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Comrade Surendra Singh
Katiyar, a Communist leader of
past generation and the Central
Committee Member of CPI(ML)
has departed on April 18, 2014
while undergoing treatment for
lung cancer at a Lucknow
Hospital, UP. He was 81 years
In his early age, Com.
Surendra Singh was attracted
towards and influenced by patriotism and the revolutionary
ideas of Bhagat Singh through Bhagat Singh’s colleague
Gaya Prasad. He became a Member of the CPI in 1955 and
was active in various struggles and activities organised by
the Party. He attended the 1962 Tenali Congress of the Party
as a delegate from UP. He opposed the politics of revisionism,
broke from the CPI and joined the CPI(M). He became a
Member of Kanpur District Committee of the CPI(M).
Com. Surendra Singh was very much inspired by the
Naxalbari peasant upsurge and the politics it brought to the
fore in the country. He moved a resolution in the DC hailing
the Naxalbari struggle and the politics it represented. There
was a split in the DC and Com. Surendra Singh joined the
ranks of Communist Revolutionaries. In the period of Coordination Committee, he worked as a whole timer in Basti
Gonda area.
He remained inactive for some time as he felt that the
left sectarian politics advocated by Com. CM were wrong
and unacceptable. At the same time, he, together with his
life partner who was also one with him in revolutionary politics,

translated Peking Review into
Hindi and cirulated them
among the comrades. He took
up the cultivation, toiled hard
on a small piece of land. They
brought up the children (three
boys) in a disciplined manner
and in a Communist
environment. He maintained
relations with the CRs and
extended support and help in
various forms to the
comrades who were active in
The formation of OCCR
under the leadership of Com.
Kanu Sanyal came as a
source of inspiration to Com.
Surendra Singh. He joined it
when the UP State Committee
of OCCR was formed. He

became the Editor of ‘Chingari’,
Party’s State Organ in UP. He
became a part of COI(ML) led by
Comrade Kanu Sanyal. When it
faced a split, he remained with
the COI(ML) led by Com. KS and
became a CCM of it. He
shouldered the responsibility of
Party’s Central Organ, ‘Class
Struggle.’ He performed various
responsibilities in UP and was
the CCM in our CPI(ML) till his
demise. He was also an
Editorial Board Member of the
Varg Sangharsh ka Pukar, the
Hindi Central Organ of CPI(ML).
Com. Surendra Singh was
a dedicated and disciplined
comrade. He carried out all the
reponsibilities with all dedication
defying the difficulties and

ailments he was suffering
from for years. A few days
before his hospitalisation, he
travelled a long distance,
attended the CC and carried
out an important political task.
We pay our revolutionary
tributes to our departed
comrade. His life and
contributions would always be
a source of inspiration and
emulation for our comrades.
We extend our deep
condolences to his life partner
and other members of the
family. And we are fully with
them in their grief and sorrow.
remember Com. Surendra
Singh Katiyar. Red salute to
Com. S.S.K.

Contesting to the 16th Lok Sabha



1. Araku

Andhra Praedsh

Illa Rami Reddy

2. Mahabubabad

Andhra Pradesh

Borra Lakshmi Narayana

3. Patna Sahib


Nand kishor Singh

4. Dumaka


Dhakurania Soren

5. Bhadrak


Sushanta Jena

6. Balurghat

West Bengal

Siben Sarkar

Candidates of CPI(ML)
Contesting AP State Assembly


1. Salur

Vizianagaram Dt.

Vuyaka Mutyalu

2. Kurupam


Vizianagaram Dt.

Kadraka Venkata Swamy
Class Struggle

The Importance of May Day
for Workers in the Present Days of
Imperialist Globalisation is More than Ever
May day has been inspiring the
workers throughout the world for the
past 127 years, to fight for
betterment of their living and working
conditions, to unite and organize
themselves in to their own class and
to play their class role as has been
destined by history in overthrowing
the capitalist system of exploitation
and inequality and to establish their
class dictatorship that leads to
communistic system of class less
society and society without
exploitation and inequalities.
Even in the present day age of
imperialist globalization the
importance of May day is not
diminished for workers. Today, the
importance of May day is much
more for workers throughout the
world since the capitalist mode of
production with its focus on profit is
being emphatically accentuated with
the revival of imperialist globalization
in the name of neo liberal economic
But the world capitalism after
the collapse of Soviet Union is
bragging that there is no alternative
to capitalism. With such
proclamation, with its policies of
privatization, liberalization and
globalization of capitalist mode of
production and with the methods of
severe exploitation of labour like outsourcing, contractualisation,
temporary jobs, part-time jobs in
place of permanent jobs, zero hour
recruitments, modern slavery of
migrant workers etc., has been
playing havoc with the life and limb
of workers.
In real experience of workers
and people around the world, the tall
claims of world capital, that
capitalist system is the best
system have been proved to be
May 2014

false, due to the dismal record of
its neo-economic policies inhuman
development and confirm that the
capitalist system has to be erased
from the face of the globe once for
Relentless Crisis
Poverty and hunger have
increased throughout the world.
Inequalities have risen to substantial
proportions. Unemployment is
growing and spiraling viciously.
People throughout the world are
being marginalized day by day
without having any access to
education and health care. The
much touted advance in technology
particularly in I.T. sector could in no
way bring about any betterment in
the lives of people and workers. On
the contrary the technological
advance has enabled and aided the
big capital and corporations to
appropriate the wealth created by
the workers.
According to the International
Labour Organization one million
more young people are joining the
ranks of jobless every year. The
unemployment rate in the 15-24
years age group globally is 13.1
percent, is more than twice that
among adult population. The number
of youth who are neither in
employment nor education or
training is on the rise in many
countries. In the year 2013 itself,
more than 5 million people joined
the ranks of the jobless.
In the USA, which is supposed
to be an affluent nation,
unemployment is rampant and
poverty persists. The Government
treats its poor more harshly than
other rich countries with more
welfare cuts; and induces them to
work much longer hours.

According to a recent study 4.8
million people above the age of 60
go hungry in the US due to financial
strains. In USA, the minimum wage
paid to the workers is lesser than
paid in 9 other countries like
Luxemburg, France, Austria,
Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland,
NewZealand and Canada according
to the information provided by
Organization of Economic
Cooperation and Development
(OCED). In the last 30 years
inequality has exploded. Almost 40
percent of American children live in
poverty or near poverty lacking equal
access to education and jobs as the
children of the affluent have. Full
time jobs and quality jobs are
decreasing substantially. With the
introduction of Obama care, health
insurance scheme, management
started cutting full-time jobs into
part-time jobs, to avoid the burden
of payment of healthcare premium.
Wal-Mart and Kelly Services began
this method of cutting full-time jobs
and introducing part-time jobs,
which method had spread
throughout the US. In June 2013
alone 2,40,000 fulltime jobs were cut.
The advancement of technology
came handy to the corporations to
cut jobs on a massive scale. With
the increase in part time jobs in
place of full time jobs, the number
of long term unemployed is
increased. Thus workers USA are
forced into ‘idleness traps’ by the
corporations. The middle class in
USA is eroding due to lack of stable
jobs. Computerization and
Globalization have by degrees
eliminated the middle rung of skilled
workers. The city of Detroit, once
the pride of U.S.A., had bankrupted
striking a blow to the pension and

With the policy of the US Government implementing steep spending cuts.S. Ireland. Spain. Corporations of U. and unemployment are spreading rapidly and increasing day by day.600 ununionized tech workers claiming $9 million as compensation. the management found humans are preferable than automation (robots). Around 8. professionals) are 4 also being exploited. To improve production of axle beams and also cut the costs. Reports indicate that cities like Chicago. A recent change of production policy in Toyota. Apple. Adobe. It is not only in U. through abnormal disparity among wages and amenities and other benefits paid to tech workers.M. They are not even fair in treating the tech workers. The result of this enmity created by corporations has come in to open in the forum of a protest in Sanfrancisco and Oakland of U. Pixar. Up to now in all its plants workers jobs are to feed parts into a machine and call somebody for help when it breaks down. with a scheme to drive down their wages. to improve its production quality. has been revealed with the cross action suit filed by 64.A. but in the rich and developed countries of Euro zone as well as in Japan too poverty. Even the unemployment situation has created enmity and hatred between native local workers and migrant workers from other countries often leading to attacks on migrant workers and increase of fascist trends among certain sections of workers which is harmful to the larger interests of the workers and working class. the retirement benefits of workers are being cut substantially. In Greece. This exposes the hypocrisy of ‘corporate culture’ and free market capitalism.S.F. and Lucasfilm entered an “over reaching conspiracy” with mutual non-compete agreements and agreed not to recruit from each other’s companies. Workers are forced to live without any rights. the corporations have created enmity and hatred between blue-collar workers and tech workers. This is how the “free market” preachers do in practice with their tech workers. That big I. Every year 2. Japan’s the oldest car plant. this should be shown against the corporate managements and the capitalist system that created their division and disparity but not against the tech workers who are enjoying abnormal wages. companies. Capitalist system has conveniently used the coordination of its economic crises to its advantage to gain further Class Struggle . The so called policies of ‘austerity’ adopted by the governments at the behest of I. Just as the industrial workers are being exploited of their labour cheaply.S. reveals the limitations of automation and technological improvements and the supremacy of the human labour skills. Airlines.T. Intel. Divide and Rule The corporations that have substantially increased the numbers of so-called tech-workers and decreased the number of blue-collar skilled industrial workers and created a division among the workers. against tech workers of Google and Apple corporations by blue-collar workers alleging that due to the high paid tech workers the rents in their cities have abnormally increased and they are unable to get houses for rent. The living standards of people in Euro zone countries are decreasing considerably. Auto.000 former city workers.5 crore of people are being thrown in to perpetual poverty in Euro zone countries due to abnormal cuts in social welfare health and education by the governments. and Europe Central Bank and privatization policies of education and health are spreading more and more misery throughout Euro zone countries. They obstructed staff buses of tech workers carrying them to their offices. the management had decided humans (workers) to take over from robots the work of making crank-shafts from metal lumps. Mining industries of the private sector. Google. With the policies of dividing tech workers and industrial skilled benefits of 31. Worker’s wages are decreasing leading to hunger of people in those countries. Experiences have led to innovations in reducing scrap and shortening 96% length three years ago through human labour.A. is being done with blue-collar workers. Even in Steel. that results in artificially low wages and denies the opportunity to move to a better paying.8 lakh of people are working as modern slaves in Euro zone countries. Intuit. But if humans replaced the machines the quality and efficiency would be increasing according to the Toyota’s management after experience. turn and hammer metal in to crankshafts instead of using the typically automated process. the tech workers (I.T. Though this anger of industrial workers of Sanfrancisco or elsewhere is justified. Los Angeles and Cincinnati are also on the brink of bankruptcy. W. 2 million people are kept out of work. At Toyota’s Honsha plant. the conditions. Portugal. Workers twist. and Britain..B. Oppression and Suppression While the produced wealth is growing and the profits of transnational corporations are growing in gigantic proportions. So the boast of capitalism about superiority of technology over human labour skill proved to be a shallow claim. and working-of workers are degenerating drastically.. benefits and amenities provided to them by giant I. through wage cartelization. inequality.T. hunger. the highest inequalities among the people of the world are prevailing.

The right to strike of the workers is not being recognized. the municipal authorities of New York has been refusing for the last 2 years to give permission to use loud speakers on the vehicles that participate in the massive May Day celebrations held every year on April 26. increase of working hours. Managements and governments have been attacking on their rights and benefits. According a recent report of World Bank (10 April 2014). It is being mooted to change working day norms of workers in all the sectors in the name of standardizing working hours and amend section 83 of Mines Act which regulates the working hours. Now this practice is intended to be changed in all govt. This will lead to unfair labour practices by IT sector employers. In fact they are far worse than the above mentioned conditions. And the shame: Even Rwanda fares much better than India. housing. and worse it has remained so for the last 12 years. education. According to National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganized Sector (NCEUS) 86% of the workforce in India is employed in the informal sectors. Using military. to thwart class aspirations of workers with such petty acts of antagonism. Strikes have been prohibited in governmental sector in Costarica by the government. India tops the list of world’s poorest. Attacks on Rights Even the conditions of the organized sector workers are no better. the unemployment scenario in India has been showing a rising trend. Even the tech workers of I T companies are not being spared. May 2014 India’s Jobless Growth The conditions in our country are in no way better than the conditions of the workers in other countries. besides the mean intentions of the capitalist system. which means that vast majority of the work force have no access to minimum wage. number of contract employees. 28 days on site followed by a 28 days off period. Presently in ONGC the workers work for 14 days on site followed by 14 rest days. Sri Lanka. democracy. about its tall claims about freedom. Vietnam. health care. water. Employment in formal sector is contracting. In The Gulf countries. In Panama the strikes of Panama Canal workers are prohibited. The plight of garment workers in Bangladesh.” According to a report of CRISIL that 12 million people may be forced to look for low quality. We find the criminal negligence of ‘Big Capital’ towards the safety of workers in the form of fire accidents killing hundreds of garment workers in Bangladesh. curtailment of retirement benefits such as pension and health care benefits are some other methods of the attacks. in February (2014) 680 million Indians or 56 percent of the population lacks the means to meet their essential needs like food. Throughout the globe the conditions of workers have worsened. and that India was experiencing “Jobless growth. there is no right of association to form unions.S. and private oil companies to post workers. India. and attacks on workers are increasing in Turkey.S. In U. In Columbia metal and mining workers are being attacked every day. This would lead to the workers of this sector to be away from their homes and families for a longer period and in emergencies they cannot reach their families. At the same time the authorities gave permission to food vendors and ice cream vendors to use loud-speakers on their vehicles without any restriction. State violence on workers. It is also mooted to allow women to work in night shift in garment factories and flexibility in labour laws to boost exports from the country. The Karnataka state government had exempted 17 sectors from the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act 1946 for 5 years. police and security forces against workers agitating to realize their just demands had increased in almost all the countries throughout the world. sanitation. This is during a period when it is claimed by the rulers that the gross national income and percapita have doubled.profits by exploiting workers further more. In China worker’s rights are being blatantly denied. The hypocrisy of U.A which boasts about liberties and freedoms of people and claims to be the champion of freedoms and democratic rights. average work hours and other 5 . at Brooklyn. Increase of work load. China etc is indescribable and inhuman. to safe working conditions and to basic leave and health benefits. According to the research report released by McKinnsy Global Institute. low productivity rural or agriculture jobs over seven years due to the expected slowdown of job generation in the coming years. India’s labour force is working poor people. who make enough money to live but not to pull out of poverty. fuel and social security. Since liberalization in 1991. In the absence of exemption IT firms would have had to define wages. one third of world’s extreme poor are in India. According to the report of International Labour Organization. According to a recent study by the Credit Suisse that almost 90% of work force in our country was unorganized and produced half of India’s GDP. large portion of the net job creation happened in the informal sector. In the global hunger index India ranks at a lowly 65 out of 79 nations. Kazakhstan and Guatemala. liberty and human rights is clearly exposed. Cambodia.

The struggle for 8 hour working day. The strike of power loom unit workers in Tamilnadu demanding wages hike and other benefits and various spontaneous agitations at the industrial centre of Sriperumbadur in Tamilnadu. The uncertain future of 8000 Nokia plant workers in Chennai into which they are pushed by the management by selling the company is a glaring example of how the FDI invested foreign industrial managements in our country and the Indian rulers. Such is the gloomy situation and conditions in which the workers of India are languishing. Though the traditional trade union centers have failed to rescue the workers of India from the exploitation of workers and onslaught on workers and are failing in protecting the interest of workers leave alone in promoting. Already the software companies in Bangalore are often paying low wages of female employees and women who are allowed to work from home are made to work for longer hours.which practice is disadvantageous to the interests of industrial workers. the India’s shame of manual scavenging is continuing that too in the governmental sector like Indian railways. which used to provide employment to the rural poor. its declaration of war against capitalist exploitation until its extinction and the unselfish dedicated and sacrificing fighting nature of May day martyrs will inspire not only the workers and the working class in India but also the entire working class throughout the world to play their destined historical class role of perpetually ending the world capitalist system. It is estimated that 3. the practice of shutting industrial 6 plants for some days is prevalent in various industries particularly in auto and car manufacturing sector. foisting false police cases against agitating workers. in 1976 itself. governments and even the courts of justice do not heed.5 lakh dalit people are employed in manual scavenging work with 98 per cent being women. to suppress the agitating workers and their strikes and thus to diminish the bargaining power of unions as has been the case with HIL-ACK Birla group firm in Chennai. LONG LIVE MAY DAY! WORKERS OF ALL COUNTRIES UNITE! UNITE. Bonded Labour Despite an Act of 1993 prohibiting employment of manual scavengers and construction of dry latrines.! Class Struggle . Bajaj Auto firm in Chakan. Now that number had increased considerably. Here in comes the importance of May Day for the workers. Stopping of operation of the plants or locking out the plants or shifting out production to other plants has become a norm in the industries. and despite Supreme Court’s many warnings against manual scavenging. against contract worker system etc. Ray of Hope No doubt that today the subjective conditions are in low ebb to the advantage of workers and working class interests.6 million bonded labourers are in 10 states. Unequal treatment of women workers on par with their male counter parts persists with impunity. due to the crisis in agricultural sector.conditions. Till then the importance of May Day for workers will not diminish but would be ever inspiring On this May Day let the workers pledge to revive their strength and fighting spirit of their natural class to unite and organize themselves into working class by raising their class orientation and to take all initiatives towards this end in order to ultimately play the class role destined to them by history. Maruthi Suzuki in Maneser and the recent case of Toyota Kirloskar in Karnataka. The bonded labour system is flourishing throughout India. According to the survey of Gandhi Peace Foundation and National Labour Institute 2. certain local agitations of workers in their defense of their rights like the Auto workers of Gurgaon-Ravel belt in Haryana against the attacks of foreign companies on the trade union rights of workers. In the name of lack of demand. Contract worker system has become the bane of industrial workers and a boon to industrial managements to earn super profits. But the ripened objective conditions of extreme exploitation remain to be the decisive factor for the workers to fight against the despicable capitalist system of exploitation and inequality. the recent agitation of Toyota kirloskar auto workers in Karnataka and various other agitations of the workers enliven the hope that the workers in India will not meekly submit to the inhuman exploitation and onslaught of big capital but valiantly resist and fight against them. Sweat working conditions are being imposed in industries and even the time spent by workers in toilets is being regulated and this form of production with its focus on profit has become widely prevalent in our country. Deaths of workers in municipal drains in every city and town in India are a regular feature. nonpayment of minimum wages. care and are insensitive to the plight of workers and their interests when the company is sold or transferred to another company without deciding the fate of workers job positions and job security. Child labour system too continues with many more number of children working in informal sector of manufacturing activities and unorganized sector works.

UPA under Congress leadership has been ruling our country since last 10 years. religion. leading to wide spread people’s protest and mass movements. Today when we look at the elections scenario in the country the fallowing picture comes before us. or region as per its need to win elections and maintain itself in power. has been totally shattered and people’s eyes have forced open to the naked and brutal qualities of outcome of policies of globalization.. Recently US and British ambassadors met Narendra Modi and had wide ranging talks on national and international matters of their interest. Newly formed Aam Admi Party (AAP). continued peasant suicides. here and there. Congress led UPA. all governments since then till this day have followed the same concept and policies. There is also increase in attacks on dalit. they have changed their approach and are cozying up to Narendra Modi in the hope that NDA govt. Students and youth are confronted with bleak futures and frustration leading to increasing incidents of suicides. The same applies to Trinumal Congress and Aam Admi Party. comfortable and prosperous life for all that was the promise of Manmohan Singh led UPA Govt.. minorities and adivasi people. In this way inter imperialist rivalry is also exerting its influence on the election scenario making it more complex. and UF ruled for brief stints in the mid nineties. under him would provide much better facilities for capital investment and profiteering in India. Another notable feature of the present situation is that all the three main players at the national level i. mounting unemployment. The mess they have created in AP on Telangana issue makes this abundantly clear. Congress utilizes all kinds of sectarian feelings based on caste. youth. facing difficult economic situation and economic crisis in EU. middle classes. BJP/RSS led NDA. peasants. unprecedented price rise. exploitation and rapes of women and girls has increased many fold in spite of passage of strong laws in the Parliament for rapes and other acts of women’s exploitation. But there is contradiction among the imperialist powers. US imperialism and its other allies were previously inimical towards Narendra Modi.. NDA ruled for 6 years before it. RSS is confident that a central govt. in Delhi within six months of its formation. One should not forget how they (under Rajiv Gandhi as PM) opened the doors of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. the common people of our country i. Iran and China etc.e. i. globalization. which succeeded in forming Govt. But eversince the Narsingh Rao led minority Congress government with Manmohan Singh as finance minister in 1991 decided to embrace the globalization philosophy.-BJP led NDA. To sum it up.e. Afghanistan. But now. workers losing their employment in large numbers. rate of growth of GDP declining under 5% this financial year. Many regional parties have sectarianism based upon caste and region. we should remember that 7 . etc. are feeling their lives being totally insecure and very difficult. and emerging Third front due to CPM led left Front initiative are sectarian to the core. in New Delhi so that they may utilize India politically and militantly against Pakistan. privatization and liberalization.Document 654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321210987654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321 Oncoming 16th Lok Sabha Election CPI(ML) stand The 16th Lok Sabha election is going to takes place in a situation when the country is passing through unprecedented grave crisis. practicing casteism or regionalism openly. massive corruption and scams of astronomical proportions. Atrocities. under Narendra Modi would provide it the best opportunity and facility to fulfill its dream of establishing a Hindu Rashtra in India. workers. BJP/RSS are overtly and covertly communal with the ultimate objective of establishing a Hindu Rashtra destroying the secular tradition and fabric of our society. Due to this Russia and its allies and friends are also exerting their influence so that their economic and political interest are protected and promoted. orientation and preferences. RSS has directed all organizations of Sangh Pariwar to work for victory of BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi. is actively forming its organization in different states and fielding its candidates in large number of states. It is an exemplary and unique situation that all the three alliances/ combinations have embraced the same neoliberal economic theory i. Also. liberalization and privatization.e.e. rising cost of education and health care. There are three All India alliances/combinations in the coming 2014 Parliamentary Election. small traders. Apart from these Mamata Banerjee is trying to float a Federal May 2014 Front with the blessings from Anna Hazarae and fielding candidates in sizeable number of constituencies outside West Bengal. albeit with minor differences of approach. The dream of a happy. students. US and its allies are also inclined and desirous to have an anti-Muslim & jingoistic govt. Congress led UPA. and the emerging Third Front.

After the Babri mosque was raised to the ground he dismissed BJP’s Kalyan Singh government in UP and imposed President’s rule in UP. Congress party was forces to bring to the fore Rahul Gandhi as an apparent PM candidate of theirs. and he harp on the Govt. That is why all their efforts to envigorate their organization through national alliance in the name of Third Front is not creating any encouraging impact on their cadres or the people in our country. Tatas. This party has no declared policy but Mr. Though we have a parliamentary system of democracy where the elected members of parliament choose/elect the PM. He could have done it before and saved the catastrophe of demolition on 6th December 1992. non-Congress govt.Narsingh Rao allowed the RSS/BJP led Karsewaks to demolish the Babri Masjid. Gandhians and honest people have joined AAP and they will be highly disappointed with AAP in future. The anti-Sikh riots in Delhi after the killing of Mrs. and their political opponents in particular during long stint in power in West Bengal for nearly 35 continuous years. at centre. especially in the urban areas. They have not made any self-criticism for even brutal suppression of workers and peasants in Singur and Nandigram. and last but not the least he is being projected as a Vikas Purush (Patron of development) who can lead India on to the path of development and prosperity among the middle class. and other middle class people are joining AAP in sizeable numbers in different parts of the country. they have not accepted their grave mistakes in implementing neo-liberal theory and globalization policies in West Bengal. and scams of astronomical proportions have repelled people from Congress. However. But large numbers of NGOs. It has emerged out of Anna Movement. CPM and CPI which have been considerably weakened due to massive defeat in West Bengal and coming to power of Mamata Banerjee led Trinamul Congress (TMC) are trying to strengthen themselves and getting a stronger foothold in WB and central politics by forging the Third Front with different regional parties on the slogan of a non BJP. among the poor in general he is being depicted as a Chay bechne wala (tea vendor boy) to warm them up. Two new features of the present election should also be taken into account: 1. are all gaga with Na Mo mantra. There he said that he is far capitalism. they sent Arvind Kejriwal to power in Delhi. this forced Congress and BJP to pass Lokpal Bill in the parliament. The fate of Congress seems to be bleak and miserable in coming election. People were worried and horrified with massive corruption and scams. to withdraw from economic and industrial arena and hand over the economy to the private sector. is elected directly by the people. and oppose only crony capitalism. They have not realized their anti democratic repression of the people in general. All the top honchos of the industry and business in a conference declared that Narendra Modi would be the best PM for the country for corporate led growth and development of the country. Under Rahul Gandhi’s persuasion UPA government recently Class Struggle . 8 So. in general. This is not in people’s knowledge. A different story about him is being spread by RSS and BJP leaders and cadres to suit different strata of people. Ambanis. now the cat is out of the bag i. students-youth. he is being told the middle castes (OBCS and MBCS).e. Kejriwal clearly out limed his economic philosophy in a Congress of confederation of Indian Industry (CII). Many genuine socialist. many foreign funded are providing backbone to the AAP organization. People. AAP has created an interest and enthusiasm among the youth and the middle classes in the country as it has promised to provide good governance and honest administration. educated professionals. journalists. who happens to be the Chief Executive of the government. RSS forced BJP to declare Narendra Modi as its PM candidate nearly 10 months before the polls. massive corruption. he is for inviting foreign capital but will take care that it creates more employment. Unprecedented price rise. He is being lionized as a true RSS cadre and champion of Hindu/ Ram Mandir cause where people are Hindu minded. This has provided a larger than life image to Aravind Kejriwal and other AAP leaders. especially. But it is a diversion to the people from adopting a revolutionary path. So. the present election is being fought in the style of Presidential form of democracy where the President. But this happened as late as mid January. Thus AAP party also offers no solution to problems faced by Indian people. and educated sections of the society in particular. and finally he appealed the captains of Industry to support AAP party as only good governance can provide the fertile ground for rapid growth of capitalism in India. Birlas etc. In fact. AAP is also for neo-liberal economic policy and programme on the line of imperialist globalization. to surprise all. Indira Gandhi by her Sikh guards in 1984 is also a black example of how the Congress party indulges in communal carnage when it suits its political ends. The entire election is being fought in the name of Na Mo (Narendra Modi) and a personality cult is being built around him throughout the country..

contractors. businessmen. religion and region basis and unite for a democratic & revolutionary struggle for the change of the present socioeconomic system. TV channels. Narendra Modi has already spent hundreds of crores to refurbish his image in the country and abroad. Food Security Bill. We call upon the CR.2014 CPI (ML) Price : Rs. Regional parties who don’t have much influence on the big corporate houses. in fact. In this situation the lack of unity among the communist revolutionaries is very damaging to the cause of revolution. This situation makes it amply clear that the people’s problems can be solved only by adopting a revolutionary path.REJECT AND DEFEAT THE NDA AND THE UPA . contractors and industrialists are happily sharing their black money with May 2014 these parties/politicians. .PRESS NOTA BUTTON IN CONSTITUENCIES WHERE NO SUCH CANDIDATE IS CONTESTING Central Committee 2. Internet. .500 crores for image building of Rahul Gandhi. are milking money from local businessmen. Such is the sorry state of the ‘world’s largest democracy’ today. Regional parties are also following the same tactics in their areas of operation.managed to pass Lokpal Bill. The political parties have amassed big funds for electoral purposes through corrupt means. where only those backed by money and media power can hope to win any significant number of seats in parliament. Bill for passage of bifurcation of AP and creation of Telangana witnessed unprecedented emotion. In this way electronic and print media have become propaganda machines of the powerful politicians. Campaigns are being launched with the help of paid persons. Many MPs say that the bill has not been passed. Radio. Facebook. OTHER COMMUNIST REVOLUTIONARIES AND PATRIOTIC DEMOCRATIC FORCES. but the government has declared the bill passed. Recently Congress has also hired a Japanese company at the expense of Rs. etc. This demands that the CR forces close their ranks and lead people’s democratic movement for change and overthrow of the present semi-colonial. excludes real representatives of people to win election and find a place in parliament. Another feature is the qualitative different role that money is playing in the election.3. By passing Lokpal and these six bills Congress wanted to project itself as an anti-corruption crusader party. 2. Corporate houses. 150/- THE VOICE OF INDIAN REVOLUTION A CPI(M-L) TRIBUTE TO COMRADE KANU SANYAL For Copies : Mythry Book House Jaleel street. corrupt bureaucrats. semi-feudal system.SUPPORT THE CPI (ML). He has hired India and US media management companies for this purpose. We also call upon the people not to be divided by the sectarian politics and call of different ruling class parties and their combinations on caste. This situation has practically shunted out all those political parties and individuals who don’t have enough money for this type of electioneering before the poll process have even started. We cannot attract patriotic and democratic forces in the country who are opposed to the loot and plunder of the country by imperialist powers and comprador big bourgeoisie big landlord classes. clashes. The parliament was blacked out and all TV/ media telecaste were stopped in the final moments of the passage of the bill.EXPOSE THE SHAMNESS OF THE THIRD FRONT . and other rich people in the rural areas. But people are not fooled by those dramatics. They want the real thing to come to them and the country. nasty and ugly behavior in the parliament. Patriotic and democratic forces to join hands and mobilize the people for a revolutionary movement. This situation. Karl Marx Road. Newspapers and magazines have been put into massive propaganda of Na Mo. VIJAYAWADA .2 9 . But the Congress party failed to get six anti-graft bills passed by parliament. not a parliamentary path.

economic and political pressures. It wields a strong influence on the Russian-speaking people the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine and Crimea (which till recently remained as a part of Ukraine) as well as on the ruling class and bureaucratic forces in Ukraine. A part under the occupation of Poland became a part of Ukraine in 1939. The poverty in 10 the rural areas has assumed a phenomenal dimension. The attempts of US imperialism to dominate the entire world are facing increasing obstacles and challenges.imperialist contradictions have reached a new level of intensification. The wages of workers and other toiling people had fallen down too low. Accordingly. The Ukraine becoming a part of NATO would have brought NATO closer to Moscow. the Ukraine had separated itself from the SU in 1991 when the SU faced disintegration. The Russia was allowed to station them in Crimea and . 81 per cent of the Black Sea Fleet along with the Sevastopol and other military installations had gone to Russia. The people gradually lost the protections and services which they enjoyed earlier. After a hard bargain alone. Politics of Domination at Play Separation of Ukraine posed problems to Russia too. It used this influence to Class Struggle . Naturally. cut off Russia from the Black Sea and Mediterranean and squeeze it out of Caucasus. the Ukrainian economy with a debt of 73 billion dollars had reached a state of bankruptcy. In one word. the Ukraine continues to be an independent Country. It joined the Soviet Union in 1922. These policies destroyed fertile agricultural lands. Added to this. It too has been pursuing its own strategy to frustrate the attempts of US and European powers. divisions among the ruling classes and attempted regime changes and even coups to realize their aims. Russia had compensated a large sum of money. agricultural production and caused the dissolution of collective farms and grabbing or buying of agricultural lands by the foreign agri -companies. It would have placed Russia in a dangerously weak and disadvantageous position vis-à-vis the US and other European powers. the policies of Globalisation forced the Ukranian rulers to bow down to a number of rigorous conditionalities dictated the IMF and World Bank. It is too difficult for small nations to safeguard their independence. People Need Resolution of Their Problems As a nation. The US together with the EU powers had succeeded in roping most of the states into NATO and the EU. For long. It moved fast to gain from the Soviet disintegration. the people were very much agitated by this situation. Russia was worried about these developments. in return for this. The unemployment has gone up. Russia’s Black Sea Fleet along with its Sevastopol and other military installations were situated in Crimea of Ukraine. changes in the economic. Russia and Ukraine in 1997 agreed on the division of Black sea Fleet. It tried to draw the small earst while Soviet Republics one after the other into its fold. The people were forced to massively migrate to Russia or European Union (EU) in search of Jobs and livelihood. written off a large amount of Ukraine’s debts and also paid an annual fee to Ukraine. the Ukraine has come into existence in the postOctober Revolution period. Ukraine’s problems multiplied with the signing of a Free Trade Agreement with the EU. closure or selling away of the industries to MNCs. the US was engaged in the attempts to weaken Russia in an attempt to remove a potential contender for world hegemony from its way. Ukraine’s economic problems aggravated after its break from the SU. the Crimea was merged with Ukraine when Khrushchev was heading the SU. With the autocratic and corrupt rulers at the helm seeking to tide over the crisis by sinking Ukraine’s economy in more dependence on Russia or the EU or by imposing more burdens on the people the Ukranian people were pushed into more oppressive conditions of life. sovereignty and territorial integrity and for the people of those nations to keep the initiative in their own hands and persist in the struggle for the resolution of their basic problems. and guide the course of developments in its own favour. Again. They persisted in the attempts to bring the Ukraine too into their fold so that their encirclement of Russia is total. It has been doing everything to retain and enhance its political influence in Ukraine. The US and EU made relentless attempts to lure the Ukraine’s ruling classes to their side with economic baits.World Affairs UKRAINE — A VICTIM OF POLITICS OF DOMINATION The developments in Ukraine bring out two important facts : 1. The number of people below the poverty line had grown enormously. They groomed the antiRussian political forces. The inter. They demanded austerity measures. neo-fascist parties. In 1954. engineered dissentions. groups and armed gangs. agricultural and industrial policies. It is possible for their struggle being driven into a mess or turn into a so called struggle which has nothing to their real interests or go against their interests when they are caught between big bulls who are locked in a war for domination. Since then. 2.

leaders. The US and EU were left with no option except openly conceding the elections as free and fair. The US and European powers. he failed in his move as 80 per cent of people opposed it. “ Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement” was prepared and it was to be signed at Lithumania’s Capital Vilnius.mould the public opinion and the policies of rulers in its own favour. the EU slapped sanctions on Yanukovych govt. were busy in mounting pressure on the Ukranian President to sign an agreement associating Ukraine with the EU. But it did not bring peace. By dint of this deal. It freeze Ukraine’s assets and banned visas to the govt. they were not reconciled with the reality. the Ukranian President has entered into a dialogue with the opposition with an urge to buy the peace. They are basically a product of clash of interests rooted in the urges and designs of the concerned powers to impose one’s own domination on Ukraine. In 2010. Ukraine and EU as a way to buy peace and stability for the Yanukovych regime as well to put a check on the attempts of European powers to disturb it. the growing acts of violence and attacks of armed bands on the govt. 2014 right in the presence of the Foreign-Ministers of France. bagged only 4 per cent of votes while victor Yanukovych was elected as the President with an overwhelming majority. A draft called. Germany and Poland. The Ukrainian people can expect to be free and protect their own basic interests only when they wage an united struggle against the imperialist machinations. the Opposition has thrown the agreement into the dust bin and forced the Ukranian President Yanukovych out of power and to flee from the country. The Russian strategy is also aimed at building an Eurasian Economic Union by drawing the Ukraine into it. They aided and abetted the opposition and all types of forces including the far right and neo-fascist forces for this. But they were united in the aim of pulling down a legitimate govt. They struck a deal with Russia in Dec 2013. a pro-US leader staged a coup and proclaimed himself as the President of Ukraine. He signed an agreement with the opposition on Feb 21. their representative. it was an attempt on the part of Russia to prevent Ukraine’s integration with the EU. the pro-US and pro-EU forces faced a disastrous defeat in the Presidential elections. on their part. Yet. payments for using the Black sea and land for stationing its Black Sea fleet and military installations in Crimea remained Russia’s important economic levers to influence Ukraine’s economy and polities. In any case. Yanukovych agreed to bring Constitutional reforms to pave the way for a Coalition govt. Riding on this. However. in Ukraine and hold elections in Dec 2014. They encouraged and extended all help to the forces in the opposition to unleash a so called “coloured Revolution “ to prevent Yanukovych from taking the power. trade. Clearly. The people want an independent. The US and the EU had their own preferences as to who should head the new regime. the clash or agreement between these powers on the question of Ukraine will only be guided by the interests of dominating the Ukraine either singly or in a shared manner. Victor Yushchenko. So they fomented trouble in Ukraine. interference and politics of domination. They made up their mind to see the end of victor Yanukovych’s regime by every means. The economic aid. supply of oil and natural gas at subsidized rates. The US as well as the European powers fully backed the opposition. He initiated moves to make Ukraine a NATO Member. Yanukovych. It also dreams about bringing back its erst while republics into its fold. They want the resolution of their basic problems. However. Russia and other imperialist powers in Ukraine have made the people’s struggle more difficult. Within hours. Victor Yanukovych was elected as the president of Ukraine. Naturally.5 billions) discount on natural gas purchases by Ukraine from Russia. Russia advocated an agreement between Russia. These forces created the conditions of protest and sort of rebellion against the Yanukovych regime. But the Ukranian President and PM decided to postpone it later. The people of Ukraine are worst sufferers of the policies of rulers as well as the imperialist policies of domination. Here it is clear that the contradictions that are manifesting in Ukraine between the US and European powers on the one side and Russia on the other side and their moves and counter moves are inter-imperialist in their nature. The Ukraine’s capital Kiev was plunged into a state of anarchy. Their struggle is repeatedly becoming a victim of May 2014 diversionist forces and diversionist attempts. the policies of interference and domination pursued by the US. Faced with the increasing pressure from the US and European powers. loans. But the US and the European powers could not digest it. the Russia agreed to buy 15 billion dollars of Ukraine’s debt and provide 60 per cent (3. headed by 11 . offices and deep in economic crisis. the Ukrainian people lose their right to lead a free and independent life. the US and the European powers were infuriated by these moves. conspiracies. Political Crisis – Politics of Domination In 2004. Here. Under it. sovereign and democratic Ukraine. They extended all help to its usurpation of power and accorded all the legitimacy to its authority. Yushchenko. A day before this agreement.

G-7 leaders condemned the Russia for the integration of Crimea as an act of annexation and as a violation of international law. to Russia. The Europe exports machinery. They rose in defiance of new regime. their armed militants reigned the streets. 2014 an the date for elections. effectiveness and consequences of sanctions against Russia. Russia is EU’s third largest trading partner. It asserted that Crimea’s decision to integrate itself with Russia was only a free and democratic decision of Crimean people. It released Yulia Timoshenko who was in prison since 2011 on the charges of corruption. Russia has denounced the coup as the handiwork of US and European powers and as a part of greater design to weaken Russia and turn the region into a disturbingly dangerous zone for Russia. Need and Effectiveness of Sanctions Doubted The US as well as the European powers are tough in their rhetoric . 2014 regretting the sanctions against the Russia. the Ukraine’s parliament Supreme Rada adopted a resolution impeaching Yanukovych and appointing its Speaker Oleksandr Torchynov as the interim President. More than 6000 German companies are registered in Russia and together they have invested 20 billion dollars in Russia in recent years. Russia dismissed these threats as well as sanctions as inconsequential and counterproductive. the US and the EU are seriously divided on the need. The Russian Parliament has readily welcomed and approved this decision. US Right to Decide Destinies of World Questioned The Russian President Putin was blunt in his criticism of US and the European powers. Russia took all steps to proclaim its authority over Crimea. The US and European powers termed Crimea’s integration with Russia as nothing but an act of annexation and occupation of a part of Ukraine by Russia. chemicals. On March 21. irresponsible and unprofessional behavior. But. it will recoil. Russia. It set May 25. It declared that Russia has every right to intervene in the situation to protect its own interests as well as the interests of Russian speaking people in Ukraine. The EU declared a travel ban on 21 important personalities from Russia and Ukraine. It claimed that Russia neither interfered nor intends to do so in the affairs of Ukraine. they are afraid that their sanctions may hit back their economies too. China and South Africa) group issued a statement from The Hague in the last week of March. While a good number of leaders from the far right and neo fascist parties like Parvy(Right) Sector and Svoboda (Freedom) Party were inducted into the Ministry in important positions. It held the referendum on March 16. Addressing the Russian Parliament on April. They engineered clashes. indulged in killings and occupied the govt. The Deputies at all levels in the eastern region met in Kharkov and denounced the new regime as unconstitutional and illegitimate. They refused to recognize it. he said : “ In the case of Ukraine. The EU is engaged in ten times as much trade with Russia as the US does. the new regime resorted to several steps to assert its authority. Threat of Sanctions. They threatened with more actions against Russia. They are not united in their action.Defiant Russia The US slammed sanctions against Russia and threatened with more. Argentine President Christina Fernandez accused the US and EU of having “double standards”. It withdrew the commitments it made to the Yanukovych govt. The Russian leaders said that the G-8 is nothing but a gentlemen’s club and it is fast losing its relevance. On its side. to provide the bail out packages to Ukraine.” He described Class Struggle . our Western partners have crossed the line with their bullish. It initiated moves to tie the Ukraine with the EU and NATO. Russian oil and gas supplies meet 80 per cent of Europe’s energy needs. in reality. Putin signed a treaty incorporating Crimea into the Russian Federation. If you press the spring too hard. etc. They unleashed a propaganda that it was a part of Russia’s larger plan to invade and occupy Ukraine as a whole and other CIS territories too. Once Yanukovych left the Country. Putin warned that the dollar cannot rule the world economy for ever and an alternate currency for exchange can enter the world scene. G-7 group leaders decided to suspend Russia from the G-8 group. buildings as part of the drive to help the new regime to entrench itself firmly.Yanukovych by any illegal and foul methods. 18. It cancelled the second official status to the Russian language. These moves have evoked anger and protest among the Russian speaking people in the eastern region and Crimea. Germany is heavily dependent on Russia for oil and natural gas. Russia has its own supporters. The Crimea took steps first to proclaim its independence from Ukraine and then integrate itself with Russia. India. medicines and agricultural products. They rejected a call to suspend Russia from the G-20 and made it clear that no single member of the G-20 can unilaterally take such a decision. So. 2014 and adopted a resolution to this effect with more than 90 per cent people voting for it. However. The Foreign Ministers of BRICS ( Brazil. It extended support to the forces who were defying the authority of new regime.” “ Russia was pushed to a line beyond which it could not retreat. 12 Integration of Crimea in Russia The developments were fast.

But there reflected different interpretations to the agreement. must initiate the Constitutional reform to decentralize power and grant greater powers to the Russian speaking regions. Russia has succeeded in out manoeuvring the US and European powers. went ahead with its drive to crush the protests in the Russian speaking regions of Ukraine. EU. In this context. persisted in military operations. 13 . We have seen it in Syria some time back. the real problems and the struggle of the people for their resolution as well as the struggle to defend Ukraine’s independence. This game had touched its peak with the usurpation of power by the forces backed by the US and European powers in Ukraine. US and Ukraine gained momentum. They may be great pals. buildings across the Ukraine. It is continuing for a domination over the remaining part of Ukraine.Crimea as “a strategic territory “. For some time. The clashes between the govt. It is intensifying its competition for its own place and influence in the international arena and its share of role in dealing with the problems in the world. The Ukrainian govt.tional reform. Yet the crisis continues. A move to find a way out for the crisis through a dialogue between Russia.” It seemed that Russia may not hesitate even for a direct armed intervention to save the situation going from bad to worse. sovereign and democratic Ukraine. such a need did not arise with Crimea’s decision to integrate itself in Russia. but it found the job of bringing the situation under control by sheer force difficult. “It is unthinkable for me that we could be guests of NATO marines in Sevastopol. Here. the Russia has done everything to induce the Crimean rulers and its people to adopt this decision.’s armed forces. sovereignty and territorial integrity were pushed aside as the Ukraine was turned into a playground for Russia. 2. The continuing talk of direct armed action by the Russia and Obama’s continued threats of sanctions against Russia are only a pointer to this. To conclude : As we noted at the outset. 3. US and other imperialist powers to impose their own domination over the Ukraine. reactionary and neo fascist forces who are dancing to the tune of imperialist powers in order to be able to take their own destiny into their hands and build an independent. Russia is seen more active and assertive in its international role. The proletariat and oppressed people of Ukraine have a long and most difficult battle to wage against the politics of interference and domination pursued by the imperialist powers and the ruling class. rather than the other way round”. He criticised that the US is guided in its policies by the “right of the might” “ They have come to believe in their exceptionalism and their sense of being the chosen ones. The protesters remained unyielding. occupied the govt. The Ukrainian govt. determined not to allow it. Putin dismissed the western criticism of Crimea’s integration into Russia as “hypocrisy”. They called for disarming of the irregular forces and vacating the govt. agreed to grant amnesty to all protesters except those who committed grave crimes May 2014 and to launch a broad national dialogue involving all political forces and all regions to undertake a Contsitu. the govt. Russia saw this development as being “pushed to the line beyond which it could not retreat. 18 were marked by four factors: 1) The new Ukranian Govt. They refused to open fire at the protesters. but let them be our guests in Sevastopol.” Abortive Moves to End Crisis The developments during March 21 and April . must stop military operations and disarm the Right Sector and Maidan SelfDefence forces first before their laying down the arms. The protesters went all out in their defiance against the Central govt. While Russia continue to support the demands of the protesters for a federal structure the ensures greater rights for the Russian speaking people in Ukraine as a way out to the crisis. They resorted to armed actions. It knows that allowing itself weakened on its borders and getting enmeshed itself in endless crisis and turmoil will push it into a more disadvantageous position in the international arena and it is. They agreed that the Ukrainian govt. “Ukraine’s likely joining would have led to the deployment of NATO warships in Crimea’s Sevastopol the city of Russian military glory”. But. forces and the protesters continue. buildings and clashed with the govt. 4. sought to lull the protesters with promises like fullfledged Constitutional reforms and special status to the Russian language. There is no other way. etc. EU. The Foreign Ministers of Russia. The protesters in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine insisted that the Central govt. therefore. the US and European powers continue to blame Russia for the whole trouble in the Ukraine. They demanded greater autonomy. self rule for their regions and even threatened to proclaim independence through referendum. The developments in the world point out that the US drive to impose its hegemony on the entire world is facing increasing challenges and a situation of multi -polarity is fast developing in the world. The govt. also encountered defiance even within the ranks of armed forces. That they can decide the destinies of the world that it is only them who can be right always.17 and agreed on a plan to resolve the crisis. US and Ukraine met in Geneva on April. The game is not over. Here and there.

But they never shed or can be expected to shed their basic features as defined by Lenin unless and until imperialism is not wiped out from the face of the globe. “ [ here it must be noted that around 1.The First World War : An Imperialist War to Re-divide the World Imperialism is imperialism. ] WHAT FOR THE WAR WAS? A section of the media as well as the historians and writers representing the view of the British ruling class are putting the view into wide circulation that the World War 1 was a “War to end all wars” ! The Education Secretary Michael Government came out eulogising it as a “just war that saved the future of democracy in the continent by putting paid to the ambitions of an aggressive Germany bent on world domination. setbacks and small or big defeats in their attempts to subjugate the people of other Countries. From Frontline. An excerpt of the letter reads like this : “ Don’t worry about me for I am in paradise.” In reality. The Celebrations will have tributes in memory of the Battle of Somme (1916) and Armistice Day (1918). Lenin said in Sept’ 1914 that “ the sole actual content. the ruining of competing nations and plunder of their wealth. The government proposes to spend 55. Some time back. women on the frontline. the Director General of BBC. conscientious objectors. families and children at home reveal both familiar and surprising stories of War. Germany. The Extraordinary life by Sir Basil Clarke and Richard Evans and by the former BBC War Correspondent Katies Adie’s Fighting on the Home Front : The Legacy of Women in World War 1. distracting the attention of the working masses from the internal political crises in Russia.” “ Today I saw a museum in which all the living fishes of the world were kept in boxes of water and a magnificent palace which costs millions of pounds. the imperialist powers encountered serious economic crises. It planned to begin the campaign with a candle light vigil on August 4. and ruin it. He will be working together with other organisations and partners across the Country. One of the letters prominently exhibited is from an Indian soldier written to his family from the Brighton’s Royal Pavilion Hospital. The British govt.000 pounds to make the Anniversary ‘ a truly national commemoration. new digital assets from its collection and especially curated World War 1 timelines. A section of it is called. It will be led by Jenny Waldman. Chairman and former Executive Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company. A good number of books written on the theme of ‘Great War’ from new angles and with ‘new historical material’ have made their way into the market. disuniting and nationalist stultification of the workers. and the extermination of their vanguard so as to weaken the revolutionary movement of the proletariat. the British Govt. headed by David Cameron has decided to commemorate the Centenary Anniversary of the World War 1 (1914-18) by organising a four years long Campaign. In history. and asked each one about his wounds and sufferings and gave consolation to each. “War Stories: Voices from the World War1.’ The government also allocated a sum of 10 million pounds for the cultural side of the remembrances.gerent groups of imperialists – one headed by the British and French bourgeoisie and another by the German bourgeoisie. This team includes Vikki Heywood. seize the German colonies. The King came down here last week and shook hands with all the Indians. He was wounded in the World War 1 while serving the British Colonialism. enlarge their spheres of influence and impose their dominations. massive oppositions. oppressed nations and people.000. This exhibition will run till March 2015.2 million soldiers from India (undivided) fought for the British Empire during the World War 1 and 74000 of them had died. importance and significance “ of this war comprised in their aims of “ seizure of territory and subjugation of other nations. it was an out and out unjust and predatory war waged by two belli. The Imperial War Museum is scheduled to be reopened in July 2014. has allocated 35 million pounds for the refurbishment of the World War 1 galleries. The Victoria and Albert Museum is already organising the exhibitions. They include: The Sleepwalkers : How the Europe went to War in 1914 by Christopher Clark. The publishing houses in Britain are already active to make full use of the Celebrations to boost up their 14 business. They persist in the attempts to recover and muster the strength and realise their lost or unfulfilled dreams and ambitions to dominate the world. protests and struggles from the working class.” They contain 12 original letters of diverse voices of individuals. The German bourgeoisie wanted to win and subjugate a greater part Class Struggle . the British and French bourgeoisie wanted to retain and further enlarge their colonies. including soldiers on the western war front. The Celebrations provide lessons on the ‘greatness of War’ and educate the present generation on its moral legacy. “ Through the war. 2014 at West minister Abbey. creative producer for the London 2012 Olympics. Britain and other Countries. and Toney Hall.

therefore. Tensions mount. and it explodes in 1914. this was a military disaster and human catastrophe. and a Research Fellow at the University of Bristol. and who fired the first shot. My view is that it was an imperialist war.000 pounds on ‘truly national commemorations’ to mark this anniversary. historian. brutally killed the people and the way the so called victors (Britain and France) unilaterally and arbitrarily dictated most humiliating and oppressive terms of truce to the vanquished (Germany) power also had effectively and conclusively proved the correctness of Lenin’s assessment of war. and caused a degree of suffering all too clear in the statistical record of 16 million people died and 20 Million wounded.” Neil Faulkner. including that of Britain had succeeded to a large extent in their attempts as they had their own collaborators and agents in the working class movement in the form of reformist and labour aristocratic leaderships who readily embraced the ruling class slogan of ‘defence of Father Land. went on freely invading and annexing the territories of other Countries. never mind about their colonial subjects who fought in the war. each dependent on overseas markets for their expansion. poet and playwright Carol Ann Duffy. Michael Morpugo. its aims and outcome. He called upon the proletariat and the people not to fall prey to the imperialist conspiracies and slogans such as the ’defence of father land’ and turn the imperialist war into a revolutionary civil war to overthrow one’s own ruling bourgeoisie from power. parts of Asia.of Europe and Middle East. WHY THE GLORIFICATION OF WAR? In the context of World War 1. predatory and aimed 15 . Simon Callow and Vanessa Redgrave. and British film director Ken Loach.” It said. as a whole. atrocities and boundless brutality of war. The Letter further said: “We are disturbed. It started in a small way. sacred and in ‘defence of Father Land. had drawn the entire Europe. on the part of powers on both sides of the conflict was totally unjust. As a result. The entire world at the time was fully convinced that the war.the poets like Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon and are increasingly taking part in the anti-war protest movement. The opposition and protest to the proposed celebrations of Wars is strong enough in Britain. Lenin had superbly and successfully applied and practiced his revolutionary call in Russia. the bourgeoisie of each imperialist Country involved in the War.” Among them are actor Jude Law. This struggle together with the October Revolution had thoroughly and completely pulled and tore off into pieces the mask of ‘defence of father land’ behind which the imperialist rulers were hiding their real intentions and cheating their own people. including Britain.’ Lenin had mercilessly exposed the predatory and imperialist character of war. there is an arms race amongst the hostile blocks.000. the world shaking. told The Hindu that the “mainstream historians look for whose ‘fault’ the war was. politicians Tony Ben. democratic and national forces in their own Countries into or in support of their war. The people in Britain as well as Europe are showing a renewed interest in antiwar poetry of soldiers. They posted an Open Letter in the website called “No Glory in War. “ The Letter called on every one “in times of international tension” to ensure that “this anniversary is used May 2014 to promote peace and international co operation. the sea coasts and great oceans and spread to Africa acquiring the nature and dimension of a World War. They sought to convince the people that the war on their own side was patriotic. Ken Livingston and Jeremy Corbyn. writer and author of war house.” He is active in the “No Glory in War” Campaign.tarian and working class movement in the Countries of Europe at the time. It ended with ignominious defeat or virtual rout of German led group in the hands of the group headed by Britain and France. 70 eminent citizens came to the fore denouncing the celebrations of World War 1.’ They sought to draw the proletarian. He waged a relentless ideological and political struggle against the reformist and class collaborationist theories and practices that came to dominate the prole. made all out attempts to project their own war against the rivals as a war forced upon them by the rivals bent on aggression and annexation.” “ Instead we believe it is important to remember that this was a war that was driven by big powers ‘ competition to influence around the globe. musician and composer Brain Eon. The bourgeoisie of these Countries.” “It was centered primarily in Europe which was divided into competing nation states and spheres of influence. historic and revolutionary event like the victorious completion of the great 1917 October Socialist Revolution had become a reality. “ The war began in July 1914 and ended at the end of 1918. The way the imperialists fought the war. “Far from being a ‘war to end all wars’ or a ‘victory for democracy’.” Neil Faulkner is the author of a recently published book “The Real Story of World War 1. Lenin made it clear that “neither group of belligerents is inferior to the other in spoilation. to hear that David Cameron plans to spend 55. re-divide the colonies in its own favour and impose its own domination on the entire world. an archeologist.” A small ruling class of bankers and generals who led the war in the competing nations “didnot care about the lives of their own citizens.

T. they can.Jaswantha Rao Secretary. All the conscious masses of Indian people like their brethren in the world fought against the colonial oppression then and continue to oppose imperialism now. 500/- P. especially between Britain and German.RS. They are also living in the illusion that. Afghanistan and other Countries. It will be a big gamble to attempt to divert the people’s attention from the real problems by distorting the history and in the name of so called celebration of much discredited redividing the territories and resources among the warring powers in accordance with each one’s might. The people in various Countries of the world who had suffered a lot under the yoke British colonial rule and in the imperialist war would never accept being driven back into a dark era against which they fought heart and soul and made countless sacrifices.R. re-write and reverse the history in order to condone themselves from their colossal crimes and glorify or paint their crimes in glowing colours which they had committed against the humanity for the purpose of imposing their domination over the world and to realise their ambitions. which is now leading the capitalist world and striving for world domination. They must also be knowing that they continue to encounter the protests and denunciations from the British as well as world people for their shameless support to the US in their acts of invasion and occupation against Iraq.Memorial Trust. They are one with the British people who are raising their voice against the attempts of British imperialists to glorify an imperialist and predatory war waged by them 100 years back. The war caused untold miseries and colossal human loss and material destruction and seriously disturbed the world peace. The proletariat. The Britain is also facing the danger of disintegration. The attempt to glorify Britain’s role in the World War 1 and its (together with other allies) victory in the War may freshen the wounds in some. They must also know that they were pushed behind and to the position of a junior partner to the US imperialism. The present British rulers had inherited the past legacy.II 1963-72.RS. 32-13-26/1. TARIMELA NAGIREDDY MEMORIAL TRUST PUBLICATIONS HISTORICAL AND POLEMICAL DOCUMENTS OF THE COMMUNIST MOVEMENT IN INDIA For Details: VOL. They are refusing to learn from their own past.Puram. pin-520 010. by this act.I 1943-51. By their futile attempts to distort the history. M. It is seriously objectionable that the British imperialists are exhibiting certain letters of Indian soldiers as part of their celebrations as a model for the loyalty of colonial people towards the British Empire.N. 300/VOL. Vijayawada. 16 Class Struggle . enhance the contradictions and mutual mistrust among the European powers. So it will be a mere day dream to aspire for past glory. oppressed nations and all the antiimperialist. The British imperialists know it well that they do not enjoy the same position and influence today in the world as they used to before and immediately after the World War 1. once again. cheat the people and divert their attention from the real problems and the worst economic and political crisis Britain is now passing through. they are only revealing their own imperialist nature and their yearning for shattered dreams. democratic and peace loving forces in India and the world would oppose the attempts by the imperialists to distort. The fact that the imperialist powers used the people of colonies as cannon fodder in their war to extend their colonial domination to other areas and lakhs of people had died or were wounded (74000 Indian people died in the World War 1 while serving British colonialism) is really painful.

while the actual expenditure on defence purchases was Rs. The refitting of decommissioned Russian aircraft carrier Gorkhov (named as INS Vikramaditya) will cost $2.000 crore in 2012-13. This fund is to be utilized for all the defence purchases. the wage bill and two. According to the budget papers.1 billion. 310 Russian T-90 tanks for $800 million.86.16 of the 66 Hawks aircraft were grounded because the seller company BAE Systems failed to deliver spares and components. in addition to the pensions payable to retired May 2014 personnel whom stands at Rs.13.33 billion.Political & Economic Notes : Military Affairs : Foreign Dependence Imperils Country’s Defence Four decades back. (This is not a complete list and compiled from reports appeared in various newspapers during the last three years) The Lurking Danger The above tit bits of information gives an idea about the extent of India’s dependence on imperialist countries for its military needs. specialised sniper rifles and antibunker bursting rifles for its 356 infantry battalions.000 rifles. It was officially said to cost Rs 167 crore for each jet fighter.07. hear and experience such slavish betrayal of the nation’s interest by so-called patriots.91 crore or more than one fifth of the total expenditure. If the imports by DPSUs. The shopping list for weapons include 3000 artillery guns for $ 4 billion.91 crore which is one sixth of the total expenditure of Union of India.1. An expenditure of Rs.740 crore. whose import dependence is 35 to 45 per cent of their budget. Apart from this. 18-12-2012) Take the upgradation cost of 51 Mirage 2000 aircraft. spare part or component means”.355) Today all the three wings of India defence force are at the mercy of imperialist countries for all most all of its defence needs. What does this dependence means? “Every imported piece of military hardware. Ordinance Factory Board (OFB) and private sector includes foreign supplies. … When I see. are taken into account. attack and heavy lift helicopters for $ 2 billion. the estimated outgo on pay and allowances of army. The allocation for the capital outlay stands at Rs. Flood of Imports It is reported that India will spend $ 150 billion over the next 10 years on arms imports. India is the largest importer of arms with 12 per cent share of world arms imports. Growing Military Expenditure According to the budget 201314. India’s dependence on imported arms and components could be as high as 80 to 85 per cent.345.53. think lightly of what is called ‘treason against the government’. If the allocation to other armed wings under the home ministry and 50 per cent of expenditure of atomic energy and space are added.44. So the total wage bill comes to Rs. (Indian Express. eight Boeing p81 super Hunters for $2.3. Comrade Tarimela Nagi Reddy observed: “Thus the vital aspects of production for our defence is left entirely in the hands of international monopoly houses … and yet to deceive the people. But defence minister 17 . The army also needs 16000 LMGs. 75 Pilatus trawler aircraft for $1 billion. navy and air force personnel stands at Rs.18. 250300FGFA Sukhoi T-50 PAK fighter aircraft for $30 billion and 10 Boeing C17 Globemaster III aircraft for $ 5. carbines.921. the allocation for defence is Rs. which is about 65 per cent of the defence outlay. after explaining the dependence of defece production in India on foreign monopoly houses. Some of the imports include: six Lockheed C130J Super Hercules transport aircraft for $1.500 crore. 4850 crore is being made for 65. six midair refuellers for $ 1 billion. In the year 2012-14. Rs.2. p. 143-2013) This perpetual dependence jeopardizes the security of our country.037 crore. For instance.000 crore was paid to foreign suppliers.13. and 197 helicopters for reconnaissance and surveillance for $ 650 million. This is clearly an understatement because the purchases from defence public sector units (DPSU).500 crore. The recent mishaps in the Navy leading to the resignation of Chief of Naval Staff on moral ground highlighted the dangers involved in our dependence on foreign monopolies. components and royalties. light machine guns. “we are at the mercy of the seller nation for 30-40 years thereafter”. This 12 per cent impots meets 70 per cent of weapons India needed. the government has began to talk in terms of self sufficiency in defence production and self reliance of our defence industries. and 8500 sniper rifles. one.” (India Mortgaged.8 billion.(Times of India.67.000 rifles to equip 120 battalions and OFB is to supply 1. the total rises to Rs. the capital outlay. 63.2 billion. This expenditure on military has two components. pointed out by former Naval Chief Arun Prakash. the Army wants weapons for close quarter battle. 126 Rafale multirole combat aircraft from Dassault of France for $20 billion.

This does not include the Rs 2430 crore being spent on “other” items and it also does not take into account the two separate contracts signed by India with Dassault Aviation and Thales for Mirage 2000 weapon systems integration at the cost of Rs 6600 crore. This. while a delay in supply and execution of the contract not only escalates costs. According to this policy. According to the contract these tankers should be fitted with engines from Wartsila. bicycles. The Standing Committee of Parliament on Defence noted that there had been a four fold increase in the initial estimated cost due to this delay. On 20 March 2013. The real priority for the government is to promote foreign capital to the commanding heights not only in defence production. though meant for civilian use. Russia’s Rosoboronexport and Israeli companies. Revising the offset policy at will by the MoD became a regular activity and it turned out to be the back door entry for foreign capital into defence sector.(Business Standard. India has to built its own submarine if it wants to use BrahMos. but also weakens as the costly equipment kept idle.M. This benefited Boeing.1100 crore arising from Rs. German and French serpene submarines being build at Mazagon docks at the cost of Rs.3011-2012). offering very little to the Indian industry. 21-3-2013). it is claimed. showing that pilots from IAF would fly these machines as a reason. while at the same time non-critical technologies like Tetra Trucks will also goes to foreign sharks. But most of the off set rules have existed on paper. India. which related to India’s purchase of six C-130J Super Hercules aircraft. foreign vendors of arms have to source defence goods and services upto 30-40 per cent from within India. But the fact is India has no submarines which can be fitted with BrahMos. Offsets worth Rs 240 crore for a Rs 800 crore contract with Italian shipbuilder. India successfully test fired the 290 KM range BrahMos underwater missile and the government claimed it was the first country to doso. (Gautam Navalkha in EPW. The ministry of defence allowed 100 per cent owned subsidiaries of foreign vendors are to be treated as Indian offset partners (Indian Express. As it is not critical technology it is not given priority”. but also in the entire Indian economy.562 crore. The Italian police filed corruption charges on the company. Class Struggle . combat system from BEL and AK630 gun from OFB. There is no possibility of such indigenous efforts in the coming two decades as the plans to buid them have not even reached the drawing boards. So the BrahMos has only one use – keep it in a glass show case to be shown to our school going children.5 per cent per annum to the contracted cost of the year 2000 works out to be Rs 195 crore in 2011. 3410 crore. 256-2013) The CAG report found that 16 offset contracts concluded between 2007 and 2011 valued at Rs. Offsets worth Rs. Similarly French company Thales was allowed to get away with providing 100cc motorcycles. None of the Russian. car shelters etc.Antony told the Parliament that an escalation of 3. The ministry of defence systematically floated every rule of the off set policy to benefit foreign vendors. for a fleet tankers that will replenish Indian navy warships on long patrols. will be capable of 18 using BrahMos missile (Times of India. Lockheed Martin. 18. Even at these exorbitant prices the quality of imported hardware is not assured. Offsetting the Local Manufacture Recently the government revised the offset policy in defence purchases. 23-5-2012) Strangulating Hold The dependence on imports is stifling the indigenous efforts in developing weapons in India. Thus the total cost of the Upgradation will be Rs 344 crore for each aircraft. floated the offset rules.Pallamraju told the Rajya Sabha on 9 May 2012 that “there is no need for us to manufacture everything. This contract was made through ministry of defence. in its fulfillment of Rs 170 crore worth of offset related to the Rs 570 crore sale of low level transportable radars. the government is taking measures that strengthen the tentacles of foreign capital. 15-72013) The refitting and modernization of aircraft INS Vikramaditya was to be launched in 2010.440 crore. Fincantieri.23. The arms industry is extracting exorbitant charges with their monopoly over the arms market. US company Lackheed Martin’s $ 275 million offset contract. but now it will be in 2016. The minister of state for defence M. other critical technologies like aircraft carrier and submarines goes to foreign monopolies. domestic air conditioners. The critical technology like BrahMos developed by our scientists will be relegated to show cases.3700 crore purchase from Italy’s Finmeccanica group of twelve AW101 helicopters for Indian VVIPs. Instead of reducing dependence on imports. has to procure from India good worth Rs. would benefit India’s manufacturing capability. (Indian express. The foreign direct investments were allowed in defence industry upto 26 per cent which gives enough power to control that industry to the foreign investor. It was reported in the press that the C-130J transport aircraft and p8 Poseidon series of maritime surveillance planes from the US had counterfeit parts in them. Yet the ministries of Commerce and Industry are pressing to raise the FDI cap to 49 per cent in defence industries.

The decision to wage a war. At the same time. as proved by the Indian experience. The ATT adopted by UN General Assembly wants to regulate this trade by linking it to human rights. you are wrong. Already the arms suppliers are delaying supply of spares. the ATT allows arms sales to non-state entities like terrorist organizations. but by the political direction that gave priority to national interests. Mazagon dock also signed another agreement to form a joint venture with Pipalov Defence to manufacture frigates. whose definitions vary according to the selfish needs of the imperialist hegemonic designs.Gordian’s knot The largest construction company in India. which is currently imports 75 per cent of its naval defence requirements. acquire. The imperialist countries want to disarm the third world countries in order to keep them under their thumb. As other companies like ABG and Bharti complained on the selection process. This is the result of India’s dependence for its defence requirements on imperialist countries. A blanket stoppage will severely impede the defence preparedness of India. The gigantic advances made by the Indian Science and Research Organisation clearly shows that India has the scientific manpower that can innovate and adopt technologies motivated not by the profit. (Business Standard. pin-520 010. you are correct. produce and posses conventional weapons. In the same way. Rythu Cooli Sangham (A. Krishnalanka Vijayawada. sovereignty and self reliance and making India as a world power. Jhansi. It signed a contract with Mazagon docks (a DPSU) to form a joint venture to manufacture submarines. But under the din of these high sounding phrases. but by the considerations that are influenced by the imperialist powers. Imperialism wants to control the resources to augment its monopoly and perpetuate dependence. destroyers and aircraft carriers. whether justified or not. Mitsubishi (of Japan) expressed its readiness to acquire a stake in L&T. The international trade in the conventional weapons is estimated to be around $70 billion in a year. has claimed that the present policy would synergise and enhance competence in producing the state-of-the-art defence products in a globally competitive market. In the case of nuclear arms and chemical weapons they are imposing treaties on the weaker countries and ask them not to produce these weapons of mass destruction while they continue to have and produce them. Larson and Toubro is a MNC based in Sweeden. the imperialist powers have imposed an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) through their rubber stamp UNO. Every player in the arms business is making profits at the expense of May 2014 the interests of the people and country. while gives NATO and imperialist powers to supply arms to their client states. The government cleared these JVs in February 2013 after taking a policy decision that DPSUs can go for JVs or form consortia with private sector companies which includes foreign companies. The UN resolution curtails the right of nations to procure. While making super profits by selling weapons. Specious Argument The supporters of FDI in defence production argue that profit motivation stimulates technology innovation. There is every scope to achieve self reliance in defence sector by countries like India which has all the infrastructure. prevention of war crimes and protection of civilians. so-called rebels in Syria and placated democracy forces in Ukraine. will not going to be made by the powers that be at the helm of affairs in India.) Andhra Bank Buildings. They are making super profits by draining the financial resources of recipient country through bribing the political elite leading to disintegration of their political and economic systems. 19 . For Details: S. Yes. the Indian DPSUs are being tied to the MNCs as captive providers of cheap labour and inputs.800 crore. The ATT empowers the arms dealers to suspend the arms sales to the buying governments on the basis of these pleas. the MoD put the JVs on hold in July 2012. State President. Such was the pathetic state into which the people India are mired by the ruling classes and their political representatives who clam day in and day out as true champions of Indian independence. Yes. while French defence major DCNS is planning to buy about 10 per cent in Pipalov for more than Rs. 23-72012) India. the imperialist powers never allow the Third World to achieve arms parity with them. profit making is all the more powerful desire that drives FDI into Third world countries. material and human resources. Immediately after the decision came in the newspapers.P.

to not only condemn these racial attacks and violence against people of North-eastern states but also to build-up a steady movement to fight all forms of racial discrimination and racial intolerance and to integrate this movement with the people’s movement to overthrow the present semi feudal and semi-colonial system and to establish a new democratic system in India. racial attacks and racial violence. which was photographed by CC TV cameras as he cruelly dragged the girl lead to his arrest. have negated and refused to incorporate the people of these North-eastern states who have diverse culture and customs. at Gurgaon a mob of 18-20 people had attacked six people from Northeast with hockey sticks. traders. All these discriminatory policies adopted by the rulers and the state. are deep-rooted in our society and system. locals and passers-by did not intervene. rape at will. All these conditions perpetuate racial discrimination and violence in our country.31 (2014). They point out that prejudice-laden beliefs against those who deemed to be ‘others’ or look differently with different culture and customs. a 19 year old college student hailing from Arunachal Pradesh was brutally beaten by shop-keepers in Delhi. However it is the task of the progressive forces of India. Added to this even for the past 67 years of so called Indian independence and democratic rule our rulers with their anti-people. by throwing out north-eastern ‘trash’ from the colony. “far-flung” “newheart of darkness” and “conflictridden” against those north-eastern states and their people. These incidents bring in to sharp-focus the fact that racist and discriminatory attitudes are rampant and deeply rooted in our society and system.on the republic day-two Manipuri women had been taunted and beaten up by residents of another South Delhi locality. The people of mainland India are never informed about the contributions made by the people of these North-eastern states in the construction of modern India. But Munrika had a khap panchayat which met along with the resident welfare association.29.. This scourge of racism in our country cannot be totally wiped out without abolishing the semi-feudal system of our country. Very recently i. in New Delhi. In fact in Indian feudal system and society racism is being practice from ages in the form of caste and colour. shouted racial slogans and targeted people from North-east after a Manipuri man had an altercation with another person. the khap decided to evict tenants from the North-east. The rulers and ruling-class parties only express lip-sympathy when such racial violence and attacks are reported but never take any governmental action to abate this malaise. Instead of condemning the rape by a young man of their community. Such is the inhuman treatment meted-out to the people belonging to North-eastern states who are also a part and parcel of Indian state. When the police tend to side with locals. the capital of the ‘democratic’. ‘integrated’ India. arrest without warrantand on the other hand projecting them as ‘terrorists’ and also using such as “remote”.Anti-People Policies Adopted by the Rulers are the Cause for Increasing Racist and Discriminatory Attitudes Among People On Jan. Not only with those brutal attacks. In reality the people of Northeastern states are being treated as second-rate citizens. but throughout other states in India almost the same treatment is being meted out to the people of Northeastern states. has bread a culture of might is right in our society. Their minority position made them vulnerable for racial-discrimination. Class Struggle .e. in order to clean their colony. the men abused as eaters of dogs and other less palatable stuff. the women assumed to be promiscuous. and allowing army personnel to shoot at sight. A 14 year old Manipuri girl working as a domestic help in South-Delhi’s Munrika was raped by her land-lord’s son. Almost always people from these North-eastern states are subjected to and face racial profiling. People of these regions are believed to be people of foreign countriesparticularly of China-an avowed foe to Indian rulers-and so the enmity against those people for no reason increases. on March. Just five days before this gruesome murder . Instead of eaking action the police have supported the locals. and their policies of ‘divide and rule’. adhoc policies and step-motherly attitude have been alienating the people of these North-eastern states from the Indian people-particularly by subjecting them to military rule through use of AFSDA. It is not only in Delhi. which still continues. 20 In all the incidents residents. but in various subtle forms racial discrimination is being practiced in our society. and subsequently he died succumbing to the injuries received from the brutal beating.

And they are all on the Army’s side. Who will give us justice? Martyrdom of 8 Brakpora demonstrators has failed 21 . in Anantanag. However the Chief Minister of J & K had to order the exhumation of five bodies. Naturally the result of such a farcical enquiry wouldn’t be otherwise and nobody can have faith on the Army’s justice system. On the next day. Thus the army blocked the prosecution successfully for a long period. Jammu & Kashmir and killed 5 people. following the public protests and their demand. and the CBI which filed a chargesheet against the fake encounter announced that it would wait for a fresh set of directions from the Supreme Court. The army claimed they killed LeT militants who had massacred Sikhs in Chattisnghpora village on the eve of the US president Bill Clintons visit to India. The CBI had investigated in to the incident and found that the army had staged a fake encounter.2012 told the army either to give sanction for prosecution of the army officer or to conduct a court martial against them. Then army opted to courtmartial them. The army set up the court at Nagrota in Jammu to ensure that nobody from Kashmir appears for recording the statement. When a multitude of people from Shangas and Accabad were protesting and demanding for exhumation and identification of the five bodies. While Army acted in such a farcical way. Indian soldiers attacked a hut in a village called Pathribal. The local police challenged the claim of the Army and told that those killed by the police were not militants but local innocent villagers and protested against fakeencounter killings by the army and demanded an enquiry in to the incident. by picking up civilians from the Anantnag area and killing them in cold-blood. Thus the Army exonerated the army officers. they were subjected to crossexamination. After a long court battle. Surab Sharma. The army conveniently reduced the Supreme Court to a wild joke according to some of the relatives of the fake encounter victims. 2000 the army and the J&K police jointly conducted an operation. During crossexamination knowing fully well of the fact that the ‘encounter’ attack was conducted 14 years back and that is impossible to the witnesses to identify the men who had kidnapped the five civilians that too they had covered their faces with mufflers. the Supreme Court on May 1. LT col. it was pitch dark and late night. had not come to the aid of relatives of the victims even though they begged through media and other channels to provide them a counsel or the police guards or even a vehicle to attend to the Army court which was far off. Ajay Sexena. the J&K Chief Minister expresses dubious anger and promises that he would take-up the issue with the Prime Minister. Another farcical side of this army court is that it sent summons to the father of one of the victims who had passed away six years before the fake encounter.Army Comes out with its True Ugly Face in Pathribal Fake Encounter Case in Kashmir On March 25.Amit Saxena and Subedar Idxes khan were involved in the gunning down to five villagers and dubbing them as foreign militants before the media. the men of Special Operations Group (SOG) at Baraktpura in the district head quarters of Anantnag had gunned down eight demonstrators. The finding flies in the face of the investigation. The army court had egregiously concluded that “the evidence recorded could not establish a prima facie case against any of the accused”. Brahendra Pratap Singh. Five charred bodies were buried separately without post mortem investigations or any identification of the dead-bodies. even the state government of J&K and its rulers who pose as if they are on the side of the protesting Kashmir people. That the army conducted a farcial enquiry is apparent from its court proceedings. When the army drew flak from several quarters it said it would meet the witnesses at Awantipore (HQ of the victor force division). But this was only expected from the army that has been vehemently blocking any enquiry and justice in civil courts in to the case for a long time. Maij. self acquitted from the case and buried any hope of justice. The CBI alleged that five army personnel Brig. Maj. the witnesses were asked if they could identify the men who kidnapped the five civilians. But today after the Army Court’s dismissal of case. The statements of the relatives of the victims were recorded for one day. They said “the Supreme Court is theirs. who visits the J&K state for the National Science Congress. The aggrieved relatives of the fake encounter rightly announce that they are left with no faith in this system (judicial). The CBI had change-sheeted the said Army personal before the May 2014 court at Srinagar. it argued that the army officers cannot be prosecuted without obtaining prior sanction of permission from the army as is required under Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). denying them even that meagre assistance. The army challenged the CBI charge-sheet in Srinagar Court.

Jaswantha Rao Secretary. Out of this amount more than 60% of the amount is remitted by the workers toiling in the Gulf countries But the government and rulers of India who are enjoying the benefit of the remittances of these Gulf workers are showing quite an indifference. their demand to selfdetermination and inalienable rights and they are subjected to the rapes. Vijayawada. inhuman state of affairs in India. Almost 55 lakhs of semi-skilled and unskilled workers from India are living in Gulf Countries under heinous. Today despite universal opposition to AFSPA and a demand to revoke that brutal law. Around 16 hundred invitee NRIs had participated in this function and awards were presented to some NRIs for their ‘out-standing contributions’. though a special discussion has been taken up to know the problems of NRI’s in the Gulf. reactions. Islamist terrorists. Thousands of these workers are being falsely implicated in to cases and are being incarcerated. They have buried the CBI’s eye-opener. which has been imposed on them for the past 67 years. which is more than the FDI in India. and leaves no scope for any justice whatever to the victims and civilians. 32-13-26/1. Thus this ritual remained as a futile exercise without any benefit to Indian workers in the Gulf as usual. M. it was limited only to discussions and meetings but has not come up with any positive concrete action in the interests Gulf NRI workers. For Details: P. T. pin-520 010.Memorial Trust. And without overthrowing this pernicious system and establishing a people’s democratic system. They are respecting only the techi migrant NRIs and are dancing to their tunes in name of caring for NRI’s on the whole. Many of these migrated workers are suffering from untold miseries in the gulf countries after being subjected to ruthless and inhuman exploitation. and showing more insensitiveness. the people cannot protect their life and limb through any legalistic means confined with this cruel system! 22 12th Pravasi-Bharatiya Divas: To Whose Benefit is this Ritual? From Jan. Pakistani Agents etcwithout showing any genuine political will or interest to solve the Kashmir problem through democratic and justified means. Every year such a ritual is being conducted by rulers and being propagated as a great important event. the rulers are denying it by stating that the army is not accepting for it. The main focus of this function remained to be attracting investments into India. In fact our rulers have emphasized as usual only on this aspect. killings. to come to the aid of these Gulf workers and are choosing to neglect them. It is stifling their national aspirations. It is these NRI’s that are living under abominable conditions that are rescuing India from its crises of balance of payments and foreign currency reserves. required official action about the welfare of the NRI’s throughout the world and surviving through their toil. So it is the policy (anti-Kashmir) of the rulers that is sanctifying fake army encounter killings. AFSPA is the tool being utilized to suppress and oppress the people of J&K by our rulers. fake encounters and then dubbing them as terrorists. The lesson and only lesson to be learned from this experience is that it is the very socio-economicpolitical system of India-the semi feudal and semi-colonial system of India that is under the control of imperialism is the real culprit of this brutal. torture. Thus they indirectly support the undeclared military rule in J&K. calling those who speak out this barbarity as anti-national. than on the problems. who have been suffering from the atrocious military rule in the garb of democratic parliamentary rule.Puram. What will we get from a dharna or any appeal to the Prime Minister?” This is the real feeling of the people of J&K state.7-9 (2014) the 12th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas was conducted with much fanfare and wake up their conscience. But most of the NRI’s disappointed and complained that the most deserving persons were ignored. They are merely shedding crocodile tears about the misery of the Gulf workers and their suffering only at the time of elections with a view to pool the votes of the friends and family members of those NRI workers in the Gulf.N. Even on this 12 th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas. According to the estimation the NRI’s on the whole have remitted $80 billion to India in 2014. Class Struggle . inhuman working and living conditions. particularly in Kashmir and North-eastern states.

do not provide simple safety features like seat belts. The Indian political atmosphere. These are related to the work load. It does not agree even to provide simple safety devices like more hammers. urban city planners and policy makers should work together to see that such accidents are avoided. In other words these cars are death-traps. throwing it on to other factors. In order to reduce costs. that has been eagerly welcoming FDI without any restraints and governments control-a policy adopted by Indian rulers and rulingclasses has emboldened and encouraged them to flout the safety norms in manufacturing cars. The state road transport companies of AP. the multinational auto manufacturing companies have been permitted to manufacture and flood motor bicycles and auto-rickshaws in the Indian markets without any regulation and control. these companies have willfully neglected to maintain required safety standards and norms in manufacturing the cars. However the facts relating to this evil of road accidents seem to be other-wise. In October and November last year (2013) 52 people were killed in two major road accidents of Volvo buses that were manufactured by the Swedish company at Bangalore. It clearly advertises that it has reached 3. But they argue and insist that they follow and confirm to the Indian safety norms and their standards and that their cars pass Indian safety norms. Ultimately life in India has been made cheap making it not as precious as the life of an American or a German-by the multi-national car and auto manufacturing companies. light-jumping and general-rule breaking is also some of the causes for these killings in road accidents. Alto 800. it is revealed that a staggering 2. to the advantage of the profit-making of those companies.000 drivers and provided them training of ‘refresher courses’ in driving as if this would solve the problem. airbags and crumble zones etc. Hyundai I10. which habit had encompassed the cultural life of almost one and all in the country and all these reasons have aggravated this menace of road accidents. and reduction of cost these multi-national car companies. simply denying them as not “essential features” of safety saying that there are no guide lines of central and state governments and loathe to provide them because of the impact of such small additional cost can have on its margin and sales. indirectly blaming the drivers for the cause of accidents. With the liberalization the ‘world-class multinational car manufacturing companies entered India and started manufacturing cars to their export needs as well as the consumption of Indian consumers. Added to this the imperialist drinking culture has been encouraged as a civilized fashion. It argues that bus operators. Ford Figo. which tested bestselling India made cars (Maruti Suzuki. manufacturers. whether they are in proportion in quantity with the available road-space and road conditions and required infrastructure. But these adverse workingconditions imposed and forced on drivers are not being taken in to contd on page 25 23 . How these companies have been callous with the safety can be understood by these recent experiences. pedestrians and cyclists constitute to be majority of victims. Tata-Nano. radium stickers. drivers. May 2014 Sales in India are also a major business activity of all these multinational car companies. The official view about these accidents has been the same from the colonial British era to this day of globalization viz that the accidents are caused due to rash and negligent driving and thus often blaming the driver of the vehicle (when ever vehicle is a heavy vehicle) and victimizing the driver. Tamil Nadu and private transport company bus owners have been requesting in vain the Volvo Company to make more safety arrangements. and which are prone to accidents. stress and high-speed driving and long-hour driving without rest imposed on them.Road Accidents : An Attendant Menace and Evil of Globalization After introduction of neo-liberal capitalist and imperialist globalization policies and their implementation in our country the menace and evil of road accidents killing people has increased into abnormal proportions. Another pointer about the road accidents is that motor cyclists. Added to this. Thus it attempts absolve from its responsibility and liability for road-safety. No doubt certain accidents occur due to driver’s faults. In their avarice to amass profits. Volkswagen Polo) these cars failed the test which focused on consumeroriented vehicle safety initiatives. It is apparent from the test conducted by the UK based global new car assessment programme. preferring to let the accidents occur and people die. In their avarice of profit making. which they follow in their countries. 2013. they have chosen to not to follow safety norms in India. According to the global status report on road safety. The expert teams that have enquired into these accidents concluded that these accidents are the result of ‘flawed design’.000 people are being killed in road accidents in our country every year. All these cars failed crash tests in minimum standards. 31. Speed driving.

paving a clear way for crystallization and institutionalization of national chauvinism as Nationalism.5. This is nothing but Hindu chauvinism and national chauvinism. by incessantly propagating about “HINDU-HINDI-HINDUSTANI” construction of Indian nationalism. and being Muslims is suspectable and that if these Muslims be from J&K they are terrorists. that led to the establishment of cricket nationalism or cricket patriotism in India as a token for real patriotism or nationalism.Fascism Prowling in the Grab of Cricket . One of us objected to it. In addition to the penal charge of sedition under section 124. warns us about the looming danger of fascism prevailing in our country in the name of cricket patriotism or cricket nationalism. Though the Chief Minister of Kashmir appealed to drop the sedition charges against the Kashmir students. The victim students claim and asserted that they were not only fans of Pakistani players but also of all sporting icons in India and other countries. But neither the other main ruling class party nor the so called left political parties have ever attempted to counter this ‘Chauvinism’ but they too have whipped up nationalchauvinism of their own type at times like India-Pakistani war.P. This incident exposes the dubious nature of our democracy and the slogan of “all Indians are of one integrated nation. Each student was asked to deposit a fine of Rs. In competitive cricket. and celebrated Pakistan’s victory.000. in its endeavour to reach to the governmental power. Some non J&K students began vulgarly abusing Pakistani players.C.” “Next morning all Kashmiri students attended classes but they (outsiders) staged a dharna and forced the management to deport us. an altercation. without any enquiry.” This also shows how the administration and police are bigoted. It also reminds us that our ‘independent’ rulers and governments are adopting the very same policies of the British colonial rulers. Even then it demands the students to produce affidavits that they would not indulge in such acts in future. Particularly the HindutvaBJP party that presents its self as the representive of all Hindus-the majority in India-had advocated and propagated such views against Muslims and Pakistan. The university afterwards had instituted an enquiry against the Kashmir students. They got irritated and abused the Kashmiri’s as “bloody terrorists”. just because of their placement in geography or due to their regional aspirations by the authorities and the majority view of the rulers and ruling classes. Such a view has been systematically propagated throughout all these 67 years by the rulers and ruling class parties through their game of elections to governmental power. Though unproclaimed directly. We were told we had been suspended.5000 without any enquiry”. by charging the Kashmiri students with sedition. It even went to the extent of demanding Muslims to prove their nationalism and patriotism by submitting to Hindu rule. the official view seems to be that opposing Pakistan is nationalism and not to oppose Pakistan is anti-nationalism. They said “it was only when Afridi hit two sixes that the mood changed in the hall. The private university authorities have asked each student to deposit a fine of Rs. However with the intervention and appeal of Omar Abdullah to his counterpart in UP the sedition charge was dropped and the other charges remained. The people of India are not suspectable if they cheer England or Sri Lanka or any other cricket team save the Pakistani Class Struggle . he declared that he believed what the Kashmiri students did was wrong and misguided. you are anti-national. have booked 67 Kashmir students studying in that private university with sedition charges merely because they cheered the Pakistani cricket team during a closely fought one-day match against India in the recent Asia cricket cup match. by dividing people and winning the vote of majorities. their 24 nationalistic spirit inevitably pulls you to your national team” and thus implied that if you do not admire and support your national team. who divided and ruled the people of our country and suppressed those who differed with the official view or who expressed their dissatisfaction or protest against the colonial rulers. After 67 years of the so called independence the people of some parts of the country are still being treated as aliens and anti-national. There after there was a scuffle. They also revealed what happened at that time. they were also booked for promoting enmity between different groups under section 153-A of the IPC and causing mischief under section 427.Patriotism The police in connivance with the authorities of a private universitySwami Vivekanand Subharti university-in Meerut of UP.a Hindutva partysaid that their action conveyed a “political statement” and caused “suspicion” in the minds of a large number of people and declared that “……. The private university had exprelled all the Kashmiri students from the hostel and sent them back to Kashmir in the name of a so called precautionary measure to prevent the incident being given a ‘communal colour’.A of I. The BJP-one of the main ruling parties of India. The action taken by the administration and police in connivance with the private university.

consideration. This is the sole cause for this menace and evil of road accidents. We often hear about their high running power and speed whether acceptable to be run on Indian road conditions and traffic conditions and whether controllable safely. where the private universities are conducting the business of selling education for profiteering. In the early hours of March. in all matters including sports. So they are more interested in enhancing their business profits than standing for the right. had by stating that the J&K students were misguided and wrong.gone days of ethical educators. A united people’s fight against this growing fascist menace is the need of the hour. Thus the cricket nationalism and patriotism at one stroke could decide the Muslims and supporters of Pakistani talent whether they are patriots or anti-national. May 2014 25 . elder men. which has greatly paved the way for total negligence of road safety in India. our rulers and rulingclasses have been kow-towing before imperialist big-capitalists and dancing to their tunes of exploitation and greed to the destruction of limb and life of our people.national companies wield enormous clout on the government and the rulers and thus are able to resist and evade any plans to make required safety tests. A paltry sum of Rs. was that they were looking “for two men from Balochistan” and that it was a “combing operation” and such an operation is “routine” during elections.13. and harassed them. But they are by . Though in 2007 itself the Sundar Committee had recommended drafting of national road safety policy based on international practices. the report has been conveniently neglected by our rulers at the behest of multinationals chanting that FDI is the only magic wand for alround economic development and any attempt to shy away FDI with any restraint would doom our development. Thus road accidents in India have become a necessary evil attendant to neoliberal globalization with the willing co-operation and approval of our rulers and ruling classes. This is a clear indication of the raising menace of fascism and that this menace lingers in the garb of cricket-nationalism or cricketpatriotism or anti-terrorism. Today we are living in the days of imperialist globalization. This is nothing but fascism and state-coercion against a contrary view expressed by the people.187 crore is allocated to road safety-which in practice means no road safety at Our rulers and ruling-classes have been spewing hatred against Pakistan and demanding Kashmiris and Muslims in India to prove their ‘patriotism’ by even taking sides against Pakistan. implied that their act of cheering almost tantamount to anti-nationalism . That is why they wanted to protect their business interests duly scapegoat the innocent J&K students and victimizing them at the behest of the other chauvinistic students belonging to majority sections in India. than the J&K students who belong to minority sections of India. The very fact of the recent recalling of Maruti Company its Dzire model cars for replacement of a faulty fuel pump start (a fuel tank part. But without taking these vital conditions in to consideration simply the blame is being thrown either on the driver or victim leaving away the real culprits viz the multinational manufacturing companies and the policy making rulers. Even the chief minister of J&K who appealed for dropping the sedition charges. a Muslim residential compound in Mumbra area of Mumbai was raided by the police and 80 members of the minority community were ‘detained’ illegally. The ostensible reasons given for this crass act of community profiling by the police. humiliated and treated as suspects. The forces that oppose imperialism and globalization shall also take-up this aspect of roadsafety. Adverse road conditions too are another serious cause for road conditions. This is not just an isolated incident that the J&K students or Muslims in India are being discriminated. even sick ones and women. Thus cheering the Pakistani team playing against India is made synonymous with not only unpatriotic and antinationalist also with violence and terrorism. In the old days the authorities of universities used to stand in support of their students disallowing police entering their premises and book cases against them. This is indication of the ever growing menace of fascism in India. Very recently the Jammu & Kashmir cricket team was subjected to a midnight search of hotel rooms on the eve of a Ranji Trophy match in Jammu. who could develop business of the university. The undeclared official view also accepts such a view and charges such ‘un-patriotic’ students with ‘sedition’. In fact the police behaved abusively against these people not even sparing children.) Toyota-Kirloskar recalling its Innova cars to correct the faulty spiral cable mounted on the steering wheel. General Motors that recalled its Tavera. over emission related issues-speak volumes about the callousness of multi-national car manufacturing companies in maintaining and providing safety norms and standards that is leading to road accidents. contd from page 23 It is unknown whether the motor-bikes manufactured and released on to Indian roads are ever being subjected to road-safety standard tests of any type. in their fight against imperialism. The multi . This has to be resisted.

cauliflower. Such sponsored scientists from premier institutions like the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) have been ardently countering opposition to GM agriculture and fervently canvassing for GM crops and agriculture in India. Class Struggle . groundnut. Particularly in our country where the average size of the forms (farm-size) is much smaller. The main reason to protest against the field trials of GM crops is the potential for pollution of crop genes in adjacent non GM fields. papaya and sugar cane. our rulers had made this decision with extraordinary haste. watermelon. as if this is the most impending problem to be solved at once. the UPA rulers have prevented and grandly announced a ‘moratorium’ on the commercial production of BT Brinjal in India with much fanfare. the governments top regulator decided to allow international seeds companies like Monsanto and BASF to undertake ‘filed trails’ of 11 varieties of genetically modified crops. But in India all the proponents of GM agriculture and GM foods are sponsored in one form or another by the GM. with the argument that there is no ‘embargo’ from 26 Supreme Court on such trails. Australia. To justify this treacherous act of ruining Indian agriculture sector and farming community. With this decision. the Genetic Engineering appraised Committee (GEAC). though initially 11 GM are approved for trials for crops like Rice.Approval of GM Seeds Field Trials is A Treacherous Act Neither the bitter and pathetic experiences of the farmers of Andhra Pradesh and Vidarbha who cultivated the GM cotton crops. With this approval. one need not treat it to be the personnel decision of that individual minister but it is the collective decision of the UPA rulers and the ruling classes that rule our country. just on the verge of formation of a new government after the declared general elections. Though there was a PIL pending in Supreme Court against field trials of GM crops. They warn that GM crops in India would have irreversible major consequences causing long term damage to our agriculture and our people. Even the fact that there is a total ban on GM crops in European Union Japan. brinjal. With this clearance granted by the rulers. claiming that. Maize. Wheat. nor the protests of the people against BT crops throughout the country could deter the decision of our UPA rulers who seem to have pledged and dedicated to subserve the interests of imperialism and of the transnational agri-business corporates that intend to benefit and gain huge profits from the agricultural sector of our land. ruining them. tomato. giving a total hold on Indian agriculture-the backbone of India-to transnational giant agribusiness corporations. it is mooted to do away with the clause that has listed GM crops among the hazardous substances under environment protection act 1986. Germany as well in many states of US and in Mexico. by deciding to allow gene modification field trials for certain food crops. Industry or by sponsored research. and the Supreme Court has appointed a technical expert committee which had argued in its report that ‘open field’ trails should not be conducted until major gaps in the regulatory systems are addressed and which argument has been fully endorsed by a group of 51 independent and international eminent scientists and though the UPA’s own parliamentary standing committee on agriculture has recommended against field testing of GM crops. Though in the name of ‘listening to the voices’ of common people.Veerappa Moily. cabbage. it paved a way for almost 2000 transgenic varieties of genetically modified seeds. It is already disclosed in some experiments that rats and birds have refused GM seeds. okra (lady’s finger). With the support of such a fabricated and sponsored canvassing to the benefit of giant Agri business corporations like Monsanto. could not make our rulers to rethink before allowing GM filed trails in our country. they came out with their true colours of subservience to the imperialism and its big agri-business interests. potato. (Jawar). Independent analysts and experts wage great caution in Indian conditions in view of the poor regulatory conditions as well as the degree of bio-diversity which could be in peril. to be introduced in to Indian agriculture. Even in India goats have refused the GM cotton plants. the potential for pollution of adjacent non GM fields is much greater with devastating effects on the middle. our rulers disregarding and unheeding the opinion of the public have cleared the way for GM crop trials in India. it was misunderstanding that led to put on hold of GM food trails. With introduction of GM agriculture. and monopolistic practices of big seed companies. mustard. small and poor peasants. Though this governmental decision is announced to be made by the environment minister M. New Zealand. the diverse agricultural heritage and seed varieties of India would be wiped out by that monoculture. which was put on hold for about a year. Sorghum.

On November 11. May 2014 cleaning an oil tank in village Mirzapur Bichula in Usheat area of UP. near Hyderabad. fruits of the rapidly growing population’ though the means of GM agriculture in India. ruling-classes and government of India are working for. in West Mednapore district of West Bengal.four critically injured-after a powerful explosion inside a railway tunnel under construction in the mountains between Jiribam and Imphal. Agitated workers went on a rampage. On Aug. who failed to arrange sensors at the DHT pipe line. Bayer India. With this approval. Many of these workers are contract workers. near Kumbakonam of Tamil Nadu. eight labourers were crushed to death when electricity towers that were under erection collapsed in Mohodaya village near Sehore. a major fire broke out at the state owned Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL).26 (2013).14 (2013). The UPA rulers boast that this decision as a ‘progressive step’ in agriculture and thus are hoodwinking the people of this land. On Sept. working there. On Spt. two gangmen on duty were run over by a speeding train near Gangpur Railway station of West Bengal when they were working on the railway track. the sponsored scientists and experts and capitalist media are propagating the attractive slogans such as “raising crop nutrition’. He sustained several injuries and died. 1 (2013). On October. a steady anti-imperialist and anti big agribusiness movement has to be built up to protect the interests of the farmers of India. On October. Ramagundam in AP. ‘imparting immunity against pests. 9 (2013) 140 women workers suffered asphyxia. On November. two persons were killed and several injured in an explosion at a cracker factory at Thakurda Gurtala. Somebody switched on the power. On November. by ringing danger alarm. in Nellore district of AP. They went inside the tank of mantha oil to clean.17 (2013). a contract employee of the Central Discom. by all patriotic forces of our country. in an explosion at an unlicensed cracker factory at Chota Tajpur of Srirampur subdivision in Hoogly district of West Bengal. On October . 11 (2013) a worker was killed and three injured when a gas cylinder exploded in a factory in Assaim’s Kamarup district. The cause of the accidents is attributed to the negligence of the officers. Out of 11 who were injured. These accidents occurred while starting a new DTH pipe line of a cooling tower commissioned newly for a trail.23 (2013). many biotechnology companies have readied big investment plans on R&D activities in India. On November. He ensured that power was switched off before climbing pole. West Singbhum were injured when a gas holding chamber had exploded. He instantly received a shock and fell on the ground. All these labourers were from Bihar. nine workers were killed and five others injured in a blast at a licensed cracker unit at Ozhukachery village.Labour File : Work-place Accidents Around the World In India On Aug. 20 (2013) four members belonging to a same family were killed and three others injuried. the transnational agribusiness giants. Mahyco. GM agriculture is being falsely projected as the panacea to all the ailments of agriculture. On November. The contract workers belong to Gopal Engineering Company. at an agro marine products company at Davispet village. ‘production at reduced costs’. and died inside due to asphyxiation. three brothers died of asphyxiation while our rulers. While condemning this antipatriotic and decision of subservient to imperialist agri-business interests our rulers and government. They were hit by a rush of coal in the wake of air pressure when they are trying to remove a blockage of a huge pipe. eleven Tata Steel employees and contract workers at Jamshedpur. food availability and poverty in India. ‘meeting the burgeoning requirement of food gains. vegetable. was electrocuted while repairing power lines at Turakia-Palley. due to leakage of ammonia gas. after climbing an electricity pole for repairs. 3 (2013). which could have warned about formation of gas. six workers including four women were killed and 11 others were injured due to blaze in a two storied garment and leather factory in central Delhi’s Ranjeet Nagar area. soil salinity and climate change etc’. On November. 10 have 27 . opposing the entry of GM foods and crops in to India. without vacating the workers.12 (2013). Thus once again it became clear that on whose side the rulers. Among them are Monsanto. eight laborers were wounded. On October. diseases and other stresses like drought. Advanta seeds etc. killing 27 workers including more than 6 deaths on the spot while others succumbed to burns later in hospital. 6 (2013).16 (2013). 7 (2013) three contract labourers were killed on the spot when they were trying to remove a coal blockage at the coal mill area of 500 mw fourth unit of National Power Corporation (NTPC). (2013).

in Chintyal of Nalgonda district in AP.26 (2013). when they were working in a drying plant. two workers were killed.. On Dec.P. a worker belonging to Hetero drugs plant at Nakkapalli near Vizag of AP was killed due to the poisonous pollution in the area by the drug company. On Feb. 10 garment workers including some of the factory officials were killed and many injured in a devastating fire at a garment factory of around composite mills owned by Palmal Class Struggle . The workers claim that thus accident happened as the management failed to take necessary safety measures. 11 workers were injured in a reactor explosion at Nagarjuna Agrichemical unit at Chilakapalem near Srikakulam of A. On January. in an industrial accident at a steel plant in Concolim of Goa.P. They inhaled poisonous gasses. two coal miners were killed and another injured due to collapse of the lost of the RK 7 underground mine in Srirampur area of Singareni colleries compay Ltd. On January.1 (2014). 3 workers were killed and 33 other injured including 10 workers in an explosion at a gas supply companyBoxing Chengali Gas supply Co. On October. 11 (2013).11(2014). Two of the deceased are officers of the company.LTD. On Feb.10 (2014). in A.19 (2013) 24 workers were killed when a gold mine collapsed in Dalgo area in Northern state of Sudan. 25.9.19 (2013).8 (2013) in an explosion occurred in the plant of IDL explosives P. On August. 12 (2013). On August. On November.P was killed as he fell in to the conveyor belt that crashed him to death. when they were cleaning shutter tank in a Khandasari Sugar Factory. On Nov. The two contract workers came in to contract with live electric line.splinter injuries and the other one worker inhaled poisonous gasses. Thousands of workers staged an indefinite strike in front of plant’s main gate demanding immediate action against the management and compensation for the victims. a contract worker was killed on receiving an electric shock while he was working on a line at a sub-station in Hyderabad. in Goa. On February. died when he fell on the conveyor belt while on duty. The building under construction crashed like a pack of cards as per the version of eyewitnesses.9 (2013). five workers of a pharmaceutical plant near Balanagar in Mahaboobanagar district were injured due to a blast of reactor during a chemical process. that was under construction by Bharat Realtors and developers had collapsed in Concona Town. On Dec.6 (2104) five workers died to due asphyxiation when they entered a waste as storage tank in a private factory at Tubinakare industrial area of Mandya city in Karnataka state. He received a shock and fell down sustaining grave injuries. 28 On January. four workers from Bihar were charred to death in rubber factory at Gangampahead on the city out-skirts of Hyderabad. On March. 2 workers were killed. 24 (2014). one worker was killed and four others injured in an explosion in a licensed cracker- factory on the Luck now-Kanpur highway. 13 (2013) one worker was killed and 15 others injured when a major fire broke-out at Bhusan Steel Plant in ‘Odisha’s Angul District. 24(2014) a contract worker at NTTPS. On January.4 (2014) at least 14 workers were killed when a residential building. On Dec. 28 (2014). On October.26 (2013) seven workers died and four others fell due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning in a coal mine at Erodes city of inner Mongolian region of China. four persons were killed and many injured is an explosion at a workshop at Aurangabad in Maharashtra. The worker was pressurized by supervisors to attend the said work. On January. two migrant laboures from UP. On January. 3 (2014).17 (2014). On Feb. On January. On September 15 (2013) 27 miners were killed as a coal mine collapsed while working in an underground coal mine in Abkhorak coal mine in Ruyi Der Ab district of Afghanistan.10 (2014). ay Lakshmapur in Medal district of AP. (2013). were killed and the condition of another worker was serious. The worker belongs to SVL Company.20 (2013). a contract worker got buried in coal when it fell on him while descending the vessel rope way in a ship anchored at Gangavaram Port of Visakhapatnam in A. 9 (2014) a contract worker of greater Hyderabad municipal corporation was washed away by the force of the water in the drain he was cleaning in Mythrinapur. two workers were injured in an accident at the Hinduja Thermal Power Plant which is under construction at Parawada of Visakhapatnam AP. In Other Countries : On August. The deaths were caused due to a pipeline blast. ten workers at Japan’s crippled DaiChai Nuclear Plant were exposed to radiation while conducting cleanup activities. On Dec. On January. in the tank and were killed. a worker of Coramandal Agro products and Oil Ltd (CAPOL) at Jandrapeta village near Chirala of A. As the roof of the colliery caved in the employees were trapped and killed under-ground. LTD in Shandong province of China.P.28 (2013). On Dec. 4 employees were killed in a mishap at an underground mine of BCCL’s Bastimata Colliery in Dhanbad district.

On December. in fact. at least 21 people have and 98 others injured in an explosion at a fire workers factory in a military complex in Northern Vietnam. On January. 9 (2014) in a chemical explosion at a chemical factory in YUKAKHI town on Japan. west of Johannesburg in S.6 (2014).12 (2013). 7 workers were killed when they were attending to repair an Indian oil tanker at the Haizhar Shipyard. workers present there were killed. On February. the peasants are now generating the electricity using the coal resources as a way of attempting an alternative development. On March. The 5th Shedule had empowered the Governor with supreme powers to intervene to protect the rights of adivasis in the sheduled areas. 16. On December 22 (2013) at least six workers were killed and another injured in a coal mine blast in Hongxing Coal mine in Puan county of Guizhar province in China. Shambhu Mahato said that 5th Shedule was added to the Indian Constitution and the Gram Sabha Act was again enacted in 1996 to ensure the rights May 2014 . at Gazipur in Bangladesh.5 (2014). 29 won the right over the coal in the Karnapur area by waging a powerful struggle using a Supreme Court verdict. Madan Mohan noted that it is true that the Gram Sabhas in different areas are waging struggles against the stone mafia. 2 workers were killed. The details of the deaths and their numbers are not yet disclosed by the authorities. in an accident occurred as fields of Armco Company in Saudi Arabia-as the ‘oil rig’ belonging to the government of Saudi Arabia was drowned in Persian Gulf 2 Indian workers and 1 Bangladesh worker working there were missing in the sea. Along with this.28 (2014). coal mafia. At the conclusion. forest mafia. They entered in to it for cleaning. It resolved to hold the regional Conventions of Gram Sabhas followed by rallies. But these struggles are waged seperately and in an isolated manner and they are not effective and and often end in failure. On October. 23 (2014) one worker was killed and 27 workers became ill following a carbon monoxide leak at a New York seafood restaurant in the long island town. at a garment factory of western brands. On January. The Convention Hall reverberated with enthusiastic and militant slogans. But. Africa. Gazipur of Bangladesh. company and govt. On October. P. this Convention must declare its resolve to wage an united and organised struggle. (2013) 21 workers were killed in a gas explosion inside a coal mine belonging to Hutubi County in Hui Autonomous prefecture of Changi in China.30. On Febraury. 17 miners of Harmony Gold miners Co. about 11 workers were rescued while 200 workers were feared to have been trapped inside an illegal gold mine in South Africa after a boulder fell and blocked their way. 5 workers were killed and 12 workers were injured when they were cleaning by using Silicon products.Verma it is necessay for the Gram Sabhas to give a call for rebellion. The govt. On December. 24 workers injured were rescued. The gold mine was dug behind a cricket stadium. contd from page 30 of adivasis. The development of the villages will be carried on by the Gram Sabhas.600 feet in Makiyivaka mine in domestic region in in Sreepur Upazilla. Coincidentally. 25 (2013). the Governor has used his powers to protect the rights of adivasis. On Febraury. a worker was killed and dozens of them were injured due to the explosion of a boiler in a sweets manufacturing factory of DULSES Blueberry in Mexico. but are not at all prepared to allow the compay to grab their lands and displace them from the villages. 29.18 (2014) seven miners were killed and nine injured when a gas explosion ripped through a state-owned coal mine at a depth of 2. the fire broke out while workers were protesting for work-place safety-particularly from fire. 28. authiries. The Convention ended with the vote of thanks by Dr. at no time. belonging to Mitsubishi company. On October. due to powerful explosions Titan synthetic rubber plant in Omsk of Siberia in Russia. The Convention. at least four Indians have died of suffocation in Qatar while working in a sewage man-hole in Qatar’s capital Doha. Hool. Aravind Anzum pointed out that time has come now for the people to prevent the companies and their dalal leaders from entering the villages. Therefore. as well as the parties of the ruling classes are not prepared to allow the adivasis to enjoy their rights. as five broke-outs in the 10th story of the building. in Zhoushan of China.000 tonners caught fire and exploded. ulgulan.13. Here the peasants are ready to pay the royalty to the govt. At the conclusion. is a preparation for this. the Convention has declared that no company and their dalal leaders will be allowed to enter in the villages. the adivasis are left with no alternative but to get united and struggle for their rights. So. The tanker had a load capacity of 50. were trapped in a burning gold-mine at the door kop gold mine. On October. On February. Sunita Kumari. Many other workers were trapped in the factory building.

They are caught in a debt trap. corruption in welfare programmes. Sani Pushpa Bhogta. It was presided by the Central Vice President Sani Jaswa Kachhap. However. the President of HJKD said in his concluding address noted that jal. landless and poor peasants on their problems. The loot of landed and mineral sources is on the increase. Silli. They explained that the rights won by the people can be protected and enjoyed only through their own organised and united struggle. Verma. Girdigh. forest. This situation demands unity and struggle. Sunita Kumari. Namkum.The laws bestows the right on the people over the water. However. Ranchi has earned a name for the production of vegitables. unite and organise the people against this. East Singbhum. CONVENTION OF GRAM SABHAS IN RANCHI A Convention of Gram Sabhas was held in Ranchi. Dr. Rathu. They must use the 5th shedule of the Constitution and the PESA as a weapon in their struggle. Saraikola karsawah. The leaders from various parties. The speakers said : Several peasant organisations and the so called Jharkhand parties are active in Ranchi district. Simidari. land to the landless poor. The very word ‘development’ is creating a feeling of terror in the minds of the poor. the leader of AIKMKS. But all would evade the problems of the peasants. electricity. peasants and the struggle on the question of identity. The Dal got weakened to an extent as a few members were removed from the Organisation because of their antiorganisational activities. the protection of forest and for minimum wages. The delegates must go to the villages. mass organisations and anti-displacement movement also attended it in good number. The policies of privatization have hiked up the costs of education.Reports DISTRICT CONFERENCE OF HOOL JHARKHAND KRANTI DAL HELD The Hool Jharkhand Kranti Dal held its Ranchi District Conference in Ranchi on Feb’2014. The speakers further said : Ranchi being the capital of the State is also a centre of struggles. the earstwhile District Secretary has presented the Political-organisational Report. The corruption has gone out of control. there is no relation and co ordination between the struggles of workers. water. Revolutionary songs and slogans have filled an atmosphere of unity and struggle in the Convention Hall. The parties of ruling classes are getting ready to use issues like domicle 30 and identity in their electoral game. Sadar Ranchi and Chandolana alongwith the rural areas in the district. Anirudh Dangi. land and other natural resources and prohibits the companies and the governments from setting the industries or other projects in the rural areas and from taking away the peoples resources without the consent of the Gram Sabhas. Hazaribagh.More than 50 delegates have participated in it form Ranchi. and the extention of MNREGS. It is only the Hool Jharkhand Kranti Dal (HJKD) which is organising the adivasis. transport. Angada. Babudhan and Madan Mohan were present in the Convention. health care. jangal. Darshan Gangu. essential commodities enormously. The closure of industries and removals have touched regrettable levels with the policies of globalization in Jharkhand. But the big trading companies have taken the market into their control. Gadva. the leader of an ongoing struggle in Hazaribagh explained how the peasants had contd on page 29 Class Struggle . These struggles include the struggles for the restoration of lands to the adivasis. Birsa Hembram. The Conference has unanimously elected a District Committee with Rajdev Raju as the President and Arjun Munda as the Secretary. They never bother about the crucial issues like the displacement.The Conference first paid floral tributes to the Martyrs together with revolutionary songs. The Conference concluded with the slogan : March ahead for a new dawn along the road shown by Birsa Munda. Lohardaga. 2014. Kamal Kishore Yadav. the Dal is identified with these struggles together with the struggle against mafias and goondas in Ormazhi. Chatra. Kake. land and other resources are continuously grabbed form the adivasis and moolavasis. all the members believe in the genuineness of the leadership and are engaged in strengthening the organisation at the ground level. P. etc. Jharkhand State on Feb’9. Birsa Hembram. Gumla and Dumka. Shambhu Mahato. The speakers explained how certain rights are provided under the law to the rural masses and what the people must do to exercise these rights in their own interests. dalits. The peasants get no reasonable rates for their produce. Some are committing suicides. the leader of AIFTU(New) and other guests have addressed the Conference.P. So.

and oil the machine We pull civilization on our backs. ever. But when you are silent you can hear it beating in your chest When you stand still. laced with bone. nations fall They will say your halos are broken when we move. but we are starting to remember When you are tired. we demand more for our selves. unless they knew. Than slavery Who can stand against us? Every man and woman is a star. And above all. never. Survivors of a hostile as unstoppable as sunrise universe. We hold up the sky. 31 . do not sleep When you fell hopeless. juggernaut. sing your own songs sing us to sleep can eat until they burst. Atlas and titan. and giant We have been to bow our heads so they don’t scrape stars from the sky To walk softly so that we don’t shatter cities To go hungry so that the prophets who liberation what fool strikes a giant. the giant will never strike in return? Long ago we forgot something important. We are warriors. ever forward and When the momentum of history stands at our back world.m Poe A DAWN We are revolution. and within each person are the seeds of We are the only direction. Than these toxic skies. surrender. we do not hide Humankind is revolution wrapped in flesh. traffic halts They will tell you. you can feel the streets rumble May 2014 No one can take what you do not give So never give up hope Never give your dignity. chains are broken But there is something divine here we are as inevitable as the tide. We are the arrow of the history. a tide so red. from the footsteps of millions this cresting wave looks like dawn breaking the giant sleeping underneath our cities has it curls in our mouths like started to wake tongues of flame and when we move. you don’t have wings when we move. and today. and polluted water. a thousand eyes snap open Children tossed from the nest like birds we are awake. and more for our children than this dying Ever changing.

the Patna High Court acquitted of the 20 culprits convicted by the addition district court sentencing16 of the convicts with death and 10 others with life imprisonment in Laxampur Bathe case which attracted country wide attention as 58 dalits including 27 women were massacred by the Ranabir Sena. As recently as October 10. Why the state and law enforcing systems are failing in adducing and producing reliable evidence? Why the judicial system is not taking initiative in obtaining proper and correct evidence? Without any fuss the answere is given by a victim of Laxman pur Bathe case: “… after 58 murders. what recourse has been left for the dalits to get justice. Tsundur. When the crime investigating agencies. landlord criminals who attacked on dalits and the poor. which speaks volumes about the concept and orientation of our judicial system that is biased against the landless dalits. With such a legalistic and formal attitude however whose children are these crying children? This is not an isolated case of acquittal of upper caste. The dead bodies were packed in gunny bags and were thrown into drainage canal. On October 29. we find that acquittals of the culprits became a common feature in our judicial system. The special court after a long drawn prosecution delivered its judgment in 2007 sentencing 25 accused to life term imprisonment and 35 others to one year imprisonment. from the case of upper caste Hindu landlords attack on dalits at Kilavanmani in TamilNadu in 1968 till today. The fact that almost in all these cases of acquittal. 2013 a district court in Odisha’s Kandhamal has acquitted 54 accused. the upper caste landlords attacked dalitwada in the village Karamchedu in Guntur district of AP with lethal weapons and massacres dalit people. 1991. the government and the judicial system failed in punishing the perpetuators of crime. On August 6. the government is theirs and the lathi is theirs. after a prolonged legal wrangle. but not in favour of dalits victims. The poor have nothing” Unless the champions of the cause of dalits and poor understand this vital and fundamental fact that our very social system itself denies justice to dalits and that unless we overthrow this system. Bathanitola and so on. It also passed a comment on the special court that that its judgment was delivered without considering the legal aspects only to serve the purpose for which it was constituted. We can witness the same result with the Indian judicial system in scores of other cases of massacre of dalits. The courts are theirs. Yet the High Court did not bother to know who perpetuated this massacre and did not even directed the government to produce the real culprits before it. The court acquitted them on the plea of lacking evidence. .2013. This ghastly incident unfolded the wrath of the people and forced the government to constitute a special court to try this case.Justice to Dalits Remains as a Mirage To state that justice to dalits in ‘independent’ India is a mirage cannot be an over statement. a private army of the landlords. it struck down the judgement of special court and released all the convicted on the ground that the police failed to prove the case against the accused. the benefit of doubt is awarded to the culprits. no one is guilty. If we peruse the court acquittals. be it Neerukonda. When an appeal came before the High Court. we can not render justice to dalits and poor. The 2 judge bench of the High Court that delivered the judgment had expressed sympathy towards the mental agony of the accused as they were confined to jails for prolonged period and ordered the government to pay back the fines they paid. The bitter experience of the dalits throughout our country for the past 66 years leads to such a conclusion without doubt. who set fire an Odiya’s Baptist Church and 14 houses of dalit Christians at Barkhama in 2007 in the riots of upper caste Hindutva bigots on Christian dalits. The recent judgment in a case of massacre of dalits delivered by the High Court of Andhra Pradesh in April 2014 once again confirm such a view and conclusion to be correct and irrefutable.