past dccadcs AIv|n Tomcr`s books havc bccn |m-
portant in brinin to thc attcntion ot thc pubIic somc tcaturcs
ot thc "Third Wavc that charactcrizcs our t|mc. Wc am thcrc-
torc ratctuI to h|m tor havin writtcn thc lorcword to thc
EnIish-Ianuac vcrs|on ot our book. EnIish |s not our na-
t|vc Ianuac. Wc bcIicvc that to somc cxtcnt cvcry Ianuac
providcs a dicrcnt way ot dcscribin thc common rcaI|ty |n
wh|ch wc arc cmbcddcd. 5omc ot thcsc charactcristics w|Il
surv|vc cvcn thc most carctuI transIation. ln any casc, wc am
most ratctuI to !oscph EarI y, lan MacG| I vray, Carol
Thurston, and cspcc|aIIy to CarI Rubino tor thc|r hcIp | n thc
prcparat|on ot th|s EnIish-Ianuac vcrsion. Wc wouId aIso
I|kc to cxprcss our dccp thanks to PmcIa Ppc tor thc carctul
typin ot thc succcss|vc vcrsions ot thc manuscript.
1HL H11L!L
lt is hard|y an cxacration to statc that onc ot thc rcatcst
datcs in thc history ot mankind was Apri| 28, ! 686, whcn Ncw-
ton prcscntcd his Frincipiu to thc Roya| 5ocicty ot London. lt
containcd thc basic |aws ot motion tocthcr with a c|car tor-
mu|ation ot somc ot thc tundamcnta| conccpts wc sti|| usc to-
day, such as mass, accc|cration, and i ncrtia. Thc rcatcst
impact was probab|y madc by Book ot thc Frincipiu, tit|cd
he 5)stem o/the Wor/J, which inc|udcd thc univcrsa| |aw ot
ravitation. Ncwton`s contcmporarics immcdiatc|y raspcd
thc uniquc importancc ot his work. Gravitation bccamc a topic
ot convcrsation both in London and Paris.
Thrcc ccntur|cs havc now c|apscd s|ncc Ncwton`s Frincipiu.
5cicncc has rown at an incrcdb|c spccd, pcrmcatin thc |itc
ot a|| ot us. Our scicntic horizon has cxpandcd to tru|y tan-
tastic proportions. On thc microscopic sca|c, c|cmcntary par-
ticc physics studics proccsscs invo|vin physica| dimcnsions
ot thc ordcr ot H '` cm and timcs ot thc ordcr ot scc-
ond. On thc othcr hand, cosmo|oy |cads us to timcs ot thc
ordcr ot !0' ycars, thc "ac ot thc univcrsc. 5cicncc and
tcchno|oy arc c|oscr than cvcr. Amon othcr tactors, ncw
biotcchno|oics and thc prorcss in intormation tcchniqucs
promisc to chanc our |ivcs in a radica| way.
Runnin para||c| to this quantitativc rowth arc dccp qua|i-
tativc chancs whosc rcpcrcussions rcach tar bcyond scicncc
propcr and attcct thc vcry imac ot naturc. Thc grcat toundcrs
ot Wcstcrn scicncc strcsscd thc univcrsa|ity and thc ctcrnaI
charactcr ot natura| |aws. Thcy sct out to Omu8l gHI
schcmcs that wou|d coincidc with thc vcry idca| ot rationa|ity.
As Rocr Haushccr says in his nc introduction to lsaiah
crIin`s Aguinst thc Cuncnt, "Thcy souht a||-cmbracin
schcmas, univcrsa| unityin tramcworks, within which cvcry-
thin that cxists cou|d bc shown to bc systcmatica||y-i . c. ,
Ioica||y or causa||y~intcrconncctcd, vast structurcs in which
thcrc shou|d bc no aps |c opcn tor spontancous, unattcndcd
dcvc|opmcnts, whcrc cvcrythin that occurs shou|d bc, at
Icast in princip|c, who||y cxp|icab|c in tcrms ot immutab|c
cncra| |aws. '
Thc story ot this qucst is indccd a dramatic onc. Thcrc wcrc
momcnts whcn this ambitious proram sccmcd ncar comp|c-
t|on. A tundamcnta| |cvc| trom which a|| othcr propcrtics ot
mattcr cou|d bc dcduccd sccmcd to bc in siht. 5uch momcnts
can bc associatcd with thc tormu|ation ot Bohr`s cc|cbratcd
atomic modc|, which rcduccd mattcr to simp|c p|anctary sys-
tcms tormcd by c|cctrons and protons. Anothcr momcnt ot
rcat suspcnsc camc whcn Eiustcin hopcd to condcnsc a|| thc
|aws ot physics into a sin|c "unicd c|d thcory. Grcat pro-
rcss has indccd bccn rca|izcd in thc unication ot somc ot thc
basic torccs tound in naturc. Sti||, thc tundamcnta| |cvc| rc-
mains c|usivc. Whcrcvcr wc |ook wc ti nd cvo|ution, divcr-
sication, and instabi|itics. Curious|y, this is truc on a|| |cvc|s,
in thc c|d ot c|cmcntary partic|cs, in bio|oy, and in astro-
physics, with thc cxpandin univcrsc and thc tormation ot
b|ack ho|cs.
As wc said in thc Prctacc, our vision ot naturc is undcro|n
a radica| chanc toward thc mu|tip|c, thc tcmpora|, and thc
comp|cx. Curious|y, thc uncxpcctcd comp|cxity that has bccn
discovcrcd in naturc has not |cd to a s|owdown n thc prorcss
ot scicncc, but on thc contrary to thc cmcrcncc ot ncw con-
ccptua| structurcs that now appcar as csscntia| to our undcr-
standin ot thc physica| wor|d~thc wor|d that inc|udcs us. lt
is this ncw situation, which has no prcccdcnt in thc history ot
scicncc, that wc wish to ana|yzc in this book.
Thc story ot thc transtormation ol our conccptions about
scicncc and naturc can hard|y bc scparatcd trom anothcr
story, that ot thc tcc|ins arouscd by scicncc. With cvcry ncw
intc||cctua| proram a|ways comc ncw hopcs, tcars, and cx-
pcctations. ln c|assica| scicncc thc cmphasis was on timc-in-
U0Q0DU0DI uV5. P5 V0 5Du!! 500 ODC0 ID0 QutICU!ut 3IulC O u
systcm has bccn mcasurcd, thc rcvcrsb|c |aws ot c|assica| sci-
cncc arc s0pposcd to dctcrminc its t0t0rc, |0st as thcy had
dctcrmincd its past. lt is nat0ra| that this q0cst tor an ctcrnaI
tr0th bchind chanin phcnomcna aro0scd cnth0siasm. B0t it
a|so camc as a shock that nat0rc dcscribcd in this way was in
tact dcbascd. by thc vcry s0cccss ot scicncc, nat0rc was
shown to bc an a0tomaton, a robot.
Thc 0rc to rcd0cc thc divcrsity ot nat0rc to a wcb ot i||0-
sions has bccn prcscnt in Wcstcrn tho0ht sincc thc timc ot
Grcck atomists. L0crcti0s, to||owin his mastcrs Dcmocrit0s
and Epic0r0s, writcs that thc wor|d is "|0st atoms and void
and 0rcs 0s to |ook tor thc hiddcn bchind thc obvio0s: "5ti|I,
|cst yo0 happcn to mistr0st my words, bcca0sc thc cyc cannot
pcrccivc primc bodics, hcar now ot partic|cs yo0 m0st admit
cxist |n thc wor|d and yct cannot bc sccn.
Yct it is wc|| known that thc drivin torcc bch|nd thc work ot
thc Grcck atomists was not to dcbasc nat0rc b0t to trcc mcn
trom tcar, thc tcar ot any s0pcrnat0ra| bcin, ot any ordcr that
wo0|d transccnd that ot mcn and nat0rc. Aain and aain L0-
crcti0s rcpcats that wc havc nothin to tcar, that thc csscncc ot
thc wor|d i s thc cvcr-chanin associations ot atoms i n thc
Modcrn scicncc transm0tcd this t0ndamcnta|| y cthica|
stancc into what sccmcd to bc an cstab|ishcd tr0th, and this
tr0th, thc rcd0ction ot nat0rc to atoms and void, in t0rn avc
risc to what Lcnob|c has ca||cd thc "anxicty ot modcrn
mcn. How can wc rcconizc o0rsc|vcs in thc random wor|d
ot thc atoms? M0st scicncc bc dcncd in tcrms ot r0pt0rc bc-
twccn man and nat0rc? `7ll bodics, thc rmamcnt, thc stars,
thc carth and its kindoms arc not cq0a| to thc |owcst mind,
tor mind knows a|| this in itsc|t and thcsc bodics nothin.
This "Pcnscc by Pasca| cxprcsscs thc samc tcc|in ot a|icn-
ation wc nd amon contcmporary scicntists s0ch as !acq0cs
Man m0st at |ast tina||y awakc trom his mi||cnary
drcam, and in doin so, awakc to his tota| so|it0dc, his
t0ndamcnta| iso|ation. Now docs hc at |ast rca|izc that,
|ikc a ypsy, hc |ivcs on thc bo0ndary ot an a|icn wor|d. A
wor|d that is dcaf to his m0sic, |0st as nOICICn! tO hs
hopcs as it is to his s0hcrin or his crimcs.
This is a para

ox. A bri||iant brcakthrouh iu mo|ccu|ar bi-

o|oy, thc dcciphcrin ot thc cnctic codc, in which Monod
activc|y participatcd, cnds upon a traic notc. This vcry pro-
rcss, wc arc to|d, makcs us thc ypsics ot thc univcrsc. How
can wc cxp|ain this situation? ls not scicncc a way ot com-
munication, a dia|ouc with naturc?
ln thc past, stron distinctons wcrc trcqucnt|y madc bc-
twccn man`s wor|d and thc supposcd|y a|icn natura| wor|d. A
tamous passac by Vico in hc Ncw 5cicncc dcscribcs this
most vivid|y:
. . . in thc niht ot thick darkncss cnvc|opin thc car|icst
antiquity, so rcmotc trom oursc|vcs, thcrc shincs thc ctcr-
na| and ncvcr tai|in |iht ot a truth bcyond a|| qucstion:
that thc wor|d ot civi| socicty has ccrtain|y bccn madc by
mcn, and that its princip|cs arc thcrctorc to bc tound
wi thi n thc moditicati ons ot our own human mi nd.
Whocvcr rcccts on this cannot but marvc| that thc phi-
|osophcrs shou|d havc bcnt a|| thcir cncrics to thc study
ot thc wor|d ot naturc, which, sincc God madc it, Hc
a|onc knows, and that thcy shou|d havc nc|cctcd thc
study ot thc wor|d ot nations, or civi| wor|d, which, sincc
mcn had madc it, mcn cou|d comc to know. "
Prcscnt -day rcscarch |cads us tarthcr and tarthcr away trom
thc opposit|on bctwccn man and thc natura| wor|d. lt wi|| bc
onc ot thc main purposcs ot this book to show, instcad ot rup-
turc and opposition, thc rowin cohcrcncc ot our know|cdc
O man SHU naturc.
ln thc past , thc qucstionin ot naturc has takcn thc most di-
vcrsc torms. Sumcr discovcrcd writin, thc Sumcrian pricsts
spccu|atcd that thc tuturc miht bc writtcn in somc hiddcn
way in thc cvcnts takin p|acc around us in thc prcscnt. Thcy
cvcn systcmatizcd this bc|ict, mixin maica| and rationa| c|c-
mcnts. ln this scnsc wc may say that Wcstcrn scicncc, which
OIgHSCU in thc scvcntccnth ccntury, on|y opcncd 8 ncw
chaptcr in thc cvcr|astin dia|ouc bctwccn man and naturc.
AIcxandm Koym has dcncd thc |nnovat|on brouht about
by modcrn scicncc |n tcrms ot "cxpcrimcntation. Modcrn
scicncc is bascd on thc discovcry ot a ncw and spccic torm ot
communication with naturc-that is, on thc conviction that
naturc rcsponds to cxpcrimcnta| intcrroation. How can wc
dcnc morc prcciscIy thc cxpcrimcnta| dia|ouc? Expcrimcn-
tation docs not mcan mcn|y thc taithtu| obscrvation ot tacts
as thcy occur, nor thc mcrc scarch tor cmpirica conncctions
bctwccn phcnomcna, but prcsupposcs a systcmatic intcrac-
t|on bctwcca thcorcticaI conccpts and obscrvation.
ln hundrcds ot dicrcnt ways scicntists havc cxprcsscd t

amazcmcnt whcn, on dctcrminin thc riht qucstion, thcy dis-
covcr that thcy can scc how thc puzz|c ts tocthcr. ln this
scnsc, scicncc is |ikc a two-partncr amc in which wc havc to
ucss thc bchavior ot a rca|ity unrc|atcd to our bc|icts, our
ambitions, or our hopcs. Naturc cannot bc torccd to say any-
thin wc want it to. 5cicntic invcstiation is not a mono-
Iouc. lt is prccisc|y thc risk invo|vcd that makcs this amc
But thc uniqucncss ot Wcstcrn scicncc is tar trom bcin cx-
haustcd by such mcthodo|oica| considcrations. Whcn Kar|
Hppcr discusscd thc normativc dcscription ot scicntic ra-
tiona|ity, hc was torccd to admt that in thc na| ana|ysis ra-
tionaI scicncc owcs its cxistcncc to its succcss, thc scicntic
mcthod is app|icab|c on|y by virtuc ot thc astonishin points
ot arccmcnt bctwccn prcconccivcd modc|s and cxpcrimcnta|
nsu|ts." 5cicncc is a risky amc, but it sccms to havc dis-
covcrcd qucstions to which naturc providcs consistcnt an-
Thc succcss ot Wcstcrn scicncc is an historica| tact, unprc-
dictab|c a priori , but which cannot bc inorcd. Thc surprisin
succcss ot modcrn scicncc has |cd to an irrcvcrsib|c transtor-
mation ot our rc|ations with naturc. ln this scnsc, thc tcrm
"scicntic rcvo|ution can |citimatc|y bc uscd. Thc history ot
mankind has bccn markcd by othcr turnin points, by othcr
sinu|ar con|unctions ot circumstanccs |cadin to irrcvcrsib|c
chancs. Onc such cmcia| cvcnt is known as thc "Nco|ithic
nvo|ution. But thcrc, |ust as in thc casc ot thc "choiccs
markin bio|oica| cvo|ution, wc can at prcscnt on|y procccd
by ucsswork, whi|c thcrc is a wca|th ot intormation conccrn-
in dccsvc cpisodcs in thc cvo|ution ot scicncc. Thc so-ca||cd
"Nco|ithic rcvo|ution took thousands ot ycars. 5imp|ityin
somcwhat, wc may say thc scicntic rcvo|ution startcd on|y
thrcc ccnturics ao. Wc havc what is pcrhaps a uniquc oppor-
tunity to apprchcnd thc spccic and intc||iib|c mixturc ot
"chancc and "ncccssity markin this rcvo|0tion.
5cicncc initiatcd a s0cccsstu| dia|o0c with nat0rc. On thc
othcr hand, thc rst outcomc ot this dia|o0c was thc discov-
cry ot a si|cnt wor|d. This is thc paradox ot c|assica| scicncc.
lt rcvca|cd to mcn a dcad, passivc naturc, a nat0n that bc-
havcs as an a0tomaton which, oncc prorammcd, continucs to
to||ow thc ru|cs inscribcd in thc proram. ln this scnsc thc
dia|ouc with naturc iso|atcd man trom naturc i nstcad ot
brinin him c|oscr to it. A triumph ot human rcason turncd
into a sad truth. lt sccmcd that scicncc dcbascd cvcrythin it
Modcrn scicncc horricd both its opponcnts, tor whom it
appcarcd as a dcad|y dancr, and somc ot its s0pportcrs, who
saw in man`s so|itudc as "discovcrcd by scicncc thc pricc wc
had to pay tor this ncw rationa|ity.
Thc cu|tura| tcnsion associatcd with c|assica| scicncc can bc
hc|d at |cast part|y rcsponsib|c tor thc unstab|c position ot sci-
cncc within socicty, it |cd to an hcroic assumption ot thc harsh
imp|ications ot rationa|ity, but it |cd a|so to vio|cnt rc|cction.
Wc sha|| rct0rn |atcr to prcscnt-day antiscicncc movcmcnts.
Lct us takc an car|icr cxamp|c~thc irrationa|ist movcmcnt i n
Gcrmany in thc ! 920s that tormcd thc c0|t0ra| backround to
q0ant0m mcchanics. " ln opposition to scicncc, which was
idcnticd with a sct ot conccpts such as ca0sa|ity, dctcrmi-
H5u, Ic0uClOH5u, 8H0 I8lOH8ly, thcrc W85 8 VOcHl 0p-
surc ot idcas dcnicd by scicncc but sccn as thc cmbodimcnt
ot thc tundamcnta| irrationa|ity ot nat0rc. Litc, dcstiny, trcc-
dom, and spontancity thus bccamc manitcstations ot a shad-
owy undcrwor|d impcnctrab|c to rcason. Without oin into
thc pccu|iar sociopo|itica| contcxt to which it owcd its vchc-
mcnt naturc, wc can statc that this rcjcction i||ustratcs thc
risks associatcd with c|assica| scicncc. By admittin on|y a
s0b|cctivc mcanin tor a sct ot cxpcricnccs mcn bc|icvc to bc
sinicant, scicncc runs thc risk ot transtcrrin thcsc into thc
rca|m ot thc irrationa| , bcstowin upon thcm a tormidab|c
As !oscph Nccdham has cmphasizcd, Wcstcrn tho0ht has
a|ways osci||atcd bctwccn thc wor|d as an a0tomaton and a
thco|oy in which God ovcrns thc 0nivcrsc. This is what
Nccdham cal l s t hc 'charact cri st i c E0ropcan schi zo-
phrcnia. ln tact, thcsc visious an conncctcd. An a0toma-
ton nccds an cxtcrna| od.
Do wc rcally havc to makc this traic choicc? M0st wc
choosc bctwccn a scicncc that lcads to alicnation and an anti-
scicntic mctaphysical vicw ot nat0rc? Wc think s0ch a choicc
is no loncr ncccssary, sincc thc chancs that scicncc is 0ndcr-
oin today |cad to a radica|ly ncw sit0ation. This rcccnt cvo-
|0tion ot scicncc ivcs 0s a 0nig0c opport0nity to rcconsidcr
its position in c0lt0rc in cncra|. Modcrn scicncc oriinatcd i n
thc spccic contcxt D thc E0ropcan scvcntccnth ccnt0ry. Wc
arc now approachin thc cnd ot thc twcnticth ccnt0ry, and it
sccms that somc morc univcrsu/ mcssugc is carricd by sci-
cncc, a mcssac that conccrns thc intcraction ot man and na-
t0rc as wcll as ot man with man.
What arc thc ass0mptions ot c|assica| scicncc trom which wc
bc|icvc scicncc has trccd itsc|t today? Gcncra|ly thosc ccntcr-
in aro0nd thc basic conviction that at somc |cvc| thc wor/d S
simp/c and is ovcrncd by timc-rcvcrsiblc t0ndamcnta| |aws.
Today this appcars as an cxccssivc simplitication. Wc may
comparc it to rcd0cin b0i|dins to pilcs ot bricks. Yct o0t ot
Ihc samc bricks wc may constr0ct a tactory, a palacc, or a
cathcdral . lt is on thc lcvcl ot thc b0ildin as a wholc that wc
apprchcnd it as a crcat0rc ot timc, as a prod0ct ot a c0|t0rc, a
socicty, a sty|c. B0t |hcrc is thc additiona| and obvio0s prob-
|cm that, sincc thcrc is no onc to b0ild nat0rc, wc m0st ivc to
its vcry "bricksthat is, to its microscopic activity~a dc-
scription that acco0nts tor this b0ildin proccss.
Thc g0cst ot classica| scicncc is in itsclt an ill0stration ot a
dichotomy that r0ns thro0ho0t thc hi story ot Wcstcrn
tho0ht . On|y thc imm0tablc world ot idcas was tradit|onally
rccognizcd as "ill0minatcd by thc s0n ot thc intclligiblc, to
0sc Plato`s cxprcssion. ln thc samc scnsc, only ctcrnal |aws
wcrc sccn to cxprcss scicntic rationa|ity. emporalty was
Iookcd down 0pon as an i|l0sion. This is no loncr tr0c today.
Wc havc discovcrcd that tar trom bcin an iI|0sou, rrcvcrs-
bi|ity p|ays an csscntia| ro|c in nat0rc and |ics at thc oriin ol
most proccsscs ot sc|t-oranization. Wc nd o0rscIvcs i n
wor|d iu which rcvcrsibi|ity and dctcrminism app|y on|y to
|imitin, si mp|c cascs, whi|c irrcvcrsibi|ity and randomncss
arc thc r0|cs.
Thc dcnia| ot timc and comp|cxity was ccntra| to thc c0|t0raI
iss0cs raiscd by thc scicntic cutcrprisc in its c|assica| dcni-
tion. Thc cha||cnc ot thcsc conccpts was a|so dccisivc tor thc
mctamorphosis ot scicncc wc wish to dcscribc. ln his rcat
book hc Nuturc o| thc Fh)sicu/ Wor/J, Arth0r Eddinton'
iutrod0ccd a distinction bctwccn primary and sccondary |aws.
"Pimary |aws contro| thc bchavior ot sin|c partic|cs, whi|c
"sccondary |aws arc app|icab|c to co||cctions ot atoms or
mo|cc0|cs. To insist on sccondary |aws is to cmphasizc that
thc dcscripton ot c|cmcntary bchaviors is not s0tcicnt tor
0ndcrstandiu a systcm as a who|c. Au o0tstandin casc ot
sccondary |aw is, in Eddinton`s vicw, thc sccond |aw ot thcr-
modynamics, thc |aw that i ntrod0ccs thc "armw ot timc in
physics. Eddinton writcs. "lrom thc point ot vicw ot phi-
|osophy ot scicncc thc conccption assocatcd with cntropy
m0st, l think, bc rankcd as thc rcat contrib0tion ot thc niuc-
tccnth ccnt0ry to scicntic thouht. lt markcd a rcaction trom
thc vicw that cvcrythin to which scicncc nccd pay attcntion is
discovcrcd by a mcroscopic dissccton ot ob|ccts. ' This
trcnd has bccn dramatica||y ampIicd today.
lt is tr0c that somc ot thc rcatcst s0cccsscs ot modcrn sci-
cucc arc dscovcrcs at thc mcroscopc Icvc|, that ot mo|c-
c0Ics, atoms, or cIcmcntary partcIcs. lor cxamp|c, moIccuIar
bio|oy has bccn immcnsc| y succcsst0| in isoIatin spccitic
mo|ccu|cs that p|ay a ccntra| ro|c in thc mcchanism ot |itc. ln
tact, this succcss has bccn so ovcrwhc|min that tor many sci-
cntists thc am ot rcscarch s idcntcd wth this "microscopic
disscction ot ob|ccts, to 0sc Eddiuton`s cxprcssion. How-
cvcr, thc sccond |aw ot thcrmodynamics prcscntcd thc rst
cha||cnc to a conccpt ot nat0rc that wo0|d cxp|ain away thc
comp|cx and rcd0cc it to thc simpIicity ot somc hiddcn wor|d.
Today intcrcst is shltin trom s0bstancc to rc|ation, to com-
m0nication, to timc.
trary dccision. ln physics it was torccd 0pon 0s by ncw dis-
covcrcs no onc co0I d havc torcsccn. Who wo0I d havc
cxpcctcd that most (and pcrhaps a|I) c|cmcntary partcIcs
wo0Id pmvc to bc 0nstab|c? Who wouId havc cxpcctcd that
wth thc cxpcrmcntaI conrmaton ot an cxpandn 0nvcrsc
wc co0Id conccvc ot thc hstory ot thc worId as a who|c?
At thc cnd ot thc twcntcth ccnt0ry wc havc |carncd to 0n-
dcrstand bcttcr thc mcann ot thc two rcat rcvoI0tons that
avc shapc to thc physcs ot o0r tmc, g0ant0m mcchancs and
rc|atvty. Thcy startcd as attcmpts to corrcct cIasscaI mc-
chancs and to ncorporatc nto t thc ncwIy to0nd 0nVcrsaI
constants. Today thc st0aton has chancd. Quant0m mc-
chancs has vcn 0s thc thcorctca| tramc to dcscrbc thc n-
ccssant transtormatons ot partc|cs nto cach othcr. SmIarIy,
cncraI rcIatvty has bccomc thc basc thcory n tcrms ot
whch wc can dcscrbc thc thcrma| hstory o o0r 0nvcrsc n
ts carIy stacs.
O0r 0nvcrsc has a pI0raIstc, compIcx charactcr. Str0c-
t0rcs may dsappcar, b0t a|so thcy may appcar. Somc pro-
ccsscs arc, as tar as wc know, wc|I dcscrbcd by dctcrmnstc
cg0atons, b0t othcrs nvo|vc probab|stc proccsscs.
How thcn can wc ovcrcomc thc apparcnt contradcton bc-
twccn thcsc conccpts? Wc arc |vn n a sn|c 0nvcrsc. As
wc sha|| scc, wc arc bcnnn to apprccatc thc mcann o
thcsc prob|cms. Morcovcr, thc mportancc wc now vc to thc
varo0s phcnomcna wc obscrvc and dcscrbc s g0tc dttcrcnt
trom, cvcn oppostc to, what was s0@cstcd by c|assca| physcs.
Thcrc thc basc proccsscs, as wc mcntoncd, arc consdcrcd as
dctcrmnstc and rcvcrsb|c. Poccsscs nvo|vn randomncss
or rrcvcrsb|ty arc consdcrcd to bc cxccptons. Today wc
scc cvcrywhcrc thc ro|c ot rrcvcrsb|c proccsscs, ot 0ct0a-
tons. Thc modcIs consdcrcd by c|assca| physcs sccm to 0s
to occ0r on|y n Imtn st0atons s0ch as wc can crcatc ar-
tcaI|y by p0ttn mattcr nto a box and thcn watn t|| t
rcachcs cg0|br0m.
Thc artca| may bc dctcrmnstc and rcvcrsb|c. Thc nat0-
raI contans csscnta| cIcmcnts ot randomncss and rrcvcrs-
bIty. Ths Icads to a ncw vcw ot mattcr n whch mattcr s no
|oncr thc passvc s0bstancc dcscrbcd n thc mcchanstc
worId vcw b0t s assocatcd wth spontanco0s actvty. Ths
changc s so proto0nd that, as wc SlulCO n our Pefaco, wo C0D
rcaI|y spcak abo0t a ncw da|o0c ot man wth nat0rc.
Ths book dca|s wth thc conccptua| transtormaton ot sc-
cncc trom thc Go|dcn Ac ot c|assca| sccncc to thc prcscnt.
To dcscrbc ths transtormaton wc cou|d havc choscn many
roads. Wc cou|d havc studcd thc prob|cms ot cIcmcntary par-
tc|cs. Wc cou|d havc to||owcd rcccnt tascnatn dcvc|op-
mcnts n astrophyscs. Thcsc arc thc subjccts that sccm to
dc|mt thc trontcrs ot sccncc. Howcvcr, as wc statcd n our
Prctacc, ovcr thc past ycars so many ncw tcaturcs ot naturc at
our |cvc| havc bccn dscovcrcd that wc dccdcd to conccntratc
on ths ntcrmcdatc |cvc|, on prob|cms that bc|on man|y to
our macroscopc wor|d, whch nc|udcs atoms, mo|ccu|cs, and
cspcca||y bomo|ccu|cs. St|| t s mportant to cmphaszc that
thc cvo|uton ot sccncc procccds on somcwhat para||c| |ncs at
cvcry |cvc|, bc t that ot c|cmcntary partc|cs, chcmstry, boI-
oy, or cosmo|oy. On cvcry sca|c sc|t-oranzaton, comp|cx-
ty, and tmc p|ay a ncw and uncxpcctcd ro|c.
Thcrctorc, our am is to cxamnc thc sincancc ot thrcc
ccnturcs ot sccntc prorcss trom a dcnitc vcwpont.
Thcrc s ccrtain|y a sub|cctvc c|cmcnt n thc way wc havc
choscn our matcria|. Thc prob|cm ot tmc is rca||y thc ccntcr
ot thc rcscarch that onc ot us has bccn pursun a|| hs |tc.
Whcn as a youn studcnt at thc Unvcrsty ot Brussc|s hc
camc nto contact wth physcs and chcmstry tor thc rst
tmc, hc was astonshcd that sccncc had so |tt|c to say about
t mc, cspcca||y s ncc h s car|cr cducaton had ccntcrcd
man|y around hstory and archaco|oy. Ths surprsc cou|d
havc |cd hm to two atttudcs, both ot whch wc nd cx-
cmp|cd n thc past. onc wou|d havc bccn to dscard thc pmb
|cm, sncc c|assca| sccncc sccmcd to havc no p|acc tor timc,
and thc othcr wou|d havc bccn to |ook tor somc othcr way ot
apprchcndn naturc, i n whch tmc wou|d p|ay a dttcrcnt,
morc basc ro|c. Ths s thc path Bcrson and Whtchcad, to
mcnton on|y two ph|osophcrs ot our ccntury, chosc. Thc rst
poston wou|d bc a "postvstc onc, thc sccond a "mcta-
physca| onc.
JDC1C Wu3, DOWCVC1, d DIU QD, WDCD was to ask wbcthcr
thc smp|cty ot thc tcmpora| cvo|uton tradtona||y consd-
crcd in physics and chcmistry was d0c to thc tact that attcu-
as paid main|y to somc vcry simp|icd sit0ations, to
hcaps ot bricks in coutrast with thc cathcdra| to which wc havc
This book is dividcd into thrcc parts. Thc rst part dca|s
with thc tri0mph ot c|assica| scicncc and thc c0|t0ra| con-
scg0cuccs ot this tri0mph. lnitia||y, scicncc was rcctcd with
cnth0siasm. Wc sha|| thcn dcscribc thc c0|t0ra| po|arization
that occ0rrcd as a rcs0|t ot thc cxistcncc ot c|assica| scicncc
and its astonishin s0cccss. ls this s0cccss to bc acccptcd as
s0ch, pcrhaps |imitin its imp|ications, or m0st thc scicntihc
mcthod itsc|t bc rc|cctcd as partia| or i||0sory? Both choiccs
|cad to thc samc rcs0|t~thc co||ision bctwccn what has ottcu
bccn ca||cd thc "two c0|t0rcs, scicncc and thc h0manitics.
Thcsc g0cstions havc p|aycd a basic ro|c in Wcstcrn tho0ht
sincc thc torm0|ation ot c|assica| scicucc. Aain and aain wc
comc to thc prob|cm, "How to choosc! lsaiah Bcr|in has
riht|y sccn in this g0cstion thc bcinuin ot thc schism bc-
twccn thc scicnccs and thc h0manitics:
Thc spccic and 0nig0c vcrs0s thc mpctitivc and thc 0n-
vcrsa|, thc concmtc vcrs0s thc abstract, pcrpct0a| movc-
mcnt vcrs0s rcst, thc inncr vcrs0s thc o0tcr, g0a|ity
vcrs0s g0antity, c0|t0n-bo0nd vcrs0s timc|css pnucip|cs,
mcuta| stritc and sc|t-transtormation as a pcrmancnt con-
dition ot mau vcrs0s thc possibi|ity (and dcsirabi|ity) ot
pcacc, ordcr, na| harmony and thc satistaction ot a|| ra-
tiona| h0mau wishcs-thcsc somc ot thc aspccts ot
thc contrast. '
Wc havc dcvotcd m0ch spacc t o c|assica| mcchanics. u-
dccd, in o0r vicw this is thc bcst vantac point trom which wc
may contcmp|atc thc prcscnt-day transtormation ot scicncc.
C|assica| dynamics sccms to cxprcss in an cspccia||y c|car and
trikin way thc static vicw ot nat0rc. Hcrc timc apparcnt|y i s
rcd0ccd t o a paramctcr, and t0t0rc and past bccomc cg0iv-
a|cnt. lt is tr0c that g0ant0m thcory has raiscd many ncw
prob|cms not covcrcd by c|assica| dynamics b0t it has ncvcr-
thc|css rctaincd a n0mbcr ot thc conccpt0a| positions ot c|assI-
ca| dyuamics , partic0|ar|y as tar as tme and QtOC0SS 0TO
As car|y as at thc bcinnin ot thc ninctccnth ccnt0ry,
prccisc|y whcn cIassica| scicncc was tri0mphant, whcn thc
Ncwtonian proram dominatcd lrcnch scicncc and thc |attcr
dominatcd E0ropc, thc rst thrcat to thc Ncwtonian con-
str0ction |oomcd into siht. ln thc sccond part ot our st0dy wc
sha|| to||ow thc dcvc|opmcnt ot thc scicncc ot hcat, this riva| to
Ncwton`s scicncc ot ravity, startin trom thc tirst a0nt|ct
thmwn down whcn lo0ricr tormu|atcd thc |aw ovcrnin thc
propaation ot hcat. lt was, in tact, thc rst guantitativc dc-
scription ot somcthin inconccivab|c in c|assica| dynamics-
an irrcvcrsib|c proccss.
Thc two dcsccndants ot thc scicncc ot hcat, thc scicncc ot
cncry convcrsion and thc scicncc ot hcat cnincs, avc birth
to thc rst "nonc|assica|` scicncc~thcrmodynamics. Thc
most oriina| contrib0tion ot thcrmodynamics is thc cc|c-
bratcd sccond |aw, which introd0ccd into physics thc arrow ot
timc. This introd0ction was part ot a morc |oba| intc||cct0a|
movc. Thc ninctccnth ccntury was rca||y thc ccnt0ry ot cvo|u-
tion, bio|oy, co|oy, and socio|oy cmphasizcd proccsscs ot
bccomin, ot incrcasin comp|cxity. As tor thcrmodynamics,
i t is bascd on thc distinction ot two typcs ot proccsscs. rcvcrs-
ib|c proccsscs, which arc indcpcndcnt ot thc dircction ot timc,
and irrcvcrsib|c proccsscs, which dcpcnd on thc dircction ot
timc. Wc sha|| scc cxamp|cs |atcr. lt was in ordcr to distinguish
thc two typcs ot proccsscs that thc conccpt ot cntropy was
intmd0ccd, sincc cntropy incrcascs on|y bcca0sc ot thc irrc-
vcrsib|c proccsscs.
D0rn thc ninctccnth ccnt0ry thc na| statc ot thcrmody-
namic cvo|ution was at thc ccntcr ot scicntic rcscarch. This
was cgui|ibrium thcrmodynamics. lrrcvcrsib|c proccsscs wcrc
|ookcd down on as nuisanccs, as dist0rbanccs, as s0b|ccts not
worthy ot st0dy. Today this sit0ation has comp|ctc|y chancd.
Wc now know that tar trom cq0i|ibrium, ncw typcs ot str0c-
t0rcs may oriinatc spontanco0s|y. ln tar-trom-cg0i|ibri0m
conditions wc may havc transtormation trom disordcr, trom
thcrma| chaos, into ordcr. Ncw dynamic statcs ot mattcr may
oriinatc, statcs that rc0cct thc intcraction ot a ivcn systcm
with its s0rro0ndins. Wc havc ca||cd thcsc ncw struct0rcs Jis-
siputivc structurcs to cmphasizc thc constr0ctivc ro|c ot dis-
This book dcscribcs somc ot thc mcthods that havc bccn
dcvc|opcd |n nccnt ycars to dca| w|th thc appcaraucc and cvo-
|uton ot dsspatvc structurcs. Hcrc wc nd thc kcy words
that r0n throuhout ths book |kc |ctmotvs. non|ncarty, n-
stab|ty, uctuatons. Thcy havc bcun to pcrmcatc our vcw
ot naturc cvcn bcyond thc tc|ds ot physcs and chcmstry
Wc c|tcd lsaiah Bcr|n whcn wc dscusscd thc opposton bc-
twccn thc sccnccs and thc humantcs. Hc opposcd thc spccc
and unguc to thc rcpcttvc and thc un|vcrsa|. Thc rcmarkab|c
tcaturc s that whcn wc movc trom cgu|brum to tar-trom-
cgu|brum condtons, wc movc away trom thc rcpcttve and
thc unvcrsa| to thc spccc and thc unguc. lndccd, thc |aws
ot cgu|brum arc unvcrsa|. Mattcr ncar cgu|brum bchavcs
n a "rcpcttvc way. On thc othcr hand, tar trom cgu|brum
thcrc appcars a varcty ot mcchansms corrcspondn to thc
possb|ty ot occurrcncc ot varous typcs ot dsspatvc struc-
turcs. lor cxamp|c, tar trom cqu|brum wc may wtncss thc
appcarancc ot chcmca| c|ocks, chcmca| rcactons whch bc-
havc n a cohcrcnt, rhythmca| tashon. Wc may a|so havc pro-
ccsscs ot sc| t-oran zaton | caJn to nonhomocncous
structurcs to noncgu|brum crysta|s.
Wc wou|d |kc to cmphaszc thc uncxpcctcd charactcr ot ths
bchavor. Evcry onc ot us has an ntutvc vcw ot how a chcm-
ca| rcacton takcs p|acc, wc manc mo|ccu|cs t|oat n
throuh spacc, co||dn, and rcappcarn n ncw torms. Wc
scc chaotc bchavor sm|ar to what thc atomsts dcscrbcd
whcn thcy spokc about dust dancn n thc ar. But n a chcm-
ca| c|ock thc bchavor s gutc dcrcnt. Ovcrsmp|tyn somc-
what, wc can say that n a chcmca| c|ock a|| mo|ccu|cs chanc
thcr chcmca| dcntty simu/tuncousl), at rcu|m tmc ntcr-
va|s. lt thc mo|ccu|cs can bc mancd as b|uc or rcd, wc
wou|d scc thcr chanc ot co|or to||own thc rhythm ot thc
chcmca| c|ock rcacton.
Obvous|y such a stuaton can no |oncr bc dcscrbcd n
tcrms ot chaotc bchavor. A ncw typc ot ordcr has appcarcd.
Wc can spcak ot a ncw cohcrcncc, ot a mcchansm ot "com-
muncaton amon mo|cc0|cs. But ths typc ot communca-
ton can arsc on|y n tar-trom-cgu|brum condtons. lt s
gutc ntcrcstn that such communcaton sccms to bc thc ru|c
n thc wor|d ot bo|oy. lt may n tact bc takcn as lhC VCIy bass
U thc dcfnton of a bo|oca| systcm.
ln addton, thc typc ot dsspatvc str0ct0rc dcpcnds crit-
ca||y on thc condtons n whch thc str0ct0rc s tormcd. Ex-
tcrna| c|ds s0ch as thc ravtatona| cId ot carth, as wcI| as
thc manctc cId, may pIay an csscntaI roIc n thc scIccton
mcchansm ot scIt-oranzaton.
Wc bcn to scc how, startn trom chcmstry, wc may b0|d
compIcx str0ct0rcs, compIcx torms, somc ot whch may havc
bccn thc prcc0rsors ot Itc. What sccms ccrtan s that thcsc
tar-trom-cg0Ibr0m phcnomcna II0stratc an csscnta| and 0n-
cxpcctcd propcrty ot mattcr. physcs may hcncctorth dcscrbc
str0ct0rcs as adaptcd to o0tsdc condtons. Wc mcct n rathcr
smpIc chcmcaI systcms a knd ot prcboIocaI adaptaton
mcchansm. To 0sc somcwhat anthropomorphc Ian0ac. n
cg0Ibr0m mattcr s "bInd,` b0t n tar-trom-cg0Ibr0m con-
dtons t bcns to bc abIc to pcrccvc, to "takc nto acco0nt,
n ts way ot t0nctonn, dttcrcnccs n thc cxtcrnaI wor|d
(s0ch as wcak ravtatona| or cIcctrca| cIds).
Ot co0rsc, thc probIcm ot thc orn ot |tc rcmans a dm-
c0|t onc, and wc do not thnk a smpIc soI0ton s mmncnt.
5t||, trom ths pcrspcctvc Itc no |oncr appcars to opposc thc
"norma| |aws ot physcs, str0In aanst thcm to avod ts
norma| tatc-ts dcstr0cton. On thc contrary, |tc sccms to
cxprcss n a spccc way thc vcry condtons n whch o0r bo-
sphcrc s cmbcddcd, ncorporatn thc nonIncartcs ot chcm-
ca| rcactons and thc tar-trom-cg0Ibr0m condtons mposcd
on thc bosphcrc by so|ar radaton.
Wc havc dsc0sscd thc conccpts that a|Iow 0s to dcscribc thc
tormaton ot dsspatvc str0ct0rcs, s0ch as thc thcory ot bt0r-
catons. lt is rcmarkab|c that ncar-bt0rcatons systcms prc-
scnt |arc 0ct0atons. S0ch systcms sccm to "hcstatc"
amon varo0s possbIc drcctons ot cvoI0ton, and thc ta-
mo0s |aw ot |arc n0mbcrs n ts 0s0aI scnsc brcaks down. A
smaI| 0ct0aton may start an cntrcIy ncw cvoI0ton that w||
drastcaIIy chanc thc whoIc bchavor ot thc macroscopc sys-
tcm. Thc anaIoy wth socaI phcnomcna, cvcn wth hstory, s
ncscapabIc. lar trom opposn "chancc` and "ncccssty,` wc
now scc both aspccts as csscnta| n thc dcscrpton ot non-
|ncar systcms tar trom cg0lbr0m.
Thc rst two parts ot ths book th0s dcaI wth two conict-
ng vews of Ih2 Qhy8Ca UDVt8. h 8aC VV O Cu55Cu
dynamcs, and thc cvoI0tonary vcw assocatcd wth cntropy.
A coutroutatou bctwccu thcsc vcws has bccomc 0uavod-
abIc. lor a Iou tmc ths coutroutatou was postpoucd by cou-
sdcru rrcvcrsbIty as au I|0sou, as au approxmatou, t
was mau who utrod0ccd tmc uto a tmc|css 0uvcrsc. How-
cvcr, ths so|utou u whch rrcvcrsbIty s rcd0ccd to au I|0-
sou or to approxmatous cau uo |oucr bc acccptcd, succ wc
kuow that rrcvcrsbIty may bc a so0rcc ot ordcr, ot co-
hcrcucc, D orauzatou.
Wc cau uo Ioucr avod ths coutroutatou. lt s thc s0bjcct
o thc thrd part of ths book. Wc dcscrbc tradtouaI attcmpts
to appmach thc prob|cm ot rrcvcrsb|ty rst u c|asscaI aud
thcu u g0aut0m mcchaucs. Pouccru work was douc hcrc,
cspccaIIy by Bo|tzmauu aud Gbbs. Howcvcr, wc cau statc
that thc probIcm was Ictt IarcIy 0uso|vcd. As KarI Poppcr
rc|atcs t, t s a dramatc story. rst, BoItzmauu tho0ht hc
had vcu au objcctvc tormu|atou to thc ucw couccpt ot tmc
mp|cd u thc sccoud Iaw. B0t as a rcs0It ot hs coutrovcrsy
wth ZcrmcIo aud othcrs, hc had to rctrcat.
lu thc |ht ot hstory-r u thc darkucss ot hstory-
BoItzmauu was dcfcatcd, accordu to a|| acccptcd stan-
dards, tho0h cvcrybody acccpts hs cmucucc as a phys-
cst. lor hc ucvcr s0ccccdcd u cIcaru 0p thc stat0s ot
hs J-thcorcm, uor dd hc cxpIau cutropy ucrcasc . . .
S0ch was thc prcss0rc that hc |ost fath u hmscIf . . !
Thc prob|cm ot rrcvcrsbIty stII rcmaus a s0bjcct ot IvcIy
coutrovcrsy. How s ths possbIc ouc h0udrcd fty ycars acr
thc dscovcry o thc sccoud |aw of thcrmodyuamics? Thcrc am
mauy aspccts to ths g0cstou, somc c0It0raI aud somc tcchu-
ca|. Thcrc s a c0It0raI compoucut u thc mstr0st of tmc. Wc
shaII ou scvcraI occasous ctc thc opuou ot Eustcu. Hs
|udmcut so0nds uaI. tmc (as rrcvcrsbIty) s au ||0sou. lu
tact, Eustcu was rctcratu what Gordauo Br0uo had wrt-
tcu u thc sxtccuth ccut0ry aud what had bccomc tor ccu-
t0rcs thc crcdo O sccucc. Thc 0uvcrsc s, thcrctorc, ouc,
uutc, mmobIc . . . . lt docs uot movc tscIf |ocaI|y . . . . lt
docs uot cucratc tscIf . . . . lt s uot corr0ptbIc . . . . lt s uot
aItcrabIc . . . *" lor a |oug tmc Bruuo`s vsou domuatcd
thc sccutc vcw o thc Wcstcru wor|d. lt s thcrcforc nOl
8urpr8ug thdt thc utrusou ot rrcvcrsbIty, comu mauIy
trom thc cnnccrn sccnccs and physcaI chcmstry, was rc-
ccvcd wth mstr0st. B0t thcrc arc tcchnca| rcasons n add-
ton to c0|t0ra| oncs. Evcry attcmpt to "dcrvc rrcvcrsb|ty
trom dynamcs ncssar|y had to tai| , bcca0sc rrcvcrsb|ty
s not a 0nvcrsa| phcnomcnon. Wc can manc st0atons that
arc strct|y rcvcrsb|c, s0ch as a pcnd0|0m n thc abscncc ot
trcton, or p|anctary moton. Ths ta|0rc has |cd to ds
co0racmcnt and to thc tcc|n that, n thc cnd, thc who|c con-
ccpt ot rrcvcrsb|ty has a s0bjcctvc orn. Wc sha|| dsc0ss
a|| thcsc prob|cms at somc |cnth. lct 0s say hcrc that today
wc can scc ths prob|cm trom a dttcrcnt pont ot vcw, sncc
wc now know that thcrc arc dttcrcnt c|asscs ot dynamc sys-
tcms. Thc wor|d s tar trom bcn homocnco0s. Thcrctorc thc
g0cston can bc p0t n dttcrcnt tcrms. What s thc spccic
str0ct0rc ot dynamc systcms that pcrmts thcm to "d s-
tn0sh` past and t0t0rc? What s thc mnm0m comp|cxty
Prorcss has bccn rca|zcd a|on thcsc |ncs. Wc can now bc
morc prccsc abo0t thc roots ot tmc n nat0rc. Ths has tar-
rcachn conscg0cnccs. Thc sccond |aw ot thcrmodynamcs,
thc |aw ot cntropy, ntrod0ccd rrcvcrsb|ty nto thc mac-
mscopc wor|d. Wc now can 0ndcrstand ts mcann on thc
mcroscopc |cvc| as wc||. As wc sha|| scc, thc sccond |aw cor-
rcsponds to a sc|ccton r0|c, to a rcstricton on nta| cond-
tons that s thcn propaatcd by thc |aws ot dynamcs .
Thcrctorc thc sccond |aw ntrod0ccs a ucw rrcd0cb|c c|c-
mcnt nto o0r dcscrpton ot nat0rc. Wh|c t s consstcnt wth
dynamcs, t cannot bc dcrvcd trom dynamcs.
Bo|tzmann a|rcady 0ndcrstood that probab|ty and rrcvcrs-
bty had to bc c|osc|y rc|atcd. On|y whcn a systcm bchavcs
n a s0mccnt|y random way may thc dttcrcncc bctwccn past
and t0t0rc, and thcrctorc rrcvcrsb|ty, cntcr uto ts dcscrp-
ton. O0r ana|yss conrms ths pont ot vcw. lndccd, what s
thc mcann ot an arrow ot tmc n a dctcrmnstc dcscrpton
ot nat0rc? lt thc t0t0rc s a|rcady n somc way contancd n thc
prcscnt, whch a|so contans thc past, what s thc mcann ot
an arrow ot tmc? Thc arrow ot tmc u a mantcstaton ot thc
tact that thc t0t0rc s not vcn, that, as thc lrcnch poct Pa0|
Va|cry cmphaszcd, "tmc s constr0cton. '
HC CXQCIlCHCC Ol o0r CVCI]Udj llC DdHllC55 d IdUlCd dt-
tcrcncc bctwccn tmc and spacc. Wc can movc trom onc pont
ot spacc to anothcr. Howcvcr, wc cannot t0rn timc aro0nd. Wc
cannot cxchanc past and t0t0rc. As wc shaII scc, this tccIin
ot impossibiIity is now acg0ir|n a prccisc scicntic mcanin.
lcrmittcd statcs arc scparatcd trom statcs that arc prohibitcd
by thc sccond Iaw ot thcrmodynamics by mcans ot an innitc
cntropy barricr. Thcrc arc othcr barr|crs n physics. Onc is thc
vcIocity ot Iiht, which in o0r prcscnt vicw Iimits thc spccd at
which sinaIs may bc transmittcd. lt is csscntiaI that this bar-
ricr cxist, it not, ca0saIity wo0Id taII to picccs. SimiIarIy, thc
cntropy barricr is thc prcrcg0isitc tor ivin a mcanin tp com-
m0nication. lmainc what wo0Id happcn it o0r t0t0rc wo0Id
bccomc thc past tor othcr pcopIcl Wc shaII rct0rn to this Iatcr.
Thc rcccnt cvoI0tion ot physcs has cmphaszcd thc rcaIity
ot timc. l n thc proccss ncw aspccts ot timc havc bccn 0n-
covcrcd. A prcocc0paton wth tmc r0ns aII throuh o0r ccn-
t0ry. Think ot Einstci n, Pro0st, lrc0d, TcIhard, Pcrcc, or
Onc ot thc most s0rprisin rcs0Its ot Enstcn`s spcciaI thc-
ory ot rcIatvity, p0bIishcd in ! H5, was thc introd0ction ot d
IocaI timc associatcd with cach obscrvcr. Howcvcr, this IocaI
timc rcmaincd a rcvcrsbIc timc. Eustcin`s pmbIcm both i n
thc spcciaI and thc cncraI thcorcs ot rcIativity vas mainIy
that ot thc comm0nication bctwccn obscrvcrs, thc way thcy
co0Id comparc timc intcrvaIs. B0t wc can now invcstatc timc
in othcr conccpt0aI contcxts.
ln cIassicaI mcchanics timc was a n0mbcr charactcrizin thc
position ot a point on its trgcctory. B0t tmc may havc a dit-
tcrcnt mcann on a IobaI IcvcI . Whcn wc Iook at a chId and
0css his or hcr ac, ths ac s uot Iocatcd n any spccaI part
ot thc chiId`s body. lt is a IobaI |0dmcnt. lt has ottcn bccn
statcd that scicncc spataIzcs tmc. B0t wc now dscovcr that
anothcr point ot vicw is possbIc. Considcr a Iandscapc and its
cvoI0tion. viIIacs row, bridcs and roads conncct dhcrcnt
nions and transtorm thcm. Spacc th0s acg0ircs a tcmporaI
dimcnsion, toIIowin thc words ot coraphcr B. Bcrry, wc

avc bccn Icd to st0dy thc "timin ot spacc.

B0t pcrhaps thc most i mportant prorcss i s that wc now
may scc thc pmbIcm ot str0ct0rc, ot ordcr, trom a dittcrcnt
pcrspcctivc. As wc shaII show in Chaptcr Vlll, trom thc point
ot vicw ot dynamics, bc it cIassicaI or qu8ntum, thoro C0D UC
no onc tmc-dircctcd cvoI0ton. Thc nformaton as t can bc
dcncd i n tcrms ot dynamics rcmains constant in timc. This
so0nds paradoxicaI. Whcn wc mix two Iig0ids, thcrc wo0Id
occ0r no "cvoI0tion in spitc ot thc tact that wc cannot, with-
o0t 0sin somc cxtcrnaI dcvicc, 0ndo thc cttcct ot thc mixin.
On thc contrary, thc cntropy Iaw dcscribcs thc mixin as thc
cvoI0tion toward a disordcr, toward thc most probabIc
statc. Wc can show now that thcrc is no contradiction bctwccn
thc two dcscriptions, b0t to spcak abo0t intormation, or ordcr,
wc havc to rcdcnc thc 0nits wc arc considcrin. Thc impor-
tant ncw tact is that wc now may cstabIish prccisc r0Ics to o
trom onc typc ot 0nit to thc othcr. ln othcr words, wc havc
achicvcd a microscopic torm0Iation ot thc cvoI0tionary para-
dm cxprcsscd by thc sccond Iaw. As thc cvoI0tionary para-
dim cncompasscs aII ot chcmistry as wcII as csscntiaI parts ot
bioIoy and thc sociaI scicnccs, |his sccms to 0s an important
concI0sion. This insiht is g0itc rcccnt. Thc proccss ot rccon-
ccpt0aIization occ0rrin in physics is tar trom bcin compIctc.
Howcvcr, o0r intcntion is not to shcd |ht on thc dcnitivc
acg0isitions ot scicncc, on its stabIc and wcII-cstabIishcd rc-
s0Its. What wc wish to do is cmphasizc thc conccpt0aI crc-
ativcncss ot scicntic activity and thc t0t0rc prospccts and
ncw probIcms it raiscs. ln any casc, wc now know that wc arc
onIy at thc bcinnin ot this cxpIoration. Wc shaII not scc thc
cnd ot 0nccrtainty or risk. Th0s wc havc choscn to prcscnt
thins as wc pcrccvc thcm now, t0IIy awarc ot how incompIctc
o0r answcrs arc.
Erwin Schrdincr oncc wrotc, to thc indination ot many phi-
Iosophcrs ot scicncc.
. . . thcrc is a tcndcncy to torct that aII scicncc is bo0nd
0p with h0man c0It0rc in cncraI , and that scicntitic nd-
ins, cvcn thosc which at thc momcnt appcar thc most
advanccd and csotcric and dimc0It to rasp, arc mcanin-
Icss o0tsidc thcir c0It0raI contcxt. A thcorcticaI scicncc
0nawarc that thosc ot its constr0cts considcrcd rcIcvant
uU DODculOu5 dIc Uc5lucU cVculudll lO Uc Imcd in
conccpts and words that havc a rip on thc cd0catcd com-
m0nity and bccomc part and parcc| ot thc cncra| wor|d
pict0rca thcorctica| scicncc, l say, whcrc this is torot-
tcn, and whcrc thc initiatcd continuc m0sin to cach
othcr i n tcrms that arc, at bcst, 0ndcrstood by a sma||
ro0p ot c|osc tc||ow travc| |crs, wi|| ncccssari|y bc c0t oh
trom thc rcst ot cu|t0ral mankind, in thc |on run it is
bo0nd to atrophy and ossity howcvcr viru|cntly csotcric
chat may contin0c within its joytu||y iso|atcd roups ot
cxpcrts. '
Onc ot thc main thcmcs ot this book is that ot a stron intcr-
action ot thc iss0cs propcr to cu|turc as a who|c and thc intcr-
na| conccpt0a| prob|cms ot scicncc in particu|ar. Wc nd
g0cstions abo0t timc at thc vcry hcart ot scicncc. Bccomn,
|rrcvcrsibi|ity~thcsc arc g0cstions to which cncrations ot
phi|osophcrs havc a|so dcvotcd thcir |ivcs. Today, whcn his-
torybc it cconomic, dcmoraphic, or po|itica|~is movin at
an 0nprcccdcntcd pacc, ncw gucstions and ncw intcrcsts rc-

0s to cntcr into ncw dia|oucs, to |ook tor a ncw co-

Howcvcr, wc know thc promss ot scicncc has ocn bccn
dcscribcd in tcrms ot rupturc, as a shilt away trom concrctc
cxpcricncc toward a |cvc| ot abstraction that is incrcasin|y
dimcu|t to rasp. Wc bc|icvc that this kind ot intcqrctaton is
on|y a rccction, at thc cpistcmo|oica| |cvc|, ot thc historica|
sit0ation i n which c|assica| scicncc to0nd itsc|t, a consc-
gucncc ot its inabi|ity to inc|udc in its thcorctica| tramc vast
arcas ot thc rc|ationship bctwccn man and his cnvironmcnt.
Thcrc do0bt|css cxists an abstract 0cVcOj0cHl O scicntic
thcorics. Howcvcr, thc conccptua| innovations that havc bccn
dccisivc tor thc dcvc|opmcnt ot scicncc arc not ncccssari|y ot
this typc. Thc rcdiscovcry ot timc has roots both in thc intcr-
na| history ot scicncc and in thc socia| contcxt in which sci-
cncc nds itsc|t today. Discovcrics s0ch as thosc ot unstab|c
c|cmcntary partic|cs or ot thc cxpandin 0nivcrsc c|car|y bc-
Ion to thc intcrna| history ot scicncc, b0t thc cncra| intcrcst
|n noncq0i|ibrium situations, in cvo|vin systcms, may rccct
o0r tcc|in that h0manity as a who|c is today in a transition
pcriod. Many rcs0|ts wc sha|| rcport in Chaptcrs V and Vl, tor
cxamp|c thosc on osci||atin chcmica| rc8Ctons, could havo
bccn dscovcrcd many ycars ao, b0t thc study ot thcsc non-
cg0i|ibri0m prob|cms was rcprcsscd i n thc c0|t0raI and idco-
IoicaI contcxt ot thosc timcs.
Wc arc awarc that asscrtin this rcccptivcncss to c0|t0raI
contcnt r0ns co0ntcr to thc traditionaI conccpton ot scicncc.
ln this vicw sccncc dcvcIops by trccin itsc|t trom o0tmodcd
torms ot 0ndcrstandin nat0rc, it p0rcs itsc|t in a proccss
that can bc comparcd to an "asccsis ot rcason. B0t this in
t0rn |cads to thc conc|0son that scicncc sho0Id bc practiccd
onIy by comm0nitcs |ivin apart, 0ninvo|vcd in m0ndanc
mattcrs. ln ths vcw, thc idca| scicntic comm0nity sho0|d bc
protcctcd trom thc prcss0rcs, nccds, and rcg0ircmcnts ot so-
cicty. Scicntic prorcss o0ht to bc an csscntia||y a0tono-
mo0s proccss that any "o0tsidc" int|0cncc, s0ch as thc
scicntsts`s particpaton in othcr c0|t0ra|, socia|, or ccon0mic
activitics, wo0|d mcrc|y dst0rb or dc|ay.
This idca| ot abstraction, ot thc scicntist`s withdrawaI, nds
an a|Iy in st|| anothcr idca|, this onc conccrnin thc vocatiou
ot a "tr0c` rcscarchcr, namc|y, his dcsirc to cscapc trom
wor|d|y vicisst0dcs. Einstcin dcscrbcs thc typc ot scicntist
who wo0|d nd tavor with thc 'Anc| ot thc lord sho0|d thc
Iattcr bc ivcn thc task ot drivin trom thc "Tcmp|c ot Sci-
cncc a|I thosc who arc "0nworthy`

~it is not statcd in what

rcspccts. Thcy arc cncra||y
. . . rathcr odd, 0ncomm0nicativc, so|itary tcI|ows, who
dcsptc thcsc common charactcristics rcscmbIc onc an-
othcr rca|Iy |css than thc host ot thc banishcd.
What |cd thcm into thc TcmpIc? . . . onc ot thc stron-
@5l uOlV5 lhl 0 uH lO Il H0 5CHC I5 @h
trom cvcryday Itc wi th i ts pai nt0I harshncss and
wrctchcd drcarincss, and trom thc tcttcrs ot onc`s owu
shittin dcsircs. A pcrson with a ncr scnsib|ity is drvcu
to cscapc trom pcrsonaI cxistcncc and to thc wor|d ot
ob|cctivc obscrvin (5chuucn) and 0ndcrstandin. This
motvc can bc comparcd wth thc Ionin that irrcsistib|y
p0|Is thc town-dwc||cr away trom his noisy, crampcd
g0artcrs and toward thc s|cnt, hih mo0ntains, whcrc
thc cyc rancs trcc|y thro0h thc sti||, p0rc air and traccs
thc ca|m conto0rs that sccm to bc madc tor ctcrnity.
llh lhl5 0CgllVC uOllVC lhCIC os d psllVc onc. M
sccks to torm tor himsc|t, i n whatcvcr manncr is s0itabIc
tor hm, a smp||cd and |0c|d |mac ot thc wor|d (Si/d
dcr Wc/t), and so to ovcrcomc thc wor|d o cxpcr|cncc by
str|v|n to rcp|acc |t to somc cxtcnt by th|s |mac. '"
Thc ncompat|b|||ty bctwccn thc ascct|c bca0ty so0ht acr
by sc|cncc, on thc onc hand, and thc pctty sw|r| ot wor|d|y
cxpcr|cncc so kccn|y tc|t by E|nstc|n, on thc othcr, |s ||kc|y to
bc rc|ntorccd by anothcr |ncompat|b|||ty, th|s onc opcn|y Man-
|chcan, bctwccn sc|cncc and soc|cty, or, morc prcc|sc|y, bc-
twccn trcc h0man crcat|v|ty and po||t|ca| powcr. ln ths casc, |t
| s not |n an |so|atcd comm0n|ty or |n a tcmp|c that rcscarch
wo0|d havc to bc carr|cd o0t, b0t |n a tortrcss, or c|sc |n a
madho0sc, as D0crrcnmatt |ma|ncd |n h|s p|ay hc Fhysi-
cists." Thcrc, thrcc phys|c|sts d|sc0ss thc ways and mcans o
advanc|n phys|cs wh||c at thc samc t|mc satc0ard|n man-
k|nd trom thc d|rc conscg0cnccs that rcs0|t whcn po||t|ca|
powcrs appropr|atc thc rcs0|ts ot |ts prorcss. Thc conc|0s|on
thcy rcach |s that thc on|y poss|b|c way |s that wh|ch has aI-
mady bccn choscn by onc ot thcm, thcy a|| dcc|dc to prctcnd
to bc mad, to h|dc |n a |0nat|c asy|0m. At thc cnd o thc p|ay,
as latc wo0|d havc |t, th|s |ast rct0c | s d|scovcrcd to D an
|||0s|on. Thc d|rcctor ot thc asy|0m, who has bccn spy|n ou
hcr pat|cnt, stca|s h|s rcs0|ts and sc|zcs wor|d powcr.
D0crrcnmatt`s p|ay |cads to a th|rd conccpt|on o sc|cnt|c
act|v|ty. sc|cncc prorcsscs by rcd0c|n thc comp|cx|ty ot rc-
a||ty to a h|ddcn s|mp||c|ty. What thc phys|c|st Mocb|0s | s try-
| n to concca| | n thc madho0sc | s thc tact that hc has
s0cccsst0|ly so|vcd thc pmb|cm ot rav|tat|on, thc 0n|cd thc-
ory ot c|cmcntary part|cIcs, and, 0It|matcIy, thc P|nc|pIc of
Un|vcrsa| D|scovcry, thc so0rcc ot abso|0tc powcr. Ot co0rsc,
D0crrcnmatt s|mp||cs to makc h|s po|nt, yct |t |s common|y
hc|d that what | s bc|n so0ht | n thc "Tcmp|c o Sc|cncc s
noth|n |css than thc "torm0|a ot thc 0n|vcrsc. Thc man D
sc|cncc, a|rcady portraycd as an ascct|c, now bccomcs a k|nd
ot ma|c|an, a man apart, thc potcnt|a| ho|dcr o a 0n|vcrsaI
kcy to a|| phys|ca| phcnomcna, th0s cndowcd w|th a potcn-
t|a||y omn|potcnt know|cdc. Th|s br|ns 0s back to an |ss0c
wc havc a|rcady ra|scd. |t | s on|y |n a s|mp|c wor|d (cspcc|a||y
n thc wor|d ot c|ass|ca| sc|cncc, whcrc comp|cx|ty mcrc|y
vc||s a t0ndamcnta| s|mp||c|ty) that a OI0 O knowlcdgc thut
provdcs a 0n|vcrsa| kcy can cx|st.
Onc ot thc prob|cms ot o0r tmc s to ovcrcomc attt0dcs
that tcnd to j0stty and rcntorcc thc so|aton ot thc sccntc
comm0nty. Wc m0st opcn ncw channc|s ot comm0ncatou
bctwccn sccncc and soccty. lt s n ths sprt that ths book
has bccn wrttcn. Wc a|| know that man s a|tcrn hs nat0raI
cnvronmcnt on an 0nprcccdcntcd sca|c. As Scrc Moscovci
p0ts t, hc s crcatn a "ncw nat0rc. "' B0t to 0ndcrstand ths
man-madc wor|d, wc nccd a sccncc that s not mcrc|y a tooI
s0bmssvc to cxtcrna| ntcrcsts, nor a canccro0s t0mor rrc-
sponsb|y rown on a s0bstratc soccty.
To tho0sand ycars ao Ch0an Ts0 wrotc.
How [ccasc|css|y] Hcavcn rcvo|vcs l How [constantIy]
Earth abdcs at rcst l Do thc S0n and thc Moon contcnd
abo0t thcr rcspcctvc p|accs? ls thcrc somconc prcsdn
ovcr and drcctn thosc thns? Who bnds and connccts
thcm tocthcr? Who ca0scs and mantans thcm wtho0t
tro0b|c or cxcrton? Or s thcrc pcrhaps somc sccrct
mcchansm i n couscg0cncc ot whch thcy cannot b0t bc
as thcy arc ?
Wc bc|cvc that wc arc hcadn toward a ncw synthcss,
ncw nat0ra|sm. Pcrhaps wc w|| cvcnt0a||y bc ab|c to combnc
thc Wcstcrn tradton, wth ts cmphass on cxpcrmcntatou
and g0anttatvc torm0|atons, wth a tradton s0ch as thc Chi-
ncsc onc, wth ts vcw ot a spontanco0s, sc|t-oranzn
wor|d. Toward thc bcnnn ot ths lntrod0cton, wc ctcd
!acg0cs Monod. Hs conc|0son was. "Thc anccnt a||ancc
has bccn dcstroycd, man knows at |ast that hc s a|onc n thc
0nvcrsc`s ndttcrcnt mmcnsty o0t ot whch hc cmcrcd onIy
by chancc. " Pcrhaps Monod was rht. Thc ancicnt a||ancc
has bccn shattcrcd. O0r ro|c is not to |amcnt thc past. lt is to
try to dscovcr n thc mdst ot thc cxtraordnary dvcrsty ot
thc sccnccs somc 0ntyn thrcad. Each rcat pcrod ot sci-
cncc has |cd to somc modc| ot nat0rc. lor c|assca| sccncc it
was thc c|ock, tor nnctccnth-ccnt0ry sccncc, thc pcrod ot
thc lnd0stra| Rcvo|0ton, t was an cnnc r0nnn dowu.
What w|| bc thc symbo| tor 0s? What wc havc in mnd may
pcrhaps bc cxprcsscd bcst by a rctcrcncc to sc0|pt0rc, trom
uUu OI gIC~LOuDDu II IO OuI ID0- u 5UD0 U 0 UUL
bca0tit0| manitcstations ot sc0|pt0rc, bc it in thc dancin
Shiva or in thc miniat0rc tcmp|cs ot G0crrcro, thcrc appcars
vcry c|car|y thc scarch tor a |0nction bctwccn sti||ncss and
motion, timc arrcstcd and timc passin. Wc bc|icvc that this
controntation wi|| ivc o0r pcriod its 0nig0cncss.

.. .`
,'/ '
w V0SS
|B|U|B BO |BlU|BS |8WS |8y 0|O |0 0'Q0|`
O S8'O, |Bl |BWlO0 OB' B0O B'| WBS |'Q0l
||OQSBO LQ'l8Q0 lO| |S88C |BWlO0,
W0O O'BO '0 T /c/
Thcrc |s nothin odd |n thc dramatic tonc cmp|oycd by Popc.
ln thc cycs ot cihtccnth-ccnt0ry En|and, Ncwton was thc
"ncw Moscs who had bccn shown thc "tab|cs ot thc |aw. "
Pcts, architccts, and sc0|ptors |oincd to proposc monumcnts,
d who|c nation asscmb|cd to cc|cbratc ths 0nquc cvcnt. a
man had discovcrcd thc |ang0agc that naturc spcaks~and
Nat0rc compc||cd, his picrcn Mnd obcys,
And g|ad|y shows hm a|| hcr sccrct Ways,
'Gainst Mathcmaticks shc has no Dctcncc,
And yic|ds t`cxpcrimcnta| Conscgucncc. !
Ethics and po|itics drcw 0pon thc Ncwtonian cpsodc tor ma-
tcria| on whch to "gro0nd` thcr argumcnts . Th0s Dc-
sagu|crs transposcd thc mcann ot thc ncw natural ordcr into
a po| tca| |csson. a consttutona| monarchy is thc bcst poss|-
b|c systcm ot govcrnmcnt, sncc thc Kng, |kc thc Sun, has
hs powcr |mtcd by it.
likc Mnistcrs attcndin cv`ry G|ancc
bX Worlds 5WCCQ ro0nd hs Jhronc in Mystick Dancc.
Hc t0rns thcr Moton trom hs Dcvo0s Co0rsc,
And bcnds thcr Orbts by Attractvc lorcc,
Hs Pow`r cocrc`d by laws, st|| |cavc thcm trcc,
Drccts, b0t not Dcstroys, thcr lbcrty,
A|tho0h hc hmsc|t dd not cncroach 0pon thc doman ot thc
mora| sccnccs, Ncwton had no hcstaton rcardn thc 0n-
vcrsa| nat0rc ot thc |aws sct o0t n hs Frincipiu. Nat0rc s
"vcry consonant and contormab|c to hcrsc|t, hc asscrts n
thc cc|cbratcd Q0cston ot hs Opt/ck:-and ths stron and
c||ptca| statcmcnt concca|s a vast c|am. comb0ston, tcr-
mcntaton, hcat, cohcson, manctsm . . . thcrc s no nat0m
proccss whch wo0|d not bc prod0ccd by thcsc actvc torccs~

tractons and rcp0|sons-that ovcrn both thc moton ot thc

stars and that ot trcc|y ta||n bodcs.
A|rcady a natona| hcm bton hs dca!h, ncar|y a ccnt0ry |atcr
Ncwton was to bccomc, mau|y thm0h thc pwcn0| n0cncc
cxcrtcd by lap
acc, thc symbo| D thc sccntc nvo|0ton n
E0ropc. Astronomcrs scanncd a sky r0|cd by mathcmatcs.
Thc Ncwtonan systcm s0ccccdcd n ovcrcomn a|| obsta-
c|cs. l0rthcrmorc, t opcncd thc way to mathcmatca| mcth-
ods by whch apparcnt dcvatons co0|d bc acco0ntcd tor and
cvcn bc 0scd to ntcr thc cxstcncc ot a hthcrto 0nknown
p|anct. Thc prcdcton ot thc cxstcncc ot thc p|anct Ncpt0nc
was thc consccraton ot thc prophctc powcr nhcrcnt n thc
Ncwtonan vson.
At thc dawn ot thc nnctccnth ccnt0ry, Ncwton`s namc
tcndcd to snty anythn that c|amcd cxcmp|arty. Howcvcr,
conctn ntcrprctatons ot hs mcthod arc vcn. Somc saw
t as provdn a b|0cprnt tor g0anttatvc cxpcrmcntaton cx-
prcssb|c n mathcmatcs. lor thcm, chcmstry to0nd ts Ncw-
ton n lavoscr, who ponccrcd thc systcmatc 0sc ot thc
ba|ancc. Ths was ndccd a dccsvc stcp n thc dcnton ot a
q0anttatvc chcmstry that took mass conscrvaton as ts
Aradnc`s thrcad. Accordn to othcrs, thc Ncwtonan strat-
cy consstcd n so|atn somc ccntra|, spccc tact and thcn
0sn t as thc bass tor a|| t0rthcr dcd0ctons conccrnn a
vcn sct ot phcnomcna. ln ths pcrspcctvc Ncwton`s cn0s
was |ocatcd n hs pramatsm. Hc dd not try to cxp|an rav-
IdI0u, hc took t as a tact. 5imi|ar|y, cach discip|inc sho0|d
thcn takc somc ccntra| 0ncxp|aincd tact as its startm point.
lhysicians th0s tc|t that thcy wcrc authorizcd by Ncwton to
rctashion thc vita|ist conccption and to spcak ot a "vita|
torcc" sui gcncris, thc 0sc ot which wo0|d ivc thc dcscription
ot |ivin phcnomcna a hopcd-tor systcmatic consistcncy. This
is thc samc ro|c that atnity, takcn as thc spccica|Iy chcmica|
lorcc ot intcraction, was ca|Icd 0pon to p|ay.
5omc "tr0c Ncwtonians took cxccption to this pro|itcra-
tion ot torccs and rcasscrtcd thc 0nivcrsa|ity ot thc cxp|ana-
tory powcr ot ravitation. B0t it was too |atc. Thc tcrm
Newtoniun was now app|icd to cvcrythin that dca|t with a
systcm ot Iaws, with cg0i|ibri0m, or cvcn to a|| sit0ations in
which nat0ra| ordcr on onc sidc and mora|, socia|, and po|iti-
ca ordcr on thc othcr co0|d bc cxprcsscd in tcrms ot an a||-
cmbracin harmony. Romantic phi|osophcrs cvcn discovcrcd
in thc Ncwtonian 0nivcrsc an cnchantcd wor|d animatcd by
nat0ra| torccs. Morc "orthodox physicists saw i n i t a mc-
chanica| wor|d ovcrncd by mathcmatics. lor thc positivists it
mcant thc s0cccss ot a proccd0rc, a rccipc to bc idcnticd
with thc vcry dcnition ot scicncc.
Thc rcst is |itcrat0rc-ocn Ncwtonian |itcrat0rc. thc har-
mony that rcins in thc socicty ot stars, thc c|cctivc amnitics
and hosti|itics ivin risc to thc "socia| |itc ot chcmica| com-
po0nds appcar as proccsscs that can bc transposcd into thc
worId ot h0man socicty. No wondcr that this pcriod appcars as
thc Go|dcn Ac ot C|assica| 5cicncc.
Tday Ncwtonian scicncc sti|| occ0pics a 0nig0c position.
5omc ot thc basic conccpts it intmd0ccd rcprcscnt a dcnitivc
acg0isition that has s0rvivcd a|| thc m0tations scicncc bas
sincc 0ndcronc. Howcvcr, today wc know that thc Go|dcn
Ac ot C|assica| 5cicncc is onc, and with it a|so thc convic-
tion that Ncwtonian rationa|ity, cvcn with its vario0s con|ct-
in i ntcrprctations, torms a s0itab|c basis tor o0r dia|o0c with
A ccntra| s0b|cct ot this book is that ot thc Ncwtonian tr|-
0mph, thc contin0a| opcnin 0p ot ncw c|ds ot invcstiation
that havc cxtcndcd Ncwtonian tho0ht riht down to thc prcs-
cnt day. lt a|so dca|s with do0bts and str0|cs that arosc trom
this tri0mph. Today wc arc bc|nnin to scc morc c|car|y thc
I|mits ot Ncwtonian rationa|ity. A morc consistcnt COnCCgtOn
ot scicncc and ot nat0rc sccms to bc cmcrin. This ncw con-
ccption pavcs thc way tor a ncw 0nity ot know|cdc and c0|-
/ .d03?0 W00
||O0 S|0Q V|S|O0 80O `WlO0S S'Q|
W| ' | | 80 C' 8KB,
|0 8 |ll| lO 10O08S LUllS
O8lO `O70O| dd, od
Thcrc is no bcttcr i||0straton ot thc instabi|ity ot thc c0|t0raI
poston ot Ncwtonan sccncc than thc introd0cton to a
UNESCO co||oqui0m on thc rc|atonshp bctwccn scicncc and
lor morc than a ccnt0ry thc scctor ot scicntc actvty
has bccn rowng to s0ch an cxtcnt wthin thc s0rro0nd-
in c0|t0ra| spacc that t sccms to bc rcp|acng thc tota|ty
ot thc cu|t0rc tsc|t. Somc bc|cvc that ths is mcrc|y an
i||0son d0c to its hh rowth ratc and that thc |incs ot
torcc ot ths c0|t0rc w|| soon rcasscrt thcmsc|vcs and
brn sccncc back into thc scrvcc ot man. Othcrs con-
sdcr that thc rcccnt triumph ot sccncc cntit|cs it at |ast
to r0|c ovcr thc who|c ot c0|turc whch, morcovcr, wo0|d
dcscrvc to go on bc|ng known as such on|y bccausc t was
transmttcd throuh thc scicntt c apparat0s . Othcrs
aan, appa||cd by thc dangcr ot man and soccty bcn
manpu|atcd t thcy comc 0ndcr thc sway ot sccncc, pcr-
ccvc thc spcctrc ot c0|t0ra| dsastcr |oomng n thc ds-
ln this statcmcnt sccncc appcars as a canccr n thc body ot
c0|t0rc, a canccr whosc pro|tcraton thrcatcns to dcstroy thc
who|c ot c0|t0ra| |tc. Thc q0cston is whcthcr wc can dom-
natc sccncc and contro| ts dcvc|opmcnt, or whcthcr wc sha|I
bc cnsIavcd. n onIy onc hundrcd ty ycur8, 8OcnOc hu8 bccn
downradcd trom a sourcc ot nspiration tor Wcstcrn cu|tum
to a thrcat. Not on|y docs it thrcatcn man's matcria| cxistcncc,
but a|so, morc subt|y, it thrcatcns to dcstroy thc traditions and
cxpcricnccs that arc most dccp|y rootcd in our cu|tura| Iitc. lt
s not just thc tcchno|oica| ta||out ot onc or anothcr scicntic
brcakthrouh that is bcin accuscd, but thc spirit ot scicncc"
Whcthcr thc accusation rctcrs to a |oba| skcpticism cxudcd
by scicntic cu|turc or to spccitic conc| usions rcachcd
throuh scicntic thcorics, it is ocn asscrtcd today that sc-
cncc is dcbasin our wor|d. What tor cncrations had bccn a
sourcc ot |oy and amazcmcnt withcrs at its touch. Evcrythin
t touchcs is dchumanizcd.
Odd|y cnouh, thc idca ot a tata| discnchantmcnt brouht
about by scicntic prorcss is an idca hc|d not on|y by thc
critics ot scicncc but ottcn a|so by thosc who dctcnd or |ority
it. Thus, in his book hc LJgc o/Uh)cctivit), historian C. C.
Gi||ispic cxprcsscs sympathy tor thosc who criticizc scicncc
and constant|y cndcavor to b|unt thc cuttin cdc ot ob|cc-
lndccd, thc rcncwa| s ot thc sub|cctivc approach to naturc
makc a pathctic thcmc. lts r0ins |ic strcwn |ikc ood in-
tcntions ah a|on thc round travcrscd by scicncc, unti| it
survivcs onIy in stranc corncrs Iikc Lyscnkoism and an-
throposophy, whcrc naturc is socializcd or mora|izcd.
Such surviva|s arc rc|ics ot thc pcrpctua| attcmpt to cs-
capc thc conscqucnccs ot wcstcrn man`s most charac-
tcristic and succcsstu| campan, which uU5l doom to
conqucr. So likc any thrust in thc tacc of thc incvitablc,
romantic natura| phi|osophy has induccd cvcry nuancc of
mood trom dcspcration to hcroism. At thc u|icst, it is
scntimcnta| or vu|ar hosti|ity to intcllcct. At thc nob|cst,
t inspircd Didcrot`s natura|istic and mora|izin scicncc,
Gocthc`s pcrsonication ot naturc, thc poctry of Words-
worth, and thc phi|osophy ot A|trcd North Whitchcad, or
ot any othcr who wou|d nd a p|acc in scicncc tor our
qua|itativc and acsthctic apprcciation ot naturc. lt is thc
scicncc ot thosc who wou|d makc botany ot b|ossoms and
mctcoro|oy of sunscts.
Th0s sc|cncc Icads to a tra|c, mctaphys|caI cho|cc. Man has
to choosc bctwccn thc rcass0r|n b0t |rrat|onaI tcmptat|on to
scck |n nat0rc a 0arantcc ot h0man va|0cs, or a s|n po|nt|n
to a t0ndamcntaI corc|atcdncss, and dcI|ty to a rat|onaI|ty
that |so|atcs h|m |n a s|Icnt worId.
Thc cchocs ot anothcr Ic|tmot|v~dom|nat|on-m|nIc w|th
that ot d|scnchantmcnt. A d|scnchantcd worId |s, at thc samc
t|mc, a wor|d I|ab|c to controI and man|p0Iat|on. Any sc|cncc
that concc|vcs ot thc worId as bc|n ovcrncd accord|n to a
0n|vcrsaI thcorct|caI pIan that rcd0ccs |ts var|o0s r|chcs Io thc
drab app||cat|ons ot cncraI Iaws thcrcby bccomcs an |nstr0-
mcnt ot dom|nat|on. And man, a strancr to thc wor|d, scts
h|msc|t 0p as |ts mastcr.
Th|s d|scnchantmcnt has takcn var|o0s torms |n rcccnt dc-
cadcs. lt |s o0ts|dc thc a|m ot th|s book to st0dy systcmat|caIIy
thc var|o0s torms ot ant|sc|cncc. ln Chaptcr lll wc sha|| prc-
scnt a t0I|cr rcact|on ot Wcstcrn tho0ht to thc s0rpr|s|n tr|-
0mph ot Ncwton|an rat|ona||ty. Hcrc Ict 0s onIy notc that at
prcscnt thcrc |s a sh| ot pop0|ar att|t0dcs to nat0rc assoc|atcd
w|th a w|dcsprcad b0t |n o0r op|n|on crronco0s bc||ct that
thcrc cx|sts a t0ndamcntaI antaon|sm bctwccn sc|cncc and
"nat0ra| |sm. ` To |||0stratc at |cast somc ot thc torms ant|-
sc|cnt|c cr|t|c|sm has takcn |n rcccnt ycars, wc havc choscn
thrcc cxamp|cs. l|rst, Hc|dccr, whosc ph|Iosophy hoIds a
dccp fascinat|on for contcmporary tho0ght. Wc sha|| a|so rcfcr
to thc cr|t|c|sms statcd by Arth0r KocstIcr and by thc rcat
h|stor|an ot sc|cncc, A|cxandcr Koyrc.
Mart|n Hc|dccr d|rccts h|s crt|c|sm aa|nst thc vcry corc
ot thc sc|cut|c cndcavor, wh|ch hc sccs as t0ndamcntaIIy rc-
Iatcd to a pcrmancnt a|m, thc dom|nat|on ot nat0rc. Thcrctom
Hc|dccr c|a|ms that sc|cnt|c rat|ona||ty | s thc naI accom-
p||shmcnt ot somcth|n that has bccn |mpI|c|tIy prcscnt s|ncc
anc|cnt Grcccc, namcIy, thc w||I to dom|natc, wh|ch |s at work
|n any rat|onaI d|sc0ss|on or cntcrpr|sc, thc v|oIcncc I0rk|n | n
a|I pos|t|vc aud comm0n|cabIc knowIcdc. Hc|dcgcr cmpha-
s|zcs what hc caI|s thc tcchnoIo|caI and sc|cnt|c tram|n"
(Ucstch), " wh|ch |cads to thc cncraI sctt|n to work ot thc
worId and ot mcn.
Th0s Hc|dccr docs not prcscnt a dcta|Icd anaIys|s ot any
gutCUut cChDOlO@Cu Ot 5CcDC glOUUC Ol glOCC55. NUBI
hc cha||cncs | s thc csscncc ot tcchno|oy, thc way cach th|n
s !ckcn into uccount. Each thcory s part ot thc mp|cmcnta-
ton of thc mastcr p|an that makcs 0p Wcstcrn hstory. What
wc ca|| a sccntc "thcory mp|cs, to||own Hcdccr, d
way ot q0cstonn thns by whch thcy arc rcd0ccd to cn-
s|avcmcnt. Thc sccntst, |kc thc tcchno|ost, s a toy n thc
hands ot thc w|| to powcr ds0scd as thrst tor know|cdc,
hs vcry approach to thns s0bjccts thcm to systcmatc vo-
Modcrn physcs s not cxpcrmcnta| physcs bcca0sc t
0scs cxpcrmcnta| dcvccs n ts q0cstonn ot nat0rc.
Rathcr thc rcvcrsc s tr0c. Bcca0sc physcs, a|rcady as
p0rc thcory, rcq0csts nat0rc to mantcst tsc|t n tcrms ot
prcdctab|c torccs, t scts 0p thc cxpcrmcnts prccsc|y
tor thc so|c p0rposc ot askn whcthcr and how nat0rc
to||ows thc schcmc prcconccvcd by sccncc.
5m|ar|y, Hcdccr s not conccrncd abo0t thc tact that n-
d0stra| po||0ton, tor cxamp|c, has dcstroycd a|| anma| |tc n
thc Rhnc. What docs conccrn hm s that thc rvcr has bccn
p0t to man`s scrvcc.
Thc hydroc|cctrc p|ant s sct nto thc c0rrcnt ot thc
Rhnc. lt scts thc Rhnc to s0pp|yn ts hydra0|c prcs-
s0rc, whch thcn scts thc t0rbncs t0rnn . . . . Thc hy-
droc|cctrc p|ant s not b0|t nto thc Rhnc rvcr as was
thc o|d brdc that |oncd bank wth bank tor h0ndrcds ot
ycars. Rathcr thc rvcr s dammcd 0p nto thc powcr
p|ant. What thc rvcr s now, namc|y, a watcr s0pp|cr,
dcrvcs trom o0t of thc csscncc ot thc powcr staton.
Thc o|d brdc ovcr thc Rhnc s va|0cd not as a proot of
so0nd|y tcstcd ab|ty, ot panstakn and acc0ratc obscrva-
ton, b0t bcca0sc t docs not "0sc thc rvcr.
Hcdccr`s crtcsms, takn thc vcry dca| ot a postvc,
comm0ncab|c know|cdc as a thrcat, ccho somc thcmcs of
thc antsccncc movcmcnt to whch wc rctcrrcd n thc lntro-
d0cton. B0t thc dca ot an ndssocab|c |nk bctwccn sccncc
and thc w|| to domnatc a|so pcrmcatcs somc apparcnt|y vcry
dttcrcnt asscssmcnts ot o0r prcscnt-day slualon. or n-
stancc, 0ndcr thc vcry s0gcstvc tt|c "Thc Comn D thc
Uo|dcn Ac, " G0nthcr 5tcnt statcs that sccncc |s now mach-
n ts |mts. Wc arc c|osc to a pont ot dmnshn rct0rns,
whcrc thc g0cstons wc drcct to thns n ordcr to mastcr
thcm bccomc morc and morc comp|catcd and dcvod ot ntcr-
cst. Ths marks thc cnd ot prorcss, b0t t |s thc opport0nty
tor h0manty to stop ts trantc cttorts, to cnd thc ac-o|d
str0|c aanst nat0rc, and to acccpt a statc and comtortab|c
pcacc. Wc wsh to show that thc rc|atvc dssocaton bctwccn
thc sccnttc know|cdc ot an ob|cct and thc possb|ty ol
mastcrn t, tar trom markn thc cnd ot sccncc, sna|s
host ot ncw pcrspcctvcs and prob|cms. 5ccntc 0ndcrstand-
n ot thc wor|d aro0nd 0s s |0st bcnnn. Thcrc |s yct
anothcr dca ot sccncc that wc tcc| s potcnta||y |0st as dctr-
mcnta| , namc|y, thc tascnaton wth a mystcro0s sccncc
that, by paths ot rcasonn nacccssb|c to common morta|s,
w|| |cad to rcs0|ts that can, n onc tc|| swoop, cha||cnc thc
mcann ot basc conccpts s0ch as tmc, spacc, ca0sa|ty,
mnd, or mattcr. Ths knd ot "mystcry sccncc, thc ms0|ts ol
whch arc mancd to bc capab|c ot shattcrn thc tramcwork
ot any tradtona| conccpton, has act0a||y bccn cnco0racd
by thc s0cccssvc "rcvc|atons ot rc|atvty and g0ant0m mc-
chancs. lt s ccrtan|y tr0c that somc ot thc most manatvc
stcps n thc past, Enstcn`s ntcrprctaton ot ravtaton as
spacc c0rvat0rc or Drac`s antpartc|cs, tor cxamp|c, havc
shakcn somc sccminly wc||-cstab|ishcd conccptions. Th0s
thcrc s a vcry dc|catc ba|ancc bctwccn thc rcadncss to ma-
nc that sccncc can prod0cc anythn and a knd ot down-to-
carth rca|sm. Today thc ba|ancc s stron|y shn toward a
rcvva| ot mystcsm, bc t n thc prcss mcda or cvcn n sccncc
tsc|t, cspcca||y amon cosmo|osts. ' lt has cvcn bccn s0-
cstcd by ccrtan physcsts and pop0|arzcrs ot sccncc that
mystcro0s rc|atonshps cxst bctwccn parapsycho|oy and
g0ant0m physcs. lct 0s ctc Kocst|cr.
Wc havc hcard a who|c chor0s ot Nobc| la0rcatcs n
physcs ntormn 0s that mattcr s dcad, ca0sa|ty |s
dcad, dctcrmnsm s dcad. lt that s so, |ct 0s vc thcm
dcccnt b0ra| , wth a rcg0cm ot c|cctronc m0sc. lt s
tmc tor 0s to draw thc |csson trom twcntcth-ccnt0ry
gO8-m0ChuD8C 5C0DC0, uDU O @0 OU O h0 Stu
]ackct which ninctccnth-ccnt0ry matcria|ism imposcd on
o0r phi|osophica| o0t|ook. Paradoxica||y, had that o0t-
|ook kcpt abrcast with modcrn scicncc itsc|t, instcad ot
|ain a ccntury bchind it, wc wo0|d havc bccn |ibcratcd
trom that strait-jackct |on ao . . . . B0t oncc this is rcc-
onizcd, wc miht bccomc morc rcccptivc to phcnomcna
aro0nd 0s which onc-sidcd cmphasis on physica| scicncc
has madc 0s inorc, miht tcc| thc dra0ht that is b|owin
thro0h thc chinks ot thc ca0sa| cdicc, pay morc attcn-
tion to conucntia| cvcnts, inc|0dc thc paranorma| phc-
nomcna in o0r conccpt ot norma|ity, and rca|isc that wc
havc bccn |ivin in thc "Co0ntry ot thc B|ind.

Wc do not wish to |0dc or condcmn a prior| . Thcrc may bc in
somc ot thc apparcnt|y tantastic propositions wc hcar today
somc sccd ot ncw know|cdc. Ncvcrthc|css, wc bc|icvc that
|caps into thc 0nimainab|c arc tar too simp|c cscapcs trom
thc concrctc comp|cxity ot o0r wor|d. Wc do not bc|icvc wc
sha|| |cavc thc "Co0ntry ot thc B|ind" in a day, sincc con-
ccptua| b|indncss is not thc main rcason tor thc prob|cms and
contradictions o0r socicty has tai|cd to so|vc.
Our disarccmcnt with ccrtain criticisms or distortions ot
scicncc docs not mcan, howcvcr, that wc wish to rc|cct aII crit-
icisms. Lct 0s takc, tor instancc, thc position ot A|cxandcr
Koyrc, who has madc outstandin contrib0tions to thc 0ndcr-
standin ot thc dcvc|opmcnt o modcrn scicncc. ln his st0dy o
thc sinicancc and imp|ications ot thc Ncwtonian synthcsi s,
Koyrc wrotc.
Yct thcrc is somcthin tor which Ncwton~or bcttcr to
say not Ncwton a|onc, but modcrn scicncc in gcncra|-
can sti|| bc madc rcsponsib|c. it is thc sp|itting D our
wor|d in two. l havc bccn sayin that modcrn scicncc
brokc down thc barricrs that scparatcd thc hcavcns and
thc carth, and that it 0nitcd and unicd thc 0nivcrsc. And
that is tr0c. B0t, as l havc said, too, it did this by s0b-
stit0tin tor our wor|d o qua|ity and scnsc pcrccption,
thc wor|d in which wc |ivc, and |ovc, and dic, anothcr
wor|d~thc wor|d ot quantity, ot rcicd comctry, a wor|d
in which, though thcrc is a p|acc tor CvCrythng, ht 5
no p|acc tor man. Th0s thc wor|d

t scicncc-thc rcaI
wor|d-bccamc cstrancd and 0ttcr|y divorccd trom thc
wor|d ot |itc, which scicncc has bccn 0nab|c to cxp|ain-
not cvcn to cxp|ain away by ca||in it "s0bjcctivc. "
Tr0c, thcsc wor|ds arc cvcryday-and cvcn morc and
morc-conncctcd by thc pruxia. Yct tor thco thcy arc
dividcd by an abyss.
To wor|ds. this mcans two tr0ths. Or no tr0th at a||.
This is thc tracdy ot thc modcrn mind which "so|vcd
thc ridd|c ot thc 0nivcrsc, b0t on|y to rcp|acc it by an-
othcr ridd|c. thc ridd|c ot itsc|t. '
Howcvcr, wc hcar in thc conc|usions ot Koyrc thc samc
thcmc cxprcsscd by Pasca| and Monod-this traic tcc|in ot
csIrancmcnt. Koyrc 's criticism docs not cha||cnc scicntic
thinking b0t rathcr c|assica| scicncc bascd on thc Ncwtonian
pcrspcctivc. Wc no |oncr havc to sctt|c tor thc prcvio0s di-
|cmma ot choosin bctwccn a scicncc that rcd0ccs man to
bcing a strancr in a discnchantcd wor|d and antiscicntic,
irrationa| protcsts. Koyrc's criticism docs not invokc thc |imits
ot a "strait-jackct rationa|ity b0t on|y thc incapacity ot c|assi-
ca| scicncc to dca| with somc t0ndamcnta| aspccts ot thc
wor|d in which wc |ivc.
O0r position in this book is that thc scicncc dcscribcd by
Koyrc is no |oncr o0r scicncc. Not bcca0sc wc arc conccrncd
today with ncw, 0nimaginab|c objccts, c|oscr to magic than to
|oic, b0t bcca0sc as scicntists wc arc now bcinnin to nd
o0r way toward thc comp|cx proccsscs tormin thc wor|d with
which wc arc most fami|iar, thc nat0ra| wor|d in which |ivin
crcat0rcs and thcir socictics dcvc|op. lndccd, today wc arc bc-
inning to go bcyond what Koyrc ca||cd "thc wor|d ot q0an-
tity into thc wor|d ot "q0a|itics and th0s ot "bccomin. "
This wi|| bc thc main subjcct ot Books Onc and To. Wc bc-
|icvc it is prccisc|y this transition to a ncw dcscription that
makcs this momcnt in thc history ot scicncc so cxcitin. Pcr-
haps it is not an cxagcration to say that it is a pcriod |ikc thc
timc ot thc Grcck atomists or thc Rcnaissancc, pcriods in
which a ncw vicw ot nat0rc was bcin born. B0t |ct 0s rst
rct0rn to Ncwtonian scicncc, ccrtain|y onc ot thc rcat mo-
mcnts of h0man history.
w0'3 oylS S
What Iay bchind thc cnthusiasm ot Ncwton's contcmporarics,
thcir conviction that thc sccrct ot thc univcrsc, thc truth about
naturc, had tina|Iy bccn rcvca|cd? Scvcra| |incs ot thought,
probab|y prcscnt trom thc vcry bcginning ot humanity, con-
vcrgc in Ncwton's synthcsis. rst ot a|| , scicncc as a way ot
acting on our cnvironmcnt. Ncwtonian scicncc is indccd an
uctivc scicncc, onc ot its sourccs is thc know|cdgc ot thc mcdi-
cva| crasmcn, thc know|cdgc ot thc bui|dcrs ot machincs.
This scicncc providcs thc mcans tor systcmatica||y acting on
thc wor|d, tor prcdicting and moditying thc coursc ot natura|
proccsscs, tor concciving dcviccs that can harncss and cxp|oit
thc torccs and matcria| rcsourccs ot naturc.
ln this scnsc, modcrn scicncc is a continuation ot thc agc-
Icss cttorts ot man to organizc and cxp|oit thc wor|d in which
hc I ivcs. Wc havc vcry scanty know|cdgc about thc car|y
stagcs ot this cndcavor. Howcvcr, it is possib|c, in rctmspcct,
to asscss thc know|cdgc and ski||s rcguircd tor thc Nco|ithic
Kvo|ution to takc p|acc, whcn man gradua||y bcgan to orga-
nizc hs natura| and socia| cnvironmcnt, using ncw tcchnigucs
l0 cxp|oit naturc and to organizc his socicty. Wc sti|| usc, or
havc uscd unti| guitc rcccnt|y, Nco|ithic tcchnigucs~tor cx-
amp|c, anima| and p|ant spccics cithcr brcd or sc|cctcd, wcav-
ng, pottcry, mcta|working. Our socia| organization was tor d
|ong timc bascd on thc samc tcchnigucs ot writing, gcomctry,
and arithmctic as thosc rcquircd lO O|g8UZc thc hc|8|ChCully
dhcrcntiatcd and structurcd socia| groups ot thc Nco|ithic
city-statcs. Thus wc cannot hc|p acknow|cdging thc continuity
that cxists bctwccn Nco|ithic tcchnigucs and thc scicntc and
ndustria| rcvo|utions. '
Modcrn scicncc has thus cxtcndcd this ancicnt cndcavor,
amp|itying it and constant|y spccding up its rhythm. Ncvcr-
thc|css, this docs not cxhaust thc signicancc ot scicncc in thc
scnsc givcn to it by thc Ncwtonian synthcsis.
ln addition to thc var|ous tcchnigucs uscd in a givcn socicty,
wc ud a numbcr ot bc|icfs and myths that scck to undcrstand
man`s p|acc in naturc. Likc myths and cosmo|ogics, scicncc's
cndcavor |s to unJcrstunJ thc nat0rc ot thc wor|d, thc way |t |s
oranizcd, and man`s p|acc in it.
lmm o0r standpoint it is q0itc irrc|cvant that thc car|y spcc-
0Iations ot thc prc-Socratics appcar to bc adaptcd trom thc
Hcs|odic myth ot crcation~that is, thc initia| po|arization ot
Hcavcn and Earth, thc dcsirc aro0scd by Eros, thc birth ot thc
rst cncrations ot ods to torm thc dittcrcntiatcd cosmic
powcrs, discord and stritc, a|tcrnatin atrocitics and vcndct-
tas, 0nti| stabi|ity is na||y rcachcd 0ndcr thc r0|c ot !0sticc
(Jikc). What docs mattcr is that, in thc spacc ot a tcw cncra-
tions, thc prc-Socratics co| |cctcd, disc0sscd, and criticizcd
somc ot thc conccpts wc arc sti|| tryin to oranizc in ordcr to
0ndcrstand thc rc|ation bctwccn bcin and bccomin, or thc
appcarancc ot ordcr o0t ot a hypothctica|| y 0ndittcrcntiatcd
initia| cnvironmcnt.
Whcrc docs thc instabi|ity ot thc homocnco0s comc trom?
Why docs i t dittcrcntiatc spontanco0s|y? Why do thins cxist
at a||? Arc thcy thc trai|c and morta| rcs0|t ot an inj0sticc, a
discq0i|ibri0m in thc static cq0i|ibri0m ot torccs bctwccn con-
ictin nat0ra| powcrs? Or do thc torccs that crcatc and drivc
thins cxist a0tonomo0s|y~rivaI powcrs ot |ovc and hatc |cad-
in to birth, rowth, dcc|inc, and dispcrsion? ls chanc an i||0-
sion or is it, on thc contrary, thc 0nccasin str0|c bctwccn
oppositcs that constit0tcs thins? Can q0a|itativc chanc bc
rcd0ccd to thc motion in a vac00m, ot atoms dihcrin on|y in
thcir torms, or do atoms thcmsc|vcs consist ot a m0|tit0dc ot
g0a|itativc|y dittcrcnt crms, cach 0n|ikc thc othcrs? And |ast,
is thc harmony ot thc wor|d mathcmatica|? Arc n0mbcrs thc
kcy to nat0rc?
Thc n0mcrica| rc0|aritics amon so0nds that wcrc dis-
covcrcd by thc Pythaorcans arc sti|| part ot o0r prcscut thco-
rics. Thc mathcmatica| schcmcs workcd o0t by thc Grccks
torm thc rst body ot abstract thouht in E0ropcan history-
that i s, a tho0ht whosc rcs0|ts arc comm0nicab|c and rc-
prod0cib| c tor a| | rcasonin h0man bcins. Thc Grccks
achicvcd tor thc rst timc a torm ot dcd0ctivc know|cdc that
containcd a dcrcc ot ccrtainty 0nahcctcd by convictions, cx-
pcctations, or passions.
Thc most important aspcct common to Grcck tho0ht and
O mOUrD 8CDCo, VhCh CODIru8I5 VIh Iho ro@OU5 und
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hu5 W0 CD DD!y 50Cu!l0 DDul lh0 I0!lDD5h5 lhl mghl
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I05u!l D hD5l!0 I0!gDu5 D0 5DC! I0ClDD, h!D5Dh0I5
W0I0 CCu500 D lh05m D0 W0I0 0lh0I 08!0C DI ul lD C0lh.
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hV0 5m!I m0DDg. h0y 0D DDl I00I lD IlDD! KDDWl-
00g0 Dul lD CuDDDg D0 08000DCy. h0 C0 W5 DDl lD l0D
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lV0ly, Dul lD 00C0V0 DluI0, lD mChDl0 gD5l llhl
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WlhD lh0 Im0WDIK D lI0lDD! hy5C5. D CDDlI5l, lh0
0WlDDD 5yDlh055 08I05505 5y5l0mlC !!DC0 D0lW00D
0DullDD D0 lh0DI0lCl uDC0I5lD0Dg.
h0I0 5 lhI0 mDIlDl 0!0m0Dl lhl DuD0 l5 08I055DD
D lh0 0WlDDD I0VDlulDD. h0I0 5 5lIKDg CDDlI5l,
WhCh 0Ch D u5 h5 IDDD!y 080I0DC00, D0lW00D lh0 qu0l
WDI!0 D lh0 5lI5 D0 !D0l5 D0 lh 0h0m0I!, luIDu!0Dl
anc|cnt c|v|||zat|ons thcrc | s a scparation bctwccn protanc
spacc anJ sacrcd spacc, a d|vis|on ot thc wor|d |nto an ord|-
nary spacc that |s s0b|cct to chancc and dcradat|on and a
sacrcd onc that |s mcan|nt0|, |ndcpcndcnt ot contincncy and
history. This was thc vcry contrast Ar|stot|c cstab||shcd bc-
twccn thc wor|d ot thc stars and o0r s0b |0nar wor|d. This con-
trast is cr0c|a| to thc way in wh|ch Aristot|c cva|0atcd thc
possibi|ity ot a quantitat|vc dcscription ot nat0rc. 5incc thc
motion ot thc cc|cst|a| bodics is not chanc b0t a "d|v|nc"
statc that |s ctcrna||y thc samc, |t may bc dcscr|bcd by mcans
ot mathcmat|ca| |dca|izat|ons. Mathcmatica| prccision and
r|or arc not rc|cvant to thc sub |0nar wor|d. lmprccisc nat0raI
proccsscs can on|y bc s0b|cctcd to an approximatc dcscr|p-
ln any casc, tor an Aristotc|ian |t | s morc |ntcrcst|n to
know why a proccss occ0rs than to dcscribc how |t occ0rs, or
rathcr, thcsc two aspccts arc |ndivis|b|c. Onc ot thc ma|n
so0rccs ot Aristot|c`s thinkin was Ihc obscrvation ot cm-
bryonic rowth, a hih|y oran|zcd proccss |n wh|ch intcr|ock-
in, a|thouh apparcnt|y |ndcpcndcnt, cvcnts participatc |n a
proccss that sccms to bc part ot somc |oba| p|an. likc thc dc-
vc|opin cmbryo, thc who|c ot Aristotc||an nat0rc is oranizcd
accordin to na| ca0scs. Thc p0rposc ot a|| chanc, |t |t is | n
kccp|n w|th thc nat0rc ot thins, |s to rca||zc |n cach bcin thc
pcrtcct|on of |ts |ntc||||b|c csscncc. Th0s this csscncc, wh|ch,
| n thc casc ot |ivin crcat0rcs, is at onc and thc samc timc thc|r
na|, torma|, and chcctivc ca0sc, is thc kcy to thc 0ndcrstand-
in ot naturc. ln this scnsc thc "birth ot modcrn scicncc, " thc
c|ash bctwccn thc Aristotc||ans and Ga|||co, |s a c|ash bc-
twccn two torms ot rat|ona||ty.
ln Ga||co `s v|cw thc q0cstion ot "why," so dcar to thc Ar|s-
totc|ians, was a vcry dancro0s way o1 addrcssin nat0rc, at
|cast tor a sc|cntist. Thc Aristotc|ians, on thc othcr hand, con-
sidcrcd Ga|||co`s attit0dc as a torm ot irrat|ona| tanaticism.
Thus, w|th thc comn ot thc Ncwton|an systcm it was a
ncw 0nivcrsa|ity that tri0mphcd, and |ts cmcrcncc 0n|cd
what t||| thcn had appcarcd as dividcd.
41 HL H|UM|H | HLN
1|0 c,0|0Cld| . dl0_d0
Wc havc a|rcady cmphas|zcd onc ot thc csscnt|a| c|cmcnts 0
modcrn sc|cncc: thc marr|agc bctwccn thcory and pract|cc,
thc b|cnd|ng ot thc dcs|rc to shapc thc wor|d and thc dcs|rc to
0ndcrstand |t. lor th|s to bc poss|b|c, |t was not cno0gh, dc-
sp|tc thc cmp|rc|sts' bc||cts, mcrc|y to rcspcct obscrvcd tacts.
Ou ccrta|u po|uts, |nc|0d|ng cvcn thc dcscr|pt|on ot mcchan-
caI mot|ou, t was |n tact Ar|stotc||an phys|cs that was morc
cas||y bro0ght |nto contact w|th cmp|r|ca| tacts. Thc cxpcr-
mcnta| d|a|og0c w|th nat0rc d|scovcrcd by modcrn sc|cncc |n-
vo|vcs ucltvtly rathcr than pass|vc obscrvat|on. What m0st bc
donc |s to man|p0|atc phys|ca| rca||ty, to "stagc |t |n s0ch a
way that |t contorms as c|osc|y as poss|b|c to a thcorct|caI
dcscr|pt|on. Thc phcnomcnon st0d|cd m0st bc prcparcd and
| so|atcd 0nt|| |t approx|matcs somc tdcu/ stluulton that may bc
phys|ca||y 0natta|nab|c b0t that contorms to thc conccpt0aI
schcmc adoptcd.
y way ot cxamp|c, |ct 0s takc thc dcscr|pt|on ot a systcm ot
p0||cys, a c|ass|c s|ncc thc t|mc ot Arch|mcdcs, whosc rcason-
ng has bccu cxtcndcd by modcrn sc|cnt|sts to covcr a|| s|mp|c
mach|ncs. lt |s aston|sh|ng to nd that thc modcrn cxp|anat|on
has c||m|natcd, on thc gro0nds that |t |s |rrc|cvant, thc vcry
th|ng that Ar|stotc||an phys|cs sct o0t to cxp|a|n, namc|y, thc
tact that, 0s|ng a typ|ca| |magc, a stonc "rcs|sts" a horsc's
chorts to p0|| |t and that th|s rcs|stancc can bc "ovcrcomc" by
app|y|ng tract|on thro0gh a systcm ot p0||cys. Nat0rc, accord-
ng to Ga|||co, ncvcr g|vcs anyth|ng away, ncvcr docs somc-
th|ng tor noth|ng, and can ncvcr bc tr|ckcd, |t |s abs0rd to
th|nk that by c0nn|ng or by 0s|ng somc stratagcm wc can makc
t pcrtorm cxtra work. '^ S|ncc thc work thc horsc |s ab|c to
pcrtorm |s thc samc w|th or w|tho0t thc pu||cys, thc chcct
prod0ccd musl bc thc samc. Th|s thcn bccomcs thc start|ng
po|nt tor a mcchan|ca| cxp|anat|on, wh|ch th0s rctcrs to an
|dca||zcd wor|d. ln th|s wor|d thc "ncw cttcct-thc stonc -
na| | y sct |n mot|on-|s ot sccondary |mportancc; and thc
stonc's rcs|stancc |s dcscr|bcd on|y g0a||tat|vc|y, |n tcrms ot
tr|ct|on and hcat|ng. lnstcad, what |s dcscribcd 8CCuralcy s
thc dca| st0at|on, |n wh|ch a rc|at|onsh|p ot cg0|va|cncc ||nks
thc ca0sc, thc work douc by thc horsc, to thc chcct, thc mo
t|ou ot thc stouc. lu th|s |dcaI worId, Ihc horsc cun, in uny
cusc, shgI Ihc sIonc, aud thc systcm 0 p0IIcys has thc soIc
chcct D mod|ty|ug thc way thc p0II|ug cttorts arc trausm|ttcd,
|ustcad 0 mov|ug thc stonc ovcr a d|stancc L, cg0aI to thc
d|staucc |t travcIs wh|Ic p0|||ug thc ropc, thc horsc ouIy movcs
|t ovcr a dstaucc L/n, whcrc n dcpcuds ou thc u0mbcr ot
p0||cys. L|kc a|I s|mp|c mach|ncs, thc p0I|cys torm a pass|vc
dv|cc that cau ouIy trausm|t mot|ou w|tho0t prod0c|ug |t.
Thc cxpcr|mcutaI d|aIog0c th0s corrcspouds to a h|ghIy sp-
c|c proccd0rc. Nat0rc |s cross-cxam|ucd thro0gh cxpcr|mcu-
tat|ou, as |t |u a co0rt 0 Iaw, |u thc uamc ot a pr|or| pr|uc|pIcs.
Nat0rc's auswcrs arc rccordcd w|th thc 0tmost acc0racy, b0t
rc|cvaucc 0 thosc auswcrs |s asscsscd |u tcrms ot thc vcry
|dca||zat|ons that g0|dcd thc cxpcr|mcnt. AII thc rcst docs uot
co0nt as |ntormatiou, b0t |s idlc chattcr, ncgligib|c sccondary
chccts. lt may wcII bc that nat0rc rc|ccts thc thcorct|caI hy-
pthcs|s |u g0cst|ou. Ncvcrthc|css, thc Iattcr |s st||I 0scd as a
standard aga|ust wh|ch to mcas0rc thc |mp||cat|ous aud thc
s|gu|caucc 0 thc rcspousc, whatcvcr |t may bc. lt |s prcc|scIy
th|s |mpcrat|vc way ot g0cst|ou|ng uat0rc that Hc|dcggcr rc-
tcrs to |u h|s arg0mcut aga|ust sc|cut|c rat|oua||ty.
lor 0s thc cxpcr|mcutaI mcthod |s tr0Iy au cr -that |s, |t | s
bascd ou spcc|aI sk|IIs aud uot ou gcucraI r0Ics. As s0ch thcm
arc ncvcr any g0arantccs ot s0cccss and onc a|ways rcma|us at
thc mcrcy ot tr|v|a||ty or poor |0dgmcnt. No mcthodoIog|caI
pr|nc|p|c cau cI|minatc thc r|sk, tor |nstancc, ot pcrs|sting |u a
bI|ud a||cy ot |ng0|ry. Thc cxpcr|mcntaI mcthod |s thc art ot
choos|ng au |ntcrcst|ng g0cst|ou aud ot scann|ng a|| thc cou-
scg0cnccs 0 thc thcorct|ca| tramcwork thcrcby |mpI|cd, a|I
thc ways uat0rc co0Id auswcr |u thc thcorct|caI Iaug0agc
choscu. Am|d thc coucrctc comp|cx|ty 0 uat0ra| phcnomcua,
ouc phcuomcuou has to bc sc|cctcd as thc most I|kc|y to cm-
body thc thcory's |mp||cat|ons |u an 0namb|g0o0s way. Th|s
phcnomcnon w||| thcu bc abstractcd trom |ts cuv|roumcnt aud
"stagcd to a|Iow thc thcory to bc tcstcd |u a rcprod0c|b|c aud
comm0u|cabIc way.
AItho0gh th|s cxpcr|mcutaI proccd0rc was cr|t|c|zcd r|ght
trom thc o0tsct, |guorcd by thc cmp|rc|sts, aud attackcd by
p0tt|ug uat0rc ou thc rack, |t s0rv|vcd a|l thc mod|cat|ous ot
thc thcomt|caI contcnt ot sc|cnt|c dcscr|pt|ons and 0|t|matc|y
dcncd thc ncw mcthod 0 |nvcst|gat|on |ntrod0ccd by mod-
crn sc|cncc.
Expcr|mcnta| proccd0rc can cvcn bccomc a too| tor p0rc|y
thcorct|caI ana|ys|s. lt | s thcn a "tho0ght cxpcr| mcnt, thc
|mag|n|ng ot cxpcr|mcnta| s|t0at|ons govcrncd cnt|rc|y by thc-
orct|ca| pr|nc|p|cs, wh|ch pcrm|ts thc cxp|orat|on ot thc con-
scg0cnccs ot thcsc pr|nc|p|cs |n a g|vcn s|t0at|on. S0ch
tho0ght cxpcr|mcnts p|aycd a cr0c|a| ro|c |n Ua|||co's work,
and today thcy arc at thc ccntcr 0 |nvcst|gat|ons abo0t thc
conscg0cnccs ot thc conccpt0a| 0phcava|s |n contcmporary
phys|cs, namc|y, rc|at|v|ty and g0antum mcchan|cs. Onc ot
thc most tamo0s ot s0ch tho0ght cxpcr|mcnts |s E|nstc|n's ta-
mo0s tra|n, trom wh|ch an obscrvcr can mcasurc thc vc|oc|ty
ot propagat|on ot a ray ot ||ght cm|ttcd a|ong an cmbankmcnt,
that |s, mov|ng at a vc|oc|ty C |n a rctcrcncc systcm w|th rc-
spcct to wh|ch thc tra|n |s mov|ng at a vc|oc|ty V. Accord|ng to
c|ass|ca| rcason|ng, thc obscrvcr on thc tra|n sho0|d attr|b0tc
to thc ||ght, wh|ch |s travc||ng |n thc samc d|rcct|on as hc |s, a
vc|oc|ty ot C= v. Howcvcr, th|s c|ass|ca| conc|0s|on rcprcscnts
prcc|sc|y thc abs0rd|ty that thc tho0ght cxpcr|mcnt was dc-
s|gncd to cxposc. ln rc|at|v|ty thcory, thc vc|oc|ty 0 ||ght ap-
pcars as a uni vcrsu/ constant ot nat0rc. Whatcvcr |ncrt|a|
rctcrcccc systcm |s 0scd, thc vc|oc|ty 0 ||ght |s a|ways thc
samc. And s|ncc thcn E|nstc|n's tra|n has gonc on cxp|or|ng
thc phys|caI conscg0cnccs ot th|s t0ndamcnta| changc.
Thc cxpcr|mcnta| mcthod |s ccntra| to thc d|a|oguc w|th na-
t0rc cstab||shcd by modcrn sc|cncc. Naturc gucst|oncd |n th|s
way |s, ot co0rsc, s|mp|icd and occas|ona|ly mut|latcd. Th|s
docs not dcpr|vc |t ot |ts capac|ty to rct0tc most ot thc hypoth-
cscs wc can |mag|nc. E|nstc|n 0scd to say that nat0rc says
"no" to most ot thc g0cst|ons |t |s askcd, and occas|ona||y
"pcrhaps. " Thc sc|cnt|st docs not do as hc p|cascs, and hc
cannot torcc nat0rc to say on|y what hc wants to hcar. Hc
cannot, at |cast |n thc |ong r0n, pro|cct 0pon |t h|s most chcr-
|shcd dcs|rcs and cxpcctat|ons. Hc act0a||y r0ns a grcatcr r|sk
and p|ays a morc dangcro0s gamc thc bcttcr h|s tact|cs s0c-
cccd |n cnc|rc||ng nat0rc, |n sctt|ng |t morc sguarc|y w|th |ts
back to thc wa||. ' Morcovcr, |t |s tr0c that, whcthcr thc an-
8WCI 8 yC8 OI HD, l Wll DC CXgIC88Cd H lDC 8amC lDCOICt-
ca| |ang0agc as thc g0cst|on. Howcvcr, th|s |ang0agc, too,
HLH U | LH 44
dcvcIops accord|ng to a comp|cx h|stor|caI proccss nvoIvng
uat0rc's rcpI|cs |n thc past and |ts rcIat|ons w|th othcr thcorct|-
caI |ang0agcs. ln add|t|on, ncw g0cst|ons ar|sc corrcspond|ng
to thc chang|ng |ntcrcsts ot cach pcr|od. Th|s scts 0p a com-
p|cx rcIat|onsh|p bctwccn thc spcc|c r0|cs ot thc sc|cnt|c
gamc-part|c0Iar|y thc cxpcr|mcntaI mcthod ot rcason|ng
w|th nat0rc, wh|ch p| accs thc grcatcst constra|nt on thc
gamc-and a c0|t0raI nctwork to wh|ch, somct|mcs 0nwt-
t|ngIy, thc sc|cnt|st bc|ongs.
Wc bc||cvc that thc cxpcr|mcntaI d|aIog0c |s an rrcvcrs|bIc
acg0|s|t|on ot h0man c0It0rc. lt act0a|Iy prov|dcs a g0arantcc
that whcn nat0rc |s cxp|orcd by man |t |s trcatcd as an indc-
pcndcnI bc|n. lt torms thc bas|s ot thc comm0n|cabIc and
rcprod0c|bIc nat0rc ot sc|cnt|c rcs0Its. Howcvcr part|aIIy na-
t0rc |s a||owcd to spcak, oncc |t has cxprcsscd |tscIt, thcrc s
no t0rthcr d|sscnt. nat0rc ncvcr I|cs.
1|0 Vyl| dl l|0 L_| 0|cC0|C0
Thc d|aIog0c bctwccn man and nat0rc was acc0ratcI y pcr-
cc|vcd by thc fo0ndcrs ot modcrn sc|cncc as a bas|c stcp to-
ward thc |ntc|||g|b|||ty ot nat0rc. 0t thc|r amb|t|ons wcnt cvcn
tarthcr. GaI||co, and thosc who camc ahcr h|m, concc|vcd o|
sc|cncc as bc|ng capabIc ot d|scovcr|ng /obu/ tr0ths abo0t
nat0rc. Nat0rc not on|y wo0|d bc wr|ttcn |n a mathcmat|caI
Iang0agc that can bc dcc|phcrcd by cxpcr|mcntat|on, b0t thcm
wo0|d act0a||y cx|st on|y onc s0ch |ang0agc. lo||ow|ng ths
bas|c conv|ct|on, thc worId |s sccn as homogcnco0s, and IocaI
cxpcr|mcntat|on can rcvcaI gIobaI tr0th. Thc s|mpIcst phc-
uomcna st0d|cd by sc|cncc can th0s bc |ntcrprctcd as thc kcy
to 0ndcrstand|ng nat0rc as a who|c, thc compIcx|ty ot thc Iat-
tcr |s onIy apparcnt, and |ts d|vcrs|ty can bc cxp|a|ncd |n tcrms
ot thc 0n|vcrsaI truth cmbod|cd, |n Ga|||co's casc, |n thc math-
cmat|caI |aws ot mot|on.
Th|s conv|ct|on has s0rv|vcd ccnt0r|cs. ln an cxccIIcnt sct
0 Icct0rcs prcscntcd on thc C scvcraI ycars ago, k|chard
lcynman '" comparcd nat0rc to a h0gc chcss gamc. Thc com-
QBXIg B ODg 8[[8tcD c8CD DOvc OOv5 5DQ0 tU05. O t5
carIy days, modcrn sc|cncc g0|tc poss|b|y nccdcd th|s convc-
t|on ot bc|ng abIc to rcach gIobaI tr0th. S0ch a conv|ct|on
addcd an |mmcnsc vaI0c to thc cxpcr|mcntaI mcthod and, to a
ccrta|n cxtcnt, |nsp|rcd |t. rhaps a rcvoI0t|onary conccpt|on
ot thc wor|d, onc as a||-cmbrac|ng as thc "b|oIog|caI con-
ccpt|on ot thc Ar|stotcI|an worId, was ncccssary to throw o
thc yokc ot trad|t|on, to g|vc thc champ|ons ot cxpcr|mcntat|on
a strcngth ot conv|ct|on and a powcr ot arg0mcnt that cnabIcd
thcm to hoId thc|r own aga|nst thc prcv|o0s torms ot rat|onaI-
|sm. lcrhaps a mctaphys|caI conv|ct|on was nccdcd to trans-
m0tc thc crasman's and mach|nc b0||dcr's knowIcdgc |nto a
ncw mcthod tor thc rat|ona| cxpIorat|on 0 nat0rc. Wc may
aIso wondcr what thc |mpI|cat|ons ot thc cx|stcncc O th|s k|nd
ot "myth|caI conv|ct|on arc tor cxp|a|n|ng thc way modcru
sc|cncc's rst dcvc|opmcnts wcrc acccptcd |n thc soc|aI con-
tcxt. On th|s h|ghIy controvcrs|aI |ss0c, wc sha|I rcstr|ct o0r-
scIvcs to a tcw rcmarks ot a g0|tc gcncraI nat0rc tor thc so|c
p0rposc ot p|npo|nt|ng thc prob|cm-that |s, thc prob|cm 0 a
sc|cncc whosc advancc has bccn tcIt by somc as thc tr|0mph
ot rcason, b0t by othcrs as a d|s|I|0s|onmcnt, as thc pa|nt0I
d|scovcry ot thc robotI|kc st0p|d|ty ot nat0rc.
lt sccms hard to dcny thc t0ndamcntaI |mportancc ot soc|al
and cconom|c tactors-part|c0|ar|y thc dcvc|opmcnt 0 cratts-
mcn's tcchn|g0cs |n thc monastcr|cs, whcm thc rcs|d0aI knoI-
cdgc ot a dcstroycd worId was prcscrvcd, and Iatcr |n thc
b0st||ng mcrchant c|t|cs-|n thc b|rth ot cxpcr|mcntaI sc|cncc,
wh|ch |s a systcmat|zcd torm ot part ot thc craItsmcn's knowI-
Morcovcr, a comparat|vc anaIys|s s0ch as Nccdham's cx-
ot thc M|ddIc Agcs. Not onIy was thc c|ass 0 crattsmcn and
potcnt|aI tcchn|caI |nnovators not hc|d |n contcmpt, as |t was
|n anc|cnt Grcccc, b0t, Iikc thc crattsmcn, thc |ntc||cct0a|s
wcrc, |n thc ma|n, |ndcpcndcnt ot thc a0thor|t|cs. Thcy wcrc
trcc cntrcprcnc0rs, crasmcn-|nvcntors |n scarch ot patrou-
agc, who tcndcd to |ook tor novc|ty and to cxp|o|t a|I thc op-
port0n|t|cs |t attordcd, howcvcr dangcro0s thcy may havc bccn
tor thc soc|a| ordcr. On thc othcr hanJ, as Nccdham po|nts
o0t, Ch|ncsc mcn ot sc|cncc wcrc otc|aIs, bo0nd to obscrvc
thc r0Ics ot thc b0rca0cracy. Thcy tormcd an |ntcgraI part 0
thc S1B1C, WDOSC QtmBty OD]CC1VC WBS to kccp |aw and ordcr.
Thc compass, thc pr|nt|ng prcss, and g0npowdcr, aII 0 wh|ch
HLH U | LH 4b
wcrc to contr|b0tc to 0ndcrm|n|ng thc to0ndat|ons ot mcd|cval
soc|cty and to pro|cct E0ropc |nto thc modcrn cra, wcrc d|s-
covcrcd much car||cr |n Ch|na b0t had a m0ch Icss dcstab|I|z-
|ng chcct on |ts soc|cty. Thc cntcrpr|s|ng E0ropcan mcrchant
soc|cty appcars |n contrast as part|c0|arIy wc|| s0|tcd to st|m-
0|atc and s0sta|n thc dynam|c and |nnovat|vc growth ot mod-
crn sc|cncc |n |ts carIy stagcs.
Howcvcr, thc g0cst|on rcma|ns. Wc know that thc b0|Idcrs
ot mach|ncs 0scd mathcmat|ca| conccpts-gcar rat|os, thc d|s-
pIaccmcnts 0 thc var|o0s work|ng parts, and thc gcomctry O
thc|r rc|at|vc mot|ons. 0t why was mathcmat|zat|on not rc-
str|ctcd to mach|ncs7 Why was nat0raI mot|on concc|vcd 0 |n
thc |magc ot a rat|ona||zcd mach|nc7 Th|s g0cst|on may aIso
bc askcd |n conncct|on w|th thc c|ock, onc ot thc tr|0mphs ot
mcd|cva| crasmansh|p that was soon to sct thc rhythm ot I|tc
|n thc |argcr mcd|cva| towns. Why d|d thc c|ock aImost |mmc-
d|atc|y bccomc thc vcry symboI ot worId ordcr7 ln th|s Iast
g0cst|on ||cs pcrhaps somc cIcmcnts ot an answcr A watch |s
a conlrtvunce govcrncd by a rat|ona||ty that I|cs o0ts|dc |tscIt,
by a plan that |s b||ndIy cxcc0tcd by |ts |nncr work|ngs. Thc
cIock wor|d |s a mctaphor s0ggcst|vc ot God thc Watchmakcr,
thc rat|onaI mastcr ot a robot||kc nat0rc. At thc or|g|n O m-
crn sc|cncc, a "rcsonancc" appcars to havc bccn sct 0p -
twccn thcoIog|caI d|sco0rsc and thcorct|caI and cxpr|mcutaI
act|v|ty-a rcsonancc that was no do0bt I|kcIy to ampI|ty and
conso||datc thc cIa|m that sc|cnt|sts wcrc |n thc procss ot d|s-
covcr|ng thc sccrct ot thc "grcat mach|nc ot thc 0n|vcrsc. "
Ot co0rsc, thc tcrm resonunce covcrs an cxtrcmcIy compIcx
prob|cm. lt |s not o0r |ntcnt|on to statc, uOt Bt W u Bu
pos|t|on to atrm, that rcI|g|o0s d|sco0rsc |n any way deler-
mtned thc b|rth ot thcorct|caI sc|cncc, or ot thc "worId v|cw"
that happcncd to dcvcIop |n con|0nct|on w|th cxpcr|mcntaI ac-
t|v|ty. y 0s|ng thc tcrm resonunce~IhaI |s, m0t0a| amp||ca-
t|on ot two d| sco0rscs-wc havc dc||bcratc| y choscn au
cxprcss|on that docs not ass0mc whcthcr |t was thcoIog|cal
d|sco0rsc or thc "sc|cnt|c myth that camc rst and tr|g-
gcrcd thc othcr.
Lct 0s notc that to somc ph|Iosophcrs thc g0cst|on O thc
"Chr|st|an or|g|n" ot Wcstcrn sc|cncc |s not onIy thc g0cst|ou
O 1DC 51dDZd1Ou O 1DC COuCcQ1 O ud1Utc dS du dU1Omd1Ou,
b0t a|so thc g0cst|on ot somc "csscnt|aI ||nk bctwccu cxpcr-
mcutaI sccucc as s0ch aud Wcstcru c|v|I|zat|ou |u |ts Hcbra|c
aud Grcck compoucuts. lor A|trcd North Wh|tchcad th|s I|uk
|s sit0atcd at thc |cvcI ot iust|uct|vc couv|ct|ou. 5uch d couv|c-
t|ou was "uccdcd" to |usp|rc thc " sc|cutit|c taith" ot thc
to0udcrs ot modcru sc|cucc:
l mcau thc |ucxp0guab|c bcI|ct that cvcry dcta||cd occ0r-
rcucc cau bc corrc|atcd w|th |ts autcccdcuts |u a pcrtcctIy
dcu|tc mauucr, cxcmp||ty|ug gcucra| pr|uc|p|cs. W|tho0t
th|s bcI|ct thc |ucrcdib|c Iabo0rs ot scicut|sts wo0Id bc
w|tho0t hopc. lt |s th|s |ust|uct|vc couv|ct|ou, v|v|dIy
po|scd bctorc thc |mag|uat|ou, wh|ch |s thc mot|vc powcr
ot rcscarch. that thcrc |s a sccrct, a sccrct wh|ch cau bc
0uvciIcd. How has th|s couv|ct|ou bccu so v|v|dIy |m-
p|autcd |u thc Europcau m|ud7
Whcu wc comparc this touc ot tho0ght |u Europc with
thc att|tudc ot othcr c|v|||zatious whcu |ch to thcmscIvcs,
thcrc sccms but ouc so0rcc tor |ts origiu. lt must comc
trom thc mcd|cvaI |usistcucc ou thc rat|oua|ity ot God,
coucc|vcd as w|th thc pcrsoua| cucrgy ot !chovah aud
w|th thc rat|oua||ty ot a Grcck ph||osophcr. Evcry dcta|I
was s0pcrv|scd aud ordcrcd: thc scarch |uto uaturc co0Id
ouIy rcs0|t |u thc v|ud|cat|ou ot thc taith |u rat|oua|ity.
kcmcmbcr that l am uot ta|k|ug O thc cxpI|c|t bcI|cts ot a
tcw |udividua|s. What l mcau |s thc |mprcss ou thc E0ro-
pcau m|ud ar|s|ug trom thc 0ug0cst|oucd ta|th ot ccu-
t0rics. y th|s l mcau thc |ust|uct|vc touc ot tho0ght aud
uot a mcrc crccd ot words. `
Wc wi|| uot cousidcr th|s mattcr turthcr. lt wo0|d bc o0t ot
thc g0cst|ou to '' provc that modcru sc|cucc co0|d havc or|g-
|uatcd ou|y |u Chr|st|au E0ropc. lt |s uot cvcu ucccssary to ask
|t thc to0udcrs ot modcru sc|cucc drcw auy rca| |usp|rat|ou
trom thco|og|caI arg0mcuts. Whcthcr or uot thcy wcrc s|u-
ccrc, thc importaut po|ut |s that thosc arg0mcuts madc thc
spcc0|at|ous ot modcru sc|cucc soc|aI|y crcd|bIc aud acccpt-
ab|c, ovcr a pcr|od ot t|mc varyiug trom co0utry to co0utry.
kc||gio0s rctcrcuccs wcrc sti|I trcgucut |u Eug||sh sc|cut|c
tcxts ot thc uiuctccuth ccut0ry. kcmarkab|y cuo0gh, |u thc
prcscut-day rcv|vaI ot |utcrcst |u myst|c|sm, thc d|rcct|ou ot
thc ar0mcut BcBtS tcVCt8cU. I 9 HDW 900H00 IHBI BggoBtS
to IcuJ crcdib||ity to myst|caI atrmat|ou.
Thc g0cst|ou wc havc coutroutcd hcrc obv|o0sIy Icads to
ward a m0It|t0dc ot probIcms |u wh|ch thcoIog|caI and sc|cu-
t|t|c |ss0cs arc |ucxtr|cab|y bo0nd 0p w|th thc "cxtcruaI
h|story ot sc|cncc, that |s, thc dcscr|pt|on ot thc rcIat|onsh|p
bctwccu thc torm and contcnt ot sc|cnt|c know|cdgc on thc
onc hand, and ou thc othcr, thc 0sc to wh|ch |t |s p0t |u |ts
soc|aI , ccouom|c, aud |nst|t0t|ona| contcxt. As wc havc aI-
rcady sa|d, thc on|y po|nt wc arc prcscntIy |ntcrcstcd |n |s thc
vcry part|c0Iar charactcr aud |mp||cat|ons ot sc|cnt|t|c d|s-
co0rsc that was amp||cd by rcsonaucc w|th thco|og|caI d|s-
Nccdham ` ' tc||s ot thc |rony w|th wh|ch Ch|ncsc mcu ot Ict-
tcrs ot thc c|ghtccnth ccnt0ry grcctcd thc !cs0|ts' anno0ncc-
mcnt ot thc tr|0mphs ot modcrn sc|cncc. Thc |dca that nat0rc
was govcrncd by s|mp|c, knowab|c Iaws appcarcd to thcm as a
pcrtcct cxamp|c ot anthropoccntr|c too||shncss. Nccdham bc-
I|cvcs that th|s "too||shncss" has dccp c0|t0ra| roots. ln ordcr
to |||0stratc thc grcat d|ttcrcnccs bctwccn thc Wcstcru and
Ch|ncsc conccpt|ous, hc c|tcs thc an|ma| tr|a|s hc|d |u thc
M|dd|c Agcs. Ou scvcraI occas|ous s0ch trcaks as a cock who
s0pposcd|y Ia|d cggs wcrc soIcmuIy coudcmucd to dcath and
b0rncd tor hav|ng |ntr|ngcd thc Iaws ot nat0rc, wh|ch wcrc
cg0atcd w|th thc Iaws ot God. Nccdham cxpIa|ns how, | u
Ch|na, thc samc cock wo0|d, |n a|| ||kc||hood, mcrc|y havc
d|sappcarcd d|scrcct|y. lt was not g0||ty ot any cr|mc, b0t |ts
trcak|sh bchav|or c|ashcd w|th nat0ra| and soc|aI harmony.
Thc govcrnor ot thc prov|ncc or cvcn thc cmpcror m|ght nd
h|msc|t |u a dc||catc s|t0at|ou |t thc m|sbchav|or ot thc cock
bccamc known. Nccdham commcnts that, accord|ng to B
ph||osoph|c conccpt|on dom|nant |u Ch|na, thc cosmos |s |u
spontanco0s harmony aud thc rcg0|ar|ty ot phcnomcna |s not
duc to any cxtcrna| a0thor|ty. On thc contrary, th|s harmony |n
nat0rc, soc|cty, and thc hcavcns or|g|natcs trom thc cg0|-
||br|0m among thcsc proccsscs. Stab|c and |ntcrdcpcndcnt,
thcy rcsonatc w|th cach othcr |n a k|nd ot nonconccrtcd har-
mony. lt any Iaw wcrc |nvoIvcd, |t wo0Id bc a |aw that no ouc,
nc|thcr God uor man, had cvcr concc|vcd ot. S0ch a |aw wo0|d
aIso havc to bc cxprcsscd |u a Iang0agc 0ndcc|phcrab|c by
mau and not bc a Iaw cstab||shcd by a crcator concc|vcd |n o0r
OWD mu@0.
49 HL HlUM|H | HLN
Nccdham conc|0dcs by ask|ng thc to||ow|ng g0cst|on:
ln thc o0t|ook ot modcrn sc|cncc thcrc |s, ot co0rsc, no
rcs|d0c ot thc not|ons ot command and d0ty |n thc
"Laws" ot Nat0rc. Thcy arc now tho0ght ot as stat|st|ca|
rcg0|ar|t|cs, va||d on|y |n g|vcn t|mcs and p|accs, dcscr|p-
t|ons not prcscr|pt|ons, as Kar| lcarson p0t |t |n a tamo0s
chaptcr. Thc cxact dcgrcc ot s0b|cct|v|ty |n thc form0|a-
t|ons ot sc|cnt|c |aw has bccn hot|y dcbatcd d0r|ng thc
who|c pcr|od trom Mach to Edd|ngton, and s0ch g0cs-
t|ons cannot bc to||owcd t0rthcr hcrc. Thc prob|cm | s
whcthcr thc rccogn|t|on ot s0ch stat|st|ca| rcg0|ar|t|cs
and thc|r mathcmat|ca| cxprcss|on cou|d havc bccn
rcachcd by any othcr road than that wh|ch Wcstcrn sc|-
cncc act0a||y travc||cd. Was pcrhaps thc statc ot m|nd |n
wh|ch an cgg-|ay|ng cock co0|d bc proscc0tcd at |aw ncc-
cssary |n a c0|t0rc wh|ch sho0|d |atcr havc thc propcrty
O prod0c|ng a Kcp|cr7 ` `
lt m0st now bc strcsscd that sc|cnt|c d|sco0rsc |s |n no way
d mcrc transpos|t|on ot trad|t|ona| rc||g|o0s v|cws. Obv|o0s|y
thc wor|d dcscr|bcd by c|ass|ca| phys|cs |s not thc wor|d ot
Ucncs|s, |n wh|ch God crcatcd ||ght, hcavcn, carth, and thc
||v|ng spcc|cs, thc wor|d whcrc lrov|dcncc has ncvcr ccascd
to act, spurr|ng man on toward a h|story whcrc h|s sa|vat|on |s
at stakc. Thc wor|d ot c|ass|ca| phys|cs |s an atcmpora| wor|d
wh|ch, |t crcatcd, m0st havc bccn crcatcd |n onc tc|| swoop,
somcwhat as an cng|nccr crcatcs a robot bctorc |ctt|ng |t t0nc-
t|on a|onc. ln th|s scnsc, phys|cs has |ndccd dcvc|opcd |n op-
pos|t|on to both rc||g|on and thc trad|t|ona| ph||osoph|cs. And
yct wc know that thc Chr|st|an God was act0a||y ca||cd 0pon
to prov|dc a bas|s tor thc wor|d's |ntc|||g|b|l|ty. ln tact, onc can
spcak hcrc ot a k|nd ot "convcrgcncc bctwccn thc |ntcrcsts
ot thco|og|ans, who hc|d that thc wor|d had to acknow|cdgc
God`s omn|potcncc by |ts tota| subm|ss|on to H|m, and ot
phys|c|sts scck|ng a wor|d ot mathcmat|zab|c proccsscs.
ln any casc, thc Ar|stotc||an wor|d dcstroycd by modcrn sc|-
cncc was 0nacccptab|c to both thcsc thco|og|ans and phys|c|sts.
Th|s ordcrcd, harmon|o0s, h|crarch|ca| , and rat|ona| wor|d
W8S tOO ndcpcndcnt, thc bcngs nhabtng t tOO pOwcNuI und
act|vc, and thc|r s0bscrv|cncc to thc abso|0tc sovcrc|gn too
s0spcct and ||m|tcd tor thc nccds ot many thco|og|ans. ` On
thc othcr hand, |t was too complcx and g0a||tat|vc|y d|ttcrcnt|-
atcd to bc mathcmat|zcd.
Thc "mcchan|zcd" nat0rc ot modcrn sc|cncc, crcatcd and
r0|cd accord|ng to a p|an that total|y dom|natcs |t, b0t ot wh|ch
|t |s 0nawarc, glor|tcs |ts crcator, and was th0s adm|rab|y
s0|tcd to thc nccds ot both thco|og|ans and thc phys|c|sts. A|-
tho0gh Lc|bn|z had cndcavorcd to dcmonstratc that mathcma-
t|zat|on |s compat|b|c w|th a wor|d that can d|sp|ay act|vc and
g0a||tat|vc|y d|ttcrcnt|atcd bchav|or, sc|cnt|sts and thco|og|ans
|o|ncd torccs to dcscr|bc nat0rc as a m|nd|css, pass|vc mc-
chan|cs that was bas|ca||y a||cn to trccdom and thc p0rposcs
ot thc h0man m|nd. `T d0l| aha|r, so0nd|css, sccnt|css, co|o0r-
|css, mcrc|y thc h0rry|ng ot mattcr, cnd|css, mcan|ng|css, `
as Wh|tchcad obscrvcs. Th|s Chr|st|an nat0rc, str|ppcd ot any
propcrty that pcrm|ts man to |dcnt|ty h|msclt w|th thc anc|cnt
harmony ot nat0ra| "bccom|ng, |cav|ng man a|onc, tacc to
tacc w|th God, th0s convcrgcd w|th thc nat0rc that a s|ng|c
|ang0agc, and not thc tho0sand mathcmat|ca| vo|ccs hcard by
Lc|bn|z, was s0mccnt to dcscr|bc.
Thco|ogy may a|so hc|p commcnt on man's odd pos|t|on
whcn hc |abor|o0s|y dcc|phcrs thc |aws govcrn|ng thc wor|d.
Man |s cmphat|ca||y not part ot thc nat0rc hc ob|cct|vc|y dc-
scr|bcs, hc dom|natcs |t trom thc o0ts|dc. lndccd, tor Ga|||co,
thc h0man so0| , crcatcd |n God`s |magc, |s capab|c 0 rasp|n
thc |ntc|||g|b|c tr0ths 0ndcr|y|ng thc p|an ot crcat|on. lt can
th0s grad0a||y approach a know|cdgc ot thc wor|d that God
h|msc|t posscsscd |nt0|t|vc|y, t0||y, and |nstantanco0s|y. `
Un||kc thc anc|cnt atom|sts, who wcrc pcrscc0tcd on thc
ro0nds ot athc|sm, and 0n||kc Lc|bn|z, who was somct|mcs
s0spcctcd ot dcny|ng thc cx|stcncc ot gracc or ot h0man trcc-
dom, modcrn sc|cnt|sts havc managcd to comc 0p w|th d
c0|t0raIy acccptab|c dcn|t|on ot thc|r cntcrpr|sc. Thc h0man
m|nd, |ncorporatcd |n a body s0b|cct to thc |aws ot nat0rc,
can, by mcans ot cxpcr|mcnta| dcv|ccs, obta|n acccss to thc
vantagc po|nt trom wh|ch God h|msc|t s0rvcys thc wor|d, to
thc d|v|nc p|an ot wh|ch th|s wor|d |s a tang|b|c cxprcss|on.
Ncvcrthc|css, thc m|nd |tsc|t rcma|ns o0ts|dc thc rcs0|ts ot |ts
BCD1CVCFCF1. DC 5C1CF1151 D8 f5Ct1< 85 5<COD8t
g0a||t|cs, not part ot nat0rc b0t pro|cctcd onto |t by thc m|nd,
cvcryth|n that gocs to makc 0p thc tcxt0rc ot nat0rc, s0ch as
|ts pcrt0mcs and |ts coIors. Thc dcbascmcnt ot nat0rc |s para|-
IcI to thc gIor|cat|on ot a|I that cI0dcs |t, God and man.
1|0 . 0l3 0l d33Cdl cC0|C0
Wc havc tr|cd to dcscr|bc thc 0n|g0c h|stor|ca| s|t0at|on |n
wh|ch sc|cnt|c pract|cc and mctaphys|caI couv|ct|on wcrc
cIosc|y co0p|cd. GaI||co and thosc who camc attcr h|m m|scd
thc samc probIcms as thc mcd|cvaI b0|Idcrs b0t brokc away
trom thc|r cmp|r|caI knowIcdgc to asscrt, w|th thc hcIp ot
God, thc s|mp||c|ty ot thc wor|d and thc 0n|vcrsaI|ty ot thc
Iang0agc thc cxpcr|mcntaI mcthod post0|atcd and dcc|phcrcd.
ln th|s way, thc bas|c myth 0ndcrIy|ng modcrn sc|cncc can bc
sccn as a prod0ct ot thc pcc0||ar comp|cx wh|ch, at thc c|osc
0 thc M|dd|c Agcs, sct 0p cond|t|ons ot rcsonancc and rc-
c|procaI amp||cat|on among cconom|c, po||t|caI, soc|aI, rc-
I|g|o0s, ph|Iosoph|c, and tcchn|ca| tactors. Howcvcr, thc rap|d
dccompos|t|on ot th|s comp|cx |c cIass|caI sc|cncc strandcd
and |so|atcd |n a transtormcd c0|t0rc.
CIass|caI sc|cncc was born |n a c0|t0rc dom|natcd by thc
aII|ancc bctwccn mun, s|t0atcd m|dway bctwccn thc d|v|nc
ordcr and thc nat0raI ordcr, and od, thc rat|onaI and |ntcI||g|-
bIc Icg|s|ator, thc sovcrc|gn arch|tcct wc havc concc|vcd |n o0r
own |magc. lt has o0t||vcd th|s momcnt ot c0|t0ra| consonancc
that cnt|t|cd ph||osophcrs and thco|og|ans to cngagc |n sc|cncc
and that cnt|t|cd sc|cnt|sts to dcc|phcr and cxprcss op|n|ons
on thc d|v|nc w|sdom and powcr at work |n crcat|on. W|th thc
s0pport 0 rc||g|on and ph||osophy, sc|cnt|sts had comc to bc-
||cvc thc|r cntcrpr|sc was sc|t-s0mc|cnt, that |t cxha0stcd thc
poss|b|||t|cs ot a rat|onaI approach to nat0raI phcnomcna. Thc
rc|at|onsh| p bctwccn sc|cnt|t|c dcscr|pt|on and nat0raI ph|-
Iosophy d|d not, |n th|s scnsc, havc to bc |0st|cd. lt co0|d bc
sccn as sc|t-cv|dcnt that sc|cncc and ph||osophy wcrc con-
vcrgcnt and that sc|cncc was d|scovcr|ng thc pr|nc|p|cs ot an
a0thcnt|c nat0raI ph||osophy. 0t, odd|y cno0gh, thc scIt-
s0mc|cncy cxpcr|cnccd by sc|cnt|sts was to o0t||vc thc dcpart0m
0 thc mcd|cvaI God and thc w|thdrawaI ot thc cp|stcmoIog|caI
gUBtBDcc Octc0 hj DCOOgj. Dc Ot1g1Duj DO0 D1 hu0 D-
comc thc tr|0mphant sc|cncc ot thc c|ghtccnth ccnt0ry, ` thc
sc|cncc that d|scovcrcd thc Iaws govcrn|ng thc mot|on ot ccIcs-
t|aI and carthIy bod|cs, a sc|cncc that dIcmbcrt and E0Icr
|ncorporatcd |nto a compIctc and cons| stcnt systcm and
whosc h|story was dcncd by Lagrangc as a Iog|caI ach|cvc-
mcnt tcnd|ng toward pcrtcct|on. lt was thc sc|cncc honorcd by
thc Acadcm|cs to0ndcd by absoI0tc monarchs s0ch as Lo0|s
X1N, lrcdcr|ck ll, and Cathcr|nc thc Grcat,' thc sc|cncc that
madc Ncwton a nat|onaI hcro. ln othcr words, |t was a suc-
ccssju/ sc|cncc, conv|nccd that |t had provcd that nat0rc |s
transparcnt. 'Jc n'u pus bcson dc ccllc hypolhsc was
LapIacc`s rcpIy to NapoIcon, who had askcd h|m God`s pIacc
|n h|s worId systcm.
Thc d0aI|st |mpI|cat|ons ot modcrn sc|cncc wcrc to s0rv|vc
as wcII as |ts cIa|ms. lor thc sc|cncc ot LapIacc wh|ch, n
many rcspccts, |s st|II thc cIass|caI conccpt|on ot sc|cncc to-
day, a dcscr|pt|on |s ob|cct|vc to thc cxtcnt to wh|ch thc ob-
scrvcr |s cxcI0dcd and thc dcscr|pt|on |tscIt |s madc trom a
po|nt Iy|ng dc )urc o0ts|dc thc worId, that |s, trom thc d|v|nc
v|cwpo|nt to wh|ch thc h0man so0I, crcatcd as |t was |n God's
magc, had acccss at thc bcg|nn|ng. Th0s cIass|caI sc|cncc st|I|
a|ms at d|scovcr|ng thc 0n|g0c tr0th abo0t thc worId, thc onc
Iang0agc that w|II dcc|phcr thc whoIc ot nat0rc-today wc
wo0Id spcak ot thc jundumcnlu/ /evc/ oj dcscrplon trom
wh|ch cvcryth|ng |n cx|stcncc can bc dcd0ccd.
On th|s csscnt|aI po|nt Ict 0s c|tc E|nstc|n, who has trans-
Iatcd |nto modcrn tcrms prcc|scIy what wc may caII thc bas|c
myth 0ndcrIy|ng modcrn sc|cncc.
What 1BCc UOcS hc hcOtcCB1 hjSCS`S CUtc O hc
worId occ0py among aII thcsc poss|bIc p|ct0rcs7 lt dc-
mands thc h|ghcst poss|bIc standard ot r|goro0s prcc|s|on
|n thc dcscr|pt|on ot rcIat|ons, s0ch as onIy thc 0sc O
mathcmat|caI Iang0agc can g|vc. ln rcgard to h|s s0b|cct
mattcr, on thc othcr hand, thc phys|c|st has to I|m|t h|m-
scIt vcry scvcrcIy. hc m0st contcnt h|mscIt w|th dcscr|b-
|ng thc most s|mpIc cvcnts wh|ch can bc bro0ght w|th|n
thc doma|n ot o0r cxpcr|cncc, aII cvcnts ot a morc com-
pIcx ordcr arc bcyond thc powcr ot thc h0man |ntcIIcct to
rcconstr0ct w|th thc s0btIc acc0racy and Iog|caI pcrtcc-
tOn vhch thc thcOrctcaI physcst dcmands. Suprcmc
p0r|ty, cIar|ty, and ccrta|nty at thc cost ot compIctcncss.
0t what cau bc thc attract|ou O gctt|ug to kuow s0ch a
t|uy scct|ou ot uat0rc thoro0ghIy, wh|Ic ouc Icavcs cvcry-
th|ug s0btIcr aud morc compIcx shyIy and t|m|dIy aIouc7
Docs thc prod0ct ot s0ch a modcst chort dcscrvc to bc
caIIcd by thc pro0d uamc ot d thcory ot thc 0u|vcrsc7
lu my bcI|ct thc uamc |s |0st|hcd, tor thc gcucraI Iaws
ou wh|ch thc str0ct0rc ot thcorct|caI phys|cs |s bascd
cIa|m to bc vaI|d tor auy uat0raI phcuomcuou what-
socvcr. W|th thcm, |t o0ght to bc poss|bIc to arr|vc at thc
dcscr|pt|ou, that |s to say, thc thcory, ot cvcry uat0raI
proccss, |ucI0d|ug I|tc, by mcans ot p0rc dcd0ct|ou, |t
that proccss ot dcd0ct|ou wcrc uot tar bcyond thc capac-
|ty ot thc h0mau |ntcIIcct. Thc phys|c|st's rcu0uc|at|ou 0
compIctcucss tor h|s cosmos |s thcrctorc uot a mattcr ot
t0udamcutaI pr|uc|pIc. `
lor somc t|mc thcrc wcrc thosc who pcrs|stcd |u thc |II0s|ou
that attract|ou |u thc torm |n wh|ch |t |s cxprcsscd |u thc Iaw O
rav|tat|ou wo0Id |0st|ty attr|b0t|ng au |ntr|ns|c an|mat|ou to
uat0rc and that |t |t wcrc gcucraI|zcd |t wo0Id cxpIa|u thc or|-
g|us ot |ucrcas|ugIy spcc|hc torms ot act|v|ty, |ncI0d|ng cvcu
thc |utcract|ous that composc h0mau soc|cty. 0t th|s hopc
was rap|dIy cr0shcd, at Icast partIy as a conscg0cucc O thc
dcmauds crcatcd by thc poI|t|caI , cconom|c, and |nst|t0t|onaI
sctt|ng whcrc sc|cucc dcvcIopcd. Wc sha|I not cxam|nc th|s
aspcct ot thc probIcm, |mportaut tho0gh |t |s. O0r po|nt hcrc |s
to cmphas|zc that th|s vcry ta|I0rc sccmcd to cstabI|sh thc
cons|stcucy ot thc cIass|ca v|cw and to provc that what had
oncc bccn au |nsp|r|ng conv|ct|on was B sad tr0th. lu tact, thc
ouIy |utcrprctat|ou apparcntIy capabIc ot r|vaI|ng th|s |utcr-
prctat|ou ot sc|cucc was hcncctorth thc pos|t|v|st|c rct0saI o|
thc vcry pro|cct ot 0udcrstaud|ng thc worId. lor cxampIc,
Erust Mach, thc |n00cnt|aI ph|Iosophcr-sc|cnt|st whosc |dcas
had a grcat |mpact ou thc yo0ng E|nstc|u, dchncd thc task ot
sc|cut|hc kuowIcdgc as arrang|ng cxpcncucc |u as ccouom|ca|
au ordcr as poss|bIc. Sc|cucc has uo othcr mcau|ngt0I goaI
thau thc s|mpIcst aud most ccouom|caI abstract cxprcss|ou o|
M=rc wc huvc u cluo whch strps sccncc O| uII ts mys-
tcry, aud shows 0s what |ts powcr rcaIIy |s. W|th rcspcct
to spcc|c rcs0|ts |t y|c|ds 0s noth|ng that wc co0|d not
rcach |n a s0hc|cnt|y |ong t|mc w|tho0t mcthods . . ..
!0st as a s|ng|c h0man bc|ng, rcstr|ctcd who||y to thc
tr0|ts ot h|s own |abor, co0|d ncvcr amass a tort0nc, b0t
on thc contrary thc acc0m0|at|on 0 thc |abor 0 many
mcn |n thc hands 0 onc |s thc to0ndat|on ot wca|th and
powcr, so, a|so, no know|cdgc worthy 0 thc namc can bc
gathcrcd 0p |n a s|ng|c h0man m|nd ||m|tcd to thc span O
a h0man ||tc and g|ttcd on|y w|th n|tc powcrs, cxccpt by
thc most cxg0|s|tc cconomy 0 tho0ght and by thc carct0|
amassmcnt ot thc cconom|ca||y ordcrcd cxpcr|cncc ot
tho0sands 0 co-workcrs. `
Th0s sc|cncc | s 0sct0| bcca0sc |t |cads to cconomy ot
tho0ght. Thcrc may bc somc c|cmcnt 0 tr0th |n s0ch a statc-
mcnt, b0t docs |t tc|| thc who|c story7 How tar wc havc comc
trom Ncwton, Lc|bn|z, and thc othcr to0ndcrs 0 Wcstcrn sc|-
cncc, whosc amb|t|on was to prov|dc an |ntc|||g|b|c tramc to
thc phys|ca| 0n|vcrsc! Hcrc sc|cncc |cads to |ntcrcst|ng r0|cs
ot act|on, b0t no morc.
Th|s br|ngs 0s back to o0r start|ng po|nt, to thc |dca that |t |s
c/usstcu/ sc|cncc, cons|dcrcd tor a ccrta|n pcr|od ot t|mc as
thc vcry symbo| 0 c0|t0ra| 0n|ty, and not sc|cncc as s0ch that
|cd to thc c0|t0ra| cr|s|s wc havc dcscrbcd. 8c|cnt|sts fo0nd
thcmsc|vcs rcd0ccd to a b||nd osc|||at|on bctwccn thc th0ndcr-
|ngs 0 sc|cnt|c myth" and thc s||cncc 0 "sc|cnt|c scr|o0s-
ncss, " bctwccn att|rm|ng thc abso|0tc and g|oba| nat0rc ot
sc|cnt|c tr0th and rctrcat|ng |nto a conccpt|on 0 sc|cnt|c
thcory as a pragmat|c rcc|pc for ctfcct|vc |ntcrvcnt|on |n nat0-
ra| proccsscs.
As wc havc a|rcady statcd, wc s0bscr|bc to thc v|cw that
c|ass|ca| sc|cncc has now rcachcd |ts ||m|t. Onc aspcct ot th|s
transtormat|on |s thc d|scovcry 0 thc ||m|tat|ons 0 c|ass|ca|
conccpts that |mp|y that a know|cdgc 0 thc wor|d "as |t |s"
was poss|b|c. Thc omn|sc|cnt bc|ngs, Lap|acc's or Maxwc||'s
dcmon, or E|nstc|n`s God, bc|ngs that p|ay s0ch an |mportant
m|c |n sc|cnt|c rcason|ng, cmbody thc k|nds 0 cxtrapo|at|on
phys|c|sts tho0ght thcy wcrc a||owcd to makc. As random-
ncss, comp|cx|ty, and |rrcvcrs|b|||ty cntcr |nto phys|cs as ob-
]ccts o| positivc knowlcdgc, wc arc moving away trom ths
rathcr navc ass0mpt|on ot a d|rcct conncct|on bctwccn o0r
dcscr|pt|on O thc worId and thc wor|d |tsc|t. Ob|cct|v|ty |n
thcorct|caI phys|cs takcs on a morc s0btIc mcan|ng.
Th|s cvoI0t|on was torccd 0pon 0s by 0ncxpcctcd s0ppIc-
mcntaI d|scovcr|cs that havc shown that thc cx|stcncc 0 0n|-
vcrsaI constants, s0ch as thc vc|oc|ty 0 ||ght, ||m|t o0r powcr
to man|p0Iatc nat0rc. (Wc shaII d|sc0ss th|s 0ncxpcctcd s|t0a-
t|on |n Chaptcr N11.) As a rcs0It, phys|c|sts had to |ntrod0cc
ncw mathcmat|caI tIs that makc thc rc|at|on bctwccn prccp-
t|on and |ntcrprctat|on morc compIcx. Whatcvcr rca||ty may
mcan, |t aIways corrcsponds to an act|vc |ntc||cct0aI constr0c-
t|on. Thc dcscr|pt|ons prcscntcd by sc|cncc can no Iongcr bc
d|scntang|cd trom o0r g0cst|on|ng act|v|ty and thcrctorc can
no Iongcr bc attr|b0tcd to somc omn|sc|cnt bc|ng.
On thc cvc ot thc Ncwton|an synthcs|s, !ohn Donnc Ia-
mcntcd thc pass|ng ot thc Ar|stotc||an cosmos dcstroycd by
And ncw lh|Iosophy ca|Is a|| |n do0bt,
Thc EIcmcnt ot hrc |s g0|tc p0t o0t,
Thc S0n |s Iost, and th'carth, and no man's w|t
Can wc|I d|rcct h|m whcrc to |ook tor |t.
And trccIy mcn contcss that th|s wor|d's spcnt,
Whcn |n thc lIancts and thc l|rmamcnt,
Thcy scck so many ncw, thcn thcy scc that th|s
ls cr0mbIcd o0t aga|n to h|s Atom|cs
'T|s aII |n l|cccs, aII cohcrcncc gonc."
Thc scattcrcd brcks and stoncs 0 o0r prcscnt c0|t0rc sccm,
as |n Donnc's t|mc, capab|c 0 bc|ng rcb0||t |nto a ncw "co-
hcrcncc. CIass|caI sc|cncc, thc myth|caI sc|cncc ot a s|mp|c,
pass|vc wor|d, bcIongs to thc past, k|||cd not by ph||osoph|ca|
cr|t|c|sm or cmp|r|c|st rcs|gnat|on b0t by thc |ntcrnaI dcvcIop-
mcnt ot sc|cncc |tsc|t.

'=/1 |
`0wl0|S Ldw3
Wc shaII now takc a cIoscr Iook at thc mcchan|st|c worId v|cw
as |t cmcrgcd trom thc work ot Ga|||co, Ncwton, and thc|r
s0cccssors. Wc w|sh to dcscr|bc |ts strong po|nts, thc aspccts
0 nat0rc |t has s0ccccdcd |n cIar|ty|ng, b0t wc a|so want to
cxposc |ts I|m|tat|ons.
Evcr s|ncc GaI|Ico, onc ot thc ccntraI probIcms D phys|cs
has bccn thc dcscr|pt|on 0 acccIcrat|on. Thc s0rpr|s|ng tca-
t0rc was that thc changc 0ndcrgonc by thc statc 0 mot|on 0 a
body co0Id bc torm0Iatcd |n s|mp|c mathcmat|caI tcrms. Th|s
sccms aImost tr|v|aI to 0s today. St||I, wc sho0Id rcmcmbcr
that Ch|ncsc sc|cncc, so s0cccsst0I |n many arcas, d|d not pro-
d0cc a g0ant|tat|vc torm0Iat|on 0 thc |aws 0 mot|on. GaI|Ico
d|scovcrcd that wc do not nccd to ask tor thc cuusc 0 a statc
ot mot|on |t thc mot|on |s 0n|torm, any morc than |t |s ncccs-
sary to ask thc rcason tor d statc 0 rcst. oth mot|on and rcst
rcmain indcnitc|y stab|c 0n|css somcthing happns to 0psct
thcm. Thc ccntraI prob|cm |s thc chunc trom rcst to mot|on,
and trom mot|on to rcst, as wc|| as, morc gcncraI|y, aII changcs
ot vcIoc|ty. How do thcsc changcs occ0r7 Thc torm0|at|on 0
thc Ncwton|an Iaws ot mot|on madc 0sc 0 two convcrgng
dcvcIopmcnts. onc |n phys|cs, KcpIcr's |aws tor p|anctary mo-
t|on and Ga|||co`s Iaws tor taII|ng bod|cs, and thc othcr |n
mathcmat|cs, thc torm0Iat|on ot d|hcrcnt|aI or "|nhn|tcs|maI"
How can a cont|n0o0sIy vary|ng spccd bc dchncd7 How cau
wc dcscr|bc thc |nstantanco0s changcs |n thc var|o0s g0an-
C, UCH 0 QOOU, VCOC], dUU acccIcration? How can
wc dcscr|bc thc statc ot a body at any g|vcn |nstant7 To answcr

HLH U | HA 5
thcsc g0cstons, mathcmatcans havc ntrod0ccd thc conccpt
ot nntcsmaI g0anttcs. An nntcsmaI g0antty s thc rc-
s0It ot a /mltn ]r0C855, t s typcaIIy thc varaton n a g0an-
tty occ0rrng bctwccn two s0cccssvc nstants whcn thc tmc
c|apsng bctwccn thcsc nstants tcnds toward zcro. ln ths way
thc changc s brokcn 0p nto an ntntc scrcs ot ntntcIy
smaII changcs.
At cach nstant thc statc ot a movng body can bc dcncd by
ts poston f by ts vcIocty v, whch cxprcsscs ts "nstanta-
nco0s tcndcncy" to modty ths poston, and by ts acccIcra-
ton u, agan ts "nstantanco0s tcndcncy, " b0t now to modty
ts vcIocty. lnstantanco0s vcIoctcs and acccIcratons arc Im-
tng g0anttcs that mcas0rc thc rato bctwccn two nntcs-
maI g0anttcs. thc varaton ot r (or v) d0rng a tcmporaI
ntcrvaI l, and ths ntcrvaI l whcn l tcnds to zcro. S0ch
g0anttcs arc "dcrvatvcs wth rcspcct to tmc, " and sncc
Lcbnz thcy havc bccn wrttcn as v=dndl and u=dvldl.
Thcrctorc, acccIcraton, thc dcrvatvc ot a dcrvatvc, u= dn
dl', bccomcs a "sccond dcrvatvc. " Thc probIcm on whch
Ncwtonan physcs conccntratcs s thc caIc0Iaton ot ths scc-
ond dcrvatvc, that s, ot thc accc|craton 0ndcrgonc at cach
nstant by thc ponts that torm a systcm. Thc moton ot cach ot
thcsc ponts ovcr a ntc ntcrvaI ot tmc can thcn bc caIc0-
|atcd by nIegruton, by adding up thc innitcsimal vclocity
changcs occ0rrng d0rng ths ntcrvaI. Thc smpIcst casc s
whcn u s constant (tor cxampIc, tor a trccIy taIIng body u s
thc gravtatonaI constant ). GcncraIIy spcakng, acccIcraton
tscIt varcs n tmc, and thc physcst's task s to dctcrmnc
prccsc|y thc naturc ot ths variation.
ln Ncwtonan Iang0agc, to st0dy accc|craton mcans to dc-
tcrmnc thc varo0s "torccs" actng on thc ponts n thc systcm
0ndcr cxamnaton. Ncwton's sccond Iaw, mu, statcs that
thc torcc appIcd at any pont s proportona| to thc accc|cra-
ton t prod0ccs. ln thc casc ot a systcm ot matcraI ponts, thc
prob|cm s morc compIcatcd, sncc thc torccs actng on a
gvcn body arc dctcrmncd at cach nstant by thc rcIatvc ds-
tanccs bctwccn thc bodcs ot thc systcm, and th0s vary at cach
nstant as a rcsuIt ot thc moton thcy thcmscIvcs producc.
A probIcm n dynamcs s cxprcsscd n thc torm ot a sct ot
d0crcnt|a '' cg0atons. Thc nstantanco0s statc o| cach o|
thc bodcs n a systcm s dcscrbcd as a pont and dcncd by
mcans ot |ts pos|t|on as wc|I as by |ts vcIoc|ty and acccIcra-
t|on, that |s, by thc rst and sccond dcr|vat|vcs ot thc pos|t|on.
At cach |nstant, a sct O torccs, wh|ch |s a t0nct|on ot thc
d|stancc bctwccn thc po|nts |n thc systcm (a t0nct|on ot r),
g|vcs a prcc|sc acccIcrat|on to cach po|nt; thc accc|crat|ons
thcn br|ng abo0t changcs |n thc d|stanccs scparat|ng thcsc
po|nts and thcrctorc |n thc sct ot torccs act|ng at thc to||ow|ng
Wh|Ic thc d|crcntaI cg0at|ons sel up thc dynamcs prob-
Icm, thc|r "|ntcgrat|on rcprcscnts thc so/ulton ot th|s prob-
Icm. lt lcads to thc ca|c0|at|on ot thc lru]eclortes, r(l). Thcsc
tra|cctor|cs conta|n aII thc |ntormat|on acknowIcdgcd as rc|c-
vant by dynam|cs, |t prov|dcs a comp|ctc dcscr|pt|on ot thc
dynam|c systcm.
Thc dcscr|pt|on thcrctorc |mp||cs two cIcmcnts. thc post-
ltons und ve/octlte1 ot cach ot thc po|nts at one tnslunl, ocn
caI|cd thc "|n|t|aI |nstant, and thc cg0at|ons ot mot|on that
rc|atc thc dynam|c torccs to thc acccIcrat|ons. Thc |ntcgrat|on
ot thc dynam|c cg0at|ons start|ng trom thc "|n|t|aI statc 0n-
toId thc s0cccss|on ot statcs, that |s, thc sct ot tra|cctor|cs ot
|ts const|t0t|vc bod|cs.
Thc tr|0mph ot Ncwton|an sc|cncc | s thc d|scovcry that a
s|ngIc torcc, grav|ty, dctcrm|ncs both thc mot|on ot pIancts
and comcts |n thc sky and thc mot|ons ot bod|cs ta|I|ng toward
thc carth. Whatcvcr pa|r O matcr|aI bod|cs |s cons|dcrcd, thc
Ncwton|an systcm |mp|cs that thcy arc I|nkcd by thc samc
torcc ot attract|on. Ncwton|an dynam|cs th0s appcars to bc
do0bIy 0n|vcrsaI. Thc dcn|t|on ot thc Iaw ot grav|ty that dc-
scr|bcs how masscs tcnd to approach onc anothcr conta|ns no
rctcrcncc to any sca|c ot phcnomcna. lt can bc app||cd cg0a||y
wc|I to thc mot|on ot atoms, ot pIancts, or ot thc stars |n a
gaIaxy. Evcry body, whatcvcr |ts s|zc, has a mass and acts as a
so0rcc ot thc Ncwton|an torccs ot |ntcract|on.
S|ncc grav|tat|ona| torccs conncct any two bod|cs (tor two
bod|cs ot mass m and m

and scparatcd by a dstancc f thc
grav|tat|onaI torcc |s kmm'/r` , whcrc k |s thc Ncwton|an torcc
ot attract|on cg0aI to r. rJcmgscc`), thc onIy tr0c dy-
nam|c systcm |s thc 0n|vcrsc as a whoIc. Any IocaI dynam|c
systcm, s0ch as o0r p|anctary systcm, can onIy bc dcncd
upprOKmutcIy, by ncgIcctng fOtccS that atc SuaII n cOuat-
son to thosc whosc cttcct |s bc|ng cons|dcrcd.
lt m0st bc cmphas|zcd that whatcvcr thc dynam|c systcm
choscn, thc Iaws ot mot|on can aIways bc cxprcsscd |n thc
torm mJ. Othcr typcs ot torccs apart trom thosc d0c to
rav|ty may bc d|scovcrcd (and act0aIIy havc bccn d| scov-
crcd-tor |nstancc, cIcctr|c torccs ot attract|on and rcp0Is|on)
and wo0Id thcrcby mod|ty thc cmp|r|caI contcnt ot thc Iaws ot
mot|on. Thcy wo0Id not, howcvcr, mod|ty thc torm ot thosc
|aws. ln thc worId ot dynam|cs, changc |s |dcnt|cd w|th acccIcr-
at|on or dcccIcrat|on. Thc |ntcgrat|on ot thc Iaws ot mot|on
Icads to thc tra|cctor|cs that thc part|cIcs toIIow. Thcrctorc thc
Iaws ot changc, ot t|mc's |mpact on nat0rc, arc cxprcsscd |n
tcrms ot thc charactcr|st|cs ot tra|cctor|cs.
Thc bas|c charactcr|st|cs ot tra|cctor|cs arc /uuju/ncss, Je-
lcrmtntsm, and rcvcrstbt/tly. Wc havc sccn that |n ordcr to caI-
c0Iatc a tra|cctory wc nccd, |n add|t|on to o0r knowIcdgc ot
thc Iaws ot mot|on, an cmp|r|caI dc||n|t|on ot a s|ng!c |n-
stantanco0s statc ot thc systcm. Thc gcncraI Iaw thcn dcd0ccs
trom th|s "|n|t|aI statc thc scr|cs ot statcs thc systcm passcs
thro0gh as t|mc progrcsscs, |0st as Iog|c dcd0ccs a concI0s|on
trom bas|c prcm|scs. Thc rcmarkabIc tcat0rc |s that oncc thc
torccs arc known, any s|ngIc statc |s s0thc|cnt to dchnc thc
systcm compIctcIy, not onIy |ts t0t0rc b0t aIso |ts past. At
cach |nstant, thcrctorc, cvcryth|ng |s g|vcn. Dynam|cs dchncs
aII statcs as cg0|vaIcnt. cach ot thcm aIIows aII thc othcrs to bc
caIc0Iatcd aIong w|th thc tra|cctory wh|ch connccts aI| statcs,
bc thcy |n thc past or thc t0t0rc.
"Evcryth|ng |s g|vcn. Th|s concI0s|on ot cIass|caI dynam-
cs, wh|ch crgson rcpcatcdIy cmphas|zcd, charactcr|zcs thc
rcaI|ty that dynam|cs dcscr|bcs. Evcryth|ng |s g|vcn, b0t cv-
cryth|ng |s aIso poss|bIc. A bc|ng who has thc powcr to controI
a dynam|c systcm may caIc0Iatc thc r|ght |n|t|aI statc |n s0ch a
way that thc systcm "spontanco0sIy rcachcs any choscn
statc at somc choscn t|mc. Thc gcncraI|ty ot dynam|c Iaws |s
matchcd by thc arb|trar|ncss o| thc |n|t|aI cond|t|ons.
Thc rcvcrstbt/tly ot a dynam|c tra|cctory was cxpI|c|tIy
statcd by aII thc to0ndcrs ot dynam|cs. lor |nstancc, whcu
GaI|Ico or H0yghcns dcscr|bcd thc |mpI|cat|ons ot thc cg0|v-
aIcncc bctwccn ca0sc and cttcct post0Iatcd as thc bas|s ot
thc|r mathcmat|zat|on ot mot|on, thcy stagcd tho0ght cxpcr|-
mcnts s0ch as an clastc ball bo0ncng on thc gm0nd. As thc
b1 HL lLNl|lLAlN | HL HLAL
rcs0It ot |ts |nstantanco0s vcIoc|ty |nvcrs|on, s0ch a body
wo0Id rct0rn to |ts |n|t|aI pos|t|on. Dynam|cs ass|gns th|s
propcrty ot rcvcrs|b|I|ty to aII dynam|c changcs. Th|s carIy
"tho0ght cxpcr|mcnt |II0stratcs U gcncraI mathcmat|caI prop-
crty ot dynam|c cg0at|ons. Thc str0ct0rc ot thcsc cg0at|ons
|mpI|cs that |t thc vcIoc|t|cs ot aII thc po|nts ot a systcm arc
rcvcrscd, thc systcm w|II go "backward |n t|mc. ' Thc systcm
wo0Id rctracc aII thc statcs |t wcnt thro0gh d0r|ng thc prcv|o0s
chaugc. Dynam|cs dct|ucs as mathcmat|caIIy cg0|vaIcnt
changcs s0ch as II, t|mc |nvcrs|on, and v~v, vcIoc|ty
rcvcrsaI . What onc dynam|c changc has ach|cvcd, anothcr
changc, dcncd by vcIoc|ty |nvcrs|on, can 0ndo, and |n th|s
way cxactIy rcstorc thc or|g|naI cond|t|ons.
Th|s propcrty ot rcvcrs|b|I|ty |n dynam|cs Icads, howcvcr, to
d d|hc0Ity whosc t0II s|gn|cancc was rcaI|zcd onIy w|th thc
ntrod0ct|on ot g0ant0m mcchan|cs. Man|p0Iat|on and mca-
s0rcmcnt arc csscnt|aIIy |rrcvcrs|bIc. Acltvc sc|cncc |s th0s,
by dcn|t|on, cxtranco0s to thc |dcaI|zcd, rcvcrs|bIc worId |t |s
dcscr|b|ng. lrom a morc gcncraI po|nt ot v|cw, rcvcrs|b|I|ty
may bc takcn as thc vcry symboI ot thc "strangcncss ot thc
worId dcscr|bcd by dynam|cs. Evcryonc |s tam|I|ar w|th thc
abs0rd cttccts prod0ccd by pro|cct|ng a Im backward-thc
s|ght ot a match bc|ng rcgcncratcd by |ts 0amc, brokcn |nk
pots that rcasscmbIc and rct0rn to a tabIctop acr thc |nk has
po0rcd back |nto thcm, branchcs that grow yo0ng aga|n and
t0rn |nto trcsh shoots. ln thc worId ot cIass|caI dynam|cs, s0ch
cvcnts arc cons|dcrcd to bc |0st as IkcIy as thc normaI oncs.
Wc arc so acc0stomcd to thc Iaws ot cIass|caI dynam|cs that
arc ta0ght to 0s carIy |n schooI that wc ocn ta|I to scnsc thc
boIdncss ot thc ass0mpt|ons on wh|ch thcy arc bascd. A worId
|n wh|ch aII tra|cctor|cs arc rcvcrs|bIc |s a strangc worId |n-
dccd. Anothcr aston|sh|ng ass0mpt|on |s that ot thc compIctc
|ndcpcndcncc ot |n|t|aI cond|t|ons trom thc Iaws ot mot|on. lt
|s poss|bIc to takc a stonc and throw |t w|th somc |n|t|aI vc-
Iocty I|m|tcd onIy by onc`s phys|caI strcngth, b0t what abo0t
a compIcx systcm such as a gas tormcd by many part|cIcs7 lt
s obv|o0s that wc can no Iongcr |mposc arb|trary |n|t|aI cond|-
tons. Thc |n|t|aI cond|t|ons m0st bc thc o0tcomc ot thc dy-
uam|c cvoI0t|on |tscIt. Th|s |s an |mportant po|nt to wh|ch wc
8hu OOmO buOk IU thO HII0 QuI Ol HI bOOK. U VHdCVCI IS
I|m|tat|ons, today, thrcc ccnt0r|cs Iatcr, wc can on|y adm|rc
thc |og|ca| cohcrcncc and thc powcr ot thc mcthods d|scovcrcd
by thc to0ndcrs ot c| ass|ca| dynam|cs.
V0`'0|d|O |d|_0
Ar|stot|c madc t|mc thc mcas0rc ot changc. 0t hc was t0|ly
awarc ot thc g0al|tat|vc m0lt|p| |c|ty ot changc |n nat0rc. St|||
thcrc |s on|y onc typc ot changc s0rv|v|ng |n dynam|cs, onc
"proccss, and that |s mot|on. Thc g0a||tat|vc d|vcrs|ty ot
changcs |n nat0rc |s rcd0ccd to thc st0dy ot thc rc|at|vc d|s-
p|accmcnt ot matcr|a| bod|cs. T|mc |s a paramctcr |n tcrms 0
wh|ch thcsc d|sp| accmcnts may bc dcscr|bcd. ln th|s way
spacc and t|mc arc |ncxtr|cab| y t|cd togcthcr |n thc wor|d ot
cIass|caI dynam|cs. (A|so scc Chaptcr lX.)
lt |s |ntcrcst|ng to comparc dynam|c changc w|th thc atom-
|sts' conccpt|on ot changc, wh|ch cn|oycd cons|dcrab|c tavor
at thc t|mc Ncwton torm0latcd h|s |aws. Act0a||y, |t sccms that
not on|y Dcscartcs, Casscnd|, and d7|cmbcrt, b0t cvcn Ncw-
ton h|msc|t bcl|cvcd that co|l|s|ons bctwccn hard atoms wcrc
thc 0|t|matc, and pcrhaps thc on|y, so0rccs ot changcs ot mo-
t|on. Ncvcrthc|css, thc dynam|c and thc atom|c dcscr|pt|ons
d|hcr rad|ca|Iy. lndccd, thc cont|n0o0s nat0rc ot thc acccIcra-
t|on dcscr|bcd by thc dynam|c cg0at|ons |s |n sharp contrast
w|th thc d|scont|n0o0s, |nstantanco0s co|||s|ons bctwccn hard
part|cIcs. Ncwton had a|rcady not|ccd that, |n contrad|ct|on to
dynam|cs, an |rrcvcrs|b|c |oss ot mot|on |s |nvo|vcd |n cach
hard co|||s|on. Thc on|y rcvcrs|b|c co|||s|on-that |s, thc on|y
onc |n agrccmcnt w|th thc |aws ot dynam|cs-|s thc "c|ast|c,
momcnt0m-conscrv|ng coI||s|on. 0t how can thc compIcx
propcrty ot "c|ast|c|ty bc app||cd to atoms that arc s0pposcd
to bc thc t0ndamcnta| c|cmcnts ot nat0rc7
On thc othcr hand, at a Icss tcchn|ca| Icvc| , thc |aws ot dy-
nam|c mot|on sccm to contrad|ct thc randomncss gcncra||y
attr|b0tcd to co|l|s|ons bctwccn atoms. Thc anc|cnt ph||oso-
phcrs had a|rcady po|ntcd o0t that any nat0raI proccss can bc
ntcrprctcd |n many d|ttcrcnt ways |n tcrms ot thc mot|on 0
und cOIIsOns bctwccn atOms. Jhs was nOt a QDDCD lOr thc
atom|sts, s|ncc thc|r ma|n a|m was to dcscr|bc a god|css, Iaw-
HL |LN| ||LlN | HL HLL
|css worId |n wh|ch man |s trcc and can cxpcct to rccc|vc nc|-
thcr p0n|shmcnt nor rcward trom any d|v|nc or nat0raI ordcr.
0t cIass|caI sc|cncc was a sc|cncc ot cng|nccrs and astrono-
mcrs, a sc|cncc ot act|on and prcd|ct|on. Spcc0|at|ons bascd
on hypothct|caI atoms co0Id not sat|sty |ts nccds. ln contrast,
Ncwton's Iaw prov|dcd a mcans ot prcd|ct|ng and man|p0|at-
|ng. Nat0rc th0s bccomcs Iaw-ab|d|ng, doc|Ic, and prcd|ct-
abIc, |nstcad ot bc|ng chaot|c, 0nr0|y, and stochast|c. 0t
what |s thc conncct|on bctwccn thc morta| , 0nstab|c worId |n
wh|ch atoms 0nccas|ng|y comb|nc and scparatc, and thc |m-
m0tab|c wor|d ot dynam|cs govcrncd by Ncwton's Iaw, a s|ng|c
mathcmat|ca| torm0|a corrcspond|ng to an ctcrnaI tr0th un-
to|d|ng toward a ta0to|og|ca| t0t0rc7 ln thc twcnt|cth ccnt0ry
wc arc aga|n w|tncss|ng thc c|ash bctwccn |awt0|ncss and ran-
dom cvcnts, wh|ch, as Koyrc has shown, had a|rcady tor-
mcntcd Dcscartcs. Evcr s|ncc thc cnd ot thc n|nctccnth
ccnt0ry, w|th thc k|nct|c thcory ot gascs, thc atom|c chaos has
rc|ntcgratcd phys|cs, and thc prob|cm ot thc rc|at|onsh|p bc-
twccn dynam|c |aw and stat|st|ca| dcscr|pt|on has pcnctratcd
to thc vcry corc ot phys|cs. lt |s onc ot thc kcy c|cmcnts |n thc
prcscnt rcncwaI ot dynam|cs (scc ook lll).
ln thc c|ghtccnth ccnt0ry, howcvcr, th|s contrad|ct|on
sccmcd to prod0cc a dcad|ock. Th|s may part|y cxpIa|n thc
skcpt|c|sm ot somc c|ghtccnth-ccnt0ry phys|c|sts rcgard|ng
thc s|gn|cancc ot Ncwton's dynam|c dcscr|pt|on. Wc havc aI-
rcady notcd that co|||s|ons may |cad to a Ioss ot mot|on. Thcy
thcrcby conc|0dcd that |n s0ch non|dcaI cascs, "cncrgy |s
not conscrvcd b0t | s trrcvcrstb/y d|ss|patcd (scc Chaptcr lV,
scct|on 3). Thcrctorc, thc atom|sts cou|d not hc|p cons|dcring
dynam|cs as an |dca||zat|on ot ||m|tcd va|0c. Cont|ncntaI
phys|c|sts and mathcmat|c|ans s0ch as d7|cmbcrt, C|a|ra0t,
and Lagrangc rcs|stcd thc scd0ct|vc charms ot Ncwton|an|sm
tor a Iong t|mc.
Whcrc do thc roots ot thc Ncwton|an conccpt ot changc I|c7
lt appcars to bc a synthcs|s ot thc sc|cncc ot |dca| mach|ncs,
whcrc mot|on |s transm|ttcd w|tho0t co|||s|on or tr|ct|on bc-
twccn parts a|rcady |n contact, and thc sc|cncc ot cc|cst|aI
bod|cs |ntcract|ng at a d|stancc. Wc havc sccn that |t appcars
as thc vcry ant|thcs|s ot atom|sm, wh|ch |s bascd on thc con-
ccpt O| rundOm cOIIsOns. OOcs ths, hOwcvcr, vndcatc thc
v|cw ot thosc who bcI|cvc that Ncwton|an dynam|cs rcprc-
scnts a r0pt0rc |n thc h|story o| th|nk|ng, a rcvo|0t|onary nov-
c|ty7 Th|s |s what pos|t|v|st h|stor|ans havc c|a|mcd whcn thcy
dcscr|bcd how Ncwton cscapcd thc spc|| ot prcconcc|vcd no-
t|ons and had thc co0ragc to |ntcr tmm thc mathcmat|ca| st0dy ot
p|anctary mot|ons and thc |aws ot ta|||ng bod|cs thc act|on ot a
"0n|vcrsa| torcc. Wc know that on thc contrary thc c|ghtccnth-
ccnt0ry rat|ona||sts cmphas|zcd thc apparcnt s|m||ar|ty bc-
twccn h| s " mathcmat|ca|" torccs and trad|t|ona| occ0|t
g0a||t|cs. lort0natc| y, thcsc cr|t|cs d|d not know thc strangc
story bch|nd thc Ncwton|an torccs! lor bch|nd Ncwton's ca0-
t|o0s dcc|arat|on-"l tramc no hypothcscs-conccrn|ng thc
naturc ot thc torccs |0rkcd thc pass|on ot an a|chcm|st. Wc
now know that, s|dc by s|dc w|th h|s mathcmat|ca| st0d|cs,
Ncwton had st0d|cd thc anc|cnt a|chcm|sts tor th|rty ycars
and had carr|cd o0t pa|nstak|ng |aboratory cxpcr|mcnts on
ways O ach|cv|ng thc mastcr work, thc synthcs|s ot go|d.
kcccnt|y somc h|stor|ans havc gonc so tar as to proposc that
thc Ncwton|an synthcs|s ot hcavcn and carth was thc ach|cvc-
mcnt ot a chcm|st, not an astronomcr. Thc Ncwton|an torcc
"an|mat|ng mattcr and, |n thc strongcr scnsc ot thc tcrm,
mak|ng 0p thc vcry act|v|ty ot nat0rc wo0|d thcn bc thc |nhcr|-
tor ot thc torccs Ncwton thc chcm|st obscrvcd and man|p0-
|atcd, thc chcm|ca| "att|n|t|cs" torm|ng and d|sr0pt|ng cvcr
ncw comb|nat|ons ot mattcr. Thc dcc|s|vc ro|c p|aycd by cc-
|cst|a| orbits ot co0rsc rcma|ns. St|||, at thc start ot h|s |ntcnsc
astronom|ca| st0d|cs-abo0t l6J9-Ncwton apparcnt|y cx-
pcctcd to hnd ncw torccs ot attract|on on|y |n thc hcavcns,
torccs stmtlur to chcm|ca| torccs and pcrhaps cas|cr to st0dy
mathcmat|ca||y. S|x ycars |atcr th|s mathcmat|ca| st0dy pro-
d0ccd an 0ncxpcctcd conc|0s|on. thc torccs bctwccn thc p|an-
cts and thosc accc|crat|ng trcc|y ta|||ng bod|cs arc not mcrc|y
s|m||ar b0t arc thc samc. Attract|on |s not spcc|hc to cach
p|anct, |t |s thc samc-tor thc moon c|rc||ng thc carth, tor thc
p|ancts, and cvcn tor comcts pass|ng thro0gh thc so|ar systcm.
Ncwton sct o0t to d|scovcr |n thc sky torccs s|m||ar to thc
chcm|ca| torccs. thc spcc|t|c att|n|t| cs, d|ttcrcnt tor cach
chcm|ca| compo0nd and g|v|ng cach compo0nd g0a||tat|vc|y
d|ttcrcnt|atcd act|v|t|cs. What hc act0a||y to0nd was a 0n|vcr-
sa| |aw, wh|ch, as hc cmphas|zcd, co0|d bc app||cd to a|| phc-
nomcna-whcthcr chcmicaI , mcchanica| , or ccIcstia| in
b HL |LNl||LlN | HL HLL
Thc Ncwton|an synthcss |s th0s a s0rpr|sc. U |s an 0ncx-
pcctcd, staggcr|n d|scovcry that thc sc|cnt|hc wor|d has com-
mcmoratcd by mak|ng Ncwton thc symbo| ot modcrn sc|cncc.
What |s part|c0|ar|y aston|sh|ng |s that thc bas|c codc ot na-
t0rc appcarcd to havc bccn crackcd |n a s|ng|c crcat|vc act.
lor a Iong t|mc th|s s0ddcn Iog0ac|o0sncss ot nat0rc, th|s
tr|0mph ot thc Eng|sh Moscs, was a so0rcc ot |ntc|Icct0aI
scandaI tor cont|ncntaI rat|ona|| sts. Ncwton's work was
v|cwcd as a p0rcIy cmp|r|caI d|scovcry that co0Id th0s cg0aIIy
wc|| bc cmp|r|caIIy d|sprovcd. ln lJ4J E0|cr, CIa|ra0t, and
dAIcmbcrt, w|tho0t do0bt somc ot thc grcatcst sc|cnt|sts ot
thc t|mc, camc to thc samc conc|0s|on. Ncwton was wrong. ln
ordcr to dcscr|bc thc moon's mot|on, a morc comp|cx mathc-
mat|caI torm m0st bc g|vcn to thc torcc ot attract|on, mak|ng |t
thc s0m ot two tcrms. lor thc to||ow|ng two ycars, cach ot
thcm bc||cvcd that nat0rc had provcd Ncwton wrong, and th|s
bc||ct was a so0rcc ot cxc|tcmcnt, not ot d|smay. lar trom con-
s|dcr|ng Ncwton's d|scovcry synonymo0s w|th phys|caI sc|-
cncc |tscIt, phys|c|sts wcrc b||thc|y contcmp|at|ng dropp|ng |t
a|togcthcr. DA|cmbcrt wcnt so tar as to cxprcss scr0p|cs
abo0t scck|ng trcsh cv|dcncc aga|nst Ncwton and g|v|ng h|m
/c coup dc ptcd dc /'nc.
On|y onc co0ragco0s vo|cc aga|nst th|s vcrd|ct was ra|scd |u
lrancc. ln lJ4B, 0hon wrotc:
A phys|ca| |aw |s a Iaw onIy by v|rt0c ot thc tact that |t |s
casy to mcas0rc, and that thc scaIc |t rcprcscnts |s not
onIy aIways thc samc, b0t |s act0aI|y 0n|g0c . . .. M.
CIa|ra0t has ra|scd an ob|cct|on aga|nst Ncwton's sys-
tcm, b0t |t |s at bcst an ob|cct|on and m0st not and cannot
bccomc a pr|nc|pIc; an attcmpt sho0Id bc madc to ovcr-
comc |t and not to t0rn |t |nto a thcory thc cnt|rc con-
scg0cnccs ot wh|ch mcrc|y rcst on a caIc0Iat|on, tor, as l
havc sa|d, onc may rcprcscnt anyth|ng by mcans ot caI-
c0Iat|on and ach|cvc noth|ny, and |t |t |s aI|owcd to add
onc or morc tcrms to a phys|caI |aw s0ch as that ot attrac-
t|on, wc arc onIy add|ng to arb|trar|ncss |nstcad ot rcprc-
scnt|ng rca||ty. '
tor on|y a short t|mc, thc rcscarch program tor chcm|stry:
Thc Iaws ot amn|ty by mcans ot wh|ch thc const|t0cnt
parts ot d|t|crcnt s0bstanccs scparatc trom othcrs to
comb|nc togcthcr to torm homogcnco0s s0bstanccs arc
thc samc as thc gcncraI Iaw govcrn|ng thc rcc|procaI ac-
t|on ot aII thc ccIcst|a| bod|cs on onc anothcr. thcy act |n
thc samc way and w|th thc samc rat|os ot mass and d|s-
tancc, a g|ob0Ic ot watcr, ot sand or mcta| acts 0pon an-
othcr gIob0Ic |0st as thc tcrrcstr|aI g|obc acts on thc
moon, and |t thc Iaws 0 amn|ty havc h|thcrto bccn rc-
gardcd as d|ttcrcnt trom thosc ot grav|ty, |t |s bcca0sc
thcy havc not bccn t0I|y 0ndcrstood, not graspcd com-
pIctcIy, |t |s bcca0sc thc whoIc cxtcnt ot thc prob|cm has
not bccn takcn |n. Thc g0rc wh|ch, |n thc casc ot ccIcs-
t|aI bod|cs has I|tt|c or no cttcct 0pon thc |aw ot |ntcrac-
t|on bctwccn bod| cs bcca0sc ot thc grcat d| stancc
nvoIvcd, |s, on thc contrary, aII |mportant whcn thc d|s-
tancc |s vcry smaI| or zcro . . . . O0r ncphcws w||I bc
abIc, by caIc0Iat|on, to ga|n acccss to th|s ncw cId ot
know|cdgc jthat |s, to dcducc thc Iaw ot |ntcract|on bc-
twccn cIcmcntary bod|cs trom thc|r g0rcs] .
H|story was to v|nd|catc thc nat0ra||st, tor whom torcc was
not mcrc|y a mathcmat|caI art|cc b0t thc vcry csscncc ot thc
ncw sc|cncc O nat0rc. Thc phys|c|sts wcrc Iatcr compc||cd to
adm|t thc|r m|stakc. l|y ycars attcrward, Lap|acc co0Id
wr|tc h|s 5yslmc du Mondc. Thc |aw O 0n|vcrsaI grav|ty had
stood aII tcsts s0cccsst0|Iy. thc n0mcro0s cascs apparcntIy
d|sprov|ng |t had bccn transtormcd |nto a br||||ant dcmonstra-
t|on ot |ts va||d|ty. At thc samc t|mc, 0ndcr B0hon`s |n00cncc,
thc lrcnch chcm|sts rcd|scovcrcd thc odd ana|ogy bctwccn
phys|ca| attract|on and chcm|ca| att| n|ty. Dcsp|tc thc sar-
casms O d^|cmbcrt, Condi||ac, and Condorcct, whosc 0nbcnd-
ng rat|ona||sm was g0|tc |ncompat|b|c w|th thcsc obsc0rc and
barrcn "ana|og|cs, thcy trod Ncwton`s path |n thc oppos|tc
d|rcct|on-trom thc stars to mattcr.
y thc carIy n|nctccnth ccnt0ry, thc Ncwton|an program~
thc rcd0ct|on ot aII phys|cohcm|caI phcnomcna to thc act|on
ot torccs (|n add|t|on to grav|tat|onaI attract|on, th|s |nc|0dcd
thc rcpcII|ng torcc ot hcat, wh|ch makcs bod|cs cxpand and
8VOI5 U55OlUlOH, 85 WCll 85 ClCClIC 8HU H8@HClC |orccs)~
had bccomc thc omc|aI program ot LapTacc's schooI, wh|ch
domnatcd thc sccntic wor|d at thc tmc whcn Napo|cou
domnatcd E0ropc. '"
Thc car|y nnctccnth ccnt0ry saw thc rsc ot thc grcat
lrcnch co/cs and thc rcorganization ot thc 0nivcrsitics. This
s thc tmc whcn scicntists bccamc tcachcrs and protcssiona|
rcscarchcrs and took 0p thc ta;k ot training thcir s0cccssors. ' '
lt s aIso thc timc ot thc rst attcmpts to prcscnt a synthcss ot
knowIcdgc, to gathcr it togcthcr n tcxtbooks and works ot
pop0Iarzaton. Scicncc was no Iongcr disc0sscd iu thc su/ons;
t was ta0ght or pop0|arzcd. ` lt had bccomc a mattcr o[ pro-
tcssona| conscns0s and magstraI a0thorty. Thc trst con-
scns0s ccntcrcd aro0nd thc Ncwtonian systcm. n lrancc
0hon's condcncc naI|y tr0mphcd ovcr thc ratonaI skcpt-
csm ot thc En|ghtcnmcnt.
Onc ccnt0ry attcr Ncwton's apothcoss n Eng|and, thc
grandi|og0cncc ot thcsc |incs writtcn by Ampcrc's son cchocs
that ot lopc's cpitaph. ' `
Announctn lhc comtn o)sctcncc's Mcsstuh
Kcplcr hud dtspc/lcd lhc c/ouds uround lhc Arch.
hcn lhc Word uus mudc mun, lhc Word o)lhc scctn
Whom /ulo rcvcrcd, und Hc uus cu//cd Aculon.
Hc cumc, hc rcvcu/cd lhc prtnctp/c suprcmc,
Llcrnu/, untvcrsu/, Onc und untguc us od Htmscg
hc uor/ds ucrc hushcd, hc spokc: AHACUA.
hts uord uus lhc vcq uord o)crculton. "
For a short timc, which ncvcrthc|css |ctt an indcIib|c mark,
sccncc was tri0mphant, acknowIcdgcd and honorcd by
powcrt0I statcs and acc|aimcd as thc posscssor ot a consistcnt
conccpton ot thc wor|d. Worshipcd by Lap|acc, Ncwton bc-
camc thc 0nivcrsaI symboI ot this go|dcn agc. lt was a happy
momcnt, indccd, a momcnt in whch scicntists wcrc rcgardcd
both by thcmscIvcs and othcrs as thc p|onccrs O progrcss,
achicvng an cntcrprsc s0staincd and tostcrcd by soicty as a
What s thc sgncancc ot thc Ncwtonan synthcss today,
mtcr thc advcnt ot c|d thcory, rcIatvity, and g0ant0m mc-
"U0r trausIatoua0thor.
chan|cs7 Th|s |s a compIcx probIcm, to wh|ch wc shaII rct0ru.
Wc now know that nat0rc |s not aIways "comtortabIc and con-
sonant w|th hcrscIt. " At thc m|croop|c IcvcI , thc Iaws o|
cIass|caI mcchan|cs havc bccn rcpIaccd by thosc ot g0ant0m
mcchan|cs. L|kcw|sc, at thc IcvcI ot thc 0n|vcrsc, rcIat|v|st|c
phys|cs has d|spIaccd Ncwton|an phys|cs. CIass|caI phys|cs
ncvcrthcIcss rcma|ns thc nat0raI rctcrcncc po|nt. Morcovcr, | u
thc scnsc that wc havc dcncd |t-that |s, as thc dcscr|pt|on o|
dctcrm|n|st|c, rcvcrs|b| c, stat|c tra|cctor|cs-Ncwton|au dy-
nam|cs st|II may bc sa|d to torm thc corc ot phys|cs.
Ot co0rsc, s|ncc Ncwton thc torm0Iat|on ot cIass|caI dy-
uam|cs has 0ndcrgonc grcat changcs. Th|s was a rcs0It ot thc
work ot somc ot thc grcatcst mathcmat|c|ans and phys|c|sts,
s0ch as Ham||ton and H|ncarc. ln br|ct, wc may d|st|ng0|sh
two pcr|ods. l|rst thcrc was a pcr|od ot cIar|cat|ou and o|
gcncra||zat|on. D0r|ng thc sccond pcr|od, thc vcry conccpts
0pon wh|ch c|ass|ca| dynam|cs rcsts, s0ch as |n|t|a| cond|t|ons
and thc mcan|ng ot tra|cctor|cs, havc 0ndcrgonc a cr|t|caI rcv|-
s|on cvcn |n thc c|ds |n wh|ch (|n contrast to g0ant0m mc-
chan|cs and rcIat|v|ty) cIass|caI dynam|cs rcma|ns va||d. At
thc momcnt th|s book |s bc|ng wr|ttcn, at thc cnd ot thc twcu-
t|cth ccnt0ry, wc arc st||| |n th|s sccond pcr|od. Lct 0s t0ru
now to thc gcncraI Iang0agc ot dynam|cs that was d|scovcrcd
by n|nctccnth-ccnt0ry sc|cnt|sts. (ln Chaptcr lX wc shaII dc-
scr|bc br|c0y thc rcv|va| ot c|ass|caI dynam|cs |n o0r t|mc.)
10 Ld|_dd_0 0l .yd0C3
Today cIass|ca| dy nam|cs can bc torm0Iatcd |n a compact and
cIcgant way. As wc shaII scc, 8II thc propcrt|cs ot a dynam|c
systcm can bc s0mmar|zcd |n tcrms ot a stnlc t0nct|ou, thc
Ham|Iton|an. Thc Iang0agc ot dynam|cs prcscnts a rcmarkabIc
cons|stcncy and comp|ctcncss. An 0namb|g0o0s torm0Iat|ou
can bc g|vcn to cach "Icg|t|matc" probIcm. No wondcr thc
str0ct0rc ot dynam|cs has both tasc|natcd and tcrr|hcd thc
mag|nat|on s|ncc thc c|ghtccnth ccnt0ry.
ln dynam|cs thc samc systcm can bc st0d|cd trom d|crcut
po|uts ot v|cw. ln cIass|caI dynam|cs aII thcsc po|uts ot v|cw
IC CQuVlCD D HC 5CD5C lH8l WC C8D @O |rom OH0 to auothcr
by a traustormat|on, a changc ot var|abIcs. Wc may spcak of
b9 HL |LN|||LP|N | HL HLAL
var|o0s cg0|va|cnt rcprcscntat|ons |n wh|ch thc |aws ot dy-
nam|cs arc va||d. Thcsc var|o0s cg0|va|cnt rcprcscntat|ons
torm thc gcncra| |ang0agc ot dynam|cs. Th|s |ang0agc can bc
0scd to makc cxp||c|t thc stat|c charactcr c|ass|ca| dynam|cs
attr|b0tcs to thc systcms |t dcscr|bcs. tor many c|asscs ot dy-
nam|c systcms, t|mc appcars mcrc|y as an acc|dcnt, s|ncc
thc|r dcscr|pt|on can bc rcd0ccd to that ot non|ntcract|ng mc-
chan|ca| systcms. To |ntrod0cc thcsc conccpts |n a s|mp|c way,
|ct 0s start w|th thc pr|nc|p|c ot conscrvat|on ot cncrgy.
ln thc |dca| wor|d ot dynam|cs, dcvo|d ot tr|ct|ons and co||-
s|ons, mach|ncs havc an cmc|cncy ot onc-thc dynam|c sys-
tcm compr|s|ng thc mach|nc mcrc|y transm|ts thc who|c ot thc
mot|on |t rccc|vcs. A mach|nc rccc|v|ng a ccrta|n g0ant|ty ot
potcnt|a| cncrgy (tor cxamp|c, a comprcsscd spr|ng, a ra|scd
wc|ght, comprcsscd a|r) can prod0cc a mot|on corrcspond|ng
to an cg0a|" g0ant|ty ot k|nct|c cncrgy, cxact|y thc g0ant|ty
that wo0|d bc nccdcd to rcstorc thc potcnt|a| cncrgy thc ma-
ch|nc has 0scd |n prod0c|ng thc mot|on. Thc s|mp|cst casc |s
that |n wh|ch thc on|y torcc cons|dcrcd |s grav|ty (wh|ch ap-
p||cs to s|mp|c mach|ncs, p0||cys, |cvcrs, capstans, ctc.). ln
th|s casc |t |s casy to cstab||sh an ovcra|| rc|at|onsh|p ot cg0|v-
a|cncc bctwccn ca0sc and chcct. Thc hc|ght (h) thro0gh wh|ch
a body ta||s cnt|rc|y dctcrm|ncs thc vc|oc|ty acg0|rcd d0r|ng
|ts taI|. Whcthcr a body ot mass m ta||s vcrt|ca||y, r0ns down
an |nc||ncd p|anc, or to||ows a ro||cr-coastcr path, thc acg0|rcd
vc|oc|ty (v) and thc k|nct|c cncrgy (mv-lZ) dcpcnd on|y on thc
drop |n |cvc| h (v = \ )and cnab|c thc body to rct0rn to |ts
or|g|na| hc|ght. Thc work donc aga|nst thc torcc ot grav|ty |m-
p||cd |n th|s 0pward mot|on rcstorcs thc potcnt|a| cncrgy, mh,
that thc systcm |ost d0r|ng thc ta| | . Anothcr cxamp|c |s thc
pcnd0|0m, |n wh|ch k|nct|c cncrgy and potcnt|a| cncrgy arc
cont|n0o0s|y transtormcd |nto onc anothcr.
Ot co0rsc, |t |nstcad ot a body ta|||ng toward thc carth, wc
arc dca||ng w|th a systcm ot |ntcract|ng bod|cs, thc s|t0at|on | s
|css cas||y v|s0a||zcd. St||, at cach |nstant thc g|oba| var|at|on
|n k|nct|c cncrgy compcnsatcs tor thc var|at|on |n potcnt|a|
cncrgy (bo0nd to thc var|at|on |n thc d|stanccs bctwccn thc
po|nts |n thc systcm). Hcrc a|so cncrgy |s conscrvcd |n an |so-
|atcd systcm.
Dtcntal cncrgy (or ''potcntal, convcntona||y dcnotcd as
V, wh|ch dcpcnds on thc rc|at|vc pos|t|ons 0 thc part|c|cs, | s
th0s a gcncraI|zat|on ot thc g0ant|ty that cnabIcd b0|Idcrs ot
mach|ncs to mcas0rc thc mot|on a mach|nc co0Id prod0cc as
thc rcs0|t ot a changc |n |ts spat|a| cong0rat|on (tor cxampIc,
thc changc |n thc hc|ght ot a mass m, wh|ch |s part ot thc
mach|nc, g|vcs |t a potcnt|a| cncrgy mh). Morcovcr, potcnt|aI
cncrgy a||ows 0s to ca|c0|atc thc sct ot torccs app||cd at cach
|nstant to thc d|ttcrcnt po|nts ot thc systcm to bc dcscr|bcd. At
cach po|nt thc dcr|vat|vc ot thc potcnt|aI w|th rcspcct to thc
spacc coord|natc g mcas0rcs thc torcc app||cd at th|s po|nt |n
thc d|rcct|on ot that coord|natc. Ncwton's Iaws ot mot|on th0s
can bc torm0Iatcd 0s|ng thc potcnt|aI t0nct|on |nstcad ot torcc
as thc ma|n g0ant|ty. thc var|at|on |n thc vc|oc|ty ot a po|nt
mass at cach |nstant (or thc momcnt0m p, thc prod0ct ot thc
mass and thc vc|oc|ty) |s mcas0rcd by thc dcr|vat|vc ot thc
potcnt|a| w|th rcspcct to thc coord|natc g ot thc mass.
ln thc n|nctccnth ccnt0ry th|s torm0|at|on was gcncraI|zcd
thro0gh thc |ntrod0ct|on ot a ncw t0nct|on, thc Ham||ton|an
(H. Th|s t0nct|on |s s|mpIy thc totaI cncrgy, thc s0m ot thc
systcm's potcnt|aI and k|nct|c cncrgy. Howcvcr, th|s cncrgy |s
no |ongcr cxprcsscd |n tcrms ot pos|t|ons and vc|oc|t|cs, con-
vcnt|ona||y dcnotcd by g and dgldl, b0t |n tcrms ot so-ca|Icd
cunon/cu/ var|ab|cs-coord|natcs and momcnta-tor wh|ch
thc standard notat|on |s g and p. ln s|mp|c cascs, s0ch as w|th
a trcc part|c|c, thcrc |s a stra|ghttorward rc|at|on bctwccn vc-
|oc|ty and momcnt0m (p m dgldl), b0t |n gcncraI thc rc|at|on
|s morc comp||catcd.
A s|ng|c t0nct|on, thc Ham||ton|an, H(p, g), dcscr|bcs thc
dynam|cs ot a systcm comp/clc/y. A|| o0r cmp|r|caI know|cdgc
|s p0t |nto thc torm ot H. Oncc th|s t0nct|on |s known, wc may
so|vc, at Icast |n pr|nc|p|c, a|| poss|b|c prob|cms. lor cxamp|c,
thc t|mc var|at|on ot thc coord|natc and ot thc momcnta |s
s|mp|y g|vcn by thc dcr|vat|vcs ot H |n rcspcct to p or g. Th|s
Ham||ton|an torm0Iat|on ot dynam|cs |s onc ot thc grcatcst
ach|cvcmcnts |n thc h|story ot sc|cncc. lt has bccn progrcs-
s|vc|y cxtcndcd to covcr thc thcory ot c|cctr|c|ty and magnc-
t|sm. lt has a|so bccn 0scd |n g0ant0m mcchan|cs. lt | s tr0c
that |n g0ant0m mcchan|cs, as wc sha|I scc |atcr, thc mcan|ng
ot thc Ham|Iton|an H had to bc gcncra||zcd. hcrc |t |s no
Iongcr a s|mp|c t0nct|on ot thc coord|natcs and momcnta, b0t
t UcOOmcS u ncw knd Ol cntty, un OpcrutOr. (Yc Shull rcturn
to th|s g0cst|on |n Chaptcr Vll.) ln any casc, thc Ham||ton|an
1 HL |LNl |||N | HL HbL
dcscrpt|ou |s st|II ot thc grcatcst |mportaucc today. Thc cg0a-
t|ous wh|ch, thro0gh thc dcr|vat|vcs ot thc Ham|Itou|au, g|vc
thc t|mc var|at|ou ot thc coord|natcs aud momcnta arc thc so-
caIIcd canon|caI cg0at|ous. Thcy conta|u thc gcncraI propcr-
t|cs ot aII dyuam|c changcs. Hcrc wc havc thc tr|0mph ot thc
mathcmat|zat|ou ot uat0rc. A|| dynam|c changc to wh|ch cIas-
s|caI dyuam|cs appI|cs cau bc rcduccd to thcsc s|mpIc mathc-
mat|caI cg0at|ous.
Us|ug thcsc cg0at|ous, wc cau vcr|ty thc abovc-mcut|oucd
gcncraI propcrt|cs |mp||cd by cIass|caI dynam|cs. Thc cauou|-
caI cg0at|ous arc rcvcrstb/c: t|mc |uvcrs|ou |s mathcmat|caIIy
thc cg0|vaIcut ot vcIoc|ty |uvcrs|ou. Thcy arc aIso c0nscrvJ-
ltvc: thc Ham|Itou|au, wh|ch cxprcsscd thc systcm's cucrgy |u
thc cauou|caI var|abIcs-coord|uatcs and momcuta-|s |tscIt
couscrvcd by thc chaugcs |t br|ugs abo0t |u thc co0rsc ot t|mc.
Wc havc aIrcady not|ccd that thcrc cx|st many po|uts ot v|cw
or "rcprcscutat|ous" | u wh|ch thc Ham||tou|au torm ot thc
cg0at|ous ot mot|ou |s ma|uta|ucd. Thcy corrcspoud to var|o0s
cho|ccs ot coord|uatcs aud momcuta. Ouc ot thc bas|c prob-
|cms ot dyuam|cs |s to cxam|uc prcc|scIy how wc cau scIcct
thc pa|r ot cauou|caI var|ab|cs g aud ] to obta|u as s|mpIc a
dcscr|pt|ou ot dyuam|cs as poss|b|c. lor cxampIc, wc co0Id
Iook tor cauou|caI var|abIcs by wh|ch thc Ham||ton|au |s rc-
d0ccd to k|uct|c cncrgy and dcpcnds on|y ou thc momcnta
(aud uot ou thc coord|uatcs). What |s rcmarkabIc |s that |n th|s
casc momcuta bccomc coustauts ot mot|ou. ludccd, as wc
havc sccu, thc t|mc var|at|ou ot thc momcnta dcpcnds, accord-
|ug to thc cauou|caI cg0at|ou, ou thc dcr|vat|vc ot thc Ham|Ito-
n|an | n rcspcct to thc coord|natcs. Whcu th|s dcr|vat|vc
vau|shcs, thc momcuta |udccd bccomc constants ot mot|ou.
Th|s |s s|m|Iar to what happcns |u a "trcc part|cIc" systcm.
What wc havc douc whcu wc go to a trcc part|cIc systcm |s
"c||m|uatc" thc |utcract|ou thro0gh a chaugc ot rcprcscuta-
t|ou. Wc w|II dcnc systcms tor wh|ch th|s |s poss|bIc as "|utc-
grabI c systcms. " Auy | utcgrabIc syst cm may th0s bc
mprcscutcd as a sct ot 0u|ts, cach chaug|ug | u |soIat|ou, g0|tc
|udcpcudcutIy ot aI| thc othcrs, |u that ctcrua| aud |mm0tabIc
mot|ou ArstotIc attr|b0tcd to thc hcavcuIy bod|cs (l|g0rc l).
Wc havc a|rcady uotcd that |u dyuam|cs "cvcryth|ug | s
@VCH. CC lH5 HC8H5 lH8l, DH lHC VC 5l H5l8Hl, lH0
va|0c ot thc var|o0s |uvar|auts ot thc mot|ou |s hxcd, uoth|u


|gU|B 1 . WD |B|BSBP8|DPS D 0B S8B 0yP8|C SySB` (8] 8S 8 SB D
|PBS, (D] 8S 8 SB W0B|B B8C0 D|P DB08VBS |P0BBP0BP|y |D 0B D0B|S.
0B DBP|8| BPB|gy DB|Pg B||| P8B0, 0B|| |BSBC|VB D|DPS 8|B PD BX-
||C||y 0BBP0BP DP 0B|| |B|8|VB DS||DPS.
may "happcn" or "takc p|acc. " Hcrc wc rcach onc ot thosc
dramat|c momcnts |n thc h|story ot sc|cncc whcn thc dcscr|p-
t|on ot nat0rc was ncar|y rcd0ccd to a stat|c p|ct0rc. lndccd,
thro0gh a c|cvcr changc ot var|ab|cs, a|| |ntcract|on co0|d bc
madc to d|sappcar. lt was bc||cvcd that |ntcgrab|c systcms,
rcd0c|b|c to trcc part|c|cs, wcrc thc prototypc ot dynam|c sys-
tcms. Gcncrat|ons ot phys|c|sts and mathcmat|c|ans tr|cd hard
to hnd tor cach k|nd ot systcms thc "r|ght" var|ab|cs that
wo0|d c||m|natc thc |ntcract|ons. Onc w|dc|y st0d|cd cxamp|c
was thc thrcc-body prob|cm, pcrhaps thc most |mportant
prob|cm |n thc h|story ot dynam|cs. Thc moon`s mot|on, |n00-
cnccd by both thc carth and thc s0n, |s onc |nstancc ot th|s
prob|cm. Co0nt|css attcmpts wcrc madc to cxprcss |t |n thc
torm ot an |ntcgrab|c systcm 0nt||, at thc cnd ot thc n|nctccnth
ccnt0ry, r0ns and lo|ncarc showcd that th|s was |mposs|b|c.
Th|s camc as a s0rpr|sc and, |n tact, anno0nccd thc cnd ot a||
s|mp|c cxtrapo|at|ons ot dynam|cs bascd on |ntcgrab|c sys-
tcms. Thc d|scovcry ot r0ns and lo|ncarc shows that dy-
nam|c systcms arc not |somorph|c. S|mp|c, |ntcgrab|c systcms
can |ndccd bc rcd0ccd to non|ntcract|ng 0n|ts, b0t |n gcncra|,
ntcract|ons cannot bc c||m|natcd. A|tho0gh th|s d|scovcry
was not c|car|y 0ndcrstood at thc tmc, t mp||cd thc dcm|sc ot
thc convcton that thc dynamc worId s homogcnco0s, rc-
d0cb|c to thc conccpt ot ntcgrab|c systcms. Nat0rc as au
d HL lLNl|lAlN | HL HLL
cvo|v|ng, |ntcract|vc m0|t|pl|c|ty th0s rcs|stcd |ts rcd0ct|on to
a t|mc|css and 0n|vcrsa| schcmc.
Thcrc wcrc othcr |nd|cat|ons po|nt|ng |n thc samc d|rcct|on.
Wc havc mcnt|oncd that trajcctor|cs corrcspond to dctcrm|n|s-
t|c |aws, oncc an |n|t|a| statc |s g|vcn, thc dynam|c |aws ot mo-
t|on pcrm|t thc calc0|at|on ot tra|cctor|cs at cach po|nt |n thc
t0t0rc or thc past. Howcvcr, a tra|cctory may bccomc |ntr|n-
s|ca||y |ndctcrm|natc at ccrta|n s|ng0|ar po|nts. lor |nstancc, a
t|g|d pcnd0|0m may d|sp|ay two g0a||tat|vc|y d|ttcrcnt typcs ot
bchav|or-|t may c|thcr osc|||atc or sw|ng aro0nd |ts po|nts ot
s0spcns|on. lt thc |n|t|a| p0sh |s |0st cno0gh to br|ng |t |nto a
vcrt|ca| pos|t|on w|th zcro vc|oc|ty, thc d|rcct|on |n wh|ch |t
w||| ta||, and thcrctorc thc nat0rc 0 |ts mot|on, arc |ndctcrm|-
uatc. An |nn|tcs|ma| pcrt0rbat|on wo0|d bc cno0gh to sct |t
mtat|ng or osc|||at|ng. (Th|s problcm ot thc "|nstab|||ty ot
mot|on w||| bc d|sc0sscd t0||y |n Chaptcr lX. )
lt |s s|gn|cant that Maxwc|| had a|rcady strcsscd thc |mpor-
tancc ot thcsc s|ng0|ar po|nts. Attcr dcscr|b|ng thc cxp|os|on
ot g0n cotton, hc gocs on to say.
ln a|| s0ch cascs thcrc |s onc common c|rc0mstancc~
thc systcm has a g0ant|ty ot potcnt|a| cncrgy, wh|ch |s
capab|c ol bc|ng transtormcd |nto mot|on, b0t wh|ch cau-
not bcg|n to bc so transtormcd t||| thc systcm has rcachcd
a ccrta|n cong0rat|on, to atta|n wh|ch rcg0|rcs an cxpcnd|-
t0rc O work, wh|ch |n ccrta|n cascs may D |nn|tcs|ma||y
sma||, and |n gcncra| bcars no dcn|tc proport|on to thc
cncrgy dcvc|opcd |n conscg0cncc thcrcot. lor cxamp|c,
thc rock |ooscd by trost and ba|anccd on a s|ng0|ar po|nt
ot thc mo0nta|n-s|dc, thc ||tt|c spark wh|ch k|nd|cs thc
grcat torcst, thc ||tt|c word wh|ch scts thc wor|d a ght-
|ng, thc ||tt|c scr0p|c wh|ch prcvcnts a man trom do|ng h|s
w|| | , thc ||tt|c sporc wh|ch b||ghts a|| thc potatocs, thc
||tt|c gcmm0|c wh|ch makcs 0s ph||osophcrs or |d|ots.
Evcry cx|stcncc abovc a ccrta|n rank has | ts s|ng0|ar
po|nts. thc h|ghcr thc rank, thc morc ot thcm. At thcsc
po|nts, |u00cnccs whosc phys|ca| magn|t0dc |s too sma||
0 bc takcn acco0ut ot by a n|tc bc|ng, may prod0cc
rcs0|ts ot thc grcatcst |mportancc. A|| grcat rcs0|ts pro-
d0ccd Dy h0mau cndcavo0r dcpcnd on taking advantagc
ot thcsc s|ng0|ar statcs whcn thcy occ0r. !
HLH | LH 4
Ths conccpt|on rccc|vcd no t0rthcr cIaborat|on ow|ng to thc
abscncc ot s0|tab|c mathcmat|ca| tcchn|g0cs tor |dcnt|ty|ng
systcms conta|n|ng s0ch s|ngu|ar po|nts and thc abscncc 0 thc
chcm|caI and b|o|og|caI know|cdgc that today attords, as wc
shaIl scc Iatcr, a dccpcr |ns|ght |nto thc tr0Iy csscnt|aI roIc
p|aycd by s0ch s|ng0|ar po|nts.
c that as |t may, lrom thc t|mc ot Lc|bn|z' monads (scc thc
conc|0s|on to scct|on 4) down to thc prcscnt day (tor cxampIc,
thc stat|onary statcs ot thc c|cctrons |n thc ohr modc|-scc
Chaptcr Vll), |ntcgrab|c systcms havc bccn thc modcI par cx-
ccIIcncc ot dynam|c systcms, and phys|c|sts havc attcmptcd to
cxtcnd thc propcrt|cs ot what |s act0a||y a vcry spcc|aI cIass 0
Ham|Iton|an cg0at|ons to covcr a|| nat0raI proccsscs. Th|s s
g0|tc 0ndcrstandab|c. Thc cIass ot |ntcgrabIc systcms |s thc
onIy onc that, 0nt|I rcccntIy, had bccn thoro0ghIy cxpIorcd.
Morcovcr, thcrc | s thc tasc|nat|on aIways assoc|atcd w|th d
c|oscd systcm capab|c ot pos|ng a|I prob|cms, prov|dcd |t docs
uot dcnc thcm as mcan|ng|css. Dynam|cs |s s0ch a Iang0agc,
bc|ng comp|ctc, |t |s by dcn|t|on cocxtcns|vc w|th thc worId
|t |s dcscr|b|ng. lt ass0mcs that a|| prob|cms, whcthcr s|mp|c
or compIcx, rcscmb|c onc anothcr s|ncc |t can aIways posc
thcm |n thc samc gcncraI torm. Th0s thc tcmptat|on to con-
cI0dc that a|| prob|cms rcscmb|c onc anothcr trom thc po|nt ot
v|cw ot thc|r so|0t|ons as wc|| , and that noth|ng ncw can ap-
pcar as a rcs0|t ot thc grcatcr or |csscr comp|cx|ty ot thc |ntc-
grat|on proccd0rc. lt |s th|s |ntr|ns|c homogcnc|ty that wc now
know to bc taIsc. Morcovcr, thc mcchan|ca| wor|d v|cw was
acccptabIc as Iong as aII obscrvab|cs rctcrrcd |n onc way or
BuO1hCt to mO1Ou. hS S uO 1ODgCt 1hC CBSC. tOt cXBmQ1
0nstabIc part|c|cs havc an cncrgy that can bc rcIatcd to mot|ou
b0t that a|so has a I|tct|mc that |s a g0|tc d|hcrcnt typc 0 ob-
scrvabIc, morc cIosc|y rcIatcd to |rrcvcrs|b|c proccsscs, as wc
shaI| dcscr|bc thcm |n Chaptcrs lV and V. Thc ncccss|ty ot
ntrod0c|ng ncw obscrvab|cs |nto thc thcorct|ca| sc|cnccs was,
and st||I |s today, onc ot thc dr|v|ng torccs that movc 0s bcyond
thc mcchan|ca| wor|d v|cw.
.3, 3C0S .000|
Extrapo|ations trom thc dynamic dcscription disc0sscd abovc
havc a symbo|-thc dcmon imagincd by Laplacc, capab|c at
any givcn instant ot obscrving thc position and vc|ocity ot
cach mass that torms part ot thc 0nivcrsc and ot intcrring its
cvo|0tion, both toward thc past and toward thc t0t0rc. Ot
co0rsc, no onc has cvcr drcamcd that a physicist might onc
day bcnct trom thc know|cdgc posscsscd by Lap|acc's dc-
mon. LapIacc himsc|t on|y 0scd this ction to dcmonstratc thc
cxtcnt ot o0r ignorancc and thc nccd tor a statisticaI dcscrip-
tion ot ccrtain proccsscs. Thc prob|cmatics ot Lap|acc's dc-
mon arc not rc|atcd to thc g0cstion ot whcthcr a dctcrministic
prcdiction ot thc co0rsc ot cvcnts is act0a||y possibIc, b0t
whcthcr it i s possib|c in principIc, dc )urc. This possibi|ity
sccms to bc imp|icd in mcchanistic dcscription, with i ts
charactcrstic d0a|ity bascd on dynamic Iaw and initiaI condi-
lndccd, thc tact that a dynamic systcm is govcrncd by a
dctcrministic /uu, cvcn tho0gh in practicc o0r ignorancc ot thc
nitia| statc prccI0dcs any possibility ot dctcrministic prcdic-
tions, a||ows thc "ob|cctivc tr0th ot thc systcm as it wo0|d bc
sccn by Lap|acc's dcmon to bc disting0ishcd trom cmpiricaI
Iimitations d0c to o0r ignorancc. ln thc contcxt ot c|assicaI
dynamics, a dctcrministic dcscription may bc 0nattainab|c in
practicc, ncvcrthc|css, it stands as a ltmtl that dcncs a scrics
ot incrcasing|y acc0ratc dcscriptions.
lt is prccisc|y thc consistcncy ot this d0a|ity tormcd by dy-
namic Iaw and initiaI conditions that is chaI|cngcd in thc rc-
vivaI O c|assica| mcchanics, which wc wi|| dcscribc in Chaptcr
lX. Wc sha|I scc that thc motion may bccomc so comp|cx, thc
tra|cctorics so varicd, that no obscrvation, whatcvcr its prcci-
sion, can |cad 0s to thc dctcrmination ot thc cxact initiaI condi-
tions. 0t at that point thc d0a|ity on which cIassica| mcchanics
was constr0ctcd brcaks down. Wc can prcdict onIy thc avcragc
bchavior ot b0nd|cs ot tra|cctorics.
Modcrn scicncc was born o0t ot thc brcakdown ot thc ani-
thc AristotcIian wor|d as both a Iiving and a knowing crcat0rc.
Thc worId was madc to h|s mcas0rc. Thc rst cxpcr|mcntaI
d|aIog0c rccc|vcd part ot |ts soc|aI and ph|Iosoph|c |0st|ca-
t|on trom anothcr a|||ancc, th|s t|mc w|th thc rat|onaI God ot
Chr|st|an|ty. To thc cxtcnt to wh|ch dynam|cs has bccomc and
st||| |s thc modcI ot sc|cncc, ccrta|n |mpI|cat|ons ot |h|s h|stor-
|ca| s|t0at|on havc pcrs|stcd to o0r day.
Sc|cncc |s st||| thc prophct|c anno0nccmcnt ot a dcscrpt|on
ot thc wor|d sccn trom a d|v|nc or dcmon|c po|nt ot v|cw. lt |s
thc sc|cncc ot Ncwton, thc ncw Moscs to whom thc tr0th ot
thc worId was 0nvc||cd, |t |s a rcvcu/cd sc|cncc that sccms
a||cn to any soc|aI and h|stor|ca| contcxt |dcnt|ty|ng |t as thc
rcs0It ot thc act|v|ty ot h0man soc|cty. Th|s typc ot |nsp|rcd
d|sco0rsc |s to0nd thro0gho0t thc h|story ot phys|cs. lt has ac-
compan|cd cach conccpt0aI | nnovat|on, cach occas|on at
wh|ch phys|cs sccmcd at thc po|nt ot 0n|cat|on and thc pr0-
dcnt mask ot pos|t|v|sm was droppcd. Each t|mc phys|c|sts
rcpcatcd what Ampcrc`s son statcd so cxp||c|tIy. th|s word~
0n|vcrsa| attract|on, cncrgy, c|d thcory, or c|cmcntary part|-
cIcs-|s thc word ot crcat|on. Each t|mc-|n LapIacc's t|mc,
at thc cnd ot thc n|nctccnth ccnt0ry, or cvcn today-phys|c|sts
anno0nccd that phys|cs wa a cIoscd book or abo0t to bccomc
so. Thcrc was on|y onc t|naI stronghoId whcrc nat0rc con-
t|n0cd to rcs|st, thc taI| ot wh|ch wo0|d |cavc |t dctcnsc|css,
conq0crcd, and s0bd0cd by our know|cdgc. Thcy wcrc th0s
0nw|tt|ng|y rcpcat|ng thc r|t0aI ot thc anc|cnt ta|th. Thcy wcrc
anno0nc|ng thc com|ng ot thc ncw Moscs, and w|th h|m a ncw
Mcss|an|c pcr|od |n sc|cncc.
Somc m|ght w|sh to d|srcgard th|s prophct|c c|a|m, th|s
SOmcWh1 uVc cu1hUSSm, uU 1 S Ccl1uj 1lUc 1h1 0-
a|og0c w|th nat0rc has gonc on a|| thc samc, togcthcr w|th d
scarch tor ncw thcorct|caI Iang0agcs, ncw g0cst|ons, and ncw
answcrs. 0t wc do not acccpt a r|g|d scparat|on bctwccn thc
sc|cnt|st's "act0a| work and thc way hc |0dgcs, |ntcrprcts,
and or|cntatcs th|s work. To acccpt |t wo0|d bc to rcd0cc sc|-
cncc to an ah|stor|caI acc0m0|at|on ot rcs0Its and to pay no
attcnt|on to what sc|cnt|sts arc Iook|ng tor, thc |dcaI knowI-
cdgc thcy try to atta|n, thc rcasons why thcy occas|onaIIy
g0arrc| or rcma|n 0nabIc to comm0n|catc w|th cach othcr. '
Oncc aga|n, |t was E|nstc|n who torm0Iatcd thc cn|gma pro-
d0ccd by thc myth ot modcrn sccncc. Hc has statcd that thc
m|rac|c, thc onIy tr0Iy aston|sh|ng tcat0rc, |s that sc|cncc cx-
sts at a|| , that wc nd a convcrgcncc bctwccn nat0rc and thc
h0man m|nd. S|m||ar|y, whcn, at thc cnd ot thc n|nctccnth
ccnt0ry, d0 o|s kcymond madc Lap|acc's dcmon thc vcry
|ncarnat|on ot thc |og|c ot modcrn sc|cncc, hc addcd, "lgno-
ram0s, |gnorab|m0s. wc sha|| a|ways bc tota||y |gnorant ot
thc rc|at|onsh|p bctwccn thc wor|d ot sc|cncc and thc m|nd
wh|ch knows, pcrcc|vcs, and crcatcs th|s sc|cncc. '
Nat0rc spcaks w|th a tho0sand vo|ccs, and wc havc on|y bc-
g0n to ||stcn. Ncvcrthclcss, tor ncar|y two ccnt0r|cs Lap|acc's
dcmon has p|ag0cd o0r |mag|nat|on, br|ng|ng a n|ghtmarc |n
wh|ch a|| th|ngs arc |ns|gn|cant. lt |t wcrc rca||y tr0c that thc
wor|d |s s0ch that a dcmon-a bc|ng that |s, attcr a||, ||kc 0s,
posscss|ng thc samc sc|cncc, b0t cndowcd w|th sharpcr
scnscs and grcatcr powcrs ot ca|c0|at|on-co0|d, start|ng trom
thc obscrvat|on ot an |nstantanco0s statc, ca|c0|atc |ts t0t0rc
and past, |t noth|ng g0a||tat|vc|y d|hcrcnt|atcs thc s|mp|c sys-
tcms wc can dcscr|bc trom thc morc comp|cx oncs tor wh|ch a
dcmon |s nccdcd, thcn thc wor|d |s noth|ng but an |mmcnsc
ta0to|ogy. Th|s |s thc cha||cngc ot thc sc|cncc wc havc |nhcr-
tcd trom o0r prcdcccssors, thc spc|| wc havc to cxorc|sc to-
.O00l d|O l0 .3C0d30 0l l0 Lv|_
ln h|s |utcrcst|ng book on thc h|story ot thc |dca ot progrcss,
N|sbct wr|tcs.
No s|nglc |dca has bccu morc |mportant thau, pcrhaps as
|mportant as, thc |dca 0 progrcss |n Wcstcrn c|v|||zat|on
tor ncar|y thrcc tho0sand ycars. '
Thcrc has bccn no strongcr s0pport tor thc |dca 0 progrcss
thau thc acc0m0Iat|on ot know|cdgc. Thc grand|osc spcctacIc
D th|s grad0aI |ncrcasc ot kuow|cdgc |s |ndccd a magn|ccut
cxamp|c ot a s0cccsst0I co||cct|vc h0man cndcavor.
Lct 0s mcaI| thc rcmarkabIc d|scovcr|cs ach|cvcd at thc cud
0 thc c|ghtccnth ccut0ry aud thc bcg|nu|ug 0 thc u|uctccnth
ccut0ry. thc thcor|cs 0 hcat, cIcctr|c|ty, maguct|sm, aud op-
t|cs. lt |s uot s0rpr|s|ng that thc |dca 0 sc|cnt|c progrcss,
a|rcady cIcarIy torm0Iatcd |u thc c|ghtccnth ccnt0ry, dom|-
uatcd thc u|uctccnth. bt|||, as wc havc po|ntcd o0t, thc pos|-
t|on ot sc|cncc |u Wcstcru c0It0rc rcma|ncd 0nstabIc. Th|s
Icuds a dramat|c aspcct to thc h|story ot |dcas trom thc h|gh
po|ut 0 thc En||ghtcnmcnt.
Wc havc a|rcady statcd thc aItcrnat|vc. to acccpt sc|cucc
w|th what appcars to bc |ts aI|cuat|ug coucI0s|ous or to t0ru to
au aut|sc|cut|c mctaphys|cs. Wc havc aIso cmphas|zcd thc
soI|t0dc tc|t by modcru mcu, thc IoncI|ncss dcscr|bcd by Ps-
caI , K|crkcgaard, or Monod. Wc havc mcnt|oncd thc aut|-
sc|cnt|c |mp||cat|ons ot Hc|dcggcr's mctaphys|cs. Now wc
w|sh to d|sc0ss morc t0I|y somc aspccts ot thc |ntc|lcct0a| h|s-
tory ot thc Wcst, trom D|dcrot, Kant, and HcgcI to Wh|tchcad
aud crgson, a|| ot thcm attcmptcd to aua|yzc and I|m|t thc
scopc ot modcrn sc|cncc as wcII as to opcn ncw pcrspcct|vcs
HLH U | LH b
sccn as radcaIIy aIcn to that sccncc. Today t s 0s0aI|y
agrccd that thosc attcmpts havc tor thc most part taIcd. lcw
wo0Id acccpt, tor cxampIc, Kant's dvson ot thc worId nto
phcnomcnaI and no0mcnaI sphcrcs, or crgson's "nt0ton"
as an aItcrnatvc path to a knowIcdgc whosc sgntcancc
wo0Id paraIIcI that ot sccncc. btII thcsc attcmpts arc part ot
o0r hcrtagc. Thc hstory ot dcas cannot bc 0ndcrstood wth-
o0t rctcrcncc to thcm.
Wc shaII aIso brc0y dsc0ss sccnthc postvsm, whch s
bascd on thc scparaton ot what s tr0c trom what s sccnt-
caIIy 0sct0I. At thc o0tsct ths postvstc vcw may sccm to op
psc cIcarIy thc mctaphyscaI vcws wc havc mcntoncd, vcws
that l . crIn dcscrbcd as thc "Co0ntcr-EnIghtcnmcnt. "
Howcvcr, thcr t0ndamcntaI concI0son s thc samc. wc m0st
rc|cct sccncc as a bass tor tr0c knowIcdgc cvcn t at thc samc
tmc wc rccognzc ts practcaI mportancc or wc dcny, as pos-
tvsts do, thc possbIty ot any othcr cogntvc cntcrprsc.
Wc m0st rcmcmbcr aII thcsc dcvcIopmcnts to 0ndcrstand
what s at stakc. To what cxtcnt s sccncc a bass tor thc ntc|-
IgbIty ot nat0rc, ncI0dng man7 What s thc mcanng ot thc
dca ot progrcss today7
Ddcrot, onc ot thc towcrng hg0rcs ot thc EnIghtcnmcnt, |s
ccrtanIy no rcprcscntatvc ot antsccnthc tho0ght. On thc
contrary, hs conhdcncc n sccncc, n thc possbItcs ot
knowIcdgc, was totaI. Yct ths s thc vcry rcason why sccncc
had, toIIowng Ddcrot, to 0ndcrstand Itc bctorc t co0Id hopc
to achcvc any cohcrcnt vson ot nat0rc.
Wc havc aIrcady mcntoncd that thc brth ot modcrn sccncc
was markcd by thc abandonmcnt ot vtaIst nspraton and, n
partc0Iar, ot ArstotcIan naI ca0scs. Howcvcr, thc ss0c ot
thc organzaton ot Ivng mattcr rcmancd and bccamc a chaI-
Icngc tor cIasscaI sccncc. Ddcrot, at thc hcght ot thc Ncwto-
nan tr0mph, cmphaszcs that ths probIcm was rcprcsscd by
physcs. Hc magncs t as ha0ntng thc drcams ot physcsts
who cannot conccvc ot t whIc thcy arc awakc. Thc physcst
d AIcmbcrt s drcamng.
`T Ivng pont . . . No, that's wrong. Nothng at aII to
bcgn wth, and thcn a Ivng pont. Ths Ivng pont s
ccssvc |onngs thcrc rcs0Its a 0nhcd bcng, tor l am U
u0ly, D lh8l 8m C0ll8u. . . . (PS h0 S80 lhS u0 0ll
hmS0l 8ll OV0l.l ul hDW 00 lhS uuly CDm0 DDul7
PDW lSl0u, %l. hlDSDh0l, C8u uu00lSl8u0 8u 8ggl0-
g8l0, 8 lSSu0 D luy S0uSlV0 DD00S, Dul 8u 8um8l! . . .
P WhDl0, 8 SySl0m lh8l S 8 uul, 8u u0V0u8l COuSCDuS
D lS DWu uuly! C8ul S00 l, uD, C8u`l S00 l. -
u 8u m8gu8ly CDuV0lS8lOu Wlh 0Tl0mD0ll, L00lOl S08KS
u lh0 lSl 0lSOu, 00mOuSll8lug lh0 u800qu8Cy D m0Ch8uS-
lC 08l8u8lOu.
ODK 8l lhS 0gg. Wlh l yOu C8u DV0llhlDW 8ll lh0 SChDDlS
O lh0DlOgy 8u0 8ll lh0 ChulCh0S u lh0 WOll0. Yh8l S lhS
0gg7 Pu uS0uSlV0 m8SS D0Ol0 lh0 g0lm S ul ulD
l . . . MDW 0O0S lhS m8SS 0VOlV0 ulD 8 u0W Dlg8uZ8-
lOu, ulO S0uSlVly, ulO l07 hlOugh h08l. Yh8l Wll
g0u0l8l0 h08l u l7 %OlDu. Yh8l Wll lh0 SuCC0SSV0
00ClS D mOlOu D07 uSl080 D 8uSW0lug m0, Sl 0OWu
8u0 l0l uS OllOW Dul lh0S0 00ClS Wlh Oul 0y0S lOm Ou0
mOm0ul lD lh0 u08l. tlSl lh0l0 S 8 S0CK WhCh mDV0S
8DOul, 8 lhl080 glOWug 8u0 l8Kug COlOul, l0Sh D0ug
Olm00, 8 D08K, Wug-lS, 0y0S, 00l CDmug ulD V0W, 8
yCllOWSh SuDSl8uCC WhCh uuWu0S 8u0 luluS ulO ulCS-
lu0S8u0 yOu h8V0 8 lVug Cl08lul0 .... PDW lh0 W8ll
lS Dl08Ch00 8u0 lh0 Dl0 0m0lg0S, W8lKS, 0S, 00lS 8u,
luuS 8W8y, CDm0S D8CK 8g8u, COml8uS, Su0lS, lOV0S,
00Sl0S, 0ujOyS, l c80l0uC0S 8ll yOul 80ClOuS 8u0
0O0S 8ll lh0 lhugS yOu 0O. Pu0 Wll yOu m8ul8u, Wlh
L0SC8ll0S, lh8l l S 8u ml8lug m8Chu0 ul0 8u0 Sm-
l07 Yhy, 0V0u llll0 Chl0l0u Wll l8ugh 8l yOu, 8u0 h-
lOSOh0lS Wll 8uSW0l lh8l l S 8 m8Chu0 yOu 8l0 Du0
lOD! , hOW0V0l, yOu 80ml lh8l lh0 Duly 00l0uC0 D0-
lW00u yOu 8u0 8u 8um8l 8 Ou0 O Olg8uZ8lOu, yOu Wll
D0 ShOWug S0uS0 8u0 l08SOu 8u0 D0 8Clug u gOD0 8lh
Dul lh0u l Wll D0 COuClu000, CDull8ly lD Wh8l yDu h80
S80, lh8l lOm 8u u0ll SuDSl8uC0 8ll8ugC0 u 8 C0ll8u
W8y 8u0 ml0gu8l00 Dy 8uOlh0l u0ll SuDSl8uC0, SuD-
j0Cl00 lD h08l 8u0 mOlOu, yOu Wll g0l S0uSlVly, l0,
m0mOIy, COuSCiOuSu0SS, 8SSlOuS, thOught . . . JuSt lS-
l0u lD yOul DWu 8lgum0ulS 8u0 yOu Wll 00l hOW lul
lh0y 8l0. YDu Wll CDm0 lD 00l lh8l Dy l0uSug lD 0ul0l-
l8u 8 Sml0 hyDlh0SS lh8l 08l8uS 0V0IylhugS0u-
SlVly 8S 8 lD0lly CDmmDu lD 8ll m8ll0l Dl 8S 8 l0Sull
D lh0 Dlg8uZ8lDu D m8ll0lyDu 8l0 yug u lh0 8C0 D
CDmmDu S0uS0 8u0 luugug ulD 8 Ch8Sm D mySl0l0S,
CDull80ClDuS 8u0 8DSul0l0S.'
u DDSlDu lD l8lDu8l m0Ch8uCS, lD lh0 Cl8m lh8l m8l0-
l8l u8lul0 S uDlhug Dul u0ll m8SS 8u0 mDlDu, L00lDl 8-
08lS lD Du0 D hySCS mDSl 8uC0ul SDulC0S D uSl8lDu,
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TwO ky paramIr8 Of Ih mOdI ar Ih 0On0nIraIlOn8 Of adnylaIs
0y0la8 (8) and Of phO8phOdl8Ira8 (k). Flgur C (rdrawn frOm . Ot0-
81H and L. SGL, 0|0etent|et|cn, VO|. 17[19B0j, pp. 127-3), 8Ow8 Ih
DhavlOr Of Ih mOd|lzd 8y8Im ln Ih 8pac fOrmd by 8 and k.
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Flgur 10. bi!urcatlOn dlagram. Th dlagram plOt8 th 8tady-8tat vaIu8
O Xa8 !unctlOn O! a Dl!urcatlOn paramtr A. COntlnuOu8 lln8 ar 8taDl8
8tatlOnary 8tate8; DrOken llne8 ar un8taDle 8tatlOnary 8tate8. The Only way
tO get tO Dranch L l8 tO 8tart wlth 8Om cOncentratlOn X_ hlgh0r than th8
valu O! XcOrr8pOndlng tO Dranch E.
Ll uS C0uSIdI S0m lyIC8l DIuIC8lI0u dI8gI8mS. Pl DIuI-
C8lI0u 0Iul , lh lhIm0dyu8mIC DI8uCh DC0mS uuSl8Dl
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I8mlI , lh SySlm m8y D Iu lhI dIIul Sl8dy Sl8lS.
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lI0l 8I8mlI C0uSl8ul, W 8I lIKly l0 C0m l0 0Iul L. h
Sl8l W I8Ch dudS 0u lh IVI0uS hISl0Iy 0 lh SySlm.
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8u Im0Il8ul I0l Iu SIml ChmIC8l HCSSS IS quIlc uuX-
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lI0u. WhI WIll lh SySlm g0 Whu W I8Ch lh DIuIC8lI0u
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Flgur 11. SymmIrlcaI Dl!urcaIlOn dlagram. Xl8 pIOIId a8 a !uncIlOn OK.
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8S lB dISl8uC S DlWu lh lW0 DI8uChS Im8IuS l8Ig Iu I-
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Iu lhIS Ch8lI, ICIVS dIIuCS lh8l W0uld D IuSIguIH-
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SImlSl 0Ig8uISmS, SuCh 8S D8ClII8, WhICh W Ku0W 8I 8Dl
l0 I8Cl l0 lClIIC 0I m8gulIC IldS. m0I guI8lly lhy
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IluID8lI0uS 0I m0dIHC8lI0uS 0 lh D0uud8Iy C0udIlI0uS 8I
uCSS8Iy l0 dlImIu 8 ShIH 0I 0u SlIuCluI l0 8u0lhI.
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lh 8SlI lh 0Im8lI0u 0 H. ul 8lS0 lh hIghI lh C0uCulI8-
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0lu lImd u0IS, 8I I0m DIug 8 uuIS8uC, I0duC8
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Hu8S, muCh m0I C0ml8 I8ClI0u SChmS. l IS ImIl8ul
l0 ImmDI lh8l I8ud0m u0IS Iu lh Hu8S m8y D C0uSId-



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hav8 th8 valu8 Oth8 Dl!urcatlOn parameter
!lr8t grOwlng and then dlmlnl8h
lng. |! th8 8y8tem l8 lnltlally ln a 8tatlOnary 8tate DelOnglng t0 th8 lOw8r
Dranch, lt wlll 8tay ther8 whlle
grOw8. but at
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tlnulty: Th8 8y8tem ump8 !rOm OtO O', On the hlgher Dranch. |nv8r8ely,
8tartlng !rOm 8 8tate On the hlgher branch, the 8y8tem wlll remaln ther8 tlll
, when lt wlll ump dOwn tO. Such type8 O! bl8tabl e behavlOr ar8
Ob8erved ln many !leld8, 8uch a8 la8er8, chemlcal reactl0n8 0r DlOlOglcaI
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8Cl0u Wlh lh uVI0umul C8uu0l guI8lly D C0uSdId 8S
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u0l 0uly l0 HuClu8l0uS I0duCd Dy lhI ulIu8l 8ClVly Dul
8lS0 l0 lh0S C0mug I0m lhI uVI0umul, SuggSlS uW
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0I, 8S m8lhm8lC8uS ul l, lh Im8Iy DuIC8l0u, WhCh
0CCuIS Whu W uSh 8 SySlm Dy0ud lh lhISh0ld 0 Sl8-
Dlly. 8I I0m 8h8uSlug lh uW S0lul0uS lh8l m8y 88I,
lhS Im8Iy DuIC8l0u ulI0duCS 0uly 8 Sugl Ch8I8ClISlC
lm (lh I0d 0 lh lml CyCl) 0I 8 Sugl Ch8I8ClISlC
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u8mC8l 0I ChmC8l SySlmS. Ll uS C0uSdI 0u8Id SlIuC-
8IlhI 8W8y I0m lhIm8l qulDIum lh C0uVCl0u H0W
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lIISlIC IquuCIS I0duCS 8u IuCI8SIug I8ud0muSS Slm-
mIug I0m lh mullIlICIly 0 lh0S IquuCIS.
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8ud m8u V8luS DI8KS d0Wu. m0I0VI, Iu lh C8S 0 8 u0u-
lIu8I ly 0 ChmIC8l I8ClI0u dISCuSSd Iu Lh8lI V, l0ug-
I8ug C0IIl8lI0uS 8pp8I. 8IlICS Sp8I8ld Dy m8CI0SC0pIC
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lh m8Iu Id8S 0 lhIS D00K. u0uquIlIDIIum 8S 8 S0uIC 0 0I-
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p8IlCp8l u lh C0uSlIuCl0u 0 SuCh 8 hug 8ud C0mplX
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lI0uS C8u C0mllly uSl lh C0l0gIC8l quIl|DIIum 8u0
Vu dIIV lh 0ul8lI0u l0 8lIuClI0u. L C0uIS, 8S 8 ISull,
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0lBI 8I8mlIS 8ud V8I8DS, WB0IBI IBy 8I qu8uIlH8D
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hch cvcnl8 wll rcgrc88, und whCh uIO lkclj lo mIcCl lhc
thc rc|mcs ofstab|||ty? S|ncc s|zc or thc systcm`s dcns|ty
may p|ay thcro|c ofab|furcat|onparamctcr, how may purcIy
quani|tat|vc rowth |cad to qua||tatvc|y ncw cho|ccs? Qucs-
t|onssuchasthcsc caI| foranamb|t|ousproram |ndccd. As
ofa "ood modc|forsoc|a|bchav|orand h|story. Howdocs
|caI ?Th|s qucst|on sccms para||cI to qucst|ons wc havc aI-
rcady mct|nb|o|oy. How, torcxamp|c,docsthc sc|cct|on N
thccnct|c |nformat|onovcrn|nthcratcsandrcu|at|onsof
mctaboI|c rcact|onstavorccrta|n pathstosuch an cxtcntthat
dcvc|opmcnt sccms tobc purpos|vc orappcar as thctransIa-
t|on ofa "mcssac?
Wc bc||cvc that modc|s |nsp|rcd bythc conccpt of "ordcr
throuh uctuat|ons w||| hc|p us w|th thcsc qucst|ons and
cvcn pcrm|t us |nsomcc|rcumstanccs to|vcamorcprcc|sc
formu|at|on to thc comp|cx |ntcrp|ay bctwccn |nd|v|dua| and
coIIcct|vc aspccts ofbchav|or. lrom thc phys|c|st`s po|nt of
v|cw, th|s |nvo|vcs a d|st|nct|on bctwccnstatcsofthcsystcm
|nd|v|dua| , an |dca, or a ncw bchav|or can upsct thc |obaI
statc.Evcn|nthoscrc|ons, amp||cat|onobv|ous|ydocsnot
occurw|thjustany|nd|v|dua|,|dca,orbchav|or, buton|yw|th
thoscthatarc"dancrous-that |s,thoscthatcancxp|o|tto
thc|radvantac thc non||ncar rc|at|ons uarantcc|n thc sta-
b|||ty ofthc prcccd|n rc|mc. Thus wc arc Icd to concIudc
that thc aumc non||ncar|t|csmayproduccanordcroutNthc
chaos ofcIcmcntary proccsscs and st|||, undcrd|ftcrcnt c|r-
cumstanccs, bc rcspons|bIc for thc dcstruct|on otth|s samc
ordcr, cvcntua|Iy produc|na ncw cohcrcncc bcyondanothcr
|snotarb|trary. Onthccontrary,thcrcasonsfor thcamp||ca-
lIuctuat|onsdonotcauscthctransformat|onofasystc `sac-
t|v|ty. Obv|ousIy, to usc an |mac |nsp|rcd by Maxwc|I, thc
match |s rcspons|b|c for thc forcst f|rc, but rcfcrcncc to d
match docs not sumcc to undcrstand thc rc. Morcovcr, thc
factthat a uctuat|on cvadcs controI docs not mcan that wc
cannot Iocatc thc rcasons for thc |nstab|||ty |ts amp||cat|on
0 \J|D
lnv|cwofthccomp|cx|tyofthcqucst|onsra|scd hcrc,wccan
hard|yavo|dstat|nthatthcway|nwh|ch b|o|o|ca|andsoc|aI
cvo|ut|on has trad|t|ona||y bccn |ntcrprctcd rcprcscnts a par-
t|cu|ar|yuntortunatc uscofthcconccptsandmcthodsbor-
rowcd from phys| cs
-unfortunatc bccausc thc arca of
phys|cswhcrcthcscconccptsandmcthodsarc va||dwasvcry
rcstr|ctcd, and thusthcana|o|csbctwccnthcmandsocaIor
cconom|c phcnomcnaarccomp|ctc|y unjust|cd.
Thc forcmostcxamp|cofth|s |sthc parad|m oopt|m|za-
t|on. lt|s obv|ous that thc manacmcnt ofhuman so|cty as
wc|I as thc act|on of sc|cct|vc prcssurcs tcnds to opt|m|zc
s|dcr opt|m|zat|on as thc kcy to undcrstand|n how popu|a-
t|ons and |nd|v|dua|s surv|vc |s to r|sk contus|ncauscs w|th
Opt|m|zat|onmodc| sthus|norcboththcposs|b|||tyorad|-
caI transtormat|ons-that |s,transformat|ons thatchanc thc
dcn|t|onotaprob|cm andthus thck|ndotso|ut|on souht~
|nto a d|sastrous way oftunct|on|n. L|kc doctr|ncs such as
tcrms o max|m|zat|on or m|n|m|zat|on cr|tcr|a, th|s |vcs &
rcassur|n rcprcscntat|on ofnaturc as an a||-powcrtu| and ra-
t|ona| ca|cu|ator, and of a cohcrcnt h|story charactcr|zcd by
|oba| prorcss. To rcstorc both |ncrt|aandthcposs|b|||tyD
unant|c|patcd cvcnts-that |s, rcstorc thc opcn charactcr D
cou|d uscas a symbo| thc apparcnt|y acc|dcnta|charactcrD
thc rcat crctaccous cxt|nct|on that cIcarcd thc path for thc
dcvc|opmcntofmamma|s, asma||roupotrat||kccrcaturcs.
Th|shasbccnacncra|prcscntat|on, ak|ndo"b|rd`s-cyc
v|cw, andthus hasom|ttcd many top|cs ofrcat |ntcrcst:
BD5, QB5DB5, BDU B5cl5, 1Ol c8BDQc, Qlc6cD DODcQUHD-
Evcrywhcrc wc Iook, wcndanaturcthat|sr|ch|nd|vcrs|ty
and|nnovat|ons.ThcconccptuaIcvoIut|onwc havcdcscr|bcd
|s |tsc|fcmbcddcd |n a w|dcrh|story, thatofthc prorcss|vc
Wc havcsccnncwaspcctsoft|mcbc|nprorcss|vcIy|ncor-
poratcd |nto phys|cs, wh|Ic thc amb|t|ons to omn|sc|cncc |n-
hcrcnt |n c|ass|caIsc|cnccwcrcprorcss|vcIyrcjcctcd. lnth|s
chaptcrwc havc movcd from phys|cs throuhb|oIoy and
|nvcrscordcr. lndccd,h|storybcanbyconccntrat|n ma|nIy
onhumansoc|ct|cs, acrwh|chattcnt|onwas |vcn tothc
oft|mc |nto phys|cs thus appcars as thc Iaststac ofa pm-
rcss|vcrc|nscrt|onofh|story |nto thc naturaIand soc|aIsc|-
hctcrocnc|ty. S|ncc thc Rcna|ssancc, Wcstcrn soc|cty has
ccntury b|o|oy andco|oyIcarncdtod|scovcrandcIass|fy
foss||s and torccon|zc |n |andscapcs thc mcmor|csofapast
w|thwh|chwccocx|st,na||y,twcnt|cth-ccnturyphys|cs has
wh|chtc||susaboutthc bc|nn|nsofthcun|vcrsc.Todaywc
and thcfoss||sofmany pasts cocx|st.
Wc must now procccd to anothcr qucst|on. Wc havc sa|d
thatI|fc|sstart|ntosccmasnaturaIasafa|I|nbody. What
body?Whatposs|bIcI|nkcanthcrcbcbctwccndynam|cs, thc
sc|cnccofforcc andtrajcctor|cs, andthc sc|cnccofcomp|cx-
|ty and bccom|n, thc sc|cncc of||v|nproccsscs andofthc
natura| cvo|ut|on ofwh|ch thcy arc part? At thc cnd ofthc
thcor||nofcncry|osscsandwastc. Atthatt|mc|twasst|II
a rcsu|t ofour |ncpt|tudc, ofour 0nsoph|st|catcd mach|ncs,
proccsscspIay aconstruct|vc and |nd|spcnsabIc roIc.
5owccomc to a qucst|on that canbcavo|dcd no Ioncr.
What |s thc rcIat|on bctwccn th|s ncw sc|cncc otcomp|cx|ty
and thc sc|cnccots|mpIc, cIcmcntary bchav|or?What |s thc
rcIat|on bctwccn thcsc two oppos|n v|cws otnaturc? Arc
lna ccrta|n scnsc, wc havc comcbacktothcbc|nn|not
modcrn sc|cncc. Now, as at Ncwton's t|mc, two sc|cnccs
an atcmporaI naturc subjcctto Iaws, and thc sc|cnccotrc,
chcm|stry. Wc now undcrstand why|twas|mposs|b|ctorthc
|cs cannot cxpIa|n thc compIcxand|rrcvcrs|bIcbchav|orot
mattcr. gnta mutdt rca. Accord|n to th|s ancicnt say|n,
and bccom|n-two conccpts |n conict, yctboth ncccssary
lorcachacohcrcntdcscr|pt|onotth|s strancwor|d|nwh|ch
wc I|vc?

HL|VbH|N lMb
Wh|tchcadwrotcthatac|ashotdoctr|ncs |snotad|sastcr, |t
|sanopportun|ty. ' ltth|sstatcmcnt|struc,tcwopportun|t|cs
|nthc h|storyotsc|cncc havc bccn so prom|s|n. twoworIds
Ncwton|an sc|cncc was thc outcomc, thc crown|n syn-
I|ncsotthcorct|caI rcscarch. Thc samc |s truc tor thcrmo-
dynam|cs. Thc rowth otsc|cncc |s qu|tc d|ttcrcnt trom thc
|ntoan |ncrcas|nnumbcrotwatcrt|htcompartmcnts. Qu|tc
otv|cwmaybrcak opcn thc compartmcntsand st|rupsc|cn-
t|ccuIturc. Thcsc turn|npo|nts havc conscqucnccs thato
bcyond thc|r sc|cnt|c contcxt and |nucncc thc |ntc||cctuaI
sccncasawhoIc. lnvcrsc|y,|obaIprob|cmsocnhavc bccn
sourccsot|nsp|rat|onto sc|cncc.
Thc c|ashotdoctr|ncs, thccon|ctbctwccnbc|nandbc-
com|n, |nd|catcsthatancwturn|npo|nthasbccnrcachcd,
that a ncw synthcs|s |s nccdcd. Such a synthcs|s |s tak|n
shapctoday, cvcry b|t as uncxpcctcd as thc prcccd|n oncs.
Wc aa|n nd a rcmarkab|c convcrcncc ot rcscarch, a|| O
wh|ch contr|butcsto|dcnt|ty|nthcd|mcuIt|cs|nhcrcnt|nthc
Thcamb|t|onotNcwton|an sc|cnccwasto prcscntavs|on
otnaturcthatwou|dbcun|vcrsaI ,dctcrm|n|st|c,andobjcct|vc
inasmuch as it atta|ns a |cvc|ofdcscriptionthat cscapcs thc
cIutchcs ott|mc.
Wc havc rcachcdthccorcofthcprob|cm. "What |st|mc?``
Must wc acccptthcoppos|t|on, trad|t|ona|s|ncc Kant, bc-
twccn thc stat|c t|mcofc|ass|ca| phys|csand thc cx|stcnt|aI
t|mcwccxpcr|cncc |n our||vcs? Accord|ntoCarnap.
Oncc E|nstc|n sa|d that thc prob|cmofthc Now wor-
r|cd h|m scr|ous|y. Hc cxp|a|ncd that thc cxpcr|cncc of
thc Now mcans somcth|n spcc|aI for man, somcth|n
csscnt|a||y d|||crcnt |rom thc past and thc futurc, but
that th|s |mportantd|ffcrcnccdocsnotandcannotoccur
w|th|n phys|cs. That th|s cxpcr|cncc cannot bc raspcd
bysc|cnccsccmcd to h|mamattcrofpa|nfuIbut|ncv|ta-
b|c rcs|nat|on. l rcmarkcd that a|| that occurs ob|cc-
t|vc|ycan bc dcscr|bcd |n sc|cncc, on thconchandthc
onthcothcrhand, thcpccu||ar|t|csofman`scxpcr|cnccs
w|th rcspcct to t|mc, |ncIud|n h|s d|ffcrcnt att|tudc to-
wards past, prcscntandfuturc, can bc dcscr|bcdand (|n
pr|nc|p|c) cxpIa|ncd|npsycho|oy. ut E|nstc|n thouht
that thcsc sc|cnt|l|c dcscr|pt|ons cannot poss|b|y sat|sfy
ourhumannccds, thatthcrc |s somcth|ncsscnt|a|about
thc Nowwh|ch|s|ust outs|dc ofthc rca|mofsc|cncc.
l S nl0l0Slng tonotcthatcrson,|nascnscfo||ow|nan
tcrlll). l|kcE|nstc|n, crsonstartcdw|thasub|cct|vct|mc
|cs. Howcvcr, forh|mth|sob|cct|v|zat|on|cdtoadcbascmcnt
oflm0. nl0ln3 08Sl0nl3 lm0 h3S Qu3l3lV0 |03lul0S lh3l
arc |ost|nthc proccss. lt |sforth|srcason thatcrson|ntro-
duccd thc d|st|nct|on bctwccn phys|ca| t|mc and durat|on, a
conccpt rcfcrr|n to cx|stcnt|a| t|mc.
utwccannot stophcrc. AsJ T. lrascrsays,Thcrcsu|t-
mark of sc|cnt|c-|ndustr|a| c|v|||zat|on, a sort ofco||cct|vc
sch|zophrcn|a." Aswchavca|rcadycmphas|zcd,whcrcc|as-
s|caI sc|cncc uscd to cmphas|zc pcrmancncc, wc now f|nd
tor|csthat||cd Kant`shcartw|ththcsamcadm|rat|onasthc
morallawrcsidinin him. Wc now scc stranc ob|ccts: qua-
sars,pu|sars, a|ax|cs cxp|od|n and bc|n torn apart, stars
that,wcarctoId, co||apsc|nto "bIackhoIcs |rrcvcrs|bIydc-
vour|ncvcryth|nthcy manac tocnsnam.
T|mchas pcnctratcd not onIyb|oIoy, co| oy, andthcso-
c|aI sc|cnccs but aIso thc two IcvcIs from wh|ch |t has bccn
trad|t|onaIIy cxcIudcd, thc m|croscop|c and thc cosm|c. Not
onIy I|fc, butaIso thcun|vcrscasa whoIc hasa h|story; th|s
hasprofound |mpI|cat|ons.
Thc f|rst thcorct|caI papcr dcaI|n w|th a cosmoIo|caI
modcI from thc po|nt ofv|cwofcncraI rcIat|v|ty was pub-
I|shcd by E|nstc|n |n I 9I7. ltprcscntcdastat|c, t|mcIcssv|cw
ofthc un|vcrsc, Sp|noza`s v|s|on transIatcd |nto phys|cs. ut
thcn comcs thc uncxpcctcd. lt bccamc |mmcd|atcIy cv|dcnt
moIo|caIcquat|ons.Wc owcth|sd|scovcrytothcKuss|anastro-
phys|c|st A. lr|cdmann and thc cI|anU. lcmaitrc. At thc
samc t|mc HubbIcand h|s coworkcrs wcrc study|n thc mo-
t|ons ofaIax|cs, and thcy dcmonstratcd that thc vcIoc|ty of
d|stant aIax|cs |s proport|onaI to thc|r d|stancc from carth.
mann and lcmaitrc was obv|ous. Yct for many ycars phys|-
c|sts rcma|ncd rcIuctant to acccpt such an "h|stor|caI
dcscr|pt|onofcosm|ccvoIut|on. E|nstc|nh|mscIfwas waryO
|t.lcmaitrcoftcnsa|dthat whcn hctr|cdtod|scussw|th E|n-
m|c rays, E|nstc|n showcdno |ntcrcst.
Today thcrc |s ncw cv|dcncc, thcfamous rcs|duaI bIack-
body rad|at|on, thc I|htthat|IIum|natcd thccxpIos|onofthc
hyQ0ld0nS0 l0O3 Wlh Wh0h Oul unV0lS0 O0g3n. h0 WhO0
story appcarsasanothcr |ronyofh|story. lnascnsc,E|nstc|n
has, aa|nst h|s w|II, bccomc thc Darw|nolphys|cs. Darw|n
tauht us that man |s cmbcddcd |nb|oIo|caI cvoIut|on, E|n-
nSl0nS |dcasIcd h|mtoancwcont|ncnt,asuncxpcctcdto
h|maswasAmcr|catoCoIumbus. E|nstc|n, I|kcmanyphys|-
c|stsofh|scncrat|on,wasu|dcdby a dccp conv|ct|on that
thcrcwasafundamcntaI ,s|mpIcIcvcI|nnaturc. Ycttodayth|s
IcvcI |sbccom|nIcssandIcssacccss|bIctocxpcr|mcnt. Thc
world,atthcmacroscopiclcvc!. Classica!scicncccarclu!!y
chosc |ts ob|ccts from th|s |ntcrmcd|atc ranc. Thc hrst ob-
|ccts s|ngIcd out by Ncwton-faI|ng bod|cs, thc pcnduIum,
pIanctary mot|on-wcrc s|mpIc. Wc know now, howcvcr, that
th|s s|mpI|c|ty|snotthchaIImarkothcfundamcntaI.|tcannot
bc attr|butcd to thc rcstothc worId.
Docsth|ssufcc?Wc nowknowthatstab|I|tyands|mpl|c|ty
arccxccpt|ons. ShouIdwc mcrcIyd|srcgard thctotaI|z|ngto-
taI|tar|an cIa|ms ofa conccptuaI|zat|on that, |n fact, appI|cs
onIy to s|mpIc and stabIc objccts? Why worry about thc |n-
Wc mustnotforgct thc wordsofWh|tchcad, words con-
stantIy conrmcd by thc h|story ofsc|cncc: a cIashofdoc-
tr|ncs |s an opportun|ty, not a d|sastcr. lt has oftcn bccn
suggcstcd that wc s|mpIy |gnorc ccrtan |ssucs forpractical
rcasons on thc grounds that thcy arc bascd on |dcaI|zat|ons
thatarc d|fcuIt to |mpIcmcnt. At thc bcg|nn|ngofth|s ccn-
tury, scvcraI phys|c|stssuggcstcdabandon|ngdctcrm|n|smon
thc grounds that |t was |nacccss|bIc |n rcaI cxpcr|cncc.
dccd, aswchavc aIrcady cmphas|zcd,wcncvcrknow thccx-
poss|bIc. Morc rcccntIy, r|hou|n hopcd to dcstroy dctcrm|-
n|smby appcaI|ngto thc commonscnsc truth that accuratc
lOnS 3nd lh3l lhS knowlcdgcmuSl O0 3m |Ol, lh0 0830l l0-
"|nn|tc pr|cc bc pa|d.
Thcsc objcct|ons, wh|IcrcasonabIc, donot affcct thc con-
ccptuaIworIdofdynam|cs. ThcyshcdnoncwI|ghtonrcaI|ty.
Morcovcr, thc | mprovcmcnts |n tcchnoIogy couId br|ng us
cIoscrand cIoscrtothc|dcaI|zat|on |mpI|cd by cIass|caI dy-
ln contrast, dcmonstrat|onsof"|mposs|b|I|ty havc a fun-
damcntaI |mportancc. Thcy |mpIy thc d|scovcry ofan uoez-
pected iotrioaic atructure o] reality thatdoomsan |ntcIIcctuaI
cntcrpr|sc to fa|Iurc. Such d|scovcr|cs w|II cxcIudc thc pos-
SOly ofanopcrat|onthatprcv|ousIycouId havc bccn|mag-
|ncd asfcas|bIc,at Icast|npr|nc|pIc. "No cng|nc canhavcan
cff|c|cncygrcatcrthanonc, "no hcatcng|nc can producc
conccptua| |nnovat|ons.
pIorat|onthathadrcachcd|ts I|m|ts.utwccannowsccthcsc
sc|cnt|hc|nnovat|ons |n a d|ffcrcnt ||ght, notasan cnd but &
bcg|nn|ng, as thc opcn|ng up ofncw opportun|t|cs. Wc sha|I
|ng po|nt forthc cmcrgcnccofncw conccpts.
'UJ| .|v'3d||y
5c|cnt|c dcscr|pt|on must bc cons|stcnt w|th thc rcsourccs
worId "from thc outs|dc. Th|s|soncofthcfundamcnta|rc-
qu|rcmcnts ofrcIat|v|ty thcory. ln conncct|on w|th thc prop-
agat|onofs|gnaIsa ||m|tappcars that cannot bc transgrcsscd
by any obscrvcr. lndccd, C, thc vc|oc|ty of||ght |n vacuum
(cJ,U km/scc), |sthc ||m|t|ngvc|oc|tyfor thc propaga-
lOn O| 3 Sgn3S. huS lhS mlng V0O0|y Q3yS 3 |und3-
mcnIa|ro|c.H I|m|tsthcrcg|on|nspaccthatmay|nucnccthc
po|nt whcrc an obscrvcr|sIocatcd.
atoms,pIancts, and stars arc govcrncdbya s|ngIc |aw.
Thc d|scovcry of un|vcrsa| constants s|gn|f|cd a rad|caI
changc. Us|ng thc vcIoc|ty of||ght as thc comparison stan-
dard, phys|cs has cstab||shcd a d|st|nct|on bctwccn Iow and
h|ghvc|oc|t|cs, thosc approach|ng thc spccdof||ght.
l|kcw|sc,l|anck'sconstant, h, scts upa natura| sca|cac-
cord|ng to thc objcct's mass. Thc atom can no Iongcr bc rc-
gardcd as a t|ny p|anctary systcm. E|cctrons bc|ong to K
d|ffcrcntscaIc than p|ancts and aIIothcrhcavy, s|ow-mov|n,
macroscop|c objccts, |ncIud|nourscIvcs.
HLH U1 | LHP 1
Ousbchav|orsbccomcqua| |tat|vc|yd|llcrcnt,thcyaIsoIcadtO
ancwconccpt|onofob|cctv|ty. Noobscrvcrcantransm|ts|-
naIsatavc|oc|tyh|hcrthan thatof||ht|navacuum. Hcncc
absoIutc s|muItanc|tyoftwod|stant cvcnts; s|mu|tanc|tycan
thcory. lct us mcrcIy po|nt out that Ncwton`s Iaws d|d not
assumc that thc obscrvcr was a "phys|caI bc|n. Ob|cct|vc
dcscr|pt|onwas dcncdprcc|sc|yasthcabscnccofanyrclcr-
cncc to |tsauthor. lor "nonphys|ca| |ntc|I|cntbc|nscapa-
bIc ofcommun|cat|n at an |nl|n|tc vcIoc|ty, thc Iaws of
rcIat|v|tywou|dbc|rrc|cvant. Thcfactthatrc|at|v|ty|sbascd
on a constra|nt that app||cs on|y to phys|ca|Iy Ioca||zcd ob-
scrvcrs, tobc|nswhocanbc|nonIyoncp|accatat|mcand
thcrcsu|tofourprcfcrcnccsandconv|ct|ons;|trcma|ns sub-
obscrvcrs|tuatcd w|th|n thcobscrvcd worId. Ourd|aIouc
w|th naturc w||| bc succcssluI on|y |f|t |s carr|cd on from
w|th|n naturc.
100 |30 0l'UB0lU0 V000B0|03
KcIat|v|tya|tcrcd thc cIass|caIconccptofob|cct|v|ty. How-
cvcr, |tIctt unchancd anothcrlundamcntaI charactcr|st|c 0
cIass|caI phys|cs, namcIy, thc amb|t|onto ach|cvc a "com-
pIctcdcscr|pt|onolnaturc. Acrrc|at|v|ty, phys|c|stscouId
cmat|c|an who, as E|nstc|ncIa|mcd, nc|thcrchcats norp|ays
d|cc. Th|s mathcmat|c|an wouId posscss thc formuIa ofthc
un|vcrsc, wh|ch wou|d |nc|udc a compIctc dcscr|pt|onofna-
lurc. lnth|s scnsc,rc|at|v|tyrcma|nsacont|nuat|onofcIass-
caI phys|cs.
lhCOly llUly lO hVC DIOKCD Wllh lhC Q3l. _UDlUD DCChD-
|csnot onIy s|tuatcsus|nnaturc, |taIsoIabcIsusas "hcavy"
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bcinscomposcdofamacroscopicnumbcrofatoms. lnordcr
to visuaIizc morc cIcarIy thc conscqucnccsofthc vcIocity o
IihtasaunivcrsaIconstant, EinstcinimaincdhimscIfridin
a photon. utquantummcchanicsdiscovcrcdthatwcarctoo
hcavytoridcphotonsorcIcctrons. Wc cannotpossibIyrcpIacc
such airy bcins, idcntify ourscIvcs with thcm, and dcscribc
what thcy wouId think, ifthcy wcrc abIc to think, and what
thcy wouId cxpcricncc, ifthcywcrcabIc to fccl anythin.
Thc history ofquantum mcchanics, Iikc that ofaII con-
acr itwas conccivcd in thc urcncyofcxpcrimcnt and ina
dimcuItpoIiticaIandcuIturaI cnvironmcnt.This historycan-
notbcrcIatcd hcrc, wc onIy wishtocmphasizc itsroIc inthc
construction ofthc bridc from bcin to bccomin, which is
ourmain subjcct.
Thc birth ofquantum mcchanics was in itscIfpart D thc
qucstforthisbridc. lIanckwas intcrcstcdinthcintcraction
bctwccn mattcr and radiation. UndcrIyin his work was thc
ambition to accompIish for thc mattcr-Iiht intcraction what
oItzmann had achicvcd for thc mattcr-mattcrintcraction,
namcIy, todiscovcrakincticmodcIforirrcvcrsibIcproccsscs
Icadinto cquiIibrium. To hissurprisc,hcwasforccd, inor-
dcrto rcachcxpcrimcntaIrcsuItsvaIidatthcrmaIcquiIibrium,
toassumcthatB cxchangcofcncrybctwccnmattcrandra-
saIconstant.ThisunivcrsaIconstanth" mcasurcsthc"sizc"
0cach stcp.
ityIcd to dccisivc progrcssin physics.
This discovcry rcmaincd isoIatcd untiI Einstcin prcscntcd
thc rst cncraI intcrprctation of lIanck's constant. Hc un-
Iiht. Hc i ntroduccd a rcvoIutionary conccpt: thc wavc-
particIc duaIityofIight.
5incc thc bcinnin ofthc ninctccnth ccntury, Iiht had
bccnassociatcd withwavc propcrticsmanifcstinphcnomcna
suchasdihractionorintcrfcrcncc.Howcvcr, atthccndotthc
thc photoclcCttC cHcCtthut 8, thc cxpul8on oclcClron8 u8
thcrcsuIt ofthcabsorption ofIight. Thcsc ncw cxpcrimcntaI
||htmaybchoth wavcandpart|c|candthatthcsctwoaspccts
arcrc|atcdthrouhl|anck's constant. Morcprcc|sc|y, a||ht
wavc |scharactcr|zcdby|ts!rcqucncyu and |tswavc|cnth k,
h pcrm|tsustootromtrcqucncyandwavc|cnthtomcchan|-
ca|quant|t|cssuchascncryE andmomcntum. Thcrc|at|ons
bctwccnT and konthconc s|dcand E and onthcothcrarc
vcrys|mp|c. Ehu, h|k, and both |nvo|vch. Tcntyycars
|atcr, Lou|s dc ro||c cxtcndcd th|s wavc-part|c|c dua||ty
from ||htto mattcr, thus thc start|n po|nt tor thc modcrn
formu|at|on oquantum mcchan|cs.
ln IIJ N|c|sohrhad||nkcdthcncwquantumphys|csto
thcstructurcofatoms(and|atcrofmo|ccu|cs). Asarcsu|tof
thc wavc-part|c|c dua||ty, hc showcd that thcrc cx|st d|scrctc
scqucnccs ot c|cctron orb|ts. Whcn an atom |s cxc|tcd, thc
c|cctron|umpsfromoncorb|ttoanothcr. Atth|svcry |nstant
thc atom cm|ts orabsorbs a photon thc trcqucncy ofwh|ch
tcr|z|n thc c|cctron`s mot|on |n cach ofthc two orb|ts. Th|s
Thuswcrcachthcdcc|s|vcycarsI 9!-!7,a"o|dcnacof
hyS0S. ulng lhS ShOll 0lOd, 0S0nO0lg, HOln, JOld3n,
Schrd|ncr, and D|rac madc quantumphys|cs |nto a cons|s-
tcnt ncw thcory. Th|s thcory |ncorporatcs E|nstc|n`s and dc
cra||zcdtormotdynam|cs. quantummcchan|cs. lorourpur-
poscs hcrc, thc conccptua| novc|tyotquantum mcchan|cs |s
phys|cs,hadtobc |ntroduccdtoa||owquant|t|zat|on tobc
|ncorporatcd |nto thc thcorct|ca| |anguac. Thc csscnt|a| tact
|s that an atom can bc tound on|y |n d|scrctc cncry |cvc|s
corrcspond|ntothcvar|ousc|cctronorb|ts. lnpart|cu|ar,th|s
mcans that cncry (or thc Ham||ton|an) can no |oncr bc
mcrc|y atunct|ono|thcpos|t|onandthcmomcnt, as |t|s|n
c|ass|ca| mcchan|cs. Othcrw|sc, by |v|nthc pos|t|onsand
momcnts s||ht|y d|ttcrcnt va|ucs, cncry cou|d bc madc to
vary contnuous|y. But as obscrvaton rcvcaIs, on|y dscrctc
|cvc|s cx|st.
Wcthcrctorc havctorcp!accthcconvcnt|onaI|dcathatthc
th|n ncw; thc bas|c |dcaotq0ant0m mcchan|cs |s that thc
Ham|Iton|an as wc|I as thc othcrq0ant|t|cs otc|ass|caI mc-
chan|cs, s0ch as coord|natcs q or momcntap now bccomc
opcrdtors. Th|s |s oncotthc bo|dcst|dcascvcr|ntrod0ccd|n
lt |s a s|mpIc |dca, cvcn |tat rst |t sccms somcwhat ab-
stract. Wc havc to d|st|ng0|sh thc opcrator-a mathcmat|caI
opcrat|on-and thc ob|cct on wh|ch |t opcratcs-a f0nct|on.
Asan cxampIc,takcas thc mathcmat|ca| "opcrator" thc dc-
r|vat|vc rcprcscntcd by d|dz and s0pposc |t acts on a f0nc-
t|on-say, z, thcrcs0Itotth|sopcrat|on|sancw f0nct|on,th|s
t|mc "Zz." Howcvcr, ccrta|nf0nct|ons bchavc |nd pcc0||ar
wayw|thrcspccttodcr|vat|on. lorcxampIc,thcdcr|vat|vcO
"c" |s "Je":hcrcwcrct0rntothcor|g|na|f0nct|ons|mpIy
m0It|pI|cd by somc n0mbcr-hcrc, J. l0nct|ons that arc
"c|cnf0nct|ons"otth|s opcrator, andthcn0mbcrsbywh|ch
cratorarc thc "c|gcnvaI0cs" ofthc opcrator.
To cachopratorthcn th0scorrcspndsancnscmbIc,a"rcs-
crvo|r" ot n0mcr|caI vaI0cs; th|s cnscmb|c torms |ts "spcc-
tr0m. " Th|sspcctr0m|s"d|scrctc"whcnthcc|gcnva|0csform
ad|scrctc scr|cs. Thcrc cx|sts,for|nstancc, anopcratorw|th
aII thc |ntccrs , l , Z . # . as c|cnva|0cs. A spcctr0mmay
aIso bc cont|n0o0s-tor cxampIc, whcn |t cons|sts OaII thc
n0mbcrsbctwccn and l .
Thc O3SC COnC0Ql O| Qu3nlum m0Ch3nCS m3y lhuS D cx-
prcsscd as foIIows: to aII phys|caIq0ant|t|cs |n c|ass|caI mc-
and thc n0mcr|caI vaI0cs that may bc takcn by th|s phys|caI
q0ant|tyarcthc c|gcnvaI0cs otth|s opcrator. Thccsscnt|aI
po|nt |s that thc conccptOphys|caIq0antity(rcprcscntcdby
anopcrator) | snow d|st|nctfrom that O|ts n0mcr|ca| vaI0cs
(rcprcscntcdbythcc|gcnva|0csOthcopcrator). lnpart|c0|ar,
cncryw||Inow bc rcprcscntcd by thc Ham||ton|anopcrator,
and thc cncry |cvc|s-thc obscrvcd va|0cs Othc cncry~
w|II bc |dcnt|cd w|th thc c|cnvaI0cs corrcspond|n to th|s
scop|c wor!d O0ns0spcctcd r|chncss, and wc rcrct that wc
cannotdcvotc morc spacctoth|stasc|nat|ns0b|cct, |nwh|ch
crcat|vc|ma|nat|onandcxpcr|mcnta!obscrvat|onarc sos0c-
ccsst0!!y comb|ncd. Hcrcwc w|sh mcrc!y to strcss that thc
|n a s|n!c conccpt0a! schcmc common to a!! !cvc!s ot dc-
ncw mathcmat|ca! !an0ac |nvcntcd to dca! w|th a ccr-
ta|n s|t0at|on may act0a!!y opcn 0p c!ds O|nq0|ry that arc
t0!! Os0rpr|scs,o|nfarbcyondthccxpcctat|ons O|tsor|-
|nators. Th|s was tr0c tor d|crcnt|a! ca!c0!0s, wh|ch !|cs at
thc rotOthc torm0!at|onOc!ass|ca! dynam|cs. lt|s tr0c as
wc!! tor opcrator ca!c0!0s. Q0ant0m thcory, |n|t|atcd as dc-
was q0|cktorcvca! |tsc!tasprcnant w|th ncw contcnt.
Toay, morcthanyycarsacrthc|ntrod0ct|onOopcra-
tors|ntoq0ant0mmcchan|cs, thc|rs|n|canccrcma|nsas0b-
cctO!|vc!yd|sc0ss|on. lromthch|stor|ca!po|ntOv|cw, thc
|ntrod0ct|onOopcrators |s!|nkcd to thccx|stcnccOcncry
!cvc!s, b0ttodayopcratorshavcapp!|cat|onscvcn |nc!ass|ca!
phys|cs. Th|s|mp!|csthatthc|rs|n|cancchasbccncxtcndcd
|cs. Opcratorsnowcomc|ntop!ayas son as, toronc rcason
oranothcr, thc not|on Oa dynam|c tra|cctory has to bc d|s-
C|SC0O|_S L|CC|l3|lly rC|8.|Ol
Wc havc sccn that |n q0ant0m mcchan|cs to cach phys|ca!
q0ant|ty corrcsponds an opcrator that acts on t0nct|ons. Ot
spcc|a! |mportanccarcthcc|cnt0nct|onsandthcc|cnva!0cs
ca! q0ant|ty can now takc. lct 0s takc a c!oscr!okat thc
opcrators q0ant0m mcchan|cs assoc|atcs w|th coord|natcs q
and momcntap; |hc|r coord|natcs arc, as wc havc sccn | n
LHdQlCI , lHC CdDODlCdl VdIldUC5.
lnc!ass|ca! mcchan|cs cord|natcs and momcntaarc |ndc-
cc4 b|LbH|N 1|Mb
pcndcnt |n thc scnsc that wc can ascr|bc to a cordnatc d
n0mcrcaI va!0c q0|tc |ndcpcndcnt D thc va!0c wc havc as-
cr|bcd to thc momcnt0m. Howcvcr, thc cxstcnccotl|anck`s
varab!cs. Wcco0|d havc 0csscd th|s rht away trom thc
Enstcn-dc ro|c rc|aton k=h|p, whch, aswc havc sccn,
connccts wavc|cnth to momcnt0m. l|anck`s constant h cx-
prcsscsarc|atonbctwccn|cnths(c|osc|yrc|atcdto thc con-
ccpt o|coordnatcs) and momcnta. Thcrctorc, postons and
ca!mcchan|cs. Thcopcratorscorrcspondntopostonsand
|n tcrms D thc momcnt0m, somcthn cxp|ancd |n a|! tcxt-
books dca|n w|th q0ant0m mcchancs.
Thc mportant pont sthat | na!! cascs, on!y onc typc N
q0anttyappcars(cthcrcoordnatc ormomcnt0m), b0t not
both. ln ths scnsc wcmaysay that thc q0ant0m mcchancs
Onct0ndamcnta!propcrty rcs0|tstromthcrc!atonbctwccn
opcrators |n q0ant0m mcchancs. thc two opcrators g_

do not commute-that s, thc rcs0|ts ot g___
and ot
app!cdtothc samct0nctonarcdllcrcnt.Thshaspro-
to0ndmp|catons, sncc on|y commutn opcrators adm|t
common ccnl0nctons. Th0s wc cannot dcntty a t0ncton
statc in which thc physicaI q0anttcs, cordinatc q and mo-
mcnt0mp, bothhavcawcI!-dcncdva!0c. Thss|t0aton,0n-
known |n cIass|caI mcchancs, |scxprcsscd by Hc|scnbcr'
tamo0s 0nccrta|nty rc!at|ons. Wc can mcas0rc a cordnalc
andamomcnt0m, b0tthcd|sprs|onsotthcmspcctvcposs|-
bIc prcd|ct|ons as cxprcsscd by Lg,L p arc rc!atcd by thc
Hc|scnbcr|ncq0a!tyLgL p h. Wc canmakcLgassma|!as
wcwant, b0tthcnL p ocs tonnty, andv|ccvcrsa.
t|ons,ando0rdsc0ssonsadm|ttcd!yovcrs|mp|cd. 0twc
ca0sa||ty. lt |sposs|b|ctodctcrm|ncthccoord|natc prccsc|y.
0t thc momcntwc Joso,thc momcnt0m w|||acq0|rcan ar-
b|trary va|0c, pos|t|vc or ncat|vc. ln othcr words, |n an |n-
Thc mcan|n of loca||zat|on bccomcs b|0rrcd. thc conccpts
thatform thc bas|sofc|ass|ca| mcchan|cs arc profo0nd|y aI-
Thcsc conscq0cnccs ofq0ant0m mcchan|cs wcrc 0nac-
pcr|mcnts wcrc dcv|scdto dcmonstratc thc|rabs0rd|ty. An
vo|vcd. ln part|c0| ar, |t was s0cstcdthat thc fo0ndat|onof
q0ant0m mcchan|cs |s |n somc way rc|atcd to pcrt0rbat|ons
rcs0|t|n from thc proccssofobscrvat|on. A systcm was
tho0ht to posscss |ntr|ns|ca||y wc||-dcncd mcchan|ca| pa-
ramctcrs s0chascoord|natcsandmomcnta,b0tsomcofthcm
wo0|dbcmadcf0zzybymcas0rcmcnt,andHc|scnbcr`s 0n-
ma|n |ntact on thc f0ndamcnta| |cvc|, and wc wo0|d s|mp|y
havc to add a pos|t|v|st|c q0a||f|cat|on. Th|s |ntcrprctat|on
sccmstoonarrow. lt|snotthcq0ant0mmcas0rcmcntproccss
thatd|st0rbsthcrcs0|ts. larfrom|t. l|anck`sconstantforccs
0s to rcv|sc o0rconccptsofcoord|natcs and momcnta. Th|s
conc|0s|on has bccn conl|rmcd by rcccntcxpcr|mcnts dc-
s|ncd to tcst thc ass0mpt|on of|oca| h|ddcn var|ab|cs that
wcrc|ntrod0ccdtorcstorcc|ass|ca|dctcrm|n|sm." Thcrcs0|ts
ofthosc cxpcr|mcnts conf|rm thc str|k|nconscq0cnccsO
quant0m mcchan|cs.
cmphas|zcd, that wc m0st |vc 0p thc rca||smofc|ass|caI
phys|cs. lor ohr, l|anck`s constant dcncs thc |ntcract|on
bctwccn a q0ant0m systcm and thc mcas0rcmcnt dcv|cc as
cr|bc n0mcr|ca| va|0cs. A|| dcscr|pt|on th0s |mp||cs a cho|cc
ofthcmcas0rcmcntdcv|cc,acho|ccofthcq0cst|onaskcd. ln
s0rcmcntwcarco|nto pcnormandwh|chq0cst|ono0rcx-
pcr|mcnts w||| askthc systcm. Th0s thcrc |s an |rrcd0c|b|c
m0|t|p||c|ty ofrcprcscntat|ons for a systcm, cach conncctcd
w|tha dctcrm|ncd sctofopcrators.
Th|s |mp||cs a dcpart0rc from thc c|ass|ca|not|onofob-
|cct|v|ty, s|ncc |nthc c|ass|ca| v|cw thcon|y "ob|cct|vc dc-
scr|pt|on |s thc comp|ctc dcscr|pt|on ofthe ayatem ua it ia,
|ndcpcndcntofthccho|ccofhow |t|sobscrvcd.
ohra|wayscmphas|zcd thcnovc|tyofthcpoaitive cho|cc
tar|ty," wh|ch may bc cons|dcrcd as an cxtcns|on ofHc|scn-
bcrg`s 0nccrta|nty rc|at|ons. Wc can mcas0rc coord|natcs or
momcnta, b0t notboth. No s|ng|cthcorct|ca||ang0agc art|c-
0|at|ngthc var|ab|csto wh|ch a wc||-dcncd va|0c can bcat-
tr|b0tcdcancxha0stthc phys|ca|con(cntofasystcm.Var|o0s
poss|b|c |ang0agcs andpo|ntsofv|cw abo0t thc systcm may
bccomp|cmcntary. Thcya|| dca|w|ththcsamcrca||ty,b0t|t|s
|mposs|b|ctorcd0ccthcmtooncs|ng|cdcscr|pt|on. Thc|rrc-
thc |mposs|b|||tyofa d|v|nc po|nt ofv|cw from wh|ch thc
say that thc s|gn|l|canccofq0ant0m mcchan|csa|ways madc
thc comfortab|c ro0tinc ofcommon scnsc.
Thcrca| |cssontobc |carncdfromthcpr|nc|p|cofcomp|c-
mcntar|ty, a |csson that can pcrhaps bc transfcrrcd to othcr
c|dsofknow|cdgc, consists|ncmphas|z|ngthcwca|thofrc-
a||ty, wh|ch ovcrows any s|ng|c |ang0agc, any sing|c |og|ca|
str0ct0rc. Each|ang0agccancxprcsson|ypartofrca||ty. M0-
t|ons, by any sty|cofcompos|t|on, from ach to Schnbcrg.
Wc havc cmphas|zcd thc |mportanccofopcrators bcca0sc
thcydcmonstratc that thc rca||ty st0d|cd byphys|cs|sa|soa
mcnta| constr0ct, |t |snotmcrc|yg|vcn. Wc m0st d|st|ng0|sh
rca||zat|on, wh|ch can bc rcachcd thro0gh cxpcr|mcnts. Onc
o|thc rcasons |crthc oppositionbctwccn thc ``twoc0lt0rcs
mayhavc bccnthcbc|icfthat||tcrat0rccorrcspondstod con-
ccpt0a|zaton ofrca|ty, to "cton, "wh|c sccncc sccmsto
cxprcssob|cctvcrca|ty. " Q0ant0mmcchancstcachcs0s
thatthcst0atonsnotsosmp|c.Ona|||cvc| srca|tymp|cs
an csscnta| c|cmcntofconccpt0aIzaton.
1TC 1C|QO3| vOOl|OD O 'O3l|O| CySlC|S
Wc sha|| now movc on to dsc0ss thc tcmpora| cvoI0ton of
q0ant0m systcms.Asnc|assca| mcchancs, thcHam|tonan
p|ays a f0ndamcnta| ro|c. As wc havc sccn, n q0ant0m mc-
chancs t s rcp|accd by thc Ham|tonan opcrator M__. Ths
cncry opcrator p| ays a ccntra| ro| c. on thc onc hand, ts
ccnva|0cs corrcspond to thc cncrgy |cvc|s; on thc othcr
hand,asnc|assca|mcchancs,thc Ham|tonanopcratordc-
tcrmncs thc tcmpora| cvo| 0ton of thc systcm. ln q0ant0m
mcchancsthc ro|cp|aycd bythccanonca|cq0atonofc|ass-
ca| mcchancs s takcn by thc Schrdngcr cq0aton, whch
cxprcsscsthctmccvo| 0tonofthcf0nctoncharactcrznthc
q0ant0m statcas thc rcs0|tofthc app|caton of thc opcrator
M__ on thc wavc f0ncton (thcrc arc, ofco0rsc, othcr for-
m0|atons, whch wc cannot dcscrbc hcrc). Thc tcrm "wavc
functonhasbccnchoscnto cmphaszconccaainthcwavc-
partc|cd0a|tysof0ndamcnta|na||ofq0antum physcs.ia
u nuvc umplitudc thatcvo|vcsaccordng to apartc|c typcof
cq0atondctcrmncd by thcHam|tonan. Schrdngcr`scq0a-
ton, |kc thc canonca| cq0aton of c| assca| physcs, cx-
pcsscs reversiIe and Jeterministic cvo|ut on. Thc
moton a|onga tra|cctory. Ifthc wavc f0ncton at avcn n-
forany prcvo0sor s0bscq0cntnstant. lrom ths vcwpont,
thcst0aton sstrct|y sm|arto thatnc|assca| mcchancs.
Thssbcca0sc thc0nccrtantyrc|atonsofq0ant0mmcchan-
Cu55Cul ucChuuC5. P5 u tc5ult, Clu55Cul dcIcruu5u Uc-
Hb|LVbH|N 1|Mb
crat|onspIayaccntraIro| c. lt |sthrouh thcwavc |ntcns|ty
(thc squarcofthcampI|t0dc)thatwc makccontact w|th stat|s-
t|ca| cons|dcrat|ons.
Thc standard stat|st|ca! |ntcrprctat|on oquantum mcchan-
tor-say, thc cncry opcratorH
-and thccorrcspond|n
c|cnvaIucs. ln cncraI thc wavc funct|on w|II not bc thc
c|cnfunct|on othc cncrgy opcrator, but|tcanbccxprcsscd
as thc s0pcrpos|t|ono thcsc c|cn!0nct|ons. Thc rcspcct|vc
|mportanccofcachc|gcnfunct|on|nth|s s0pcrpos|t|onaIIows
0sto ca|cuIatc thc probab|I|tyforthcappcaranccOthc var-
o0s poss|bIc corrcspond|ngc|cnvaIucs.
Hcrcaa|nwcnot|cc& fundamcntaIdcpart0rcfromcIass|-
caI thcory. OnIy probab|I|t|cs can bc prcd|ctcd, not s|nIc
probab|I|t|cs wcrc uscd to cxpIa|n somc bas|c fcaturcs ona-
t0rc. Thc rst t|mc was |n o|tzmann`s |ntcrprctat|on ocn-
tropy. Thcrc, howcvcr, a subjcct|vc po|ntofv|cw rcma|ncd
poss|bIc,|nth|sv|cw, "onIyour|gnorancc |nthcfaccofthc
compIcx|tyo thcsystcmscons|dcrcdprcvcntcd usfromach|cv-
|nacomp|ctcdcscr|pt|on.(WcshaII sccthattoay|t|spss|bIc
toovcrcomcth|satt|t0dc. )Hcrc, as bcforc, thc0scofproba-
b|I|t|cs was 0nacccptabIc to many phys|c|sts~|ncI0d|n E|n-
stc|n-who w| shcd to ach|cvc a "compIctc" dctcrm|n|st|c
rcspons|bIcforstat|st|caI bchav|or|nthcquant0mworId,|ust
as |tmakcs usrcspons|bIcfor |rrcvcrs|b|I|ty.
Ln0c gn Wc 0Omc lO lhc lOOcm O| h000n VlO0S.
Howcvcr,aswc havc sa|d,thcrchasbccnnocxpcr|mcntaIcv|-
Oprobab|I|t|cs sccms|rrcd0c|bIc.
Thcrc |s onIy onc casc |n wh|ch thc 5chrd|ngcrcq0at|on
!cadstoadctcrm|n|st|cprcd|ct|on. that |s whcn , |nstcadof
bc|naauperpoaition oc|cnfunct|ons,|sreduced toas|nIc
onc. lnpart|c0Iar, |nan|dcaImcasurcmcntproccss,a systcm
maybcprcparcd |nsuchaway thatthcrcs0Itofa|vcnmca-
s0rcmcnt maybc prcd|ctcd. Wc thcn knowthat thc systcm|s
dcscr|bcdbythccorrcspond|nc|cnfunct|on. lrom thcnon,
lHC 5y5ICH Hdy UC UC5CIDCU WlID CCIIdDIy d5 DCD in thc
c|cnstatc |nd|catcd by thcmcas0rcmcntrcs0It.
c|aI s|n|canccthat |sattract|ncons|dcrab|c |ntcrcsttoday
5upposcwc startw|thawavc funct|on, wh|ch |s |ndccda su-
pcrpos|t|onofc|cnfunct|ons. As arcs0|tofthc mcas0rcmcnt
proccss, th|s s|nIc coIIcct|on of systcms a|I rcprcscntcd by
thc samc wavc f0nct|on |s rcpIaccd by a co||cct|on ofwavc
funct|ons corrcspond|n to thc var|ous c|cnva|0cs that may
bcmcas0rcd. 5tatcd tcchn|ca|Iy, amcasurcmcnt Icads from a
s|nIc wavc f0nct|on(a"p0rc statc)toa m|xt0rc
As ohr and KoscnfcId'" rcpcatcd|y po|ntcd o0t, cvcry
mcasurcmcntconta|nsan c|cmcntofirreveraihility, anappcaI
madc to|rrcvcrs|bIcphcnomcna, s0ch as chcm|caI proccsscs
corrcspond|ntothcrccord|nofthc"data. Kccord|n|sac-
compan|cd by an amp||cat|on whcrcbya m|croscop|c cvcnt
prod0ccs an chcctona macroscop|cIcvc|-that|s,a IcvcI at
wh|chwc canrcad thc mcasur|n|nstr0mcnts. Thc mcasurc-
mcnt thus prcs0pposcs |rrcvcrs|b|||ty.
Th|s was |n a scnsca|rcadytr0c|nc|ass|caIphys|cs. How-
|s morc0rcnt|nq0ant0m mcchan|cs bcca0sc|tra|scsq0cs-
t|ons atthcIcvc|of|tsform0|at|on.
m0t0a|Iy|rrcd0c|b|cproccsscs, thc rcvcrsib|candcontin0o0s
cvo|0t|on dcscribcd by 5chrd|ncr`s cq0at|on and thc |rrc-
vcrs|b|c and d|scont|nuo0s rcd0ct|on ofthc wavc f0nct|on to
paradox. thc rcvcrs|b|c5chrd|ncrcq0at|on canbctcstcd
on|ybyirrcvcrsib|cmcas0rcmcntsthatthccq0ationisby JcJ-
nition 0nab|c to dcscr|bc. lt |s th0s |mposs|b|c for q0ant0m
mcchan|cs to sct 0pa c|oscd str0ct0rc.
ln thcfacc ofthcscd|mc0|t|cs, somc phys|c|stshavc oncc
morctakcnrcf0c |n sub|cctiv|sm, stat|nthat ne-our mca-
s0rcmcntandcvcn,forsomc,our mind-dctcrmincthccvo|0-
t|onofthc systcmthatbrcaks thc|awofnat0raI, "ob|cct|vc
| |
|mprobab|c "so|0t|ons" havc aIso bccn proposcd, s0ch as
Evcrcttsmany-wor|dhypothcsIs(sccd'Tspanat,rcf. 8). For
us, howcvcr, thccocx|stcncc|nq0ant0mmcchan|csofrcvcrs-
ibiIity and irrcvcrsibi|ity shows that thc cIassica| idca|ization
cannot bc scparatcd from thc macroscopic conccpts that dc-
scribcthcf0nctioning Oo0r mcas0rcmcnt instr0mcnts. 5chr-
dingcr`scq0ationdocsnotdcscribcascparatc |cvc|ofrca|ity;
rathcritprcsupposcsthc macroscopicwor|d to whichwcbc-
aspcctofonc ofthc prob|cms to which this book is dc-
HamiItoniantrajcctorics and 5chrdingcr`scq0ation,and thc
compIcxmacroscopicwor|dofirrcvcrsib|c proccsscs.
q0ant0m mcchanics is s0sccptib|c tothc samc typc O soI0-
ton. lndccd, thc wavc f0nctionrcprcscntsthc maxim0m
tion cq0ation. ln both cascs, irrcvcrsibi|ity cntcrs whcn thc
idcaIobjcct corrcsponding to maxim0m know|cdgchastobc
rcp|accdby Icss idcaIizcdconccpts.B0twhcndocs this hap-
pcn? This is thcq0cstionofthcphysicaImcchanismsofirrc-
s0mmarizc somc othcrfcat0rcs ofthc rcncwaI ofcontcmpo-
rary scicncc.
/ J|Cd'''O''d| .|v3
asattcmpts toincorporatc 0nivcrsaI constants, c and h, into
conscq0cnccs, somcofwhichwchavc dcscribcdhcrc.lrom
oftimc. lnq0ant0mmcchan|cs,onccthcwavc f0nctionattimc
HbH U1 LHP 3
zcro is known, its va|0c (t) both forf0t0rc and pastisdctcr-
mncd. likcwisc,inrc|ativitythcorythcatutic gcomctriccharac-
tcr of timc is oftcn cmphasizcd by thc 0sc offo0r-dimcnsionaI
prcsscdconcisc|y by Minkowskiin I 9O8, "spacc by itscIfand
onIy a kind of 0nion ofthc two wi|I prcscrvc an indcpcndcnt
rca|ty . . . on|y awor|dinitsc|fwi|I s0bsist.'"
0tovcr thc past vc dccadcs this sit0ation has radica||y
changcd. Q0ant0m mcchanics has bccomc thc main tooI for
so0tsidcthcscopcofthisbook to dcscribcthcbcwi|dcrin
varictyofcIcmcntary partic|cs that havc appcarcd d0rinthc
past fcw ycars.
Wc wanton|yto rcca|| that,0singboth q0ant0mmcchanics
andrc|ativity,Di rac dcmonstratcdthatwchavctoassociatcto
cach partic|c ofmass m and chargc e an antipartic|c ofthc
samcmass b0tofoppositcchargc. Positrons,thcantipartic|cs
ofc|cctrons, as wc|| as antiprotons, arc c0rrcnt|y bcing pro-
d0ccd in high-cncrgy accc|crators. Antimattcr has bccomc a
commons0bjcct ofst0dy in partic|c physics.ParticIcsand
coIIidc, prod0cinphotons, mass|css partic|cscorrcsponding
to Iight. Thc cq0ations ofq0ant0m thcory arc symmctric in
rcspcct to thccxchangc partic|c-antipartic|c, or morc prc-
ciscIy, thcyarcsymmctric inrcspccttoawcakcrrcq0ircmcnt
knownasthcCP symmctry. lnspitcofthis symmctry, thcrc
cxists a rcmarkab|c Jiaaymmetry bctwccn particlcs and anti-
partic|cs in thc wor|d aro0nd 0s. Wc arc madc of partic|cs
prod0cts. lf particIcs and antipartic|cs cocxistcd in cq0aI
amo0nt, aII mattcrwo0|dbc annihi|atcd. Thcrc is strongcv-
cIcs and antipartic|cs, hidcs antipartic|cs somcwhcrc. How-
cvcr, itsccmsmorc |ikc|ythatwc |ivc ina "nonsymmctrica|"
0nivcrscwhcrc mattcrcomp|ctc|y dominatcsantimattcr.
How is this possib|c?A modc| cxp|aining thc sit0ation was
QIC3CDlCO Dj cuKDuIOV lD l 966, uDO lOOuj DUCD VOIK l3 DClD@
donca|onthcsc|incs. 'Onccsscntia|c|cmcntofthcmodc|is
bcinnoneguilihrium conditiona, foratcq0i| ibri0mthc|awo
amo0nts o mattcrand antimattcr.
now acq0ircd a ncw, cosmo|ogica| dimcnsion. Witho0t non-
thc univcrsc wo0|d havc a comp|ctc|y diffcrcnt str0ct0rc.
Thcrcwo0|d bc no apprcciab|c amo0ntofmattcr, on|y somc
0ct0atin |oca| cxccsscs ofmattcr ovcr antimattcr, or vicc
thccxistcnccofthc0nivcrsa|constanth, q0ant0mthcory has
cvo|vcdintoathcoryofm0t0a| transformationso c|cmcntary
partic|cs.lnrcccntattcmptstoform0|atca "0nicdthcoryo
c|cmcntarypartic|csithascvcnbccns0ggcstcdthatall parti-
c|csofmattcr,inc|0dingthcproton, arc0nstab|c(howcvcr,thc
|ifctimcofthcprotonwo0|dbccnormo0s, ofthcordcro l U
ycars). Mcchanics, thc scicnccofmotion, instcadofcorrc-
sponding to thcf0ndamcnta| |cvc| of dcscription, bccomcs a
mcrc approximation, 0scf0| on|y bcca0scofthc |ong |ifctimc
o c|cmcntary partic|cs s0chas protons.
tions. Aswc mcntioncd, itstartcdasagcomctricthcorythat
strong|y cmphasizcd timc|css fcat0rcs. Today it is thc main
too| for invcstigating thc thcrma| history of thc 0nivcrsc,for
providing c|0cs to thc mcchani sms that |cd to thc prcscnt
ity, has thcrcforc acq0ircd a ncw 0rgcncy. From thc c|d O
cnginccring, of app|icd chcmistry, whcrc it was rst form0-
Iatcd, ithas sprcad to thc who|cofphysics,fromc|cmcntary
partic|cs to cosmo|ogy.
lromthcpcrspcctivcofthisbook,thcimportancco q0an-
t0mmcchanics|ics initsintrod0ctionofprobabi|ityinto micro-
scopicphysics. This sho0|dnotbcconf0scd with thc stohastic
proccsscsthat dcscribc chcmica| rcactions as disc0sscd in
ChaptcrV. lnq0ant0mmcchanics,thcwavc f0nctioncvo|vcs
Wc havc sccnthatinthcttyycars sinccthcform0|ationo
hasrcvca|cdthat00ct0ations,stochasticc|cmcnts,arc impor-
tantcvcnonthc microscopicscaIc. Wc havcrcpcatcdIystatcd
inthis bookthatthc rcconccpt0aIizationofphysics goingon
tic andirrcvcrsib|concs. Wc bc|icvc thatq0ant0mmcchanics
probabiIityappcars, b0tnotirrcvcrsibi|ity.Wc cxpcct, andwc
shaII givc somc rcasons for this in ChaptcrlX, that thc ncxt
stcp wiIIbc thc introd0ctionoff0ndamcntaIirrcvcrsibi|ityon
cIassicaIorthodoxythro0gh hiddcnvariab|csorothcrmcans,
wc shaI| arg0c thati t i sncccssaryto movccvcnfarthcraway
caI, stochastic dcscription.
C1 V '
1Hl N
'|OO3O|||ly 3lO ' ||CvC|S|O||ly
Y B0B|| B 0B 0B||y v|yW0| 0 Q0yB|C|B 0BB
QU|QO |O0 0|B BC|0C 0 UB O O0WBy |0, BB
0OUQ0 BWB| 0B 0|B |OB |0|OOUCB B0 B0|OQO
0O|Q0|C |00I B||0 O 0 |OB|B O Q0yB|CB ||
0|BB, |0 Bv|B| | 0QO|B0 CBBB U0| O| |C|O0B| |0
B0O U0| O| |C|O0B| CBUBB||y 0Bv O0 |0vOKO, OU B|
B|B OOC||0
10 |BW 0B 0|OQy B|WyB | 0C|BBB0 BCO0O
|BW O 0|0OOy0B0|CB0O|OB, | 0|0K, I0 BUQ|0
QOB||O0 B0O0Q 0 |BWB O |BU| | BO0O0 QO|0B
OU O yOU 0B yOU| Q 0O|y O 0 U0|v|B |B |H
O| BBQ|00 W| 0 NBXW| | B QUB| O0B00 BO
0UC0 0 WO|B O| MBXW||S QUB|O0B ' | |B OU0O O
O CO0|BO|CO Oy OOB|vB|O0W| | , 0B XQ
||00B| |BB OO OU0Q| H|0QB BO0|0B CU | yOU|
0O|y |B OU0O O O BQB|0B 0 BCO0O |BW O 0|
0OOy0B0|CB | CB0 Q|v yOU 0O 0OQ, 0|O |B 0O0|0Q
O| | OU O CO||BQB |0 OQB 0U0|| |B|O0
PC. c00'XUTO
cs, thc conct bctwccn thcrmodynamcs and dynamcs bc-
CBDC DDVlDU3. hClC 3 hlUly & 3lD@lC QUC3llDD lD QH5lC5 lHdt
HbH 1 | LHA 3
tion bctwccn thcrmodynamics and dynamics. Evcn now,
h0ndrcd and fifty ycars aftcrCIa0si0s , thc q0cstion stiII
ict, which invoIvcs thc mcanin ofrcaIity and timc. M0st
dynamics, thc mothcrofmodcrnscicncc, bc abandoncd in
thc "cncrcticists, "whocxcrtcdrcatinfI0cnccd0rinthc
ninctccnthccnt0ry. lsthcrcd way to "savc" dynamics,to rc-
co0p thc sccond Iaw witho0tivin 0p thc formidabIc str0c-
t0rc b0iIt by Ncwton and hi s s0cccssors? What roI ccan
cntropy p|ay ina worId dcscribcdbydynamics?
Wc havc aIrcadymcntioncdthcanswcrproposcd byoItz-
mann. oItzmann`s famo0s cq0ation 5 k log rcIatcs cn-
tropyandpmbabi|ity: cntropyrosbcca0scpmbabiIityros.
nof0ndamcntaIsinicancc.ln his cxccIIcntbook 1he Amhi-
dexlroua Univerae, MartinGardncrwritcs: "Ccrtaincvcntso
onIyoncwaynotbcca0scthcycan`tothc othcrwayb0tbc-

y im-
provino0rabiIiticstomcas0rc Icss and Icss 0nIikcIycvcnts,
as smaII a roIc as wc want. This is thc point ofvicw that i s
oftcn takcn today. Howcvcr, thi swas notPIanck`s pointot
ltwo0Idbcabs0rdtoass0mcthatthcvaIidityo thcscc-
ondIawdcpcndsinanyway onthcskiIIOthcphysicist
orchcmistinobscrvinorcxpcrimcntin.Thcisto thc
sccondIawhas nothinto do with cxpcrimcnt, thc Iaw
asscrtsbricythatlhere exiala in ndlure d gudnlily nhich
chdnyea dlndya in lhe adme aenae in dll ndlurdl pro-
ceaaea. Thc proposition statcd in thiscncraIform may
bc corrcct or incorrcct, b0twhichcvcr it may bc, i twiII
rcmain so, irrcspcctivcofwhcthcrthinkinandmcas0r-
inbcinscxiston thccarthornot, and whcthcrornot,
ass0minthcy docxist,thcyarcabIctomcas0rcthcdc-
taiIsofphysicaI orchcmicaI proccsscs morc acc0ratcIy
by onc, two, ora h0ndrcd dccimaI pIaccs than wc can.
HC lHllOD lO lHC lW, D, Hu5l lC D lDC 5HC
Zb 1Hb LLH L1H|Nbb
is, in fact, our on|y way of arrivin at a knowIcdc of
natura| |aw."
Howcvcr, lIanck`s vicws rcmaincd isoIatcd. As wc notcd,
"lrrcvcrsibiIity i sthc chcct of thc introduction of inorancc
into thc basic Iawsofphysics.
lnthcprcscntchaptcrwc wishtodcscribcsomcofthcbasic
stcps in thc dcvc|opmcnt ofthc intcrprctation ofthc sccond
Iaw. Wc m0st rst 0ndcrstand why this prob|cm appcarcd to
bcsodimcu|t. lnChaptcrlXwc sha|| oontoprcscntancw
approach that, wc hopc, wiII cIcarIy cxprcss boththc radcaI
oriinaIityand thcob|cctivc mcaninofthc sccond Iaw. Our
concIusionwiIIarcc with l|anck`svicw. Wc shaII showthat,
lirst wc wish to c|arify o|tzmann`s association ofproba-
biIity and cntropy. Wc sha|I bcin by dcscribin thc "urn
modc| " proposcdby andT. Ehrcnfcst. ConsidcrA ob|ccts
. AtrcuIartimcintcrvaIs(forcxampIc,cvcrysccond)abaII
hee n _ _
A b

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k b
QUf0Z. LDf0n0SS Ufn RO0|. MDR||S Rf0 O|S!f|DU0O De!ween!wOCOn-
|0S|S 800 B. l|mS 0 lhS|S |S KD||S |0 P00 MKD||S |0 B. |Sgd||
|0S |0S|V|S D|| |S 8S0 |0000 |00 00 u | 0 B.
HbH U1 | LHA b
choscn at random and movcd from onc contancrto thc
othcr. 50pposcthatattimcn thcrc arc k ba|Isin Aand Dk
baIIs in . Thcn at tmc n + l thcrccan bc nActhcrk l or
k+ l baII s. Wc havcthctranstionprobabiIiticsk/A forkk l
and l klA for kk+ l . 50pposc wc contin0c thc gamc. Wc
bIcdistrb0tionino|tzmann`s scnsc wi||bcnachcd. Whcnthc
n0mbcrA ofba||ssIargc,thisdstrb0toncorrcspondstoan
cq0aIn0mbcrAlZ ofba||sincach0rn.Thscanbcvcricdby
cIcmcntary caIc0|atons orbypcrformingthccxpcrimcnt.
|gu|0 Z4. |OCP lO 0qu|||D||u0 {K N} |P Lh|0P0SS U|P 0000
(8chemat|c reresentat|On).
ThcEhrcnfcstmodc| sasmp|ccxampIcofa"Markovpro-
ccss" (or Markov "chain"), namcdaftcrthcgrcat K0ssan
mathcmatician Markov, who was onc ofthcrstto dcscrbc
s0chproccsscs(Poincarc wasanothcr). lnbricf, thcrcharac-
tcrsticfcat0rc s thc cxistcnccofwc||-dcncdtranstionprob-
ab|itics independent o] thc previoua hiato o] the ayatem.
scrbcdintcrmsofcntropy.lct0sca|I(k) thcprobabiIityof
ndingk ba||s n A. Wc may thcnassocatc to t an Jq0an-
tty, which hasthcprcciscpropcrticsofcntropythatwcds-
c0sscd n Chaptcr lV. lig0rc 3 givcs an cxamp|c of its
thccntropyofan iso|atcd istr0cthatJdecreuaca
Wlh lD, Whll h DlIOQy lDCIB55, DU hB l5 B DBl of
dcnition. Jp|ays thc ro|c of .
|gd|0 2. |00 0VD|d|D0 D h0 Jqd0|y [06!|060 |0 h0 6X] CD||0-
SD00|0g D h0 Lh|60!6S 0D00|. h|S qd0|y 06C|0S0S 0D0DD0DdS|y
00 V0|Sh0S D| |D0g |06S.
Thc mathcmatica| mcaningofthis J q0antity is worth
considcringinmorcdctai| . itmcas0rcsthcdiffcrcnccbctwccn
thc probabi|itics at a givcn timc and thosc that cxist at thc
cq0i|ibri0m statc (whcrc thc n0mbcr ofba||s in cach 0rn is
AlZ). Thc arg0mcnt 0scd in thc Ehrcnfcst 0rn modc| can bc
wc s0bdividc thcsq0arc into a n0mbcrof disjointcd rcgions
(scclig0rcZ). Thcnwcconsidcrthcdistributionofpartic|cs
inthcsq0arcandca||F(k, t)thcprobabi|ityofndingapartic|c
in thc rcgionk. 5imi|ar|y, wc ca|| ]__(k) this q0antity whcn
0niformity is rcachcd. Wc ass0mc that, as in thc 0rn modc| ,
ofthcJq0antity is
J 2 (k, t) log
Notcthcratio(k, t)/[__(k) thatappcarsinthisformu|a. 5up-
po8c !hcrc urc cgh! UoXc8 uud !hu! f__(k) /o. tor cXuuplc,
wcmaystartwitha||thcpartic|csinthcrstbox. Thccorrc-
HbH U1 | LHP
spnd|nva|0csofF(k, t)wo0Idbc( l ,t) =l , a||othcrszcro. As
thcrcs0|twcnd.!|=/og ( I /j I l8J) =/og 8. Ast|mcgocsby,thc
part|cIcsbccomccq0a||yd|str|b0tcdand(k,l) =[__(k) =I |B.
accordanccw|thl|g0rcZ, thcdccrcasc|nthcva|0cof.hpro-
cccds |n a0n|lormlash|on. (Thc dcmonstrat|on |s g|vcn|na||
tcxtbooksdca||ngw|th thc thcoryofstochast|cproccsscs. )
Th|s| swhyJpIaysthcroIcof 5, cntropy. Thc0n|formdc-
crcascOJhas d vcry s|mp|c mcan|ng. |t mcas0rcs thc pro-
rcss|vc0n|form|zat|onofthc systcm. Thc |n|t|aI |nlormat|on
|s |ost, and thc systcmcvo|vcs from "ordcr to "d|sordcr. "
Notc thata Markov proccss |mpI|cs0ct0at|ons,asc|carIy
|nd|catcd|nl|g0rcZ4. lfwcwo0|dwa|t|ongcno0ghwcwo0Id
rccovcr thc |n|t|a| statc. Howcvcr, wc arc dca||ng w|th avcr-
acs.Thc1_q0ant|tythatdccrcascs 0n|formIy |scxprcsscd
|ntcrms Oprohuhi/ity diatrihutiona and not |n tcrmsof|nd|-
v|d0aIcvcnts. lt|sthcprobab|||tyd|str|b0t|onthatcvo|vcs|r-
mvcrs|bIy (|n thc Ehrcnfcst modcI, thc d|str|b0t|on f0nct|on
tcndsun|form|ytoa b|nom|a| d|str|b0t|on).Thcrcforc, onthc
Icvc| od|str|b0t|on f0nct|ons, Markov cha|ns Icad to a one-
nuyneaa in time.
Th|s arrow o t|mc marks thcd|hcrcncc bctwccn Markov
cha|ns and tcmporaI cvo|0t|on |n q0ant0m mcchan|cs, whcrc
thcwavc f0nct|on, tho0ghrc|atcdtoprobab|I|t|cs,cvo|vcsre-
veraih/y. lt aIso|II0stratcs thcc|oscrc|at|on bctwccn stochas-
t|c proccsscs, s0ch as Markov cha|ns, and |rrcvcrs|b|||ty.
Howcvcr, thc|ncrcas|ngofcntropy(ordccrcas|ngofJ|snot
o0rdcc|s|onto 0sc prcscnt know|cdgc toprcd|ctf0t0rc (and
not past) bchav|or. G|bbs statcs |t|n h|s 0s0a| Iap|dary man-
worId. lt sho0|d not bc forgottcn, whcn o0r cnscmb|cs
arcchoscnto |||0stratc thcprobab|||t|csofcvcnts |nthc
rcaI worId, that wh||c thc probab|||t|csofs0bscq0cnt
cvcntsmay oftcnbcdctcrm|ncdfromthcprobab|||t|csot
priorCYCDl5, l 5 llCl] lHC C5C lHl QIOUUlllC5 O QIOI
cvcnts can bc dctcrm|ncd from thosc osubscqucnt
cvcnts,forwcarc rarcIy|0st|cd|ncxcI0d|nthccons|d-
lt|san|mportant po|nt,wh|ch hasIcdtoarcatdcaIofd|sc0s-
s|on. lrobab|I|ty caIc0I0s |s |ndccd t|mc-or|cntcd. Thc prc-
d|ct|onofthc f0t0rc |s d|hcrcntfromrctrod|ct|on. lfth|swas
thcwhoIcstory, wcwouIdhavctoconcI0dcthatwcarcforccd
d|st|nct|onbctwccnfuturcand past wo0IddcpcndonIyon0s.
|ty (f0rthcr rc|nforccd by thcamb|0ous anaIoy w|th |nfor-
mat|on thcory), thc obscrvcr |s rcspons|bIc for thc tcmporaI
asymmctrycharactcr|z|nthcsystcm`sdcvcIopmcnt. 5|ncc
and vcIoc|t|csofaII thc part|cIcs compos|n a compIcx sys-
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Wc shaIItakc 0p th|s q0cst|on |n Chaptcr lX. Hcrc Ict 0s
rct0rn to thc h|storyofsc|cncc and oItzmann's p|onccr|ng
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thatth|s |sthcccnt0ryofDarw| n. oItzmannwasdccpIyat-
tractcd by thc |dcaofcvoI0t|on, and h|samb|t|onwas tobc-
comcthc "Darw|nofthccvo|0t|onofmattcr.
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thcposs|b|I|tyofa stat|st|ca| dcscr|pt|on. Th|s stcphad bccn
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q0cncy. Wc may aIsocIass|fy co|I|s|ons-forcxamp| c, d|s-
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thcvc|oc|ty d|str|b0t|ons0chthat thc cccts mthcd|ffcrcnt
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Maxwc|| dcmonstratcd that th|s part|c0|ar statc, wh|ch | s
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somc olthc basic |aws dcscribing thc bchav|or olgascs. An
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atcdw|th thcir motion. Expcr|mcnts havc vcr|cd MaxwcI|'s
Iaw w|th grcat acc0racy, and |t sti|| providcs a bas|s lor thc
so|0t|onoln0mcro0s prob|cms |n physica| chcmistry (lorcx-
amp|c,thcca|c0|at|onolthc n0mbcrolco||isions|narcact|vc
o|tzmanu, howcvcr, wantcd to go larthcr. Hc wantcd to
dcscr|bc not on|y thc atute O cq0i|ibr|0m b0t a|so evolution
toward cq0i|ibri0m-thatis, cvoI0tion toward thcMaxwc|||an
that corrcsponds to thc |ncrcasc O cntropy, thc mcchan|sm
toward cq0|||br|0m.
atthc|cvc|olapopulution Omo|cc0|cs.Th|s,o|tzmannlc|t,
tion-nat0ra|sc|cction-cannotbc dcncd loroncindivid0aI
b0ton|yloraIargcpop0|ation. ltisthcrclorcastat|st|caIcon-
o|tzmann's rcs0|tmay bc dcscribcd |n rc|at|vc|y s|mp|c
tcrms.Thccvo|0t|onolthcd|strib0t|onl0nct|on/(v, t) olthc
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thc s0moltwo chccts, thcn0mbcrO part|c|cs at anygivcn
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mot|onolthcpart|cIcs and as thcrcs0|tOco||is|onsbctwccn
olc|ass|ca| dynamics. lt |s inthc invcstigation Othc sccond
rcs0|t, d0c to co|||sions, that thc or|ginu|ity ol o|tzmann's
mcthod||cs. lnthclaccOthcdimc0|tics|nvo|vcdinlo||ow|ng
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n0mbcrofco|||s|onscrcat|ng ordcstroy|nga mo|cc0|c corrc-
spond|ng to a vc|oc|ty v.
Hcrc oncc aga|n thcrc arc two proccsscs w|th oppos|tc
cccts-"d|rcct co|||s|ons,thoscprod0c|ngamo|cc0|c w|th
vcIoc|ty V start|ngfrom two mo|cc0|cs w|th vc|oc|t|cs V
V |s dcstroycd by co|||s|on w|th a mo|cc0|c w|th vc|oc|ty V
Asw|th chcm|caI rcact|ons(sccChaptcrV,scct|on I ),thcfrc-
q0cncyofs0chcvcnts |scva|0atcdasbc|ngproport|onaItothc
prod0ctofthc n0mbcrofmo|cc0Ics tak|ng part |n thcsc pro-
ccsscs.(Ofco0rsc,h|stor|ca|| yspcak|ng,o|tzmann'smcthod
[ I 872] prcccdcd that ofchcm|ca| k|nct|cs.)
obta|ncd |n Markov cha|ns. Aga|n wc sha|| |ntrod0cc an J
q0ant|ty, th|s t|mc rclcrr|ng to thc vc|oc|ty d|str|b0t|on/ lt
maybcwr|ttcnJl= ] ]log ] dv. Onccaga|n,th|sq0ant|tycan
onIy dccrcasc|nt|mc 0nt|| cq0|||br|0m|srcachcdandthcvc-
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ln rcccnt ycars thcrc havc bccn n0mcro0s n0mcr|ca| vcr-
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conrmo|tzmann`sprcd|ct|on. Evcntoday, h|sk|nct|ccq0a-
t|on pIays an|mportantroIc|nthcphys|csofgascs. transport
cocmc|cnts s0ch as thosc charactcr|z|nghcatcond0ct|v|tyor
taI data.
Howcvcr, |t |s from thc conccpt0aI standpo|nt that oItz-
mann`sach|cvcmcnt |s grcatcst. thc d| st|nct|on bctwccnrc-
vcrs|bIc and|rrcvcrs|b|cphcnomcna,wh|ch,aswchavcsccn,
0ndcr||csthc sccond |aw, |s now transposcd ontothc m|cro-
scop|c Icvc|. Thc changc of thc vc|oc|ty d|str|b0t|on d0c to
t|on ofcntropy. A pr|nc|p|c of mo|cc0|ar cvoI0t|on had bccn
prod0ccd| lt|scasyto0ndcrstandthcfasc|nat|onth|sd|scov-
n lIanck, E|nstc|n, and 5chrd|ngcr. '
Uoltzmunn's brcukthrough wus u docisivo stop intho diroc-
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ton ofthc physcs ofproceaaea. What dctcrmncs tcmporaI
cvo|0t|on n oItzmann's cq0at|on |s no |ongcr thc Ham||to-
nan, dcpcnd|ng on thc typc offorccs, now, on thc contrary,
f0nct|ons assoc|atcd w|th thc proccsscsfor cxamplc, thc
cI0dc that thc prob|cmof|rrcvcrs|b|l|tyhas bccn so|vcd,that
o|tzmann's thcory hasrcd0ccdcntropytodynam|cs?Thc
'O0Sl|OD'D_ cO'lZ|3DD3 ' 0l0Q0l3l|OD
As soon aso|tzmann'sf0ndamcntaIpapcrappcarcd|n I 872,
vcrsb|Ity from dynam|cs?How co0|d thc rcvcrsbIc Iaws O
trajcctor|cs Icad to rrcvcrs|b|c cvo|0ton? ls oItzmann's k-
nctccq0at|on n any way compatb|c wth dynam|cs? lt s
casytoscc that thc symmctry prcscnt n o|tzmann's cq0a-
ton s n contrad|ctonw|th thc symmctryofc|asscaI mc-
Wc havc a|rcady sccn that vc|oc|ty nvcrson (vv) pro-
d0ccsn c|ass|caI dynamcs thc samc cffcctas t|mc nvcrson
(tt). Th|s |s a bas|c symmctry ofc|ass|ca| dynam|cs, and
scrbcs thc tmcchangc ofthc d|str|b0t|onf0ncton, wo0Id
sharc ths symmctry. 0t ths |s not so. Thc coI||son tcrm
caIc0Iatcdbyo|tzmannrcma|nsinvuriunt with respect to ve-
locity inveraion. Thcrc s a smp|c physcaI rcason for ths.
Noth|ng n o|tzmann's pct0rc d|stng0|shcsa co|I|son that
thc past. Ths | s thc bass o Po|ncarc`s objcct|on to o|tz-
mann's dcrvat|on. A corrcct caIc0Iaton can ncvcr Icad to
conc|0sonsthatcontradct|tsprcmscs. ' Aswchavcsccn,
thc symmctry propcrtcs ofthc knct|c cq0at|on obta|ncd by
namcs. o|tzmanncannot, thcrcforc, havc "dcd0ccd" cn-
tropy from dynam|cs. Hc m0st havc ntrod0ccd somcth|n
uoW, 6Ouohu@ 1Olo@u O UyuuC3. hU3 h3 lc3Ul3 CBDrcg-
rcscnt at bcst onIy a phcnomcnoIog|caI modcI that, howcvcr
uscf0I,hasnod|rcctrcIat|onw|thdynam|cs. Th|swasaIsothc
ob|cct|onthatZcrmcIo(l8) bro0ghtaga|nsto|tzmann.
to dctcrm|nc thc ltmtla o] vultdtty of oItzmann`s k|nct|c
modcI.lnfact, loschm|dtobscrvcd( l 8T) thatth|smodcIcan
|ngto thctransformat|on vv.
lct 0scxpIa|n th|s by mcans ofa tho0ghtcxpcr|mcnt. Wc
. Wc thcn|nvcrtthc vcIoc|t|cs. Thc systcmrcvcrtsto|ts
past statc. As a conscq0cncc, oItzmann`s cntropy |s thc
samcatt =0 andatt =Zt
Wc may m0|t|pIy s0chtho0ghtcxpcr|mcnts. 5tartw|tha
m|xt0rc ofhydrogcn and oxygcn,atcrsomc t|mc watcrw|II
appcar. lfwc |nvcrt thc vcIoc|t|cs, wc sho0Id go back to an
|n|t|aI statc w|thhydrogcnandoxygcnandnowatcr.
lt |s|ntcrcst|ngthat|n |aboratoryorcomp0tcrcxpcr|mcnts,
wcact0aIIycanpcrformavcIoc|ty|nvcrs|on. lorcxamp|c, |n
l|g0rcs Z and ZT, o|tzmann`s Jq0ant|ty has bccn caIcu-
Iatcdfor two-d|mcns|onaI hard sphcrcs (hard d|sks), start|n
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|gu|0 2. LV0|u|0P 0 JW|P |00 0| N P|0 SP0|0S Dy C00u0f
S|0u||0P, {) C0||0S0P0S 0 N=1 0, {D) 0 N=4b4, {C} 0 N=1 Z.
Hb LLH | L1H|Nb
w|th d|sks onIatt|cc s|tcs w|th an |sotrop|c vc|oc|ty d|str|bu-
t|on. Thc rcs0|tsfo|Iow o|tzmann's prcd|ct|ons.
scc|nad||0tcgas, thcvcIoc|t|csarc|nvcrtcd,ancwcn-
mann'sJq0ant|ty |ncrcascs |nstcadofdccrcas|ng.


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O|||S|0PS. |0u||0P W|P 1 0P|0 SP0|0S.
A s|m|Iarstuaton can bc produccd |n sp|ncchocxpcr-
m0nlS OI QSm 00hO 0XQ0Im0nlS. h0I0 SO, OV0I ml00
pcr|ods ott|mc, an "ant|thcrmodynam|c" bchav|or |n oItz-
mann`s scnscmay bcobscrvcd.
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acrwh|chthc|nvcrs|on occ0rs |s|ncrcascd.
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th|ngthathappcncdto |td0r|ngthc t|mc|ntcrva|from tot.
Thcrc mustbc "storagc" ot|nformat|on. Wc can cxprcssth|s
storagc ntcrmsotcorrc|at|ons bctwccn part|c|cs. Wc shaIl
comcbacktothc q0cst|onofcorrcIat|ons|nChaptcrlX. Lct
corrc|at|ons and co||s|ons that |s thc c|cmcnt m|ss|ng from
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wasdoncprcv|o0sIy,andthcsystcmhastorcvcrtto |ts|n|tiaI
statc. Thcrcforc, thc f0nct|onJm0staIso|ncrcasc 0nt|I |t
aa|nrcachcs|ts|n|t|aIvaI0c. Vc|oc|ty|nvcrsonth0scaIIsfor
d d|st|nct|onbctwccnthcs|t0at|onstowhichoItzmann'srca-
son|nappI|cs and thosc to wh|ch |tdocs not.
OnccthcprobIcmwasstatcd( I 894), |twascasyto |dcnt|fy
thcnat0rc of th|s I|m|tat|on. ''1hc vaI|d|ty of oItzmann's
stat|st|caI proccd0rc dcpcnds on thc ass0mpt|on that he]orc
thcy coII|dc, thc moIcc0|cs bchavc independently of onc an-
othcr. Th|sconst|t0tcs an ass0mpt|on abo0t thc |n|t|aIcond|-
t|ons, caIIcd thc "moIcc0Iar chaos ass0mpt|on. Thc |n|t|aI
condt|ons crcatcd bya vcIoc|ty |nvcrs|on do notconform to
th|s ass0mpt|on. lfthc systcm |s madc "to o backward |n
t|mc, a ncw "anoma|o0s s|t0at|on |s crcatcd |n thc scnsc
thatccrta|n moIcc0Ics arc thcn "dcst|ncd to mcct ata prc-
dctcrm|nabIc |nstantandto0ndcroa prcdctcrm|ncd chanc
ofvcIoc|ty at th|s t|mc, howcvcrfarapartthcy may bcat thc
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VcIoc|ty |nvcrs|on th0s crcatcs a h|hIyoran|zcd systcm,
and th0s thc moIcc0Iarchaos ass0mpt|on fa|Is. Thc var|o0s
co|||s|ons prod0cc, as |fbya prccstab||shcd harmony, an ap-
parcnt|y p0rposcf0I bchav|or.
0t thcrc |s morc. What docs thc trans|t|on from ordcr to
thc systcmw|IIcvoIvct||I0n|form|ty|srcachcd. 0tothcrs|t-
0lOnS l0 nOl SO 00l, wcmy 0O 0Omul0l cxclm0nls n
wh|ch|ntcract|npart|cIcsarc |n|t|aI|yd|str|b0tcdatrandom.
ln t|mc a Iatt|cc |s formcd. Do wc st|II movc from ordcr to
d|sordcr?Thcanswcr|snotobv|o0s. To 0ndcrstandordcrand
d|sordcrwcrsthavc todcncthcobccts|ntcrmsofwh|ch
thcscconccptsarc 0scd. Mov|nfrom dynam|ctothcrmody-
thcworkofoItzmann. Howcvcr, |t|snot socasy|nthccasc
ofdcnsc systcms whosc moIcc0Ics |ntcract.
cca0sc of s0ch d|mc0It|cs, oItzmann's crcat|vc and p|-
onccr|nworkrcma|ncd |ncompIctc.
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Wc aIrcady notcd that tra|cctorcs arc ncompatbIc wth thc
dcaofrrcvcrsbIty. Howcvcr, thcst0dyoftra|cctorcssnot
thconIyway nwhchwccanvcaform0Iatonofdynamcs.
whchsofspccaI utcrcstnthccascofsystcms
formcd by a Iarc n0mbcr ofmoIcc0Ics. Thc csscntaI ncw
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"phasc spacc. Thcdynamcstatcofapontpart|cIc sspcc-
mcnt0m (aIso a vcctor wth thrcc componcnts). Wc may
by thc coordnatcs and momcnta. Ths s thc phasc spacc.
systcmformcdbynpartcIcs. Wc thcnnccdnxbn0mbcrsto
ths systcm by a sngIc pont n thc bn-dmcnsonaI phasc
spacc. Thc cvo|0t|on | nt|mc ofs0ch a systcm w||| thcn bc
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lthasa|rcady bccnstatcdthatthccxact|n|ta|cond|t|onsof
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from hs woll-known book Cybcrnctics:
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lng LOmp0ny, l1), pp. l l ~Z.
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J. NONOO, Op. 0|I . , p. l b.
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10000088, l W1), p. l .
. WEEDHAM, Op. 0tI. , p. J6.
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4. HlTEHEAD, op. 0|I. , p. 4.
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5. LlNSTElN, op. 0|I . , pp. -.
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l0r ctcnly/c Lcclurc8 (Lh|00gO p0n LO0rI 0D||8h|ng LOm-
p0ny, I b), pp. l1-5.
J. 1. LONNE, An An0lomy o)lhc WorlJ wh0r0|n . . . Ih0lr0||Iy0n0
Ih0 br|I|8h M0800m, ll l ).
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OnW bCO, hc LontcI BcIwccn AIomt8m 0nd Lon8crv0Iton
hcoQ (LOn0On. M00dOn0I0, l1).
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rc88, l 16),pp.6~4.
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(L0mDr|0gc. L0mDr|0gc Un|Vcr8|Iyrc88, l 1), K. ESTIALL,
"NcwIOn0ndIhcHcrmcI|01r00|I|On`|nctcncc, Mcdtctnc 0nd
octcIy, cd. A. L. LEBUS (LOn0On. Hc|ncm0nn, l 1), 0n0 K.
ESTIALL, "1hc KOIc OAI0hcmy |n NcwIOn`8 L0rccr,` Hc0
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m0r|2cd(quOIcd| nLOBBS, Op.0|I . , p. l J), "NcwIOnw08nOIIhc
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dAlcmbcrI, pp. Z-J.
!. L. L. UIION, "KccX|On88urI0 IO|d`8IIr00I|On,`0ppcn0|XIO
nIroducIton 0 l` ht8Iotrc dc8 mtn0ux ( l 111),JOmc lX Ol
cuvrc8 LomplrIc8 ( Hr|8. L0rn|cr rcrc8), pp. 1,11.
6. L. L. UIION, Ht8Iotrc n0Iurcllc. c l0 N0Iurc, ccondc Vuc
( l 1),quOIc0 |n H. METZGER, NcuIon, I0hl, Bocrh00vc cI l0
docIrtnc chtmtquc (0r|8. bl0n0h0r0, l 11),pp. 1-6.
. A. 1HAKRAY 0c80r|Dc8Ihcw0yrcn0h0hcm|8IryDc00mcbul-
lOn|0n|nAIom 0nd owcr: An L880y on NcwIont0n M0IIcr hc
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LAND, hc octcly o)Arcuctl: A Vtcw o)rcnch ctcncc 0l lhc
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11. 1hOm08K0hnm000OlIh|8 rO|0Ol80|0nI|h0 |n8I|I0I|On8, I0k|ng
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M. LrO8|0n0, K. H0hn, 0n0W 0rr0r|nhc Lmcrycncc o)ct
cncc tn Wc8lcrn Luropc, 00. M. LROSLAND (LOn0On. M00-
m|||0n, l1).
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1J. Q0OI00 | n1. bCHLANOER, Lc8 ml0phorc8 Jc l` ory0nt8mc
(lr8: Vrn, l1l ), p. l6.
l4. 1.L. %AXWELL, ctcncc 0nJ rcc Wtll, |nLAMPBELL 0n0AR-
NET, Op.0|I . , p. 44J. L. LAMPBELL W LARNET, hc Lyc o|
J0mc8 Llcrk M0xwcll (LOn0On, M00m|||0n, l 66Z).
l. 1h|8 prOD|0m |8 On0 OlIh0 m0|n Ih0m08Olr0n0h ph||O8Oph0f
M|0h0| b0rr08. b00, lOr |n8I0n00, "LOn0|I|On8` |n h|8 L0 n0t8-
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177). bOm0 I0XI8 Dy M. b0rr080r0nOw0V0||0D|0 |n Lng||8h
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p0rIm0nI Ol 1Ohn8 HOpk| n8 Un| V0r8| Iy. b00 M. bERRES,
Hcrmc8: Ltlcr0lurc, ctcncc, htlo8ophy. (b0|I|mOr0 1hc
1Ohn8 HOpk|n8 Un|V0r8|Iy r088, l6Z.)
1. b00,0DO0IIh0l0I0OL0p|000`800mOn, L. LASSlRER,clcrmt
nt8m 0nJ nlcrJclcrmtnt8m tn MoJcrn hy8tc8 (N0w H0Vcn,
LOnn. Y0| 0Un|V0r8|Iy r088, l), pp. J~.
Cl0,l0l c
l. K. DlSBET, Ht8loQ o]lhc dc0 o]royrc88 (Ncw YO|K. b08|0
bOOk8, l b), p. 4.
. O. LlDEROT, dAlcmbcrl8 rc0m (H0rmOn08wOrIh. , Lng. . cn-
gu|n bOOk8, l 1), pp. l -1.
J. O. LlDERO, Lonvcr80lton Bcluccn d`Alcmbcrl 0nd tJcrol,
d`Alcmbcrl8 rc0m, pp. l b-.
4. O. LlDEROT, cn8c8 8ur lnlcrprl0lton dc l0 N0lurc ( l14),
cuvrc8 Lomplclc8, 1Omcll(0r|8.L0rn|crrcrc8, l b1), p. 11.
. O|0crOI 080r|Dc8 Ih|8Op|n|OnIO Ihc phy8|0|0n bOr0cu |n Ihc
. bcc, lOr | n8I0n0c, A. OVEJOY, hc rc0l Lh0tn o]Bctny8
(L0mDr|0gc, M088. . H0rV0r0 Un|Vcr8|Iy rc88, l1J).
!. 1hc h|8IOr|0n L|II|8p|c prOpO8c0 0 rcI0I|On DcIwccn Ihc prOIc8I
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Lnc]clopdtc, 0n0IhcrcVOluI|On0r|c8` hO8I|I|Iy0g0|n8IIh|8O -
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N0pOIcOn|0 |n8I|IuI|On8, 8p0lI|ng Ihchn0I V|0IOry O8I0Ic 0000-
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LOn8cgucn0c8,` Lrtltc0l roblcm8 tn lhc Ht8lo o)ctcncc, c0.
M. LLAOETT (M00|8On,W|8. . Un|Vcr8|IyOlW|80On8|nrc88,
l), pp. -b.
b. L. L. bTAHL, Vcr|I0DIcO|8I|n0I|On0 cI0DI|rcnIrcIcm|XIccIIc
V|V0nI 0u 0Orp8 hum0| n, ` cuvrc8 mdtcophtlo8ophtgue cI
pr0ltguc8, 1Omc ll (MOnIpcII|cr. |Ir0I cI | I8, l b l ) , c8p.
pp. 1-b.
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80r|pI|OnOlIhcIr0n8lOrm0I|OnOIhc mc0n|ngOOrg0n|Z0I|On"
DcIwccn bI0hI0n0Ihc KOm0nI|0|8I8.
l. htlo8oph] o]N0lurc, l .
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m0nI|0 Hr|O0, ` hc Lmcrycncc o]ctcncc tn Wc8lcm Luropc.
l . H. EROSON, L0 pcn8c cl lc mouv0nl |n cuvrc8 (0r|8.
I|On8 0u LcnIcn0|rc, U l 1) , p. l b, Ir0n8. hc Lrc0ltvc
Mtnd (1OIOw0, N. J. . L|IIIchcI0, A00m8, l 1), p. 4.
lJ. lD|0. , p. l b1, Ir0n8. , p. 40.
4. bd., Q. l28; trans. , Q. 9.
l. H. bERGSOM, L`volulton cr0lrtcc |n cuvrc8, p. 1b4, Ir0n8.
Lrc0ltvc Lvolulton (LOn0On. M00m|II0n, ll l), p. Jl .
l. lD|0. , p. Jb, Ir0n8. , p. 4.
l1. lD|0. , p. 1b4, Ir0n8. , p. Jl .
lb. bERGSON, L0 pcn8c cl lc mouv0nl, p. l 1J, Ir0n8. , p. J.
l. lD|0.,p. l 14, Ir0n8. , p. JJ.
. A. N. WHl1EHEAD, ctcncc 0nd lhc Modcrn World, p..
l . A. N. WHl1EHEAD, rocc88 0nd Hc0ltly: An L880y tn Lo8mo-
oyy (Ncw YOrk. 1hc rcc rc88, l), p. .
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J. JO8cphNcc0h0m0n0L. H. W000|ngIOnDOIh00knOw|c0gcdIhc
0c0VOr IO 0c80r|Dc |n 0po8tltvc w0y Ihc Org0n|8m08 0 whOIc.
1. H. HELMHOL1Z, Ubcr dtc Lrh0lluny dcr Kr0)l ( l b41), Ir0n8. | n
b. bRUSH, Ktncltc hcory, VOI . l , hc N0lurc o)08c8 0nd
Hc0I (XlO|d. crg0mOn rc88, l ), p. . bcc 0|8O Y.
LLKANA, hc t8covcry o) lhc Lon8crv0lton o) Lncryy
(LOndOn. HuI0h|n8On L0u00I|On0I, l14) 0nd %. HElMANN,
"Hc|mhO|I2 0nd K0nI. 1hc McI0phy8|00|Oun00I|On8 O UDcf
d|cLrh0IIung00rKr0|I,`ludtc8 tn lhc Ht8loQ 0nd hlo8ophy
q ctcncc8, VOI . ( l 14), pp. -Jb.
. H. KElCHEN0ACH, hc trcclton o)tmc (bcrkc|cy. Un|Vcr8|Iy
OL0||lOrn|0 rc88, l), pp. l~l1.
l. W bCOT, ADOulIhcnOVcIIyOlIhc8cprODIcm8,8cchc LonjtcI
Bclwccn Alomt8m 0nd Lon8crv0lton hcoQ, bOOkll,0n00DOul
Ihc|ndu8Ir|0I 0OnIcXI whcrc Ihc8c0On0cpI8 wcrc 0rc0Icd, O.
LARDwELL, rom W0ll lo Ll0u8tu8 (LOn0On, Hc|ncm0nn,
l1I ). rI|0uI0r|y |nIcrc8I|ng |nIh|8rc8pc0I |8Ihc0OnVcrgcn0c
DcIwccn On Onc h0n0 Ihc nccd 00Icrm|nc0 Dy |ndu8Ir|0I prOD-
|cm8 0n0 On Ihc OIhcr Ihc pO8|I|V|8I 8|mpI|h00I|On8 Dy Opcr0-
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. J. HERlVEL, Jo8cph ourtcr. hc M0n 0nd lhc hy8tct8l (Ox-
lOr0. LI0rcndOn rc88, l1). ln Ih|8 D|Ogr0phywc Ic0rnIhclD|-
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lrOm h|8 Ir|pw|IhbOn0p0rIcIOLgypI08|0knc8800u8|ngpcrm0-
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J. bcc, mOrcp0rI|0u|0r|y, Ihc|nIrO0u0I|OnIOLOmIc`8htlo8ophtc
rcmtcrc (0r|8. Hcrm0n, l1), `uguIc LOmIc 0uIO-Ir0du|l
dans l'encyclopedie" in 1u JruUuCIOn (Paris: Minuit, l974) und
"Nu0gc, `L0 t8lrtbulton (r|8. M|nu|I, l11).
4. L. bMl1H, "N0I0r0 hIO8Ophy 0nd1hcrmOdyn0mI08. WIII0m
1hOm8On0n0IhcOyn0mI001hcOryOlHc0I, `he Brtlt8h Jour-
n0l ]or lhe htlo8oph] o]ctence, YO . ( l1),pp. J~J l 0nd
M. LROSLAND 0n0 L. bMlTH, "1hc1r0n8mI88IOn Ol hy8I08
lmm |0n0c IO brII0In, lb~l b4,` Ht8lortc0l ludte8 tn lhe
h]8tc0l ctence8, YO . ( l 1b), pp. l~l .
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8err0lton o]Lnery] rtnctple, 08 wc 08 Ihc l0mO08 p0pcr Dy
1hOm08 K0hn, "Lncry 0On8crV0IIOn080n L80mpc M bIm0
I0ncO08OI80OVcry, ` OrIgIn0yp0DI8hcdInLrtltc0l roblrm8 tn
lhe Ht8loQ o]ctencc 0n0 rc0cnIy In1. UHN, he L88enlt0
en8ton (LhI00O. UnIVcr8IIy M LhI00gO Mc88, l11).
b. LLKANA lOOwcd Ihc 8Ow 0ry8I0I20IIOnOlIhc 0On0cpI M cn-
cry, 8cc hI8 DOOk 0nd "HcmhOI2`8 Kr0. An l08Ir0IIOn M
LOn0cpI8 In 08,`Ht8lortc0l ludte8 tn lhe h]8tc0l ctence8,
YO . (l 1), pp. J~b.
. J. JOULE, "M0IIcr, LIVIngOr0c 0nd Hc0I, ` he ctenlc 0-
per8 o]J0me8 re8coll Joule, YO . l (LOn0On. 10yOr r0n0I8,
l b4), pp. ~1b (q0OI0IIOn, p. 1J).
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Or0c8 M lnOrg0nI0 N0I0rc` 0nd "1hc MOIIOn8 M rg0nI8m8
8nd 1hcIr Kc0IIOn IO McI0DOI8m, ` 0m In Lneryy: Ht8lortc0
erelopmenl o] 0 Loncepl, cd. K. b. LlNDSAr (bIrO0d8D0r,
. . bcn0hm0rk8 pcr8 On Lncrgy l , OOwdcn, H0I0hIn8On
KO88, l1).
. L. ENTON, "YII0I8m In Ihc NIncIccnIh LcnI0ry b0IcnIIhC
1hO0ghI. A )pOOgy 0nd Kc088c88mcnI, ` ludte8 tn Ht8loQ
0nd htlo8oph] o]ctence, YO . ( l 14), pp. l 1~4b.
DcrdI c Lrh0I 0ng dcrKr0lI, Op. 0t I . ,
pp. ~l .
l l . L. LELEUZE, Ntel8che el l0 phtlo8ophte (0rI8. Uh l 1J),
pp. 4b~.
l. ln IhI8 8I00y M ZO0`8 "OO0Ic0r 800 , ` eux el 8tyn0ux de
brume 0rI8. Lr088cl ( l 1), p. l, MI0hc bcrrc8 wrOIc. "1hc
0cnI0ry Ih0Iw08pr00IIc0y dr0wIng IO0 0O8c whcn Ihc nOVcl
0ppc0rcd h0dOpcnc0wIIhIhc m0]c8II08I0DIIIyOlIhc 8O0r8y8-
Icm, 0nd w08 nOw hcd wIIh dI8m0y 0I Ihc rccnIc88 dcgr0d0
IIOn8M hrc. Hcn0c Ihc hcr0c, pO8IIIVc 0Icmm0. pcrlc0I0y0c
wIIhO0Irc8Id0c, cIcrn00ndpO8IIIVcyV00cd,I .c. , Ihc0O8mOl-
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hrc whI0h m08I cIIhcrDcc8IIng0I8hc0Or0c8IrOycd,wIIhO0I0
ternatve. Lne dreams Ol LapIace, whIst CarnOt and thc Othcrs
h0Vc lOrcVcr 8m08hcd Ihc 00DDy-hOc, Ihc nI0hc, whcrc Onc
0O0d 8ccp In pc00c; On0 I8 drc0mIng, Ih0I I8 0crI0In. Ihcn
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I0rO0gh 0nOIhcr OpcnIng Ol Ihc 80mc uOOr, 0rc pOwcrluly rc-
0w0kcncd. ImmOrI0 0mc, p0rIlyIng b02c OrcVI hr0?`
l. 1hc0OnIIn0IIy bcIwccnL0rnOIl0Ihcr0nu8Onh08bccncmph0-
8I2cu byL0ruwc(rom W0ll lo Ll0u8tu8) 0nub0OII(hc Lon-
)tcl Bcluccn Alomt8m 0nd Lon8crv0lton hcoQ).
l4. OAVlES, hc Hun0u0] Untvcr8c (Ncw YOrk. cng0In bOOk8,
l b), p. l 1.
l. OYSON, "LncrgynIhcUnIVcr8c, `ctcnlgc Amcrtc0n, YO.
(l1l ), pp. -.
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h0ppcn8 In mc0h0nI08, II I8 nOI] u8I 0ny 8IIu0IIOn Ol0 Ihcr-
mOuyn0mI0 8y8|cm Ih0I00nbc0h0r00IcrI2cu080"8I0Ic`, quIIc
Ihc 0OnIr0ry. bcc L. OAU8, "LnIrOpy 0nuOI88Ip0IIOn, `Ht8lor-
tc0l ludtc8 tn lhc h]8tc0l ctcncc8, YO . (l 1), pp. Jl-4.
l 1. ln hI8 00IObIOgr0phy, ctcnlt]tc Aulobtoyr0ph] (LOnuOn.
WII0m8 NOrg0Ic, l ),M0X0n0krc00cuhOwI8O0Icuhc
h0u bccn whcn hc hr8I cmph08I2cu Ihc pc00I0rIIy Ol hc0I 0nu
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uI8IIn0IIOn bcIwccn 0n Iuc0y rcVcr8Ibc prO0c88, 8u0h 08 Ihc
hc0IuIll08IOn. byuOIng8O, hcw0800I00yI0kIng0p0pO8IIIOn
8ImI0rIOwh0Iwc h0Vc0IIrIb0IcuIOL0gr0ngc. whcrcL0gr0ngc
0On8Iucrcu0On8crV0IIOnOlcncryy080prOpcrIy bcOnyInyOny
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l b. 1hc 8pIIIIng Ol Ihc cnIrOpy V0rI0IIOn InIO IwO uIcrcnI Icrm8
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l000I0 uc8 80Icn008 uc ` UnIVcr8II0 LI brc uc br0Xcc8 l 4
(rI8. O0nOu, l 41).
19. . LLAOSIOS, Mnn. JhjS., O1. 1?5 (1865), Q. 353.
. M. LANCK,"1hcUnIIyOlIhchy8I00UnIVcr8c, `A urvc] o]
h]8tc8, Lollcclton o]Lcclurc8 0nd L880]8 (Ncw YOrk. L.
OuIIOn, l), p. l.
l . K. LAlLLOlS, "L00|ssymcIr|c, `Lohrcncc8 0vcnlurcu8c8, LO-
c0I|On l0ccs (lr|s. L0I|m0r0, l1J), p. Ib.
Cl0l0l C
1. Orwh0I 0On0crns Ihc 0OnIcnIOlIh|s0n0IhclOI IOw|ng 0h0pIcr,
8cc LLANSDORll0n0 l. RlGOGlNE, hcrmod]n0mtc hcoQ
o]lruclurc, l0btltly 0nd luclu0lton8 (Ncw YOrk. JOhn W|lcy
bOns, l1I ) 0n0L. NlCOL|80n0 l. RlGOGlNE,c(jry0n/0-
lton tn NonLgutltbrtum ]8lcm8 (Ncw YOrk. JOhn W|Icy
bOns, I 11), whcrc lurIh0rrclcrcn0cs m0y DclOun0.
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g0rI. Kmncr, l 4), 0phOr|sm J.
J. Wh|0hprc0|sc0OnIcnI00nDcg|VcnIOIhcgcncr0II0wOlcnIrOpy
grOwIb? Or 0IhcOrcI|0|0n pbys|0|sI su0h0s 0c OOnucr, 0hcm|-
00I00I|V|Iy, wh|0h0ppc0rc0 ODs0urc 0n0 |n000css|DIc IO Ihcr0-
I|On0I 0pprO00h Ol mc0h0n| 0s, w0s mysIcr|Ous cnOugh IO
Dc0Omc Ihc synOnym OlIhc |rrcVcrs|blc prO0css. Dus 0bcm|s-
| gnOrc0 0nymOrc. bcc h . Oc OOnucr, L` A]]tntl (0r| s
L0uIb|cr-V||I0rs, I )0n0l ns0gcrh]8. Hcv. J, 4(IJ I ).
4. M. bERRES, L0 n0t880ncc dc l0 ph]8tguc d0n8 lc lcxlc dc Lu-
crccc, op. ctl.
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WlNlREE, "KOI0I|ngLbcm00I Kc00I|Ons, ccnl(}tc Amcr-
c0n, VOI . J (l14), pp. b-.
. A. LJLD0E1ER 0n0 L. NlCJL8, `7n AIIOsIcr|0MO0cI w|Ih
Hs|I|Vccc0D00kAppI|c0IOLIy0OIyI|0s0|II0I|Ons, `royrc8
tn hcorcltc0l Btoloy], VOI . 4 (I1),pp. ~I ,A.LOLD0E1ER
0n0 b. K. LALAN, "s0|II0IOry LnZymcs, `Annu0l Hcvtcu o]
Btoph]8c8 0nd Btocnytnccrtny, VOI . (I 1), pp. 44~1J..
7. b. HESS, A. bOl1EUX, 0n0 J. KR0GER, "LOOpcr0I|On Ol
LIy0OIyI|0 LnZymcs, `Adv0ncc8 tnLn]mc Hcyul0lton, VOI .
[l), pp. l4~1, scc 0IsO b. HESS, A. LOLD0E1ER, 0n0 K.
LElEVER, "cmpOr0, bp0I|00n0 un0I|On0Ir0cr|nKcgu-
0Ic0 b|O0hcm|00LcIIuI0rbysIcms, `Adv0ncc8 tn Lhcmtc0
h]8tc8, VOI . XXXVlll (I1b), pp. JJ-4l J.
. Fss lDo ICundofCn jmjCsum, NO1. 3l (l97S), j, 359.
A. L. LERESCH, "LcII Aggrcg0I|On 0n0 O|llcrcnI|0||On |n tc-
HcH U L| 3?
l]o8lcltum t8cotdcum, |n cvclopmcnl0l Btoloy], VO| . J
(I b), pp. I 1~I 1.
. A. LJLD0E1E00nU L. A. bEGEL, "\n||cU McCh0n|8mlOrKc-
|0y 0nU 8C| I I 0I|On Ol LyC| | C AM | n tcl]o8lcltum t8-
cotdcum, rocccdtny8 o] lhc N0lton0l Ac0dcm] o]ctcncc,
VO| . 14 ( | 11), pp. I 4J-41.
l. bcc M. LARDMER, hc Ambtdcxlrou8 Untvcr8c (Ncw YOk.
Lh0|c8 b0r|Dnc`8 bOn8, I 1).
. . K. KOMDEUDl0nu l. 0lGOGlME,h]8tc0, VO| . l1A( I 6l),
pp. l~4, L. K. KJMDEUDl , h]8tc0, VO| . l I A ( I b),
pp. ~. ll 0OuIu cVcn Dc Ih0l 0hcm|8Iry m0y Dr|ng lO lhc
m00rO80Op|0800IcIhc V|OI0I|On Ol p0|Iy |nwc0k lOr0c8, L. K.
KJMDEUDl 0nU L. W NELSOM, h]8tc0l Hcvtcu Lcllcr, VO| .
, NO. I 4( I bJ), pp. I ZJ-Z.
l. K. LElEVER 0nu W HJ0S1HEMKE, "MuII|pIc 1r0n8|I|On8 ln-
du0cu Dy L|ghl lnIcn8|Iy |u0lu0l|On8|n lIIum|n0Icu Lhcm|00|
by8Icm8, ` rocccdtny8 o] lhc N0lton0l Ac0dcm] o]ctcncc,
VO|. 1( I 1), pp. Z4-4. bcc 0I8O W HJ0S1HEMKE0nu M.
MALEK MAMSOUR, "lnucn0c O|LXIcrn0| NO|8c On NOncqu|-
||D|um h08c 1r0n8|I|On8,Zctl8chr(l ]r h]8tk B, VO| . 4
[11), pp. J1-I J , L. ARMOLD, W. HORS1HEMKE, 0nu K.
LElEVER, "Wh|lc0nu LOIOurcu LXIcn0| NO|8c0nu 10n8|I|On
hcnOmcn0|n NOnl|nc0by8Icm8, `Zctl8chr(}l]r h]8tk B,
VO| . Z(I 1b), pp. J1-1J, W HO0S1HEMKE, "NOncqu|I |br|um
10n8|I|On8 lnUuCcu Dy LXIcrn0I Wh|Ic 0nu LOlOucu NO|8c, `
)n0mtc8 o) )ncrcltc )8lcm8, cu. H. HAKEM(bcI | n:
bpr|ngc VcrI0g, I b), lOr0n0ppI|C0I|On lO0 D|OIOg|00I prOD-
|cm, K. LElEVE0 0nU W HO0S1HEMKE, "b|8I0b|I|Iy |n Iu0-
lu0I|ng LnV|rOnmcnI8. lmpl|C0I|On |n 1umOr mmunOIOgy,
Bullcltn o]M0lhcm0ltc Btoloy], VOI. 4I (I 1).
I J. H. L. bw!MMEY 0nU J. l JLLu0, "JbcJr0n8|I|On lO Jr-
DuIcn0c,` h]8tc8 od0], VOI . JI , NO.b (I 1b), pp. 4I-4.
I 4. M. J. EiGEM0AUM, '\n|Vcr80I Uch0V|O | n NOnI|nc0 by8-
lcm8,` Lo8 Al0mo8 ctcncc, NO I (bummcr Ib), pp. 4~Z1.
I . Jhc 0OnCcpI OlChrcOU |8 p0rI OlIhc qu0l|I0I|Vc Uc8Cr|pI|On Ol
cmDyOIOg|C0I UcVcIOpmcnIW0uu|ngIOn prOpO8cu mOc Ih0n
lwcnly yc08 0gO. lI |8 lruIy 0 D|lur00I|ng cVO|uI|On. 0 pO-
grc88|Vc cXpIOr0I|On 0IOng wh|Ch Ihc cmDryO grOw8 |n0n "cp|-
gcncI|0| nU800pc` whcc 0OcX|8I 8I0Dlc 8cgmcnI80nu8cgmcnI8
whcrc0 0hO|Cc0mOng 8cVcr0I UcVcIOpmcnI0I p0Ih8 |8 pO88|b|c.
bcc L. H. WADDlMG1OM, hc lr0lcy] o]lhc cnc (LOnuOn
AII cn \nw|n, I1). L. H. W0JU|ngIOn`8 0hrcOu8 0rc 0I8O 0
0cnIr0I rccrcnCc|n KcncJhOm`8b|OlO|C0lIhOubI.Jbc/could
8pc0IrumOl0OIIc0I|VcDch0V|Or8 Ihcy00ngcncr0Ic,0n01hOm`8,
8I0rI|ng lrOm gIOD0I m0Ihcm0I|00I cnI|I|c8 0n0 0Onnc0I|ng Ihc
Ihc phcnOmcnOIOg|00I 0c80r|pI|On Ol mOrphOgcnc8|8.
l. b. A. hAUFFMAN, K.%. bHYMKO, 0n0h. RABERT, "LOnIrOIOl
bcqucnI|0I LOmp0rImcnI Orm0I|On |n OrO8Oph|I0,` ctcncc,
VOI . l (l1b), pp. Z~.
l. H. ERG5ON, Lrc0ltvc Lvolulton, pp. 4-.
l . bccL. H. WADDINGTON, hc Lvolulton o]0n Lvolultont8I
(L0|nDurgh. L0|nDurgh Un|Vcr8|Iy rc88, l1) 0n0 WEI55,
"1hc L|V|ngby8Icm. OcIcrm|n|8mbIr0I|hc0, `Bc]ond Hcduc-
Itont8m, cu. A. hOE5TLER 0n0 J. K. bMYTHIE5 (LOn0On.
HuI0h|n8On, l).
l . O. L. hO5HLAND, ' MOdcI KcguI0IOry by8Icm. b00Icr|0I
LhcmOI0X|8,`h]8toloytc0l Hcvtcu, VOI. ,NO. 4,pp. bl l-Z.
Cl0,l0l C
. L. lCOLl5 0nu l. RlGOGlNE, c(jry0nt0lton tn Noncgutltb-
rtum ]8lcm8 (Ncw YOrk. JOhn W|Icy bOn8, l11).
Z. ARA5, L. PlCOL5, 0n0 %. %ALEK %AN5OUR, "bIO0h08I|0
1hcOryOlA0|0D0I|0 LXpIO8|On, `Journ0l o]l0lt8ltc0l h]8tc8,
VOI . JZ, NO. l ( l bJ), pp. l .
J. bcc,lOrcX0mpIc, %. %ALEK %AN5OUR, L. VAN DEN ROECK,
L. PlCOL5, 0n0J.W URNER, Ann0l8 o]h]8tc8, VOI . l Jl , NO.
Z (lbl ), p.ZbJ.
4. J. L. LENEUBOURG, `ppI |00I|OnucI`Orurc p0ru0Iu0I|On 8 l0
uc80r|pI|On 0c 0crI0|nc8 cI0pc8 0c I0 0On8Iru0I|On 0u n|0 0hc2
Ic8 Icrm|Ic8, ` n8cclc8 oct0ux, Journ0l nlcrn0tton0l pour
l ludc dc8 Arlhropodc8 8oct0ux, 1Omc Z4, NO. Z ( l 11),
pp. l l 1-J. 1h|8hr8ImO0cI |8 prc8cnIIyDc|ngcXIcn0cu |n0On-
nc0I|On w|Ih ncw cXpcr|mcnI0I 8Iu0|c8, . H. RUIN5MA, 'n
An0Iy8|8Olbu|I0|nyUch0V|OurOlIhc1crm|Icm0crotcrmc8 8ub-
h]0ltnu8, ` rocccdtny8 o]thc \H Lonyrc88 U (W0cgcn|n-
gcn, l11).
. K. LARAY 0n0 K. LEFEVER, ' K|ncI|0ApprO00h IO Ihc lm-
munOIOgy OlL0n0cr. bI0I|On0ry bI0Ic8 rOpcrI|c8 OlLllc0IOr-
10rgcI LcII Kc00I|On8,`Journ0l o]hcorcttc0l Btoloy], VOI . 1J
(lTb), pp. 4l1-Jb, 0n0 pr|V0Ic 0Ommun!00I|On.
. M. PLLEN, "O0rw|n|0n LVOIuI|On 0n0 0 rc00IOr-rcy L0OI-
Ogy, Bullcltn o] M0lhcm0ltc0l Btoloy], VOI . J1 ( l 1),

^>-4h 'VO1Ot OH HOgO1uIOH uHO IuD1Iy, 1rCCeed-

tny8 o]lhc N0lton0l Ac0dcm] o]ctcncc8, VOI. 1J,NO. J(l 1),
pp. -6. bcc 0I8O K. L2APLEW5KI, '7 McIhO0OIOgylOrLV0I-
HbH U | LHA d
u0ItOn OrcnI-MuI0nI LOmpcItItOn,`Joum0 ]or corclc0
Btoloy], VOI . 4 (11J), pp. 4-J.
1. bcc,lOrIhc prcscnIsI0IcOlIhts wOrk, M4 LlOEN 0n0 bCHUS-
TER, hc H]pcrc]clc (bcrItn. bprtngcrVcrI0g, l1).
5. K. MAYtnctcncc, VO. l b( l14),pp. 4-41,scc0sOK. mAY,
"btmpc M0Ihcm0It00 MO0cIs wtIh Vcry LOmpIt00Ic0 Oyn0m-
t 0s, `N0lurc, VO. l ( l 1), pp. 4~1.
. M. MASSELL, hc ]n0mtc8 tn Arlhropod rcd0lorrc] ]8-
lcm8 (rtn0cIOn, N. J. . rtn0cIOn Un|VcrstIy rcss, l15).
l. b. MElNRlCH, 'rIluI Otncrs, `N0lur0l Ht8loQ, VO. 5, NO. b
( l b), pp. 4-l , csp. quOIc, p. 4.
l l . M. LOVE, "hcAItcnbIr0Icgy,` N0lur0 Ht8loQ, VO. 5,NO. J
( lb), pp. J-J.
l . J. L. LENEUBOURO 0n0 M. PLLEN, "MOucIcs IhcOrtqucs 0c
l0dtVtstOn 0u Ir0V0t 0cs Ics sO0|cIcs0` tnsc0Ics, `Ac0dmtc
Ho]0lc Je Bclytguc, Bullcltn dc l0 Ll088c dc8 ctcncc8, Omc
LXll ( V7), pp. 4-ZV, M. PLLEN, "LVOIuI|On tn 0n L0O-
sysIcm wtIh L|mtIc0KcsOur0cs,`Op. 0tI. , pp. 4b~lJ.
. L. W MONTROLL, "bO0t0Oyn0mt0s0n0IhcQu0nItlytngOlbO-
0t0IOr0cs,`rocccdtny8 o]lhc N0lton0l Ac0dcm] o]ctcncc8,
VOI . 1, NO. l (l 1b), pp. 4JJ-J1.
l 4. M. PLLEN 0n0 M. bANOLlER, "Oyn0mt 0 MOdc OlUrb0n
LrOwIh, `Journ0l ]or oct0l 0nd Btoloytc0l lruclurc8, VO. l
( l 1b), pp. ZJ-@, 0n0 "UrD0nLVOIuItOn,bcIl-rg0ntZ0ItOn
0n0 Oc0tstOn-m0ktng,` Lnvtronmcnl 0nd l0nntny A, VOI. l J
(lbl ), pp. l 1~bJ.
l. L. H. WAOONG1ON, Iool8 )or houyhl, (bI. AID0ns, Lng. . l
00|n, l1), p. b.
l. b. J. LOULD, nloycn] 0nd h]loycn], Op. 0|I. bckn0p rcs8
H0rV0r0 UmVcrstIy rcss, lV11.
l1. L. LEVlbTRAUSS, "McIhO0cscIcnsctgncmcnI, `Anlhropoloyc
8lruclur0lc (0rIs. IOn), pp. J l l~l1.
l5. bcc,lOrtnsI0n0c, L. L. U5SET, hc Lonccpl o]Lgutltbrtum tn
Amcrtc0n oct0l houyhl (Ncw H0Vcn,LOnn.. Y0c UntVcrstIy
rcss, l).
l. b. J. LOULD, "hc bcIIOl0n AsIcrO|0, `N0lur0 Ht8loQ, VOl.
5, NO. l ( lb), p. -JJ.
Cl0,l0' /
1. A. N. HlTEHEAD, ctcncc 0nd lhc Modcrn World, p. l 5.
. The Fhilosoph) o/ RuJo(] Carnap, cd. HA. 5CuLP.P (Lam-
Dr|ugc. L0mDr|0gc Un|Vcrs|Iy rcss, lJ).
J. !. RASER,1hcrtn0|pIcOl1cmpOr0LcVc8.Ar0mcwOrklOf
Ihc O|0Oguc7 0Ommun|00I|On 0I Ihc 0Onlcrcn0c ctcnlgc
Lonccpl8 o]tmc tn Hum0nt8ltc 0nd oct0l cr8pccltvc8 (bcI-
0g|O, JuIy lbl ).
1. bccOnIh|8pO|nI b. bRUSH,l0lt8ltc0l h]8tC8 0nd rrcvcr8tblc
rocc88c8, c8p. pp. l-Z.
3. cucrh08r0Ihcr0OnV|n0|ngy8hOwnhOwIhc0uIur0I0OnIcXIOl
bOhr`8 yOuIh0Ouu h0Vc hcIpcu h|8uc0|8|On IO IOOk lOr 0 nOn-
mc0h0n|8I|0mOucOlIhc 0IOm,Ltn8lctn 0nd lhc cncr0lton o]
ctcncc (Ncw YOrk. b08|0 bOOk8, l14). bcc 0I8O W HElSEN-
BERG, h]8tc8 0nd Bc]ond (Ncw YOrk. H0rpcr KOw, l 1l )
0nu O. bERwER, "Unmc0h0n|80hcr Zw0ng. 0u|, Hc|8cnDcrg
0nu Ihc Kc)c0I|OnOlIhc Mc0h0n|00AIOm lZJ-I Z, `Ht8lor-
tc0l ludtc8 tn lhc h]8tc0l ctcncc8, VOI . b( I 11), pp. l b-Z.
. ln Bl0ckBod] hcor) 0nd lhc @u0nlum t8conltnutl], 1
J (XlOru. L0rcnuOn rc88 0nu Ncw YOrk. XlOru Un|Vcr-
8|Iy rc88, l 1b), 1hOm08 Kuhn h08 Dc0uI|luIIy 8hOwn hOw
0IO8cIyI0n0klOIOwcubOII2m0nn`8 8I0I|8I|00IIrc0ImcnIOl|rrc-
Vcr8|D|I|Iy |n h|8Own wOrk.
. J. MEHRA0nu H. KECHEN0ERG, hc Ht8lortc0l cvclopmcnl o]
@u0nlum hcoQ, VO8. l-4(NcwYOrk. bpr|ngcrVcrI0g, I bZ).
. bcc, 0DOuI Ihc 0On0cpIu0 lr0mcwOrk OlIhc cXpcr|mcnI0 Ic8I8
rc0cnIy0On0c|VculOrh|uucnV0r|0DIc8 |nqu0nIummc0h0n|08,
b. D` L8AGNA1, Lonccplu0l ound0lton8 o]@u0nlum Mcch0n-
tc8, Znu 0ug. cu. (Kc0u|ng,M088. . bcn)0m|n, I 1). bcc0I8O b.
D` L8AGNA1, "1hc Qu0nIum1hcOry 0nu Kc0I|Iy,` ctcnlgc
Amcrtc0n, VOI. Z4l ( l1), pp. I Zb-4.
. bcc,lOrIhc0OmpIcmcnI0r|Iy pr|n0|pIc, b. D`L8AGNA1, Op. 0|I . ,
M. JAMMER, hc htlo8oph] o] @u0nlum Mcch0ntc8 (Ncw
YOrk. JOhn W|cy bOn8, l14), 0nu A. E1ERSEN, @u0nlum
Mcch0ntc8 0nd lhc htlo8ophtc0l r0dttton (L0mbr|ugc, M088. :
Ml1 rc88, l b). L. LEORGE 0nu l. RlGOGlNE, "LOhcrcn0c
0nu K0nuOmnc88 |n Qu0nIum 1hcOry, h]8tc0, VOI . A
( l 1), pp.J-bZ.
l. L. KJ8ENlELD, "1hcMc08ur|ng rO0c88|nQu0nIumMc0h0n-
t08, `upplcmcnl o]lhc royrc88 o]hcorcltc0l h]8tc8 ,(l),
p. ZZZ.
l l. ADOuIIhc qu0nIum mc0h0n|08 p0r0uOXc8, wh|0h 00nIruIy Dc
80|u IO Dc Ihc n|ghIm0rc8 OlIhc 0I088|00 m|nu, 8|n0c Ihcy 0I
(b0hru|ngcr`8 00I, W|gncr`8 lr|cnu, muII|pIc un|Vcr8c8) 00I IO
|n Ihc gu|8cOlb0hru|ngcr`8 cqu0I|On), 8cc IhcDOOk8Dyu`L8-
p0n0I 0nu J0mmcr.
l Z. . MlSRA, l. RlGOGlNE,0nuM. LOUR0AE, "Ly0pOunOVV0rt-
0DIc, LnIrOpy 0n0 Mc08urcmcnl |n Qu0nIum Mc0h0n|08,"ro
cccdtny o]lhc N0lton0 Ac0dcm] q ctcncc, VOI . 1 ( l1),
pp. 41b~411. RlGOGlNE 0n0 L. LEORGE, "1hc bc0Ond
L0w 08 0 bcIc0I|On r|n0|pIc. 1hc M|0rO80Op|0 1hcOryOlO|8-
8|p0I|VcrO0c88c8 |n Qu0nIumby8Icm8, `IO0ppc0r|nrocccd-
tny o] lhc N0lton0 Ac0dcm] o] ctcncc. VOI b ( l bJ)
l J. H. MlNKOwSKl, "bp00c0n01|mc, `hc rtnctpc o]Hc0lvtly
(Ncw YOrk. OOVcr uDI|00I|On8, lJ).
l4. A. O. bAKHAROV, tm0 Zh. Lkp. cor. t., VOl. J, NO. J
( l W1).
C0Ql0' O
l . L. N. LEwlS, "1hc bymmcIry M 1|mc |n hy8|08, ` ctcncc,
VOI . 1 I ( I J), p. 1.
. A. S. LDDlNG1ON, hc N0lurc o] lhc hytc0 Word (Ncw
YOrk. M00m|II0n, l4@), p. 14.
J. M. LARDNER, hc Ambtdcxlrou Untvcrc: Mtrror A]mmclQ
0nd tmc-Hcvcrcd Word (NcwYOrk.Lh0rIc8b0r|Dncr`8bOn8,
l1), p. 4J.
4. M. LANCK, Hc0ltc on hcrmod]n0mtc (Ncw YOrk. OOVcr
uDI|00I|On8, I 4), p. l.
. QuOIc Dy K. OEN8tGH, "HOwbuD]c0I|Vcl8LnIrOpy7`Lhcmt-
l tn Brtl0tn, VOI. I 1( l V@l ), QQ. l@-@.
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h]tc0 ctcncc (LOn0On. lnIcr80|cn0c uDI|00I|On8, l).
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Wtc8D0dcn Vtcwcg, l 1). A8 L| k0n0cmph08|2c8 |n "bOI2-
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LLKANA, Op. 0|I . , 0nd b. bRUSH, lult8ltcul hy8tc8 und rrc-
rcr8tblc r0cc88c8, pp. 4~ l , lOrL|n8Ic|n,Op. 0tI. , pp. 1Z14,
lOr b0hrd|ngcr, L. bCHRODlNOER, ctcncc, hc0Q und Mun
(Ncw YOrk: OOVcr uDI|00I|On8, l1).
l 3. H. OlNCAR, "L0mc00n|quccII` cXpcr|cn0c, `Hcvuc dc Mlu-
phy8tguc cl dc M0rulc, VO . l ( l b3), pp. J4-31. H. OlNCAR,
Lc0n8 dc hcrm0dynumtguc, cd. J. bOnd|n ( l bZ, 0r|8 Hcr-
m0nn lZ3).
l4. bcclOr08IudyOlIhc0OnIrOVcr8|c80rOundbOII2m0nn`8cnIrOpy,
8cc On Ih|8 pO|nIb. bRUSH, hc Ktnd 0]M0lt0n Wc Lull Hcul,
Op. 0|I . , 0nd 0n0k`8 rcm0rk8 |nh|8D|Ogr0phy(LO80hmtdIw08
0n0k`8 8IudcnI).
l . . RlOOOlNE, L. LEOROE, MENlN, 0nd L. OSENFELD, `
Un|l|cd Ormu0I |On Ol Oyn0m|08 0nd 1hcrmOdyn0mt08,
Lhcmtcu crtplu, VO . 4 (113), pp. ~3.
l b. O. ARK, hc muyc 0]Llcrntly: H00l8 0]tmc tn lhc hy8tcul
W0rld (Amhcr8l, M088. LntVcr8tly OlM8800hu8cII8 rc88,
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rrcvcrblc roccc (XlOru. c|g0mOnrc88, l0nulW).
l 5. J. . Ll88S, Llcmcnl0r] rtnctplc tn l0ltltc0l Mcch0ntc8
(NcwYOrk. OOVcr uDI|00I|On8, lM), Lh0p Xl. Or0n h|8IOf-
t00 000OunI, 8cc J. %EHRA, "L|n8Ic|n 0nu Ihc Ounu0I|On Ol
bI0I|8I|00I Mc0h0n|08, h]tc0, VOI. 1A, NO. ( l14), p. l1.
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HOu8c, l4), p. l 1, "MOI|On |8 0 0OnIr0u|0I|On. cVcn 8|mpIc
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Ih|8 0OnIr0u|0I|On |8 prc0|8cIy wh0I mOI|On |8. `
. L. OLTZMANN, Lcclurc on 0 hcoQ (bcrkcIcy. Un|Vcr8tly
Ol L0I|lOrn|0 rc88, I 4), p. 44l, quOIcu |n K. CPPER, Un-
cndcd @ucl (L0 b0IIc, l . . pcn LOurI uDI|8h|ng LOmp0ny,
l1), p. I .
l . tOPPER, Op. 0|l. , p. l N.
Cl0,l0l U
l . YOLTAlRE, tcltonn0trc htloophtguc. (r|8. L0rn|cf, l4.)
. bcc nOIc, Lh0pIcrN1.
J. K. OPPER, "1hc ArrOw Ol1|mc, N0lurc, VO . l 1T ( l ),
p. J5.
4. bcc M. LARDNER, hc Ambtdcxlrou Untvcrc, pp. Z1l~1.
3. A. LlNSTElN 0nu W lTZ, h]. Zch., VO. l (lW), p. JJ.
. H. OlNCAR, Lc mlhodc nouvcllc dc I0 mc0ntguc clc8lc
(Ncw YOrk. OOVcr uDI|00I|On8, l 1), E. T. HlTTAKER,
rc0ltc on lhc An0l]ltc0l ]n0mtc o]0rltclc 0nd Htytd
Bodtc (L0mDr|ugc. L0mDr|ugc Un|Vcr8|Iy rc88, l ).
T. J. %OSER, l0blc 0nd H0ndom Molton tn ]n0mtc0 ]lcm8
(r|n0cIOn, N.J. . r|n0cIOn Un|Vcr8|Iy rc88, l14).
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crn LrgOu|01hcOry,` h]tc od0] (cD. l 1J), pp. J~.
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NonLgutltbrtum l0ltltc0l Mcch0ntc (Ncw YOrk. JOhn Wtcy
bOn8, l 1).
l. V. PRNOLD anu A. PVEZ, ErpoJic Froblems o]Clussicu Mc-
ch0ntc (Ncw YOrk. bcn]0m|n, lb).
333 NL
l . H. OlNCAR, "Lc H0s0rd, `ccncc cl Mlh0dc (r|s 0m-
m0r|On, ll4), p. .
lZ. . %lSRA, l. RlOOOlNE 0ndM.LOURBAOE, "rOmOcIcrm|n|s-
l|0 Oyn0m|0slO rOD0D||sI|0 Ocs0r|pI|Ons,`hy8tcu, VO . bA
( l1), pp. l~Z.
3. O. N. ARKS 0nd N. J. HRlF, tmc8, pucc8 und lucc8: A
Lhr0n0yc0yruphtc cr8pccltrc (NcwYOrk.JOhnW|cy bOns,
4. M. LOURBAOE 0nd l . RlOOlNE, "lnIr|ns|0 K0ndOmncss 0nd
lnIr|ns|0 lrrcVcrs|D||Iy |n L0ss|00 Oyn0m|00 bysIcms, ` r0-
cccdtny8 0]lhc Nult0nul Acudcmy 0]ctcncc8, J (Apr| lb3).
l . l. RlOOlNE 0ndL. LEOROE, "1hcbc0OndL0w0s0bcc0I|On
r|n0|pc 1hc M|0rOs0Op|01hcOry OO|ss|p0I|Vc rO0csscs | n
Qu0nIum bysIcms, ` r0cccdtny8 0] lhc Nult0nul Acudcmy q
ctcncc8, VO. b (l b3), pp. 4M-44.
l. Y. DABOKOV, L00k ul lhc Hurlcgutn8! (M0Lr0w-H| l14).
l 1. J. DEEDHAM, "b0|cn0c 0nd bO0|cIy |n L0sI 0nd Wcsl,` hc
rund tlrult0n (LOndOn. Acn Unw|n, lW).
l b. bcc lOr mOrc dcI0|s . %lSRA, l . RlOOOlNE 0nd %. LOUR-
BAOE, "rOm dcIcrm|n|sI|0 Oyn0m|0s IO prOD0D||sI|0 Ds0r|p-
l|On`, hy8tcu bA (l 1) l-Z. , . %lSRA 0nd l. RlOOlNE
"1|mc, rOD0D||Iy 0nd Oyn0m|0s`, |nL0nyltmc rcdtclt0n tn
ynumtc8, cds. L. W. HOrIOn, L. L. Kc0| h 0nd A. L.
b2cDchcy, (Ncw YOrk, W|cy lb3).
l. l. RlOOlNE, L. LEOROE, MENlN, 0nd L. OSENFELD, '
Un|l|cd Ormu0I|On OlOyn0m|0s 0nd 1hcrmOdyn0m|0s, `
Lhcmtcu crtplu, VO . 4 ( l 13), pp. -3Z.
Z. M. LOURBAOE "lnIr|ns|0 |rrcVcrs|D|l|Iy OKOmOgOrOV dyn0m-
|00 sysIcms,`hy8tcu lb3, U. M|sr00nd l. r|gOg|nc,Lcllcr8
tn Mulhcmultcul hy8tc8, bcpIcmDcr lb3.
L0C d30
l . A. b. LDDlNOTON, hc Nulurc 0] lhc hy8tcul W0rld (Ncw
YOrk. M00m|0n, l 4b).
Z. L. LVY-RUHL, Lu Mcnlultl rtmtl (r|s. U lZZ).
J. L. %lLLS, Humlcl'8 Lu8llc (AusI|n. Un|Vcrs|Iy O1cX0s rcss,
4. K. AOORE, "1hc N0IurcOlKc0|Iy` (L00uII0. M0dcrn Hcrtcw
XLlX, 13 l ), pp. 4Z-43.
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suty POOtess, HOuH WuOHu CeHCe PCuOeny, MuhuOOt huh
Z0l0r M0rg, l 1), p. .
HLH | L|A 3
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ItOn8, l Z).
7. Oc80rtDcd tn H. EROSON, Ml0ngc8 (0rt8 Ul l 1Z),
pp. l 34-.
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(rt8 Hcrm0n, l1Z).
V. N. lENER, Lybcrncltc8 (L0mDrt0gc, M088. . M. l. 1 rc880nd
Ncw YOrk JOhn WtIcy bOn8, ll ).
l. %. %ERLEAU~ONTY, "Lc phtlO8Ophc cI l08O0tOOgtc,`
dc l0 htl080phtc, LOIc0ItOnldcc8 (0rt8 L0IItm0rd, l ),
pp. l3~37.
l l . %. %ERLEAU-ONTY, H8um8 dc L0ur8 JJ-0J (0rt8 L0-
tm0rd, lb), p. l l.
lZ. YALRY, L0htcr8, L0Ict0dc(0rt8. L0IItm0rd, l13),p. l33.
l3. Or wh0I lOIIOw8 8cc 08O l. RlOOOlNE, l. bTENOERS, 0n0 b.
AHAUT, "L0dyn0mtqucdcLctDnt28 Lu0rc0c,`Lrtltguc "bpc-
0t0I bcrrc8, ` VOI . 3 (J0n. lT), pp. 34-. LngI. Ir0n8. : y-
n0mtc8 ]r0m Lctbnt l0 Lucrcltu8, ` AIcrwOr0 IO M. bERRES,
Hcrmc8: Ltlcr0lurc, ctcncc, htl080phy (b0IItmOrc: JOhn8
HOpktn8 UntV. r. , lbZ), pp. l 31~.
l4. L. b. ElRCE, hc M0nt8l VOI. Z ( l bZ), pp. 3Zl ~331.
l. A. N. HlTEHEAD, r0cc88 0nd Hc0ltly, pp. Z4-l . n Iht8
8uD)c0I, 8cc l. LECLERC, Whtlchc0d8 Mcl0phy8tc8 (bIOOm-
tngIOn ln0t0n0 UntVcr8tIy rc88, l1).
l. L0 n0t880ncc dc l0 phy8tguc d0n8 lc lcxlc dc Lucrcc, p. l 3.
l1. LUCRETlUS, c N0lur0 Hcrum, bOOk ll. 'g0tn, tl0II mOVc-
mcnIt8 0Iw0y8 tnIcr0Onnc0Ic0, Ihc ncw0rt8tnglrOmIhcOI0 tn 0
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lrcc wtII pO88c88cd DyItVtngIhtng8 IhrOughOuI Ihcc0rIh?`
lb. M. bERRES, Op. 0tI. , p. lJ.
l. M. bERRES, Op. 0tI. , p. l Z , 0I8Opp.b~b0nd "KOum0tncI
0uIkncr Ir0dut8cnI I`
0rtIurc, ` L0 lr0duclt0n (rt8 MtnutI,
Z. b. %OSCOVlCl , H0mmc8 d0mc8ltguc8 cl h0mmc8 80ur0gc8,
pp. Z1~b.
Zl . 1 UHN, hc lruclurc 0]ctcnlgc Hcr0lult0n8, ndcd. tn0r
(Lht00gO Lht00gO UntVcr8tIy rc88, l1).
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MElDEOOER ctn und Zctl (1uDtngcn Ntcmcycr l11).
3. H. EYL, htl080phy 0]M0lhcm0ltc8 0nd N0lur0l ctcncc
|Mtn0cIOn, N.J.: rtn0cIOn UntVcr8tIy rc88, l 4).
4. A. DEHER, "Vt8tOn du Icmp8 cI dc I ` ht8IOtrc d0n8 l0 0uIIurc
]utVc,` Lc8 cullurc8 cl lc lcmp8 (rt8 yOI, l 1), p. l1.
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Or 0|80u88|On8OlIcrm8Or0On0cpI8 |n0cXc0 hcrc.
A00cIcr0l|On, b7bV
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Lh|nc8c, Z1b
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(L0r0ncr), ZJ4
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Ampcrc, An0rc M0r|c, 1, 1
An0X0gOr08, Z4
Anl|rc0u0I|On|8l8, I 1J-14
Ar0h|mc0c8, J, 4I , J4
Ar|8IOIIc, J, 4, 1 I , b, I 1J,
J, J, On0h0ngc, 2,
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phy8|08 Ol, J~4I , 0n0
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pI0ycd by, Jl
AIOm|8I8, J, J, 0On0cpI|On Ol

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AIIr00lOr, I Z I , l JJ, l4, lZ
b00h, J. b., J1
b00hcI0r0, L08IOn, JZn
b00Icr|0I 0hcmOl0X|8, I 1
b0kcr Ir0n8lOrm0l|On, ZbV,
Z1Z-1, Z1b-1, ZbJ, Zb
bc|ng 0n0 bc0Om|ng, J I
bclOusOV-Zh0bOl|nky rc00I|On,
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bcn0r0 n8t0bIty, I 4Z~44,
Ir0n8|l|On IO 0h0O8 |n, I 1-5
bcrg8On, Hcnr|, I, 1, b,
-4, , I Z, I 1J~14,
JI ~Z, On0yn0m|08, N,On
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bcr||n, l80|0h, Z, I I , I J, b
bcrnOu|||, O0n|cI, bZ
bcrry, b. , I 1
bcrIhOI|cI, LI0u0c LOu|8,
LOmIc, J In
bc88O, M|0hcIc, Z4
b|lur00I|On8, XV, l~l , l 1,
Z1, 008000|ng, I 1~1, |n
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Hu0Iu0I|On80n0, I 11, lb, |n
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Z, rOIc Ol0h0n0c |n, XXVl,
l1, I 1, 8O0|0|, JI J, 0nd
b|lur00I|Ons ( c0nld)
sI0I|sI|00I mO0cI , Z-,
IhcOry Ol, l 4
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OlI|mc, XXV, Z
b|OIOgy, Z, I, 00I0I ysIs |n,
l 33-34, 0hcm|00I rc00I|Ons
tn, l 3l -3Z, "0Ommun|00I|On`
0mOng mOIc0uIcs |n, I 3,
0On0cpIs lrOm phys|0s
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0OnVcrs|On, I b, cVOIuI|On
0n0, I Z, I Zb, IOg|sI|0
cqu0I|On |n, I 3-,
mOlc0uI0r, 8cc MOIc0uI0r
D|OIOgy, rc0u0I|On|sI-
0nI|rc0u0I|On|sI 0OnlI|0I | n,
l 14, Ic0hnOI Og|00I 0n0IOg|cs
| n, l 14~1, I|mc |n, I I ,
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b|r0hO, Z
bl0kc, W|llt0m, 3
bOcrh0Vc, Hcrm0nn, I
bOhr, N|cIs, Z, 14, ZZ, ZZ4-Z,
ZZb, ZZ, ZZ-3
bOII2m0nn, Luuw|g, XV||, l,
I , l ZZ-Z1, ZI , ZZ1, Z34-3,
Zb, Z, Z14, Zb-b1, Z1,
JZn, JJ l n, 0nd 0rrOw Ol
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sysIcms, Z, On cVOIuI|On
IOw0r0 cqu|l|br|um, Z4~43,
Ob]c0I|Ons IOIhcOr|cs Ol,
Z43-4, 0nd IbcOry Ol
cnscmbIcs, Z4b, Z
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bOII2m0nn`s Or0cr pr|n0|pIc,
1~5, l4Z, I 43, I , l3,
l b1
bOr0c0, 3ZI n
bOrn, M0X, ZZ, Z3
bOun00ry 0On0|I|Ons, 1M,
I Z-ZI , l Z, l Z, I 3b-3,
l 4Z, l41, I I
br0u0cI, XV|||, X|X
br|0gm0nn, l W, 3 ln
IllOUH, 2l
brOgI|c, LOu|s 0c, ZZ
brunO, L|Or00nO, l
bruns, 1Z, Z
brusscI0IOr, I 4, l 4b, l l , I Z,
"brusscIs s0hOO| , ` XV
bu0h00hI , Lcr0, 3 I n
bullOn, LcOrgcs lOu|s Lc0Icr0
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buIIs,1hOm0s, 3
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L0IV|n, JOhn, XX||
L0n0crIumOrs,OnscIOl, I bb
L0nOn|00I cqu0I|On, ZZ
L0nOn|00I V0r|0bIcs, 1, 1l ,
l 1, ZZZ
L0r0wcII, O. , 3ZZn
L0rn0p, K00OIl, ZI 4, Z4
L0rnOI, L020rc, I I Z
L0rnOI, b00|, I ! I -l , l I 1, I Z,
lZb, l4, 3Z3n, 3Z4n, L0rnOI
0y0Ic, I I Z-I I 4, I I 1
"L0rry|ng 00p00|Iy` Ol
sysIcms, I Z-1
L0I0I ys|s, l J3-3, I 4, l J
L0Icrp|ll0rs, sIr0Icg|cs lOr
rcpcIl|ng prc00IOrs Ol, l 4-
L0Ihcr|nc Ihc Lrc0I, Z
Lc|ls. Bcn0rd, l4J, 0hcm0m
rc00I|Ons w|Ih|n, l 3I -3Z
Lh0n0c,0On0cpIs Ol, XX||-XX|||,
I4, l7, l 1, Z3, 8cc
Lh0ngc. mOI|On 0n0, Z-b,
n0Iurc Ol, ZI , OlsI0Ic, I ,
|n IhcrmO0yn0m|0 sysIcm,
l Z-Zl , Wh|Ichc00 On,
Lhcm|00| 0IO0k, XV|, l 3,
l 41-4b, l 1, 31,
0Ommun|00I|On |n, l b, |n
gly0Olys|s, I, |nsI|mcmOId
0ggrcg0I|On, l
Lhcm|00I rc00I|Ons, I Z1, |n
D|Ol Ogy, I 3 I -3Z, 0|llus|On |n,
I 4b-4, lIu0Iu0I|Ons 0n0
0OrrcI0I|Ons |n, I 1-bI ,
l 3Z-34, scll-Org0n|20I|On |n,
l 44~4J, IhcrmO0yn0m|0
0cs0r|pI|Ons Ol, l JJ-J1,8ee
0l8o 8pccgc rcuctton8
Lhcm| sIry, X| , , bcrgsOn On,
l , 0n0 buOn, , ,
0On0cpIu0I 0| sI|n0I|On
bcIwccn phys|0s 0n0, l J1,
0n0 0OnVcrs|On, I b, O|0c|OI
On, bZ, bJ, hu0Iu0I|Ons 0n0,
l 11~1, |nOrg0n|0, I Z, lJ,
|rrcVcrs|b|I|Iy | n, Z,
NcwIOn|0n mcIhO0 |n, Zb,
rcl0I|On bcIwccn Or0cr 0n0
0h0Os | n, l b, 0n0 s0|cn0c
Ol hrc, ` I J, IcmpOr0I
cVOIuI|On |n, l -l l
Lh|n0, 1, 0I0hcmy |n, Z1b,
sO0|0l rOIc Ols0|cnI|sIs |n,
4-4, 4b
Lh|r0I symmcIry, Zb
LhrcOd,` I 1Z
Lhr|sI0IIcr mO0c| , 11, ZJ
Lhr|sI|0n|Iy, 4, 41, , 1
LhrOnOgcOgr0phy, Z7Z
Lhu0ng 1su, ZZ
Ll0|r0uI, AIcX|s LI0u0c, Z,
Ll0us|us, Ku0OIlJul|us
lm0nucI, l I4, I l , ZJJ, ZJ4,
?40, 304, cntrOpy dcsOr|bcd
Dy, I I 1~l
L||n0mcn, l 4l , JJ, J4
LIO0ks: |nVcnI|On Ol, 4, 0s
symbOI Ol n0Iurc, , 8ce
0l8o Lhcm|00I 0lO0ks
L|Osc0 sysIcms, XV, l Z
LO0c0I|Vc phcnOmcn0, XX|V, | n
0mOcb0s, l -l, | n |nsc0Is,
l bI -b, | nhum0n gcOgr0phy,
l 1~ZJ, |n sO0|0l
0nIhrOpOIOgy, Z, J I 1n
LOll|s|Ons, J, , l JZ, Z4-4Z,

LOmb|n0IOr|0I 0n0lys|s, l ZJ
LOmmun|00I|On. dcs0r|pI|On 0s,
J0, | n0|ss|p0I|Vc sIru0Iurcs,
l J, l 4b, 0n0 cnIrOpy b0rr|cr,
2V^-V, uDO 1UClUulODs,
l b1-bb, 0n0 |rrcVcrs|b|l|Iy,
Z, mOIc0uI0r b0s|s IO, XXV,
l b, sI0b|I|2|ng cc0Is O, l b
LOmpcns0I|On, l 1, LI0us|usOn
L0rnOI 0y0Ic, M4; sI0I|sI|00I ,
l Z4, l JJ, Z4
LOmplcmcnI0r|Iy, p||n0|pIc Ol,
LOmpIcX|Ons, l ZJ, l Z4, I Z1,
l , | n bcn0r0 |nsI0b|I|Iy,
l 4Z-4J
LOmplcX|Iy. 0yn0m|0s 0n0
s0|cn0c Ol, Zb-, l|m|Is Ol,
l bb-b, mOdcl|20I|Ons Ol,
LOmIc, AugusIc, I 4-
LOn0|I!00, lI|cnnc bOnnOI 0c,

LOn0Or0cI, M0r|c Jc0n AnIO|nc

N|0Ol0sL0r|I0I, m0rqu|s0c,

LOnscrV0I|On, I|lc dchncd | n

Icrms Ol, b4
LOnscrV0I|On Olcncrgy, l 1~l l,
0n0 L0rnOI 0y0Ic, I I 4, l l ,
0nd cnIrOpy, l I 1, I I b,
pr|n0|plc Ol, -1I
LOnVcOI|On, l Z1, |n bcn0r0
|nsI0b|l|Iy, I 4Z
LOpcrnicus, 307
LOrrcl0I|Ons: dyn0m|0s Ol,
Zb-b, Hu0Iu0I|Ons 0n0,
I 1-bl
LOsmOlOgy, XXV|: , I , l ,
cnIrOpy 0n0, l l 1, mysI|0|sm
0n0, J4, 0n0
IhcrmO0yn0m|0s, l l -I 1,
I|mc 0n0, ZI , Z,
Wh|Ichc0d`s, 4
LOunIcr|nIu|I|Vc rcspOnscs, ZJ
Lr|I|00l IbrcshOld8cc nsI0b|I|Iy
Lrtltguc o)urc Hcu8on (K0nI),
Cybcrncttc8 (Wc|ncr), Z-
1urW D, lDur es, XIV, XX, 12H,
I 4, ZI , Z4, Z4l , Z I
HLH U | L| 33b
O0rw|n|0n sclc0I|On, I , I I ,
I 4, I
O0V|0, bcn, J I bn
OcmOC||lu8, J
OcncubOu|g, J. L. , I b I
Ocn8|Iy lun0I|On , Z41-,
I , Z4, w|Ih 0rrOw OlI|mc,
11, Zb, Or 0|8Ir|buI|On
lun0I|On, Zb, |n ph08c sp00c,
-1, 14, Z1
OcOXyr|bOnu0Ic|0 0C|0 (ONA),
I 4, 0|88ymcIry Ol, | J
Oc80guI|cr8, J. 1. , Z1
Oc8C0|Ic8, Kcnc, , J, bI
Oc8I|ny, , Z1
OcIc|m|n|8m, XXV, , 00, 1,
I -1, I1, I 11, Z I , ZZ,
Z4, 0~T, J4,
0OnCcpl8 Ol, XX||-XX|||
t0lccltc8 o)N0lurc (lngcI8),
t0loyuc Lonccrntny lhc uo
Chtc) World y8lcm8
(L0I|IcO), J
tcltonn0trc htlo8ophtguc
(VOII0||c), Z1
tclyo8lcltum dt8cotdcum. I ,
I 1
O|Uc|Ol, Ocn|s, T-b5, I , | 36,
J, JZI n
O|llc|cnl|0I C0ICuIu8, 1, ZZZ
O|hu8|On, I 4b-4, I TT
O|r00, 0uI , J4, ZZ, ZJ
O|8O|0c|, XXV|| , | b, I Z4, | Z,
I4Z, ZJb, 4, Z, Zb-b1,
O|88|p0I|On (O| IO88), J, I | Z,
I I, I I 1, I Z, I Z, | Z,
O|88|p0I|Vc 8I|uCIu|c8, X||, XV,
XX|||, I -I4, I 4Z-4J, I b,
J, 0Ohcrcn0c Ol, I 1,
0Ommun|00I|On |n, I 4b,
0uIIur0I , XXV|
O|88ymmcIry, I Z4, I J, |n I|mc,
I , 8cc 0l8o bymmcIry
O|8Ir|buI|On lun0I|On 8rr
Ucn8|Iy lun0I|On
OObb8, b. J. , J I n
OOnUc|, 1hcOph|Ic 0c, I J, J
OOnnc, JOhn,
O||c8Ch, H0ns, I 1I
OrO8Oph|I0, I 1
0u bO|8 KcymOnU, 11, 1
O|Icrrcnm0II, h, I
Ouhcm, |crrc M0ur|0c M0r|c,
Our0I|On, XXV|||~X| X, bcrg8On`8
0On0cpI Ol, , Z4
Oyn0m|C8, I I , I4-I ,b-,
I1, b0kc| Ir0n8lOrm0I|On | n,
1-11, b08|C symmcIry Ol,
Z4J, Ch0ngc |n, Z-b,
COnCcpI OlO|Uc| |n, Zb1, Ol
CO||cl0l|On8, Zb-b,
|nCOmp0l|b|I|ly Ol
IhcrmO0yn0m|08 0n0, I ,
JJ-J4, ZZ-J, I0ngu0gc O,
b-14, 0n0 L0p0Cc`8 0cmOn,
1-11, Ob]cCI8 Ol, J,
Opc|0IO|8 |n, ZZZ, prOb0b|I|Iy
gcnc|0lc0 |n, Z14,
|cCOnC|I|0I|On Ol
lhc|mO0yn0m|C8 0n0, I ZZ,
|cvc|sibi | i ty | n, I Z, 0nU
8C|cnCc OlCOmplcX|ly, Zb-,
8l0I|C V|cw Ol, XX| X,
8ymmcI|y-b|c0k|ng | n,
Z-I , 0nU lhcO||c8 Ol
|||cvc|8|b|| |Iy, Z I , IhcO|y Ol
cn8cmbIc8 | n, Z41- I ,
IwcnI|cIh-CcnIu|y |cncw0I Ol,
Oy8On, |ccm0n, II 1
LCOIOgy, IOg|8I|C cqu0I|On |n,
I Z-J, I,Z4
L00|ngIOn, ArIhur bI0n|cy, kX,
b, 4, I I , ZJJ, ZI
Ldyc o)Obccltvtly, hr
(L|Il c8p|c), J I
Lh|cnlc8I mO0cI, J5~J5, Z4,
L|gcn, M. , l~l
L|gcnlun0I|On8, I -J, Ol
H0m|IIOn|0n Opc|0IO|, 1, Ol
Opc|0IO| I|mc 1 b,
8upc|pO8|I|On Ol, 1-b
L|gcnV0uc8, I , , Ol
H0m||IOn|0n Opc|0IO|, ,
L|n8Ic|n, ADc|I, X|V, 1, 4Z,
1l , Jl , J1, J I , OnD08|0
myIhOl80|cn0c, Z~J,
dcmOn8I|0I|On Ol
|mpO88|D||Iy Dy, ,
d|0Oguc w|Ih 10gO|c, J,
cn8cmDcIhcO|yOl, 41- l ,
I , LOd Ol, 4, On
g|0V|I0I|On, J4, On
|||cVc|8|D||Iy, I , b, ,
4-, M00h`8 |nucn0c On,
J, 0n0 qu0nIum mc0h0n|08,
Zl b~Z, 4, On 80|cnI|h0
a80cI|0|8m, -I , On
8|muI0nc|Iy, I b, 8pc0|0
IhcO|y Ol|c0I|V|Iy Ol, l 1,
IhOughI cXpc||mcnI8 Ol, 4J,
On I|mc, I4-I , l ,
"un|l|c0 l|cl0 IhcO|y` Ol, ,
u8cOl p|OD0D||I|c8 |c]c0Ic0
Dy, 1
Lc0I|On8, b1, bb, 8I0I|On0|y
8I0Ic8 Ol, 14
LcmcnI0|y p0|I|0c phy8|08,
XXV|||, I , , , I, I, J4,
J, b-bb, DOOI8I|0p`
h|lO8Ophy In,, qu0nIum
mc0h0n|08 0n0, J-J l ,
-V|O0I|On |n, , w0Vc
Dch0V|O| |n, I 1
L|0Uc, M||0c0, J-4
L|k0n0, Y. , JJn, JJ I n
LmD|yO. 0cVcOpmcnI Ol,
bl -b, lO|m0I|On Olg|00|cnI
8y8Icm |n mO|phOgcnc8|8 Ol,
l , |nIc|n0| pu|pO8c Ol,
l 1l -1J
Lncyclopdtc, bJ
Lnc|ycI|0|8I8, J4
Lnc|gy, l 1, 0|88|p0I|On Ol,
J-J, 0n0 ccmcnI0|y
p0|I|0c8, b1, 0n0 cnI|Opy,
l I b-I, cXh0u8I|Dc, I | | , I I4,
08|nV0||0nI, , lO| |V|ng
0c8, l, |nqu0nIum
mc0h0n|08, -I , Ol
un8I0Dc p0|I|0c8, 14, Ol
un|Vc|8c, l I 1, 8cc 0l80
LOn8c|V0I|On Olcnc|gy
Lnc|gy 0OnVc|8|On, lZ, l b,
l I 4
Lngc8, ||c0||0h, -J, JJn
Lng|nc8, I , lJ, l-1,
l l l-I
Ln|ghIcnmcnI, Ihc,1, 1, b,
Ln8cmDc IhcO|y (L|n8Ic|n-
L|DD8), 41- I , I ,
cqu|l|D||um 0n0,
LnIcc0hy, l 1l
LnI|Opy, X|X-XX, I , I 4-I b,
I I 1-, 1, 0n00||OwOl
I|mc, XXV, J-4, 1-,
0n0 0IOm|8m, bb, 08 D0|||c|,
11-b, -1, |ncVO uI|On,
l J I , HuX 0n0 lO|0c 0n0, l J,
l J1, 0w Ol |n0|c08c Ol, XX| X,
n lnCat lhCtmOUynamCS,
l Jb-J, mc0h0n|8I|0
|nIc|p|cI0I|On Ol, 4-4J,
p|OD0D||Iy 0n0, l 4, I ,
I 4, J4, J, J1-Jb, 14,
p|O0u0I|On Ol, I I , l J I , I JJ,
l J, I J1-J, I 4, 08
p|Ogcn|IO| Ol O|0c|, XX|-XX|| ,
08 8cc0I|On p||n0|plc,
b-b, 8uD]c0I|Vc
|nIc|p|cI0I|On Ol, I , J,
I -, IhOughI cXpc||mcnI
On, 44, un|Vc|80|
|nIc|p|cI0I|On8 Ol, J
Ln2ymc8, l JJ-J4, lcc0D00k
00I|On Ol, l4, |n gy0Oy8|8,
l, |c8cmD|ng M0Xwc`8
0cmOn, l 1
Lp|0u|u8, J, J
LHcH U1 | L|A 34U
Lqu|I|br|um, XV:, 0n0 D0kcr
Ir0nslOrm0I|On, Z1J,
0hcm|08I , l JJ, 0hcm|O0I
rc00I|Ons |n, l 1-b, 0n0
cnIrOpy, l Z, l J l , cVOIuI|On
IOw0r0, Z4l -4J, l|uX 0n0
lOr0c 0I, l J-31, |n luIurc,
Z1, Z1, 0n0 m0IIcr-I|ghI
|nIcr00I|On, Zl , m0X|mum
prOb0b|I|Iy0I, Zb, 0n0
IhcOry OlcnscmDlcs, Z,
Ihcrm0I, l , l l , Ihcrm0I
0h0Os | n, l b, |n
IhcrmO0yn0m|0s, lZ, l J,
l Z-Z, l Jb, VcIO0|Iy
0|sIr|buI|On |nsI0IcOl, Z4l ,
8cc 0l8o 0r-lrOm-
, NOncqu|I|br|0m
LrgO0|0 sysIcms, Z
Lsp0gn0I, b. 0` , JZn
L8pril dc 8y8lcmc, bJ
Lu0I|0, l 1l
Lulcr, LcOnh0r0, Z, , b
LVcrcII, ZZb
LVOIuI|On, XX, l Z, l Zb, 0n0
0rrOw OlI|mc, XXV,
b|ur00I|Ons | n, I TI -TZ,
D|OIOg|00I, lJ, bOlI2m0nn ,
On, 24, OhcmOaI, l 77,
0On0cpIs lrOm phys|Cs
0ppI|c0 IO, Z1-, 0Osm|0,
Zl , Zbb, O0rw|n|0n, l Zb,
lrOm 0|sOr0crIOOr0cr, XX| X,
cnIrOpy | n, l l , l J l , IOw0r0
cqu|l|br|um, Z4l -4J,
lcc0b00k |n, l -ZJ,
IOg|sI|0, l Z-, Z4,
p0r0U|gm Ol, Z1-b, |n
qu0nIum mc0h0n|0s,
ZZ-ZZb, ZJb, IOw0r0
sI0I|On0ry sI0Ic, l Jb-J,
sIru0Iur0I sI0b|l|Iy |n, l b-Vl
LX| sIcnI|0I |sm, XX||
LXp0n0|ngun|Vcrsc, Z, l. Zl ,
LXpcr|mcnI0I|On, , 4l -44, 0n0
gIObaI truth, 444J, Kant
0n0, bb, un|Vcrs0l|Iy Ol
I0ngu0gc pOsIuI0Ic0 by, l ,
Wh|Ichc00 On, J, , 8cc
0l8o 1hOughI cXpcr|mcnls
0II|ngbO0|cs,L0IIIcO`s I0ws
lOr, 1,
0r-lrOm-cqu1I|br|um, XXV|,
XXV||, l J-l4, l 4-4, J,
0hcm|00I |nsI0b|I|Iy | n,
l4-J, |n 0hcm|sIry, l 11,
0|ss|p0I|Vc sIruOIurcs |n, l b,
| nmOIc0uI0rb|OIOgy, l J-,
prcb|OI|0 cVOIuI|On |n, l l ,
scll-Org0n|20I|On | n, l1
0r000y, M|0h0cI, lb
0u8l (LOcIhc), l Zb
cc0b00k, lJ, |n b|OlOg|08I
sysIcms, l "4, |n cVOIuI|On,
l l , l -ZJ, bcIwccn
s0|cn0c 0n0 sO0|cIy, X|||
c|gcnb0um scqucn0c, l
cucr, Jn
cynm0n, K|0h0r0, +
Iu0Iu0I|Ons, XV, XX|V-XXV,
XXV| | , l Z4-Z, l 4-4l , l4J,
0mpI|l|00I|On Ol, l 4l , l 4J
l bI -b, 0n0 0hcm|sIry,
l 11-1, 0n0 0OrrcI0I|Ons,
l 7V-l , n Markov proOcss,
ZJb, On m|
rOs0Op|0 s00|c,
ZJ l -JZ
Iu|0Ow, l 4l
IuXcs, l J-J1, r0n0Om nO|sc
| n, l -1, |n rc0|prO0|Iy
rcI0I|Ons, l J1-Jb
Or0cs. gcncr0I |2c0, l3-J1, | n
rc0|prO0|Iy rcI0I|Ons, l J1-Jb
Our|cr, b0rOn Jc0n-JOscph, l Z,
l4, l , l 1, l l-l 1
r0scr, J. 1. , Zl 4
rc0cr|0kl l , K|ngOl russ|0,
rcc p0rI|0Ics, 1-1Z
rcc w|II, XX||
rcu0, b|gmun0, l 1
r|c0m0nn, AIcX0n0cr, Zl
undamcntaI IcvcI of
0cs0r|pI|On, ZZ-J
L0I|IcO, 4, 4l , , l , J, On
00usc0nu cllc0I, N,0nu
gIOb0| IruIhs, 44, 0nu
mc0h0n|sI|0 wOrIu V|cw, 1,
IhOughI cXpcr|mcnIs Ol, 4J
L0|V0n|, Lu|g|, I 1
L0runcr, M0rI|n, ZJ4, Z
L0sscnu|, |crrc, Z
Lcncr0I|2cu lOr0cs, l J-J1
LcOgr0ph|00I I|mc, XV|||
LcOgr0phy, l1, |nIcrn0I I|mc
|n, Z1Z
LcO|Ogy, l Zl , I|mc |n, l l , Zb
L|bbs,J. W, l , ZJb, Z41-l ,
L|II|sp|c, L. L. , J l , JZl n
LIy0OIys|s, l-
LOcIhc, JOh0nn WOIlg0ng VOn,
I Zb
LOu|u, bIcphcnJ. , Z4
Lr0ssc, l bI , l b
Lr0V|I0I|On. LOmIc On, l,
0nu ucIcrm|n0I|On Ol mOI|On,
, |nc0rIy un|Vcrsc, Zb,
L|nsIc|n`s |nIcrprcI0I|On Ol,
J4, cXpI0n0IOry pOwcrOl, Zb,
Z, |nl0r-lmm-cqu|I|br|um
0Onu|I|Ons, lJ-4, un|Vcrs0|
I0wol, I , l Z,
Lu|ubcrg 0nu W00gc`s |0w(0l80
M0ss 00I|On, I0w O, I JJ
H0m|IIOn, W|II|0m KOw0n, b,
W, 8cc H0m||IOn|0n
H0m||IOn|0n: cqu0I|On, Z4,
lun0I|On, b, 1-1I , 14, l 1,
ZZ-ZI , Opcr0IOr, ZZl ,
ZZ-Z1, 0nu -V|OI0I|On, Z
H0nk|ns, 1hOm0s, J I bn
H0O b0|-I|n, l l , lZ
H0ushccr, KOgcr, Z
H0wk|ng, I l 1
Hc0I, lZ, 1, lJ, 0Onuu0I|On
Ol, l4, I J, cIc0Ir|0|Iy
prOuu0cuby, lb,0nu hc0I
cng|ncs, lZ, lJ, l -1, hc0I
PH@Hes, urrOW O1 tne uHO
I l l-I , prOp0g0I|On Ol,
I 4-, rcpcII|ng lOr0c Ol, ,
spc0|h0, l, Ir0nslOrm0I|On
Ol m0IIcr by, I
HcgcI , L. W , 1, b-, Z,
J, l 1J
Hc|ucggcr, M0rI|n, JZ-JJ, 4Z,
1, Jl
Hc|scnbcrg, Wcrncr, XX||, ZZ,
Hc|scnbcrg un0crI0|nty
rcI0I|Ons, I 1b, ZZZ-Z
HcImhOII2, Hcrm0nn Luuw|g
cru|n0nu VOn, W, I - l I
Hcr|VcI, J. , JZZn
Hcss, bcnnO, I
H|rs0h, J. , l l
H|sIOry. Ol|uc0s, 1, Opcn
0h0r00IcrOl, Z1, rc|nscrI|On
Ol, |nIO n0Iur0I 0nu sO0|0I
s0|cn0cs, Zb,Ols0|cn0c, J1
(0OsmOlOgy) Zb, ZI ,
(gcOgr0phy) l 1, Z1Z,
(gcOIOgy) I l , l ZI , Zb
HOIb00h, uI Hcnr| 1h|ry,
b0rOn u

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HOOyk00s, K. , J I1n
HOpl, Z
HubbIc, Luw|n OwcI1 , Zl
Mumantcs, sChsm bctwccn
s0|cn0c 0nu, I I , I J
Humc, A. ru, JI 1n
Huss, JOhn, XX||
Huyghcns,Lht|sI|00n, N
HyurOuyn0m|0s, I Z1, l0r-lrOm-
cqu|I|br|umphcnOmcn0| n,
HypnOns, I b, Zb1, Zbb
HysIcrcs|s, l
luc0I|20I|On, 4l -4J, ,
I l Z-I l4, I l , I Z, Z l, Z4b,
ZZ, J-
lmpOss|b|I|Iy, ucmOnsIr0I|Ons
Ol, l1, Z I -l1, Z, Z-J
lnu|V|uu0l I|mc, XV|||
1HOusIru #@e cOmUuStOn
0nu, l J
lnlOrm0I|On, I 1I 6, ,
161, 6J, , 16
ln|I|0I 0On0|I|Ons (Or sI0Ic), I ,
6, 1, I I , I 4, I 6, I ,
I J4, I4, I41, 46,
I 1, 11I , 7, 161,
, J I
lnnOV0I|On, psy0hOIOg|00I
prO0css Ol, XX|V
lnnOV0I|Vc Dc0Om|ng,
ph|IOsOphy Ol, 4
lnsI0D|I|Iy, 0yn0m|0, 1J,
61, 1, J,0hcm|00I,
I 44JJ, IhcrmO0yn0m|0,
I 4I -, IhrcshOI0, I4, I 41,
lnsc0I8, scIl-0ggrcg0I|On Ol,
I 6I -6
lnIcgr0D|c sysIcms, 1I 1, 14,
4, J
lnIcrn0I I|mc, 11J, 6
lnIr|ns|00IIy |rrcVcrs|DIc
sysIcms,111, 6
lnIr|ns|00I I y r0n0Om sysIcms,
141, b
lnIu|I|On, 6, I ,
lrrcVcrs|D|I|Iy, XX, XX|, XXV||,
XXV|||,1,J, I I ,
000cpI0n0c Dypbys|0s O,
6V, 0n0 D|OIOgy, I b, I 1,
|n 0bcm|sIry, I J I , I J1, I11,
0OnIrOVcrsy OVcr, I I ,
0uIIur0I 0OnIcXI Ol
|n0OrpOr0I|On |nIO pbys|0s Ol,
JI , 0n0 0yn0m|0s Ol
0Orrcl0I|Ons, b6, l|nsIc|n
On, 4, 0n0 cnscmDIc
IhcOry, , |n cVOIuI|On, I 6,
I 6,lOrmuI0I|On OlIhcOry Ol,
I , I 1, I I 1 I , 0n0 I |m|Is
Ol0I0ss|00I0On0cpIs,I 4,
0n0 m0IIcr-I|ghI |nIcr00I|On,
I , mc0surcmcnI 0n0, 6,
m|0rOs0Op|0IhcOryOl, 4,
1, 66, b6W, J I ,
prOD0D|I|Iy 0n0, I, I 4, I ,
2^^~4 QUunttutVe
cXprcss|On Ol, I I I , lrOm
r0n0Omncss IO, 111, r0Ic
O. I J, |n rc0| prO0|Iy
rcl0I|Ons, I J6,0s sOur0c Ol
Or0cr, I , , suD]c0I|Vc
|nIcrprcI0I|On O, I,0s
symmcIry-Drc0k|ng prO0css,
I , |n IhcrmO0yn0m|0s,
I , 8cc 0l8o ArrOw OlI|mc,
lsOmcr|20I|On rc00I|On, I
J0mmcr, M. , Jn
JOuIc, J0mcs rcs0OII, I 6
K0nI, mm0nucI , 1, 6, 66,
J, V, I 4
K0ullm0n, b. A. , I 1
KcpIcr, JOb0nncs, 4, 1, 1,
Kcyncs, LOr0, J I n
K|crkcg00r0, bOrcn, 1
K|ncI|0 cncrgy, 1I , W, I 1,
K|ncI|0s, 0bcm|00I , I JJ4
K|r0hOll, LusI0V, W
Kn|gbI, JIn
KOcsIIcr, ArIhur, J, J4J
KOIh0r| , O. b. , J
KOyrc, AlcX0n0rc, , J, JJ,
, J I 1n, J I n
Kubn, 1hOm0s, J1, Jn,
L0gr0ngc, LOmIcJOscph LOu|s,
, W, I 4, J4n
L0m|n0rhOw, I 4I 4, JJ
L0pI00c, M0rqu|s |crrc b|mOn
0c, X||| , 6, , 4,, 1,
I I , JJn, lOur|cr0r|I|0|2c0
Dy, I 4
L0pl00c`s 0cmOn, 111, 61,
L0rgc numDcrs, I0w Ol, I 4, I 16,
I b
uVOser ntOne uUrent 2K
4 |NLX
L0y2cr, O0V|0, XXV
Lc|Dn|2, LOIIlr|c0 VOn, , 4,
J, JJ, lOrmuI0c lOr
VcIO0|Iy 0n0 000cIcr0I|On, b,
mOn00s Ol, 14
Lcm0Irc, LcOrgcs, l
LcnODIc, K. , J
LcV|-bIr0uss, LI0u0c, , J I 1n
LcVy-bruhI , L. ,
Lcw|s, L. N. , JJ
L|cD|g, b0rOn JusIus VOn, I
L|lc bcrgsOn On, ,
0Omp0I|D|I|Iy w|Ihl0r-lrOm-
cqu|I|Dr|um 0On0|I|Ons, I4J,
0s cXprcss|On Ol scIl-
Org0n|20I|On, I 11, 0n0
Or0cr pr|n0|pIc, I 1b,
Orgn Ol, l4; KOm0nI0
0On0cpIs Ol, b, bI0hI`s
0chn|I|On Ol, b4, symmcIry-
Drc0k|ngas 0h0r00Icr|sI|0 Ol,
l J , IcmpOr0| 0|mcns|Ons Ol,
b, 8cc 0l80 MOIc0uI0r
L|ghI. VcIO0|Iy Ol, l 1, ,
l1l, 1b, , , w0Vc-
p0rI|0Ic 0u0I|IyOl, I >
Lmt cycIc, l447
L|nc0r IhcrmO0yn0m|Os,
l J14
L|OuV||Ic cqu0I|On, 4, ,

LOg|sI|0cVO|uI|On, I -,
L00k 0l lhc H0rlcgutn8
(N0DOkOV), 11
LOrcnI2, Hcn0r|k AnIOOn,1
LOs0hm|0I, 44, 4
LOu|s XlV, K|ng Olr0n0c,
Lu0rcI|us, J, l 4l , J, J In,
LuIhcr, M0rI|n, XX||
Ly0pOunOV, l l
M00h. rnst. 4. J-4. 1.
J l bn
M00h|ncs. ArOh|mc0cs`s, 4l ,
|0c0I, J, -1, m0Ihcm0I|0s
0n0, 4, us|ng hc0I, I J
M00rOs0Op|0 sysIcm, | -1
M0ny-wOrI0s hypOIhcs|s, b
M0rkOV 0h0|ns, J, Jb, 4,
4, 1J-1, 0n0 0yn0m|0s Ol
0Orrc|0I|Ons, bJ, 0n0 cnIrOpy
D0rr|cr, 1b
M0rX, K0rl,
M0ss 00I|On, I0wOl, l JJ, I J,
J l
M0Icr|0I|sI|0 n0Iur0I |sm, bJ
M0Ihcm0I|20I|On, 4, |n
H0m|IIOn|0n lun0I|On, 1 l ,
HcgcI`s 0r|I|quc Ol, ,
Lc|Dn|2 On, , Ol mOI|On, N
M0IIcr. 00I|Vc, , b-M, J,
0nI-m0IIcr, J-J l , Ot0crOI
On, b, cllc0I Olhc0I On, l ,
|n l0r-lrOm-cqu|l|Dr|um
0On0|I|Ons, l4, |nIcr00I|On M
r00|0I|On 0n0, l , ncw V|cw
Ol, , nOncqu|l|Dr|um
gcncr0Ic0 Dy, l bl , pcr0cpI|On
Ol0|crcn0cs Dy, I J, l ,
prOpcrI|cs Ol, , bI0h| On,
b4b, Ir0ns|I|On IOI|lc lrOm,
84, wavc-partcIc duaIty of,
M0XwcII , J0mcs LIcrk, 4, 1J,
I , I , 4, 4I ,
M0XwcII`s 0cmOn, I 1, J
M0ycr, Ju||usKODcrI VOn, I ,
1l l
Mc0surcmcnI, |rrcVcrs|DIc
0h0r00IcrOl, b-
Mc0h0n|0s, l, l ,
gcncr0||20I|On Ol, 1l l , Hcgcl
On, M, 0n0 prOD0D|I|Iy, l,
8cc 0l80 Oyn0m|0s, Qu0nIum
Mc0|0|nc. bcrgsOnOn, I ,
O|0crOI On, b, bJ
McrIc0u-OnIy, M. ,
McIIcrn|0h, LIcmcns Wcn2c|
WCQOmuk Olhat, utsl VOn,
HLH U | L|P 44
McycrsOn, Lm|Ic, J
M|0rO00nOn|00I cnscmDIc,
M|n|mumcnIrOpy prO0u0I|On,
lhcOrcmOl, lJb-4l
M|nkOwsk|, H. , J
MOIc, I I n
MOIc0uI0r D|OIOgy, 4, b, l0r-
lrOm-cqu|I|Dr|um 0On0|I|Ons
ln, I J-, V|I0I|sm0n0, b4
MOIc0uI0r0h0Os 0ssumpI|On,
MOn00s, 14, J-J
MOnO0, J00qucs, J-4, , J,
1, b4
MOr|n, L0g0r, XX||-XX|||
MOrphOgcncs|s, l1, I b
MOs0OV|0|, bcrgc, , J-1
MOI|On. 0n0 0h0ngc, -b,
0OmpIcX|Iy Ol, 1, |nsI0D|I|Iy
Ol, 1J, |nmc0h0n|00|cng|nc
V8. hc0I cng|nc, l I ,
pOs|I|V|sI nOI|On Ol, W,
prO0u0kOn Ol, | nhc0I cng|nc,
l 1, un|Vcrs0| I0ws Ol, 1-,
bJ, 8cc 0l8o Oyn0m|0s
N0DOkOV, VI00|m|r, 11-1b
N0pOIcOn, , 1
NaturaI Iaws: bcIcl n
un|Vcrs0I|Iy Ol, l -,
m0Ihcm0I|00I 0On0cpIs Ol, 4,
NcwIOn On, b, pr|m0ry 0n0
sc0On00ry, b, sO0|0I sIru0Iurc
0n0 V|cws Ol, 4b-4, I|mc-
ln0cpcn0cnI, , 1, Ir|0IsOl
0n|m0IslOr |nlr|ngcmcnIs Ol,
A0lurc o)lhc hy8tc0l World,
he (L00|ngIOn), b
N0c0h0m, JOscph, -1, 4, 4b,
4, 1b, Jn
"NcO||Ih|0 KcVOIuI|On, ` -, J1
Ncum0nn, VOn,
Acw ctcncc, hc (V|0O), 4
NcwIOn, ls000, XV, XXV|||, I ,
1-, 1, b, I 4, I , I 4,
234, 3S, 3 l9n; BChcmy BnU,
4, On0h0ngc, , J,
c|ghIccnIh-0cnlury OppOs|IlOn
lO, , I0wsOlmOI|On, 1,
0n0 mc0h0n|sI|0 wOrI0 v|cw,
1, OD]c0I|V|Iy 0cl|ncd Dy,
I b, OD]c0Is 0hOscnlOr sIu0y
Dy, I , prcscnI0I|On Ol
rtnctpt0 IO KOy0I bO0|cIy, l ,
sc0On0 I0w, b, 8cc 0l80
NcwIOn|0n s0|cn0c
NcwIOn|0n s0|cn0c, X||l, XlV,
X|X, XXV, XXV|, J1-4, I J,
0Dscn0c Ol un|Vcrs0I 0OnsI0nl
|n, I 1, 0On0cpI Ol0h0ngc | n,
J-b, O|0crOI 0n0, b, b,
KOyrc On, J-J,
|n0OmpIcIcncss Ol, ,
|nsI0D|||Iy 0n0, 4,
|nsI0D|I|Iy Ol0uIIur0I pOs|I|On
Ol, J, K0nI|0n0r|I|quc Ol,
bJ-b1, I0ws Ol mOI|OnOl,
1-, I|m|IsOl, -J,
pOs|I|V|sm 0n0, W, prOphcI|0
pOwcrOl, b, sprc00Ol,
b-, VOII0|rc 0n0, b,
wOr|0 V|cw Ol,
N|cI2s0hc, r|c0r|0h, l l l , l Jb
N|sDcI, K. , 1
NOncqu|||Drlum. 0OsmOIOg|00I
dmcnson ol, 23 l , dHcrcnCo
DcIwccn p0rI|0Ics0n0
0nI|p0rI|0Ics |n, b,
u0Iu0I|Ons |n, I 1b-b,
|nnOV0I|On 0n0, XX|V,0nd
Or|g|nOlsIru0Iurcs, XX|X,0s
sOur0cOlOr0cr, b1, 8cc 0l8o
NO0-I|nc0r|Iy, l4, l J4, l J,
l 4-, l 1 8cc L0I0Iys|s
NOn-I|nc0r IhcrmO0yn0m|0s,
I J1, I4
NOycs, l
Nu0Ic0I|On, l b1, I bb
crsIc0, H0ns LhrlsI|0n, lb
I0 1csI0mcnI, XX||
ns0gcr, L0rs, I J1, I Jb
LQctBlOts, 22l ~22, 225;
0OmmuI|ng, J
pltck8 (NcwIOn), b
pIlml20IlOn, l 1, 1
r0cr, l , l b, l , l J l , l4J ,
l 1l 1, Jb, 4, l ,
r0cr IhrOuyh hu0Iu0IlOn, l ,
l1b, mO0cIs D0sc0 On
ry0nl20IlOn IhcOry, XXlV
Ls0lII0Ilny 0hcml00I rcmIlOns,
l, l44
s0llI0IlOns. yIy0OI yIl0, l,
Ilmc- 0n0 spa0c-0cpcn0cnI,
sIw0I0, WlIhcIm, J4n
s00I, bI0lsc, J, J, 1
sIcur, LOuls, lJ
IIcrn scIc0IlOn, l J , l
H0rsOn, K0rI , 4
Hlr0c, Lh0rIcs b. , l1, JJ
Hn0u|um, l, 1J, l , l
h0sc 0h0nycs, l b1
h0sc sp00c, 41, l , ,
0cIO0Il20IlOn ln, b,
unsI0DIc sysIcms ln, N1
FhOIOns, J, bb
h]stct8l8, hc (Ocrrcnm0II),
hysl0s. 0ppIl00IlOn O0On0cpIs
IO cVOIuIlOn, 1, bcrysOn
On, l , , 0h0nylny
prsp0IlVc ln, b,
0OmpIcmcnI0ry 0cVcIOpmnI8
ln DlOIOyy 0n0, l 4, 0nd
0On0cpIs O0h0nyc, J,
0On0cpIu0I 0lsIln0IlOn
DcIwccn 0hcmlsIry 0m, l J1,
Ol0crOOn, bbJ,
cVOIuIlOn0ry p0r00lym ln,
b, lnsplrc0 0ls0OurSc M,
1, lnIrO0u0IlOn M
prOD0DlIlIy ln, lJ, 0n0 I0ws
OmOIlOn, 1, lu0rcIl0n,
l 4l , m00rOs0Opl0, Xll ,
OD0C!V! D, bb; QO6!V6I
Vl0w M, 1, OprOcsscs,
4J, 0n0 IhcOIOyy, 4, Ilm
ln, l l , VlI0Ilsm 8n0, ,
WhlIchc00 On, , W
I0n0k, M0X, l l , l, 4,
J4n, Jn, JJ I n, On sc0Om
l0nCk`s 0OnsI0nI, l1, l ,
, J, 4
I0ncI0ry mOIlOn. KcpIcl`s I0ws
lOr, 1, ln NcwIOnl0n
0yn0ml0s, , 4
I0IO, 1, J, 1
Oln00rc, JuIcs Hcnn, , t,
1, l l , J, 4J, J,
HlssOn 0lsIrlDuIlOn, l 1bl
Hpc, AIcX0n0cr, 1, 1
Hpp0r, K0rI , , l , 4,
b, 1, J l1n
opulurc chr(}lcn
(bOlID0nn), 4
HslIlVc-lcc0Dmk IOps, XVt
HslIlVlsm, b, Wb, LUmIc
0n0, l , Lcrm0n
phlIOsOphy 0n0, l
HIcnIl0|. 0yn0ml0, 1,
Ihcrmoyn0ml0, l , lJb4
HIcnIl0I cncryy, 1, 1J, l1
rcDlOIl0 cVOI uIlOn, l Ml
rc-bOr0Il0s, JbJ
rtnctpt0 (NcwIOn), , b
rOD0DlIlIy, l 4, llnsIcln
On, . 0I cqulIlD|um, b,
ln l0r-lrOm-cqulIlDrlum
0OndlIlOns, l 4J , cnIrOpy 0m,
l4, 14, 1, 0m
u0Iu0IlOns, l 1b, l 1, 0m
lrrcVcrslDlIlIy, JJ4, ln
qu0nIum m0h0ni0s, 1,
suD)c0IlVc Vs. OD)c0IlVc
lnIcrprcI0Imns M, 14, in
unsI0DIc sysIcms, 1l 1
rOcss. physl0s O, l , l,
l 1, 4J, WhlIchc00`s
0On0cpIO, b, JJ
JrOCcJJ unu culj
(WhlIchc00), J, W, Jl
rOusI, M0r0cI , l 1
uIIcy sysIcms, 4l -4
Qu8nIum mc0h0n|0s, , l l , l ,
J4, l b-, 00us0l|Iy | n, Jl l ,
0OrrcI0I|Ons |n, b, 0u| Iur0I
D00kgrOun0 IO, ,
0cIO00I|20I|On |n, b,
0cmOnsIr0I|Ons Ol
|mpOss|D|I|Iy |n, l 1, -1,
H0m|IIOn|0n lun0I|On |n, 1,
Hc|scnDcrg`s un0crI0|nIy
rcI0I|Ons |n, -, 0n0
NcwIOn|0n synIhcs|s, 1-b,
8n0 prOD0D| l |Iy, l , l 1b-1,
8n0 rcVcrs|D| I|Iy, l , IcmpOr0I
cVOIuI|On |n, -, Jb,
IhOughI cXpcr|mcnIs |n, 4J
QucIclcI, A0O| phc, I J, 4l
K00|0I|On. DI00k-DO0y, , l ,
|nIcr00I|On Ol m0IIcr0n0, l
K0n0Omncss, XX, b, , I ,
J l -J, J, IO |rrcVcrs|D|I|Iy
lrOm, 1-11
K0I|On0I|Iy, l , , J, J, 4,
4, , J
HcaOton-dlluson systcms, Z
Kc0I |Iy, 0On0cpIu0I|20I|On Ol,
Kc0|prO0|Iy rcl0I|Ons, I J1-Jb
Kc0u0I|On OlIhc w0Vc lun0I|On,
Kc0u0I|On|sm, l 1J-14
Kc|0hcnD00h, H. , 1
KcI0I|On, ph|IOsOphy Ol,
KcI0I|V|Iy, , J4, l , J1, |n
8sIrOphys|0s, l l , bcrgsOn`s
m|sun0crsI0n0|ng Ol, 4,
0cmOnsIr0I|Ons Ol
|mpOss|D|I|Iy |n, l 1, ,
L|nsIc|n`s spc0|0I IhcOry Ol,
l 1, 0n0 cIcmcnI0ry p0rI|0lcs,
J, 0n0 NcwIOn|0n
synIhcs|s, 1, b, , sI0I|0

POnPrC ChuruCPr O lnP

8n0, J, 0n0 Ihcrm0I h|sIOry
Olun|Vcrsc, J l , IhOughI
cXpcr|mcnIs |n, 4J, 8n0
un|Vcrs8I 0OnsI0nIs, l 1 -I b,
0n0 VcIO0|Iy O I|ghI,
KcI|g|On. 8n0|cnI Lrcck, Jb, J,
rcsOn0n0c DcIwccn s0|cn0c
0n0, 4- l
Kcs|0u0I DI00k-DO0y r00|0I|On,
, l
Kcsp|r0I|On, phys|OIOgy O, l
KcVcrs|D| I|Iy. O 00nOn|08I
cqu0I|Ons, 1l , O
Ir0nslOrm0I|On, l , l l -l J,
l , Ol Ir0]c0IOr|cs, N-l
KcVOIuI|On, 0On0cpI O, XX|V
KcynOI0s` numDcr, l44
K|I2, W,
KOscnlcI0, LcOn, 4, J
b0kh0rOV, A. O. , J
b0rIrc, Jc0n-0uI , XX||
b0hI0ngcr, J. , Jl n
b00r0|ngcr, Lrw|n, l b-l ,
4, Jn
ctencc 0nd Ltvtlt0lton tn
China (Nccdham), Z7b
"b0|cnI|h0 rcVOIuI|On, `,
b0OII, W, Jn
etn und Zetl (Hc|0cggcr), J l
bcIl-Org0n|20I|On, XV, |n bcn0r0
|nsI0D|I|Iy, l4, 8n0
D|lur00l|Ons, l N-1, |n
0hcm|00I 0lO0k, l4b, |n
0hcm|00I rc00I|Ons, l44-4,
0n0 0yn0m|0s, b, 8s
lun0I|On Ou0Iu0I|ng
cXIcrn0l 0On0|I|Ons, l -1,
I|lc 0s cXprcss|On O, l 1-1,
|n sI|mc-mOI0 0ggrcg0I|On,
l , |n IurDuIcn0c, l 4l -4
bcrrcs, M|0hcI, l 4,
4l , JJ,
J4, Jn, JJn
bh0kcspc0rc, W|II|0m, J
@HuS, grOgu

uOH m, 2 l7,
l b
b|mpI|0|Iy, 8n0 0|8ss|08|
s0|cn0c, 1, l , 4b, l
b|muII0nc|Iy, 0chn|I|On O, l b
b|n0| , N
b|ngu|0rpO|nIs, M8XwcI| On, 1J
bm|Ih, A00m, l J, 1
bO0|8| cVOIuI|On. 0On0cpIs lrOm
phys|0s 0ppI|c0 IO, 1,
lcc0D00k |n, l1-J, |Og|sI|0
cqu0I|On |n, l-4, l%,
mO0cIsO, 4-b
bO|8| s0|cn0cs, Jl -l J,
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