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3 .

analysis the function of system

3.1 . Proposed system functions

Since the system described in section 1 . , Help systems for users by supporting two
operations : touch screen operation and double operation , and support information at the
reader 's operation or Notification for users to read . Other operations, the transfer system
for Mobile OS manipulate him .

Thus, the system will have four main functions :
- Function screen reader (Read Screen ) : This function can help users locate or
application of functions on the phone 's screen . This function is used to manipulate the
touch screen to read out the information that the user performs on the current operating
position . For example, the position of operations are on a screen containing the message
content , the system will read the names of messages and message content for the user.

- The function feedback access applications or functions ( Feedback Access an
Application or Function ) : This function helps the user to access an application or a
certain function and respond to the user that the operation has is done or not by the
response a " Selected " + the name of the application or function .
- The function of feedback messages from the Mobile OS ( Feedback Notification ) : This
function helps users to know the announcement of Mobile OS through sound . Whenever
Mobile OS is given a notice to read the Notification System of Mobile OS so that users
know . For example : If the battery is weak, is giving notice to the user by sound . The
system will read " low battery " .
- Function to handle other operations ( Process Gestures ) : It welcomed all operations on
the user's screen , the operations that handle system ( other than the G1 , G2 ) , the system
will switch back for Mobile OS and not do anything.
3.2 . Chart activities
From the functionality of the system described in the system designer, & we have been
operating diagrams for each function .
3.2.1 . Chart reading screen operation
Activity diagram describes the screen read :

Activity starting screen reader users , users perform actions on the touch screen .
The system determines what actions the user touches the screen , then specify the
location coordinates of manipulation . And the system will send the coordinates to the
Mobile OS to get the information that the users are operating as application name , or
function text and the text on that area .
System received and read the information that is touching up the name of the user
that .
The system checks the text in that area not otherwise ends .
If there is text on the text that they read more, stop reading when no manipulation on
that area or have read all the text . And ends .
Chart reading screen operation
User Application Mobile OS


Chart activities feedback access applications or functions

Determine G1
Read name of
selected area
Have text
area ?
Read text
Gesture G1
Get coordinate
Get coordinate of
selected area (x,y)
Get unfeel
Get information of
selected area
Text, name
(function, icon)

Description feedback activity chart access applications or functions:

o Activity started from the user, the user double-click on the screen.
o The system will send Gesture access application (function) and location coordinates for
Mobile OS. Get information of applications.
o feedback system by reading the name of the application or function on. And ends.
Chart activities feedback access applications or functions:
Figure 4: Graph feedback operational access applications or functions
3.2.2. Chart activities informed feedback from Mobile OS
Activity diagram describing feedback from Mobile OS announcement:
o Activity derived from Moblie OS, Mobile OS generate a notification.
User Application Mobile OS

Double click
on screen
Get information
of application or
Respond to User:
Read sentence:
“Name + has opened”
Catch G2
application or
Name application
or function
Request to open
app or fc
o notification system caught it, then read this notification up. And ends.

Chart activities feedback from Mobile OS announcement:
Application Mobile OS

Figure 5: Graph informed operational feedback from the Mobile OS

3.2.3. Chart manipulation processing operations.

Description handling activities manipulated:

o Activity started from the user, the user impact operations (gesture) on the phone screen.
o The system will capture all the manipulation and processing. If the operation that uses
the system, the system will process according to the operation of the system and ends.
o If the operation does not use the system operation will be sent for Mobile OS and
processor end.
Get notification
Read notification
Appear new notification
User Application Mobile OS

Chart manipulation processing operations:
3.3. The use case
3.3.1. Identify the main use case
The main use case of the system under construction include:

-Read Screen.
-Start an Application or Function.

-Get Notitications
3.3.2 . Expanding the use cases
Each use case will be expanded as follows :
Catch gesture
Process gesture of
- Read Screen uses Ca .
To Read Screen need to determine the coordinates ( Coordinate ) and selected area
information ( Informations of are selected .) In this case , the Read Screen Text can be
Read or Read or Read Function name of Application
- Start an Application Ca use or function .
To " Start an Application or Function " is necessary to determine the coordinates (
Coordinate ) and selected area information ( Informations of are selected .) The " Start an
Application or Function " includes the " Open an Application " or " Open a Function "
- Different Gestures Use Case Process .
With operations ( Gestures ) not the two operations as defined in section describes the
software function will return the Application for Mobile OS handle .
- Get used Notitications Ca
When Application received "notice " ( Notitications ) , Application will " read the name
of the message" that (Read name of the Notification ) .
3.3.3. Use case diagram
From the above analysis, we built a use case diagram of the system as shown:

Figure 7: Use Case diagram