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Progress Test 3 (Units 7–9)
A You will hear two managers, Franco and Diana, talking about putting a team together for a
new project. Complete the notes. You will hear the conversation twice.
Project team
• Stefan: would probably make a very good art director – _______________
, energetic and
• Miguel: too buy
• !ran"oie:_______________
– project manager need to do a little bit of everyt$ing
• %egonia: very_______________
– ideal for budget controller
Track !
B Aglier, a multinational fertiliser producer, has been in negotiations with the government of
the island of !ulumbiki. "isten to the radio newscast. Complete the sentences below with the
correct alternative # a, b or c. You will hear the newscast twice.
$ (egotiation_______________)
a% are ongoing
b% $ave been delayed
c% $ave ended
& *gli+er and t$e ,ulumbiki government were negotiating about_______________)
a% import ta-e
b% a contruction project t$at wa cancelled
c% toug$ law t$at apply to foreign buinee
' *gli+er topped t$e project becaue_______________)
a% local people proteted
b% t$ey failed to raie enoug$ capital
c% t$e government refued to grant permit
( (ow t$e project will_______________)
P"#T#C#PI$%LE & '()( Pearson Longman ELT
a% be moved to a different location
b% not be allowed to continue
c% go a$ead but be run by a government.owned company
)* * a reult of t$e deciion,_______________)
a% law will be c$anged to make contruction project eaier to approve
b% ,ulumbiki i till een a a good place for foreign invetment
c% *gli+er will not be allowed to do buine in ,ulumbiki in t$e future
A +ead the article and decide whether these statements are true or false.
)) ,$e meeting in Pari wa about opportunitie in t$e fa$ion buine)
), ,$e !renc$ government $ope to bring *rab money to !rance)
)- *nne.Marie /drac i a !renc$ invetment banker)
). ,$e firt time a conference like t$i wa $eld wa ten year ago)
)/ *rab women $ave traditionally $ad a lot of control over money)
Downturn will not stop march of Arab women
B0 +oula 1halaf
,$e women gat$ered in a plendid $otel in t$e $eart of Pari on a recent rainy day) ,$ey $ad arrived
in tyle, ome porting fur coat, ot$er clutc$ing 0erm1 bag)
2et t$i wa not a ocial event nor a fa$ion $ow) ,$e guet were ome of t$e *rab world3
top buinewomen and t$eir trip to Pari wa to learn about buine opportunitie, even in today3
difficult economic time)
,$ey were letting t$emelve be c$armed by t$e !renc$ government, w$ic$ $a uddenly
dicovered t$at t$e wealt$ of *rab women and t$eir riing profile in t$e buine world repreent a
good ource of capital)
Pari, t$e buinewomen were told, wa now a financial centre) /t important contribution to
t$e aet management buine, t$ey aid, $ad turned it into t$e 4%oton3 of 5urope) 4/t i time to
invet wit$ u,3 declared *nne.Marie /drac, miniter for foreign trade) 42ou are welcome, you are
welcome,3 $e added)
P"#T#C#PI$%LE & '()( Pearson Longman ELT
,$e Pari conference, organied by t$e *rab /nternational 6omen3 !orum, would $ave been
inconceivable a decade ago)
,rue, many *rab women, particularly in t$e oil.ric$ 7ulf, $ave alway controlled big
fortune, largely gained t$roug$ in$eritance) %ut it i only more recently t$at t$ey $ave oug$t to
make t$eir own invetment deciion)
/t i alo in recent year t$at t$e club of *rab buinewomen $a e-panded, creating a new
cla w$o $ave worked t$eir way t$roug$ family buinee or tarted t$eir own companie) More
confident and determined, *rab buinewomen today are better organied – and more widely $eard)
* !ay+a *boulnaga, 5gypt3 miniter of international cooperation, told t$e conference, t$e
number of women3 buine aociation in $er country $a grown from a ingle one in 188' to a
many a 22 today) 0ig$er level of education a well a economic need $ave ent more and more
women into t$e workforce) /lamic law, meanw$ile, allow women to own property and maintain
control over t$eir wealt$ w$en t$ey marry) F!
B Choose the best answer to each 2uestion according to the article.
)$ 6$ere $ave ome *rab buinewomen begun work in buine9
a% intern$ip abroad
b% family buinee
c% women3 buine organiation
)& 0ow $ave *rab buinewomen c$anged9
a% ,$ey3ve become wealt$ier)
b% ,$ey3ve begun doing buine in 5urope)
c% ,$ey3ve become better organied)
)' 0ow many women3 buine aociation were t$ere in 5gypt in 188'9
a% none
b% one
c% twenty.two
)( 0ow $a education affected *rab women9
a% /t $a increaed t$eir ability to work)
b% /t $a decreaed t$e amount of time t$ey $ave available to work)
P"#T#C#PI$%LE & '()( Pearson Longman ELT
c% /t $a doubled t$eir earning, on average)
,* 6$at doe /lamic law ay about women3 wealt$9
a% 6ealt$y women $ould give t$eir money to t$eir $uband)
b% ,$ey are not allowed to control property)
c% ,$ey are allowed to make financial deciion after t$ey are married)
A Choose the correct words to complete each sentence.
,) 2ou :don3t $ave to ; mutn3t< moke $ere) /t3 dangerou)
,, / :$ave to ; $ould< get a via before / go to =ibya) / can3t get in wit$out one)
,- 2ou :mut ; $ould< learn about a country3 culture before you try to do buine t$ere)
>t$erwie, you may not undertand w$at3 going on)
,. 2ou :don3t $ave to ; $ouldn3t< make an appointment before you viit t$e embay but you may
$ave to wait in a long ?ueue if you $aven3t got one)
,/ /f you want to improve your 5ngli$, you :$ave to ; $ould< try watc$ing ome 5ngli$.language
B Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
,$ 6e can3t afford _______________ :invet< more money in reearc$ t$i ?uarter)
,& 2our new job will involve _______________ :communicate< wit$ our local office)
,' *fter we3d worked all evening, we topped _______________ :$ave< a pi++a at about midnig$t)
,( 6arner intend _______________ :ign< t$e contract tomorrow morning)
-* ,$e conultant uggeted _______________ :improve< our cro.cultural communication kill)
-) /f you _______________ :call< me at four o3clock, /3ll be in t$e office)
-, /f t$ey _______________ :order< 1@,@@@, we would give t$em a bigger dicount)
-- 6ill you _______________ :deliver< t$e good by !riday if we place t$e order on Monday9
-. 6$at would you do if we _______________ :cancel< t$e order9
-/ /f we _______________ :not $ave< our own fleet of truck, we wouldn3t be able to deliver on
P"#T#C#PI$%LE & '()( Pearson Longman ELT
A Complete the dialogue with the phrases 3a4e%.
a% / t$ink t$at3
b% / wa wondering if
c% My name3
d% /3m calling about
e% /3d like to c$eck
A 7ood morning)_______________
*$med Sale$) _______________
your advertiement in
Business News)
B !or *ia ale manager9
A 2e, t$at3 t$e one) /3ve been invited for an interview) _______________
you3ll be conducting
interview in Singapore a well a 0ong Dong)
B ,$at3 a good ?uetion) Mr 6rig$t, w$o3 running t$e interview, plit $i time between t$e two
A 2e, / know) *nd /3m going to be in Singapore for t$e ne-t two week)
B >D, let me jut c$eck)
Mr 6rig$t ay no problem, jut contact t$e office t$ere to et up t$e interview)
A 7reat) ,$ank a lot) ,$ere3 jut one ot$er t$ing _______________
) 2ou want omeone w$o can
tart on 1 Eune in 0ong Dong, rig$t9
B 2e, t$at3 rig$t)
A ,$ank) _______________
B 7ood luck wit$ t$e interviewF
B 5atch the statements 3.)4./% with the best replies 3a4e%.
.) / got t$e jobF a% 0elp yourelf)
., ,$ank for your $elp) b% %ad luck)
.- Go you mind if / $ave ome coffee9 c% HongratulationF
.. =et me buy lunc$) d% (o, it3 on me)
P"#T#C#PI$%LE & '()( Pearson Longman ELT
./ / $eard t$at Iay $a lot $i job) e% (ot at all)
A 5atch the sentence beginnings 3.$#/,% with the best endings 3a#g%.
.$ 6$en / wa promoted, my new job wa toug$) / wa really t$rown in at t$e
.& 6e3re planning a party to break t$e
.' 6$en / gave a client a really big dicount, / got into
.( Eim and / agree about a lot of t$ing but we don3t ee eye to
/* Jiiting t$e factorie in Sout$ H$ina wa a real
/) / don3t peak Dorean, o w$enever / viit t$e Seoul office, / feel like a fi$ out of
/, ,$e new manager in Gubai get on wit$ t$e area manager like
a% water)
b% deep end)
c% a $oue on fire)
d% eye.opener for t$e ale team)
e% ice wit$ t$e new employer)
f% eye about t$e iue of bonue)
g% $ot water wit$ my bo)
B Choose the best words to complete these sentences.
/- 6$en $ig$ ________________ are c$arged on import, t$e market in3t really free)
a% barrier b% tariff c% ?uota
/. _____________ are a feature of protected market)
a% >pen %order b% Geveloping indutrie c% Ietriction
// 7overnment ________________ market by lifting barrier to trade)
a% liberalie b< ubidie c% compete
/$ _____________ of foreign good i driving dometic companie out of buine)
a% Iegulation b% Hutom c% Gumping
/& 6e3re trying to _________________ a team of people to work in t$e %a$rain office)
a% aemble b% make c% c$eck
/' 6e can ______________ t$e candidate, t$en interview five of t$em)
a% train b% $ortlit c% advertie
/( / $ad to take a _____________ to ae my mental ability)
a% probationary period b% pyc$ometric tet c% rKumK
$* / filled out t$e ____________ and gave it to t$e interviewer)
a% curriculum vitae b% application form c% covering letter
P"#T#C#PI$%LE & '()( Pearson Longman ELT
A You work for a printing firm. You recentl0 received the 2uote below for some computer
hardware. 6rite a brief letter of repl0 3.*#/* words%, accepting the 2uote
P"#T#C#PI$%LE & '()( Pearson Longman ELT
C7589!:+ ;A+D6A+: <988"=:<
Iiveride /ndutrial 5tate, Lnit B*, Selby, 2>C 8E0
@1B'B 88C @88
Eo$ua Hlemmin
=eeway Printing Service
&' =ee 0ill 6ynd
2>2A 'MM
Gecember 2@.
Gear Mr Hlemmin,
6it$ reference to your en?uiry of 2' (ovember / am pleaed to ubmit t$e following
M=ogi- A88' 2@.port fibre c$annel witc$ :intalled, incl) J*,< NA,##@)@@
Power$ead Storage =oader PS=.&&' :intalled, incl) J*,< N2,A@8)@@
!7!A" >',(-(.**
/ look forward to $earing from you)
2our incerely
5lpet$ ,rimble
B You work for ?a#?a#?oom !o0s, a to0 manufacturer. You receive this note from 0our boss
asking 0ou to order some ":D bulbs. 6rite an email 3),*#).* words% to 5ar0 7ng.
P"#T#C#PI$%LE & '()( Pearson Longman ELT
1@ Marc$
Pleae email Mary >ng and Sout$ H$ina lig$t :ong_maryOoc$liA)com<
(eed ',@@@ *.8CC bulb in our ware$oue by 2B Marc$ :o pleae air freig$t – we3ll pay a
=at order wa lateP won3t order again if t$i delivery i late
6ill order ',@@@ at 1@Q dicount
6ill t$ey give u 1'Q dicount for double order :1@,@@@<9
*dditional ',@@@ bulb can be ent by ea freig$t, t$eir cot, a uual
*k for an anwer tomorrow, if poibleP we may try anot$er upplier

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