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Every religion has been life-negative.

And when you
negate life, you create misery for yourself; when you go
against life, you are going in darkness. Life is light, but no
religion in the world has existed up to now which does not
teach people attitudes leading to darkness, despair,
depression, guilt, sinfulness. They all reduce your dignity,
your humanity. Religions need misery, despair, and
unhappiness, for their very survival. And they have a vast
investment. So much money and power and prestige is
bestowed on religions, their deities, their temples.

You remember about God and about heaven and hell,
and about the BIBLE and the KORAN and the GITA only
when you are miserable. Who reads these Bibles, Vedas?
Just old people who are coming close to death and are
becoming afraid – afraid perhaps there may be a God.
Perhaps they are going to encounter God, and if he asks any
question... naturally he will ask a question. It is better to do
some homework. Who opens it? People become interested
only when they are almost in their graves. I say almost,
because they don’t want to take any chance. To be on the
safer side, look into the holy book, read something here and
there. If God meets you and enquires, and you can’t answer,
you are bound to be in trouble.

Everything valuable has been condemned: love is sin;
even to rejoice in the world is preparing your path to hell.
The only way to God and to his paradise is, torture yourself,
and torture as perfectly as possible. Renounce everything
that can give any joy to you. Escape from every place where
people are happy, where people love. Go to the mountains,
to the monasteries where other idiots have gathered already.
Read the same stupid stories of the holly books every day.
And naturally, if a man can read the holly books every day,
even if he has any intelligence, he will lose it.

Politicians have been destroying, in wars, continuously.
Religious people are destroying not others but themselves,
very piously, and feeling great. But whether you commit
suicide or you commit murder, in every case you destroy life.
It doesn’t matter whether it is suicide or murder; the politician
commits murder, and your so-called saint commits suicide.
This is so clear to me that you must never follow any life-
negative approach.

And what do these followers of politicians and priests or
worshippers of saints see in them? It touches a very strange
thing in human psychology. The politicians and the priests
are sadistic, they are murdering the followers putting them to
fight or work for illusory causes, and they are enjoying the
great fear they inflict over the masses. The crowds are
masochistic, they enjoy being tortured and killed, and they
admire the great power that is exerted on them. In the other
case, the crowds enjoy people being tortured, and they enjoy
more if the people are torturing themselves. Then nobody is
responsible. The crowds that follow such saints are sadists;
they love to see torture. And the people who are torturing
themselves are suffering from masochism. They enjoy
torturing themselves and enjoy also the great respect that is
coming to them. In fact, seen in the light of psychological
analysis, the whole humanity has been, up to now, sick. But
because the sickness is so prevalent, it is very difficult to
think that it is sickness. The psychological sickness of
enjoying either your own torture or somebody else’s torture
is the very foundation of all your ideologies and religions.

Destruction cannot be the goal of existence, only
creation. That which creates is the only authentic religious
consciousness. A true religious consciousness believes in
love, it does not believe in coexistence. Coexistence means
compromise; coexistence means,”I know you are my enemy,
I am your enemy, but what to do? Neither I can destroy you,
nor can you destroy me, because nobody wants to go to jail.
So it is better to talk about a great philosophy of
coexistence.” Every husband and every wife are living in
coexistence, not life; tolerating each other as much as

People can see the superstitions of religions, but again
they compromise, because so many people... who is going
to be against hundred millions og church goers? And you
have to live with them; you have to work with them. It is
better to compromise, it is better to remain silent; it is better
to ignore points where you differ. Your life is a life of
compromise. And a life of compromise is a life of the dark
night of the soul.

You should never compromise. Either you are right or
you are wrong. There are not degrees – that you are a little
right. There are not percentages – that fifty percent I am
right, fifty percent you are right. Right is a hundred percent;
otherwise it is not right. And a lie is a hundred percent a lie;
otherwise it is not a lie.

But from the very childhood, in every sphere of our life
we are told not to come in conflict, we have to be polite. In
other words, always we manage some compromise. But
when there are so many compromises – politically, socially –
you become a stranger to yourself. You have so many
masks; you lose contact with your original face. And a mask
cannot enjoy, it is dead. It cannot laugh, it cannot love. Only
the original face is capable of understanding the language of
the universe. Love is the language.

All the religions and ideologies have been deceiving you.
They have been deceiving in the name of God or in the
name of Happiness. They have been deceiving that you will
get rewarded after death, or you will live a happy life, and if
you don’t listen you will be punished by hellfire for eternity or
by society for rebellion. And people believed it.