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Drug-Free Awareness Notice

Numerous studies, reports, and surveys indicate that substance abuse has cost American business
billions of dollars in lost productivity, and has also increased absenteeism, workplace theft, and
accidents resulting in injury or death. Because of the debilitating and detrimental effects of illegal and
controlled drug use, it has long been CSC’s policy to provide employees, customers, and visitors with
a workforce and workplace completely free of illegal and controlled drugs. Within the United States, it
is our policy to require all offers of employment to be contingent upon the applicant’s ability to pass a
pre-employment drug test, unless there is a conflict with state law or a labor or contract agreement.
The federal government requires a drug-free work environment for its own employees and those of its
contractors. By complying with these efforts, CSC has incorporated the federal initiatives into the
company’s own management policies. Our policy and related program for maintaining a drug-free
workplace is contained in Human Resources Management Policy 222 - Drug and Alcohol Abuse. In
summary, this policy states that employees who are directly observed possessing, using, distributing,
manufacturing, dispensing, purchasing, or selling illegal or controlled drugs at the workplace will be
subject to termination (except when the use of the controlled substance is prescribed by a licensed
health care provider who has authorized the employee to report to work, and CSC has confirmed that
authorization based on the requirements of the position and has also authorized that employee as fit
for duty). Employees working on a federal contract are subject to the requirements of the Drug-Free
Workplace Act of 1988 and are expected to refrain from any of these actions, as a condition of
employment. If you are convicted of a criminal drug statute violation occurring at the workplace, you
are required to notify a CSC Human Resources representative within five (5) days of your conviction.
Employees who fail CSC’s drug testing, or whose conduct gives management reasonable cause to
suspect drug abuse, or who voluntarily report a personal drug abuse problem, may be offered the
opportunity for rehabilitation through the completion of a program of treatment, as recommended by
CSC’s Life Management program. However, an employee may be ineligible for rehabilitation and
subject to disciplinary action up to termination if the prohibited conduct posed either a risk to the
health or safety in the workplace, or there is a documented history of a conduct or performance
Specific guidance regarding CSC’s Drug-Free Awareness Program, CSC’s Human Resources
Management Policy 222 - Drug and Alcohol Abuse, and CSC’s Life Management program are
available for review on the CSC Corporate Shared Services website (
or may be obtained from a CSC Human Resources representative.

Sunita Holzer
Chief Human Resources Officer
September 14, 2012