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When I initially heard of a local 14-year-old soccer player allegedly hitting and injuring a 54-year

old volunteer referee during a recent soccer game, I had no plans of bringing it up for discussion
as it extends a bit outside my usual realm of medical topics. But over the last 3 days of having it
simmer and then coaching my children in their games just yesterday, I sit here so very
disappointed and embarrassed with this entire situation.

And not knowing what kind of exposure this received nationally, I'd like to first share with
everyone a few of the alleged details surrounding this event. What apparently occurred is the 14-
year-old became upset when the referee administered a yellow card (think of it as a warning but
not expulsion from a game) following an illegal slide tackle. And according to witnesses, the
teenager then proceeded to punch the referee multiple times...leading to an immediate trip to the
local emergency room with further treatment being needed over the next few weeks. The 14-
year-old has since been expelled from the league as well as arrested and charged with felony
battery...something I am pleased to report.

But how did it get to this point? Now I'm not going to use the age-old adage..."Back in my
day things like this didn't happen"...particularly because I realize things do change. And the pure
act of violence does not surprise me these days as it would be hard for anyone to deny it isn't
incorporated into the soul of our society...with all the video games, movies/television, and even
sporting events validating it on a daily basis.

What I take aim at here is the respect or, shall I say, the lack of respect being shown to our
elders these days. I see children all day long (and I really do love it) but one thing that
repeatedly amazes me is children not showing any respect for adults, and in particular, their own
parents. And I am not talking about the 16-year-old who is embarrassed with her dad when they
cannot agree on why she came to see me, but, in fact, the 8-year-old who tells his mother to
"shut-up" and then does it again. I'm also talking about the 12-year-old who doesn't realize he
needs to give up his seat for an adult when no others are available. And I'm certainly talking
about a 14-year-old beating up a 54-year-old volunteer referee.

We may not all agree on how best to raise our children but something I'm sure many of us do
agree with is the importance of respecting our elders. Let's just make sure our children know this
as well.

I'd say it's a mix of parenting styles, the media and society. Our parenting styles over the
years have become so lax that the children basically run the show. It's as if we'd hurt their
little self-esteems if we redirected them or told them they were doing something wrong. And
even if we do tell them what they are doing wrong, we don't take the time to show them what
is right.
The media and society have their parts as well. Look at all of the TV shows directed at kids.
Take a look at the show iCarly (a show I do find funny but it helps my point). There are no
parental role models for Carly (her dad is in the service, leaving her in the care of her older,
laid back brother). She pretty much does what she wants, when she wants. She and her
friends aren't exactly respectful of the other adults in the show, like their teachers or
neighbors, making those adults out to be just plain goofy. The other parents that do appear
are so off-the-wall and it is clear that the kids have no respect for them. Kids in real
life follow these shows and mimic what they see.
That's just an example from a younger kid's show. There are definitely shows directed at
older children which show disrespect to parents, and society eats that up, promoting such
It takes time and patience, but respect can be taught to our children again. We just have to
get everyone on board..

? answered 3 years ago
I have seen a major decline in how young people have respect for anyone let alone seniors.
Some do have respect & I'm glad to see it, but so many have either lost out or they have never
been taught what it is to show respect.
I've seen so many who unthinkingly hoard the side walk without any thought to elders who have
to move out onto the busy road to get around them. So many are verbally abusive or physically. I
even had one here on Yahoo answers recently who was very verbally abusive. I mentioned this to
him for his lack of manners & respect & in turn he reported me to Yahoo because I made a
complaint. He thought it normal to abuse elders. Sad.
I'm afraid that society on the whole have fallen far below what it used to be in regards to respect
& honor.
I believe the days of respect died with our generation.
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? answered 3 years ago
u know most kids are disrespectful because the parents are or because the have bad parents or
their parents don't care so in a way it no completely there fault it the parents

EDIT: u know from what i have read and going by the ratings it looks to me like a lot of people do
not blame the parents but in reality the parents are to blame the have to teach there kids they you
have to teach them to respect people they will not o it on there own when you do not teach them
you get what kids are like today. so if you thumb me down go ahead i don't care but you will just
prove to me what i thought which is it is all the kids fault and none of the parents.

Good da
ts because of parents not teaching their kids any respect. We live in a time where
parents expect the school system to teach their kids EVERYTHING. Most parents
dont want to be responsible for their kids actions so that when something goes
wrong and little Jimmy or Suzie misbehaves they can conveniently lay the blame
on "outside influences" and raise hell about violence on TV or blame the school
for not teaching their kids manners. It's a parents job and nobody else's to teach
their children how to be decent human being's. They brought their kids into the
world and its their obligation to make sure they dont grow up to be idiots or
Another reason. You have little girls running around having sex andgetting
pregnant because they think its cool. I dont care what you say, a kid is nowhere
near responsible enough to raise a baby and instillgood sense and manners in
that person as they grow up. Yeah I have no doubts a 15 some year old girl can
have a kid and raise it, but her kid is going to be a moron when he grows up. Not
to mention society is going to have to pay for her child somewhere along the line
throughgovernment programs.

Respect is for all humans in life. No matter how old you become in this world
your still a human being no more no less. All people are equal and should treated
as such. These old people are not better than you or anyone on this planet
because they still make mistakes, they still sin, and they ( as far I know ) do
human things. Who can tell me they've been struck by lightening for
disrespecting these people. Respect is validating one's feelings and living needs,
not behaving like a doormat. Most people who do this are afraid someone is going
to beat their skull in. Look in the mirror you're human too. There is no fear in
respect so, if you are fearful of this person then chances are you don't respect
them. GOD is the life giver in this world and he does not need help. Until people
realize what true respect is and not some Mr. or Mrs. stuff this world is going to
get worse.

Well, respect is for ALL people. No matter how long you have lived your still a
human being. They make mistakes, they sin, and ( I as far as I know ) do human
things. Most people who do this are afraid someone is going to beat their skull in.
Look in the mirror, you're human too. NO ONE really has the right to judge you
or lay their hands on you. Violence gives rise to more violence, ever heard of child
abuse. There is no fear in respect so, if you're afraid of them chances are you
don't respect them. Also, respect means validating one's feelings and survival
needs, not this Mr. and Mrs. stuff, or behaving like a doormat. GOD is the only
life giver in this world he does not need help. Learn to listen to your heart and
think for yourself instead of being told what to think ( shmexximoi said ). Until
all people realize this, this world will only get worse.
Blessing be to you.

I agree that there is a lack of respect for the elders of higher stature. I confronted
a childs parent inregards to this and the parent just yelled at me and told me that
I was at falt. This is because the parents now adays are not involving Disapline for
the actions these kids are doing. There is no conciquence to the actions that they
do. I know when I was young if I disrespected my elders even if I didnt agree with
them I was punished in some form. There is no punishment. Its almost as if this
subject is the least of the parents worries. This is shameful because these kids are
are next generation of criminals that have no disapline for there actions.

I'm not sure. I'm 13 and I don't really respect my elders that much, heh. I mean
im polite to adults and all but I wouldnt say I always call them mr. and mrs, I call
all my friends parents by their first names unless im just meeting them. I think
the reason for all this is that kids never actually respected adults, but they got
punished more. A while back you could get hit for disrespecting parents and you
still can but its not as common. I think people just decreased punishment
behavior-wise a lot and so kids let the fact that they hate adults be a little more
free. I have no idea on the old people one.

I dont respect my elders bc no matter how Long they have Lived. If they treat me
like dirt and expect to be treated like gold in return they can forget it... gotta give
respect to get it... For the most part I will let an elderly person take my seat and
the bus when there are none left stuff like that... but Things have changed pple
arent whiped like they used to be.. People & kids think for themselves not just
what they are told to think

I'm agree with gothicsblow! And you know what's wrong with our society?
Praying in school is no longer allowed! Kids can no longer be spanked by their
parents! Kids has too much say so! If they're our country's future, why can't they
be raised disciplined?
Our country has gone so wrong. Americans have let their children become the
adults and the adults has become numb.
God, please bless America.

I dont know, I'm polite, but not 2 the extendof using Mr./Ms./Mrs. when I get
mad at like ym friends, they'll know, but around adults, I tend to keep everything
inside. that's wut friends are 4(and I mean that they listen 2 each other, not that
I'm a bad friend=)

I think part of it is the elders not wanting to be old, so they ask kids to call them
by their first names... And then that becomes generalized...

I think nowadays people don’t go to there family house and watch how they
should treat who are bigger than them and learn how to respect others.

I do

Parents Know Best
'Parents know best where careers are concerned.' What do you think? Write a
composition giving a balanced point of view.

Most parents feel they have a right to help choose their children's careers. Many young
people, however, feel that this is a choice which affects the rest of their lives and,
therefore, should be made on their own.
Most parents feel that they have a right to get involved because they are paying for their
children's education. It is difficult to argue against this. It seems unreasonable not to
allow parents to at least voice their preferences. Whether or not the children agree with
them is another matter.
Generally, all parents feel they have the experience and would be in a better position to
give advice on job opportunities and career prospects. Sometimes, however, young
people do not base their choices on facts but on feelings.
Many parents also feel that they know their children better than the children know
themselves. Children can be impulsive and may make wrong decisions. There are also
some parents who want to control their children's lives. They feel they must have a say in
every decision their children make. These parents have already made up their minds what
they want their children to be, regardless of their talents and interests.
Most children would agree that because their parents pay for their education, they have a
right to offer advice. However, parents do not have the right to force their children to do
what they do not want to do. Many parents, for example, want their children to
be doctors or engineers just to impress their friends and relatives. They forget that young
people are capable of making wise decisions too.
In my opinion, young people should seek the advice of their parents and teachers when
choosing their careers. Some careers may appear glamorous, for example, singing or
modeling, but the prospects may not be good. However, I feel, in most cases, a person
has to make up his own mind after talking to a number of people, including his parents. It
is wrong to totally disregard the opinions of our parents. On the other hand, it is wrong to
choose a career just to please them. Parents should not try to live their lives through their

In the modern era society, it is very common to see teenagers working everywhere in the city.
Whatever part time jobs they are doing this shows that they are preparing for their future. School
may be the best place for proper education but not for preparation for the outside working world.
Yes that is true but with all aspects carefully considered, it is a wiser choice for teenagers to pay
more attentions to study necessary knowledge and learn how to be a good person. Afterwards, I
will explain my opinion about it.

However, we still can’t ignorant to the basic fact that teenagers can not afford enough time to
both study and work. For one thing, the main task of teenagers is to accomplish the courses
which provide them knowledge and living skills. However, a job can not give them such benefit. In
fact, what a child can do are just some easy practices. Furthermore, if teenagers have spent
much time on working in their spare time, they may not willing to read various of books after they
finish the job, and then miss the colourful and intriguing world that books could lead them to. In
contrast, when they come back from a long-time work, maybe the only thing they want to do is to
watch television or go to bed. Besides the points mentioned above, in terms of physical health,
teenagers can spend more time to take exercises to keep fit if they need not to work. As a
proverb said, “Lost time is never found again.” So teenagers should concentrate on more
important things rather than take jobs while studying. Parents and teachers believe that studying
is the solely duty of students.

Teenagers are just on the stage of forming characteristics and the general opinions toward the
world and the life. Also in this period of time, children can be easily influenced by different kinds
of factors, such as environment, events, and friends and so on. In this sense, a proper guide and
a beneficial environment seems crucial for children. However, it is difficult for parents and
teachers to control the activities of the persons whom the teenagers might work with and they can
hardly make sure that the circumstances are beneficial for their children to work in. In a word,
what teenagers ought to do is to study for knowledge, to exercise for health, and to enjoy a happy
childhood for forming a positive attitude toward the world and their life, they should prepare well
for their future.

Another point is that teenagers will not appreciate the value of money. When they have started to
work they will spend more time there. This where the student will be lazy because when they
come back from work half of the time they will be tied. During in this condition do you think the
student can study. They will work hard to earn money. When a student has started to work for a
long period of time their perception on their studies is different, for them will be their work is more
important. For now days student only knows that “Money does not grow on trees” so to get extra
things for themselves they go to work.

Taking into account of all these factors, we may reach the conclusion that teenagers should not
have jobs while they are studying. This will interrupt their education to become someone

Below is a free essay on "Student Should Not Take a Part-Time Job" from Anti Essays, your
source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples.
Student should not Take a Part-time Job

I don’t think it is a good idea for student to have a part-time job. Nowadays, there are a lot of
students doing part-time job. Though they can earn some money after school, there are
several disadvantages for students who have part-time jobs. Doing part-time job can interfere
with their studies, it can disrupt their home life, and it takes away part of funs with peers.
First of all, part-time job can cause negative influences on student’s study. Study is
important to a student. When you are a student in school, you need to deal with your study all
the time. Education today is complex and difficult, especially for college and
university students. In order to work fine in school, students must put efforts on their studies.
This means they need to attend classes from early morning until afternoon. After school they
have to spend a lot of time on doing their homework. Sometimes they even have to stay in
library after school. It’s a busy schedule for every student. It’s difficult to add a part-time job
to this schedule. The human’s energy is not infinite. If students work in evening, they are
going to be tried the next day. They won’t be concentrate on studying. Some students even
skip classes for sleeping. I did that several times when I had a part-time job in chinese
restaurant. Though my first class began at 10:30 in the morning, I still felt sleepy and tried in
the class. Usually I finished the part-time job at 11:00 in the evening. After that, I had to go
home to do some homework. I didn’t feel tried before sleeping. When the next day come, I felt
I couldn’t drag my body out of bed. I really wanted to sleep until lunch time. Sometimes it was
a dull day. I just told myself that I would borrow my classmate’s notes, and I wouldn’t go to
school. I have held that part-time job for three months. In those three months, my study was
awful. I couldn’t remember most of knowledge in classes. I couldn’t manage my time for...

“Holding a part time job while studying disrupts a student's studies.”

Nowadays, there is very common issue when the teenager has a job while they are still
students, and mostly around more than half of students in my countries has a job when
they are students. From my opinion, I think that it is a not good idea for teenagers to
have a job when there are still younger even they are students. I believe this is because
that it would give a negative effect to their future. Although, many argue that it still
provide a positively affect for our student who has a job.

Firstly, in my opinion, jobs help teenager to be responsible, more self-disciplined and
able to manage financial means according to their spending needs. I am fully convinced
that even a non-professional position, for instance at fast food restaurants, help students
develop and improve personal skills such as communication skills, ability to work in team
as well as ability to work under pressure.. I think having a job at high school enables
teenagers learn of the principles of being a part of business organization. And this
experience will definitely help in any company he will work in the future. But from others
side I think it is a not good idea for teenagers to have jobs while they are students.

I support and stand to my opinion because it can affect to the studentseducation.
Students will cannot concentrates to their studies if they have to work. For receiving a
good education, a students should spend a lot of time on it, especially today, the
knowledge is exploring. So if a student wants to receive enough education, he or she
should spend whole their time on studying. Although, if the teenagers work they would
waste an enormous amount of energy to work and earn money. They will feel tired and
less time to do the revision on their study. As a result, they will not get a good pointer on
the exam.

Furthermore, having a job for teenager would affect to their health. Working is stressful...