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------> Heel-Rise

Test-retest reliability of the standing heel-rise test
Deficits in Heel-Rise Height and Achilles Tendon Elongation
Occur in Patients Recovering From an Achilles Tendon Ruture
E!TA"#$!H%E&T OF &OR%! FOR !TRE&'TH TE!T$&' OF (H$#DRE&) THE
------> %ulti-!ensor +,- investigado.
------> Data Fusion
!ensor data fusion for sectroscoy-based detection of
A system aroach to real 0orld multi-sensor data fusion
Design of 1D measurement system based on multi-sensor data
fusion techni2ue
3tili4ation of Riemann surfaces in sensor data fusion
A scalable5 ortable5 ob,ect-oriented frame0or6 for arallel
multi-sensor data-fusion alications in HP( systems
7uerying distributed multimedia databases and data sources for
sensor data fusion
#everaging rovenance to imrove data fusion in sensor
8ireless sensor net0or6 data fusion algorithm based on neural
net0or6 in the area of agriculture
Analysis of the functional and real-time re2uirements of a
multi-sensor data fusion +%!DF. 9 situation and threat
assessment +!TA. 9 resource management +R%. system
Research on net0or6 data fusion based on 0ireless sensor
Data alignment for data fusion in 0ireless multimedia sensor
net0or6s based on %:%
A linearly constrained least s2uares aroach for multisensor
data fusion
Three dimensional data fusion for biomedical surface
Decision level data fusion using "ayesian inference
Data fusion) Alications to the trac6ing and guidance of
defense missiles
'yroscoic data fusion via a 2uaternion based comlementary
$nformation-based decision-ma6ing over a data fusion net0or6
Otimal data fusion of correlated local decisions in multile
sensor detection systems
Data and sensor fusion for bistatic alications
%anaging a distributed data fusion net0or6
Registration and fusion of multi-sensor data using multile
$mroved data fusion through intelligent sensor management
Data fusion and trac6ing using H%%s in a distributed sensor
An eidemic model for biological data fusion in Ad Hoc sensor
A data fusion algorithm for maing sea-ice concentrations
from secial sensor micro0ave9imager data
A confidence-based aroach to the self-validation5 fusion and
reconstruction of 2uasi-redundant sensor data
A simle test-bed for real-time sensor-to-shooter alications
of decentralised data fusion
On the otimal selection of nodes to erform data fusion in
0ireless sensor net0or6s
On comuting mobile agent routes for data fusion in
distributed sensor net0or6s
A small target trac6ing techni2ue 0ith data fusion of
distributed sensor net
Detecting clustered chem9bio signals in noisy sensor feeds
using adative fusion
A fle/ible data fusion architecture for ersistent
surveillance using ultra-lo0 o0er 0ireless sensor net0or6s
Algorithms for distributed chemical sensor fusion
Data fusion in machine vision integrated sensor
%ulti-arametric data fusion for enhanced ob,ect
identification and discrimination
Acoustic signature analysis and data fusion of vehicles based
on acoustic sensor arrays
------> $DA +,- investigado.
------> %obile alications +,- feito