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Audio scripts
Track 5
(F = Franco, D = Diana)
F OK, the project starts early next month so we really need to get the team in place this week.
D Right. Well, I’d really like Stefan to e on this one.
F !o yo" think he’s practical eno"gh#
D $roaly not to manage the team "t I think he’d make an excellent art director.
F It’s tr"e that he’s %ery creati%e
D Right. &nd he works %ery hard and he’s also determined to s"cceed. 'e wants to
make his mark.
F (o"’re right. 'e’s %ery energetic and amitio"s. )ow, what ao"t *ig"el#
D )o, not on this one. 'e’s too "sy with other things at the moment. +"t I’d like to see ,ran-oise
on the team, preferaly as project manager. .he $* needs to do a little it of e%erything and
,ran-oise is one of the most adaptale people I know.
F (eah, OK. ,ine. We j"st need a "dget controller, now. S"/anne’s really reliale
D (eah, "t we need someone %ery methodical, someone who’s analytical.
F .hat’s +egonia, then, isn’t it#
D (eah, perfect.
F OK. We j"st need to get those three in here ...
PHOTOCOPIABE ! "#$# Pearso% o%&ma% ET
Track '
&nd now for the "siness news. )egotiations etween &gli/er, a m"ltinational fertiliser prod"cer, and
the go%ernment of the island of ."l"miki ha%e ended. .he two sides ha%e now settled a disp"te o%er
&gli/er’s cancellation of a 10.2 illion project to "ild a nitrogen plant on the so"th coast of the
&gli/er had een gi%en all the necessary permits "t then stopped the project after local
people protested eca"se of possile impact on the en%ironment. .he case was seen as a test of how
friendly ."l"miki is towards foreign in%estment.
&gli/er and the ."l"miki go%ernment ha%e now agreed that ."l"miki’s state3owned palm
oil processing company will ac4"ire the project thro"gh a share exchange. &gli/er shareholders will
recei%e a 563per3cent stake in the new "siness.
.he 4"ick resol"tion of the conflict is seen as a signal that ."l"miki still has a fa%o"rale
en%ironment for foreign in%estors.
PHOTOCOPIABE ! "#$# Pearso% o%&ma% ET