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Anuban Weekly Outline

Sitapatr School
Teacher: Mike Class: EP 3 Lily Week: 5 Dates: 16/06/14-20/06/14
This week we are learning: Town and countryside (2)
Circle Time Review
This week in circle time we are going to ractice the
!ays o" the week song# The st$!ents en%oy this song
an! it is great "or heling them to learn the !ays#
Town& co$ntrysi!e& milk& cheese& 'rea!& "iel!s& "arm
animals& "resh air& trees& tractor& ales& ale tree&
cow& mo$se& lights& oll$tion& tra""ic& cinema& shoing
mall& '$s& '$il!ing#
Grammar points:
(e will contin$e to $se what can yo$ see in the
town/co$ntrysi!e) *in the town/co$ntrysi!e + can
see##e#g# '$il!ings/"arm animals#
+ will also ask the st$!ents ,$estions to ractice can
an! cant# E#g# -an yo$ see "arm animals in the
co$ntrysi!e/town) .es& + can see "arm animals in
the co$ntrysi!e /o& + cant see "arm animals in the
(e will also $se what can yo$ see in the
town/co$ntry) + can see a ig on the co$ntry# (e
will also e0lore the negati1e o" can *cant2 to say
what they cant see in the co$ntry& e#g# + cant
see tra""ic in the co$nty)
Activity Time
This week we are going to contin$e to ractise the 1oca'$lary an! "oc$s more on $sing "$ll sentences
to talk a'o$t the toic#
Activities an Games3
(e are going to lay slat with the "lashcar!s lace! on the "loor an! the st$!ents race to 'e the "irst to
hit the correct car! calle! o$t 'y the teacher#
(e will lay sin the 'ottle# The 2 st$!ents which the 'ottle lan!s on m$st stan! $ an! ask each other
a ,$estion $sing the sentences an! answers on the 'oar! i#e# -an yo$ see "arm animals in the
co$ntry) .es& + can see "arm annals in the co$ntry#
(e will also lay some ro$n!s o" hangman to rein"orce selling o" the 1oca'$lary an! reare the
st$!ents "or an $coming selling test#
This week we will !o a selling test "rom this $nit& town an! co$ntry# The "ollowing wor!s ha1e 'een
re1ise! 'y the st$!ents3 milk& cow& ig& 4TM& '$s& town& co$ntry& mo$se# + will gi1e the st$!ents some
hints on the 'oar!#
(e are going to !o some worksheets where the st$!ents ha1e to i!enti"y which "oo! comes "rom the
co$ntry an! which "oo! comes "rom the town# 4nother worksheet in1ol1es looking at a series o"
ict$res an! writing $n!erneath each one either town or co$ntry# 4nother worksheet is a wor!
search that contains town or co$ntry items# The st$!ents ha1e to "in! each wor!& this is goo! "or testing
their rea!ing skills#
This week we are going to make an egg 'asket which in1ol1es !ecorating a temlate& c$tting it o$t an!
gl$ing it together# (e are also going to make a chicken "rom a temlate an! a toilet aer roll#
"honics Toastool
#ew $letters%souns%vocabulary&
Please re"er to the circle time& sight wor!s an! the honics 'o0 "or this weeks new 1oca'$lary
an! so$n!s#
This week we will contin$e with 5nit 3 in the 60"or!
Phonics (orl! work'ooks# The st$!ents ha1e mo1e!
thro$gh this $nit ,$ickly an! work has 'een comete!
to a goo! stan!ar!# (e will "inish ages 14 an! 15
which will 'ring the $nit to an en!# (e will re1iew the
work an! go o1er any corrections# (e will $se the
"lashcar!s to re1iew this $nit& an! i will show them 'oth
the wor! an! the ict$re to see i" they $n!erstan!
comletely 'e"ore mo1ing on#
(e will 'egin $nit 4 this week which incl$!es the
"ollowing new so$n!s3 i& i& i'& i!# The new wor!s in
this $nit are3 hi& ink& 7i& in& li& ti& si& ri& 'i'& ri'& ki!&
li!# + will intro!$ce the new wor!s $sing the $nit 4 "lash
car!s# (e will lay games s$ch as 8slat&9 "lash car!
!raw9 an! a game where the st$!ents ha1e to cross
an! imaginary lake $sing the "lashcar!s as steing
stones& steing on the ones calle! o$t 'y the teacher#
(hen the st$!ents ha1e 'ecome com"orta'le with the
new material we will go thro$gh 8+9 an! 8i9 so$n!s in
the interacti1e work'ook# (e will 'reak each wor!
!own an! then $t it 'ack together# E0ercises incl$!e
listening an! circling the wor! that rhymes an! a lot o"
listening& ointing an! reeating#
Writing "ractice
The st$!ents will contin$e to ractise
writing in their han!writing 'ooklets# (e are
looking "or correct shae& si7e an! osition
o" the letters# The st$!ents are ha1ing
ro'lems with si7e an! writing the letters
on the line which we will a!!ress this week#
'ight Wors
This week we are going to ractise reciting the whole list o"
40 sight wor!s that are !islaye! on the classroom wall#
/e0t we will lay a game where a st$!ent is ran!omly
selecte! 'y sinning a 'ottle an! he or she has to rea! the
wor! + oint to an! also sell it o$t#
"arent (ollow )p % )se!ul Websites % *omework:
:ear Parents# Please can yo$ re1iew 5nit 3 at home with yo$r chil! $sing the -: ;6M that accomanies 60"or! Phonics 4cti1ity 'ook# Please contin$e
to seak as m$ch English as ossi'le with yo$r chil!& asking them ,$estions that yo$ can see in the 8grammar oints9 section o" this o$tline# 4lso
enco$rage them to seak in "$ll sentences with yo$# +" yo$ ha1e any ,$estions lease "eel "ree to contact me# .o$ co-oeration is greatly areciate!#
Thank yo$& Teacher Mike#