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1. How to migrate database from version 2.x?
Version 3.x uses JSON-based format for data file. You can't directly use data fr
previos version and will have to import tasks using CSV file:
1) Export data in CSV format from PK 2.x.
2) Open in Excel.
3) Insert 2 empty columns between "Completed" and "Link". No need to type anythi
these columns are reserved for "Canceled" and "Estimate" values.
4) Save as CSV file (not just Save!), then close Excel without re-saving file.
5) Open CSV file in PK: Setup/Import...
Preview records, if everything is Ok click on "Import". Add views, colors to top
tags, views etc.
Note: only 50 subtasks will be imported.
2. How to create shared kanban board?
Data file is strictly for personal use. Period.
If you need shared board install Redis database server.
Redis is free & open source multiplatform NoSQL server.
More about Redis:
Version for Windows:
Short book: (included)
Note: PK includes simple user management. You can assign different roles
to users - see Setup/Users. There is only one user by default - Administrator
with a blank password. A good idea is to rename Administrator and set some
reasonably long password. If you lose it there is NO SIMPLE WAY to reset it.
3. How to install Redis on Windows?
Binaries for x86 and x64 platforms are included in distribution, look into "Serv
directory within zip file. To install it with basic options click on "Install" w
the program starts. If this button is disabled then you need to restart
the program with administrator privileges ("Run as Administrator" from Windows
Explorer). If you would like to tweak default configuration then edit _redis.con
and _watcher.conf files. Alternatively you can try cloud based Redis hosting ser
If you're just going to try shared board then you do not have to install
Redis server, there is simpler way: expand Server/ somewhere
and start redis-server.exe, server will run until you close its window.
4. I need feature XYZ, but there is no such one!
1) Please, keep in mind that PK is a very minimalistic tool.
2) Look into options (Setup/Options) and shortcuts (About/Shortcuts),
maybe it's already there.
3) Consider workarounds, e.g. add more views and tags.
4) Vote for new features on
5) Consider donation if you need this feature a.s.a.p. It can be implemented as
a plugin or new built-in feature. Contact me by e-mail (About/Send e-mail
within the program).