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MAN is interwoven with the WORLD in a threefold way.

These three regions are distinctly separate in human life.
And man thereby becomes aware that he is interwoven with
the world in a threefold way.
The first way is something that he finds present and
accepts as a given fact, the physical world. Is the OUTER
WORLD (The BODY) which continually flows to man through
the doors of his senses, the world of objects that he touches,
smells, tastes, hears, and sees.
Through the second way, the mental world, he makes
the outer world into his own affair, into something that has
significance for himself. Is the INNER PERSONAL WORLD
(The MIND), the impressions which the outer world make on
him, and which record themselves as his pleasure and
displeasure, his desire or abhorrence, according as he finds
one harmonious, another inharmonious, one useful, another
The third way, the spiritual world, he regards as a goal
toward which he has unceasingly to strive. It is the WHOLE
and the EXPERIENCES which the man, as a "divine being",
gains concerning all that IS in the OUTER and INNER
personal worlds, the secrets of ALL THAT IS activities and
their BEING which unveil themselves to him.
Man continually links himself in this threefold way with
the things of the world. Man has three sides to his nature:
BODY is that by which the things in the environment of a
man reveal themselves to him. By the word SOUL/MIND is
signified that by which he links the things to his own BEING,
through which he experiences DUALITY like pleasure and
displeasure, desire and aversion, joy and sorrow. By SPIRIT
is meant that which becomes manifest in him when he looks
at things as "DIVINE BEING". In this sense, the human
being consists of BODY, SOUL/MIND, and SPIRIT.
Through his BODY man is able to place himself for the
time being in connection with the things. Through his SOUL
he retains in himself the impressions which they make on
him. Through his SPIRIT, the UNIVERSE reveals itself to
him in what the things retain in themselves.
Only when one observes man in these three aspects
can one hope to gain light on his whole being. For these
three aspects show him to be related in a threefold way to
the rest of the world.
Thus man inhabits three worlds simultaneously. Through
his BODY he belongs to the world which he perceives
through his body. Through his SOUL he constructs for
himself his own world through his mind. Through his SPIRIT,
the WORLD reveals itself to him which is exalted above both
the others.
It has become evident that the formations of any one of
the three worlds can have reality for a man only when he has
the capacities or the organs for perceiving them.
It depends on the receptivity of a being how much of
what really is, reveals itself to it. Never therefore may a man
say that only what he can perceive is real. There can be
much that is real, for the perception of which he has no
organs. Now the soul world and the spirit world are just as
real as the sensible world, indeed they are real in a much
higher sense.
No physical eye can see feelings and ideas; but they are
real. And as man by means of his outer senses has the
corporal world before him as an object of perception, so do
feelings, impulses, instincts, thoughts, etc., become objects
of perception for his spiritual senses.
Exactly as occurrences in space can be seen with the
sensible eye as color phenomena, the above named soul
and spiritual occurrences can become, by means of the
inner senses, perceptions which are analogous to the
sensible color phenomena.