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Job Opportunities

Original Commissions Production Woodworker Custom Furniture Maker Cabinet Maker Studio Artisan Apprentice Entrepreneur The Professional Crafts: Wood program o ers an Associate in Applied Science, a Diploma or Certi cate based on number of SHC

Sarah Martin, Artist Instructor, Professional Crafts: Wood

1001 Burkemont Avenue Morganton, NC 28655

Professional Crafts: Wood
Cherry, Bleached and Carved Maple

For more information contact: Courtney Long Coordinator, Professional Crafts Western Piedmont Community College 1001 Burkemont Avenue Morganton NC 28655 828.448.3552

Lily Chair

Spring 2009

o ers a Professional Crafts: Wood program that trains students in traditional and modern methods of custom furniture and wood accessories. Students with varying degrees of experience are accepted; however all courses must be taken in consecutive order beginning in sequence in the fall semester. Students unable to enroll in fall woodworking courses are encouraged to complete general education and other major hours during the spring semester. Throughout the program, students are encouraged to develop their own personal creativity and vision while developing woodworking skills. Technical instruction is sequential--from basic hand tool use and sharpening, through traditional mortise, tenon, and dovetail joinery, as well as safe and e cient operation of stationary woodworking machinery. As students progress through advanced construction techniques, they will complete chair design and fabrications, casework, and production design courses. The Professional Crafts: Wood program is designed to prepare graduates for multiple tasks required of successful artisans and to establish a business of their own. Graduates may tap into a variety of opportunities available to custom woodworkers including private and professional one-of-a-kind commissions, production work, and teaching.


General Education 16 SHC
ART 114 Art History Survey I ENG 111 Expository Writing ENG 114 Prof Research/Reporting Social/Behavioral Science Elective Select One: MAT 140/140A Survey of Mathematics Lab

Piedmont Community College

BIO 140/140A BIO 110

Environmental Bio/Lab Principles of Biology

The 1750 square foot wood shop is equipped with machines to support ne woodworking instruction: Agazzani Band Saw, Laguna Mortiser, Jointer, Drill Press and Sander, General Machinery Planer, (2) Oneway Lathes, Sawstop Table Saw and Wetzler Clamps. Students work on a Europeanstyle workbench and have available a large selection of Festool hand tools and accessories.

Major Hours: Core 34 SHC PCW 110 Introduction to Woodworking PCW 111 Framing Joinery/Design PCW 112 Production Design PCW 210 Chair Design PCW 211 Casework Design Other Major Hours: 22 SHC ART 121 Design I CIS 110 Introduction to Computers ART 122 Design II PCW 212 Wood Studio Planning PCR 212 Craft Marketing PCR 112 20th Century Crafts DES 255 Furniture Design History DFT 111 Technical Drafting DFT 154 Introduction to Solid Modeling Total Credit Hours Required 72 SHC

Up to 8 SHC of Cooperative Education may be substituted for appropriate coursework. In-state tuition is $50.00 per credit hour. Out-of-state tuition is $241.30 per credit hour. Additional costs exist for books, supplies, activity fees, insurance, and special program requirements.