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It all began on 15th march 1959, which was a warm summer day with the sun shining brightly in
the cloudless sky. A majority of the women inhabitants of an old residential building in Girgaum
(a thickly populated area of South Bombay), were busy attending their usual domestic chores.
A few of them, seven to be exact gathered on the terrace of the building and started a small
inconspicuous function. The function ended shortly, the result - production of 4 packets of
Papads and firms resolve to continue production. This pioneer batch of 7 ladies had set the ball
As the days went by, the additions to this initial group of 7 was ever-increasing. The institution
began to grow.
The early days were not easy. The institution has its trials and tribulation. The faith and
patience of the members were put to test on several occasion - they had no money and started
on a borrowed sum of Rs. 80/-.
Self-reliance was the policy and no monetary help was to be sought (not even voluntarily
offered donations). So work started on commercial footing.
With quality consciousness as the principle that guided production, Lijjat grew to be the
flourishing and successful organization that it is today.


Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad is a Women's
organization manufacturing various products from
Papad, Appalam, Masala, Gehu Atta, Chapati, SASA
Detergent Powder, SASA Detergent Cake (Tikia), SASA
Liquid Detergent.

The organization is wide-spread, with its Central Office
at Mumbai and its 77 Branches and 27 Divisions in
different states all over India and in Odisha it is here at

Membership has also expanded from an initial number
of 7 sisters from one building to over 43,000 sisters
throughout India.
The success of the organization stems from the efforts
of its member sisters who have withstood several
hardships with unshakable belief in 'the strength of a

The Institution will always and ever be grateful
to "Pitamaha" Late Shri Dattanibapa (Shri Purshottam Damodar Dattani) for his
contributions towards the Institution who showed the correct path and guided the
Institution till his last breath.

While measuring various types of financial ratios of "SHRI MAHILA GRIHA UDYOG LIJJAT
PAPAD" , I found tremendous improvement in the financial conditions which is gradually
increases from one to another year, as we can see companies current ratio shows 7.8:1,which is
more than the satisfaction. therefore company can easily meets its liabilities and
contingencies. While computing quick ratio & absolute liquid ratio its again shows 5.09:1 &
5.02:1 respectively. which means company has easily convertible assets of 5X for immediate
remittance of the liabilities and contingencies. Though the demand for the product "PAPAD" is
high in the present market, thus the sale & stock fluctuated throughout the year and the
inventory torn over ratio that is why shows 15.6 times a year, and therefore the inventory
conversation period is 26 days approximately. As company purchasing different kind of raw
materials like PAPAD KHAR, BLACK from different part of the country, that is why company
shows daily purchase of rs.98309.00 , and though company have sound finance, its average
payment period is approximately within 1 day. As SMGULP is a manufacturing concern having
highly demanded product manufacturing , therefore the cost of production is also very high
while taking in to consideration for the working capital per day basis. So to meets its daily
expenses like labor wages, material purchases, office maintenances, the required working
capital is 12218420.00 and therefore the conversation period of working capital is 5.06times.
and about net profit , it shows approximately 57% of sale. Overall we can say "SHRI MAHILA
GRIHA UDYOG LIJJAT PAPAD" has a sound financial situation to meet the present market
scenario , it has fully trained and skilled workers, and all are cooperating to each level of
management, there is no such obligations and objections in between the diff. sections of the
company. It is very difficult to manage around 800 women under one roof, but the managing
committee and the system of management is such beautiful to manage and solve all those
problems without any hesitation.


The institution has adopted the concept of business from the very beginning. All its
dealings are carried out on a sound and pragmatic footing - Production of quality
goods and at reasonable prices. It has never and nor will it in the future, accept any
charity, donation, gift or grant from any quarter. On the contrary, the member sisters
donate collectively for good causes from time to time according to their capacity.

Besides the concept of business, the institutions along with all its member sisters have
adopted the concept of mutual family affection, concern and trust. All affairs of the
institution are dealt in a manner similar to that of a family carrying out its own daily
household chores.

But the most important concept adopted by the institution is the concept of
devotion. For the member sisters, employees and well wishers, the institution is never
merely a place to earn one's livelihood - It is a place of worship to devote one's energy
not for his or her own benefits but for the benefit of all. In this institution work is
worship. The institution is open for everybody who has faith in its basis concepts.

As SHRI MAHILA GRIHA UDYOG LIJJAT PAPAD is a nonprofit making organisation
even though its shows more than 200% profit in the year 2010-11, because this profit is
distributed among the sister members of this organisation. All sister members of the
institution are the owners. As I mentioned earlier, all profit or loss is shared. Only we have the
authority to decide the manner in which profit or loss should be apportioned among ourselves.
The committee of 21 members manages the affairs of the institution. There are also Sanchalika,
or supervisors, for each centre to look after the daily affairs of a centre. But the work of the
institution is such that each and every member can take any initiative or any decision.
Overall I am satisfied by observing their respect and their co-operations to me for fulfillment of
my project. As I calculated earlier, company has a sound financial record, it maintain its quality
and customers beautifully. A very important thing is all the dealers are good, though company
has no bad debts, and as company has good working capital it can easily meets its creditors
and liabilities. All the financial records are nit and clean. Everything is up to date.