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MDOT's Reality Check: "Build better roads"

June 16, 2014 -- It's easy to find examples of roads in Michigan that saw repairs just a few years ago and are
falling apart again. It's also easy to see why drivers and taxpayers think shoddy
workmanship is to blame.
The latest "Reality Check" video and fact sheet from the Michigan Department of Transportation
(MDOT) looks at why some of the repairs made to Michigan's roads don't last like drivers would expect
them to.
"Due to a lack of funding in our transportation system, MDOT and other road agencies have been
struggling for years to keep our roads from falling apart completely," said State Transportation Director Kirk
T. Steudle. "Those kinds of repairs will help us get a few more years out of a road, but they can't last as long
as we'd like them to. Lasting repairs cost more than we have to invest."
The video and fact sheet show how many of the repairs made to Michigan roads fit MDOT's budget
but only last a few years, compared to full reconstruction projects that cost much more and hold up for
decades with regular maintenance.
Reality Check #5: Build better roads
Myth: Michigan needs to learn how to build roads that last. Or at least, MDOT needs to hold
contractors responsible when repairs don't hold up.
Reality: Michigan has high standards and tough warranties. Other factors are to blame for our
crumbling roads.
Throughout the year, MDOT will continue to take on more transportation myths. Future topics will
include issues like: why signs are replaced when they are, the safety of roundabouts, truck weights, road-
building standards, and the effect of gas prices on fuel tax revenues. The first five myths, and the facts that
deflate them, are available Media outlets are welcome to link to the fact
sheets, or broadcast the videos.

Roadway Work Zone Safety - We're All in This Together.
 Reality Check Flyer 5 - Better Roads print.pdf

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