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AASHTO T AASHTO T- -20 Tunnels Update 20 Tunnels Update AASHTO T AASHTO T- -20 Tunnels Update 20 Tunnels Update

Louis J. Ruzzi , PE AASHTO T- 20 Chair

Kevin J. Thompson, PE Arora and Associates
TRB 90
Annual Meeting
January 23, 2011
Overview Overview Overview Overview
AASHTO Tunnel Committee (KT past/present)
Roadway Tunnel Manual
Domestic Scan
Tunnel Definition
Research Update
AASHTO Tunnel Committee (LR - future)
- J an 2011 Midyear Meeting Topics
- Future Focus Areas
Tunnel Manual Tunnel Manual
AASHTO version of the Tunnel
Manual was Published in mid 2010
The Tunnel Manual Technical Manual for Design and
Construction of Road Tunnels Civil Elements was
voted and approved as an AASHTO Publication at the
SCOBS annual meeting in J uly 2009.
Tunnel Manual Chapters Tunnel Manual Chapters
Chapter 1 Planning
Chapter 2 Geometrical Configuration
Chapter 3 Geotechnical Investigation
Chapter 4 Geotechnical Report
Chapter 5 Cut-and-Cover Tunnels
Chapter 6 Rock Tunneling
Chapter 7 Soft Ground Tunneling
Chapter 8 Difficult Ground Tunneling
Chapter 9 Sequential Excavation Method
Chapter 10 Tunneling Lining
Chapter 11 Immersed Tunnels
Chapter 12 J acked Box Tunneling
Chapter 13 Seismic Considerations
Chapter 14 Construction Engineering
Chapter 15 Geotechnical and Structural Instrumentation
Chapter 16 Tunnel Rehabilitation
Tunnel Manual New Article Tunnel Manual New Article
New Article 16.10 was added
Special Considerations for
supported Ceilings/Hangars
Essentially, Article 16.10 involves
expanded guidance for inspection
of hangars supporting ceilings.
Example - Notation was made of
the higher pitch, or sound when a
hangar rod under load is tapped
with a hammer.
2009 Domestic Tunnel Scan 2009 Domestic Tunnel Scan
Best Practices for roadway tunnel design, construction
and maintenance of tunnels on the national, state and local
highway systems in the United States
The scan was based on:
Need for developing national standards
Scope Include state and local roadway tunnels
Build on information identified in the 2005
International Tunnel Scan
Identify specialized technology and standards
such as (NFPA 502)
Develop a tunnel inventory
The Final Domestic Scan Report will be out soon
Domestic Scan Command Center Domestic Scan Command Center
Domestic Scan - Colorado Domestic Scan - Colorado
Domestic Scan - Fans Domestic Scan - Fans
Clockwise from top right - Boston, NYNJPA,
Virgini a, Colorado, Washi ngton, and Cali forni a
Included in the T-20 Technical Committee Scope
Tunnels are defined as enclosed roadways with
vehicle access that is restricted to portals regardless of
type of structure or method of construction. Tunnels do
not include highway bridges, railroad bridges or other
bridges over a roadway.
Tunnels are structures that require special design
considerations that may include lighting, ventilation, fire
protection systems, and emergency egress capacity
based on the owners determination.
Tunnel Definition Tunnel Definition
Tunnel Definition 2008 Ballot Tunnel Definition 2008 Ballot
NCHRP Research Update NCHRP Research Update
NCHRP Task 261 - Best Practices QC/QA for Tunnel
Inspection (Completed)
NCHRP Task 276 - Development of Guidelines for
Rehabilitation of Existing Highway and Rail Transit Tunnels
AASHTO HSCOBS (T-11) research proposal LRFD
Specifications for Roadway Tunnels (Ongoing)
NCHRP 20-07 Task 261 NCHRP 20-07 Task 261
Best Practices for Implementing Quality Control and
Quality Assurance for Tunnel Inspection
Completed in October 2009
Research Develop a Questionnaire to:
Identify current practice for Tunnel Inspection and Operational
Safety/Emergency System Testing
Recommend Best Practices for Tunnel Inspection
Recommend Best Practices for Operational Safety/Emergency System
Owner Response:
32 Highway Owners Responded
11 Transit Owners Responded
NCHRP 20-07 Task 276 NCHRP 20-07 Task 276
Development of Guidelines for Rehabilitation of
existing Highway and Rail Transit Tunnels
This research was proposed and supported by T-20 as
many existing highway and rail tunnels are in need of
Research was completed in J uly 2010
Task 276 identifies geologic issues and structural
problems that typically occur along with remedies used
by tunnel owners worldwide.
NCHRP 12-89 Tunnel Specs NCHRP 12-89 Tunnel Specs
Recommended AASHTO LRFD Tunnel Design and
Construction Specifications
Ongoing Research
Propose LRFD Specifications for Tunnel Design and
Consider NFPA standards, Domestic and International
Scans, and previous manuals published on roadway
tunnel practices and guidance
The Future - Where T 20 is going The Future - Where T 20 is going
Prioritize and set T20s direction for the next 2-4 years
Work with FHWA on the Proposed Rule Making for
National Tunnel Inspection Standards and other initiatives
Continue to work with TRB on Tunnel Research issues
TOMIE Manual (Tunnel Operations Maintenance
Inspection and Evaluation)
Other Future Focus Area
Prioritize and set T-20s direction
Future focus areas
Prioritize and set T-20s direction
Future focus areas
Review T-20 Strategic Plan, Research Needs, and
Domestic Scan Implementation Plan
Priorities to include:
Creating tools for Tunnel Inspections (TOMIE Chapter 4,
Coding Manual , creating FHWA acceptable forms and being
able to transfer inspection data from the states to FHWA
LRFD Design Specifications for Tunnels
Human Factors during tunnel fires
Address priority Scan Implementation items
T-20 Coordination with FHWA T-20 Coordination with FHWA
Proposed Rule Making for NTIS
AASHTO SCOBS T-20 will develop initial review and
comments for coordinating the review of NTIS and other
tunnel related issues
TOMIE Manual - Chapter 4 Inspection is currently
being reviewed and considered as the initial coding
manual for the Country (inspection methods and condition
codes for all tunnel elements).
Continue to work with TRB on
Tunnel Research Issues
Continue to work with TRB on
Tunnel Research Issues
Meet with AFF60 annually at TRB and
coordinate as necessary on key tunnel related
research and issues
Coordinate with TRB AFF60 on T-20s Strategic
Plan items
Tunnel Domestic Scan Implementation Plan
Workshop and Conference agendas
Inspection Standards and Practices (TOMIE)
TOMIE Manual TOMIE Manual
TOMIE Tunnel Operations, Maintenance,
Inspection, and Evaluations Manual
Current focus is on Chapter 4 Inspection
Next - Prioritize remaining chapters for future
research while keeping in mind 2009 Domestic
Scan Implementation Plan and 2007 Irvine
Workshop research and findings
Other Future Focus Areas Other Future Focus Areas
New Research Topics
Future Updates - AASHTO Technical Manual
for Design and Construction of Road Tunnels-
Civil Elements (Reviewing comments from
tunnel owners and making revisions)
Future Ballot Items for T-20 to be discussed at
Midyear Meeting (2011 TRB) and in Norfolk
Virginia, May 15-20, 2011
Committee on Tunnels
Committee on Tunnels
Thank You