“Dimebag liked to create characters that he could portray.

he called this one the ‘local Yokel’”

a dime rig worth over £1,0 0 see p. 24 0!


“Dimebag would leap off the monitors to throw picks to the crowd after a show”

Dimebagon Remembered: 5 years
Official pantera/damageplan phOtOgrapher jOe girOn marks five years since the passing Of his clOse friend dime by sharing with yOu these rare phOtOs and his memOries Of a true guitar herO ecember 8, 2004, was one of the worst nights of my life. Dimebag Darrell, a dear friend who had a profound impact on my life, was murdered onstage in Columbus, Ohio. I first met Dime in April 1985 while photographing Pantera in Texas for a local paper. After the band saw my photographs they asked for me to shoot other shows and eventually portraits. We forged not only a working relationship, but a strong friendship over the years. Dime even dubbed me “the fifth member”. His carefree attitude prompted me to leave the newspaper industry and pursue my dream of becoming a music photographer. And for that, I will be eternally grateful. Thanks, Dime.
here with Dime) has tg says: Joe giron (pictured pher for 27 years, been a professional photogra r! shooting rock music and poke .com www.joegironphotography

left “taco Bell was Dime’s favourite fast food, but when in California it was Del taco. We tried to get him an endorsement deal with the fast food chain by covering his guitar with Del Scorcho hot sauce packets. We were nearly successful, but then Phil [Anselmo, frontman] overdosed and the company nixed the idea.” right “Dime was never without a video camera in hand to capture all of the nonsense around him... which was mostly self created.” BeloW right “Sampling a ‘balalaika’ guitar in Moscow, russia.”



“Pantera dressed like Kiss to jam [Kiss track] Cold gin with Skid row on the final night of their tour together in 1992”

fAr left “Dime clowns around with a local radio station mascot and his Washburn Dime 3 Confederate guitar.” left “Buying energy drinks from a vending machine in tokyo.” BeloW “Dimebag loved playing blackjack, so when Washburn made him a signature guitar called the BlackJack, we used that theme for a shoot at a local club.”


“this was an advertising shoot for the Dime Slime guitar. ingredients: green papier mâché slime, one kiddie swimming pool (with the center cut out) and sheets of black plasic.”

“Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell surprises Dime with his phallic chin wear. the bands crossed paths while touring in ’96.”

¨Dime had a carefree attitude that helped me pursue my dreams¨
thiS roW “these are early photos of Dime from 1985 (live) and 1986 (portrait), and Pantera from 1987 (their first photo session with singer Phil Anselmo).”

right “At home with Dimebag in his four track studio. Dime was brilliant at writing goofy songs about people, places and things.” fAr right “the last Pantera show on American soil in tacoma, Washington, 2001. Dime enjoys a black tooth grin drink while Slayer’s Kerry King joins them onstage.”


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